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Guide for dating in Tianjin helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Chinese women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Chinese girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Tianjin. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Tianjin, China.

Sexy young women having a good time at Stiong Bar, Tianjin

Girls in Tianjin:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5/ 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Tianjin:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Tianjin:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4.5 / 5

More about Tianjin:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$70 - $900
  • Accommodation: US$35 - $700


Dating in Tianjin can be quite an interesting experience, as there is a whole lot of Chinese women who will be appealing and interesting. The women of Tianjin are pretty open-minded, however, they are also shy individuals. You need to make your move skilfully if you ever want to score points with them.

Dating a local of Tianjin can be exciting as they are open to relationships with tourists. If you ask them to show you around, they wouldn't mind being your tour guide. This is the perfect entry point for you to win them over and possibly get laid. Due to their shy and reserved personality, it can be hard to tell if a Tianjin woman likes you. These women might have feelings for you but keep it to themselves, as they do not know how to express their feelings.

Apart from initially not knowing how to express their feelings, these Chinese women know how to have fun when they wish to. You would be surprised at what you get once they are comfortable with you.

Dating Culture

The dating culture in Tianjin is relaxed and free one. You can go all out with your partner without anyone trying to restrict you. Dating is a norm, and being single in this city can be quite intimidating as you are prone to encounter a good number of couples who would make you wish you are in a relationship.

The Tianjin society does not frown on dating. However, they believe that a lady should abstain from sex until she is married. It is common to come across this belief in different societies, but there is no law on it when it comes to Tianjin. Despite the belief, compliance is left to individuals and so far, the level of compliance to this is very minimal compared to the level of non-compliance.

The ladies in this city are friendly, thus, making it a common thing seeing a walk up to ladies in open areas like malls. If you know how to play your game right, you would have an interesting time flirting with the ladies of Tianjin.

Due to how excited and intrigued these ladies are about foreigners, they do not mind getting into casual relationships with tourists as they enjoy the thrill that comes with it. In their way, it is a sort of adventure and they love to explore. There are no rules guiding public display of affection in China, as long as your activities do not disrupt or inconvenience other people and their activities.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

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Webcam Dating

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Generally speaking, the women of Tianjin are lovable women who do not like being stressed or bothered about anything. These women are fun-seeking lovers who prefer going with the flow of life than overthinking or overly strategising about anything. This is what makes it easy for them to relate with a tourist and vice-versa. 

Along with being being fun lovers, these women are very well focused. They know how to have fun, and still hold their education on a high pedestal. One enviable thing about the women in Tianjin is their ability to multi-task. They know how to effectively combine and handle various things and still ensure that they get the right output from all at the end of the day.

These women are not in any hurry to get married as they believe that there is a time for everything, and when the time is right, they would surely get married. 

The Tianjin women do not have English as their first language, and this tends to be an issue for tourists. They understand English in bits; you have to talk slow and clearly when speaking to them.

In terms of appearance, these women are extremely sexy and are like walking goddesses. With their happy bubbly attitude, the combination of their smiles and beauty is something that would get any man excited to get them into bed.

They are not difficult people, and would surely get into you if they are feeling your energy. However, do not be forceful on them as this can make them draw away from you. Go with the tide when it comes to Tianjin women.

Chinese Girls (age 18 - 29)

This category of women in Tianjin is the most interesting to meet as there is never a dull moment with them. A good majority of this age range are students trying to focus on their career and become a force to reckon with. However, this should not bother you as they would give you a listening ear if they think you are interesting enough.

At this age range, these women have bodies that can get anyone attracted to them. Having a Tianjin woman of this age range as your partner can be super cool as you both can go on different adventures in the course of getting to know each other. They are never opposed to fun. The chances of getting one to date you are pretty high as they are extremely open-minded.

One disadvantage of dating from this age group is the fact that they have a lot they get involved in, as they tend to experiment a lot. At this age, they are curious and in their bid to explore life, they get involved in a lot including school and sports. Yes, they are lovers of sports. Balancing all these might prove difficult despite how good they tend to be in multi-tasking as there might be times where you might feel deprived of their attention.

Apart from that, they make good partners. Sex with this age range is also epic as they have so much energy in them to ensure they give you the best time of your life in bed. These women are encompassing and leave you wondering what more you could want.

