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San Juan (Puerto Rico) dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Puerto Rican women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Puerto Rican girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

A group of hot girls at the club Brava in San Juan

Girls in San Juan (Puerto Rico):

  • Looks of girls: 3 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in San Juan (Puerto Rico):

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in San Juan (Puerto Rico):

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about San Juan (Puerto Rico):

  • Nightlife in general: 3/ 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5/ 5
  • Moving around the city: 3/ 5
  • Budget per day: US$300 - $350
  • Accommodation: US$180 - $280


Pristine beaches, beautiful architecture, rich Spanish heritage and history, and of course, a very welcoming community; these are just a few of the qualities that make San Juan a popular destination among visitors of the Caribbean. These qualities also make San Juan ideal for people in relationships or those looking to find love.

San Juan is the capital city of Puerto Rico which is part of the United States Commonwealth. This city is located on the Northern Coast of the Island of Puerto Rico, on the Atlantic Ocean.

This city is part of a group of Islands commonly called the “Caribbean”. San Juan has a very rich history, both as a part of the old Spanish empire and also as a part of the now modern United States of America.

A lot of the buildings or architecture present in this city still tell the story of its rich Spanish heritage. There are a lot of fortes that were built with the prevailing Spanish architecture centuries ago that remain down to this day, and a lot of them have become popular tourist attractions.

A lot of the residents in New Caledonia identify as Christians with the Roman Catholic church claiming to have half of the total population as members.

Some other members of the population identify as protestants with the Free Evangelical Church and the Evangelical Church of New Caledonia accounting for a large number of protestants. There is also a small number of Muslims as well as Christians who identify with other denominations.

As a part of the United States Commonwealth, one of the official languages is English. The other official language is Spanish. It is noteworthy that despite the focus on the use of the English Language, about 95% of the population use Spanish in their day to day activities compared with 10% of the population who are fluent in the English Language.

Like most countries that have experienced the influence of several diverse cultures, San Juan embraces artwork from a lot of ages as well as a lot of cultures. It is common to find Contemporary, Classic, Urban or Historical works in the city.

Most works are an expression of the distinct form of the Caribbean culture found in San Juan.

The best collection of artworks on the Island can be found at Museo de Arte de Ponce, La Americas Avenue in San Juan. Some of the famous art pieces in this collection include:

  • Jan van Eyck’s Salvatore Mundi
  • Rossetti’s Daughters of King Lear

Artworks by Puerto Rico artists such as Jose Campeche, Francisco Oller as well as Mexican Diego Rivera are also on display in the museum.

No one visits the Caribbean without sampling some of its popular delicacies. It is no different for visitors of Puerto Rico, San Juan to be more precise. While cuisines in San Juan are a lot like other Caribbean Islands, the taste evokes a unique feeling of satisfaction in the consumer as most dishes are a fine blend of Spanish, African, Taino, and American influences.

These dishes are fondly referred to as Cocina Criolla, attesting to the rich history of the recipes as they have been passed down for several generations. Popular delicacies in San Juan are outlined below:

  • Arroz Con Gandules: This is known by natives as the Island’s national food. It is the first food every Puerto Rican Abuela teaches her grandchildren. This dish is made up of white rice cooked with olives, capers, tomato sauce, seasoning, sofrito, and pigeon peas. Pork is sometimes added to the dish to make it more appetizing.
  • Alcapurrias: This dish when prepared expertly is very delicious. It bears a resemblance to the corndog in America, but it is far tastier. It is made with yucca and plantains into fritters which are then filled with ground beef.
  • Mofongo: One of the classic Puerto Rican cuisines. It is made by mashing green plantains and seasoning it with garlic and salt. Most times, it is stuffed with chicken, shrimp, beef, or even vegetables.

Dishes from other parts of the world can also be found in restaurants all around San Juan as it is a very popular tourist destination.

The official currency of Puerto Rico is the United States Dollar. It is usually referred to as ‘peso’ or ‘dollar’ by Puerto Ricans. San Juan has a population of over 309,990 people, and the major ethnic groups are White Hispanic who accounts for 62.5% of the total population, other races (Hispanic) 17.1%, African American (Hispanic) 13.5%.

The economy of San Juan employs over 118,000 people with the Health care and Social assistance industries contributing to a large percentage of the workforce.

While Puerto Rico does not have a lot of the exotic wildlife common in other regions of the world, there are still some land-based animals to look forward to. One of them is the Coqui frog, an amphibian native to the Island. The Puerto Rican parrot is another popular animal. The waters of Puerto Rico are also filled with sea turtles, an animal that excites tourists whenever they visit.

