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Guide for dating in Ouagadougou helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Burkinabé women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Burkinabé girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Ouagadougou. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Hot girls of Burkina Faso at the Zebie club

Girls in Ouagadougou:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Ouagadougou:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Ouagadougou:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Ouagadougou:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $750
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $550


Dating in Ouagadougou is not different from dating in other countries. You just have to study them well enough to know they act and how you respond. As a foreigner, you might be willing to date someone during your short or long term stay. All you have to do is to study everything below carefully. You will learn about the different age groups, how they behave, and how to get them. You will also get to know about the things they like. For instance, Burkinabe girls love compliments a lot. Knowing when to deliver compliments will help you a lot. You’ve to make it real. You can compliment her hair, smell, or other nice things. You should avoid complimenting her breasts or buttocks. It sounds odd to them. Read everything discussed below to get a chance to date that girl of your choice.

Dating Culture

The same thing doesn’t work for every girl in Ouagadougou. Therefore, you’ve to study your crush well enough to know the dating style you’re going to use for her. As you are a foreigner, things might turn out to be a little bit easy for you. Burkinabe girls like meeting foreigners, so you should use it to your advantage.

When you meet a girl you intend to date, introduce yourself, and start a meaningful conversation with her. As the conversation goes on, you will study her body language to know if she is interested. If she is, then try and end the conversation when she is still enjoying it. You can now proceed to ask her out on a real date.

As you impress her and she sees you often, she will start getting feelings for you. You can now study your relationship and figure out the perfect time to shoot your shot. A typical Burkinabe girl in Ouagadougou will likely agree to date you after doing all these things. If this approach doesn’t work for her, you can use another one or just move on to the next girl.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

Dating in Ouagadougou can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Ouagadougou and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

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Burkinabe women in Ouagadougou vary in height, shape, body size, and other things. Even with all this, they are still very beautiful. It is left to you to figure out the kind of girl you want. If you are all about the busty girls, you will get to meet a lot of them. On the other hand, you will also meet slim girls if that’s what you want.

As you attend fashion shows, you will be coming across girls from this city frequently. Conversing with them isn’t a big issue anymore. Unlike before, they are now educated, and they can speak boldly and fluently anywhere. Burkinabe women also have different characters. Before deciding to go into a relationship with any of them, you must be sure both of you are compatible in terms of character.

As a generous young man, you’re not supposed to go into a relationship with a very stingy woman. She won’t reciprocate all your efforts, and it will make you feel bad. As Burkinabe girls in Ouagadougou grow older, their taste for men changes. To know what women in different age brackets want in relationships, take time to study what is discussed below

Burkinabé Girls (age 18 - 29)

Girls around this age bracket are still very young and beautiful. Their bed game is also very good, and they can last for hours. They are at the peak of their beauty, so they find it easy to get men. A lot of guys ask them out, so they just choose the ones they want. As a foreigner, you should know that getting into a relationship with any of these girls might waste your time.

They are the lovey-dovey type, and they will want you to be frequently calling. If a typical Burkinabe girl notices you don’t give her attention anymore, she won’t waste time in going to the next guy. Burkinabe girls a little bit above 18 don’t get into a relationship with foreigners. Most of them are in colleges, and they are always busy with studies.

Girls in the mid or late twenties are the ones that are very available for relationships. A lot of them start thinking about marriage around this age bracket, so they only want serious relationships. Even as a tourist, your girl can angry to date and even marry you. What matters most is that she sees a future in you. It is now left to you not to disappoint but grow with her.

Burkinabé Women (age 30 - 45)

Most Burkinabe women around this age are not open to relationships. The main reason is that most of them are married and living stable lives. As loyalty is a virtue in Ouagadougou, you will rarely get the chance to sleep with a married woman. You’re going to search for anyone that is still single. When you finally see one, she will likely want to get married immediately. It is because single women of this age are said to be getting late for marriage.

Most Burkinabe girls in Ouagadougou marry in their mid or late twenties. You will also see some of these women living as single mothers. It might be because of divorce or unwanted pregnancy. Girls that gave birth as teenagers often end up becoming single mothers in Ouagadougou. After giving birth to the last child, most of these women lose interest in sexual activities. Some of them still retain a high sex urge and will always be excited to get laid.

