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San Jose (California) dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Californian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Californian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in San Jose, California, United States of America.

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Girls in San Jose (California):

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.9 / 5

Dating in San Jose (California):

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.7 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.8 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.7 / 5

Sex in San Jose (California):

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.i / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.7 / 5

More about San Jose (California):

  • Nightlife in general: 3.9 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.6 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $1,000
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $700


Your trip to San Jose would not be enjoyed to the fullest if you do not attempt to date some of the local girls in the city. San Jose is the largest city in Northern California and it is home to over 1 million residents. Even though the number of males outnumbers females in San Jose by a fair margin, you'll still find a lot of nice single women around that you can ask out on a date.

However, this population discrepancy also rings a bell. With the great population of males in the city, make sure you try to be the best if you end up dating a girl from San Jose because there are lots of options of other men around. If you give room for a loophole, she might end up being in the arms of another.

If you're dating a girl from San Jose, you'll be exposed to some of the city's exclusive specialties such as the Sticky Monkey and psycho donuts. And, the girls love to drink. Going out consistently to enjoy a night out and spending a lot of time together grabbing cocktails at some of the city's finest spots are some of the packages that come with dating a girl from San Jose.

If you and your San Jose sweetheart are having little challenges and she seems to be plunged in a bad mood or you need something to smooth over an argument, just get her In-N-Out burger. You can probably get into the heart of the local girls in San Jose through In-N-Out so, rather than buying flowers, get her what she likes (you know that already).

With the numerous fine dating spots dotting the city, you can't escape going on romantic dates with your San Jose sweetheart. One of your romantic dates will definitely be at the San Jose Rose Garden and all you'll just have to do is to take a walk through and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere - you'll never have a problem finding flower petals. There are lots of nice places where you and your San Josean lady can go have a nice time together.

During the day, the local girls in the city love to be at the San Jose Flea Market where they can find whatever they may be looking for and you and your sweetheart can always visit here to spend quality time together. Hiking dates are also common in the city. With the locals' passion for hiking, some of your prerequisites or kits for dating will include some good shoes for hiking.

Apart from the fact that hiking does serve as a date option with no cost, you two will also get to keep off those extra pounds. If hiking worries you, you can always catch a fantastic show. Taking your girl out on an awesome date night in the arts has been made easy and comfortable with the presence of San Jose Stage Company and, you definitely won't have to go through the stress of leaving the city in search of a nice place to catch a show.

Another interesting thing about dating San Jose girls is that they're not really high maintenance like most other Californian girls. A large number of girls in the city are career girls and the chances are high that you'll get to meet and date girls that work at a big tech company or a start-up. This is Silicon Valley, after all. Even though the girls may not be really high maintenance, situations may at times put you in a spot where you may have to spend more than your budget. But the thing is, your financial status or level may likely not affect your partner's thoughts about you if she truly likes you.

Some of the local girls in San Jose are lovers of sport. If you do not meet a girl who loves soccer or hockey, you'll surely meet a girl who is crazily into baseball. There are lots of baseball fans in San Jose anyways so, you already know you can't escape going to watch games with your sweetheart, even if you're not a fan. San Jose girls love wine a lot and you'll find a lot of spots in the city where wine flows better than water. Thus, you and your sweetheart would have a lot of options of places where you can go enjoy drinking wine together. So, let's give a toast to your new love as we raise our glasses.

Find yourself a date and settle in for the fun ride. San Jose girls are laid-back and fun to be with and you'll enjoy every bit of time you spend with them.

Dating Culture

San Jose has an active hookup culture. Even though the city has a shortage of women compared to men, which may make one think that serious dating may be rife in the city, the reverse is the case actually. Just like most other cities in the U.S like New York City, short-term and casual dating has become the norm in San Jose.

A lot of women in the city now feels more comfortable with settling down for 'friends with benefits' situations because they believe that it will make things easier for them and they won't have to be struggling to inject their effort and time into maintaining and sustaining a committed, long-term relationship.

Most of the women in the city find it difficult to settle down with someone in a committed relationship and shift from serial dating, despite the city's adequate opportunity for 'dating' experiences. The gender ratio of the city has nothing to do with the city's hookup scene because women aren't even necessarily trying to date here in San Jose because, rather than settling down and pursuing relationships actively, they prefer to focus on friendships, graduate school, and careers.

