Guide for dating in Busan helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date South Korean women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local South Korean girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Busan. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Busan, South Korea.

Beautiful girls from Busan at the Billie Jean club

Girls in Busan:

  • Looks of girls: 4.25 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.25 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Busan:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Busan:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4/5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4.75 / 5

More about Busan:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $400


Busan is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Korea. The places are exquisite, and the girls here are simply gorgeous. You can have the pleasure of dating any of these beauties by implementing some simple tricks. Learning a little Korean will pave a lot of paths for you as it will inevitably impress the women of this city.

The main aspect that you need to remember is that the culture here is vastly different than other countries. So, taking the same approach would be nothing short of foolishness. You need to be aware of the social and cultural norms before making any advances.

Furthermore, you need to be ready to spend some huge bucks if you are totally sold on the idea of dating local girls. Take them to classy restaurants, make yourself look good, and you shouldn’t find it too difficult to date the local girls in Busan. The high number of nightclubs, bars, and pubs indicates the exuberant nightlife that Busan has. You can find several opportunities there to approach girls and interact with them. This can make your trip to Busan much more pleasurable.

But, you also need to be aware that many of the local girls here are shy, and you should proceed with caution. It is better to just back off if they are not comfortable talking to you.

Dating Culture

The Dating culture in Busan is quite different than the rest of the world. Most of the local girls here are naturally shy and conservative. While some have managed to catch up with other cultures owing to education and an open mind, many have not. South Korean girls are generally found in groups when they visit bars, nightclubs or, even malls. So, if you want to date a girl in Busan, it is better if you can impress her friends. Getting the approval of her friends will hopefully sway the decision in your favor.

Once, you have secured a date with a girl, in Busan, it is important that you dress well. First impressions are a great deal to them. You have more chances of impressing a girl if you look good and groom yourself properly. Likewise, the girls there follow the latest trends and take all possible measures to make themselves look beautiful.

The concept of PDA varies from culture to culture. In Busan, PDA (Public display of affection) is generally frowned upon. So, don’t expect your girl to be extremely intimate with you in public though handholding and light kisses are acceptable.

The most important aspect is that you must communicate with the girl you are dating or wanting to date frequently. The girls here love texting or talking and will feel rejected if you don’t communicate with them often.

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Online Dating

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The population of Busan is highly diversified, and this is indicated by the kind of women that you might meet on your trip to the city. You can encounter local girls that are very traditional and are more conservatively dressed. Surprisingly, South Koreans do not have any problem with short skirts, but they frown when anything on the upper portion of the body is revealed.

The women in Busan especially the teenagers, and the young girls do not usually conform to societal standards. They wear trendy clothes and have no qualms in exposing their shoulders or cleavages. These girls are usually more open to the idea of experiments and are likely to make your stay in the country more fun and memorable.

The section of women that have established successful careers is far more careful in the way they dress. They maintain formality in the workplace, and sometimes, even carry it outside. They dress much more conservatively with their shoulders, breasts, and cleavage fully covered. You can seek these women too as they are much more mature and can offer you much more than a night of fun.

In Busan, you will find that there are several types of women in various age brackets. You can approach any of them depending on your preferences. The section below describes the overall personalities and the way you can approach the women of different age brackets.

South Korean Girls (age 18 - 29)

The South Korean girls that are in this age bracket have just stepped into the grounds of being a woman, leaving their teen years behind. These mostly fall in the category of students or working women. They are not only ambitious but are beautiful too.

The girls in Busan are thought to be some of the prettiest girls in the country. They are updated on the latest trends and carry themselves with confidence that they have achieved while being exposed to other cultures. They are more open to casual sex and one-night stands.

These girls are just starting to enjoy their lives and are not likely to be interested in starting a serious and committed relationship with you. If all you want is fun and nothing serious, you can approach them in the various local clubs and bars that they frequent to relieve themselves of the daily stress.

Beautiful young girls at a club

South Korean Women (age 30 - 45)

You can expect to find the South Korean women in this particular age bracket to be confident and sexy. They have come far from their teen years and are confident about their needs. They are more vocal and have no problem in communicating with others when it comes to sex or affairs.

But, there is a downfall to this as well. Most women in Busan at this age have already been married and may even have children. They are quite content with their life and will not be interested in pursuing anything with you. Keep this in mind that most of these women love their families and are loyal to them.

You can pursue the women who are single. They can be found in a variety of places ranging from malls, movie theaters to bars, and nightclubs. This is due to the varying taste of the women and the places they like to frequent.

