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Shiraz dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Persian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Iranian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Shiraz, Iran.

Girls in Shiraz:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in Shiraz:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 2 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 1 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2 / 5

Sex in Shiraz:

  • Women's sexual activity: 2 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2 / 5

More about Shiraz:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $120
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $80


Shiraz is a beautiful city with loads of cultural, and its historical significance is in South Central Iran. It is one of the most populated cities all over Iran and is known for being a famous trade city for over a century. It consists of many beautiful Persian gardens, tombs of historically significant people, and stunning mosques. It is also known all over the world as a city of poets, wine, and literature, which attracts a vast amount of tourists all over the year. The pink mosque and the tombs are the most popular attractions and an essential part of their heritage.

When it comes to the local Persian women, these ladies have the perfect hourglass bodies and are known to be more on the submissive side. They have got looks to die for and always cover themselves up in traditional clothes. If you are looking to dating or hooking up with these local women, the chances are pretty low as most of them are very conservative and even avoid talking to unknown men. But you will find some young women who are more on the rebellious side who love to explore their romantic and sexual side and if played the right cards, will agree to have a sinful night in your hotel room.

Dating Culture

As an Islamic country, the dating culture is not that open, and the local community prohibits such acts amongst both men and women. Although the local men can have affairs and sexual activities, a local woman can never involve in any such events. It is believed by the community that a woman should save herself for her husband only, and any woman who doesn't abide by this is called impure and is not wedded to a good household. Often, the local women are told to be reserved and only focus on their family, which is why these women have started to doubt Islamic laws and have started to ask for their rights.

The wealthier families often let their daughters have the freedom and don't mind these traditions and regulations as they are more open-minded. Therefore, they possess an advantage over normal girls who are bounded in traditional culture. But most of the girls follow their culture religiously and don't get involved easily. Young girls who think of breaking the rules due to their modern thinking can be the ones who can be easily wooed and can be taken on dates as they firmly welcome such behavior, but the percent of such girls is really low in this country.


Shiraz women are the jewels of the city and are considered as the perfect specimen of Persian beauty. They have average heightened body frames with curves that make their body look like an hourglass. They have quite fair skin and dark curls, which highlight their beautiful black eyes, full and pouty lips, and button nose. These local women are often found dressed in traditional clothes that cover their bodies from their heads to their toes.

Since the country is an Islam follower, there are many restrictions against the women of the country, which include not talking to unknown men, never speaking without permission, wearing clothes that don't show their skin, never look in the eyes of a man, etc. They are also given a low-quality education only to limited years, after which they are urged to become the perfect housewife that can cook, clean the house, and take care of every member of the family's needs. Many of these young women revolt against society and are fighting to get their rights and freedom.

Persian Girls (age 18 - 29)

These young girls are the jewels of the city, and you will often find many of them wearing traditional clothes and very conservative because of their upbringing. Look for the rebellious ones if you are looking to date or hook up with these young girls. The rebellious young girls are often more open and less conservative when it comes to meeting, interacting, and dating men. These girls wish to restore their rights and freedom, which is why they don't follow the rules and laws of Islam.

The chances of hooking up with these young girls are the highest as they can be found hanging out at bars, clubs, and pubs at night looking for having a great night, probably with a man. Also, you won't have much trouble interacting with them as a lot of them can get excellent educational opportunities and speak English.

Iranian Women (age 30 - 45)

Most of these young women between the ages of 30 to 45 are married off at an early age and are unable to have their freedom and rights. It is why you will find them involved in their household chores and avoid talking to unknown men. They can be very conservative as they are trying to live peacefully with their husband and his family. You will also encounter some of the young unmarried local women hanging out during the day or at night, and you can approach her.

If you are looking to get laid, you will have better chances with these young women than anyone in the city as they prefer to live their lives according to their terms and love to have a sinful night with a foreign man. However, you might have difficulty interacting with them as they are not well-educated and cannot speak English. You will have the best chances of hooking up with her if you can learn the local language.

