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Seoul dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date South Korean women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot South Korean girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Seoul, South Korea.

Girls in Seoul:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Seoul:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Seoul:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Seoul:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$20 - $600
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $450


Seoul metropolis is the largest and the capital city of South Korea. Seoul is considered to be the megacity of South Korea because of the city’s population that is over ten million individuals. The National Capital Area of Seoul is the second largest in the globe that covers an area of 233.7 square miles with an average altitude of precisely aloft the sea level that is at 282 feet. Seoul is known to be the global city because of its vast population and is the core of South Korea’s culture, politics, and economy.

Seoul is known to be the fourth most economically substantial city around the globe. Seoul has a record of several names in its history and the city’s name itself is known to have derived from the Korean term for its capital city, ‘Seoraneol.’ Seoul is formally recognized as the Seoul Special City.

Girls in Seoul and the whole of South Korea are famous worldwide for being exceptionally gorgeous, and this is true. The girls are often dressed in their national costume while for most of the time, the girls are always up-to-date and follow all the latest trends of fashion like western culture. Overall, South Korean girls are well-acquainted with looking the glorious best. When it comes to employment, legal rights, health, and education, the South Korean girls don’t proceed quite well, unlike the guys in South Korea. The girls and women in South Korea don't enjoy the benefit of equal financing, and in this aspect, South Korea is the worst-ranked country in the world. However, things had changed and improved a lot since the 1940s when girls had no to little formal education. These girls were only confined to their home and had to do all sorts of household work. Even women and men were usually kept separate, and they had to become subordinates.

Old customs and traditions die hard and despite many women are possessing works out of their home, at the same time they’re expected to be the engine that all shall run the entire household as well. These household works include looking after their kids, washing clothes and dishes, and cooking. As time is changing, so are the South Korean girls as they're taking great care to look feminine and tidy. The local girls in Seoul love to dress up in a colourful outfit with a sprinkle of makeup, flaunt their curvaceous bodies while they pirouette beside the sidewalk.

Dating Culture

Several cute South Korean girls throughout Seoul have a powerful reputation in the cosmopolitan dating community. The girls are regarded for their style, beauty and their quest for escalating their appearance. The South Korean girls’ posses an enchanting fair skin and having this white skin texture is a blemish of social status among all the Koreans.

Korean culture is distinct from all other Asian cultures. To understand the Seoul culture, the person has to go through its tumultuous history with the long-holding conflict with its cousins towards the North. South Koreans are always in an existential threat from the North Koreans, and this continuing conflict has framed Koreans into being enough disciplined and robust. The South Koreans have a long-abiding trait for being the hard-working assiduous individuals.

Children in Seoul are expected to make their parents proud through academic excellence. The Korean culture is established on becoming a strong arm of the community and in saving face. The Koreans always expect and believe strict adherence to the country’s laws, social guidelines, and norms. Korean girls are brought up to respect all men and hold a passive role with these men. The strong cultural influence aids men to acknowledge the Korean dating culture.

Dating amongst men and women usually start when they are in universities or the early career. Women are supposed to be honourable, passive, and loyal wives. They often accede to men and expect guys to be financially robust to provide their families and reliable smoothly. Despite such compelling cultural ties in Seoul, many women resent to the culture and consider it to be excessive oppressive and controlling. The local women of Seoul see the western guys as a breath of refreshed air to escape all of their cultural shackles. If you’re able to present her this outlet, she’ll feel lively and refreshed from their regular grind of life and also feel an essence of adventure.

The dating culture in Seoul is also hugely affected by the religious factors of the country. The Koreans are mostly Christian in Seoul of all other Asian nations. It is also very usual for women to attend Church very often and take part in several church activities. Churches in Seoul and the whole of South Korea play an integral role in Korean lives. South Korean women usually go for men who are from a Christian background.

