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Guide for dating in São Paulo helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Brazilian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Brazilian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in São Paulo. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in São Paulo, Brazil.

Hot girls of Sao Paulo at the Casa Da Luz Club

Girls in São Paulo:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in São Paulo:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 5 / 5

Sex in São Paulo:

  • Women's sexual activity: 5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 5 / 5

More about São Paulo:

  • Nightlife in general: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 2 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $400
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $200


Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and the heartbeat of its commerce and trade. It is the continents largest city. Not many people know, but it compares in scale with the likes of London and New York as the city ranks 7th on the list of biggest cities on the globe. Filled with culture and a unique Brazilian charm, Sao Paolo is also a haven for tourists for a variety of reasons. The vibrance of the city extends far beyond its economy. The money is merely a conduit for the extravagant amount of fun to be had in the city. There is so much to do and see that many visitors return year after year. Some even end up staying for good.

The women in the city are a fantastic bunch. It does not have the same tropical paradise element as Rio, but the party for these gorgeous babes never seems to end. That is the other thing with the nation’s economic capital: the night life is absolutely out of this world. The parties resemble something out of Ibiza with a more Latin twist. No matter how you slice it, Sao Paulo is not a city you want to miss out on.

Dating – or any sort of romance – is highly encouraged. The women are absolutely stunning and their natural passion and outgoing personalities have charmed thousands of men from the west into making their homes in the city. For the best tips and insider knowledge on romance in the largest city in South America, continue reading. A wealth of knowledge awaits no matter what your romantic goals are.

Dating Culture

The culture surrounding dating is one which allows for a lot of freedom when approaching women. Like anywhere else in the world, you need to show respect and still create that point of attraction. Brazilian women love to be chased, desired. They are extremely flirtatious and have a great sense of humour. The first thing to clarify is that there are actually really conservative women within the culture, as a long history of Catholicism has ensured the presence of many religious girls.

In general the dating culture is pretty easy going. The toughest thing is probably handling their big personalities. Never get into a fight with a Latina! Be open about your intentions. If you like the girl and you have developed some chemistry, ask her out on a date. Sex is usually a part of the picture somewhere within the first few dates, as couples like to test their physical compatibility. Enjoy the time together. IF you feel that it is just a short-term arrangement, be open about what you want.

However, you may also find yourself falling in love with a beautiful Brazilian. If this is the case, the openness and frank nature of relationship is your friend. Speak about what that would look like and how you would approach differences and potential problems. If you are happy with the girl as your future partner, ask her to make it official. Be romantic and over the top. Latin men are known for their displays of love, so you will need to adapt.

Online Dating

Dating in São Paulo can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in São Paulo and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Let’s all be honest, no man has not fantasized about a beautiful Latina girl. They are absolutely gorgeous with breath-taking, full figures. There is a great variety of women in Brazil, more so than most other countries. It has a history filled with slavery which comprised of all races – including African. Thus, it has quite a diverse range of women who have different features and looks.

However one factor which unites all Brazilian women in temperament. They have a very unique latin flavour which is filled with passion and flare. Highly seductive, these women are also known for getting what they want. If a girl finds you attractive, she will flirt with you in a way that makes you go ‘wow!’. Do not get on their bad side, though. Brazilian women are known for their tempers and volleys of verbal assault should you cross them.

The best looking women tend to be a mix of native and European heritage. Much like any city, you will come across girls who aren’t that attractive, but you will definitely find absolute stunners in the mix. Overall, exploring the women of Brazil is heavenly. They are great people to get to know, as a rich culture and explorative mind provides the backbone for interesting conversations and a freedom to speak one’s mind.

Brazilian Girls (age 18 - 29)

This is a phase in every women’s life which is marked by curiosity. Often the first time that girls get some time away from the scope of their parents, university is a giant playground for many. Those who are fortunate enough to attend university still take it really seriously, as the poverty scares people into working.