People who are technology workers spend very long hours at work and most of all their personal needs such as laundry, gym, and meals are catered to them onsite. As a result of this, they already find it difficult to go out to meet, mingle, and date singles who are dateable, and even if they're able to find a little time to do this, they're often unwilling to put in their effort. And, this is why casual dating is gradually becoming the norm in the city.

The dating scene in San Jose can be best described to be a complex act of equilibrating personal and career goals. Meeting singles in the city, let alone dating could be somewhat herculean due to the many singles working long hours. Singles in the city find it hard to judiciously split the hours between work and romance and dating in San Jose and Silicon Valley is for those who are pretty strong.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

Dating in San Jose (California) can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in San Jose (California) and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

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Most of what you need to know about the women in the city have already been highlighted and being already familiarized with the city's dating scene and culture, you already know what you stand to face if you want to date a woman in San Jose. Career women are rife in San Jose and if you're not dating one who works in a very big tech company, you'll meet one who is working at a start-up. These women may not have enough quality time to spend with you and for the best interest of their career, they may choose to subscribe to dating you casually.

However, due to the fact that they're tech-savvy, some of the women who do not have the time to go out and meet new people as normal singles ready to mingle should do, they are signed up on online dating websites where they can meet single men at their own pace and comfort. But the point still remains that most of them may not be capacitated to offer you a serious, dedicated long-term relationship.

Regardless, you should still be able to find women who are not really career-eccentric in the city and they could have a lot of time to spend with you. You might want to take caution in falling in love too quickly as well because there are some women who only came for a temporary job in San Jose and they may have enough time to hang out with you, have fun together, and all of that but, they could leave anytime.

Nevertheless, if you're lucky to find a woman in San Jose who's looking for a serious relationship, you should count yourself lucky and fortunate because they're not really high maintenance. All they want is to have some fun, find someone who truly cares about them, and escape from the stress at work and, if you're able to provide them these, you'll enjoy a smooth ride.

Dating a woman from San Jose successfully also necessitates a great level of understanding because "two cannot work together unless they agree". Most of the women you'll meet in San Jose are Whites, Asians, and Hispanics but you'll also meet a handful of Blacks and Native Americans.

Hot local women of San Jose partying at lvl 44 club

Californian Girls (age 18 - 29)

These girls are not hard to come by. You'll meet them almost anywhere you go to in the city and they're usually approachable. While most of them are college students and college graduates, others are those who were incapacitated to go to college and had to resolve to working at some of the shops or restaurants in the city trying to keep body and soul together.

These girls are not usually high maintenance when it comes to going out with them but there are a few of them who could be more particular and keen on how much you earn and the kind of car you drive. If you want to enjoy dating these girls, money will be very important because most of them would want to enjoy the best out of life while they're still young, wild, and free. However, they may have other options too so, don't think you're the only guy they're dating. San Jose has a lot of men anyways, maybe they're just trying to balance the ratio, maybe.

Young girls of San jose love to party

Californian Women (age 30 - 45)

These are usually the career women in the city. While you will meet them during the day at the coffee shop or at the restaurant where they're getting lunch, you can also find them at one of the cool bars in the neighborhood where they're trying to de-stress. These girls may appear sophisticated and elegant but they're actually not hard to crack.

Most are always down for something more intimate because it's not every time they get to be out and meet someone handsome apart from the faces they're used to seeing at their workplace. So, if you spot them anywhere, be confident to walk up to them, and exchange pleasantries. These girls are quite easy to relate with but they're more attracted to guys who are very smart and know how to make a girl laugh and if you're a fine blend of these, you're good to go.

Californian Ladies (age 45+)

Come to any of the city's parks and pick as many of these ladies you'll love to pick up. Known to be caring and cordial, guys who love to hook up with these older ladies must be spontaneous when it comes to being romantic and must have a very good body shape. Some other places where you can meet and hook up with these ladies are:

  • Vino Vino 
  • La Foret 
  • Vintage Wine Bar
  • McCormick and Schmick’s
  • The Branham Lounge
  • Santana Row

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

There's a good number of foreign girls in San Jose. The city offers lots of work opportunities due to its many industries and tech companies and thus, it attracts people from different parts of the world who seek a better job. Casual dating is common among these foreign girls. Most of them are not always ready to commit to a serious relationship because their work is their priority. They're always down for casual dating with guys who don't mind and they're not very picky like the local girls when it comes to choosing their freaky partner(s).