Girls in Seoul are well aware of social distancing. Couples in Seoul generally interact through their social circles and gather , many times via their familiar friends. South Korean girls don't want to give a comfortable appearance when they date a foreigner and even often delay sex so that men don't bring up a reputation of the women being a slut. They also avoid meeting many foreign guys and boyfriends as it can tarnish their name, reputation amongst the peer squad. It is also very much essential to treat South Korean girls with respect since there are several prideful people. So you should respect her religion and culture. You must not influence her to make changes to her style. It is good to embrace the contrasts in your customs and cultures. She'll reward you with her best behaviour and affection when you become successful to show her that you're a great man.


Seoul city is the global leader when it transpires to have women who’re very active in maintaining their good looks and figure. The count of women in Seoul who go through unreal lengths to ensure that they appear good is probably fantastic. South Korean women in Seoul are up to date with the latest fashion and trends of all the European countries. The women are swift to hop on the bandwagon and go around with the updated trends irrespective of women being outrageous. Seoul has an outbreak of internet that has played a vital role to determine the behavioural influence of women in Korean society.

The residents in the Seoul city mostly are the middle and upper class of the Korean society and are the people who've mostly seen the whole world, thus are well-versed with its means and ways. Hence, the children of such person, comprises women who’re more or less familiar with preliminary English though are not fluent in it. These women come amongst those are up for dating men at their very early age, spend time with guys, go on for dates with foreigners, and local strangers.

It is usual for those people who’re from the habitual western norms and culture but is a great deal in the city of Seoul as the South Korean cities have many strict traditions and usually don't allow such activities. People in Seoul look and think about every aspect of being with a clear and open mind. Women in Seoul follow all cultures and traditions of their country, but it isn't that rigid as you’re assuming it to be. The younger generations are always ready to break particular archaic ethnic conventions to go out for dinner and date with strangers and even have sex in their first meeting or one-night stands.

Seoul has a huge women population who was born and raised in the city. These women have always accomplished the swift life that is more frequently than not, peppered with distinct kinds of luxuries. These women may not be an earning individual in their family, but they're spendthrifts. The majority of the South Korean women in Seoul are fond of online shopping, and they have a fascinating requirement to purchase at least a few garments, products, and makeup accessories almost every week. The shopping addiction of these Korean women has made them spend money on their clothes and accessories as swift as they earn it.

The South Korean women in Seoul carry Asia features that include eyes which are quite smaller, are less and average figures. The women in Seoul posses extraordinarily shiny, silky, and straight hair and also have fair skin.

South Korean Girls (age 18 - 29)

Girls of this age group have just come up to enjoy their life and don't seem to be in a close and committed relation from the very beginning of their adult life. If your motive is to have fun and enjoy your life as well, then it'll be just fantastic to approach these girls for a casual date. You can greet and come closer to these girls in several bars and nightclubs in Seoul where they visit to take a break from their regular stress n life. The girls in Seoul of this age group of 19 to 29 have just put a step to the beginning of womanhood leaving and moving forward from their teen life.

The girls mostly come under the bracket of students and employed women who're not just ambitious but are good-looking and attractive as well. The children have to seek education till the age of 14 as it is compulsory, and most girls end up after completing their higher education. While the other who decide to try further education and have an excellent opportunity to chase their dreams have to sit for some qualification exams, that is the exit test to regulate their competence for survival and work. The system in Seoul makes sure that women get equal chances to educate themselves and get a fair opportunity to pursue all their desire in life.

The women in Seoul are known to be a few of the most beautiful women in South Korea. Girls are always updated to the latest fashion and trends and also have the courage to carry them with assertiveness which they’ve accomplished. The girls always welcome one-night stands and casual sex to strangers is it local or a foreigner.

South Korean Women (age 30 - 45)

Most of the South Korean women of age group 30 to 45 in Seoul are already married, and even most of them have children as well. These women are relatively contented and gratified in life and don’t seem to follow anything with you. You should in mind that most of the married women love and are attached to their family and are incredibly loyal towards them.

