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Guide for dating in Odessa helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Ukrainian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Ukrainian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Odessa. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Odessa, Ukraine.

Hot girls of Odessa at the Park Residences club

Girls in Odessa:

  • Looks of girls: 4.0 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.0 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.0 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.0 / 5

Dating in Odessa:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Odessa:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4.0 / 5

More about Odessa:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.0 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5/ 5
  • Moving around the city: 4.0 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $300


Odessa is a famous port city, and it also is the most populous city in Ukraine. It also is a well-known and popular tourist center, and it attracts thousands of tourists almost across the year. Located in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, it is an old city. It also is often referred to as the Pearl of the Black Sea.

Because of its strategic location and because it is a famous tourist destination, you can be sure that it will have thousands of tourists visiting Odessa almost round the year. If you are a foreign man on the lookout for a hot and passionate woman, then Odessa could be the right city. It is a city that has some of the most breathtakingly beautiful women. Additionally, most of them are independent, broad-minded, and do not believe in old thoughts and views regarding relationships. However, a few of the local women above the age of forty may be uncomfortable with such relationships. But they are also becoming more modern in their outlook.

Further, we should bear in mind that the dating culture of this city is in line with the culture and history. If you look at the history of the city of Odessa in particular and Ukraine in particular, the women always have believed in being independent not only economically but also when it comes to relationships with men.

Therefore if you are a good man with the right intention, it should not be too much of a problem for you to get hooked to a gorgeous woman in this city. This culture is not restricted to Odessa and Ukraine alone but is also perhaps applicable to Russia's whole. The Russians girls and women, in general, are happy-go-lucky and would like to enjoy life with an open mind. They are willing to experiment and also are ready to have sex with multiple partners in many cases. But you should handle them with care and compassion. They are very particular about their self-respect, and you must treat them with the respect that they deserve. If you can break the ice the right way and then take things forward, you can be reasonably sure that you will have things going your route soon.

Dating Culture

Dating cultures are not the same across the world, and it varies from place to place. Hence, you will undoubtedly be able to come across a dating culture in Odessa that is slightly different from other big cities in Western Europe or North America. Having said this, it would be wrong to assume that the women in this city do not have any dating habits or dating culture. They do like to date and get close to men, and they do have a fascination for quality men. However, they are not as outgoing and open as their counterparts in western countries. It is understandable because the women of Odessa have grown in different cultures and lifestyles.

But at the same time, things are changing. Many of the younger women and girls are getting exposed to the internet. They are aware of the modern way of life that their counterparts are leading in many cities and even small towns of Western Europe, America, Canada, and other such countries. Hence, many bold and open-minded women are keen on finding out ways and means that could help them to get hooked to foreign men. It would also be pertinent to mention here that many women and girls are not too happy with the healthy lifestyle that most of them lead in Odessa and Ukraine. They want to break free from the monotony and boredom associated with poverty and lack of opportunities. Many of these women would not mind getting hooked to men from foreign countries, and if they find a chance, they would be happy to start a life with them.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

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Webcam Dating

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There is no denying the fact that when it comes to looks and appearances, Odessa women in particular and Ukrainian women, in general, are considered to be one of the best. They are known for their beautiful complexion, fantastic figure, and various other physical characteristics. Further, they are also intelligent, and most of them are highly educated and therefore, would be able to offer a fantastic company from physical and other perspectives. However, women and girls of different ages have different physical and other characteristics. Hence it would be a good idea to look at the women and age from different age groups. It will help us to understand them better, and as a man, you can perhaps get hooked to somebody who belongs to your age group and also is of the same wavelength and thought process. We are dividing the women into three different age groups. They are 18 to 30, 31 to 45, and those who are above 45.

Ukrainian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Any girl or women who belong to this age group could be the pick of the lot for men who want the best of the lot. Traditionally, there is no denying that the women of this age group are scorching, beautiful, and many of them would have already developed the right physical attributes and characteristics. The same is the case with the women and girls of this age group. Many of them are not only physically and mentally mature, but they are also willing to try it out with the right man so that they can get the first experience of sex. Most of the women in the age group, 18 to 22, are virgins. They do not mind losing their virginity, provided they can get the best of men who can satisfy their physical needs.

