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Guide for dating in Shanghai helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Chinese women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Chinese girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Shanghai. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Shanghai, China.

Hot girls of Shanghai partying it up at the Fusion Club

Girls in Shanghai:

  • Looks of girls: 3 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Shanghai:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.5/ 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Shanghai:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4.5 / 5

More about Shanghai:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$20 - $350
  • Accommodation: US$50- $1000


China is one of the most significant country consisting the highest population in the world. Shanghai itself has a population of 23.4 million people and is the most populated city in China. There is a high possibility of finding a girl of your choice in Shanghai.

The local girls of Shanghai are hot, sexy and most of them prefer to maintain a perfect body shape. People from China are always very friendly and welcoming. The girls are open-minded and are smart. The modernity of the place allows you to have any kind of relationship you want. It doesn’t matter you want a one night stand with some great sex or a long-lasting relationship; you can find both types of women out there.

The girls are bold and mostly have an independent lifestyle; they have a good family upbringing and doesn’t hesitate to spend on having fun. Many of these hot girls are out there to have fun. As a tourist, this place is like a heaven in terms of finding and dating girls. There are so many of these beauties in this city that you don't need to compromise; all it takes is to try and come forward. You will get everything you want with little effort and inputs

Dating Culture

Shanghai, also called the pearl of Asia, is one of the most populated and busiest cities in China. Learn the art of finding girls for a relationship, random hookups, and one night stands.

Shanghai has a rich dating culture. The girls are open to relationships. People are even comfortable with making out in public places. If you have good resources in Shanghai, you can get those beautiful girls easily. By resources, we mean money and physical aspects.

The girls of Shanghai don’t have a good reputation when it comes to loyalty. It is hard to find someone who will stick out with you, but you certainly can get some random fun. The hot dresses and the perfect makeup make those girls, who are out there, wholly irresistible

Online Dating

Dating in Shanghai can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Shanghai and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


This city is very modern, advance and ahead of the rest of the world. Women have a significant role in maintaining different sectors of this developed city. They are responsible, hardworking, and most importantly, they know how to use their time wisely.

They are beautiful and attractive. Women in Shanghai are obsessed with maintaining perfect body figures. They have a great dressing sense and an amusing choice of makeup for different occasions. The lifestyle they maintain right from their childhood is of a high standard. You can easily have various options for women in China.

Moreover, when we talk of physical aspects, they are generally fair-skinned with typical Chinese face cut. You can always find some variations. The ideal Chinese hairstyle profoundly influences the hairstyle of women in Shanghai. These girls try to experiment a lot with their outlook. A perfectly straight shoulder with tight breasts and sexy curve on the abdominal portion is a common thing which you will find in these women

Chinese Girls (age 18 - 29)

These girls are ideally suited for dating purposes, especially when it comes to random relationships and one night stands. The girls in this age group are mainly either a student or a new office intern. These girls are all about having fun. They will help you to get around the city, visit bars, and have drinks. They will help you to explore the places which are famous in Shanghai.

They will help you enjoy the rich culture and heritage of China. These girls are easy to bond with and have a great sense of understanding. They are easy to talk to and hangout with. They are open-minded and they are comfortable in openly talking about sex, marriage,etc. The girls at this age are more straightforward.

These girls keep themselves updated with the latest trends of fashion. The girls maintain a proper diet and are health freaks. They always look forward to a healthy lifestyle, and hence the body of these hot girls are alluring and irresistible, and one cannot keep an eye away from them. Looks matter the most to these girls. Cosmetic usage is at its best and sexy clothes makes these hot chicks even hotter.

However, the girls of Shanghai have recently developed a bad reputation of being called a "gold digger." So if by chance you get to meet one of them, then a date with her can cost you a hefty amount. They have a high standard of living; the places that they prefer to visit are among the most expensive ones. The food is of the highest quality, and the clothes are from big brands and companies. The girls from this age group in Shanghai will provide you everything you want.

They can be good friends that can help you enjoy your tour, or they can be the ones who are just there for some good sex. It all depends on your resources; it depends on how you approach and mainly how heavy is your pocket.Tourists are welcomed by these girls and are well entertained. Show them your best attributes, and then Shanghai will become a place where you won't be roaming lonely for a long time.