The South Korean women of this age group are very sexy and confident and have come far from their teenage life. These women are optimistic regarding their requirements, are vocal and have no such problem to communicate with strangers when it comes to affair and sex. Women use a tremendous quantity of makeup to look their best, and many of them often go for plastic surgeries to look flawless. These women are continually shoving for operations to get the best body and facial features like a V-shaped jaw to add a perfect oval face. Many women want straight eyebrows, slimmer figures or more prominent eyes, and thus choose this medium to get their desires fulfilled. Right from a casual date to job interviews, women go with makeup to obtain their desired look, so don't get surprised when you seem to meet your date in a healthy dose of makeup foundation.

The women in Seoul are sure attractive and good looking. They tend to possess Asian characteristics that mean shiny hair, slender and petite bodies, etc. Nonetheless, their appearance is ample to floor you. The attitude of the South Korean women and their acquaintance with the western culture has surely coaxed then to give a chance to men and don't seem to have any such preconceived notions. Women of this age group are mostly seen in movie theatres, bars and night clubs and especially in shopping malls because of their different preference of the spots they like to visit.

South Korean Ladies (age 45+)

You are lucky if you’re able to manage and meet ladies of this later age group. Women who’re single and don’t seem to marry are mostly up for hooking up and casual dates. You’ll meet such women mostly in high-end and sophisticated night clubs and might even stun you with their approach.

Women of this age group are mature and are primarily interested in serious relationships over casual sex and one-night stands. So in case you’re in search of a night of debauchery and transgression with matured ladies, you may find yourself thwarted. Most of the ladies of age 45 and above are either completely submerged in their work-life or are happily married. Most of these women can choose their partner on their own and get married to them.

If you’re looking for mature ladies, then you may also find women who're widowed or divorced, and you can even seek aid from the great online dating apps to find ladies who share the same set of interest. These single women stay up all the partying around with friends and colleagues and even strangers of their choice. The only women are free to do anything until they aren't married. The absence of societal judgment and pressure post the age 45 enables a tourist or a foreigner to have a robust opportunity to hook up with the mature ladies in Seoul.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

The trade culture and business in Seoul is prospering and is the ordinary hotspot for all the expats. You’ll meet and greet expats coming from all over the world who’re especially fascinated to women in the economic state of Seoul which allows you a good quality of living irrespective of all the expensive being sky-high. You’ll find the expats in many nightclubs, bars and pubs which have sprung all over the city. Seoul also presents distinct student schemes which permit the foreigners to visit Seoul and study here. Amongst these foreign travellers, most of them are young girls who're amazed by the alluring nightlife and relatively low expense of education.

The international students often visit pubs and nightclubs closer to their universities and colleges they're studying to enjoy a fun night. You can easily approach these foreign travellers as they’re more open towards casual dating over all other local South Korean girls in Seoul. The sprint of travellers also comprises many women who visit Seoul to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the city. Seoul is the major metropolitan city of South Korea apart from the glorious scenery that it presents. People from overseas very often visit them throughout the year.

The tourists are mostly mesmerized by the modernization and elegant natural beauty that Seoul has slowly and confidently accepted. When travellers and tourists visit Seoul for a short vacation or trip, they'll get to see many foreign girls. It is quite simple to approach these girls and are good enough versed in English than the native girls.


If you're visiting Seoul city to get laid with attractive local women, it is possible but not that easy. Everything that presents full service with the Korean women is notoriously tough to approach the foreigners. The native men in Seoul disgrace the idea of their women interacting with foreign men.

But there is also an area, i.e. the red-light district where the foreigners can enjoy to the fullest. Above that, they'll have a lively dating scene and nightlife where the tourist can meet hot and sexy Korean girls. For instance, if you're not so fond of Korean women, you can even go for other women of distinct nationalities. You'll find Chinese and Filipina working in various juicy bars as well as many Russian escorts. It is a good fact since South Korean prostitutes not always are ready to serve the tourists.

