Guide for dating in Sarajevo helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Bosnian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Bosnian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Sarajevo. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Hot girls of Sarajevo at the Cinemas Sloga club

Girls in Sarajevo:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Sarajevo:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Sarajevo:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Sarajevo:

  • Nightlife in general: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$68 - $350
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $250


The bubbling city of Sarajevo is the capital of the historic Bosnia and Herzegovina. Foreigners visit this country in millions to have a taste of its unique adventures. These unique adventures include interactions with their women as well. Bosnian brides are famous all over the world. Many tourists who come into this country harboring the sweet thought of dating or marrying a Bosnian girl.

Dating a Bosnian girl is very easy. You need to read along to understand how to date a Bosnian girl. The key lies in understanding their behaviors and pattern of thinking. This understanding will make you not to go against an acceptable code of conduct while chasing a Bosnian girl. You can date a Bosnian girl through online dating apps as well like Tinder, Badoo or Happn. These apps are top-rated in Sarajevo.

Dating Culture

The majority of the female residents of Sarajevo are Muslims. But there are Christians and foreigners from other religions among the female population in Sarajevo as well. This variety in female distribution makes dating very easy in Sarajevo. Although the Muslim females may be conservative owing to the ideals of their religion, they are not that rigid. Things have changed quite a bit and the constant call by activists for Bosnian women to adopt a modern and more western way of doing things have relaxed the dating culture.

Dating is a serious business in Sarajevo. Sarajevo women are family-oriented. They see dating as a step towards marriage. Bosnian girls, in the majority of cases, are raised in a peaceful and close-knitted family setup. Their parents have trained them to fit perfectly into the family setup as a wife. Once they have approached the age of eighteen, all their craving will be to marry and have a successful family.

The non-Muslims residents of Sarajevo are more comfortable when it comes to casual dating. These set of residents have a western mentality. They are open to dating and very intrigued by foreign men visiting the town as well.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

Dating in Sarajevo can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Sarajevo and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

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Sarajevo women are gorgeous. They have a fair and glowing skin. Bosnian girls have a fit body, model structure with blonde hair. Based on recent trends, you can see many Bosnian women dying their hair into different colors. Bosnian women are also good at makeup. Many expensive makeup and beauty products are always at their disposal. They like looking well put together at all times.

Bosnian women are well mannered. Starting up a conversation with them is very easy. Their cheerful and easy going attitudes make approaching them an easy task. Hospitality to strangers is in their DNA. It is natural for Bosnian women to treat you with respect and engage in a friendly conversation with you as a foreigner. Once you are in any such conversation with them, you will enjoy every aspect of it. There is no dull moment with a Bosnian girl.

Bosnian women are educated and intelligent. Hard work and diligence are virtues that Sarajevo women take seriously. Bosnian women are good at domestic activities like taking care of their homes, cooking and caring for the children. Family comes before work, a glowing virtue that men appreciate.

Bosnian women appreciate what they have. Looking around their country, they can see relics, scars, and mars that war can cause. The lessons from the past make them appreciate life more. They do not delve into materialistic things to the point that they forget what truly matters. They are not too high maintenance which means dating them will not create a huge dent in your pocket.

Bosnian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Bosnian girls that fall within this age are very hot and sexy looking. If you want to date them you should beat the competition. You must appear responsible and charismatic if you want to have any chance with them. You must be a good conversationalist in other to hold their attention and make them start developing gradual feelings for you. It takes patience before you can get a Bosnian girl of this age bracket to fall in love with you. The religious influence teaches them to be wary of men and their intentions. The attention of other guys who are interested in them is another problem. There is a dilemma on their part about the guy to choose.

One upper hand you may have as a foreigner in winning the love of these sexy queens is that Sarajevo girls like conversing and going out with foreigners. They are not like the older generations who avoid foreigners and stick only to local men. You have to use that aura to engage them in lively conversations and fun activities. You have to find out about their hobbies and strive to make it more enjoyable for them.

Sarajevo girls of this age group are ripe for marriage. Many of them may be in their husband's houses while many of them are anxiously looking for a suitable husband. Sarajevo girls like men that are hardworking and ambitious. It will be useful if you can tell them a little about your talent and business. Their interest in you may be irked by the time they find out how much hard you have to work in other to earn a living. You have to show her that you are the ideal husband material she craves. Once she likes you and your personality, she can easily fall in love with you.

