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Guide for dating in Bosnia and Herzegovina helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Bosnian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Bosnian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe.

Girls in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4/ 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands:4 / 5

More about Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$50- $150
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $100


People usually get curious by things that are not familiar. Thus, there is the urge to explore and check it out. This is the case whenever people hear of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as it is not famous as compared to other countries in the world.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in Southern Europe that is usually characterized by its energetic nature. The capital city of this country is Sarajevo, and it is said that life in this city is always superb.

Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro are countries that border Bosnia and Herzegovina. Interestingly, this country is high in tourism as it has a lot of places for people to explore. It is slowly gaining weight in terms of being famous as its tourist rate increases yearly. People are usually intrigued when they hear about this country, and they make plans to visit it.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a safe and conducive environment, and the locals of the country are usually hospitable. This gives tourists peace of mind when they are in the country. This country is known for its historic buildings and sites.

You will come across many exceptionally beautiful women when you are in this country, and one thing that makes them stand out is their confidence. If you are concerned about these women being gold-diggers, be assured that it is not what concerns them in a man as they are independent and ambitious.

Dating Culture

The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina have a laid-back and relaxed nature, and this extends to the dating culture of the country.

In some countries, you will notice that they are limitations and the women cannot make a choice when it concerns dating. However, things are not done in the same in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In this country, the people are free to date whoever they like at any time that they wish. It is a free place that gives equal rights to all genders. It is important for you to keep it in mind that they are high chances of you meeting the family if you date any of the women. The women of Bosnia and Herzegovina have a close rapport with their family, and are prone to introduce their partners.

One does not need to hide the fact that they are in a relationship when in Bosnia and Herzegovina and nobody would portray a negative energy concerning relationship. The environment is always loving, to nurture relationships.

Engaging in a public display of affection is also not out of place in this country. It is believed that when people are in a relationship, there are tendencies to do some acts in public, and no one should take an offence to it.

If you desire any of these women and want a relationship, there is nothing stopping you from shooting your shot.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

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Webcam Dating

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Jovial is the best word that can be used to describe the women of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They have so much inbuilt energy that it may sometimes be hard to keep up. However, it assures you that you would have an excellent time as these women have a way of bringing people out of their shells.

There is a lot to expect from these women are they are not predictable. The best way to associate with them is to go with the flow as they have a tendency of involved in a lot of things. Bosnia and Herzegovina women are intellectual as they are ambitious and do not joke with getting a university education. These women are deep-thinkers and always task themselves with the goal of having a bright future which they believe can be accomplished by getting a degree.

If you are talking with them, the insights they have on different topics will leave you in awe. People say that they always strive to have a conversation with these women so that they can learn more.

For a typical lady, Bosnia and Herzegovina women are tall. This always adds to their elegance. These women are far from materialistic as they strive to have their money. It is not their business if you have money or not as they are open to a relationship irrespective of the size of your pocket.

Bosnian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Some people say that younger women arte usually more privileged than other women as they have more time and energy. Sometimes, this may be true and it may not be.

For Bosnia women, they do not beelive that they have time as they try to be engaged in every moment. They believe that what they can accomplish at a young age would help them soar higher in life.

Despite being focused, these women are also bubbly and lively. They do not like to be in a place that is dull or around people who wear a sad face. If any of these women see someone feeling down, they will make it a task to ensure that they cheer up the person.

These young women are free at all times, whether they are around their family or far away. The environment they were brought up in allows them to always have a relaxed nature.

They love interacting with people, especially foreign men. Besides, if they do not welcome you into their country, who would?

These young women are usually striving to build a career, and would appreciate if you can start up conversations that surround growth. However, they are always open to any type of conversation.

You will find a majority of these women at the universities and colleges, and their smile is always encouraging.

Bosnian Women (age 30 - 45)

The next set of women you would meet in Bosnia and Herzegovina is those who are slightly older than the youngest. You can say that they are in-between. There is a certain charming aura that surrounds you which compels a man at all times.