YHot young girls at a costume party

Chinese Women (age 30 - 45)

The previous group of girls differs from this one mainly on the level of maturity. These women are more mature and are mostly working. These women have a lot of experience in their lives and are usually very busy with their work. On a weekday, you may easily spot thousands of such women on the streets of Shanghai. The girls who belong to this age group are more in serious relationships.

These girls are perfectly matured, both physically and mentally. They are durable and are well independent. They have the perfect body of a grown-up woman; however, sometimes, due to the busy schedule and their active working life, they don't have the ideal figure. It is ultimately your choice when it comes to selecting a perfect one for yourself. The women in this age group can be different from the ones who are more into one-night stands, as these women of age 30-45 are more into serious relationships. As in Asian culture you would find that girls are encouraged to marry and settle down in their early ages itself.

Physically the body is comparatively loosened up, but they are the ones who have the experience. They know how to satisfy and when to satisfy, which lacks in the previous group. The girls in these groups are also gorgeous and attractive. The word sexy defines these girls. They are different from approaching are not in search of money for such worldly things. They look for the right partner and the biggest weapon that you have to prove this is your way of thinking and expressing.

The girls have the art of listening, so those who are in search of a mate or a partner to share things, they are a perfect choice. They are hot and sexy, and they, too, have a great sense of latest fashion and trends. Since they are mostly occupied in the working days, the best time to approach them is during the weekend. Places such as night clubs, bars, and sometimes even restaurants and malls are the spots where you can catch them up

Chinese Ladies (age 45+)

The two major groups falling under this category of women are either the one who are married but are not satisfied with their marriage or somehow has no partner( can be a widow or divorced girl). These ladies are the most caring and loving ones. They can understand you the best as they have huge- huge experience. Physically these girls might not be the best, and you might find it difficult to approach them with a modern culture like one nightstand.

People of China are not conservative in thoughts. These women, though, might have some history behind them, but they are never afraid to establish a new relationship in public. They may be a little uncomfortable when it comes to expressing love outdoors, but otherwise, they are just great. "Appearances are deceptive,” Shakespeare believed in such thought, and if you have a similar ideology, then these women can be your catch.

The advantage of having a date in such an age group is not just limited to excellent maturity. These women have the best knowledge of the culture of China. You can enjoy the city to its fullest when you have such an amazing company.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

China is a hub of education and gives wonderful job opportunities. There are thousands of girls who visit china every year with purposes such as new job aspects and higher education. You can get lots of girls from countries such as India and Pakistan. Hence these girls allow you to taste the flavors of their countries in Shanghai. Foreign girls are easier to catch up because they might have the same taste and feel as you have while visiting an unknown country.

Shanghai is the richest city of China, and hence you can easily expect to see hot and sexy chicks wandering out there. They are there for fun. You can have a perfect company with such girls if you are ready to spend according to their needs. On the other hand lot of these ladies might be tourists, the same as you are. Shanghai is the busiest city in China and represents a lot of cultural heritage of the country.

It hosts many big events, concerts and live shows which attract a lot of tourists. You might cross your path with the girl out there who is in Shanghai for a tour searching with the same interest as that of yours. So visit places like famous festivals held in Shanghai to meet such girls. You never know, you always can get lucky.

Hot foreign girls at the M1NT club's 2020 party


You are in the world's most populated country; hence one should be sure about sex in Shanghai. People are very open about topics related to physical contact and sex. They consider things such as one night stands as normal and understand the concept well. You might have some problems with aged people, but youngsters are very much open to sex.

Sex Culture

China is a country of old traditions and culture and even some of the youngsters are highly influenced by the old cultures. People in China consider sex to be one of the necessities of the body but is not welcomed by many of them when it comes to having fun.

Sex culture is very good and appreciable as people don’t consider it as a taboo. Concepts of random hookups are more prevalent in the young generations. They are modern with their thoughts, and so sex is not something they hide. The girls are seductive, the best looking, and are magnets that attract you towards the bed with them.