Young hot girls of Sarajevo

Bosnian Women (age 30 - 45)

At this age, Sarajevo women are still fresh. Their beauties have not faded. You will even see their firm breasts and asses in seductive shape. The majority of these women are married. It is very risky to make moves on a married woman in Sarajevo. Their husbands are very jealous. The law in Bosnia is very protective of females, and any sexual misconduct may land you in trouble. Besides Sarajevo, women are very loyal to their husbands and may not entertain any such advances from you.

There are divorced and separated women in this group; these women will be more welcoming of the idea of a relationship or a casual fling. You have to approach them with maturity; These women are mature and will be of great help and support to you during your stay in Sarajevo. They are experienced and will pose little problem for you. You have to treat them with love and respect.

Beautiful Ladies at a club in Sarajevo

Bosnian Ladies (age 45+)

The women of this group are still in good shape, and there may be a lot to enjoy in their bodies. These women are independent. Many of them hold a good job and can afford a good life for themselves. You don't have to put much strain on yourself while in any form of relationship with these women. All they may demand from you is to make them happy and give them a good time both in and out of bed. You have to be very romantic with these women in other to make them feel great and comfortable with you.

Some women of this age may have given up hope of marriage. They may just want to enjoy a celibate lifestyle. But you have to make an effort to convince them that they will enjoy every moment with you. These mature women appreciate a man's attention. They may be advanced, but they are still very romantic.

You also have to consider while approaching these age groups that some of them may be old school and prefer local men or just despise the idea of a casual fling etc. These women may frown at the younger generation who may flirt around with foreigners. You can quickly tell which woman belongs to this school of thought by the time you have a conversation with them. You may have to stay clear from this group of women in other to avoid the unnecessary feelings of hurt.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Sarajevo has a great number of tourists visiting the city. The education in Sarajevo is advanced, which means that you will see international students in their Universities and Colleges. Many foreigners hold a good job or contract here. Bosnia and Herzegovina also have a rich history and is blessed with unique landscapes. Millions of foreigners troop into Sarajevo every year in oder to experience these spectacles. Many of these foreigners are beautiful women. Many of them have curved and thick laps, some are slim and sexy, and some have big breasts and asses. There are dazzling varieties offered by these foreign women in Sarajevo.

These foreign women are amicable. They like meeting fellow foreigners. You can engage them in exciting conversations. Once it is evident that there is chemistry, other things like hookups may follow. Many of these foreigners are experts in bed. They are willing to engage in all styles of sex with you. Remember that a large amount of them are here for the sole purpose of having fun. Once you have proved it to her that you will add to her delight, she will stick with you and will give you her attention any time you demand it.

You can meet these foreigners in parks, waterfalls, beaches, universities, zoos, museums, mountains, and so on. You can quickly see a foreigner who shares a common interest in fun activities with you. She may enjoy an indoor or outdoor activities to the same degree as you. And in cases of shared interest like this, it is not difficult to build a romance that may lead to a serious relationship. If you are sure that both of you are pretty compatible, you can ask her to be your lover. If she shares the same idea with you, she will agree to your proposal and enter into a relationship with you.

To have quick sex in Sarajevo is very easy. The best thing to do is to register yourself on the various online dating platforms like Tinder, Badoo Happn etc. Another way is to visit all the happening nightclubs and bars in the city.


You can have sex with Bosnian girls in Sarajevo. These girls are becoming more modern. Many girls in Bosnia have an active sex life. You can hook up with them if you approach them in the right manner. Bosnian girls are perfect in bed. They know how to rock a man's world in bed and give him a sexual bliss he will find hard to imagine. The sexual energy of a Bosnian girl, is very high. You have to work very hard in oder to woo a Bosnian beauty into having sex with you.

The young Bosnian girls are easier targets for hook up. They see things in a more modern way than their older contemporaries. You will have to look presentable and responsible before they can be sexually attracted to you. Roughness or vulgarism is a turn off to Bosnian girls. They like attractive guys, but you have to be decent and build things gradually towards having sex with them.

Bars and nightclubs are great locations to meet a Bosnian girl who are willing to hook up with you. The girl must have some level of independence and freedom of thought before she can visit a nightclub. You will find them in a party mood in these nightclubs. Some of them may be drunk and horny and ready for any opportunity to get laid. You can take her to your hotel room and make her spend the night with you if you approach her in the right manner.

Sex Culture

The sex culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina was strict in the olden days. The only acceptable avenue for sex was in marriage. But with the infiltration of western cultures, there is a more relaxed atmosphere on the issues of sex. A report of premarital sexual activities is not frowned at again compared to the olden days. You can now see many Bosnian girls having sex before marriage.