These women have the power of making men turn their heads whenever they walk by. Their personality also has the power of making people feel comfortability.

If you are around them, you will always feel at peace, which would make conversations with them flow smoothly.

These women are always confident in all areas of life including looks and personality. They know that they have high chances of getting any man they desire, and sometimes pry on that strength. They are also confident that they can achieve a lot of things, which helps in accomplishing their ambitions.

These women are open to relationships which would make your time more exciting in the country. They do not form hard to get or give difficulties to men. If they are comfortable with your looks and personality, they will agree to date you.

These women do not like being dependent on men, and it help the relationship as you are sure that monetary responsibilities would be shared equal.

It is always a delight to hang out with these women, and you would not regret pursuing a relationship with any of them.

Bosnian Ladies (age 45+)

It is not easy to determine the countenance you will get from women of this age range in different cities. However, for those in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will see cheerful women who want to be treated with respect.

These women are always ready to welcome you and ensure that you are comfortable, but they would not tolerate disrespect in any form. If you can remember, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country where there is equality for all genders. Thus, you will be on the bad side of these women if you are a sexist.

One can say that beauty runs deep in the women of Bosnia and Herzegovina as the women of this age range are catchy and attractive. Most of them do not like to bother themselves with working at this age, but you can find some who are tour guides. This is because they do not like being ideal.

It is not out of place to see these women at relaxation spots as they do not let their age restrict them from having fun. They are also a good judge of character as they have been in the world longer than others.

These women charm men with their attractive smile and coffee. You cannot say you had a beautiful stay or experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina if you have not tasted their coffee.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

With the growing popularity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is an increase in the number of foreigners who visit the city, both male and female.

Asides from tourism, foreigners come to this country for educational purposes. It may seem that this country is an underdog, but it has a standard education system, and those who are aware ensure to maximize it.

It is easy to find a foreign woman in this country the same way you would easily find a local woman. It might be a little bit hard to differentiate these women as they blend in perfectly with the locals.

One outstanding characteristic that you will notice in some of the foreign women you will meet is that they are materialistic and not independent. Some of them are in the country to grab opportunities to swindle a man. Thus, you need to be careful and cautious with them. However, this is not a generalization for all the foreign women.

Due to the open nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina, foreign woman are also free to indulge in anything they desire, and they are open to the idea of any relationship.

You will find these women at places that enable fun as they are out to have an excellent time in the country. You will also notice that you will find ease in connecting with these women.


Understandably, some men cannot see a beautiful woman without having lustful thoughts. Some may be used to have regular sex in their country, and would not want the act to stop when they are in a new country.

The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina are liberal when it concerns sex. Many of them, men and women alike, are sensual and would not hesitate to enter into such a relationship. One can say that sex happens in half of the relationships that happen in this country.

The boldness to engage in sexual activities can be traced back to upbringing as these people do not place any tag on sex. Also, the country gives its people the will and liberty to freely engage in anything they desire, so they do not hesitate when it comes to sex.

The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina understand that sexual urges cannot be controlled. Thus, they will rather that an individual finds how to quench and satisfy their sexual urges rather than staying in agony.

The people of this country consider it lucky that they have such freedom, and foreigners are also elated as it gives them the freedom to explore what a sexual experience with a Bosnia and Herzegovina woman entails.

These women love to explore when it comes to sex, and they are always ready to try something new if it would spice up their sexual life.

Sex Culture

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a free country that supports people engaging in activities at will. Thus, the people of the country do not have a negative perception concerning sex. Also, the country does not have any laws that restrict people from engaging in sex or other sexual activities.

The freedom in Bosnia and Herzegovina is so glaring that you will find women do not hide the fact that they sleep around. They have the confidence to do this because they know that the people of the country would not slut-shame them. Thus, you can say that there is a positive energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the people have a liberal mindset.

When it comes to sexual topics and discussions, there are also no restrictions. One can say that such topics interest the people of this city, so they will not find it out of place when someone decides to engage in it.