However, there are a few things that one must bear in mind. Many of these young girls in the above age group are also independent financially. They start working at a young age or run their home-based or other small businesses. Hence, you can expect them to dress well, and they also are known for being up to date when it comes to fashion apparel and other such ways of looking modern and sophisticated. Yes, they also have attractive physical attributes. Most of them are reasonably tall, with an average height of around 5 feet three inches. They have sexy looking bodies with fully formed breasts that are rounded and firm. Their waistlines are also very slim, which is because of a combination of workouts and carefully cultivated food habits.

Though the younger girls between the ages of 18 to 22 may be a bit raw and inexperienced in the bed, they make it with their desire and extremely high levels of passion. If you can treat them with respect and care, you can be sure that they will be gorgeous when it comes to performing in the bed. Their desire to learn the finer points of sex is fantastic, and many men have reasons to believe that they will be transported to cloud nine by these young and beautiful women.

The women belonging to the age group of 23 to 30 would undoubtedly be more mature in their approach towards relationships. Though they do have very active hormones, they would like to use a combination of head and heart before getting involved with men. Many of the women belonging to this age group would indeed have been married. They also may have children. But it would be wrong to assume that a few of them would not be exciting either in casual flings or serious affairs. It is because many women may have found marriage, not to their liking. They may miss out on love and affection and even suffer from sexual dissatisfaction because of their partners.

You will be left in awe of the beauty of young girls in Odessa

Ukrainian Women (age 30 - 45)

Ask any experienced man, and he will undoubtedly vouch for women who are at the age of 30 to 45. These women are complete in all respects. Most of them would undoubtedly have developed the best of physical characteristics. Though they may have borne children, this even may have helped them to look even better. Most of the women belonging to this category are particular about their looks and appearances. They are regular with their exercises, workouts, and other such physical attributes. It is evident from the way they have been able to maintain their bodies. Whether it is their figure or the upright manner in which they walk and carry themselves, men can surely miss a few heartbeats when these women move around.

Their breasts continue to be firm and supple. They are of the right size, and there are hundreds of women of this age who have waistlines that will shame even a woman of 23 or 24 years. They spend a lot of time, money, and effort on makeup, cosmetics, and buying themselves the most modern attires and dresses. On the whole, many of them are comparable to the highly fashionable women from Western Europe, the USA, Canada, or other such places.

Let us now try to look at their attitudes towards relationships, extramarital affairs, and other such things. Typically, the women in this age group are busy with their families, husbands, and children. Almost a majority of them could be working and, therefore, could be reasonably independent. Many of them may also be single, and consequently, they could be on the lookout for the right man to take care of their emotional, physical, and other needs. Even some married women may not mind crossing their line and getting involved in affairs because of an unsatisfactory married life.

However, you have to be careful in approaching them and should learn the fundamental lessons of being respectful, courteous, kind, and should know to respect their self-pride. They are quite good at heart, and if you can touch their heart cords at the right place and at the right time, you will be able to win them over quite quickly. Yes, as a man, you would do better to learn the local language and also have some knowledge about their history and culture of Ukraine in general and Odessa in particular. It will help you to break the ice much more comfortable when compared to others. There is no denying the fact getting hooked to women of this age will help you as a man in more ways than one. You will be simply amazed at the way they perform in the bed, and at the same time, you also can expect the best of emotional company. They are mature, understanding, and quite a few of them will be ready to be with you through thick and thin, provided you reciprocate the same in deeds and words.

Ukrainian Ladies (age 45+)

Quite often, we tend to dismiss women above the age of forty-five with a casual disdain because of obvious reasons. We believe that they have lived the best years of their lives, and therefore they may have reasons to feel unhappy and disillusioned with life. We also have a perception that their physical looks and appearances would be on the wane because of aging factors. However, we need to keep these beliefs and thought processes in our homes when we interact with Russian Ladies in general, and the women of Odessa in particular. It is because many of the women age 45 and above continue to look beautiful and glamorous. There are dozens of women who take care of their bodies and figures quite carefully.

They are regular in workouts, exercises and most of them are self-sufficient and independent because of several reasons. Most of them do work along with their spouses and partners. While many of them try and stay away from children, even if they do have children, they are not ready to give up on their zeal to enjoy life and do the right things. The rates of separation and divorces are also higher amongst this age group of women in Odessa. Hence, many of them prefer to stay alone and prefer being single moms. However, all this does not mean that they have given up on life. They do have needs that are both physical and emotional.