Chinese Women (age 30 - 45)

The women from this age bracket are most of the times already established. At this age, they are getting more conscious of marriage if they are not already married, which might make it a little more difficult to convince them for casual dating. Despite being of older age, these women still know how to have fun when they wish to.

These women are dedicated lovers and if you get into a relationship with one, you would surely enjoy that relationship. They are compassionate and would go out of their way to ensure that their partner is well pleased. These women are also fashionable as they believe that appearance matters a lot. They believe that you have to be well dressed at all times as you never can determine the situation you would find yourself in. They also know how to dress according to the occasions and find it easy to switch up to look sexy for their men.

At this age, these women tend to be extremely clingy as they do not want to lose their man. It gets tiring at a point when your woman wants to police you around, but this is what tends to happen when you date a Tianjin woman aged 30 -45. With time, their insecurities would subside once they realise that their partner can be fully trusted.

These women are submissive, so nagging is out of the equation when you are dating women of this age range. They might not give in to sex at first, but when they do, it’s going to be mind-blowing. 

Chinese Ladies (age 45+)

It would interest you to realise that women who are above the age of 45 take the meaning of love a notch higher. If you ever decided to date a Tianjin woman in this age group, you would be in for an interesting ride.

Despite being older, these women are sex freaks. All you need is to be a smooth talker, and in no time you would have them at your biddings. At this age, they have nothing holding them back from being free thinkers, they go with their urges. 

They tend to make good partners as they are older, and with age comes a certain type of wisdom. These women are also people who do not mind spending on their men. Rest assured that your bills as a tourist are covered if you get into a relationship with a Tianjin woman in this age range. However, you should not be overly dependent on her as this would give her the wrong sign.

The women are Tianjin are blessed as they are effortlessly beautiful irrespective of their age. They tend to get more beautiful as they get older. This age range of women tend to have a default trust in their partner and would not monitor him. However, if she finds out you went out of line, the outcome might not be a nice one. Yes, these women are also open to casual dating.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

It may prove a bit difficult finding foreign girls in Tianjin as this is not a city which tourists frequently visit. However, once you find them, it would be easy to approach and get along with them since you will be a foreigner too.

Rather than stress, it is best to check for foreign girls on various online dating sites and apps. Online dating sites are quite popular in China, Tianjin inclusive.

These foreign ladies are most likely to register on these sites to meet up with new people, thus, making it your best bet.

You should also put yourselves in their shoes and visit tourist attractions. You are bound to find these women there. A good starting point would be sporting events which are quite popular in the city, or at schools as they might be at Tianjin to further their education.

You can find these foreign girls in pubs, bars, tourist spots and various different locations in the city. There are girls from cities and towns nearby who visit this place for attaining education, hence you might encounter many young hot students in this city as well.

A group of beautiful foreigner women at Wei-Ha Pub, Tianjin


Sex with these girls is going to be one of the most amazing sexual experiences you could have in a foreign country. These ladies have no issue in letting out the inner freak in them to ensure that you both are satisfied. These women crave for sex as much as guys and would ensure that they find a way to satisfy their needs and urges.

Getting a Tianjin girl to have sex with you is easy. Once you both start talking, make way for giving her the idea . They would seem shy but once they realise that you are being serious, you would notice a positive change in them. Sex is not something they are ashamed of engaging in, and they are extremely good in bed

These girls are not in any way conservative about sex as they do not believe in beating around the bush. They believe that you should always go for what you want but not in a creepy manner. When a guy decides to be overly crude while talking to them, it is a major turnoff for them. 

These women are good at sex and are not like those ladies who leave all action for the guy. The Tianjin ladies aim to please and be pleased. It usually seems they have some special skills in bed as men who have been with Tianjin women always have good reviews about them.

Sex Culture

The history of sex culture in Tianjin and the entire Chinese community is best described as a dicey one. Sex was a highly frowned upon topic back in the days, but slowly, it is a prominent one to talk on now. Back then, due to lack of knowledge on sex, many females went into marriages not knowing what to expect concerning sex, and this led to diverse issues.