More so, this city houses numerous universities and colleges and as a result, the number of beautiful college girls you'll meet in San Jose is countless! San Jose State University is the largest university in the city and it has the reputation of hosting some of the most beautiful girls in the city. However, most of these college girls are party lovers and they're only looking for who to vibe and while away time with. And, guys who are handsome and have a good body shape stand a better chance with these girls.

Foreign girls of San Jose can be found at the various nightclubs around the city


Getting sex with the local girls in San Jose is not impossible but could be challenging considering the dating scene in the city. With the number of men overshadowing the number of women in the city by a fair margin, coupled with the busy career life lived my most of the women in the city, those who seek to have sex with the local girls in San Jose must not be faint at heart and must be a go-getter. Girls in San Jose are actually not difficult to get laid with, they're liberal like most other girls in the state of California.

However, there's a large number of women in San Jose who prefer casual dating to a serious relationship and with this, sex does happen often with no emotional attachments nor commitments. It's just about having fun and gratifying the body with what it needs. To get laid with girls in San Jose, you don't really need to swing money all over or work yourself up, if a girl finds you charming and attractive and you have a good vibe together, things will definitely run smoothly between you too and sex is the least thing you could get.

Sex is common in San Jose for those who know how to pull the strings. During the weekend, you'll meet most of the women in the city at some of the nightlife spots. While some of the girls are there to have fun, some are just lurking around, hoping to get approached by a lovely guy they can get laid with. With the plentiful career girls in San Jose, you'll definitely find a couple of women who will be down for casual sex and hookups and if you're good in bed, they'll keep in touch with you and reach you anytime they need to get greased.

Sex Culture

In a city like San Jose situated in a prominent state like California and a country like the United States that is bustling with a lot of smart, educated, and independent women, it's not so difficult to understand that the women are at the liberty to clearly define their sexual preferences and encounters. No-one is slut-shamed for indulging in sex with whoever they desire to and besides, who's got the time to be watching who. It's a busy city where everyone is busy living their respective lives.

Women in San Jose are liberal and most of them even prefer engaging in casual sex to staying in a committed relationship that comes with a lot of sacrifices, of which they're not ready to make any.

One-Night Stands

Casual dating and casual sex are rife in San Jose. With the high number of women who are not really looking for a serious relationship blended with the busy life of a lot of women in the city, flings, and friends with benefits are gradually becoming the norm in the city.

Getting a one-night stand in San Jose is actually not difficult but you must understand that the competition may be high. If you go to the bar, you'll meet fellow guys who also have the same motive with you but if you're confident and have a personable attitude to hold a great conversation, you'll enjoy getting one-night stands with girls in San Jose frequently.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Regardless of all, there's a great population of single girls in San Jose to hook up with. The interesting thing about San Jose is that as you'll meet single girls who are ready to mingle, you'll also meet singles who only want to take things casually with you. You can barely stay single in San Jose for a long period of time if you go out often and use all the tips you can get to successfully get hooked up with a beautiful girl in this city.

The key to meeting a lot of single girls in San Jose is still going out to socialize because if you stay locked indoors or do not move beyond where you're residing, you may just be moving in and around the same circle. Take time to take a stroll out, explore the city, go check out some venues, and overall, have fun.

The Downtown Area: So, we earlier talked about taking a stroll out and if you finally decide to do that, this is where you should make your strolling base - downtown San Jose. Often blessed with a lot of foot traffic, the downtown area in the city is one of the best places to meet single girls in San Jose. Whether you want to meet girls in San Jose during the day or when it's dark, this area is a great spot for you because it's the singles nightlife area in the city and there's a whole lot of girls to meet here any day any time. If you want to meet girls here when it's getting dark, just take a stroll around San Pedro Square or along Santana Row. These two spots have some of these finest bars and clubs and as a result, you can't help but meet a lot of beautiful, hot girls here.

San Jose State University: Since 1862 when it was enacted, this university has never failed in being a hotspot for meeting and hooking up with girls. If you desire to hook up with some of the sexy college girls in San Jose, SJSU promises a lot of offers for you and, being the largest university in the city, the number of girls you will meet may be overwhelming for you thus, your options of girls to pick up are unlimited. The student population of this university is ethnically diverse and you'll find everything from Black girls to Whites, Asians, or whatever your preference is. If you cannot game on campus, you can just hang around at the parks or shops that are close-by because they receive high patronize from the college girls.