It is not out of place to have sexual discussions with anyone in this country as the people are open-minded. You might even get a tip or not when you talk about such topics.

You do not have anything stopping you from having sex with any woman in this country if she accepts to fuck you. If you want an easier access to these women, you can explore online dating sites.

One-Night Stands

Many people consider a one-night stand as their favorable option when they are in a new country. It could be due to the fear of fully opening up their hearts to a stranger. However, they would also want to indulge in sexual activities and its benefits.

By engaging in a one night stand, men can sleep with different women without feeling guilty or feeling like they have a responsibility to any specific woman.

In some countries, some women are not open to the idea of a one-night stand because they feel it puts a humiliating tag on them and they cannot stand the reaction when it becomes public knowledge.

However, due to the freeness in Bosnia and Herzegovina and how the people do not care about the sexual activities of others or engage in slut-shaming, the women in this country do not harbor such worries. Being people who are sexual, there are high chances of getting a woman who would want a sexual relationship in terms of a one-night stand.

The women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, encompassing of both the locals and foreigners are proactive when it comes to sex, so you should not have any issues with proposing such an offer to any of the women.

If you desire to do it physically or via an online medium, both would work out fine.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

It is common knowledge that people, especially foreigners feel more relaxed is an environment that is hyper and enabling to fun. When foreign men are in a place where they have the freedom to mingle with women and engage in any desired activity, it is normal for them to want to know the best places where they can meet single women in the country.

Relating with women in a comfortable environment brings them out of their shell. Thus, it is not proper for you to approach them in a place that is not conducive. However, many people need a guide on how to determine the places that classify as a perfect environment.

If you can remember, the women of Bosnia and Herzegovina love to keep busy, so it is wise to choose a place that would suit their schedule. If you decide to go to a place that clashes with their time, you will not find many women there, and it would limit your chances.

The best places to meet women are places that attract a huge crowd so that you can be exposed to a variety of them. We understand that it can be hatred and tasking to find a desired woman in a new country, so you need a place that steadily attracts different women.

Below are some of the places you must visit to achieve the quest of meeting women when you are in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

If you are looking for places that get high inflow and traffic of persons, the bars, pubs, and nightclubs are appropriate to fit the shoes.

If you are on a quest to meet women in a new country, there should be no reason why you would not visit as of these places. The reason why people patronize them a lot is because they are places with the ability to ease people of stress and put them in a happy mood.

The goal when talking to a woman is to ensure that she is not tensed, as you would not get the best from her if she is.

Here are some of the bars, pubs, and nights which you should visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Zlatan Ribica: Located in the capital city, this is an excellent bar that gets the attention of many in the country. For cocktails lovers, you will find them in abundance at this place as the cocktails that this bar provides are finessed in premium taste. The aesthetics of this place stands amongst one of the reasons why people feel comfortable and relaxed as it has a catchy and calm aura. It has different drink option varieties that leave its customers always anticipating.

Underground Club: It cannot be denied that the mood and atmosphere of things done underground are more intense, and makes interactions moiré interesting. At this underground club, you will enjoy rock and jazz music as there are always live gigs. The energy at this place is always hyper, and the people you will meet are always pleasant. It is a fun place that attracts a lot of ladies.

City Pub: One of the reasons why this pub is popular is because it many people have converted it to one of those famous spots for watching sports. One might thing that they would not see ladies at this place, but the reverse is the case. One thing you should always remember is that you cannot determine the women of this country. There is an array of drinks at this pub, so there is always a dynamic taste you can get whenever you visit.

Duradzik: Lovers of metal music sometimes complain that they find it difficult to find a club that gives out their music preference. If you are a part of such, your worries are over as this club is a place where you can enjoy rock and metal music. The live gigs are always pleasant and give joy to people. It attracts a lot of people, which gives you an access to a variety of women.

Celtic Pub: If you want to enjoy the best drinks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ranging from beers to wines and cocktails. Its outstanding services are what endear many people to this place as the staff are always ready to assist and ensure that you are comfortable while you are at the pub. In additional to its exceptional services, this pub also provides music to enjoy that its environment stays lively.

