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Guide for dating in Tehran helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Persian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Iranian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Tehran. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Tehran, Iran.

A group of women at Atish Dizi Bar, Tehran

Girls in Tehran:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Tehran:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Tehran:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Tehran:

  • Nightlife in general: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$80 - $120
  • Accommodation: US$250 - $500


Tehran is the capital city of Iran, and this city has a good number of lovely tourist attractions, including museums, parks, and much more. Iran is an Islamic country and by extension, so is its capital- Tehran. As a tourist, there are a lot of things which will hold your interest while visiting a new city, and the women of the city will surely be amongst your interest. Now, you must be having thoughts about the women in Tehran and how dating goes in this city.

Dating in Tehran is a very tedious activity that many tourists are advised not to engage in. This is because the Islamic rules do not support dating, and the repercussion can be disheartening. This is not to discourage you from seeking interest in an Iranian woman, but you need to be well prepared. The women in this city are beautiful and gorgeous, and it will be impossible not to have yourself wanting them. As earlier stated, dating is not allowed in this city, and if you do find a girl who agrees to date, it would have to be done in extreme secrecy.

With lovely smiles and pretty faces, the women in this city are quite amicable when it comes to interacting. Women here are a little shy and often avoid interacting with strangers, especially men. These women are not gold-diggers, but it will be hard to get them agreeing to a date due to the fears that centers on the law of the city. When dating any of these women, it will not be expensive as they are people who get excited even at the littlest things.

Dating Culture

The dating culture in Tehran is practically non-existent, and it is a wonder how the locals of the city can cope. It may just be that they are used to it, or maybe because the majority of them are in accordance with the religion, so it a norm to them.

In this city, it is a criminal offense to be seen holding hands with the opposite sex. In fact, there should be no form of body contact with opposite sexes. There are even situations where you might be stopped and interrogated when you are seen walking with the opposite sex. The moral police officers in this city and in Iran as a whole do not play around when it comes to enforcing their job duties. With this, it can be agreed that dating is not a typical culture in this city. It is label dating as a taboo.

In this city, individuals usually have strong family affiliations and it is common for families to make decisions for their children. Some families can allow you to date their daughters. However, there must be no form of public display of affection. Also, there are other families that do not allow dating of their women at all.

According to the culture in Iran, you must be ready to get married to a woman if you want to be with her. So, even for families that allow dating, they only allow this once they are sure of you marrying the woman. This culture of theirs cancels out the idea of casual dating as frolicking is not supported in any way.

Approaching the ladies at public places is not prohibited, but you need to be extremely cautious, so it does not come off as suspicious to the moral police. When you approach the women, keep the conversation straight and simple so you will not bring attention to yourself. You will discover that these women are easy-going to converse.

Online Dating

Dating in Tehran can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Tehran and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Although they are not allowed to expose parts of their bodies, the women in this city are proof that beauty is natural and not dependent on fashion. The laws of the city entail that all women need to be appropriately covered. These women are still extraordinarily enthralling and would leave any man captivated.

The majority of the women in this city are people who wish to socialise as freely as they can. Unfortunately, they are bound by the laws of the city, and they have to comply or else risk punishment, which could even lead to execution if they are repeat offenders.

Yes, Tehran is a strict and severe city, and you need to be well-disciplined and coded if you wish to visit this country as a tourist. These women are trained for marriage from an early age, so they are an embodiment of beauty and brains. Although coming off as free birds, you will be in awe when you converse with any of them as their intelligence will leave you stunned.

These women also come off as meek but they have an air of fierceness to them. They can be all sweet and charming, but they will never let anyone intimidate them. They are not scared to voice out their opinions and stand for what is right.

In terms of education, these women are also well placed as the country places importance on education for all. Families in this country want the best for their children in terms of education, so it is common to see young people struggling to be accepted to schools. In Iran, medicine and engineering are viewed as the top courses, and parents usually force their children into any of these courses, whether it is their interest or not. So, expect to find decently educated women in this city.

Persian Girls (age 18 - 29)

What do you think when you imagine the young women of this city? If you are imaging beautiful and energetic women, you are right! Women from this age bracket are always out to get themselves involved in something.

It cannot be said that they are into fashion, but they always ensure to dress well. One significant characteristic of these women is their curiosity, which can be good and bad at the same time. Their curious mind is always eager to try out new things. Positively, this brings them new knowledge. Negatively, they could get into trouble with this curiosity.