South Korean Ladies (age 45+)

Women in this age bracket are mature and are far more interested in relationships than casual sex. So, if you are thinking of a night of sin and debauchery with mature women, you might find yourself disappointed. Most women above the age of 45 are either married and happy or completely immersed in work.

You could get lucky if you encounter women of the latter group. Women who are single and are ambitious enough to not want to marry are more likely to be interested in hooking up. You can approach them in the more sophisticated and high-end nightclubs. They might even stun you with their approach.

If you are into mature women, you can also find women who are divorced or widowed. You can definitely take help of online dating apps to find women that match your interest.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Apart from the resplendent views that Busan has to offer, it is also a major metropolitan city of South Korea. It is frequented by tourists all year round. They are mostly allured by the ethereal natural beauty and the modernization that the city has slowly but surely accepted.

The rush of tourists also includes several women who come to enjoy the beauty of Busan. When you come here for a vacation, you can expect to find several foreign girls. It will be easier to approach them as well as they are much more versed in English than the local girls.

The business and trade culture in Busan is flourishing and is a common hotspot for expats. You can find expats here from all corners of the world. They are particularly interested in the economical condition of Busan that allows a standard quality of living without the expenses being rocket high. In your trip to Busan, you can find these expats in several pubs, nightclubs, and bars that have sprung throughout the city

Busan also offers several student programs that allow foreigners to come and study here. Amongst these foreigners, most of them are girls that are awestruck by the glamorous nightlife and the comparatively low cost of studying. These girls often visit the clubs and bars near the universities they study in to have a night of fun. You can easily approach them as they are more open to the idea of casual dating than most of the traditional local girls here.


Busan has come a long way and is still rapidly adapting to Western concepts and notions. The girls here struggle immensely against society but are finding out ways to break free. Busan has rapidly gained recognition for being one of the most bustling metropolitan cities in South Korea. The city is mixed with traditional girls that value the culture more and are family-oriented as well as girls that have finally tasted freedom and refuse to let it go!

It is important that you can differentiate between the two and act accordingly. Approaching traditional girls and offering them casual sex is a definite way of getting into serious trouble. It is advisable to avoid that in a foreign country. Instead, you can approach girls that visit nightclubs and bars. If they are modern enough to share a drink; they might even take up on your offer.

It is not very difficult to find willing girls that are content to have one-night stands or short affairs. You can even take the help of various dating apps. You can look around the areas near the popular hangouts. These are prime places for single girls to visit. Hooking up with a South Korean girl can be rather easy if you are acquainted with the intricacies of seduction and flirting. Knowing about the sex culture and their thoughts are a help too. You can find more details about these in the section given below.

Sex Culture

The sex culture scenario of Busan has rapidly changed in the past few years. While, the city is still battling the grips of patriarchy, more and more women are liberating themselves when it comes to sex. They are no longer afraid to go out or have sex. However, you will also find many traditional girls that are not interested in casual sex but rather desire relationships.

The sex culture in Busan has generally been influenced by TV series, movies, and the numerous tourists that visit the city. Mixing with foreign nationals and interacting with them has led to a lot of girls understanding the concept and having fun. They have become much more open-minded about other cultures as well. The blend of western culture has made a lot of girls brave and not afraid to go for what they want. Upon visiting Busan, you will be surprised to find the number of girls that are perfectly okay with the idea of casually hooking up. You can easily enjoy the city of Busan with a great company.

One-Night Stands

Lately, Busan too has inculcated the idea of one-night stands. Although, it must have been tough for the girls to break through, the barriers, and welcome such a notion. The city of Busan has tremendously progressed in the last few years. Many of the girls here are interested in having a night of fun without shouldering the responsibilities that come with relationships.

You can find many willing girls when you visit the bars and nightclubs of Busan. These are almost always filled and will provide you with plenty of options. You can choose any girl that catches your eye and offer to buy her drinks. After you have made her comfortable enough, you can approach her with the idea. Or, the girl may come up to you and surprise you.

It is important that you know when to back off. Keep in mind that not all girls might feel comfortable with the idea. Do not force the issue as it might lead you to some serious trouble. A one-night stand is supposed to be fun and satisfying, keep this in mind while you scourge the city for interested girls.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Busan is the second most populated city in South Korea after Seoul. You will find that there are no shortages of places where you can meet single girls. When you approach girls during the day, prepare to back off if they say so. You are more likely to meet girls in and around the shopping malls during the day.