Puerto Ricans are known to be very friendly and accommodating people. They are always ready to assist even when they are meeting the person for the first time.

Dating Culture

The population of San Juan is predominantly Latino and they are very open to dating. There is a divide between the norms of traditional families and the more conventional ideals accepted in urban society.

One thing that people in this part of the world do not take for granted is their relationship with one another. Families are close-knit and many of them live together with extended family members. It is not unusual to see one’s grandparents and cousins living in the same house as the nuclear family.

This fosters a close relationship within the family. The result of this is that these are always involved in romantic relationships that develop between a member of the family and an individual outside the family.

Many older citizens always advise a chaperone to go out with the individuals dating to prevent them from participating in any ‘defiling’ conduct. This practice is no longer common with the younger generation as these are usually given the freedom to go on dates without anyone supervising them.

The rich culture of the Puerto Rican people is clear for all to see in the capital city, San Juan. A lot of women live in this city and they are always proud to share nuggets of their culture with visitors and tourists.

The economy of San Juan is not as prosperous as other U.S states and as such the city experiences a high unemployment rate among residents. This has led to prostitution among many local women.

Locals are not shy about showing their affections publicly. Restaurants and malls are filled with people in relationships showing their feelings publicly towards one another. This practice which is tempered among the older generation is more prevalent with the younger generation who use every opportunity to show how they feel about their mate.

The influence of the different cultures that have merged to form what is now modern-day Puerto Rico is seen in the capital city, San Juan. Here, locals are courteous towards women and treat them appropriately. American culture especially plays a huge role in the way women are perceived.

The members of the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, and Bisexual community are welcome in San Juan since they enjoy legal status within the city. It is not unusual to see LGBT couples traversing the city during the day and night. These are also free to express their feelings openly towards each other without any stigma from the larger society.

The society remains largely opposed to cohabitation between unmarried individuals as many members of the society are very traditional in their views of relationships. However, a section of the society is unconcerned about this and even view this as a way to ensure compatibility before taking the step towards marriage.

There are a lot of places for people in relationships to visit, as well as lots of activities they can engage in. Old San Juan, the part of the city that tells the story of the rich Spanish heritage of San Juan is always open for visitors.

Ocean Beach is also another place that is frequented by visitors and tourists. The boat tours, restaurants, and cinemas all around the city are also popular hotspots for visitors and tourists.

A city like San Juan which has thousands of visitors yearly needs a more efficient and less tedious way of meeting women all around the Island. This has been taken care of by the various dating sites available for visitors and residents of the city.

Some of the most used sites are listed below:


The official legal age for marriage in San Juan is 18 years. This city has a high rate of domestic abuse despite the large sensitization programs taking part in the city.

There are also a lot of prostitutes and the associated trafficking that comes along with it since a lot of women live in poverty and have to engage in such acts to take care of themselves and their families.

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Online Dating

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San Juan is filled with a lot of gorgeous women. Some visitors who come to San Juan come mainly to meet these women. A lot of the women are Americans with Latino origins.

They are classy ladies who know how to take care of their bodies. They are up to date with fashion trends and do not disappoint in their appearance. Anyone who visits after hearing about San Juan women would be left impressed by their sheer beauty.

Some more traditional families place a lot of emphasis on the more traditional role of the female gender. They encourage women not to seek pleasure, but rather focus their attention on getting married, giving birth to children, and taking care of the family.

However, as a result of modern civilization, the influence of the American culture, as well as foreign influences, society’s view towards such issues, is changing. A lot of women are encouraged to pursue careers and make a meaningful life for themselves.

Moreover, despite this change, there is still a large emphasis on women giving birth to children by many families, especially by the grandparents who always want to see the family line continued.

Female literacy is fairly okay in San Juan when compared to other parts of the world, but it is low when compared to other states in the United States Commonwealth.

Women in San Juan are very hardworking. A lot of them are entrepreneurs running their businesses. Most of the traders in the markets all around San Juan are women.

Women in this part of the world have no qualms about taking part in dates. The younger generation is very open to this. It is not uncommon to hear them talk about the number of dates they have gone on when discussing with their peers.

Cohabitation is very common in San Juan. While the older generation may frown at the practice, the younger generation is very involved in this practice.

While the aim of most relationships in San Juan is marriage, some women also engage in short romantic flings. Foreign women are usually more open to this than the local women.