Many of them are wealthy, and they would not mind becoming sugar mommies provided they find quality men. They expect genuine respect, emotional and physical attachment, and in return, they would be willing to give almost anything that a man can hope. They are outstanding in the bed, which is because they have years of experience and expertise in this area. They also take care of their physical looks and appearances. They spend a significant portion of their time on workouts, exercises and also spend quite a bit of money on dresses, cosmetics, and other such things that help enhance their looks and appearances.

Since they work out quite extensively and regularly, you can expect that many of them will have excellent figures. Their breasts continue to be irresistible for many men while the tapering waistlines and the hip that expands below the waist would most certainly set many hearts on fire. Many foreign men would simply find them too useful, at least from the physical perspective. If they can understand their feelings, respect them, and be courteous and well behaved with them, it will not be long before you can find them beside you in the bed.

They want protection and would like to feel that they like some good man to take care of them. If these things are in place, you can rest assured that they will be simply awesome in the bed because of their experience and expertise. So, if you want the performance of a 20-year-old girl in the bed coupled with passion, emotional involvement, and understanding, you will have many reasons to choose these women who belong to the age of 45 and above.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Odessa has always been a famous city for tourists, so you will find the city brimming with foreign tourists throughout the year. They come from many countries far and wide. On the other hand, many foreign women and men also come here for higher studies or because they have to work her by their employers. Many enterprising women also run their businesses here. They prefer staying here for months and perhaps years. Quite a few of the foreign people here are solitary women who prefer staying on their own.

Hence, it is quite apparent that they do suffer from pangs of loneliness and boredom being on their own. Yes, many of them have compelling sexual and physical needs and are on the lookout for the right avenue to satisfy their needs. They look for foreign men who understand their language. As a foreign man visiting Odessa, you will have many opportunities to get close to their single and perhaps lonely foreign girls and women. You can find them hanging around in malls, supermarkets and of course in nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. If you can play your cards well and approach them with genuine respect and care, you can be reasonably sure that you will be able to be friends with them.

Since they are alone and have time at their disposal, they would be willing to spend time with you and go much beyond friendship. As mentioned above, these women may not have had avenues to satisfy their sexual needs, and therefore, you can expect them to be extremely passionate and hot in the bed. However, you need to play your cards well and approach them with care and respect. You should understand their mind, and this might take some time, patience, and perseverance. But on the whole, there is hardly any doubt that you will find these single women or even women with partners highly exciting and extremely satisfying as far as their partnership in the bed is concerned.


Many of us may have heard about jumbo-sized meets between Ukrainian girls/women and men from other parts of the world. These are not mere stories, and they keep happening regularly in Odessa and a few other Ukraine cities. It is because many ambitious and forward-looking women and girls are ready to move out of the capital city to have a better life and better living conditions. Hence, if you are a serious man to get involved with a beautiful woman from Odessa, you certainly have many opportunities.

There are also many other women and girls of different ages who are interested in casual flings and sex provided they can get the right men. Though the women of Odessa have traditionally believed that sex is a taboo, things are not as it was a few decades ago. They have changed quite a bit, and many young women are ready to walk the talk as far as their sexual preferences and interests are concerned. The sex trade is highly prevalent in the city though it happens underground.

It is not right to go for paid sex because of the inherent dangers associated with it. The city has a favorable sex ration towards women, and therefore you will not have too much of a problem identifying the right women. You will be surprised at the open attitude that they have towards sex, and the young generation, in particular, is ready to move around and do what it takes to enjoy sex and fun.

However, they would like to be treated with respect and care and would most certainly stay away from men who just look at these beautiful women as mere commodities. They are excellent in the bed and know what it takes to satisfy a man. They are experts in oral sex, foreplay, and of course, the actual act. It all depends on the men, and they should ensure that they can win the women emotionally rather than force themselves on them.

Sex Culture

Most women who belong to the older generation (aged between 30 and 45) may have a conservative and closed attitude towards sex. They do have a desire deep inside their minds and hearts for passionate relationships with men of their liking. But they are too jittery to go ahead with it and try to bury their desires. However, this is not the case with women who belong to the younger generation. They are ready to walk the talk as far as their desire for sexual gratification is concerned. Many of them are on the prowl looking for the right men. You can find them looking for men in malls, restaurants, nightclubs, and places of tourist interest.