Persian Ladies (age 45+)

These local ladies, whether married, unmarried, widow, or divorcee, are off-limits for dating both domestic and foreign men. The Islamic law prohibits these ladies from going behind the back of their family, husband, or children and having affairs. The ladies involved in such activities are often considered an insult to their families, which is why they prefer to live their life by Islamic laws. Seldom do you find any local lady looking to have sexual experiences with a young man and reminisce about their younger years? Still, you have to be careful as often the male members of her family go violent and get hurt.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Being a famous world trade center for centuries, Shiraz welcomes a considerable number of tourists from both inside and outside the country. These tourists often consist of young single girls who are amazed by the beauty of Persian architect and culture and wish to explore more of it themselves. These girls are known to be rich to afford such a trip, and chances are they are from the more developed countries of the world, which makes it easy to approach them.

Also, you won't face any language barrier with them and easily flirt with them. To impress these young girls, you can learn the local language or some interesting and less known facts about the different tourist places in Shiraz and share them with her. It will not only help you impress her but also go on tours around the city, which will only bring you two closer and you probably might get lucky and take her to your hotel room.


Persian girls in Shiraz are known to be more liberal than other girls in Iran, as these girls are fighting for their rights and freedom. Only in this city will you encounter girls wearing less covering clothes, talking to men, or going to colleges. It is why meeting and hooking up with a local girl in Shiraz is more than that of other cities.

These rebellious girls are often found at bars, clubs, and pubs at night looking to have a great time and usually hang around with a bunch of other girls, which makes it hard to score. You not only have to impress her but also her friends to get on a one-on-one basis with her.

Also, you have to be ready to face rejection right when you approach one as they are very particular and don't hesitate to shoo away unwanted men. To have good chances of hooking up with these local girls, always look for those who maintain eye contact with you. You have to look for a sign of consent to approach her as you can’t just approach any Persian girl in public. Actions such as smiling back at you, winking at you, nodding her head, or making you follow her are such signs that you can approach her. Once you take a local girl back to your hotel room, you can be sure to have one of the most amazing sex in your life.

Sex Culture

Being an Islamic country, Shiraz is one of the most popular cities for tourism, which is why, unlike in other cities, the culture in this city has been developing comparatively faster. At the beginning of the last decade, the local girls were restricted from showing their skin, talking to unknown men, staying out late at night, working with men, and going to educational institutions with me. And also even stare at men, because of which a lot of these girls have been fighting for their rights and also relaxing some of these restrictions against them.

It is why these girls are more passionate about opening more opportunities for themselves and growing rather than dating local or foreign men. These young girls prefer to be conservative on their terms like not having sex with every man who hits on them or every man they date; they only have sex with a man they are sure they are going to marry or on their wedding night.

One-Night Stands

The chances of meeting and hooking up with the local girls are minimal. Although you may visit the local bars, pubs, and clubs at night and find some interested girls, you have to be cautious as most of them are prostitutes or hookers and will demand money right after having sex.

To avoid this, you can casually ask that she isn't one to make sure. Even on online dating platforms, you will encounter a lot of these prostitutes and hookers rather than the local girls. It is why you should prefer to hook up with the girls you meet at the bars and pubs, and by their appearance and behavior, you can be sure if she is a prostitute. But even so, the chances are really low of hooking up with the local girls as they are often reserved about such things and might decline.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Shiraz is a famous tourist city all over the world, especially for those who live to discover beautiful European countries' fascinating cultures. The local Persian girls can be both modern as well as traditional. You will find that these girls are tough to approach, let alone interact with.

With so many restrictions on them, these young girls are often found covered from their head to toe in traditional clothes, but you will encounter a few who like to rebel against these restrictions and fight for their rights. The situation in Shiraz about women and their rights is still in progress. So the chances of hooking up or dating with a local girl can be considered pretty low, but if you are wealthy and good looking, the odds may be in your favor.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Unlike other European or Islamic cities, you will find that the nightlife of Shiraz is quite good, but the chances of meeting and hooking up with a local girl are very low as they are often restricted to stay out later than 9 pm. It is why you will not find many girls, but the ones you find will also not be easy to impress.

These girls mostly belong to wealthy families as they can hang out at such bars, pubs, and clubs at night, which is why they will not be impressed with your wealth, so it will only drive them away from you if you show off your wealth. If you want to charm a local girl, you have to get brave and direct her. These local girls prefer men who are confident and direct. Also, a girl will only agree to hook up or date you if you show her genuine feelings of interest in her.

