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Guide for dating in Muscat helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Omani women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Omani girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Muscat. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Muscat, Oman.

Girls in Muscat:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Muscat:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 2 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Muscat:

  • Women's sexual activity: 2 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Muscat:

  • Nightlife in general: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $600
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $550


The air is rife of so many tales and fables of how difficult it is to date an Omani girl. While dating an Omani girl is never an easy prospect, it should be remembered that to any rule, there is still a leeway for dreamers to believe that they may stand a chance. There are stories of foreigners who dated, fell in love, and found a way to marry Omani girls. No doubt that Omani girls are considered as one of the most beautiful women throughout the globe.

An Omani girl is a Muslim who is not expected to date. She is expected to be handed over to be married by an Omani man when she starts to experience a sexual urge. They hardly mix up with foreigners in public. An Omani girl is expected to wear long garments like Jallabya that will cover her knees and bodies, tie a scarf that will cover her hair, and sometimes wear a Burqa that will cover her face.

This pattern of life and culture scares a lot of foreign men living in Oman to not consider them when looking for dates or hookups. The reality is that there are still foreign men who have fallen in love with their appearance, smiles, and attitude to life. These men are desperate to look beyond the veil, Jallabya, and scarves. They are willing to explore the slightest opportunity that may arise for them to date an Omani girl.

If you belong to this class of men, the good news is that there are many opportunities to partner with an Omani girl in Muscat. All you need is to follow up on such occasions when they arrive. You will even learn better as you continue reading. You can also date them through online dating apps.

Dating Culture

An Omani girl in Muscat is not expected to date. Dating is frowned at in Oman. They are expected to marry when they approach puberty and start to experience sexual urge. Many Omani girls in Muscat are gradually embracing European enlightenment and have begun to revolt against their tradition. They will not date in public because of the fear that they have for their parents. Many of these girls engage in secret dating.

As a foreigner willing to date an Omani beauty, you have to make your relationship discreet if you are to have any chance of dating one. Many Muscat girls will like to keep such a relationship with a foreigner because the chances of it succeeding are high. In fact, it is higher than a relationship kept with an Omani native in Muscat. It is because the natives belong to one religion and live as a family. This makes it easier for the gossip to spread around. An average Muscat girl is very descent. While they may want to have their say on the matter of who they marry irrespective of their nationality, they will prefer not to do anything that will bring dishonor or shame to their parents and family. So you will have to cooperate with her. You may have to chat and call her through social media and online dating apps that is prominently used in the country. Dating apps like Tinder works well in Muscat.

Online Dating

Dating in Muscat can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Muscat and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Omani women in Muscat are very beautiful. A typical Omani woman has a well-rounded face, pointed nose, and other sharp facial features. They are tall and fair in complexion. They look very healthy with glowing skin. In fact, their skin is envied by a lot of women, no matter if they have spent millions on skincare and beauty products. Their beauty is more accentuated by their bright smiles. They have smiles that can melt a heart of stone. From their look, you will most likely perceive them as sweet and kind-hearted souls.

These women are the type that any man will like to fall in love with. Muscat, women, are very hard-working. They excel in other aspects of human endeavor. Their tradition teaches them to understand that they are supposed to be housewives. That is why men have more say in society and even in marriage. This societal treatment has made many Muscat women shy and timid.

So as a foreigner trying to woo a Muscat girl, you must be aware of this and vary your approach on how you interact with her. Do things that will make her fall in love with you.

Omani Girls (age 18 - 29)

Girls of this age bracket are expected to be married. It is because an Omani girl in Muscat is expected to marry once she starts to have a sexual urge. As a result of modern trends, you can see a Muscat girl within this age that is still unmarried. This is because they have seen most of their peers that became unhappy and later got divorced. These divorces are because of being forced into marriages arranged by their parents.

An Omani woman now has the power to decide the man she wants to get married to. You have to play your cards well before you can get your girl to fall in love with you. It is because you are likely to face stiff competition from local men in Muscat. Mostly men who are very wealthy on an average level. These men own exotic vehicles. They are the ones people expect to have the right to marry freely without stress. You also have to understand the attributes women look for in men.

You don't have to assume that it is money and power that every girl wants. Some girls are just looking for sincere men with whom they can fall in love with. While hookup is possible with a Muscat girl within this age, it is yet extremely difficult to convinence a Muscat girl to get laid with you. She has to think about so many factors before considering giving sex to you. It is because an Omani girl in Muscat is expected to be married as a virgin. If she allows you to hook up with her, then what excuse will she give to her future husband when the time comes. And this is why you need to take a second thought while considering hookup with an Omani girl.

Omani Women (age 30 - 45)

Most women within this age are in their husband's house. Omani women are loyal when they marry men they love. Due to their culture of arranged marriages, many married Muscat women may find themselves living in with men they’re not in love with. The same can also be said for some men. This may make some of them try to seek intimacy outside of marriage. You need to know that trying to get laid with a married woman is very risky, especially as a foreigner.

Their religion and culture are very strict about such offences, and you might land your self in big trouble if you get caught. There are divorced women within this age who just freed themselves from unhappy marriages. It may be easier for you to hook up with such ladies or even be in a relationship with them if you are discreet enough. This is because they are no longer virgins and will not have questions to answer in the future.