One-Night Stands

The concept is not new to China. However, many of the old generations don't prefer such a practice. They consider sex with multiple partners as a bad practice. On the other side the young girls are very much open to one night stands. You can easily catch up a girl in places such as clubs and bars and take her to your bed for one night. Sex is a lot amazing and worth it. The girls of Shanghai though, like to practice smooth and safe sex; hence you need to have some restrictions.

China is a place for fun. The nightlife is more than what you expect. Hard-partying, lots of drinks, and unlimited fun make the place alive. All the girls need a perfect admirer of their bodies. Be one worthy candidate, and you will be with her on her bed the next morning.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Shanghai has a rich and modern lifestyle; especially the nightlife is absolutely amazing. The girls in Shanghai are highly occupied and busy during their working hours. The best chances for you to grab an opportunity are in places where they are for fun. Shanghai has numerous nightclubs and pubs. On the weekend, you can easily spot hundreds of hot girls on the roads of Shanghai and in such clubs and pubs.

They look so much appealing that one can’t resist getting attracted. Even places such as festivals and live shows are great to catch girls up there. Shanghai hosts lots of new festivals and concerts with international stars, which attracts a lot of local as well as foreign girls.

Even you can have a good chance of grabbing a date near educational institutions. Many of the girls from around the world come to Shanghai for studies. You have to do some homework and spot the places where you can meet the girls near the campus, places where these girls hang out with their friends. You even can have chances of meeting some hot and sexy girls in shopping malls. Malls these days have different facilities and are a frequent choice for people to have fun. You can get lucky and meet your soul mate in such malls.

These days restaurants and cafes are also some of the places where people hang out. You can grab a seat next to a sexy woman and try your luck of having a sexy date by your side. Also, you can have the chance to meet girls at 5-star hotels or parties and different functions. If I summarize it, you have a chance of meeting your soul mate from the time you leave your hotel room. All it takes is your effort to keep searching and trying.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The city of Shanghai is home to the best and amazing nightclubs, bars, and pubs in the world. The mood all over these places is that of fun and enjoyment. People enjoy partying and drinking all night at such places. A lot of local girls approach these types of places for random hookups and even in search of their soul mate, in search of a perfect date. They especially remain in search of tourists who admire their beauty and are ready to explore with them.

They like to exchange cultures and thoughts; hence many of them consider tourists to be the best for a holiday romance. If you have everything that they need like money and looks, it won't take you long to meet sexy chicks out there. It is all about having an experience with the top hotties of the city, so go forward and hit the chicks with your style. Here are some of these amazing places where you can have a chance to meet your date.