Women are very loyal to their men in Sarajevo, and this has affected the sex culture. Bosnian girls in Sarajevo like having sex with just one partner. This partner is preferably the guy they love and is in a relationship together. You have to be in a relationship with a Bosnian girl in other to enjoy sex with her quickly.

As a foreigner in Sarajevo, you will not find it challenging to have good sex. Finding a sexual partner is possible.

One-Night Stands

Finding girls in Sarajevo for a one night stand is highly possible. You have to visit bars and nightclubs for the right opportunity. Partying in the night and having enough alcohol may weaken a girl and make her horny. You can ask her to take things further, back in your hotel room. You have to put your eyes down while partying in a night club for opportunities to meet girls that are willing for a one night stand. Once you notice a girl that has the potential, you can approach her with a friendly smile. You have to be very sensual in your conversation with her to make it easier for her to follow you.

You have to dress smart and smell nice when approaching a girl for a one night stand. If you look great, they will consider hooking up with you. You have to talk to any girl you consider for a one night stand in a sweet and sensual manner to get her in the mood.

The key to make sure you end up having a one night stand is to choose the right avenues. Like mentioned before, the bars and nightclubs are the perfect place to find a girl to hook up with. Another way is to have a presence on online dating platforms especially Tinder which is now known as a hookup app more than a dating app. Be honest with the girl about what you are looking for and you will get a lot of responses.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Many indoor and outdoor locations offer you the opportunity to meet single girls in Sarajevo. You have to grab hold of the opportunity offered by these locations as you can have a better view of Sarajevo women in their informal settings. In these settings, it is easier for you to observe their characters. You can easily tell a girl that is shy or sociable from these locations. Girls in these locations are able to show the wilder part of their character that may be obscured at home or office.

Some girls love nature and wildlife. You can meet them in zoos, parks, waterfalls, and so on. You can quickly tell some aspects of a girls' attributes from her choice of recreation. This is particularly important for you if you plan to have a serious relationship in Sarajevo. It is good you date girls that have similar interests. Couples are supposed to be united in thoughts. Finding a girl that enjoys similar activities as you do will make things a lot easier.

Some girls like adventures. You may also be a lover of adventurous activities. These girls can be found hiking or walking in the mountains. Some girls engage in helicopter adventure in Sarajevo. Some girls like partying and drinking. You can find them in nightclubs and bars. It is good if you visit the appropriate location for any girl of your choice. You can also find them in the local markets in Sarajevo as well as colleges and universities. Some shopping malls and beaches are also great locations to find a local girl in Sarajevo.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

  • Lounge Bar Baghdad - Amidst backgrounds of contrasting beautiful lights, you can enjoy all that this bubbling bar has to offer. This Bar is a delight for every Bosnian and Asian citizen. It combines two cultures into one. Any Asian or Bosnian citizen that visits this bar will find it traditional because of the perfect blend of the two cultures. You can enjoy all kinds of music in this venue. Music, like classic pop and house music, is played by the DJ. This bar is always packed with the crowd—a suitable venue to meet sexy local girls in Sarajevo.
  • Sloga - This bar and nightclub have two floors that separate people according to their choice of music. There is a living rock band that plays beautiful rock music on the first floor. Lovers of rock music come to this floor to enjoy rock music. Lovers of the traditional and the turbo-folk style of music visit the main floor. You can drink any beer or wine you desire as you dance and party with the excited crowd. You will see seductive girls to hook up with in this venue by the time you are done partying.
  • Underground Club - If you are visiting this club, then you have to be prepared to party hard. There are varieties of spirits or beer you can take to put you in the mood. Bosnian rock band visits here regularly to put locals in a frenzied state. Pop and house music also plays here. You may not have to worry about your admission fee since it is free at this venue.
  • Kiro Bosnia - Under the old Yugoslavian republic, this venue was formerly a cinema house. If you want to meet gorgeous local girls, then this is the venue to be. Monday is an especially good day to meet locals who come here to cheer local arts. Tourists also come here to drink vodka, relax under the lively atmosphere, and gain enough energy to continue their tour. Tourists like the setting of the club because of its strategic location. It is close to many attractions in the city center.
  • La Cava - Locals and tourists alike love this club. The sweet taste of Bosnian wine s like Bosnian white hold out a nice appeal to many visitors in this club. The variety of wine and cocktail is important because both locals and foreigners that visit here can easily find their taste. La Cava serves the triple purpose of a café, a bar, and a Nightclub. You have numerous opportunities to enjoy a good night with your date. You can have sweet conversations while she sips a cup of coffee, or a glass of Bosnian wine or a bottle of beer. In case you did not come here with a girl, you can easily see a horny girl to pick up for the night after she must have been drunk and partied so hard. Foreigners also stop here to drink some wine before going on a tour of the city or other activities.
  • Zlatna Ribica - This is another Nightclub that tourists like visiting because of the rich culture under display in this venue. In and around the environment, you will observe antiques and relics of the Bosnian tradition. The waiter's dresses also portray this as they are dressed in traditional clothes. The DJs play modern pop and other kinds of music that create a special kind of vibe in the arena. Many visitors are attracted to this venue because of this special kind of vibe. The party in this club goes on for an extended period. There are so many beautiful foreign girls you can meet and hookup with from this venue. You have to make your wooing rhymes resonate with the musical vibes that radiate from the environment.
  • Anonymous Nightclub - This nightclub is a favorite club for several young Bosnian. You will see several hot and sexy young Bosnian girls in this venue eating food and drinking coffee at night. The creative events in this club make it to hold an attraction to young locals. Each night has a special theme, either in the style of music or promotion.