Most girls within this age category still live with their parents. However, it is the prime age for hookups. You will meet girls like this all over town, whether it be in parks, malls or clubs. Engage in a conversation. Sometimes, a smile may even spark something romantic.

A group of hot young girls enjoying at the Lion's club in Sao Paulo

Brazilian Women (age 30 - 45)

By the time women reach near to their thirties, the race to get married and find ‘the one’ is on. This is usually a few years into a career, so life is a lot more stable and the women know what they want out of life. Thus, it is a great time to settle down and look for women who are in the same frame of mind. Take time to get to know them and catch a bit of their wisdom which comes from exploring the city for so many years.

The older segments of this group also hold a lot of single women. Sao Paulo unfortunately has a high divorce rate, which leaves a lot of divorced women in the area looking for a quick romance. Some have healed and now search for a new partner with which to brave the city. Infidelity rates are also alarming. It is most common around Carnival in March, funnily enough.

Hot mature women of Sao Paulo love to party as much as their younger counterparts

Brazilian Ladies (age 45+)

The older women are blessed. As soon as you land at Sao Paulo International, you may be surprised at how moms and daughters have the same figures. You can only really tell the age gap once you look at their faces. Some of them are extremely hot as well. You will find many single older women in and around the city. Also, it is normal to flirt with them if you find them attractive. Just make sure they aren’t married. That comes off as a lack of class.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

There are lots of foreign girls in and around the city. Besides the many exchange students and expats already living in the city, there are more than 10 million foreign visitors each year. It is also a gateway into the rest of South America, as most flights stop in Sao Paulo before heading on to other regions. Thus, people explore what there is to offer for a day or two. There are also a lot of girls from the rest of South America.


The women of the city are amazing, undoubtedly the best part of any trip to Sao Paulo. They have a natural love for unrestrained sexual expression, as it is viewed more as a transaction between two consenting adults. Thus, men have a lot of fun in Brazil as a whole.

Not only are the women extremely sexy, as their fiery personalities combined with an excessive amount of passion drive most men wild, but they are also excellent companions in the bedroom. Latinas are really good with their hips. It is a cultural thing. It makes sex insanely good, definitely not something you should miss out on.

Sex Culture

The sex culture in Brazil is something that is a lot more enjoyable than in almost any other city. As a single man, it is one of the best countries in the world to enjoy sex. While the media may overhype the sexual tendencies of the people (it is not as easy as simply walking up to a girl and asking if she wants to have sex) it is definitely still one of the most enjoyable places to express sexual attraction in the world.

This freedom is brought about by an absence of the ‘slut shaming’ culture of the west, which makes more of a difference than you think. It translates into women who aren’t afraid to engage in a sexual relationship without any long-term commitment should you create an attraction. That last part is key! The women in Brazil are picky, especially because the local men are excessive with their affection. They appreciate beauty and femininity and you must too.

One-Night Stands

The hookup culture is fantastic, and there is no need to go too far in search of a hot girl who is keen on getting between the sheets. Perhaps the biggest difference between western girls and the Brazilians is that they view sex as a purely physical exchange, a means of pleasure. Therefore, there is no stigma attached with sleeping around unless you are already in a committed relationship.

There are also many sex motels all over the city. They are designed specifically for couples looking for a place to have sex and often come kitted out with fancy additions such as mirrored ceilings, swings and more. You will have to look at the motels individually for their features. They charge by the hour and are super convenient for a quick romp.

Now, if you aren’t aware of it yet, you must come to an understanding that Carnival is the single best time on earth to be a single man. This is not an exaggeration; it is pure fact. Carnival is an experience which most men are not lucky enough to enjoy. It is the number one celebration in Brazil. Believed to be a festival which drives away the bad things in life, the festivities of Carnival usually happen anytime in February and March. Its roots are in the catholic church, but it has evolved to a massive party that consumes the entire nation.