Women in Seoul are beautiful, bright and pretty and possess ideal figure that tends to attract men and develop a strong desire to get laid with the women in Seoul. These women know how to dress and present themselves in front of society and especially men. Girls in South Korea don't speak enough English, especially the ones who're the prettiest. You can begin a conversation, but it is tough to continue the conversation for hours. The easiest and the most appropriate way to approach and start a conversation with girls are through online dating apps where you may use a translator to talk and communicate. This app, in turn, helps to know more about each other and originate from sexual attraction. Thus when you get to meet the girl in reality, you can directly start with physical interactions.

Women in Seoul are a bit passive and expect that men will begin a gossip and everything else for a specific matter. You’ve to decide how to begin, where you should go, what you’ll do, how you’ll do and when you’ll start it. Thus it is a benefit for men as they’ll be able to take their date to their room without any hesitation and resistance. If you want to have outstanding sex, then it is best to look for South Korean women of age 30. Women in Seoul who’ve attained the age and still aren’t married are atop the ripped age and need sexual satisfaction. These women are seemed to be horny most of the time.

The great news is that almost 30% of South Korean Women in Seoul between the ages group 30 to 34 never really got married. In different words, if you're able to play your cards like an expert skillfully, there is a definite chance of you to get laid with the native women of Seoul. Most of the girls avail of sites such as Seeking Arrangement to seek foreign men. Seoul even has plenty of escorts. You just have to search online to get a list of places to find call girls to have great sex here in Seoul. It is effortless to book a lady and wait until she is at your doorstep. But there is a downside as well that is their stiff price, switch tactics and the bait. You'll hardly get the girl whom you've selected for sex which makes the call girls in Seoul the minimum bang for the buck.

You can even hang out at Itaewon if you love partying and approaching South Korean girls. Casual bars and pubs are the media to go as the Korean girls die to socialize. Try to avoid high-end pubs and exclusive nightclubs as these places are stuck up by psycho girls who have no desire to fuck.

Sex Culture

The Sex scene in the city of Seoul is very much divergent from all other Asian countries. You'll find windows just like in Amsterdam who offers flying fuck. You can find several kinds of operations selling sex from massage parlours to hostess bars in all the red-light districts. However, paid sex is one such medium to get laid in the city, and you'll even find Korean women who possess a fetish for strangers and foreigners.

South Korea is a primarily westernized and democratic country with an eclectic combination of traditional and cultural influences merged with youthful and modern society. Thus, the outlook towards Sex in Seoul may seem contradictory. The former generation has a thriving viewpoint for sex but is still not enhanced by the conventional esteems that include asceticism of marriage. Also, adultery was a punishable offence with imprisonment for two years since 2015. Modern women in Seoul still have a feeling of discriminatory impact of hefty patriarchal community which is changing now.

As is most of the western countries, the younger peer group have a further open mind and thought towards sexuality and sex. Notwithstanding the internet censorship on obscenity and nudity, have also been revealed to sexual satisfaction. Porn and prostitution are both illegal in Seoul and in entire South Korea, which doesn’t restrict the adult sex industry. Most men in Seoul are till now circumcised, and home-built porn of their nature is in high demand. Most of the South Korean market is brimmed with foreign matter because of legally banning the production of high-standard expert pornography in South Korea.

Culturally, almost one in five men and one among fifty women lost their virginity to the professionals. So, little the government could seem to influence escorts in South Korea. There are almost forty red light areas still operating in South Korea with an active region of prostitution that are still available around the US army bases. Tourists who’re visiting South Korea for the first time will find a little rug and tug areas and even high-end salons providing full service besides massages. You'll discover massage parlours which offer sex past the red light areas or in central city venues. The rooms are elementary to locate because of advertising in traditional barber pole in blue/ red/ white stripes. If you find such spots with two or over poles that you may contemplate something over usual hand-job.