Saturday is a great day to meet local girls, as a sizeable number gather here to receive their free cocktail. You can meet up with them, party with them, make friends and book appointments. There are several hot and sexy Sarajevo girls that converge here every Saturday. The several beauties the venue offer can cause you a dilemma in choosing the right woman. But if you observe them, you will surely see a damsel that stands out.

Party at the Cinemas Slogas in Sarajevo

Shopping Malls

There are numerous shopping malls in Sarajevo. The malls are classic and with a modern touch. You can easily find rich and independent girls come in to shop expensive things for themselves. You have to dress and behave in a tasteful manner any time you see a beautiful girl you like. If she is impressed with your decency and charm, she may give you her number. You can call her later to book a date.

So many local girls also come here to buy things they need for themselves and their families. You can assist them in their shopping. You can even buy a simple gift for her. There will be opportunities for you to start up a conversation with them. It is good you don't allow such opportunities to slip by. You should make her fill the vibe of your interesting conversation. Thus she will know that you are fun to be with.

You can meet beautiful Sarajevo girls in any of these shopping malls:

  • Sarajevo City Centre
  • Alta Shopping Mall
  • Itoka shopping center
  • Importante Shopping Center
  • Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market
  • Mercator Center
  • Robot Shopping Mall
  • Tom Shopping Mall
Sarajevo City Centre


Sarajevo is a haven for all tourists. It is one of the top ten adventure travel destinations in the world. If you like adventures and fun activities, then Sarajevo is the place to be. There are many outdoor locations where beautiful Sarajevo women come to enjoy themselves and have fun. You can meet them in these locations and ignite the spark of friendship with them. These beautiful locations are suitable for engaging in all forms of romantic activities.

There are mountains and caves for adventurers. You will meet beautiful Sarajevo girls on these sites walking and hiking. This is a fun location for you to touch and assist a girl that is having some fun. She can fall while trying to climb a hill or mountain, and you can assist her in staying on her feet..

You can do a bicycle tour of the city. One of your fellow cyclists may be a very beautiful Sarajevo girl. You can visit waterfalls. Getting a girl you like to accompany you to this kind of location may give you the chance to declare your love and fondness for her. The suiting sight of white snow waters meandering and kissing the leafy greens as it empties into a river.

Waterfall Skakavac near Sarajevo

Universities and Colleges

The universities and colleges in Sarajevo are highly advanced. They attracts a large number of international students. You can easily hit on these young girls. They do not mind the idea of dating. These women love to party and have a thing for good looking exotic men. You have to be sure about the kind of girl you fancy before stepping into campuses.

Sarajevo women are very serious in their studies. But they are very friendly and hospitable, especially to foreigners. You may use this as leverage to capture her attention. Many students in the Universities are very smart and intelligent. You have to engage her in an intelligent conversation in oder to hold her attention for long. If you find out about the course she studies at school, you can easily see a common ground you can use to start up a conversation with her.

It is easier to hook up with a foreign student than a local girl. The foreigner may be more independent and may have come from a culture that is more relaxed about sex. You must know campus girls like guys that are good looking and intelligent. You have to be well dressed anytime you step into the campus to pick up girls. You have to be cute and decent in other to increase your chances with Sarajevo girls.