Shopping Malls: Shopping malls have become part of the best places where you can meet beautiful single girls in San Jose. During the day, you'll find a lot of pretty San Jose ladies checking out some of the stores here and if you're not easily intimidated, you can walk up to any girl here and kick-start a short, nice conversation. You can start with a nice compliment but don't make it look awkward so you don't appear weird. You can try meeting single girls at any of these malls and shopping centers:

  • Great Mall
  • Eastridge
  • Westfield Valley Fair
  • Santana Row
  • Westfield Oakridge

Nightclubs: Known for their flair for partying and dancing, it's inarguable that Californian girls are part of the most laid-back girls in the United States of America. The clubs are always bustling with a lot of girls and these are spots where you'll have a vast option of girls to pick up. If you are good-looking, attractive, and have a few cash, a lot of the young girls will be drawn to you and you will barely suffer any difficulty in getting hooked up.

Singles Bar and Wine Bars: The women in the city may live a busy life but, one thing they don't joke with is going to the bars to let off all steam. Singles bars are where most of them get their share of one-night stands and being a spot where drinks are flowing, the atmosphere is usually friendly to enjoy a little chitchat to set you two in the mood. For a cozier atmosphere, hit up some of the wine bars in the city and you'll find a wide array of beautiful ladies having a wonderful time. The women in the city have a thing for wine and this is why you'll always meet a lot of single women at wine bars. If you're into cougars and older women, make sure you get yourself here as soon as you can.

  • Dive Bar
  • San Pedro Square Market
  • Paper Plane
  • Cafe Stritch
  • La Foret 
  • Vintage Wine Bar

Coffee Shops and Restaurants: Even though some companies in San Jose may offer onsite services to cater to the personal needs of their employees which include meals and drinks, there are other companies who do not offer such and there are as well those who prefer to go out and get their own food and drinks off-site. Thus, coffee shops and restaurants have become great spots where you can meet and hook up with professional women in San Jose. If you desire to date a career woman in San Jose, just hang around a very nice coffee shop or restaurant very close to a company and watch as they all troop in consistently.

  • Academic Coffee
  • Cafe Paradise
  • Zeni
  • Luna
  • Original Joe's San Jose

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Never underestimate San Jose's nightlife. Choose a night out in the city and you'll definitely find something special for you. There's never a dull moment hanging out at any of the clubs in the city because San Jose's nightclubs are unique and funky. There's an abundance of evening activities in San Jose to entertain you and if you've got the energy to hit the town, you can select your preference from the long list of nightclubs, pub crawls, culinary adventures, live music venues, and many more.