At night, the atmosphere of Busan changes completely, and you will find numerous hot and wild girls in various bars and nightclubs. The nightlife in Busan is as lively and exotic as it can get. It has a lot of pubs and nightclubs that are filled with night goers until the wee hours of the morning. You can take a look at the various places that you can find single hot girls by browsing through the section below.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The nightlife in Busan is a fun affair, and you can optimize it to its full extent by visiting the various nightclubs, bars, and pubs. The staggering amount of nightclubs and bars is an indication to the youth especially the number of girls that frequent these establishments. You can find a lot of hot, single girls when you go there.

Some of the most popular nightclubs are given below to eliminate any inconvenience that you might have while searching for them.

  • Billie Jean: Easily the best club in the city. You can not leave town without visiting this club. It is a landmark in the nightlife scene. Known for its crazy parties and young, hot crowd, this club will easily help you score.
  • Groove: It is a very hip and happening place. You will see a lot of hot girls in this club. Fancy drinks and great music are the signature of this club. The crowd that visits this place include young hot girls and a lot of working girls as well.
  • Club Babau: Located at 1127-4 Jung 1(il)-dong, Haeundae-gu, Club Babau is a great place to find single girls. The atmosphere of the club is fun with great music and a superb crowd. You can expect to find likeminded girls that love to party and can even hook up with them if they are willing.
  • Vinyl Underground: It is one of the best nightclubs that offer live music. The band along, with the lights, and drinks make it impossible to stay in your seat or even stay alone. By just taking a look around, you will various local girls dancing away the night. You can easily approach them and have a fun night. Its location is 58-2 Daeyeon-dong.
  • Revel: It is one of the liveliest nightclub that also act as a lounge. Its popularity can be estimated by the huge crowd that it draws. Upon visiting the club, you will see that it is filled with girls, both locals, and foreigners that want to party and have a good time. You can join in and explore this amazing club at 60-13 Daeyeon 3(sam)-dong, Nam-gu.
  • Jazz Club Monk: Live music, hot girls, cool ambience what more you can ask for. One of the top clubs in Busan that is frequented by a lot of music enthusiasts and students. You are to score for sure in this place.
  • J Pub It is again one of the most happening night clubs in the city. Plenty of good music and hot girls.
  • Fuzzy Navel This is one of the more upscale clubs frequented by hot and fashionable girls. They serve fancy drinks and are famous for their cocktails. You can expect a party to be pretty wild at the club.
  • PAPA's: A wildly famous club amongst the party goers of the city. Great music and a great variety of drinks. You are sure to have a great time at this beautiful club.
  • Rock n Roll Bar: This is more of a quiet place and you will not see a lot of crazy crowd. This is a good place to go for a date. You can also meet a lot of older girls at this joint.
A party at the Revel Club

Shopping Malls

With the throes of modernization grasping it, Busan has developed numerous shopping malls that are dotted throughout the city. These malls are always buzzing with energy with people frequenting them. Most of these people are girls that go there either to shop or simply to hang out with friends. By visiting some of the popular shopping malls, you can get the chance to meet girls and even approach them. Some of the most frequented shopping malls are:

  • Shinsegae Centum City: It is bestowed with the credit of being the largest department store in the world. Consisting of a total of 16 floors, this building is a masterpiece and is also equipped with a skating arena, Movie Theater, etc. A visit to this place and you can find numerous girls frolicking around.
  • Seomyeon Underground: It is one of the underground malls in Busan and is connected to the Seomyeon train station. It is filled with various shops where you can avail of things with discounts. You can find many local girls that come here to bargain and buy stuff.
  • Lotte Department Store: This shopping mall is generally known for its luxurious brands. The observation deck on the 15th floor offers picturesque scenery of the city and is a perfect place for young, single girls. The mall also has a sports center and cinema hall. You can chance upon beautiful high-society girls in a place like this.


You can also meet girls while exploring the breathtaking city of Busan. Many such local tourist destinations are frequented by locals too. Plus, they would be far more interested in you if you take an interest in their local culture. Some of the must-visit places in Busan are:

  • Taejongdae: It is a beautiful natural park that is located in Yeongdo-gu Island. It consists of a lighthouse, amusement park, observatory, and a lush of greenery. Its panoramic beauty is unparalleled, and you can see several local girls visiting the park. Try approaching them and asking for their help in exploring the city.
  • Beomeosa: It is a Buddhist temple that is situated on the Geumjeong-gu Mountain. The temple is of great cultural significance to the people residing there. The place emits peace and serenity. You will find yourself engaging in interesting conversations with girls that are more mature in their mindset.
  • Haeundae Beach: You cannot simply visit Busan without taking a stroll to Haeundae Beach. You will find numerous girls, both local and foreign girls relaxing on the beach. It is a great place to start a conversation with the girls and relax.
Haeundae Beach where you will come across many hot girls

Universities and Colleges

Busan is considered as the educational epicenter for the southeastern part of South Korea. It has a lot of top-ranking and popular colleges and universities. Furthermore, various student programs enable foreigners to come and study here.