Domestic violence cases are high in this city and the full scope of the problem is not yet clear to authorities since a lot of these cases go unreported.

A lot of the victims prefer to confide in friends, family members, and church authorities instead of reporting such cases to the governmental authorities. There are several programs by the government set-up specifically to educate women on their options if they face this challenge.

Puerto Rican Girls (age 18 - 29)

These are the women visitors hope to meet whenever they travel to San Juan. These women are simply breathtaking. They are very beautiful ladies who pay a lot of attention to their bodies. Many of them take jogs and strolls around the city just to stay in shape.

They are up to date with trends in other parts of the world and certainly embrace them. They are very keen to take part in dating and have no problem with engaging in premarital sex.

These women like to visit shopping malls and beaches during the day and many of them can be found at bars and nightclubs during the night. They know how to have a good time and are very engaging if you converse with them.

The concept of sugar daddies is very common in San Juan. Many women are interested in romantic relationships with rich benefactors who take care of their everyday needs. A lot of these women subscribe to sugar daddy dating sites.

Many women around this age are unmarried and identify as liberal although some of them are still conservative in their views.

Puerto Rican Women (age 30 - 45)

These women are a slightly older version of their younger counterparts. They also pay a lot of attention to their appearance and many of them can be seen visiting malls, beauty salons, and spars during the day just to stay beautiful. They are up to date with global fashion styles and are very open to a premarital sexual relationship.

Many of them are interested in relationships that lead to marriage, and usually like to make their intentions known at the beginning of the relationship. A lot of them are employed or gainfully involved in businesses.

They are certainly very industrious and know how to keep a conversation going. They are also involved in societal issues and very conscious of their rights.

Puerto Rican Ladies (age 45+)

Women around this age mostly speak Spanish. Some of them are fluent in the English Language too. They are very active in society and always ready to stand up for other younger women.

They are mostly married women, although the number of divorces among this age grade has been on the increase in recent times.

They are more traditional in their views and see the role of women in a more traditional sense. These women usually prefer to take part in relationships that are long term in nature. A lot of them can be found in restaurants, shopping malls, and markets.

A more recent trend is emerging in modern times where these women are open to extramarital affairs with younger men. Women around this age are not very exposed when compared with their younger counterparts, so they are not open to some of the more recent sexual ideals.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

One of the guarantees of visiting San Juan is that you are bound to meet foreign girls. Many of them come to the city on business trips while a lot of them are just there to have fun.

They usually frequent popular tourist locations like beaches and Old San Juan. They can also be found at shopping malls as well as on boat tours that are regularly held around the surrounding Islands.They are usually pleasure-seekers who are more interested in one-night stands or short romantic flings.

One of the perks of dating a foreign girl is that you spend a lot of them since they have very expensive tastes. They are very knowledgeable of happenings in the world and conversations with them are quite insightful and interesting.


ust like other states in the United States of America Commonwealth, premarital sex is not a big deal in San Juan. There are still some residents who still feel that sex should be between married individuals only. Many of them encourage their unmarried daughters to live at home until she is ready to get married.

Nowadays, however, this practice is not so common as the culture prevalent in other U.S states is now the norm in San Juan. The focus of most relationships is marriage.

Prostitution is also common in San Juan as a lot of women live below the poverty line. The concept of sugar daddies is quite popular in San Juan.

There are a lot of dating sites set up for just this purpose. On these sites, it is possible to meet women who are willing to engage in this act. Some of the popular sites for this include:


Sex Culture

As a member of the United States Commonwealth, vast resources are used in sensitization programs meant for women and young girls on sexual issues. A lot of these women are taught how to stand up to oppressive marriage mates.

Despite all these efforts, a lot of women still experience domestic abuse. The actual number is not known since a lot of cases go unreported.

The economic situation of San Juan is not as positive as other states in the United States of America. The result of this is that prostitution is very common in San Juan. They are usually found in hotspots frequented by tourists and foreigners.

Most of the residents have no problem with engaging in premarital sex. However, many families frown at this and encourage their unmarried adults to stay home until they are ready to get married.

Same-sex marriage is also common here as it has been legalized like other states in the United States of America. One-night stands and extramarital affairs are also very common in San Juan.

One-Night Stands

A one-night stand is a fairly new term. It refers to sexual activity between individuals who have no plan of engaging in a formal relationship.

While a lot of the local women you find at clubs, bars and pubs would have no problem with this, it is not very common among more traditional local women.