Despite dating not being allowed in this country, women in this age range tend to sneak around with men they like. According to the culture of the city, the virginity of a woman is the best gift she can give to her husband.

Due to fear, these women ensure not to lose their virginity, but that does not mean they do not engage in other sexual activities. It is common to find girls in the Tehran who engage in anal sex so they do not lose their virginity. This is caused by the strict rules and the fact that they are not allowed to be their real selves. They have mastered the art of pretending and know how they get away and around different situations.

Alcohol is not permitted in this city, thus, eliminating the idea of clubs even though there are still some underground activities that go on. The women of this age range are the ones you are bound to find in such places. To them, they want to explore and satisfy their curiosity before they get tied down for marriage. If you hookup with any of them, you will be continuously amazed by the new things they engage in.

Iranian Women (age 30 - 45)

This slightly older age bracket of women in Tehran are not much different from the younger women in terms of their beautiful and welcoming hearts. These women have a sound mind of which you will be appreciative once you get a chance to have a conversation with them.

At this age, they are open to the idea of marriage as it will be seen that they are getting old, but they are less reckless than the younger ones. Due to shame and embarrassment, they tend to be extra cautious as they do not want to break the societal rules. It might come off as shocking, but online dating platforms are making waves in Tehran. It is on these platforms that you can easily find these women and probably enter into a secret and low-key affair with them.

In their unique way, they are still energetic and happy people. When it comes to happiness, it is something you naturally cannot take away from the Iranian woman. These women are open to sex and casual dating as long as you both play it safe and under the radar as they will not like to be embarrassed. At this age, they have started settling down to do great things for themselves. They might not necessarily have all the time in the world, but if you get into a relationship with a woman from this age bracket, she would be ready to sacrifice her time to ensure that you are comfortable.

An attractive and noticeable character trait about these women is that they are very humble. No matter what they might have achieved in life, they still accord respect to every human. It will be fantastic getting involved with a woman from this age group while in Tehran, though you need to watch out for the moral police officers!

Mature women at Fire Club, Tehran

Persian Ladies (age 45+)

For a city where the women get married at a younger age, it might be challenging to find a woman of this age who is still single. Two scenarios might be the situation if you find such a single woman. For starters, it may be that she never got married and just decided to stay single. Also, it could be that she got married but is divorced. Both scenarios are rare case scenarios in the city of Tehran, but those are the options.

It will be expected that all elements of youthful exorbitance have been drained from these women due to their age. While you will not see them going overboard as some of the young women may do, you will be in for a surprise to discover that they are still energetic people at that age.

Their beauty remains outstanding, and their cheerful smiles never fade away. Of course, they are still attractive to any man, but it will be harder to get through to these women. Being older, they have had encounters which make them extra cautious when it comes to men.

At this age, they prefer taking life at a slow pace and getting involved in activities that make them happy. They are still welcoming to men, including men who are tourists, but they might not fancy the idea of dating. Being that they are older, they also view themselves as counselors and will not like to get involved in something which they should be warning the younger ones against.

It is usually a dicey situation when it comes to these women and you can not be assured of getting them to agree to a date if you approach any of them. However, if you get into a relationship with any of the women in this age range, you are assured to have your peace of mind.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

You might already be considering the idea of getting involved with a foreigner woman while in Tehran to avoid certain restrictions. If this thought is in your mind, then it is laughable as the rules of the city apply to everyone, both locals and foreigners.

In Iran, it is expected that all women must be covered up, including the foreigner women. If you are not married to a foreign woman, you are also not expected to have any body contact with her. So, the difficulty you are going to encounter will a Tehran woman is the same difficulty you will encounter with a foreign woman.

The foreign women will be more open to dating since they do not share the same religious affinitions with the city, but you also need to play it safe and be under the radar. When dating in Tehran, you should not start announcing as that could land you into trouble with the authorities. For the foreign woman, it might be difficult for her to do an under the radar dating as she might want to be touchy. But, it is something that you both will need to get accustomed.

When you must have made friends with the locals of the city and know your way around, you could go to those ‘illegal’ functions with your partner as she will be more open to exploring than a local woman of the city.

Sometimes, it may not be easy to identify a foreign woman, which is why you should not overlook online dating platforms while you are in the city. From there, you get to connect with these women and see how thing goes. Tehran might be a strict city, but you can still catch your fun.