You can meet beautiful Sarajevo girls in any of these colleges or universities in Sarajevo.

  • University of Sarajevo
  • International University of Sarajevo
  • American University of Sarajevo
  • University of East Sarajevo
  • University of Zenica
  • Sarajevo Music Academy
  • Sarajevo Graduate School
  • University of Banga Luka
University of Sarajevo


Building relationships in Sarajevo require time and effort. Sarajevo girls are very careful when choosing their men. Any man they decide to date or marry is their choice. Being coerced into entering a relationship with the wrong man is not what Sarajevo girls are good at. Once they are in a relationship, they try their best to make it work. Sarajevo girls are faithful to their partners. The idea of dating two different guys at the same time is alien to them. And the idea of breaking up from one relationship and jumping into another is also not fancied.

You have to be forthright and honest with your intentions in oder to increase your chances of entering into a relationship with a pretty girl in Sarajevo. An indecent and vulgar outlook is a turn off for Sarajevo girls. If you are decent and responsible looking enough, you can approach any Sarajevo girl you like and explain to her how much she means to you. Telling her that you intend to get married to her will make her take your proposal seriously. Persistence and care will make her consider the idea of dating you.

Once she considers you and agrees to enter into a relationship with you, you have to rejoice in your conquest. Happy time awaits you in Sarajevo! Sarajevo girls are sweet, lovable, and romantic. You will enjoy every moment with her because they are very sociable and know how to make a man feel good in bed. They are a joy to make love.

Holiday Romance

Your stay in Sarajevo is transitory. You may fancy a temporal relationship that fades with your stay in Sarajevo. Then all you need is a holiday romance. That is the idea behind holiday romance. You start up a relationship with a girl you like. You enjoy a good time with the girl the way all lovers do and end the relationship by the time you are done with your holiday.

Many girls in Sarajevo may not fancy such an idea with you. They are so family-oriented that all they think about is to date a guy that is good enough to be a husband. It may be easier for you to see such women among the separated or divorced. Or among single ladies that are advanced in age. Some of these ladies may have given up hope of marriage but will instead be looking for opportunities to have a good time romantically and in bed. You can take such ideas to them.

It will be easiest for you to engage in a holiday romance with a fellow foreigner. The stay of these beautiful women in Sarajevo is as transitory as yours. These women may be looking for ideas on how to enjoy their time in Sarajevo. The idea of a relationship that ends with their vacation will appeal to them. You have to make the experience an enjoyable one for her. There are many romantic indoor and outdoor locations you can visit with her to have a great time.

It is also essential that you give her a good time in bed. You can experiment with different sex styles and know the one she enjoys most. Giving her good sex is important to keeping the holiday romance going. When the holiday ends for either of you, then that will spell the end of your romance.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Sarajevo girls like compliments. Their time on the mirror doing makeup should explain the positive image they want to project outside. When a negative comment is made about them, they can get very angry and vindictive. If you want your relationship with a Sarajevo girl to run smoothly, you have to shower her with hearty compliments. Always look for opportunities to compliment any good things you observe about her. It will make her happy, secure, and comfortable any time she is around you.

Maintaining good manners is necessary to succeed in your relationship with a girl in Sarajevo. Decency, moderation in habits, and respect for the elderly are virtues you must maintain to make your relationship succeed.

Loyalty is an important quality you must possess in other to retain the love and respect of a Sarajevo girl. To Sarajevo girls, the quality of loyalty is non-negotiable. It is easier for them to demand that because they are loyal themselves. They can be very jealous of seeing the man they love flirting with another woman. You may not be happy with the way they will respond to that. So you have to be faithful to her and avoid situations that will get her jealous.


You can actually find love in Sarajevo. There are so many queens, so many goddesses and so many pretty damsels you can actually fall in love with. You just have to play your role well as a man. Bosnian girls in Sarajevo bid their time before committing to a man. They want to be sure that you are the right man for them before committing. And once they commit, they try their best to live up to it.

To make her fall in love with you requires a lot of effort from your part. But the truth is that such efforts are really worth it. Lone hearts that find it hard to love, do love like fools when they fall in love. You have to insert the necessary energy into getting her to this dreamland where all you have to do is to sit back and watch her love descend like rain upon your soul without your putting much strain on yourself. You need to have an idea of her ideal partner and cleverly let her know that you are such a man through your conduct.