The bars, pubs, and night clubs are usually frequented by foreign women. One of their main aims while partying is to find men who they would be willing to hook up with. They are more open to one-night stands than the local women.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Single girls love to have fun. They can easily be found at bars, beaches, clubs, and shopping malls. San Juan is littered with these kinds of locations.

These girls can be seen during the day or even at night. Some of the popular locations for meeting girls during the day include:

  • Ocean Park beach
  • Plaza del Sol
  • The Mall of San Juan
  • San Patricio Plaza

These girls are open to adventure and are very easy going. However, they are a little reserved around strangers. Once you can scale through their initial defenses, a very fruitful conversation can then ensue.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Like many lively tourist cities in different parts of the world, the city of San Juan does not sleep at night. Visitors and tourists are always in for a treat.

There are several bars, nightclubs, and pubs that are open all night just to provide entertainment as well as exposure to the rich culture of Puerto Rico. These facilities are hotspots to meet beautiful local women and tourists who are ready to have a good time.

One popular activity to engage in is to visit the serene Laguna Granda, one of the five bioluminescent bays in the world. An exquisite sight for any visitor. Some of the frequented bars and nightclubs in the city include:

  • Club Brava, situated in El San Juan Hotel
  • Latin roots located at Calle Comercio, San Juan
  • La Rumba Party boat, located at Plaza Darsenas, San Juan
Party at the club Brava in San Juan

Shopping Malls

A vibrant city such as San Juan has a lot of shopping malls. They are very important to keep up with the demand of the thousands of visitors who come to the Island each year.

Some of the most recognized shopping malls are:

  • The Mall of San Juan
  • Plazas Las Americas
  • San Patricio Plaza
  • Santurce POP


While San Juan has a lot of hotels and resorts that offer superb indoor services, no one comes to San Juan intending to remain indoors. The city is best enjoyed outdoors.

There are a lot of nice places to visit in the festive city of San Juan. It is also the best place to experience the culture of the Puerto Rican people. Below are some places to try out whenever one visits San Juan:

  • Isla Verde beach
  • Condado beach
  • Old San Juan
  • Fuerte San Felipe del Morro
  • San Juan Cathedral
  • Museo de las Americas

Universities and Colleges

One of the core tenets of democracy is the right to education for every child. No country in the world places a higher value on education like the United States of America, and as a member of the United States Commonwealth, education is second nature to citizens of Puerto Rico.

There are a lot of educational institutions in San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico. They include:

  • University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras
  • Universidad Metropolitana
  • Inter American University of Puerto Rico -Metro

These are the largest universities in San Juan, with the three Universities alone accounting for 50.9% of the degrees awarded by all Universities in 2017.

The most popular courses of study in San Juan are Registered Nursing, Accounting, and Social Work.

Tuition costs are not as high as other states in the United States of America, with median tuition costs standing at $5,670 for private colleges and $2,052 and $4,320 respectively for public four-year colleges for in-state and out-of-state students.


The way people act and feel towards each other has been given the term “relationship”. These relationships can take the form of family relationship, acquaintanceship, friendship, or romantic relationships.

Most times when the word ‘relationship’ is used, it usually describes a close connection between two people with romantic feelings towards one another.

San Juan is always filled with people in relationships. People of all ages and works of life engage in relationships and the atmosphere in the city is better for it.

The beautiful destinations in the city just make the potential to kick start relationships higher. Local girls as well as foreigners are open to such relationships.

Many of them possess the necessary exposure and experience in dealing with issues associated with a relationship.

Holiday Romance

Holiday romance is not a new term. It involves a romantic relationship that blossoms between individuals who have left the comfort of their home to have fun and relax at a holiday destination. It can be between locals and visitors or between two visitors.

The stage in San Juan is set for this kind of relationship. Interestingly, while they may start as short-term ventures, quite a lot of them progress into something more serious. Locals in San Juan are always welcoming to visitors and the women are open to such relationships.

Since San Juan is also among the top holiday destinations in the Caribbean, you can expect to meet a lot of foreign women who would be open to such relationships.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Everyone wants their relationship to succeed. Sadly, however, most relationships are set-up to fail right from the beginning and the couple does not even realize it till it is too late. Few things hurt more than a failed relationship. To ensure that this is not your lot, the following tips are major keys:

  • Always build trust in your mate. This is the bedrock of any successful relationship. Any relationship that does not have trust as one of its foundations is destined for failure.
  • Be a good Listener. This quality is always one of the most underrated parts of a successful relationship. Solutions to challenges in a relationship can only come when both parties learn to listen.
  • Apologize without hesitation. While this might not be easy to do, it is an essential requirement for any successful relationship.
  • Always look for opportunities to show gestures of love. They must not be elaborate. Something as simple as opening the door for her or even offering to carry the grocery bag can go a long way.