  • Club Caribe: This club is one of the most patronized clubs in the city. Being one of San Jose's oldest nightclubs, its reputation as a prestigious club precedes it. Apart from the yummy Mexican and Caribbean menu you'll enjoy here, this poppin’ club also offers two dance floors and interesting live music.
  • Haberdasher: If you seek a cool spot where you can party and mingle with sexy, single San Jose girls, get yourself here. This below-ground speakeasy-style bar offers a unique prohibition-era atmosphere, a variety of specialty, and the bartenders here are dapperly dressed in 1920s attire.
  • LVL 44: The party always gets hotter here and the music never stops blazing hard. This club has DJ nights and live music and, it's one of the most popular spots in San Jose. You can visit here to get ravished with strong drinks and enjoy its hip decor or flock on here to indulge in the “party on” vibes.
  • The Ritz: People who seek a spot where they can enjoy interesting live performance can visit here. All week long at The Ritz, there's a whole lot of varied life performance shows that go down here. The love bands here are very dynamic and the acoustics of this relatively small club is very nice. Come have a good time here, enjoy the full bar, and dance as much as you want.
  • Club Rodeo: If you're a country music fan, love dancing, or you're an authentic Latin party lover, this huge club is ready to accommodate and please your taste. What goes down at this club are country music, DJs, and Latin flare performances. And, there are delicious street tacos available here to serve your appetite.
  • JJ's Blues Lounge: This lounge has been operating for a couple of years now and it has been one of the prominent venues in the city. This spot takes pride in bringing in both established artistes and up-and-coming performers to play and on Monday and Tuesday, there are jam sessions with varied schedules. The vibe here is super casual and you can hit up the nice pizza joint next door if you want to grab something to eat.
  • Agenda Restaurant & Lounge: Known for its diverse clientele, this multi-level dance club, lounge, and restaurant is a great spot you can visit to pick up any kind of girl you desire, be it Black, Latina, or Asian. You can get almost any imaginable alcoholic beverage here and you can reserve a table with bottle service if you call a few days in advance.
  • Blank Club: The locals in the city consider this venue as the best place in town to catch bands. This dive bar has a diverse crowd night to night as its schedule includes a huge variety. A host of alternative rock, roots, and local punk bands and other performers such as Franz Ferdinand, Third Grade Teacher, Shonen Knife, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Tsunami, Social UnRest, Birthday Massacre, and Dick Dale have once performed here.
  • Hedley Club: This club is a cool hangout spot you can visit if you want something sophisticated and classy. You can enjoy live jazz here on Fridays and Saturdays. There's comfy seating, a wood-burning fireplace, and the art interior decoration is inviting and warm.
  • The Original Gravity Pub: Locals in San Jose are known for their passion for drinking and despite the busy life they live, they always create time to catch up on the fun they missed out on. This is where you'll meet some of the beer lovers in the city for this spot is reputed for its unique craft brews. There are 35 rotating taps here and the food is pretty good too. If you're visiting, make sure you try out its grilled cheese sandwiches, duck fat fries, or specialty sausages. You'll meet both local and college girls who are beer aficionados here.

Shopping Malls

San Jose has something for every kind of shopper. You can find world-class shopping in this city from boutiques to antiques, outlets, and malls. You can hit up the popular Santana Row, enjoy plenty of its patio dining, and shop from top designer brands to the independent boutique that cater to all your needs.

You can as well find stunning deals at the Gilroy Premium Outlets and close-by Great Mall or perhaps, hit up the Valley Fair to take a look at the brand new luxury wing. San Jose Flea Market is one of the largest open-air flea markets in the United States of America and you can come here for a little exploration and shopping. In a nutshell, here are some of the best malls and shopping centers in and around San Jose:

  • Santana Row
  • Grand Century Mall
  • The great Mall
  • Eastridge Center
  • Gilroy Premium Outlets
  • San Jose Flea Market
  • Westfield Valley Fair
  • Campbell Farmers Market
Santana Row


From the endless trails and parks, San Jose offers a lot of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to see beautiful vistas and do many more as the city is nestled in a valley engulfed by picturesque mountains. There are lots of things to do in San Jose.

You can see the valley vistas and immerse yourself in nature at Castle Rock State Park or hike along trails at Alum Rock Park. Whether you're an expert or a novice explorer, you'll get a lot of offers of spots where you can enjoy being outdoors. Nature lovers can explore the recreation areas or nearby city parks and, Apple Park is available for Apple technology fans.

  • The San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art: Situated in the city's downtown district, this gallery attracts 20,000 annual visitors, moved in the year 2007 to its current 7,500-square-foot space, was established in 1980, presents close to 12 rotating exhibitions each year, and it's a free-admission contemporary art gallery. It showcases exhibitions and other public programmings like gallery crawl-related events, lectures, and film screenings.
  • History Park: This park showcases 32 replica and preserved landmarks, businesses, and buildings and, it's situated at the southern edge of San Jose's Kelley Park. History Park is open between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm from Mondays through Fridays. You can visit here to meander through several preserved houses and hotels, a blacksmith shed, a firehouse, and other historical demonstrations and exhibits.
  • The Triton Museum of Art: This museum is open during the morning and afternoon hours from Tuesdays through Sundays. It showcases contemporary and classical artworks and it offers free admission. The museum also offers satellite exhibitions and community programming and it receives about 40,000 visitors annually.
  • Alum Rock Park: Situated within San Jose's Alum Rock district and originally established in the year 1872 is this oldest municipal park in the state of California. Alum Rock Park offers a lot of opportunities for outdoor recreational activities and it as well showcases the splendor and beauty of the foothills of the close-by Diablo Range. Horseback riding, cycling, and hiking are some of the opportunities offered by this 13-miles of nature trails.
Alum Rock Park

Universities and Colleges

Several universities and colleges call San Jose home. San Jose State University (SJSU) is the largest university in the city and it was formerly called California State Normal School and it was founded in the year 1862 by the California legislature. The university is situated in the downtown district and ever since it was founded, it has enrolled about 30,000 students in its master's and bachelor's degree programs. SJSU has a good academic reputation particularly when it comes to the fields of journalism, art and design, business, and engineering. In the country's western region, it has ranked consistently amongst the top public universities.