Shelter Pub: Shelter pub offers you one of the best entertainments you can get in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a place where you can enjoy live music and also stand-up comedy. At such a place, you know that you will see numerous people, which gives you access to women in abundance. You will have an exciting time at this place, and conversations will flow smoothly with the women.

Viking Pub: One thing we want you to understand is that not all pubs are favorable for you to meet a woman. If a pub does not have a conducive environment, people will not be comfortable to relax, and there will be a low inflow of people to the pub. However, at Viking Pub, there is always a high inflow of person, especially as they have provisions for bar games. The beers you will enjoy at this place can also not be forgotten, and music also makes the mood fantastic.

Club Palma: There is nothing that puts people in a better mood that belong at a gig where you resonate with the music, and the energy is always high. At this club, you will see women in abundance as they are attracted to the energy. It is a friendly place for foreigners to hang-out and the staff is always on the lookout to ensure that you are comfortable. You will not regret visiting this place.

Trezor: Although this place is new, it has rightly placed itself amongst the best in the country. It is one of the top commendations that you will get from any of the locals as it is a place where many of them hang-out, which gives you the assurance that you will see many women. The women at this place are always pleasant and you will have a smooth ride.

Freaky’s Pub: This is one pub where you would always find people. It is either they are hanging out alone or they are in groups. Approaching people at this place will be easy because everyone is usually friendly. The cocktails are this place has a memorable taste that you would not be forgetting anytime soon. Ensure that you visit this when you are in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Shopping Malls

For a country that experiences increase in foreigners every year, it is expected that they should have shopping malls where these tourists can get things that would bring them comfort. The essence of a shopping mall in any country cannot be overemphasized. After all, locals also benefit from it.

It would be impossible to find someone who says that a shopping mall does not provide at least one of the services they desire. At one point, everyone would have the need to use a mall. Thus, the mall gets a huge inflow of persons, and stands as one of the best places to meet women in the country.

There is the typical idea that women do the most shopping, so a greater percentage of those you will see at the shopping mall are women.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, men use the shopping mall as a place to approach ladies. If you ever had do0ubts about approaching them in a public place, visiting it would change your perception as it is something that everyone is doing.

You will not be considered a strong man if you do not have the confidence to approach women in public places. Besides, a Bosnia and Herzegovina woman appreciates getting attention in public, so you should not deprive her of such.

Luckily, you will see many shopping malls in the country.

Some of the shopping malls in Bosnia and Herzegovina are:

Alta Shopping Center

Sarajevo City Center

BBI Center

Grand Centar

Otoka Shopping Centar

Robot Socijanlo

Mepas Mall


Tuzlanka Shopping Mall

Mercarto Centar Dobrinja


One of the things on the mind of any tourist is to explore all the exciting places in the country. This is why you will see people trying to make time from any busy schedule they might have so that they would not miss out on such opportunity.

If you think that exploring these places is only for fun, you are wrong. Visiting these outdoor areas give you the opportunity to see and associate with many women. It is one of the simplest, yet strategic means of meeting women in any country.

The best part about this exploration is that you will have access to both local and foreign women.

Some of these outdoor areas are: Kravice Waterfall: The peace and serenity you will get at a waterfall can almost not be compared to any other. Hanging out at this place is one of the best choices you will make as you would have top-notch fun and meet people.

The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Many people are not comfortable when they do not visit the museum in a new country. They understand that hidden knowledge about the country can be gotten at the museums. You will find a lot of cultural artifacts at this museum.

Hutovo Blato: Visiting a natural reserve can be exciting, but it gets better when you have access to boat tours. With the knowledge that the tour would comprise of many people, you know that you will meet women which would assist in accomplishing your quest.

Universities and Colleges

Bosnia and Herzegovina women place a high value on education. There is hardly any of them who do not have thoughts and wishes to go to a university or colleges. Thus, you know that you will find many of them in educational institutions.