Sao Paolo is one of the best places to be at this time. Finding a connection with a beautiful Brazilian goddess is as simple as making eye contact and smiling. If you get a smile back, do not wate any time. Start flirting but do not come off as a desperate sleaze bag. You can then choose to move on or take things a up a notch. It is literally that simple. Unless the first girl you meet is an absolute goddess, you do not want to settle there, as the festivities start early. Keep your options open and soak in the atmosphere at first.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Single girls are in the city in abundance. Sometimes it as simple as getting out there. Taking a walk in some of the popular parks or exploring the retail havens that are the malls often leads to good conversations and an expansion of one’s network.

Nightclubs are the best places to meet women. Even better, it is not difficult to go from meeting to hookup. Do not take it as an easy feat, though. Latinas love to be chased. It seems that they get off on desire. If you meet someone really gorgeous, she may want your undivided attention, as she knows that she is wanted by every man in the room – and believe me, they will try.

Online dating is also a popular place in Brazil. Tinder is the app of choice. It has become a norm for people to head online as a viable source of finding a date. Foreigners also get a great deal of attention online, so make sure you are stocked up on great photos to attract the honeys!

Top tip: Brazilians are big on money. Many men post something with a car in the background to show they aren’t poor. You may not need to be as flashy, but just have subtle indicators to show you don’t live in a shack.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Sao Paulo does not disappoint when it comes to the party scene. Not many people are aware, but it compares very well with the likes of the super clubs in London and the heavy party zone that is Ibiza. In some ways it can be likened to New York with a Latin flare. As opposed to Rio, there is no alternative. Students and young professionals who are looking for some fun cannot just go to the beach, which makes the nightclubs venues of high demand. The wealth in the city is eager to provide a point of release for people looking to blow off some steam after a busy week in the city.

When the weekend hits, there is no better place to be than in a club in Sao Paulo. However, one must keep in mind that the city is huge. There is no way one could explore every avenue of the clubbing industry, so stick to the main districts and see what you can find. Also, make sure to stay clear of the bad sides of town. The clubs here are a have for gangs and foreigners are prime targets.

Try the following nightclubs in Sao Paulo:

  • D.Edge – If you cannot remember any other name from this list, remember D.Edge. It is probably the club to be at in the busy Brazilian core. As the home of electronic music in Sao Paulo, the owners have taken it upon themselves to provide the best possible party which can be achieved. The design is amazing. It resembles something form a futuristic sci-fi movie. Combined with some of the best music in the city, which features local and international artists, D.Edge keeps the party flowing until the sun comes up. Literally! The club has made a name for itself around the world and is always packed. Be sure to take it all in as well as enjoy the many gorgeous women who come through the doors.
  • Love Story – Resembling a typical Ibiza super club, it is a playground for the rich, the famous and anyone looking to have a bit of fun in the late hours of the day. It really is special, as the electric vibe combines with a dazzling light display and an expert blend of electronic music to enchant the crowd each weekend. The club is a haven for single men looking for women. Just be careful to stay clear of the prostitutes who work there. Drinks prices are really expensive by Brazilian standards, so you may want to have a drink or two before you arrive.
  • Trackers – A delicious blend of cheap drinks and the city’s best up and coming DJs is always served fresh at Trackers. The club attracts hundreds of students, but it is perhaps its location in the heart of Sao Paolo’s historical district which makes it increasingly popular with both locals and tourists. They always have a bustling crowd, but one unique feature is the balcony which provides a fantastic view of the city by night.
  • Casa da Luz – This club is a new entrant into the nightclub market, but they have done many things right. The net result has been an army of ravers on the weekend, as it weaves its bohemian charm and keeps people coming back for more. Hip Hop is the genre of choice, but the best part is undoubtedly the drinks specials which are often and considerable! Just be careful in the surrounding areas. It is located fairly close to one of Sao Paolo’s main crack dealing districts.
  • Pratododia – They boast a highly talented roster of DJs who take things back a few decades by only spinning on vinyl. The retro feel draws quite a crowd, so be prepared for one of the city’s hottest parties. Furthermore, the club plays a different genre to the rest of the city, including hip hop, soul and funk. The prices are also some of the cheapest in the whole city.
  • Cine Joia – A concert venue which is transformed into the best R&B club when the weekend comes knocking. It has gained a reputation with the student crowd, as the average age is probably somewhere around 20. It is one of the largest dance venues in the city, and it is always an exceptional place to meet new people and flirt with the women.
  • Secret Wishes – Anyone - who has been to the clubs in Hollywood will immediately understand the creative idea behind this club. They play a great mix of EDM, house and Brazilian pop music. Its target market is the creative industry, such as fashion designers, movie producers and hipsters; thus the club has been the host of many local celebrities. Even Madonna made an appearance way back when.
  • Let’s Dance – This is one of the best informal party destinations in the city. There is no fuss or glamour, just a well thought out dance floor with cheap drinks, great music and even better company. Let’s Dance always seems to be bursting at the seams as students come from far and wide to enjoy a night of letting loose. The owner is known to be a friendly chap and is almost always there.
  • Samba da Treze – Unleash your inner Brazilian at one of the best attended local spots in the city. It is a great way to mingle with the locals and experience a taste of authentic Brazilian culture. Furthermore, Samba is an extremely flirtatious from of dancing. If you can learn a few steps, a close encounter with a hot Brazilian girl is not too far away. The best night to go is on a Friday.
  • Lions Nightclub – one of the most popular spots in the city and on this list for very good reasons. Lions is known as oen of the Brazilian clubs to visit as a tourist; however, you should probably avoid Friday night as it is known as gay night. If you go at any other time, the music is away pounding, as the rich bass produced by the sound system keeps the party going with an electrifying atmosphere until early hours of the morning. The club has also been frequently visited by celebrities, but beware of the prices. You will have to book in advance which comes with a fee as well.
  • Alberta #3 – this club is always filled with people of all ages and from all nations. They have a great musical selection with different nights hoding different genres in store for their faithful attendees. One can easily find single Brazilian women, and there is a popular bar just next door if you desire something a bit more chilled.

There are a range of independent parties which happen all the time. Look out for them online. The main event companies are Mamba Negra and Gop Tun. If you go to their website, you will be able to find some of the best events in the city, including festivals, exclusive DJ performances and underground raves in abandoned warehouses all over the city. The nights are unforgettable and the girls will leave a stain n your heart at such events.

Party at the D edge club in Sao Paulo

Shopping Malls

Besides the clubs which blast infectious beats all hours of the night, the malls may be the best place to meet women in Sao Paulo. The city carries with it so much wealth, which means that the malls are packed once everyone gets out of work. The girls are also fixated with image and status, thus there is always a movement towards the latest trends and gadgets.

Malls are also social hubs in a city where the outdoors is not always safe. In it there is a sense of security. People relax and enjoy themselves more, because there is always a need to be aware of your whereabouts on the street. Thus, it becomes a hub and a great place for the single man to meet girls.

The malls are also massive. Where other major cities may have store outlets on the streets, every major shop sticks to the mall. Thus, anyone who wants to buy anything has to go to the mall. Coem the weekend, the mall is jam packed with opportunity to network and link up with cute Brazilian beauties:

The best malls are listed below:

  • Paulista Avenue – Although not a mall per se, this shopping district make sit onto the list because of the sheer volume of shoppers and the quality of the women which you find in and out of the fashion stores along the way. The area is safe, as private security guards and a decent police presence scares off any untoward characters. Enjoy the scenery, maybe stop at a café and always look out for the hot women who go from store to store.
  • Patio Higienopolis – One of the more upscale malls in the city, it features all the major international designer labels and is visited by some of the wealthier members of the city. Naturally, it also has many restaurants and entertainment options available.
  • Shopping Centre Iguatemi – The oldest mall in the city which finds itself in the middle of the main financial district. It is always well supported and has many international stores and chains such as Calvin Klein, Zara and more. This skyscraper of a mall features one of the best cinemas in the city as well as Cube de Chocolate, which is a Brazilian supermarket that has everything.
  • Shopping Vila Olimpia – This mall has many different storeys, and each has a different theme to it. It is popular with a younger crowd, as there are many brand names about. It also has a huge cinema and a food court which is filled with variety and value for money meals.
  • Shopping Cidade Sao Paulo – This is yet another upmarket mall in one of the more affluent parts of the city. The mall is dedicated to those who have a love for fashion, as any boutiques and designer names make up the anchor tenants. Besides that, the mall has a flourishing fast food court and more high end restaurants for those who want something better.
A singer playing at the Paulista Avenue while locals enjoy. This can be a great place to strike up a conversation with a hot girl


The city has many cultural sites which are visited by everyone – be it local or foreigner. It is a vast metropolitan area. Some areas are not as good as others. The best place to start is probably in the heart of Sao Paulo’s historic centre. Also, if you can, avoid moving out by car. The traffic in and around the city centre is no joke. You can easily get stuck for hours, so avoid peak hours around the CBD and airport region and you should be ready for a good time. Fun fact: the traffic gets so bad in Sao Paulo that Uber have introduced a helicopter service, which travels to malls and business districts. It isn’t actually crazy expensive.

These are the best outdoor locations in the city:

  • Inirapuera Park – Possibly one of the most beautiful and culture-filled locations in the city. The park has become famous for its historic buildings which were designed by some of the most famous Brazilian architects in history. Besides the perfectly manicured lawns and the natural haven which the park provides in a busy city, there are also breath-taking sculptures and a plethora of famous museums in the vicinity.
  • Jardim Botanical Gardens of Sao Paulo – The botanical gardens of Jardim are expertly landscaped. Furthermore it captures the attention of hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, making for a great place to meet people and expand your network. Besides the beauty of the gardens themselves, there are also great restaurants and cafes along the way. There is an admission fee, but it is always well worth it.
  • Sao Paulo Museum of Art – While the museum itself is an indoor location – and not to be missed on the worst of days – the surrounds are also famous for their beauty and culture. It is a short walk away from Inirapuera park and there are many fine dining establishments which have outdoor sections.
  • Paulista Avenue – The very core of the city and one of those streets which cannot be ignored. It is the equivalent of 5th avenue in New York or Regent street in London. Everyone comes here to see and be seen. The retail stores are always high end, but the cafes offer great meals at good prices. No trip to Sao Paulo is complete without a walk down Paulista Avenue.
You will find plenty of local beauties enjoying reading, bicycling and exercising at the Jardim Botanical Gardens

Universities and Colleges

The educational environment in Sao Paolo is a good one. It has led the educational industry on the continent for many years, as only the University of Santiago is able to compete with it. Due to the demand for young talent coming from the companies within the city, universities are always well stocked with aspiring students. Furthermore, the active educational quality from some of the universities listed below has a wide following internationally which means that there are always exchange students coming from all over the world.

On a side note, the best looking girls hail from the villages and not the big city itself. This is where the modelling agents scout in Brazil. Many venture into the big city for the first time to attend a college. Be on the lookout for these beauties, the cream of the crop in Sao Paulo!