  • TOPS at the Banyan Tree - Shanghai has the best nightclubs and bars in the world. TOPS is a rooftop club with an amazing bar on the 13th floor of The Banyan Tree hotel. It has the most amazing view of the city and the glorifying Huangpu River. At night the 180-degree wide view makes you see the beauty of the city. The dress code is casual-smart, and the place has several hot girls in the city every day enjoying their drinks up here. You can easily find a single girl with an unoccupied seat beside her, waiting for you to fill that up. The girls out there enjoy having a company and hence are very welcoming.
  • M1NT - It is the most high-rated club in Shanghai. The club is on the topmost floor of the Nanjing Road East skyscraper. The club is a highly reputed one and has a bar set up inside. You can enjoy some of the best drinks and cocktails. The place is often very crowded hence it will be better if you pre-book a table in advance. The place is very strict when it comes to dressing. You have to look smart and sexy for having an entry on this club It is very costly to be at this place, but it has made itself worthy of being so. If you are going to approach a girl in this club is sure you are not restricted to spending.The sexiest and hottest girls in the city are present in the club but they need someone to match their standards to catch up with someone. The dressing and makeup on these girls who are visiting the M1NT club make them look so appealing that you just can't keep an eye away. Moreover, the place hosts many big event nights and is famous for its EDM music choice.
  • Elevator - It’s different from the other club in Shanghai as they are not all about looks. The club has no dress code, so you are free to wear anything that comforts you. The club is famous for the amazing music, and the DJ is the main attraction of the club. The club provides chances to some of the most wonderful and big DJs to perform. The music played is both local and international-based, and hence the club has attracted many youngsters who don't have a lot to spend and are looking for having a fun night with friends. The girls that you will be meeting here are mainly students or the ones who are working hard for their living. Such girls are an easy catch, and hence you don't need to spend a lot on them. The place has a beautiful indoor decoration, and the theme makes you love the place. It is a wonderful place to hang out and catch some average girls in Shanghai.
  • ALL Club - ALL is a place where you can enjoy the nightlife of Shanghai at its fullest. You don’t need a special occasion, or you don't have to plan a night out with friends to visit the place. It is simple, with an elegant interior serving affordable and good cocktails. The music is techno and bass. You can visit this place throughout the weekend, and you will find the place filled up with exotic girls. The girls here at ALL are basically for some random fun; hence it easy to catch up with girls who are interested in one night stands. Moreover, the place still looks a little back of the time; they still have low sofas and tall chairs near the bar counter. But all over it is a very nice place to pick girls.
  • DaDa - It has the title to be called the smallest night club in Shanghai. The club has a deep red light all over the place and offers some of the most affordable drinks in the city. Youngsters love to visit this place as it is very affordable and it has got a worthy environment. The music is mainly played by the local DJs and ranges with a mixture of all different Chinese music and international hits. EDM is one of the most preferred music types in the club. The club is very small but still has a cute space for dancing on the beats. Now coming to the girls, most of them are teens and young hotties. The girls out in this club are easy to approach and communicate with. The club is famous among the tourists, and so you can easily catch up with sexy foreign girls in the club.
  • Le Baron-The club is the coolest place to hang out. It is very famous and indeed a big franchisee as it has got its branches in different places such as New York and London. The club has a beautiful and sweet interior with dim lighting and diamond shape patterned walls. The club has no such rules or entry fees, but the reservation list counts thousands. The girls visiting the club are not limited to a particular type. You will find different girls with different mindset and way of living. Even you can easily notice the change in dressing sense in the girls around here. The music is moreover the mix of old-school disco, typical classics, and hip hop type. If you are looking for a cool place in Shanghai, this is a perfect choice. Many different parties and events are hosted in the club. The club is highly affordable and provides the best at cheap rates.
  • Speak Low-It is a classic Japanese themed bar. The bar is divided into four different sections, each on different floors. The lowest floor is the least expensive and hence is the most crowded. Speak low has different ranges of cocktail, which you will get on different floors depending upon how much you want to spend. Speaking of the interiors, it has the most soothing music flowing in the air with beautiful lighting and elegant looking walls. It has a complete setup for proper bar service. You can meet girls, and the place makes it easy for you to select according to your standard. The girl who you will be approaching in this bar will be at the same level as that of yours because the bar has already separated people based on their living standards. Hence it makes the work easy and fast.
  • Logan's Punch-It is famous for its beautiful pendant shape bulbs; the classical vintage looks with old telephones and unique unfinished brick walls in the interiors. The bar is owned by the former manager of the bar sections at M1NT. It is a perfect place to meet new people and hang out with friends. It is a place away from the main city so very good to hangout away from the crowd. It is not the fanciest and trendy bar, but it is a great place to date people. The girls here are only to have amazing drinks and cocktails. They party hard with the drinks, and you might get a good chance of having them in your bed after the party. Lastly, the special cocktails of the place are very impressive and unique.
  • Fusion nightclub -T he Sino Group of Shanghai runs it. The club has big flashy lights, a perfect dance floor, and a wonderful partying atmosphere. It has a positive vibe flowing throughout and has great sound effects. EDM is their specialty. The place is an easy catch for girls and is perfect for having a date
  • RIINK - The looks of the interior make the place very eye-catching. It is a bar with some of the most strange and unique color combinations eve with the lights. You can visit it at any time and will find the place crowded. It's easy to find a company up there and have a perfect date in this place. The food here is also excellent and gives a great touch to the excellent cocktails and drinks which the bar exclusively makes.
A party at the M1NT Club

Shopping Malls

The shopping malls in Shanghai are huge. They are designed in beautiful shapes and different sizes. They have all the modern facilities and are enormous. The malls are so well designed and managed that it makes you fall in love with them. You just cannot resist visiting these places.

They are one of the favorite places for girls to shop and explore new and fashionable stuff. The malls in Shanghai are so big and have so many different things in there that it gives you a lot of opportunities to meet the girl you are searching for.