Seoul also has strip clubs which are barely undisguised medium of obtaining your kicks is more ordinary that can be encountered outside the red-light zones. These are mostly called nightclubs as opposed to lap or strip dancing clubs. The Seoul city has several amazing venues while you may visit some of them in Itaewon. Few of the clubs even escort facilities both out-call and in-call so that you're able to enjoy the best of both the worlds when your night gets off with a brilliant start. Seoul also offers few of the Love Hotels that have premises where you may rent rooms on an hourly basis to use them with street call girls and escorts without any interrogation.

South Korea also has kissing rooms known as 'Kiss Bangs' which are small rooms, and you've to pay charges for the session of few tongue tennis with South Korean girls. This session is all that is supposed to occur in kiss bangs but few-a-times you may get the entire lot extra for the money. You’ll even find Karaoke bars or KTVs in the whole of Seoul, but not all of them offer sexual facilities other than ordinary companionship that can always exceed over flirtation. Most men prefer to cater to Korean women only so except when they're lead by Korean Nationals, and you won't quickly get access to what is on offer.

One-Night Stands

Seoul has well implanted the belief of one-night stands. You’ll get to see many willing girls after you visit nightclubs and bars of Seoul. The bars are almost full with women and men, so you’ll get a chance to choose from a variety of options. You may select any girl whom you feel appealing in your eyes and can approach them by offering her drinks. After you have accomplished your mission to impress the girl, and she feels comfortable in your presence, you can contact the girl with the idea of casual hookup and a one-night stand. If you're lucky enough, then you may also have a chance of surprise visit by the girl.

It is also imperative to know the tips and trick on when is the correct time to back-off as not every girl needs to feel comfortable with your approach. You must not force the girl as it may lead you to some severe problem. One-night stands should be pleasurable, fun and worthwhile, and you need to keep this in mind strictly when you move around Seoul for some interested South Korean girls. It has been quite severe for the native girls of Seoul to overcome all barriers and appreciate such notions. Seoul city has progressed tremendously in the past few years, and most girls have a great interest in having fun in the night without shoving the obligations that are a part of the relationship.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Seoul city is the abode of most beautiful girls in entire Asia and all around the world. Your chances to meet girls in the town are well only when you put efforts with dedication and perseverance as the South Korean culture, and customs are not that accommodating. You must know that the Korean girls are usually shy in the beginning and may also seem reluctant to your advances due to the language barrier. The daytime game of meeting and picking girls in Seoul city is not that strong compared to the western culture, but this doesn't mean that the game is weak here. A foreigner should try to hit on a woman as your luck may favour you at any right moment. The most elegant way to amend the whole procedure is by visiting a few of the key spots that are frequently visited by sexually accessible women.

Most of the places are busy like cosmetic stores, grocery shops, shopping malls, etc. as women in the day, time crowds them. Most of the South Korean Women in Seoul are addicted to shopping and what can be better for men to find out women in shopping malls during the day. You even get an opportunity to take the woman to a coffee date if you tend to find them out in a shopping mall. Meanwhile, if you find that the women are interested in you, you may further ask her out for another date which will surely help you to break the ice.

The night-time, on the other hand, is honestly a fantastic prospect is Seoul as most of the South Korean women are out for parties and great dinners or simply cool off following a long day. This is the time when women forget and are free from all kinds of chores and responsibilities, so for the time, and they only want their hair released and spend quality time. Men must dress well to woo all horny girls whom they approach during the night time.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Seoul is the capital of South Korea, confined to possess the best occurring party scenes throughout the country. The nightclubs attract a beautiful blend of Western and Korean culture right from music to the ambience that is blaring through huge speakers all over the night. Gangnam Neighborhood probably is the best venue in Seoul predominantly for the nightlife as this place is widely discerned as 'trendy' or 'hip.' This area is the best place in the towns as the site is frequented by few of the most renowned business tycoons, movie stars, K-pop personalities and the most desirable women you'll find all over Seoul.