* Club Replay

It is the right place for you if you want to relax and enjoy your evening. With amazing views and a sexy atmosphere and a variety of cocktails, this is perfect for anyone who wants to spend an energetic night.

* Shiraz Club

It is a classic club with a lively atmosphere. They are famous for their food and maintain their quality service with zero complaints. If you are looking for great music and drinks, probably this is the best place for you.

* Roadies Club

It runs in a unique style giving you a fine gesture of traditional Iranian culture. It serves you with the best of its delicious cuisines with the traditional feel leaving you with a virtuous feeling.

* The outhouse

It is one of the best places for refreshment. It is one of the most beautiful places to spend your night for hanging out with your friends and chilling when you visit Shiraz for the holidays.

* Aryo Café

They serve delicious latte, cocktails, and the best coffee with a twist to give it a different aura. If you want to have a feel of the traditional style café, then this is the place to go for

* Diamond club

It gets crowded at midnight but is filled with a lively atmosphere with dance, music, and delicious food. Traditionally served food with exotic drinks served for party lovers.

* Mario Club

It is one of the highest recommended and sexiest places to visit for some fun. They have enough space for parties, and the food is just excellent.

* Gamepark Club

They have the best scenic beauty of the surrounding, and you can witness the sunset from here with amazing cocktails and tasty food.

* Ryan Club

It is one of the highly crowded places which have beautifully carved interior, friendly staff and also serves fantastic cocktails.

* Avax Club

It is a beautiful place with amazing views and a lively atmosphere. They have English speaking staff for linguistic help to foreigners.

Before visiting these places, make sure to groom yourself and dress appropriately as no girl is attracted to a man who dresses shabbily. Also, book a hotel room nearby just in case your luck works and hook up with a local girl.

Shopping Malls

Persian girls usually wear traditional clothing according to the Islamic law of covering themselves from head to toe. Still, you will find that these local girls wear stunning dresses underneath traditional clothes. Although they are not given much freedom, there is one thing they love to do no matter what, and that is shopping. Belonging to wealthy families, many of these young girls spend their money on expensive, designer clothes and accessories to their heart's extent. You will find that they often hang out with a group of friends and will be hard to approach. You can always approach the single ones at such shopping places, but you have to bring your A-game into action to impress her.

* Elahieh Shopping Center

* Hafez Shopping Mall

* Aftab Fars Shopping Mall

* Sina Shopping Center

* Zeytoon Fars Shopping Center

* Vakil Bazaar

* Persian Gulf Shopping Center

Grooming yourself, possessing goods looks, and dressing good are factors that will help attract these local girls. Still, even after that, you will face the language barrier, which can be quite hard to overcome as neither is the language easy nor are these girls educated enough to learn English.


The chances of meeting and hooking up with the local girls in Shiraz are pretty low but even lower during the night. It is why you will find a lot of these local girls hanging out during the day and will have good chances of impressing them. However, before approaching these girls, you can't do it directly, as it can be considered an insult. Before contacting the local girls in Shiraz, you have to see that she is interested in you and wants you to approach her. Unless she gives her consent by nodding her head while staring right at you or smiling back at you, you can’t approach her.

* Tomb of Hafez

* Vakil Bazaar

* Eram Garden

* Shah Cheragh

* Pars Museum

* Forough Al Molk

* NaranjestanQavam

* ManteghiNezhad Historical House

* Vakil Mosque

You will find ample of local girls, as well as foreign girls at such places and your chances will be better if you learn about the culture and history to impress them. Also, if you are going for the local girls, learning the local language will come in handy and also impress them.

Universities and Colleges

The local girls in Shiraz are not well educated as they were not given access to it in the past years are also restricted to a lot of things such as talking to unknown men, showing their faces in public, speaking without permission, etc. But in recent years, the country is developing and changing its outlook on women's rights. Also, these local girls are realizing and fighting for equal rights. This way, you won't find a lot of young girls at such places, and the chances of approaching might also not work in your favor as they only mind their business and seldom talk to unknown foreign men.