They have the most significant and big brand outlets which helps you buy clothes for them according to what they prefer. You even can easily find a food outlet or a bar just to grab something to eat and have few drinks. Further, these malls nowadays have entertainment zones too where you can easily hang out and play games such as bowling. The malls often these days have a multi-screen theatre and different shows in which you and your partner can enjoy the latest movies and the trendy shows.

What better can you expect than to have a bucket of popcorn, a can of cold drink and a wonderful girl as your date beside you in a theater on your trip? To end with these malls have got desert outlets where you can grab ice cream for her; hence it makes the mood sweeter. They are the places where you can easily pick up a date if you are not limited to spending.

You can try the drinks and the cocktails of China and enjoy the culture. The shopping complexes are well connected with roads and different means of transport. They do have good parking space and are all in one-stop for fun and entertainment. Girls like to hang out and shop a lot at these places so that you might visit the mall alone, but you can get back to your hotel with a company. You can check these malls in Shanghai. They are all majestic and have thousands of people visiting them daily.

  • South Bund Soft Spinning Material Market
  • Shanghai International Glasses Mall
  • Shanghai IFC Mall
  • Yuyuan Bazar
  • Kerry Parkside Mall
  • Iapm Shopping Mall
  • Henderson celebrity Shopping Center
  • Shanghai Shangcheng
Yuyuan Bazar


Now outdoors in Shanghai mean a lot. The place is so crowded and busy that you can even get a date on the street. On a busy day, the street is crowded with students, office workers, and many more. For approaching a woman, you can visit places such as markets. Shanghai has a lot of open markets that provide a lot of daily use stuff such as vegetables and meat.

The best part of meeting the girls out here is that you will be able to see the girl with her natural beauty.There can be other sites such as amusement parks. The Happy Valley of Shanghai is a famous and a huge amusement park. Sexy girls can often be found enjoying one or the other ride. There are other parks such as public parks (the most famous place for couples), you even have a chance to meet the perfect one in Zoological and botanical parks.

Shanghai has a lot of fancy restaurants and cafés so you can have a shot there as well, but to be specific, there is comparatively a very less chance of finding a date especially for a tourist in such places. It would be a lot better if you try places such as night clubs, pubs, and bars.

Happy Valley in Shanghai

Universities and Colleges

A lot of hot and young girls from Shanghai could be spotted in the universities and colleges. China is one of the most advance countries when it comes to education. The place is good with studies, offers thousands of different courses, and receives many international students for higher studies. There are a lot of universities and colleges both in the private and government sectors, and you are mostly going to see a lot of young girls in such places. These girls wearing cute yet revealing outfits look very sexy. They are very open and are easily attracted to fun nights and one night stands.

You can hang around colleges and universities and have a glance at these girls, but most probably, you won't get access to the campus since you are a visitor and not even a local so try to be aware of the rules and regulations of China for gaining entry in a college campus. Try to make things smooth, make them believe you are not a bad guy with wrong intentions, and don't get into trouble regarding local people as they are very strict regarding their rules.

Get some idea of where these girls go out for chilling and having fun. You can find some of the sexiest young girls in these colleges hence try to hang around these places and go inside as much as they allow and try to interact with them and hence grab a girl you want.

You have to do a little research on where these girls visit and what are their frequent hang out places such as for lunch or for grabbing a random drink with friends. You can make a move to such places. Some of the best universities and colleges o Shanghai where you have a chance of grabbing a hottie are-

  • Fudan University
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Tongji University
  • East China Normal University
  • East China University of Science and Technology
  • Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE)
  • Shanghai Maritime University
Gate of Fudan University Jiangwan Campus


The city of Shanghai is so diverse and big that you will find different kinds and types of girls out there. The girls can be from varying age groups, as mentioned in the article, amazing figures and sexy curves, complexion, height, and even of the different maturity. Some of them may be a lot more orthodox and are more into the old traditions of China so they can be hesitant in even talking in public places with a stranger. On the other hand, some of them are so modern and open that they will make out with you whenever they feel like it and it doesn't depend on where they are and with whom they are with while you have a third category in which the girls are moderate and are in between these two extreme categories.