Sex outside marriage is a dangerous thing in Tehran as it is strictly prohibited. Getting to experience casual sex with the females in the city will be challenging as the fear of the authorities is top of mind on everybody. If you wish to have sex with a woman in the city, it is said that you should make plans to marry her so your thoughts can become a reality. However, does this really stop those who want to engage in sex?

On the surface of it all, these women would seem to be extremely conservative but when you get to know them well you realise that they are actually pretty chill and when it comes to sex they are people who are waiting for the perfect opportunity to have some fun and engage in activities that are otherwise frowned upon. For those who sneak around to have sex, they do this with a lot of excitement as it is something that they enjoy.

Due to the imposing of societal laws, these women cannot carry out sexual actions as they wish. So when they finally get the opportunity, it will be like they are in another world which they are not ready to let go. Yes, the Tehran women are open to trying out new things during sex, but this is dependent on if the opportunity to have sex is present (which only happens on the rarest occasions). Underneath the sweet and innocent look are women who wish to explore all that sex entails.

Because of the rules and regulations in the city, it will not be easy to get them into your bed. However, if the scenario was different without any law hanging on anyone’s head, you will see that the women from Tehran are quite easy to get into your bed. They do not need much convincing once you can put a smile on their face. Sweet talk works with these women. They make good sexual partners at the end of the day because they are willing to learn new things to satisfy their partner.

Sex Culture

Sex is perceived as a sin amongst the masses of Tehran, and offenders are subjected to severe punishment. Getting involved in a sexual act before marriage is a sin according to the religious culture that binds the country of Iran. The laws against sex are extremely strict, so you are advised not to get yourself into any complicated situation as a tourist in this city.

Sex as a topic is seen as a taboo, and it is almost impossible to find the locals in this city conversing on sex. It is serious to the extent that the children are not given sex education, which leaves them in ignorance. This sort of ignorance is not accepted in many societies, and in Tehran, it is believed that it is best to keep them in the dark as what they do not know cannot harm them.This has affected many of them, especially the females in their marriage, as they go in not knowing what to expect sex-wise, and this results in some complicated issues.

The laws against sex in this city is very effective that it is impossible to see people who sleep around with pride. Girls who sleep around ensure to do it in secrecy so that no one would have any knowledge. They do this because they know that they will be slut-shamed, and could get further punishments, so it is best for them to avoid such demeaning situations.

You cannot openly talk about sex while you are in this city. If you do this, the response you will get from the locals will be enough to ensure your composure. It will be wrong to get into issues in a foreign country because of sex. Ensure to be wise in all your activities while you are in Tehran.

One-Night Stands

Having a one-night stand in Tehran is almost an impossible task due to the laws guiding the city, leaving a very rare chance to be successful at it. After all, when there is a will, there is a way. What is needed is for you to be smart about everything, and you will probably find a way around the rules.

One thing you should know is that you cannot openly pick up girls for one-night stands in this city. In some other cities, it is common to see prostitutes for a one-night stand, but this is not a norm in Tehran.

In Tehran, to secure a one-night stand, you have to propose the offer to a lady who you have observed and seems like someone who would not be offended by your approach. For such an offer, you can run it with the women aged 18 -29 years, as their curious minds will be willing to accept and indulge in a sexual affair with you. After her acceptance, you both will then plan on how to meet up without raising the suspicion of any local. You need to be very conscious of all your activities as any wrong step could get you into serious trouble.

Also, online dating platforms are available, and you should not forget to utilise them while you are in Tehran. There are so many platforms as people are willing to hookup, but the fear of the law keeps them bound.

On these online dating platforms, you get to have sexual conversations without any fear. This is why a good number of the locals can be found on the platforms. Through the platforms, getting a one-night stand becomes easier. There is an absolute thrill to the sneaking around in this city.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

With all the strict rules of the city in place, you must be wondering the places where you can conveniently meet single girls in Tehran. Yes, there are certain places where you will get access to a good number of single girls, but be reminded that the laws of the city prevail in all locations. Some of these places include parks, shopping malls, cafes etc.

At these places, it is against the rules to hold hands with a female or have any form of body contact as long as you both are not married. However, it will not come off as strange when people see you conversing with females at these locations.

This is because these places are open arenas that are free to all, thus, considered as neutral ground. It is also believed that with the awareness of the laws, you will not misbehave in such an open arena where people can snitch on you.

At the places that are going to be highlighted, you can mix up with both males and females. This is the most amazing part as you can hang out in a group while trying to set hookup plans with any of the women. This way, there is absolutely no suspicion.