Burkinabé Ladies (age 45+)

Women around this age bracket are seen as mentors to the younger ones. They’ve been through a lot, so they give the best advice. Political posts given to women are handed to the married ones. The popular belief behind this is that any woman who can sustain her marriage for long will be responsible.

In rare cases, some of these women live alone. It might be because of divorce or loss of partners. Some of these women still consider going into a relationship for specific reasons, most especially for companionship purposes. Living alone as a woman is not easy; it can lead to a lot of odd things. It can lead to depression, overthinking, or any other bad thing. Getting into a relationship with such women won’t be much stress for you. Most of them already have good sources of income, so no one is going to stress you financially. All you just have to do is be there when your lady needs you. Listening to her talk will mean so much to her. You should also offer her a few pieces of advice when she is confused. These women can go into a relationship with anyone. Even if you’re a foreigner, she won’t mind once you make her feel good.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Even as Ouagadougou is full of native girls, you will also meet foreign girls there. They do come because of various reasons. Some of them are tourists who are only there for a particular period. International students also like going to Ouagadougou. A lot of their schools offer scholarships to foreigners, so you will get to meet and mingle with foreign girls.

One thing that makes it difficult to date foreign girls is language. As a foreigner, your language will likely be different from your girl’s language. Therefore, communication will be a little bit difficult. To avoid this, you can decide to learn one or two languages. It must be English, Spanish, or French. Those languages are known and spoken worldwide.

In rare cases, you might meet a girl from your home country. Dating this type of girl should be very easy for you. Since you have the same mentality and mindset, you will likely do things together. The chemistry between both of you will be great, and you can easily take things to the next level. Meeting foreign girls can be a bit difficult at times. You’ve to know where to find them. You can find some of them easily in tourist attractions, schools, and other places.


Even though Burkinabe girls are very good on bed, they are quite conservative when it comes to sex. They don’t like discussing sex openly or even privately at times. They believe everything about sex should be reserved for the bedroom. In fact, it isn’t easy to get them laid at all. Most especially as a foreigner. Since they only lay with guys they trust, you’re going to be very patient.

As a foreigner, your Burkinabe girl has to build her trust in you. Even though you’ve started dating, she won’t be so quick to get laid. The main reason they do this is to avoid been used. When the time is right, you will enjoy her. A typical Burkinabe girl doesn’t just leave everything to her man on the bed; she tries to satisfy him also.

You won’t be the only one doing everything; she will teach you a few things to enjoy yourselves better. If you’re not strong or fit enough, you can lay with your girl later. Since she is in a committed relationship with you, it won’t be difficult to lie with her.

Sex Culture

In Ouagadougou, Burkinabe people believe sex should only be between two mature adults. Parents bring up their children to abstain from sex. They are only allowed to make their own decisions after graduating from institutions. Even with the high level of discipline they give their girls, you will still find young girls having sex. The truth remains that they are criticized and condemned if caught. Only girls in their mid or late twenties are allowed to do anyhow they want.

There are also sexual practices that are not allowed in Ouagadougou. For instance, rape is seen as a very serious offense. Burkina Faso laws forbid raping, and rapists are properly dealt with. Sleeping with small girls is also not allowed. Some people take advantage of the innocence of small girls to sleep with them. Even though the girls enjoy it initially, most of them condemn it later in the future. As they grow older, they start seeing you as more a bad person.

Sex education is also a compulsory subject in every Burkinabe school. Students are thought all they need to know about sex. They are lectured well on sexually transmitted diseases and the dangers of having unwanted sex. They are also exposed to early signs of poverty. Instead of been confused when the signs start showing, they already have full knowledge of what is going on.

One-Night Stands

As a foreigner, it is not difficult to get a Burkinabe girl for a one-night stand. You just have to know your way around. If you want a one-night stand in this beautiful city, you’ve two ways to go about it. It is either you use dating applications, or you go to clubs. Several dating applications will help you meet Burkinabe girls.

The most popular among them is tinder. Tinder is not only available in Ouagadougou; it is available everywhere in the world. So you can even start chatting with a Burkinabe girl when in your home country and meet her when you reach Ouagadougou. Dating applications run on the major android and apple operating systems. Just register and start searching. Filling regular details about yourself is necessary to match with the right profile.