Many people believe that students are freer in relating with people as they are away from the confines of their parents. However, closer observations show that the women of Bosnia and Herzegovina maintain the same character.

Since there is freedom in the city and there is a close-knit relationship between members of the family, the women do not change when they leave their homes for the university or college. Thus, you can say that they are consistent in character.

Despite the fact that the educational institutions are perfect for your quest as they have a high inflow of persons, you should keep it in mind that you do not want to disturb their studies. Thus, you need to visit the schools when they do not have lectures.

Understandably, it would be hard as not everyone would have lectures at the same time. However, visiting toward the evening is a perfect idea.

These women would not give you an attitude if you stop them for a conversation. If they are in a hurry, they would reschedule. Ensure that you create time to visit some of the universities and colleges we would highlight below:

International University of Sarajevo

University of Sarajevo

University of Mostar

University of Bihac

Slobomir University

Herzegovina university

University Sinergija

University of Bijeljin

International Burch University

Paneuropean University Apeiron


There is no reason why you should not have a smooth relationship with a woman of Bosnia and Herzegovina as they are one of the easiest women you will meet in the world.

These women do not nag, neither do they demand much from a man. If you are with any of these women, you do not have to think of your pocket running dry as these women look beyond the amount of money that a man has.

Engaging in pre-marital sex is a common act amongst the women in this country due to their freeness and openness. They also do not think that it is out of place to move in with a man before marriage.

Holiday Romance

Being in a holiday romance with a woman when you are on vacation comes as a sort of conquest to some men. Although not all share this mindset, but majority of the foreign men in any new country would not mind having a holiday romance with a woman as it offers them companionship and makes the holiday more exciting.

When the thoughts of a holiday romance enter the mind of any man, the next thing is to reason if the women of the country would accept such a relationship.

Fortunately, both the local and foreign women in Bosnia and Herzegovina are open to such a relationship.

Tips for Successful Relationship

If you are gunning for a serious relationship, you need to put in effort to ensure that things would flow smoothly. Effort is needed when you are dealing with any woman. However, when it concerns Bosnia and Herzegovina women, here are some tips you need:

Be Creative: Being a creative lover gives you the opportunity to explore different methods that you can use to impressive your love. You should know that these women appreciate little gestures, so it does not have to be extravagant.

Do not brag: Bosnia and Herzegovina women do not like men who brag or showoff. After all, they are independent and do not care about your money. If you try to use money to impress them, you will be on the losing end because it would not work.

Have Morals: When it concerns the women of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you should need to have morals. This entails you being respectful of their family, friends, and general beliefs. There would be disagreements, but you should be matured to find a common ground and not let things escalate.


Many people make falling in love seem scary, and we are yet to understand the reason behind such logic. We know that love is a beautiful feeling, and wish that everyone would experience it.

The freeness and openness in Bosnia and Herzegovina makes it easy to fall in love with any of these women as you would enjoy the flow and energy.

You should not hesitate if you find yourself falling in love with any of these women as they would make the experience worth it.

If you have never being in love, you would not regret doing it in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Bosnia and Herzegovina women are usually direct about their feelings so there is no beating around the bush. This makes it easier for you to determine if they have genuine feelings for you or not.

These women do not think that it is necessary to be dubious about their feelings as it is not a characteristic that they associate with adults.

If any of these women give you love claims, there are every chance that it is genuine as they are deep and romantic lovers.

Loyalty is a necessity for them. If you are not ready to commit, do not make offers for a serious relationship to them.


You will encounter some expenses as a foreigner when making marriage plans in this country. However, it is not anything that would make you break the bank.

You will work directly with the court on documents to provide as a civil marriage is the only acceptable form of marriage in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The most important thing in the wedding process of Bosnia and Herzegovina is to get your marriage certificate, and this is through a civil wedding.

If you decide to do any other form of marriage like a religious form, it is your choice. Some people also decide to do a wedding reception.

Any extras to a civil marriage are the choice of the couple.

Family Life

Building a family in this country is not a joke as you need to be intentional and put effort to ensure that there is a tight relationship.



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