Now, sex is more talked about, but a typical deep-rooted Chinese person does not support sex before marriage. However, this does not mean it is not happening as the younger generation is paying no heed to this. Thankfully, sex is no longer perceived as a taboo, and people engage in sex as it suits them.

It might not be a topic some people are comfortable with, but this cannot be used to generalize the entire Chinese community any longer. There are no set rules for people who talk about sex or even engage in sex before marriage. Slowly, sex before marriage has evolved to an act that is common in Chinese communities including Tianjin.

There are only a few snide rude remarks that might be made by extremist people, but generally, attention is not paid to these extremists. People have accepted sex as a choice now, and they have realized that there is no need for shaming. Now, you can talk about sex or engage in sexual affairs in Tianjin without any hinderance.

One-Night Stands

Women have needs also and this is one thing society needs to release. The women of Tianjin are part of those who are open-minded about their needs and urges and are down to having a good time with any guy who offers the opportunity to them. Although they would not make the first move, these women do not turn down offers for a good time such as having one-night stands. 

As a male tourist, it is okay to engage a female you meet in discussions about having one-night stands as they would not take offense to it. The highest which would happen is for them to decline your offer if they are not interested. To them, discussions surrounding having one-night stands is a normal regular topic which they can easily laugh about.

Having a one-night stand with a Tianjin lady is a common phenomenon. Many of them realise that they do not have time on their hands to spare for a serious relationship, so they would rather get involved in a one-night stand. They also do one-night stands when they want to take a break away from their regular life.

Although any lady you meet might be interested in having a one-night stand, it is easier to find willing ladies in the clubs and universities. These ladies are usually more bold and daring and can assure you of the good time you would have with them.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Tianjin has a good number of places where you can meet beautiful single girls who would meet your taste. However, there are some specific places which tend to be the main hubs or better still, hang out locations of these ladies. Some the places that you can go to interact with women in the city are the parks, museums, shopping malls and most importantly the pubs and nightclubs.

At these paces, there is a certain type of freedom that these ladies possess which makes interaction with them a lot better. They tend to be their real selves here, and you get to observe them and pick the lady of your choice. These places are also open places that relay a cooling atmosphere; this is a special factor that is needed when going to talk to a lady.

These places are not secret or overly special, they are just specific places. The only difference between these places and other places would be the significant number of ladies you would find.

You might even decide not to walk up to any girl, but as a tourist, there is a special kin of joy that comes with just watching the ladies of that locality and how they interact with themselves. Deny it all you may want, but you would not know when a smile would slip on your face as you watch them.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Bars and Night Clubs: This classifies as some of the best places to meet a single lady as everyone who visits just wants to chill and have fun. It is possible to score a one-night stand from this place as well. At bars and night clubs, you have a variety of ladies to mingle with and make a decision. Here are some of the top bars and nightclubs in Tianjin: 

  • Yijuyong Bar: This is a bar with a cozy environment that adds that needed relaxation spice. It is common to see people in groups at this bar, making it a great spot to get the ladies.
  • Mister Night Club: What do you expect at a night club other than fun and more fun? And you know what to expect where there is fun? Ladies yes! There are going to be a good number of ladies for you to have fun and probably sex with.
  • The Wei-Ha Pub: If you want a place where you that has good beer and food menu to chill while you feed your eyes on amazing ladies, then this is the place for you!
  • 13 Club Music Pub: The ambiance of this pub is inviting with good wine and beer. The music in this place is also one that sets the mood right and makes it the choice place for ladies.
  • Venice Club: This is a top casual hangout spot for the people of Tianjin as they get to have a good time here with variety food choice. No doubt you'll get to meet several beauties out here, waiting for a man to make a move on her.
  • Le-Nest: This bar is an interesting one as you get to see all types of ladies, and making offers would not be hard for you. You'll find several foreign girls and ladies out there in this bar as well.
  • Stiong Bar: The live band they have at this bar is one of its greatest attractions. There is never a dull moment here as people are always trapping in and out. The ladies are usually here in abundance. 
  • Paulaner Brauhaus: This is the perfect place the people of Tianjin go to unwind from the day’s activity. Their special beer, environment, and food are just a bit amongst the numerous things that would leave you hooked on this place. Any local of Tianjin can testify that this is a top hangout spot in the city.
  • Tianjin Jinmaike Haolei Self-help KTV: This is a Karaoke bar usually filled with ladies who come in groups to have the time of their lives. Your special lady is surely in there awaiting you!
  • Old boy Music Bar: Everyone, yes including the ladies love a place that offers good music and beer. Do not miss out on the opportunity to minge at this place!