Some of the top-quality colleges and universities of Busan are –

  • Korea Maritime and Ocean University
  • Busan University of Foreign studies
  • Dongseo University
  • Busan Arts College
  • The Busan National University of Education

The local culture fused with the vivacious nightlife attracts hot girls to come and study here. The girls studying in these educational institutions are more likely to give you a chance as they are much more modernized in their views. You will also find that they are a great companion and can converse well in English.

The beautiful Busan University of Foreign studies


While keeping in mind that the girls in Busan are generally shy, starting a relationship needs to be done with caution. Although the number of traditional girls outmatches the modern ones, you can still find local girls that are interested in casual dating and short term affairs. They are quite aware that you would be here for a short amount of time and are ready to enjoy the time together.

But, if you are planning for a long-term relationship with a girl, let her know how you feel about her. Keep in mind that the local girls here do not hold the tourists to high standards and are not likely to believe you anytime soon. You would have to make extra effort if the girl is shy. Engage her with easy-going conversations, learn Korean for her and surprise her with simple gifts – these might be enough for the girl to enter into a relationship with you.

You can also try to find local girls using online platforms. Many of them are registered there and are interested in dating a foreign national. After interacting with them, you will find that not only are the girls pretty, but they have splendid personalities too.

Holiday Romance

The concept of holiday romance is something that you just cannot leave unexplored. Busan is a magnificent city, and you can make the trip more memorable by romancing a local girl.

While searching for your perfect holiday romance, be honest with the girl and clarify your viewpoint. There is no reason that you should lead her on and then leave the city. After you communicate with them and clear your intentions, you will find that many local girls are ready and have no issue at all.

The more the patriarchal society attempts to keep these girls bound, the more they rebel and fight. You can find many such girls that are ready to have fun and live a little. After all, all romance doesn't need to be serious, do they? Furthermore, you can also enjoy the underrated destinations that are only known by the locals and fully enjoy your trip to Busan. If you find the right local girl, you can surely give holiday romance a chance.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Building and maintaining a relationship with anyone is hard. The success of a relationship depends on both the partners and how they handle various factors. You may encounter several hurdles while building a relationship with a girl in Busan. But, there are several tips you can employ to make your relationship successful, and some of them are given below:

  • You should be honest with your partner. There is no round way about this matter. Do not hide or keep secrets. This will only lead to confusion and misunderstandings. It is also important that you ensure that she is honest with you as well.
  • Communication is a key factor that determines the longevity of any relationship. Talk to her freely and discuss what you expect. Also, make sure that she is comfortable to say you anything. She should be able to voice her opinions without the thought of losing you plaguing her.
  • It is crucial that you respect her culture and family. Hailing from different cultures doesn’t have to make things awkward for you. Instead, learn to accept each other’s culture with warmth and love.
  • Do not make the mistake of rushing her into anything. Remember that it takes years to build a trust that can stand the test of time. Give her time and space. For example- Sex may not be a big deal to you but it might be something precious for her. Don’t rush her or make her feel inadequate for not having sex with you.


True love is not easy to find. But, perhaps the most beautiful outcome of searching partners is falling in love. And you never know when you can find the one for you. Busan is a beautiful city mixed with old nostalgia and modern architecture. You can find many local girls here that are comfortable with the idea of dating foreigners.

Dating and falling in love are two very different things. While dating the local girls here, you need to be honest and communicate properly. If you are interested in short term affairs, then let them know. You will be surprised to see the number of girls interested in casual dating and sex.

But, if you plan on having a long-term relationship that is likely to end in marriage, you need to communicate this too. Be aware that most of these local girls are not likely to believe that you are serious in the first place. Try to be patient and understand that maybe she has been promised the same before. Take the initiative, to know her and then, convince her to spend her life with you.

You may not find love in Busan but, you should give it a chance. Woo, the girl you like with romantic dinners, flowers, and chocolates. You may be surprised but, most of the local girls like simple things and will be impressed by your gestures.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Being a tourist and falling in love with a local girl is a story that doesn’t often end in a happily ever after. It can be difficult to ascertain if the girl you are falling for is the one for you. You must think long and hard before starting a relationship with a girl in Busan. You can take note of the following tips to ensure that she is the one.

Firstly and the most important thing is trust. You should be able to trust her with everything. Don’t keep secrets, not about you or your family. If she knows all about the ugly truths and problems and still loves you just the same, then you can be sure that she is the one for you.