You can find women with different cultures and attitudes as far as sex is concerned. A few of them want a casual flight, and one-night stands. On the other hand, many women are keen on stable relationships that last beyond one night stands or for a few days. These women are more focused on love, affection, and career. They are on the lookout for men who believe that relationships are beyond one hot night in the bed. So, as a man, you have many options to choose from, and it depends on how you move about it.

One-Night Stands

The concept of a one-night stand has been around in society for ages, and it could date back to some thousands of years. The same also applies to women of Odessa. There are some research studies done by famous sexologists. The results are quite stunning. Almost 45% of girls lose their virginity to such one-night stands or arranged to meet between men and women. Therefore, as a foreign man visiting the city, you have many reasons to be happy.

Try to learn the language as best as possible and get hooked to the woman of your choice. Start with some tested and proven techniques for breaking the ice. It will not be long before you can be in the arms of a beautiful looking, hot, and sexy woman who will be ready to take you to cloud nine during that night. You will have to do your homework correctly and identify such women, and it should not be much of a problem if you hang outdoors for a while. Nights are always better because that is when these women move around in restaurants, nightclubs, and other places.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

There is no shortage of places of tourist interest in the city of Odessa. It is one of the most sought after tourist destinations when we take into account the erstwhile Soviet Union or USSR. Hence, you can be sure that you will have many avenues to come across beautiful girls and women in this city. They include bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and other such places. During evenings, nights, and weekends, you can be sure that they will be full of dozens of single girls and even mature women above the age of thirty.

You can pick up a conversation with them. Knowing the local language will certainly help. Even otherwise, you can start with sign languages and broken Russian or could even speak a few words in English. Try and make use of Google Translate, and it could help build bridges. Apart from restaurants and tourist destinations, look for single girls and women on college campuses, malls, and other such places.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The city of Odessa has a throbbing nightlife. Pub culture is quite common, and customers have many bars, nightclubs, and pubs to choose from. We are listing down a few of the famous nightclubs in the city for the benefit of our readers.

  • Ibiza: It has taken its name from the island of Ibiza that is famous for club life. The venue is impressive with a restaurant, disco, and concert hall. It can accommodate around 7,000 people.
  • Morgan Club: Morgan club may be the right place to enhance your mood. It has a panoramic verandah, with a spacious indoor hall and disco. Famous local DJs also perform here.
  • Itaka: Itaka Beach Club is the right place to be in for a great weekend. You can spend the day in the pool, and after sunset, the entire area turns into a nightclub. You will love the ambiance, the quality music bar, and of course the lovely girls.
  • Bono Beach Club: It is another famous night clubs located in the coastline. It is complete with a quality pool terrace and nightclub. You have enough space to dance, and the DJs are also quite good.
  • Park Residence: Considered to be one of the best outdoor nightclubs in Odessa it has all the things that one could ask. It has a beautiful restaurant, a bar, a concert platform, and facilities for karaoke. The karaoke list is updated once a month.
  • Atlantic: Atlantic is an average nightclub for those who have a budget in mind. The singers are excellent, and the food also is tasty. Many girls frequent this joint on the lookout for foreign men, who are of different age groups.
  • Fancy Room: It is an excellent place for cocktails, music, and good facilities for dancing and getting hooked to Odessa's hot girls. It is expensive and therefore, may not be the right place for those with a budget in mind.
  • Park Residence: It is considered one of the best places for bachelor parties, birthdays, and even for those men on the lookout for single women and girls of Odessa. The menu is impressive, and so is the ambiance, music, and other such things.
  • X-Club: The place is known for individual attention, and the drinks are fabulous. You also will be able to come across many hot and sexy women in this club.
Party at the Park residences club in Odessa

Shopping Malls

The city also is famous for many famous shopping malls. Here are a few of them:

  • Fresh Market
  • City Center
  • Kadorr City Mall
  • Novy Privoz
  • Afina Gallery
  • Sady Pobedy Shopping Mall
  • Fontan Sky Center
  • Europa
  • Arcadia City
  • Ancho Room