The best universities are listed below:

  • University of Sao Paulo – Consistently ranked in the top 100 universities in the world, this is probably student central. If you grow up in Brazil it is probably the university you dream of getting into. Students come from far and wide; some from different countries in order to study here. It features a beautiful, open campus in a really safe neighbourhood. Students are free to explore and foreigners are welcome to take in the impressive architecture. There are lots of young girls around and the surrounds are catered to meet the demands of a student lifestyle.
  • Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo – For those who can afford this prestigious institution, it is a haven of educational excellence. They boast over 25,000 students on campus each day and some of the best degrees in business and engineering in the country. They are also linked to international schools in the US. The campus is explorable, but you need a student card to access certain areas. However it is an excellent gaming ground with so many women about.
  • Sao Paulo State University – With nearly 50, 000 students and a massive campus which has many different colleges in one location, this university is one of the best for meeting people and forging a network. There is so much to do within the area over and above the campus grounds. Further than that, you will find many bars and clubs nearby when the sun goes down – the perfect excuse to meet single college girls while out for a night of fun.
  • Universidade Paulista – An extremely traditional home of educational excellence within close proximity of the city. This university is home to many students and it has an authentic Brazilian culture. Expect thick protuguese accents on campus without much English; however, the girls who attend are breath-taking.
University of São Paulo seen from Torre do Relógio


Sao Paolo does unfortunately lose a tinge of that Brazilian feel as the city can at times feel much like any other major metropolitan area in the world. However, there are still those days where something remarkable happens. Relationships are, therefore, filled with ups and downs. Getting to know someone is no different, but you do have the added benefit of a friendly Brazilian culture on your side.

Most girls play less games than the average western girl, which is refreshing. You get what you want if you know how to ask, and the girls are open about what they expect out of a relationship. However, as hard as you may try, people only really tend to settle down once they reach their thirties. Most young adults live with their parents until such time.

Furthermore, money plays a big part in the success rate of relationships. Poverty is no joke in Sao Paolo, as all the negative aspects such as domestic violence, divorce and unwanted children seems to go up in the poorer areas of the city. There is also a movement towards greater equality for the sexes. Today, many young women in the city are looking for their own career paths instead of waiting for a man to provide for them.

The dynamics of the city make for a great relational environment. If you happen to meet someone special, you can be sure that there is an economy to provide for the necessities, a wealth of date locations and the right woman to share it all with. It hits the spot in many ways.

Holiday Romance

Brazil is the place for short-term flings which are based on the physical alone. In fact, most of the younger girls prefer to keep their options open. If you are fortunate enough to find yourself in Brazil, a holiday fling may be thee best thing you have come across in a while. You will find access to women of all ages who are happy to enter into a relationship with no long-term commitment. They are great in bed and super sexy!

Another good reason to give such a relationship a try is the fact that the girl may be an excellent tour guide. No matter how many articles you read or videos you watch, having a local show you the city is a completely different experience. There is also another way to go about such an ordeal, which is to make friends with the women – a friends with benefits scenario. This is a great way to build a lasting relationship with a girl while still enjoying the pleasures of the flesh. You may be surprised at how open to this some women are.

Tips for Successful Relationship

The heart is to be protected or at least guarded in Brazil. The women are fantastic and there is much to enjoy in the cultural expression of romance and physical intimacy. One of the first things to keep in mind is that the ability to remain single in Sao Paolo is a huge blessing. There is so much to see and do and the ability to experience women in mass is something that most men would chop their arm of for.

However, if you have found that one lady who makes you go wow, someone with whom you want to settle down with, then make sure that you aren’t walking into a scenario that is destined for failure in the future. Take special care and pay attention to the signs before you commit for the long run. Brazilians are open with their sexuality, which means that a hookup or casual fling may not necessarily lead to anything more. Some may say that they are keen to do it again, but they are merely keeping their options open. Everyone knows that this is not a lie, but merely something everyone says.