You will also notice that the women relate more freely here. On a normal day, these women have an open personality. However, there is an extra bit of excitement in them at these places, which keeps the conversation going smoothly. They will want to engage you in different things to ensure that you have a swell time while you are in the city.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

It will interest you to know that there are no nightclubs in Tehran as it goes against the rules and regulations guiding the city. Alcohol? Body contact with the opposite gender? Of course, these are not allowed, so there won’t be any compromise for nightclubs.

However, there are bars in this city which make the nightlife interesting. These bars serve amazing non-alcoholic drinks and sometimes offer live music. Does this sound interesting to you?

It is normal to be in doubt, but you can never tell until you experience it for yourself. Also, by visiting these bars, you are sure of mingling with some of the single ladies in the city. Some of the best bars to visit while in Tehran are:

  • Café Pars: At this place, you are offered amazing food and drinks in an elegant setting that is very enthralling. You might not want to leave this place after you visit it. It is also a place where the locals gather, as the food and drinks are highly recommendable and of top-notch quality. The ladies are at your reach.
  • Mojo Lounge: For all types of Iran special meals, you are sure to find them at the Mojo Lounge. This place gives off a friendly and relaxing vibe, which leaves people in a happy mood whenever they are there. Its drinks are also made with expert care to ensure that they are nothing but the best.
  • Sina Kish Business Class Lounge: The name of this place should not drive you away, as it is not for only high-end citizens. This place is called a business class because of the varieties that it offers. For your drinks and confectioners at a comfortable location where you can access the ladies, you know where to visit during your stay.
  • Keegan's Grill: You will see a good number of locals at the grill as it makes a good hangout spot. The food and drinks are soothing and keep people hooked on this place. Nothing better than spicy meals when trying to access and pick a lady of or choice is there?
  • Atish Dizi Bar: Well, if you are a smoker, then this is one of the best places where you should visit and have a nice time. Amidst its amazing dish, this place also offers shisha and hookahs. You know that the ladies will be at such a place as everyone wants to have a nice time.
  • Ikia Business Lounge: This lounge surely had the comfort of its customer in mind during the design. It has a cozy environment with arities of food and ice creams. For a relaxing time, this place is one of the best places to be.
  • Fire Club: Though not a nightclub, the fire club offers amazing live music in combination with its specular explain decoration, which will leave you in awe. The dishes are also nice, and the ladies tend to be here in surplus. This place is soothing to the mind.
  • Monsoon Lounge: This is a restaurant that offers delicious and high-quality meals. Of course, you will see the locals in groups here as hanging out in such a place can be interesting. Socialize with them, and you will be able to access the single ladies.
  • Bam Center: This bar provides you with dinks that will uplift your spirits. It seems they have a special receive used in preparing their drinks as none of the drinks turn out bad. Conversing with a lady here usually goes smoothly.
  • Theory: This is a restaurant which usually stays open till midnight, so, you are sure of good food even late at night. This place provides adequate comfort to give you a feel of home away from home. To cool down from the day’s stress, this is one of the places which the locals tend to visit. It gives you real value for your money.

Shopping Malls

Malls are usually crowded, so it is not out of place to suggest that you will find a good number of single women at this place. These women are usually engaged in one activity or the other, ranging from shopping to eating, playing games, and much more. It is a common sight in this city to see people of the opposite sex conversing at malls, and the ladies are usually in good spirits, which makes the opportunity even more perfect.

There are different ways to approach a lady in Tehran, and having a charming smile is among the list. Walking up to any lady with a huge smile is a good room to start up any conversation. If they are in a group, you could walk up to them and offer a simple introduction, telling them that you are a tourist. They will be more than welcoming to you.

Sometimes, people feel that the best way to approach a group of ladies is to compliment them and offer to take a group picture of them. In Tehran, the compliments are surely going to be a plus. However, do not offer to take a picture. The people in this city are not comfortable with pictures, which could also be traced back to the laws of the city.

While conversing with them at the mall, do not also give a thumbs-up to anyone for any reason. The thumbs-up sign has a different meaning in this city, so you should not get into any complicated situation.