Gangnam is a lucrative place and is the best venue for partying in Seoul, but maximum luxuries are at an exorbitant price and in case you aren't a VIP. The lines are incredibly long, and maybe you'll spend most of your time waiting outside the bars and nightclubs. The Itaewon district is recognized for being one of the hot favourites amongst expats and tourist for partying. The area is also famous and the best venue for hooking-up with South Korean women from Seoul to have sex with foreign tourists. This scene may have changed a bit over the years, but still, Itaewon is hugely populated by naughty prostitutes and females.

Some of these hottest women can be confronted at nightclubs and bars in Gangnam, listed below:

  • Octagon: Club Octagon is Gangnam’s one such elite nightclub where you’ll find many elites, trendsetters and local celebrities partying till late night. Octagon is a subterranean hideout that has spacious dance floors, swimming pool, private rooms, VIP lounges and sound music system. Octagon hosts a fantastic line-up of Korean and International DJ's.
  • Arena: Arena is known for its extravagant and high-energy dance parties with a penchant of possessing professional models, dancers on-site and a strict dress code. The Arena has a reputation for well dressed and good-looking party goers. The Arena is amongst the best proponents of Seoul for progressive house and New EDMs. The club Arena is open on Fridays and Saturdays and is occasionally open on Sundays depending on the kind of events.
  • Club Bound: Club Bound is smaller than all other clubs, but it is the best place for dancing in the final hours of the night time. The club has a compact dance floor, and its interior is filled up with raised tables and platforms. Bound is the perfect place to get cosy with your partner and do the grind and bump without a single one judging.
  • Club Avenue: Club Avenue has a new fixture of the nightlife of Gangnam that is longer than all other clubs in that area. The club has high and intimate energy. Avenue is a mixture of new and old, adorned with chandlers and marble floors. The club is a state of art lasers over two storeys- one being the main base geared to a central stage and the other one is VIP.
  • DStar: DStar Club is opened by GLAD LIVE Hotel for people to spend the after hours and is located on the basement floor of the hotel. All three storeys are operated and managed by the D Mansion Lounge. The club timing is from midnight and has separate hip-hop and house sessions.

The most renowned nightclubs that you should surely visit in Itaewon are:

  • B One: B One lounge is one of the liveliest night-time spots in Itaewon that draws an extensive line of nicely-dressed tourists and revellers every weekend. B One club has cosmopolitan DJs who are set alongside Hamilton Hotel spinning around varying mixture of tunes that ranges from electro dance to hip hop beats.
  • Cakeshop: Cakeshop is the right place with a cosy side in Itaewon. The club is open from Thursday- Sunday where you'll discover the best and the most exquisite musical arts when you are in search of electronic and hip-hop music. Cakeshop is now the best, hottest and trending clubs in the city of Seoul.
  • Venue: Venue club is hidden towards the left of Hamilton hotel and is amongst the most popular gem in Itaewon. The club is not that massive but boasts itself to play R&B, funk, old-school music, etc. A Venue is an ideal place if you're looking for and European Hipster. The club doesn't charge any cover, but you may have to wait for long hours at midnight.
  • Club Made: Club Made is one of the premier clubs in Itaewon for hip-hop and EDM lovers. The club owners of Gangnam operate the club, and its interior is divided betwixt hip-hop and EDM Zone. This division indicates that the club-goers may move back and forth amongst both the zones based on their music preference.

Few best nightclubs and bars in Hongdae are as follows:

  • Brown: Brown is a club just opposite to Hongdae in Hapjeong. The club is ideal for individuals who prefer a laid back gathering. Brown pays hip-hop, funk, dancehall and R&B. The club's door opens at 9 pm and continues till 6 am.
  • NB2: NB2 is amongst the most renowned club in Hongdae with a buzzing nightlife. The club is operated and owned by YG, and the club is open throughout the week till morning 6 am. NB2 is the perfect venue to get down and spend a great time till the morning hours blasting with famous hip-hop songs.

The nightlife in Seoul is too good, with a wild crowd and loud music. The hot babes here are very horny and play well your cards so you may go home just lucky.