Shopping Malls

If there is a place where you can find ladies at Tianjin, it is surely at the shopping malls. It should be general knowledge that ladies love shopping, so where best to find them than in their territory? The Tianjin ladies enjoy shopping and you would usually see them smiling whenever they are shopping.

Some of these malls are high-end luxury malls. For such a mall, you already have an idea of the type of ladies you would encounter there. Other malls are general malls with wide array of stores. There are a few specific malls like those which are focused on just electronics or wares. For such a mall, it is best to start a conversation with the ladies by giving an input on the best electronic gadget they should purchase.

There is nothing unachievable with a good conversation. Make sure you have your charming smile on you when you walk up to the ladies. It is time for you to hit up those shopping malls to find that single lady of your dream. To make things easier for you, here are some of the best shopping malls in Tianjin:

  • Binjiang Shopping Center
  • Hisense Plaza
  • Wanda Square
  • Capital Mall Tianjinwan
  • Jinyuanbao Binhai International Shopping Center
  • Tianjin Center Shopping Center
  • Tianyi Shopping Mall Electrical Appliances Emporium
  • Tianjin Duhang Shopping Mall
  • Tianjin Tee Mall
  • Teda Mall


How should you be spending your time as a tourist in the city of Tianjin? This city has a wonderful environment that encourages takes on walks. Its serenity brings a certain peace to you, as it is not as congested as Shanghai which is the country’s capital.

Taking walks is not only healthy but gives you a chance to meet single ladies. The women of Tianjin are people who are lovers of sports and tend to get involved themselves. By taking walks or going for jogging, you are bound to encounter a single lady who is carrying out the same activity as you. This gives room for interaction between you both, and in no time, you are going to have a jogging partner, and the friendship would blossom gradually into one which you desire.

You could also decide to go to the park and appreciate nature. There are surely going to be some single ladies there who you can approach for a conversation or more. The outdoor is a great avenue to meet with single ladies. This way there is peace and quiet when interactions occur, and things tend to flow smoothly.

The worst thing to do as a tourist is to stay copped up indoors. Just by stepping out, you could bump into a single lady, and the stars might decide it is your lucky day. Go out and explore! This is a sure way of meeting single ladies in Tianjin.

Universities and Colleges

It is impossible not to find single girls at an institution of learning, hence, this qualifies universities and colleges as one of the best places to find single women in Tianjin. Luckily, Tianjin is blessed to have a good number of these institutions, and it is left to you to do your exploration.

It would be in your best interest to hangout at places near the campuses rather than go inside the campus; this is to ensure you do not come off as creepy. It is better to interact with the students outside the campus.

Majority of the universities and colleges in Tainjin are co-educational, which makes it easier to find the ladies. Imagine an institution with student count of about 25,000, you are bound to find a lady of your choice in such a place. Below are some of the best universities in Tianjin are:

  • Tianjin University
  • Nankai University
  • Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts
  • Tianjin Conservatory of Music
  • Tianjin University of Sports
  • Hebei University of Technology
  • Tianjin University of Finance and Economics
  • Tianjin University of Science and Technology 
  • Tianjin University of Commerce
  • Tianjin Tianshi College
  • Tianjin Normal University
Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin


The Tianjin woman is not one who is quick to jump into a relationship because she would want to ensure that the man would value her. She would rather not enter a relationship where she would not be valued for who she is.   For women here to enter into a serious relationship mean that they would stay committed and would expect the same form their partners. However, they do not want a boring relationship, and would want to engage in interesting activities with their partners.

At this point, they are comfortable with going to stay a few days at their partners' place. All they wants is happiness and they are bent on ensuring that they get the happiness that they deserve. In cases of girls’ moving in with their partners, this cannot be generalized from ladies of Tianjin as it is all dependent on the individual. These people are very open-minded and highly believe in an individual having the ability to make choices for themselves.