As a tourist, you must have set up some basic rules in your mind of how you will be proceeding with your relationship with a local girl in China. In most cases, since the tourist has a limited time, it is short-termed fun, basically more like a holiday romance. You date her, explore places and witness the rich culture of China with her, have some fantastic Chinese food and drinks, and at night have amazing sex. It is the typical relationship that a tourist wants, but you never know, things can change in some cases. Sometimes it turns into a serious and long-lasting relationship and the soul mate of your life. The choice is entirely yours. But still, we will suggest thinking before getting into something serious as things can get complicated.

Holiday Romance

Holiday romance is the exact thing what most of the tourists want while they are on a trip. It is a new culture in which you meet a random girl and have fun without getting into a serious relationship. The main concept of holiday romance is pairing up for having fun, exploring places, eating, drinking, and having some good sex. In such a practice, you are not allowed to develop serious feelings for the other partner. The whole concept is for chilling for a few months, and after time gets over, they split away as they had never met.

China is quite familiar with the concept; hence you can easily develop such relationships in Shanghai. A lot of sexy girls, especially the ones who themselves are not permanent residents of China or who are on a trip as you are welcome this type of relationship.The idea is very great and pleasing. It is a mixture of a long term relationship and random hookups.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Tourists who are traveling to Shanghai need to be a lot clearer about their relationship goals. There are specific rules in any relationship in China, which are not something that is written in books, but one must have these in the mind while having a date by his side. The locals sometimes are very conservative and protective regarding relationships, so you need to be modest and calm in making any moves.

The first thing to keep in mind is to be calm and control your excitement while you are expressing your love to any girl in China. They prefer to be in limits and slowly grow the relationship. Too much anxiousness may make your lady uncomfortable, and that might lead to awkward situations for her, which don't have a good effect on relationships. Secondly, you should keep the safety of your girl as your priority. If any girl is allowing herself to be physical with you; then make sure that you don't allow yourself to outrange her modesty.

Try to lessen the cultural difference between you and your date. Make yourself familiar with the traditions and the beautiful culture of China. Try seeing Chinese movies and shows, try learning their language, and listening to their local music. Make yourself familiar with China and its heritage.

The city of Shanghai is the main thing which connects you and the girl. Use the city to make her feel that you respect her culture. You can take her to some famous places in Shanghai and probably she would love it. Make use of the time, and enjoy your date. You are a tourist, so don't forget to enjoy exploring the place.

Get your date to some of the most romantic and interesting places; arrange dates in a movie theater, with a bucket of popcorn and cold drinks with two straws in it. Make things as romantic as possible.


The city of Shanghai is one of the busiest among those of China. Finding love is a tough job in a place like this. Everyone is busy in making their lives better. But love is something that can happen to anyone anywhere so that it can be the case with you in China. It might happen you find the right person, your soul mate in Shanghai.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

If you, my friend, can’t keep your eye away from her, the moment you part from her makes you start missing her. The moment you feel that she is the perfect girl you were looking for all your life, then you should realize that she is the one. It’s your feelings which will tell you if she is the one you want in your bed for all your life, that she is the one with whom you will have a family.


China is a place where people have the richest traditions, followed by ages. Once the families agree with the marriage decision, and you get aware of the laws of marriage in China, you can marry a girl out there. Most of the marriages which happen in Shanghai are one involving a relationship and courtship period before marriage. Once you have all the permissions and legal clearance, you can marry a girl in China according to their traditions.


It might seem that you have made a big decision about marriage and that also when you are a tourist. It is the most important step to prove your love. The Chinese have a special wedding culture. There are thousands of rich and amazing rituals. The bride wears a red dress called qipao on her wedding day; there are ceremonies even before the wedding day.

The tea ceremony is one such tradition. Friends, families, and relatives are invited by a typical wedding card. The dress these days have even become white, but typically it's red. Red symbolizes happiness and prosperity in China.

Family Life

You can settle and start your family in Shanghai easily. People of china are very welcoming and will always help you in settling down. Soon you can have a job in the big city. Family and friends are important for good family life in Shanghai. You can plan a baby whenever you think it is the right time. Life drastically changes when you are married and have a family.

It will take time, but soon you will feel settled in Shanghai. And when you have a love of your life beside you, you can live anywhere.

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