Shopping Malls

Not all individuals prefer nightclubs and bars; few of the guys love to chat and try girls when they find them across the town in the daytime. On the whole, malls are an excellent place to meet a few of the horny chicks. Given below is a list of famous malls that one can choose to pick up naughty babes.

  • Lotte World Mall
  • Starfield Coex Mall
  • Avenue France
  • Times Square Mall
  • D Cube City Mall
  • Central City
  • IFC
  • Mecentapolis Mall
  • Doota Mall
  • Noon Square
  • I’Park Mall
  • Migliore Mall

One of the prominent shopping districts lies in Dongdaemun, where you'll find a massive Doosan Tower and several other shops and malls. You may even head towards Ssamziegel district where you’ll get to see many girls out in their foot. The district is trendy for its huge number of women shoppers during the daytime, thus making it the open hunting field for men.


Now, you're quite aware of the few best places where you can rely on to meet and pick up single hot chicks. Knowing a cocktail bar or a nice romantic restaurant along with some good music can help set your mood for an entire evening. Few most famous spots for dating in Seoul are:

  • N Grill- Namsan Tower
  • Walking on the Cloud- Yeongdeungpo-Gu
  • JJ Mahoney’s – Itaewon
  • The Griffin Bar- Hyoje Dong
  • Dining in Space- Arario Museum
  • Congdu: Jeong-Dong
  • All That Jazz- Itaewon
  • Ryunique

N Grill is an amazing place to visit, and you should be sure to visit the observatory on top of Namsan Tower after or before. It is a must-visit to have the best date with your Korean girl. If you have the desire to win a South Korean girl heart, then you should take her to Karaoke. There are several kinds of Karaoke bars in Seoul, and few of them are similar to normal bars.

You may even go for historical landmarks and museums like:

  • National Folk Museum
  • National Museum
  • Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art
  • National Place Museum
  • Rukchon Hanok Village

Universities and Colleges

Seoul is the home to a few best educational institutes of the world. The city has several popular and top-ranking universities and colleges which include:

  • Korea University
  • Seoul National University
  • The Yonsei University
  • Soongsil University
  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • Sungkyunkwan University
  • Hanyang university
  • Kyung Hee University
  • Ewha Womans University

Furthermore, the universities organize several Student programs which enable foreigners and expats to visit Seoul and pursue their higher education. The young babes studying in these colleges and universities may give you a chance as they’re open-minded and lot more modernized in their perspective.


Girls in Seoul are timid and polite, so all men must take good precaution before asking for a girl to come in a relationship. If you've planned for a serious relationship with the local girl of Seoul, make her aware of your feelings. You may even try out some online dating apps as many of the local girls have already registered and have great interest to date a foreign man. These girls are pretty and splendid at the same time.

The native girls of Seoul don’t grasp high standards to tourists and usually don’t believe such men. You'll have to make huge efforts when your girl is shy. You may involve her with simple-going gossip, surprise her with small presents and even learn the Korean language from your love. There are the fundamental points to impress a girl and take her for a relationship.

Holiday Romance

A girlfriend is the best medium to enjoy your days in Seoul so that you don’t feel lonely. You may enjoy each other’s all-time company; get intimate and even visit places which are few of the advantages. There are many fit, and hot women in '30s and 40's that's very desperate to meet and get laid with foreign men. These women pay restaurant bills, drinks as are independent women and are great at the bed so it can turn out to be a real treat for you. They're well aware of stiff competition from young chicks, so they close the distance in this manner.