For instance, if you include a one-night stand in your profile, you will see profiles of girls who want that same thing. Then you can select the one you like and fix a location to meet. Another way of getting girls for a one-night stand is by going to clubs. You will see them in normal clubs. Communication is vital in such a situation; you’ve to impress the girl and make her feel comfortable around you. If she’s open and likes you, she might just get you laid that night.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

As big as Ouagadougou is, you might find it difficult to get beautiful girls. That is why you’ve to know the right places to meet and mingle with them. In these places, everything will be set to make things easy for you. All you just have to do is get up and approach one. Most Burkinabe girls that go there are single, so you just have to take your chances. Right places to meet single girls are listed and explained below

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Nightlife in Ouagadougou has improved in recent years. There is now a club or bar in almost every street. Just look for the one closest to you. You don’t need transportation costs to get to the club where you party. As everyone is allowed in clubs, you can always gain entry as a foreigner. You have to find out a few things about the club you are going to.

There are clubs where entrance fees are paid. Some clubs also set dress codes everyone must follow. If you arrive in such clubs with different dressing, you might be denied entry. As you go to nightclubs often, you will get to meet Burkinabe girls. The atmosphere in nightclubs is always convenient for discussions.

So when you sight a girl you are interested in, just walk right to her and introduce yourself. You can ask if she wants to drink. The first impression lasts long, so you should try and give her the best impression possible. It will make things a lot easy for you later on. If she seems to be interested in you, make sure you get her on a real date quickly. Few of the best bars and night clubs in Ouagadougou are listed below

* Music Hall – Prices in this club are very low when compared to other clubs. Their drinks and snacks are very cheap and easily affordable. It consists mainly of Europeans. If you like European girls, you should consider going to this club often. You will meet a lot of them every time you go.

* Near Jack’s – It is an expensive bar where rich people go during weekends. If you want to be with high-class and wealthy girls, it is the perfect place to get them. It is also situated close to a hotel. So you can always enjoy your weekends the way you like. Just be prepared to spend when coming here.

* Cactus Bar – It is run differently from how other bars are run. Pool tables are available so that you can play the game. They also have other games. You can get to meet girls that are addicted to the same game as you. Since you already have something in common, you can start a conversation easily.

* Bark - Food here is also very cheap, and their drinks are affordable too. Girls come there to chill mostly on weekends. Since some of the girls are single, they will be open to relationships. Music concerts are also held there every Friday.

* Le Prive – The club with one of the most expensive ticket fees in the whole of Ouagadougou. As a foreigner, you will also meet a lot of rich foreigners on vacation. Women come there to party too. It is only active on weekends, most especially in the night.

* The Sahel – You will enjoy live music in this club. Several artists and DJs perform there every night. If you can sing, you should try your chance here too. You never know if people will enjoy your foreign style. The atmosphere is great, and you will meet happy Burkinabe girls every time you go.

* Bar DeNiro – One of the oldest bars in Ouagadougou. This bar was the best when it was established. As a result of the recent development, people don’t fancy it anymore. The only set of people you’re going to meet there are Burkinabe natives. If those are the girls you are looking for, then you should go there often.

* Gazoum – Local crowd party here more than every else daily. As a popular club, it is always overcrowded on weekends. Therefore, you need to go there early on weekends. After 10 pm., the security will start to restrict entrance to the club.

* Paladium – Just like most of the clubs in Ouagadougou, it is always dominated by the local crowd. Since your aim of going there is to get local girls, you’re going to have a nice time. Drinks are cheap so that you won’t spend too much

* The New Acropoli – One of the easily affordable clubs in the city. Local girls party here every time. You will even meet them there during day time. Birthdays are also done there. They have a lot of DJs who rotate performance. The DJ that will perform in the morning will be different from the one that will perform in the evening.

Shopping Malls

Unlike the old shopping malls, there are now a lot of services offered in modern shopping malls. These malls are not only for purchasing anymore, you can also have a nice time there. A lot of shopping malls now have cinemas, clubs, restaurants and swimming pools in them. If your game is so good, it is possible to meet a girl and take her to launch the same day. Burkinabe girls go in and out of shopping malls several times. Unlike clubs, shopping malls are always active and crowded.