Sarajevo girls are clear about their choice of a man. Whenever they choose a man, it is because it is their choice and not just by chance. They are very clever. Playing a gentleman will do you a whole world of good in winning their love. When you notice signs that she is responding to your love, then you have to reinforce your efforts.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Sarajevo girls are very submissive to the man they love. They do not drag authority with a man. Sarajevo girls are easy going. They can easily yield their own opinion when a man they love brings up a reasonable idea. If she is submissive to your loving authority, then you have to know that she is the one.

Sarajevo girls like taking care of the man they love. Every man also likes to be taken care of by a woman. With time, you will discover that she start caring and asking after your welfare. She will always want to make sure you are happy and in good health. If she starts cooking for you, asking after your welfare and taking care of you, then you have to know that she is one.

Sarajevo women find it really hard to commit to a man. This is because they were trained to be good wives. Whenever they are accessing a man, their panacea for assessment lies in his ability to be a good husband. They don't like being in a relationship with an irresponsible man. They want a man they will be proud enough to present to their friends and family members as a potential husband. So if you like her so much and she introduces you to her friends and families, then you have to know that she is the one.

Sarajevo girls are very loyal to the man they love. They don't fancy the idea of dating two different men at the same time. Even in marriage, they are very loyal to their husbands. If she sticks to you and does not flirt around with other guys, then know that she is the one.


Now you have confirmed that the love you found in Sarajevo is your ideal woman, you should start making provisions to be legally married to her. It is the only civil marriage that is recognized in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Any marriage done in church or mosque is null and void in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is a family law that regulates marriage in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You should submit your application to marry her 30 days before your wedding date at the municipal registry office.

The required documents you should submit are your national passports, proof that you are free to marry, a certificate proving that you don't have any legal impediment to marry. You are expected to pay a total fee of one hundred and fifty dollars for the documents you just submitted. Additional documents you will submit your birth certificate, your divorce certificate, a decree that you are free to marry, and your interpreted passport.


After undergoing those pre-wedding processes required by the Bosnian law, it is now time to wed your beautiful queen. In Sarajevo, Muslim marriages are held every Saturday, in case you are wedding a Muslim local.

The wedding actually begins from a bride's home. There are several banters that take place in the venue, like the groom being shown her bride after being shown, several wrong women. The atmosphere is actually a comical one. After all the events in the bride's home, the couples proceed to the municipal office to be officially wedded.

The wedding in the municipal's office is very unofficial and quick. This is to allow other couples that are queued outside to use the venue. The bride and groom's parents are always absent. They will be in their separate homes hosting a different party with relatives and well-wishers. The simple ceremony at the municipal office includes their signing a few papers, getting their papers stamped, and kissing each other. Within twelve minutes, this ceremony should be over. The groom drives his groom to the streets of Sarajevo to declare to onlookers that they are married.

You should promptly obtain your marriage certificate. It is recorded in the Civil Registrar's office. Two copies will be given to you. One copy will be in the Bosnian language and the other in English with international acceptance.

Family Life

Now that you have successfully married your bride- your priceless damsel- it is good you start planning on how to build a successful family life with her. You may need to purchase a luxurious apartment in Sarajevo. You may also need to get a well paying job in case you have not done so. A good job is like a fuel that helps you sustain the vehicle of life. Going this far secure your beautiful woman all for yourself shows that you treasure her and will do all that is within your power to make her live a happy life.

She may be holding a good job and be really supportive of you financially, but don't use that as an excuse to leave the load of the family into her hands, it may weigh her down. You have to face your responsibility as the head of the family frontally and live up to it. If you make her role as a supporter easier for her, it will help bring out the best from your beautiful wife. Sarajevo women are well domesticated. They are good cooks and good at taking care of the home. You have to be loving and reasonable enough to give her directives as your wife.

You should be congratulated for getting your wife in a society where family means everything. The chances of you leading a happy and stable family life are higher. Your wife will be faithful to you and not seek divorce as a way to solve every marital scuffle. She will be submissive and yield to your authority as a man. And when children finally arrive in the union, she will teach your children good values of life. She lived a responsible life and will teach them to be equally responsible. With her as your companion, your family life is sure to be blissful.

Together with your wife and children, continue to explore and enjoy the boundless beauty of Sarajevo. Hike and go on an adventurous tour of the jagged Olympic mountain! Enjoy the evening shades of its tall and elegant trees. Take a bicycle tour around the city square. Enjoy the wonders of the city you asked to give you love, but which responded by not giving you only love but a family!

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