You can even find out horny chicks in ‘Korean Cupid,’ a dating site to get laid. It is crazy to visit Seoul with a dating guide or to have no clue about the Korean language. So by using dating apps, you can easily approach the local girls of Seoul, and also you'll be able to visit the city without any havoc that you're new to Seoul. Also, it isn't that tough to convince the local girls and ask them out for a date. These girls are always ready to please and make happy their foreign boyfriends. You can expect all the great things which only a girlfriend can provide you without any drama.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Here are a few tips that every individual should strictly follow to have a successful lifetime relationship:

  • You have to gain trust as the foundation of every loving tale is the trust that eventually comes in with time. Thus, be patient until the time arrives.
  • You should not hesitate to share your ambitions, your desire, dreams, fears and achievements with your better half. Sharing is the best way through which your partner will understand you the most.
  • You can often plan for romantic dinners or surprises for your soul mate to make them know how special they're to you.
  • Always make little efforts to show interest and enthusiasm in your partner's attention.
  • You’ve to be a good listener to understand your better halve's viewpoints. So pay attention and try to make eye contact while your partner talks and expresses their feelings.
  • Always respect your partner as it is the key to a successful life-term relationship.


Finding your true love, your soul mate will need a lot of time and the incredible result of finding a partner is falling in love. And you neither know when you'll finally find out the one for you. Seoul is a pleasant city combined with modern architecture and old nostalgia.

If you’re planning for a life-term relationship which is likely to go till marriage, you’ll have to communicate and discuss on this matter as well. You have to be very cautious since most South Korean girls in Seoul don't seem to be dangerous in the first stage of their relationship. You've to patient and accept the fact that the girl might have promised a guy before. You have to become confident and take the initiative to impress the girls and convince her to spend the rest of her life with you.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

It is challenging to understand whether the girl you are falling for is the right one, and this is especially very tough for the tourists who're in Seoul seeking a serious relationship. You have to think hard and long before thinking of going on for a relationship with a native girl from Seoul. You have to trust her with everything she says, and she does. You should not keep secrets not about you as well as your family. If she gets to know the worst side and the ugliest truth about you and still loves you the ways she used to do before, then you can be sure that she is the one.

The girl is free, polite, and courteous to your family. The girl will accept your family's attitude and behavior irrespective of her dislikes as she needs you to be by her side forever. Also, make sure that if she isn’t in a relationship with you for her interest in your wealth. Finally, make sure the girl you've chosen loves you the way you are and has no such intention to change you and your flaws.


Korean dating always includes women who fantasize a lot about friendship. If the woman genuinely likes a man and loves him with all her heart and feelings, she'll hope to get married to her guy one day. If you have the mindset to marry your girl, make sure she is ready to accept all the responsibilities. It won't be right to pressurize you girls since there is a change in the culture for you as well as for her.

To marry a girl in Seoul, you’ll first have to convince her family, especially the male members mainly her father and elder brother. The girls though being modern, always believe it essential to seek their father's permission before marriage. The guy even has to make a great effort to impress the girl's family before bringing forth the idea of marrying their girl. You have to develop a feeling of trust amongst them so that they're able to hand over their little girl to you without any tension.


Wedding is Seoul is sweet and short, and the preference of guests is taken as the main priority. Locals of Seoul don't like spending much time on an individual's wedding. Thus, the ceremony takes hardly thirty minutes to get complete and overall two hours or so. MC then presides the wedding, and an officiate who oversees all the Korean rituals in a lightening efficiency and speed.

Weddings usually don't have groomsmen, ring bearer, flower girls and bridesmaid. The wedding comprises of a brief speech, a musical performance, and kiss and thus comes to an end. Treat is served immediately after the wedding ceremony, and all the rituals are over. South Korean weddings in Seoul are immersed with rituals and traditions. You'll enjoy all the phases when you decide to marry a local girl from Seoul.

Family Life

Most of the South Korean women in Seoul value family and desire to have kids of their own. It is necessary to be very clear and open to South Korean women from the beginning of your intentions. Family is significant in South Korean culture that even her parents get included in her life. Korean parents in Seoul are very protective and possessive for their daughters and may also meddle into their relationships. They ensure that their girls are dating a guy who is suitable for marriage. The approval of the girl's parents is a necessary constituent in Korean Culture.

South Korean girls always want their guy is accepted by both her parents. Most of the Korean girls stay with their family, i.e. parents, until they get married. The children are taught that families are their utmost priority and come over anything and everyone.

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