There is no time you won’t get to meet new Burkinabe girls in Ouagadougou. You just have to smell nice and approach a girl you like anywhere she is. It might be where she is selecting things to buy or where payment is made. You can also decide to meet girls in restaurants and club section. No stress is needed at all. You can just purchase a bottle of drink and sit where it will be easy for you to start conversations. Some of the modern shopping malls in Ouagadougou are listed below


* Centrale Thermique De Ouahigouya

* Socozif SARL

* Eaton Towers Burkina Faso

* Bio Farmer Market

* Agence Optic Alize OUaga 2000

* Salon Internationnal de l’Artisanat de Ouagadougou

* Bon samaritain


When it comes to meeting Burkinabe girls outdoor, you need to know the right places to do so. You should avoid meeting girls in crowds. She will feel disturbed and might not give you face later on. The only thing that can make you disturb a girl in a large crowd is if you might not see her again. For instance, if there is a particular girl you see once in a while, then you can risk it all to get her number when next you see her.

In Ouagadougou, you can meet cute girls on beaches, swimming pools, or other places. People mainly come to swimming cools to relax and chill. You will see single girls who are just resting there. If you spot one you like, just approach and tell her your intentions. Since both of you are adults, no one needs to waste time. If a girl is interested in you, she will give you space to talk with her. Therefore, you are going to know easily, and you should ask her out on a date.

Universities and Colleges

Schools are the best places to meet girls. Meeting girls in schools will only be possible if you’re an international student. Schools are always closed, and school activities are restricted to students and lecturers only. It has made it impossible for any foreigner to interact with students. The only time they get to see them is on holiday.

If you’re an international student in Ouagadougou, you’re going to meet and mingle will a lot of single girls. It might be your classmates, faculty mates, level mates, or any other student you see often. In fact, dating and relationships can affect your studies if you are not careful. You’ve to learn how to balance both. No girl wants to date the guy with bad grades. Moreover, your personality should help you determine girls you should approach and interact with.

If you’re shy, you shouldn’t date your coursemate. You mind be finding it difficult to concentrate in class and face your studies properly. Unlike other places, you don’t have to waste time trying to get girls in school. There are cute Burkinabe girls you’re going to be seeing every day. Therefore, you should leave anyone that isn’t giving you face and move on to the next girl. Some of their higher institutions are listed below

* University of Ouagadougou

* Aube Nouvelle University

* Private University of Ouagadougou

* Saint Thomas Aquinas University

* Free University of Burkina

* African Institute of Management

* Apidon Academy of Science

* Burkina Private University


The way you want your relationship depends on you and your Burkinabe girl. When it comes to compromising, both of you are going to disagree on a lot of things. Since you grew up in different places and settings, you will never agree on certain things. The reason is that there is a huge difference in the way you think. If you’re able to sort out these differences, then you will enjoy dating your girl.

Most Burkinabe girls in Ouagadougou are very good partners in relationships. Once your girl is in love with you, she will be caring, and she will always show love. You should expect as many gifts as possible. That is their way of showing love to their loved ones. No matter how close both of you get, your girl won’t likely move in with you. In their culture, they believe only married people should be living together. Therefore, it is not a common practice there.

Holiday Romance

Holiday romance is becoming very popular among tourists or foreigners, especially when they are on vacation. Since it is not a real relationship, there is no age barrier. Anyone can be your holiday romance partner. It might even be your old friend in Ouagadougou. In most cases, tourists take their fellow female tourists as their holiday romance partners.

Things are usually very perfect that way. No one is going to be cheating on each other. You might even return to your home countries and come back again at the same time. If you want to enjoy your holiday romance well, you need to learn how to step out. Go to nice places with a cool atmosphere where you can always discuss better.

Even though you prefer going to hot places, there is still a need to be careful. Heat in some places can lead to sunburn if you waste so much time outside. Your holiday romance partner can also be a local. In fact, that is what most foreigners prefer. Most of them want to get laid with Burkinabe girls before returning to their home countries.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Successful relationships are relationships that are healthy and will likely lead to marriage. As a foreigner, having a healthy relationship with an Ouagadougou girl has to be mutual efforts. That is, both of you are willing to give everything to make things work out. Trust is a very important thing in any relationship. Mutual trust has to be between you and your partner.

If your partner has done things that have made you lost your trust In her. It is better to end the relationship since you’re finding it very difficult to trust her again. Treating your Burkinabe girl well is also important for a successful relationship with her. Burkinabe girls in Ouagadougou like good listeners. They want guys that will listen whenever they are talking.