One other thing is to take time to know your mate so that you would know things that can sour her mood and avoid them.


How does one even begin to describe the word Love? Poets write all about it, musicians and songwriters cannot do without it and writers always like to tell a story that shows how profound it can be.

Well, for all the efforts the aforementioned individuals make, love is best known when it is felt. It is a feeling of the heart. One that moves a person to show genuine care and interest in the affairs of another.

A feeling that makes you always want to communicate with the other person, to share your joys, your regrets, and even your goals or dreams with the other person. Only someone who has felt it can truly know the scope of what it entails.

Just saying you are in love is simply not enough. Love is shown by actions. Communication is key between persons in love. The scenery in San Juan is ideal to find this kind of love.

There are beautiful women all around the city with very fine values that would be interesting in having serious relationships with the potential to get to this stage.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

How do you know if you have finally found that special woman who would be willing to spend the rest of her life with you? The one who would be willing to accept you with all your perks, who would be able to make the needed sacrifices to ensure that your relationship continues to blossom.

Well, no one has a simple answer to this. The most important thing in a relationship is not perfection, but rather compatibility and tolerance.

  • How does she respond when you make mistakes? Is she willing to forgive and move on? If yes, then you might just have yourself a keeper.
  • Does she possess the qualities that make both of you compatible?
  • Do your goals in life align or complement one another?
  • Do you think you would continue to find her attractive as the years go by?
  • Is she emotionally consistent or Is she prone to sudden fits of anger?

All these questions should be given the needed consideration and you can be sure that your choice would be close to your opinion of a perfect woman.


Marriages in San Juan are usually Civil marriages. These marriages have been described by many couples as being magical since it is a fine blend of romance, adventure, a great culture, and an entrance into the exciting history of the city.

The most important requirement for getting married in San Juan is the age. Anyone who intends to get married must be at least 18 years or older.

However, it is possible to get married at 17 years but the applicant must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who to give the required legal consent.

Permission must also be obtained from the Supreme Court Judge. The requirements are indicated below:

  • Application must be made at least three days before the wedding as a three-day waiting period is mandatory according to the law.
  • A non-refundable marriage license application fee of 62 dollars must be made.
  • Valid photo identification issued by the government of the country where the applicant lives.

A passport or driver's license is enough for citizens but a valid green card, visa or passport must be provided if the applicant is a foreigner.

  • For non-residents of San Juan, an affidavit must be provided attesting to the fact that they are not residents of San Juan and also that they do not intend to stay longer than the time indicated on their travel documents.

Unlike other regions or states in the United States commonwealth, the following documents are not required for marriage:

  • Residency documents
  • Proof of divorce if the applicant is divorced. However, divorce must be final.
  • No blood tests or medical examinations are necessary to obtain a marriage license.

Same-sex marriages are legal in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and by extension, San Juan.


You would hardly find a better place to get married than Puerto Rico. This proud Caribbean country boasts a wide variety of mind-boggling destinations to tie the knot and no place sets the stage better than the capital city San Juan.

One can even make the argument that the city was made with the prospect of weddings in mind.

One just needs to pick the style for the wedding. Some of the most popular wedding destinations include:

  • El Convento, a boutique hotel located in Old San Juan
  • The Cathedral San Juan is also another popular destination, especially among Catechists.
  • El Conquistador is World Class wedding destination, boasting exotic facilities just 31 miles away from the city center of San Juan.
  • The Ritz-Carlton San Juan Hotel, Spa and Casino is also a very fine wedding location, especially when planning a luxury wedding.

Many of the resorts have wedding planners to aid you in your wedding preparations. There are also wedding planners all around the city waiting for the opportunity to make your wedding ceremony one to remember.

Family Life

Families in San Juan are monogamous by law, yet a lot of families live with other members of their extended family. This leads to a strong communal culture among residents. They also place a lot of emphasis on being good neighbors even to strangers.

The roles of males and females are more traditional in most families, although women are being encouraged to make a career for themselves in recent times.

The city has a very good network and transportation system and enjoys a fairly good medical system. Education in San Juan is structured like other states in the U.S and is of a very high standard.

Nightlife is always something to look forward to in San Juan because of the very lively atmosphere and destinations that are set up for fun. There are also a lot of banks and financial institutions to cater to the large tourist presence in the city.

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