* Shiraz University

* Islamic Azad University

* Shiraz Payam Noor University

* Sama Azad University

* Zand Institute of Higher Education

As compared to the other local girls, these young girls are known to be able to speak in English and will be easier to impress and interact with if you play your cards right.


When it comes to dating the local girls in Shiraz, it can be kind of a complicated thing, as not only is it hard to impress these local girls but also quite hard to date. In countries with Islam religion, you can't do the normal relationship things like holding hands, kissing, flirt, and have sex. In such countries, especially in Iran, showing affection in public to your partner is considered as an insult to both their culture and your partner's family. So, while dating a local girl, you have to think about these things and act accordingly.

Learning about the culture and the language will help you land a date with a local girl and avoid being involved in uncultured activities. You will have a great time dating a local Persian girl and exploring the beautiful places in Shiraz. Not only will you be able to experience the fantastic and mouth-watering food but also the beautiful and pleasant people who will make you feel right at home.

Holiday Romance

If you are looking to have a great time with your partner, there is no other place than Shiraz to explore the beautiful and breathtaking places and deepen the bond between you two. You will be able to discover a whole new side of your relationship. There are tons of breathtaking places such as the pink mosque, the beautiful Persian gardens, and the traditional bazaars, which will make you feel like you have traveled back in time.

* Persepolis

Also known as Takht-e Jamshid is a 2500 old city ransacked by Alexander the Great and now lies in ruins. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located in Shiraz. It is a whole one day trip of visiting and exploring this historical site.

* Naqsh-e Rostam and Naqsh-e Rajab

Located near Persepolis, this historically significant place consists of rock tombs and reliefs of Naqsh-e Rostam and Naqsh-e Rajab. These tombs are carved out of the rock face and have different entrance and chamber of the four Achaemenid kings.

* Karim Khan Citadel

Built during the Zand dynasty for the King, this place has one of the most significant histories of being the King’s living quarters to becoming the governor’s seat in the Qajar period to becoming a prison after the fall of the Qajar period. It has a beautiful Persian garden that adds to its beauty.

* Tomb of Hafez

It is a beautiful place that is considered one of the most romantic places in the city. It is the place for the tomb of the great poet Hafez who mastered Persian literature, and while visiting his tomb, you will find a lot of his great poems written on the garden walls.

* Ghalat Town

This crumbling village, also known as the 'Amsterdam of Iran,' is located on the edge of the Zagros Mountains, becoming a popular tourist destination. It consists of beautiful hiking trails with amazing views and some of the most delicious food in Iran.

* Maharloo Lake

Also called the Pink Lake of Shiraz, this lake is located in the mountains of the city and is a seasonal-salt lake. The water is of high salt concentration that results in the salty water. It is a beautiful and scenic place to go boating and even enjoy the mountain views on its bank.

While visiting these places, you will be able to spend a lot of quality time together and rediscover passion in your life. There is no other way of spending a romantic time in a foreign country with your partner than to explore the fantastic and breathtaking places but also your relationship.

Tips for Successful Relationship

The Dating Game in Shiraz can be quite challenging but also fun. These young girls in the city are restricted to date men to stay pure until their marriage. It is why a lot of these young girls rebel and fight for their fundamental rights. You will encounter both traditional as well as liberal girls. The traditional girls are very conservative, and the chances are little to none, whereas the liberal ones often belong to families who are either rich or wish to let their daughter have freedom. It is because it will take a lot of effort than the minimal ones to make your relationship successful.

* Be Genuine

Shiraz's local girls prefer men who have clear intentions and are genuine with their words and actions. If you want to date or have a great relationship, you have to be genuine with your feelings and be clear of your thoughts and wants.

* Be Caring and Compassionate towards her

These local girls have recently started fighting for their rights, and nothing would be worse than not supporting her in her fights with her family and society. You need to care for her feelings and also show compassionate feelings to her.

* Act skills

Local Persian girls are a full package deal with beautiful looks and fantastic cooking skills, but they are not able to get the same amount of education as the men in the country, which is why when it comes to dating, they prefer men who think and act maturely.

* Be a Gentleman

You need to be a gentleman with her as they can be quite sensitive at times, and the only way to make her feel great is to show small gestures that will make her fall in love with you even more if not already before.