It means a lot to them as they try to share their deepest feelings or thoughts. Another thing you need for a successful relationship is a gesture of love. You have to keep reminding your partner that you’re so much in love with her. You shouldn’t only remind her of your words; you should also buy her gifts. You can surprise her with cloths of her size. All you just have to know is her size; you can go ahead to purchase on your own.


As you will meet real girls, you will also meet girls who just want to date you for certain advantages. Burkinabe girls rarely turn foreigners down nowadays. That is because they believe that most of them are very rich, so they don’t mind going into a relationship with no love. Patience is needed if you’re going to get someone that loves you truly.

There is nothing like love at first sight. It is just infatuation, and it never really existed. Therefore, getting true love with a Burkinabe girl is the best thing if you want a committed relationship. To get a girl to love you deeply, you’re going to require a lot of time and patience. For a long time, you will have to care for her and show her how truly you love her. Burkinabe girls in Ouagadougou won't trust you in the beginning.

You’ve to continue showing her your love before she will start thinking of you. Once she starts to think about you deeply, then she will start falling in love with you. The best relationships are built on the truth, and they are always stable.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Since you were young, you know the things you want in your wife. When it comes to marriage, you should know no woman will tick all your boxes. You just need the one that you can live with comfortably. There is no perfect Burkinabe wife material out there. What is important is that your relationship goes smoothly. That is, you don’t have issues that can lead to fights or disagreements. As a foreigner searching for a future partner, you are going to meet a lot of girls to choose from.

It is always better to choose one with a good character. Aside from beauty and physical appearance, character matters a lot in girls. You shouldn’t consider spending the rest of your life with a girl that behaves badly. Lastly, you should make sure there are no major disagreements between both of you. If there’s an important thing you don’t agree with, it is better to call off the relationship. Those kinds of things can lead to serious issues later on.


If you want a successful marriage, you should be willing to put in your efforts. Marriage is a lifelong thing, so you should be ready to satisfy your partner always. You are going to go through different phases and stages as your marriage last. There is a need for you to understand everything, so you don’t become confused in the long run.

The honeymoon stage is the first phase you will go through. Since love and attraction is still very strong here, you will relate to your Burkinabe girl easily. Everything in this phase goes fine and smooth. After the honeymoon, then reality sets in. As a foreigner, you might start noticing things you don’t like in your partner.

As a result of cultural diversity, you won’t agree on a lot of things too. It is important to be patient in this phase. Take things easy and try to sort out your differences. After you’ve passed the stage, you will now start living a stable life. Both of you will understand each other and will start setting goals. Time will now be available to improve other areas of your life.


A wedding in Ouagadougou starts with an introduction. All members of both families meet to know each other during introductions. As a foreigner, your partner’s family might not get to see your own family. Other means such as Skype calls or any other social media can be used to contact them. After the introduction, then engagement follows.

The time between introduction and engagement varies a lot. As you will see people who do engagements two weeks after introduction, you will also meet people who do it months after. It all depends on your wedding plan. The reason why engagements are very important is that traditional practices are carried out. It is more like the equivalent of traditional weddings in other cities or countries. The two families will dress in traditional attires and dance as you’re going to be joined to your partner. You can hire a wedding expert to teach you how to compose yourself throughout the engagement. Wedding activities end in church or mosques. Your religious leader is going to bless your union and announce you as a couple.

Family Life

There are now huge changes in how families live in Ouagadougou. These changes arrived as a result of the changes in the culture and tradition of Ouagadougou people. Foreigners don’t have any choice than to adapt to these changes because they are the minors. A typical Burkinabe man goes out early in the morning and returns late. All he cares about is making money to feed the family.

The wife is going to be the one doing other areas of parenting. That is why your wife is very important in your family life. She will be the one taking care of your children and monitoring them. Both of you must work together to bring up your children to be respected people in society. You’re expected to send your children to school till they graduate from higher institutions.

All the fees and bills will be on you. Therefore, it is very important to be financially buoyant before considering marriage. As you grow older, you will finally retire from your work and settle down at home. Your wife will retire and do the same thing after some time. It is at this time that your children will repay you. They will fund your lifestyle and make sure everything is going fine for you.

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