For the ladies at the mall, give them some compliments, give input while they are shopping, do little act of gestures and more for them. Through this, you will have established a connection with them. Some of the best malls in this city are:

  • Melal Boutique Mall
  • Tehran Mall
  • Palladium Shopping Center
  • Sana Shopping Center
  • Bamland Shopping Mall
  • Sam Center
  • Aren Shopping Center
  • Almas Mall
  • Galleria Shopping Center
  • Arg Shopping Center
  • Kourosh Complex
Kourosh Complex, Tehran


Remember how it is said that Tehran has amazing sites of tourist attractions? The best time to check out these places is during your quest for single women in the city. You should utilize any opportunity you get, and visiting the outdoor areas is a perfect way of utilization. Do you want to meet women? Then you need to go out and meet them.

Tehran is quite famous worldwide for its congested traffic situation, and this seems to scare people away from the country. However, despite this adverse situation, the city still has a steady inflow of tourists. As a tourist, your goal is to socialise, and you cannot do this if you remain in your hotel room all day. Sure, the food in your hotel might taste great, but is food the main reason why you decide to visit a new city?

Exploration should be at the top of your mind if you are not in the city for any serious business. Even people who are on business create time to explore as they know that it is the only way of acclimatising. Funnily enough, even the traffic congestion in this city is a perfect avenue to meet with single ladies. However, it is advised that tourists do not drive in this city as you are not used to the behavior of the people when it comes to driving.

By going out to places like the parks, you are exposed to a wide range of people, specifically single women. Here, you get to converse with them and reason with their intellect. During conversations, you get to decide if the lady meets your she strikes your fancy or not. Through this, you then decide if you want to push forward, or you could settle for just a normal friendship with the lady.

Always remember that the women are nice and friendly, so you should not be scared of going out there to meet. You are sure to have an epic holiday when you connect with the women of a city.

Universities and Colleges

Backtrack a bit and remember that education is valued in this city as there is usually a struggle by young people who want to get into higher institutions. With this fact, you are sure that the single women of the city will definitely be at the universities or colleges that can be found in the city.

Yes, these are educational institutions, but they also act as mingling ground. Here, the females will be free as they are away from their families. This does not mean that the rules of the city are relaxed here, but what is done in secret will not hurt anybody, will it?

At these institutions, everyone is focused on their individual lives, not having the time to poke their nose into the business of others. The women tend to utilise this to get more flirty than usual. You will notice that the ladies and the guys in the institutions engage in some low-key sexual activities. This place can be classified as a hub of ‘sin.’

If you visit this place, you will get a listening ear from the ladies as there is that bit of excitement in them that a tourist stopped them. You could offer to take her out for a snack, then continue the conversation from there. From this, once the connection is established, she will be the one devising means for you both to meet up away from the prying eyes of people.

Also, you are not limited to any age range of women as you can find any age present in the universities. The universities and colleges come across as a platform bearing varieties, and it is left to you to pick wisely. Check out some of the universities which you should visit during your stay in the city:

  • Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • University of Tehran
  • Tarbiat Modares University
  • K. N. Toosi University of Technology
  • Alzahra University
  • Shahed University
  • Tehran University of Art
  • Imam Hossein University
  • Payame Noor University
  • Iran Broadcasting University
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran


If you can get past the initial hurdles presented by this city and get to be in a relationship with a local woman, then you are lucky as having a relationship with a woman from the city entails a lot of good things. They make the perfect partners as they are sensitive to the emotions of their significant others. They have a way of ensuring that they are in sync with how you feel so that they will not act out of line. This might seem minor, but it is very significant in a relationship.

Their beauty is mesmerising, and you will realise this every time you see your partner. There is an absolute extra confidence that a guy gains when he is in a relationship with a gorgeous woman. The question of her intelligence should not be doubted as her education is one thing that is sure. Despite being prepared at an early age for marriage, parents in this city make education compulsory for their children to ensure that they excel in all spheres of life.

These women are also understanding people and give peace of mind when you are in a relationship with them. They know when to draw the line on specific arguments and to not nag.

Yes, the women in this city might be treated lesser than the men, but they do not let this affect their voices. They are always ready to stand up and air their opinions. While in a relationship, you are sure of having a woman who is not a pushover.

Until marriage, you would not be allowed to move in with each other, so you should not nourish thoughts of that. All in all, an Iranian woman is a delight to be with in a relationship.

Holiday Romance

You are looking for a holiday fling? This is not impossible in Iran, but the chances of finding someone who would agree for a short-term romantic relationship are extremely low. Remember that dating in Iran is for marriage. This has been drilled into the heads of the women from young, so entering into a holiday romance with a tourist is not the fantasy they have in their head.