* Compliment her

Persian girls in Shiraz have a conservative nature because of their upbringing and have barely talked to men outside of their homes. When they date, they are not accustomed to being complimented by you but love hearing such things on dates.

* Be patient

Being brought up with a conservative and reserved mindset, these girls are not accustomed to being in a relationship, and all of it can be the first time for her, so she will take a lot of time thinking and deciding what to do.

While dating a Persian girl, you have to be cautious because of the various laws restraining them from dating and also the unfamiliarity of these local girls to dating. If you want your relationship to last long and be successful, you need to form a positive image of yourself in her mind, which is only possible by conveying through your actions.


While approaching and dating a local Persian girl in Shiraz can be quite a task, finding love can be one of the most beautiful things to happen to you. These local girls are the most precious jewels of the country with seductive bodies that will take your breath away and make your life colorful. Being from a conservative country, they tend to be on the reserved and shy side, but once you get past that façade, you will find that they love romance and often rebel against the society to have their freedom.

Falling in love with a Persian girl means being in love with the country as well. You will find that falling in love with a whole different country with a different culture and atmosphere may feel like a dream or hoax. Still, if both of your feelings are genuine, you might have found something worthwhile, and the best thing to do would be to hold on to it rather than letting it go just because you are not sure.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Falling in love in a different country might not be ideal for you, but it can be the most magical thing to happen to anyone, especially with a Persian woman. These women are known to be the perfect kind of women to date and also marry before you even start thinking of the word marriage, you have to find out if the girl you are dating is the right one for you or not. The whole situation might make you sway and ignore certain pointers that you will regret later.

You need to make sure that you both have mutual feelings and have the same plan towards your relationship. Make sure of her comfortability while dating and also plan to meet her family to get their approval. This part can be quite tough as the local families in Shiraz can be very strict and disapproving of the foreign men as they have an image of foreign men as disloyal. You need to create a good image and get their approval to date their daughter further. The best way to find if she is the right one is to spend time together and even talk about what you both want. This way, there will be no misunderstanding and also clear for you to take the next step in your relationship with her.


Shiraz is part of Iran, which means the sole religion followed by most locals is Islam. It is why marriages in the city are all Islam based even if it is with a foreign man of another religion. If you are looking to marry a local girl that you have been dating, you will have to convert your religion to Islam to marry her. It is because of Islam law that it promotes the men and women to convert into it. If a local man is marrying a foreign woman of another religion, she will have to convert her religion into Islam. Whereas, if a foreign man wishes to marry a local girl, he has to convert his religion to Islam.

Usually, the marriages of Islam based take place either in the Bride's or Groom's house, where they gather with their family and friends. It is officiated by a local mosque's priest or a religious or legal officiator.


Dating a local girl can be an easier task when compared to marrying her because it will give you a hard time getting her family's approval for the marriage. It is because the local community in Shiraz is quite conservative and believes in following the Islamic laws by heart. When it comes to marriage, they prefer their daughters marrying the other men of their country rather than foreign men. You will have to prove yourself worthy enough and also be on your best behavior to show your clear intentions with their daughter. If you can get their approval, you will have to convert into Islam religion and proceed with your wedding planning.

Weddings in Shiraz are grand celebrations where the bride and groom's friends and family congratulate them for the beginning of their marriage by singing, dancing, and eating local cuisines.

Family Life

Life in Shiraz is one of a kind where not only will you be able to have a firsthand experience of this developing culture where women are evolving and fighting for themselves. Also, it is a great place for you if you prefer to have a peaceful and relaxed time as it has many posh gardens that are its jewels since the beginning of the century. Shiraz is a great place for those who seek out adventure and wish to live at a place with an amazing culture, food, and people. It is not the safest city, but it is quite cheap when it comes to affordability.

Although, if you are planning to settle down in Shiraz with your partner and if she belongs to a different religion, she might not be able to adapt to the local culture and people as they tend to welcome foreigners once in a while. Still, they don't approve women showing off their skin. But if your partner is of Islam religion, this city is the best place to settle down and visit the various tombs and stunning mosques that will take your breath away. Also, starting your family will be quite beneficial as the community in Shiraz believes in growing the children with a sense of deep rootedness towards their family and offers great education opportunities for them to grow up and make their mark in this ever-developing country.

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