Other colleges and universities in San Jose are:

  • California University of Management and Technology (CALMAT)
  • Lincoln Law School of San Jose
  • University of Silicon Valley Law School
  • National Hispanic University
  • The University of California
  • Western Seminary
  • San Jose City College
  • West Valley College
  • Mission College
  • Evergreen Valley College
San Jose City College


Going into a relationship with a girl from San Jose does come with its own challenges. Due to the fact that the city is rife with a lot of professionals, it's difficult to find someone who will give you full attention.

However, if you're fortunate to eventually get into a serious relationship with a girl from San Jose, make sure you are creative with your date ideas to catch up on the time you couldn't be together. And, having enough money to spend can come very handy as well.

Holiday Romance

Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, it's almost impossible not to get allured by San Jose's small-town charm. San Jose has anything you may be craving; you can take part in its offered countless outdoor activities, take a gastronomic journey through its restaurants, or go hiking and Immerse yourself in the city's natural splendor.

More so, San Jose is the perfect spot to grow your love with your partner, rekindle lost love, fall in love, and escape from the city's stress. And, the local girls in the city are always going to be down for a holiday romance during the weekends. If you plan to go somewhere nice where you can have a special time for two at a very cozy and enticing spot, you'll definitely find ladies who will subscribe to your idea without budging or resisting your special offer.

Tips for Successful Relationship

It takes a lot to make a relationship successful in San Jose and due to the nature of the city, here are three (3) nice tips to help promote a successful relationship.

  • Be understanding: Understanding is a vital tool if you don't want your relationship to get nipped in the bud. Learn to understand your partner, her work schedule, and everything you should know about her. Know what makes her happy, what makes her blue, and with a great knowledge of these, you'll be able to know how to adjust and play your role well.
  • Play with each other often: People can get very busy in this city. As a result, you must appreciate the time you spend together by doing things that make you two happy. Go out together, go on creative dates, take a romantic walk, and remind yourselves that you love each other. Create memories for her to remember whenever she's not with you and don't be too far away or unreachable.
  • Be honest and open: Being honest and open with your partner communicates that you have good intentions and it's a great factor that can help in strengthening the relationship.


It takes social skills, openness, dedication, time, and perhaps a bit of luck to make a true connection with someone here in San Jose. The truth of the matter is, the city's gender ratio doesn't play much as a factor affecting love in San Jose. Other synced up factors that contribute immensely to finding love in San Jose are timing, values, situation, lifestyle, personality, and chemistry.

One of the surveys conducted by Match; a popular dating site, ranked San Jose on the list of top 10 cities in the U.S with singles looking for love and most serious young daters. With this, you can be convinced that you're in the right place if you’re looking for lasting love.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

It's not actually difficult to tell if she's the one. The feelings, values, and emotions with the quality time you spend together with each other will aid in unveiling to you if she's the perfect one for you.


Here are some of the requirements to get married in San Jose:

  • Both persons must be 18 years old.
  • Divorce documents must be tendered by any person who is previously married
  • A valid ID: card, license, or passport.
  • A marriage license obtainable from the Santa Clara County Clerk-Recorder’s office (it usually goes for $79).


When it comes to finding an ideal wedding venue, there are lots of options for venues to choose from. Couples who plan to get married in San Jose can select from the city's beautiful outdoor venues if they desire to hold a summery outdoor wedding - the sunny California weather is an added advantage too. There are as well numerous banquet halls, country clubs, and elegant hotels to choose from if the preference is a more formal reception. Some of the best wedding venues in the city are:

  • History Park San Jose
  • The Tech Museum of Innovation
  • Bella Vista of Almaden
  • California Theatre
  • SP2 Communal Bar and Restaurant
  • The San Jose Museum of Art 
  • Club Auto Sport
  • Corinthian Grand Ballroom

Family Life

San Jose is one of the best cities in the United States of America to raise a family.

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