They do not condone cheating and would prefer if you classify the relationship as a casual one so they can know what to expect. However, if you come to them seeking a serious relationship, then you must be ready to stay committed.

Holiday Romance

Like stated earlier in the article, the women of Tianjin are highly enthralled by tourists and are ready to jump into a holiday romance relationship with a tourist. To them, they need a change from their regular local men whom they are used to, and tourists come as this change.

They don't mind entertaining the tourist with all they can including their bodies and having sex with the tourist. These women are extremely proud of their bodies and are not shy to use it in getting what they want. If they crave sex, they are ready to go all out for it.

You would have an amazing time as a tourist in Tianjin as getting a woman and having sex would not be that much of a problem. All you need to do is ready yourself to ensure you match her expectations. 

Tips for Successful Relationship

There are few guidelines you need to follow if you want to have a successful relationship with a lady from Tianjin. These tips are:

  • Be Understanding: You need to understand that these women are people who love being active, hence, they are bound to dabble in different things, but rest assured that you are always in their hearts despite their busy schedules. You must understand that they would share their time between you and other things that interest them such as sports. Do not be a nag as this is quite a turn off for them.
  • Be Innovative: Still in line with their active nature, these women always think up ideas they can carry out with their partners. Do not be a downer and dismiss their ideas. Even if it is not suitable for you, try to find a way and relay that information to her. However, to boost her morale more, you should also be a creative person. As she brings up an idea, you should also come up with ideas, this way, you both would always have fun.
  • Do not be overbearing: The nature of the woman is fragile hence, they need to be treated delicately. Take it step-by-step with the Tianjin woman. Never pressurize her into anything she is not comfortable with, else you would be pushing her away from you.


No matter how hard you try, you are going to get caught up with one in or way or the other during the course of life. As a tourist, if love decides to find you in Tianjin, do not fight it; give it a try. The Tianjin people understand how magical love feels, hence, they respect people who are in love.

The women of Tianjin make good partners are they are ready to be loyal to their partners once they are in love. They are also not women who are overly dependent and would want to play their role in one way or the other to support their matter.

It is not a crime to find love in a foreign land, and surely not a crime to find love in Tianjin. Be like the Chinese people and go with the flow of life. Many beautiful things surrounds the concept of love, and it is an amazing adventure when you are in love with a Tianjin woman

How to Make Sure She Is the One

There are no rules or guidelines to love. When you are in love, it is clear to yourself and all those around you. The signs are usually there in how you generally act when she is around. In a way, you get more protective of her than other females around you. She is always on your mind, and you notice even the most subtle things about her. Once you start feeling this way about a particular lady, then she is the one.

When you start feeling like you need to strive harder and be a better man for her, then she is the one. Again, heed the advice and do not fight this feeling. Love is a beautiful emotion to feel, and you would be grateful you did once you fully accept it and open yourself to her. 


Are you thinking of getting married to your partner in Tianjin? Well, your marriage has to follow the Chinese rules and regulations. The legal age for marriage in the Chinese community is 22 years and above for males and 20 years and above for females.

There has to be consent between both parties including their families before this can be conducted. One major Chinese culture is consulting the Chinese calendar to pick a suitable date. It is believed that there is a certain charm to picking a perfect date that goes with Chinese traditions


The church wedding is usually done where the bride wears a white gown to make her look like a Queen, and the groom wears a back tux. This is done to recognise the family from both ends and to duly register the marriage. After this is done, it is followed by the wedding reception.

The reception is where people come to celebrate with the couple; this is usually done in a hotel or restaurant. While there, the tea ceremony which is a traditional Chinese ceremony is done. The tea ceremony involves the bride and groom kneeling before their parents and exchanging a cup of tea which serves as their way to show gratitude and respect. The parents would now collect the cup from the couple and exchange it with money.

After this is followed by lots of merriment. At the end of everything, the couple has to go from table to table to show appreciation to all their guest.

Family Life

Family life in Tianjin is usually fulfilling as there is no interference from the parents. Once parents from both sides have given their consent and are happy about the wedding, the families have no issue with the couple being together.

The Tianjin community is an enabling environment to raise a perfect family without any regrets. Cheers to a happy life as you do this in Tianjin.

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