To assist you with deciding on whether you see a future with a woman, and to avoid future problems, here is a list of tips to keep the relationship on the straight and narrow:

  • Be A gentleman – In a city where men are flirts but not really concerned with etiquette and the way women feel, a gentlemanly touch will put you above the pack. There should be a special care with the women of Brazil, whether you are in a short-term arrangement or heading for marriage.
  • Wealth – It speaks volume in a city where poverty is a real issue. It is more than just a desire for status. You do get some gold diggers but many of the women are simply concerned with their financial future and choose men accordingly. Make sure you manage money well, as it can lead to heated fights if it is treated poorly.
  • Be generous – The women of Brazil are a passionate bunch who feed off practical displays of affection. They are used to empty words, so sometimes a thoughtful gift makes a huge difference in the relationship. It captures your thoughts and intentions and that is what should matter to her.
  • Confidence – It is a necessary character trait when dating a Latina. These women are boisterous and they know how to stand their ground. It may be a one-sided relationship if you do not have the ability to display loving confidence. Every man has his own form of it, but it is important that it is there.
  • Trust – The city of Sao Paolo has so many single women who are likely to hit on you from time to time. The inverse is true with your woman, so make sure you both have a good level of trust built up over time. Without it, the relationship will not flourish.
  • Communication – Talking is probably one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Without it, your relationship will not only suffer a lack of growth, but you may be unable to fix problems when it arises. Make sur that you can communicate in an effective way. It may actually be useful to learn the Brazilian Portuguese if you plan on settling in the city.
  • Time – This is one thing which is in short supply in Sao Paolo. There is a pressure to earn enough money to survive and stay ahead of the busy demands of the city. However, you do need to spend time with each other, prioritizing the relationship above all else. Maybe set aside a weekly date night or pursue a hobby together.

Sao Paulo is a fun place to start dating. It is packed with opportunities to explore the city with a living partner to help steer the ship. Take your time. There is absolutely no need to rush things, so enjoy the city while you can. Any relationship requires work. Do not expect it to be smooth sailing, but if you can overcome the obstacles with some of the tips above, you will eventually run into the woman you were destined to marry.


Romance and everything related to love is definitely alive in the thriving metropolis that is Sao Paulo. Brazilians have a culture of passion and romance, which equates to an over-the-top application of love. One thing to look out for is the fact that many people remain in a space where they do not seek commitment. Short-term romances are the thing, especially around the younger crowd.

Be sure to make your trip about fun rather than a quest for love. Love is definitely a huge possibility, but there is so much room for exploration. It is a playground for the youth, so take full advantage of that. However, if love is your main goal, keep in mind that Brazilians do not get married early. Most of the girls who are in a serious frame of mind are heading towards the thirty mark.

One of the practical things to watch out for is income. No girls would ever settle with a guy who is not able to support himself. Besides the ego thing, it is also a bout self preservation. Poverty is very real, so choosing a financially viable partner is important. Second, the serious girls are also tired of all the f-boys. Brazilian men are flirtatious, but they often lack sincerity. Any women who has experienced love in the city before has a sob story to tell and they can tell a player from a mile away.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

The prospect of finding your very own Latin beauty is exciting; however, it does pose challenges of its own. With a language barrier and huge cultural gaps, it can sometimes be difficult to ascertain whether the woman you are with is that special girl made in heaven just for you. Thus, to help with the cultural barriers and interpretation of things, here are some tips to assist you with your decision:

  • Compromise – It may seem like a simple thing, but you will both soon realize that there are many differences in the way you do things and view the world. The ability to culturally merge is crucial. It is not a matter of adapting to oen culture but more creating your own. It is the only way to ensure long-term peace.
  • Values – Sao Paulo is a religious city in name, but that does not mean that there are no liberal philosophies and cultural norms to get used to. In fact, many things can be difficult for men of different cultures to adapt to, so make sure you have a clear understanding of each other’s values and that you can talk through the differences when they arrive.
  • Ability to talk – This does not mean that you take into account the amount of words per minute. Rather, it is the way which you both approach problems together. If you cannot solve issues in a way that leads to greater love and mending of the relationship, then it is doomed from the start.
  • Understanding – There must be a certain amount of leeway built into a relationship. This includes time to be alone with friends and the freedom to make mistakes without fear of judgement. Alone time is crucial, but the spirit of forgiveness goes a long way in a relationship comprised of two flawed humans.