Secondly, she must accept your family as if it’s her own. While some clashes with the family are inevitable, she must fit into your culture just as you do with hers. Family acceptance is a great deal when you are thinking of long-term relationships. Thirdly, you must be absolutely sure that she is not with you for all the wrong reasons. It is important to know if she is with you for materialistic or economical purposes. Make sure she is not after your wealth. Although the concept may sound cheap yet, it is a rising issue and should be treated seriously.

Lastly, make sure that the girl you are with loves you for how you are and doesn’t want to change you. No one is perfect. But, this indicates that she fell in love with all your flaws just the same.


Like most of the other cities, Busan is also shrouded in its own culture and traditions. No matter how much the city advances in terms of buildings and towers, the core of society remains the same. They are more likely to accept you if you pay respect to the elders and follow their traditions.

If you are in a mindset to marry, make sure that the girl is ready to accept such responsibility. It is inadvisable to put pressure on her as it would be a change of culture for her as well as for you. You must be totally sure before going to her family for permission.

In Busan, you are more likely to get the girl if you can convince the males of her family, especially her father and older brother for marriage. Girls, however, modern they might be often look up to their fathers before taking such an important step. You also need to put effort into impressing the family of the girl before even proposing the idea of marriage. They should be able to trust you to take care of their little girl. Gaining their trust and admiration will make it a lot easier for you to marry a girl in Busan.

However, you need to keep in mind that marriage is a complex subject matter and requires extreme dedication and effort to flourish. But, if you are all set and love the girl, you can go ahead and start planning the future with your beautiful bride (with permission, of course!)


South Korean weddings are filled with traditions and rituals. These are fun and represent the rich culture of the country. Though Busan has warmly embraced the nuances of modern civilization, it still follows all the conventional aspects when it comes to weddings. So, you can expect to experience these amazing phases when you are set to marry a local girl.

Several rituals are centered not just on the day of the wedding but also before and after. You can take a lot at some of these in the list given below:

  • Hahm: In this ritual, the friends of the groom bring various gifts to the bride’s house on the night just before the wedding. These gifts are essentially betrothal gifts and are kept in a box called the Hahm. The groom’s friends would dress up in weird and funky costumes and then shout outside the bride’s house for the sale of the Hahm. Then, the family of the bride would come out and offer money for the Hahm. After several negotiations and laughter riots, the Hahm would be eventually given.
  • Jeonanrye: This is perhaps the most emotional ritual of the whole wedding ceremony. In this tradition, the groom would offer a wild goose to the bride’s mother. The wild goose is a symbolic representation as they mate for life and are a symbol of commitment and love. Through this ceremony, the groom assures the bride’s family that he would love and take care of their daughter throughout their life. Nowadays, the wild goose is replaced, by wooden ones; nevertheless, the sentiment remains the same.
  • Kunbere: Typically, a conventional South Korean wedding takes place at the backyard of the bride’s home. But, nowadays there are several wedding venues one can book. In this ceremony, both the bride and the groom wear the traditional Hanbok. Generally, as the custom dictates, women wear red, and men wear blue following the principle of yin and yang. Once the wedding starts, the bride bows six times, and the groom bows twice. Bowing is considered as a sign of respect in South Korean tradition. Then, both the bride and the groom sip wine from a gourd given by the bride’s mother that has been divided into two parts.
  • P’ye-baek: Once the wedding is done, the bride goes to the groom’s house. There, she gives dates and chestnuts to the family of the groom. In the P’ye-baek ritual, these dates and chestnuts are tossed to the bride who has to catch them. The number of dates and chestnuts the bride catches successfully is said to denote the number of children she is going to have in the future.

Family Life

South Koreans follow the Confucianism principle where a family is given the utmost importance. The society is patriarchal, and as such, the responsibility of providing for the family falls on the males. The females are designated to maintain the home and keep it organized along with upbringing the children in the correct way.

Family life in Busan is influenced by the deeply rooted principles of society. These are not likely to change any sooner. So, if the girl you have married is traditional, try to understand her instead of mocking her beliefs. They are more likely to stay with you even if they are not comfortable. Divorce and remarriage are still taboo and not at all appreciated.

The children are raised with the concept that family comes above everything. The responsibility of the family is generally carried out by the eldest son. Here, the eldest son does not move out even if they are married. They are expected to take care of their parents in old age as a form of repayment.

However, not all girls are the same. If you have married a girl that has accepted the western beliefs and changed accordingly, then you do not have to worry about offending her when you cite some differences in your cultures.

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