Usually, they are open to relationships with tourists. However, they wish for it to be a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. These women are emotional beings who easily get caught up in feelings, so having a holiday romance might be a little too much for them to handle.

Still, there are a few who do not mind being in a short-term romantic relationship. Most of the women from this women aged 18 – 29 years, and women aged 45+. For the younger women, their curious minds want to explore a lot of possibilities before they settle down with anyone. They know that they have time on their hands and some of them fight hard against the societal pressure to get married. They are also confident that they could get a man at any time due to their beauty, so why rush? Having a holiday romance with a tourist is among their fantasy list.

For the older women who are aged 45+, they do not mind this holiday romance as it will be a good distraction for them. A percentage of them still want to have fun like the younger times without being in a serious relationship. Their case is a case of once beaten, twice shy.

Another set of people who do not mind being involved in a holiday romance are the foreign women as they are also seeking for fun. Try to have a nice time during your holiday!

Tips for Successful Relationship

Yes, you are now in a relationship or at least close to being in one. But are you putting in efforts that will ensure your relationship stays long-lasting? Some people only put effort into getting a lady and throw the efforts all out once they are in the relationship; it shouldn’t be so.

There should be room for growth while you are in a relationship, and this will only come if you put in effort. There are certain guidelines to follow, which can be classified as tips to ensure that your relationship with a Tehran woman stays successful. Following are the tips that you should be mindful of:

  • Respect: The culture of this city does not place enough respect on its women, but this does not mean that you should not respect your woman. The respect you give your woman is what will assist her in becoming a better person and nurturing the relationship. The women here believe in mutual respect, and also think that they should get back the same energy they are putting in. A relationship will only be enjoyable when that respect is in place.
  • Be understanding: Due to the rules of the city, it is normal for the woman not to meet up to your expectations as a foreigner as she is being cautious. As her partner, you should be able to understand that it is not her fault. A typical Iranian woman will try to please her partner, but if she falls short, that is where your understanding nature should come to play. You should also understand that the family bond in this city is tight, so a certain level of respect should be accorded to that. Also, being that these women are ambitious, you should be understanding whenever she has a busy schedule.
  • Be assuring: No woman does not fancy being showered with sweet love and having her partner steadily pledge his love to her. This is what is expected of you when you are in a relationship with a Tehran woman. Always let her know how much she means to you and never make her feel less for herself.


When you declare your love for a woman in Tehran, you can be sure that everyone will be up in your business. This behavior of theirs is because they are expecting marriage to be what follows next.

It is believed that there should be no waste of time when you are in love with a woman. If you are not ready for marriage but in love with someone, it will be best for you both to keep your relationship a secret. Once it is out in the open, the monitoring gets extra as they strive to ensure that you both do not engage in ‘sin.’ This behavior gets choking and tiring.

Love with a local woman in Tehran is interesting, but the pressure is high when there is external interference.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Once you are in love with a woman, it is quite glaring. The smiles, little gesture, body contacts, etc. All these points you in the right direction of knowing that she is the one for you.

As a foreigner, it is normal that you will not want to encounter any issue with the authorities while you are in a foreign country. However, when you notice that you are starting to break certain rules and regulations for your partner, then you know that she is the one for you.

It is not only about sex, it is the willingness to carry out the actions of care. Once you notice that you are making sacrifices you will not make for any other person, then know that she is the one for you.


You want to get married in Tehran? Well, you need to ensure that you follow the laws guiding marriages in the country of Iran.

You should also be ready to expect all sorts from the family of the woman, but this should not deter your love for her. Be assured that you will have a certain level of freedom from the family after all marriage rites have been done.

First in the marriage procedure is the signing of the marriage contract at the court of law. After this, a wedding ceremony of merriment can be done.


The marriage consummation is a practice carried out in Iran. This is not supposed to be anything spectacular as it is just the first night of sex between the bride and groom. However, due to the practice in the country where the brides are supposed to get married as virgins, the bedsheets are usually inspected after the consummation for blood signs to prove that the bride remained a virgin. This culture seems archaic, but it is a practice in Iran.

Sometimes, mothers give their daughters chicken blood in case there is no blood after the consummation. This culture is also why the young women who engage in premarital sexual activities go for anal sex than vaginal sex.

Family Life

Family life after marriage usually goes according to the pace set by you and your wife. You might or might not want to have your children in Tehran, however, this country has its perks. Try your possible best to ensure that you live the life of your dreams with your woman.

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