Being outdoors is the best way to get hooked to women and girls in any city. Odessa also is no exception, and you have many places to choose from. Odessa is a famous tourist destination, and therefore you can come across dozens of tourist interests to choose from. It could include beach resorts and also places of historical importance. Here are a few of them:

  • Deribasovskaya Street: You can just hang around there and have a look at the shops and sip some drinks in the many restaurants that line up this street. It is a suitable place for those who are keen on getting hooked to women because you will find them in large numbers looking out for partners.
  • Odessa Delphinarium Nemo: This place will make you extremely happy, and you will have many memorable experiences to carry back. The dolphin show apart, you can also get a chance to become friendly with some beautiful women, and you could try dating them and getting hooked to them.
  • Insomnia – The Haunted House: If you have a healthy heart and would love to be in the company of ghosts and evil spirits, this could be the place. You will have a tough time going through various rooms without being attacked by the evil spirits. Yes, you also will have a chance to get physically close to some beautiful women as they look for a shoulder to rest.

Universities and Colleges

The city of Odessa gives a lot of importance to studies. It is because it has some of the best colleges & universities. We are listing down a few of them:

  • Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies
  • Odessa National I I Mechinov University
  • Odessa State Medical University
  • Odessa College
  • Southern National Pedagogical University KD Ushinkogo
  • National University Odessa Law Academy
  • Odessa State Polytechnic University
  • Odessa State Environmental University
  • Odessa National Maritime Academy
  • Odessa State Agrarian University


Ukraine, in general, and Odessa, in particular, was built on some strong cultures, rituals, and other such things. Hence, on the whole, both men and women give a lot of importance to relationships between individuals While the effect of the Soviet Union is slowly wearing off, many people believe that relationships should begin and end only with one partner. Mature and older women still believe in this. However, as it is happening in other countries, things are also changing here in this city. Women are ready to throw the old baggage and go in for new ones, and therefore many young women are prepared to get hooked to men. Therefore as a foreigner, you have a good chance of doing things the right way.

Holiday Romance

If you would like to combine romance with a holiday, there is no doubt that Odessa city could be one of the best options. It has some of the best holiday destinations that are romantically irresistible. They could help build relationships the right way, and yes, as men and women, you also could have some passionate moments during the nights when you decide to stay in hotels.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Many things contribute to a successful relationship. The meaning of successful relationships has different meanings to different sets of people. For young women below the age of 25, it could be all about physical and sexual gratification. However, as they age and cross 25, they could be on the lookout for men who understand their emotional needs and physical needs. The same also applies to women and girls in this city. The mature and intelligent ones look for sex, but at the same time, they also want stability in relationships. They believe that the bonds should on mutual respect for one another, and there should be compassion and care for the women who the men are planning to get hooked.


Love is the same across the world, and it cuts across all living things and includes human beings. The love life in Odessa is quite healthy and has some sound principles and cultures that have stood the test of time. Hence, it would be good to understand their customs and way of life. This way, you will be able to appreciate their love better. Many women may not be as vocal or as expressive as their western counterparts when it comes to expressing their liking and desire for men. They may send discreet feelers, and you can understand them and make use of them as best as possible.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

While attitudes towards relationships and sex may have changed in Odessa over the years, it would be wrong to assume that every woman in the city is ready for getting hooked to a man. Many of them are happy with their families and children. Therefore, before approaching a woman or girl, make sure she is the right one. You could ask some probing questions after you have been able to break the ice. The replies will suggest whether you are looking for the right one.


Marriages are still a strong institution in Odessa and also in Ukraine. But things are changing, and many independent women do not believe in the institution of marriage. They would instead prefer to go in for live-in relationships. As a man, you have to decide what sort of relationship you want with them. If you are for casual flings, then you have no problems, but in case you want close relationships with these beautiful women, you must also keep marriage as an option.


If you decide to get wedded to a local woman in Odessa, you will have to through a long process. You must get in touch with a local person who understands the formalities associated with a legal marriage in this city. You also have options to get married in a civil court or other such forums and make the whole thing a straight and straightforward affair.

Family Life

Family life continues to be extremely strong in Odessa. But as relationships come under strain, between men and women, the instances of divorce and separation are also going up. If you come across a mature woman with children, you must understand the importance of family life. It is because these women do attach a lot of significance to it.

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