Top tip: Brazil is one of those places where love has a huge opportunity cost. The freedom of the single life is precious in a city where so many women are hungry to get to know charming and interesting men. One has endless opportunities for hookups and exploration. Do not give up such freedom easily. Make sure that you get to know the girl slowly without a level of commitment that ties you down before you understand who she is as a person. Never confuse love and lust which is so easy to do in Brazil.

Once you know, you will know…


The city of Sao Paolo is a great place to settle down if you can push through a few obstacles. Perhaps the greatest obstacle in the city is the matter of time. Due to the many requirements of a career and the fact that there is no safety net to catch those who do not earn enough, most couples have to work long hours. It is a great place for tourists and visitors, but living in the city requires extra responsibility and worries.

The second thing a marriage requires is a safe neighbourhood, which does come at a premium. However, staying clear of regions which are near a favela is essential in order to actually sleep at night without stress or fear that you may be burgled. Although this may sound like a nightmare, people tend to get used to it.

The best part about settling down in the city is undoubtedly the women. If you are fortunate to call a Latina your bride, expect a lifetime that is filled with excitement. They are filled with passion and their warm and lively characters will enchant you for the rest of your days. There is one cautionary note: Brazil’s infidelity rates are somewhat high. Be sure to choose wisely before you settle down to spare yourself heartache.


As per most other nations which follow Christian traditions, weddings are a huge deal. They are happening at later stages in life as the years roll by, with mor people getting married closer to their thirties; some even in their early thirties. However, that has not stopped the event from being one of the most loved seasons of life. Many view it as the happiest day in their lives and it is a huge celebration for the family as a whole.

Weddings have gotten expensive. Brazilians are famous for their parties, as they take every occasion to celebrate with extravagance and conviction. Thus, expect a wedding to be no less than $9,500. If done with higher levels of scale and sophistication, it could hurt the wallet as much as $150,000! It was once custom for the family of the bride to pay for the event, but that has gone out of fashion since prices have skyrocketed.

Brazilian weddings have two parts. There is a ceremony which is done in accordance with catholic tradition. On a side note, marriages are supposed to be registered a year in advance! Keep that in mind. After the wedding, there is a banquet with a select invitation-only group. The banquet is where the party begins. If you are attending the wedding as a single man, it is also undoubtedly one of the best places in the country to be single.

Family Life

Family life is high on the list of priorities when it comes to South Americans in general. Sao Paulo is no different, as the government and the public tradition places immense value on the nuclear family model. As such, families tend to stick together. One will find many family-run businesses that get handed down from generation to generation. Moreover people tend to come together at holiday times, which is mostly in accordance to Christian tradition. Almost everyone is catholic in Brazil.

Crime is a major inhibitor of public life. It is not safe to just walk around in some areas, especially as a tourist. Thieves are always on the roam, but perhaps the biggest threat is gang violence which has led to a spike in the rate of murders and senseless violence. However, the nicer parts of town are usually well secured and offer strolling areas.

Poverty is also a huge factor when considering settling down in Sao Paulo. The city is one of the wealthiest in the world, but closer examination reveals that there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. Many struggle to get by despite huge skyscrapers a few kilometres away. The favelas (poor ghettos) litter the streets of some areas. They show how difficult it is to thrive in a city without some form of formal education and a knack for business.

The economy is one that provides exponentially if one can make it work. Every industry exists in Sao Paolo. Interestingly enough, there is a severe shortage of English peaking personnel, which has left a gap for expats in recent years. However, if you have a tertiary education, there is no reason why the city cannot become a financial haven.

When it comes down to the day-to-day tasks, many people find that time is against them, especially in the professional fields such as banking or law. This has led to families drifting apart simply due to the harshness of the time demands when living in Sao Paulo. However, one must remember that it is what you make of it. If you manage to find a decent balance, Sao Paulo is a great place to live – full of live and culture for an entire family to enjoy…

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