They will also prefer to get laid with foreigners who will be more secretive since there is a mutual fear on the part of both parties. Another reason they may prefer to sleep with a foreigner is that he may soon travel back to his country, and their sexual escapades will die without suspicions. It will be very difficult or close to impossible to have sex with a single Muscat woman within this age. This is because they are desperate to be married to their natives. It means that they are more determined to refrain from activities that can jeopardize their chances.

Omani Ladies (age 45+)

Single Muscat ladies within this age group are very independent. They hold good jobs and can take good care of themselves. Most of them are divorced and may want to engage in some sort of secret fun. You can quickly locate them using online dating apps. The single ones among this age group may also be more welcoming of foreigners and may want to engage in relationships or hookups with them.

Supposed it is done discreetly, they may even be willing to travel to your country with you. You have to make a good proposal for the girl you meet. You have to convince her that you will treat her like a queen if she makes that sacrifice for you. At this age of great Independence, she might be convinced to explore the world with you.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

The city of Muscat is highly industrialized. It has world-class infrastructures. A bubbling tourist industry, standard educational system, and many more. Thus it has attracted a sizable amount of foreigners to come to the country either to tour, study, engage in business or other forms of activities. Prominent among these people are women who add glamour, flair, and flavor to this city. The foreigners are very friendly and will always be ready to engage in a conversation with you.

All nationalities and continents of the world are represented in Oman. You may likely meet a girl that comes from your country in Muscat. Foreign girls in Muscat are independent and productive. They can afford to pay for their bills and buy the necessary things they need to live a great life. They also like partying and having a lovely time with their people. You have to be friendly with them. It is among foreign women in Muscat that you will have the best opportunity for a hookup or relationship.

It is because you have seen the pros and cons connected with dating and hooking up with Muscat girls. You can see foreign women in shopping Malls. Foreign women are particularly lively in Night clubs and parties. You can approach them in this party mood and book a date or hookup with them. Or, you can also meet them in Bars and restaurants. You can offer to buy them food. They will appreciate your generosity and be more willing to have you as their friend.

There are other outdoor locations where you can meet these foreign girls. You can go for Gondola Cruises, Kayaking, Canoeing, Speed Boat tour. You can also strengthen your bond with any of your international friends by inviting them to accompany you to many indoor and outdoor events. Don't miss your chances with all these foreign women. They will make your stay in Muscat very fun and interesting.


Having sex with an Omani girl in Muscat can be very challenging. This is because Omani girls are expected to be virgins. They live a conservative lifestyle. They are rarely seen in public. Whenever there is social contact with a man, they are expected to wear scarves or cover their face with a Burqa. Their minimal contact with men makes having sex with them very difficult, but all hope is not lost.

If you are charming enough and have enough sugar coatings in your tongue, you might have the chance to get laid with an Omani girl in Muscat. One of the skills you must master if you are to have any chance of getting laid with an Omani girl in Muscat is secrecy. Most of the girls are very shy and do not know how to practice an open relationship. They are also scared of what their parents and the society might do by the time they discover that she is engaging in illicit relations with a foreigner.

The consequences are grave in Oman and its culture. So you have to offer her the escape route from her fears before she may commit to any sexual relations with you. You must have the capacity to fly her to your country and marry her in case things get intense. To bid better the rule of secrecy in dating and having sex with an Omani beauty, it will be useful if you learn how to use an online dating app. She can access you from the comfort of her room through these dating apps.

In that case, her parents and relatives will not learn about your relationship and any possible sexual escapades that may accompany it. You can get laid with an Omani girl, but you have to be prepared for the hard work and rigors that may accompany it. You may also decide to explore other options than to dare and come in face to face confrontation with Omani law. Whichever way you choose, you are an adult that is fully responsible for your actions.

One of the punishments you can face for sleeping with an Omani girl may be repatriation. You may also be sent to jail. But as an adult, you may decide that the girl is worth going to jail for.

Sex Culture

The culture in Muscat demands that a girl should only have sex in marriage. Muscat is a Muslim city where Sharia law is practiced. Any girl that disobeys that law is severely punished and may bring great reproach to her family. That is why her parents and other family members do a lot of hard work in making sure that she abstains from sex before marriage. Married Omani women are loyal in marriage. Cheating is not a common practice.

You cannot put a hundred percent trust on a human with free will. Most may not be married to their marriage partners and may seek to gain extramarital sexual satisfaction elsewhere. But the punishment of adultery is grievous in the Muslim Sharia law. Prostitution is illegal in Muscat. But some foreigners still practice prostitution in Muscat. There were so many reported cases of prostitution in Muscat, resulting in some women from certain countries being denied a visa to Oman.

If you want to patronize a prostitute, you can inquire about girls offering such service from foreigners around you and be discreet about the way you go about your patronage.

One-Night Stands

You may sure increase your chances of getting laid by visiting One Night Stands. There are many such venues in Muscat. The chances of your meeting a Muscat girl in a One Night Stand is very lean. But you can meet beautiful and gorgeous foreigners with big ass and breasts in a One Night Stand. You can observe them and choose the kind of girl that turns you on. You may prefer ladies with big breasts and ass or slim girls or girls with curved features.

You can meet any girl you fancy in a one-night stand. At least you are sure that they are independent enough to visit a One Night Stand. Arranging a date or hooking up with them with not be challenging. If you tell them sweet words and show them enough care, they will agree to sleep over with you in your hotel room. So make sure you do not miss the opportunity to pick up and have a good time in Muscat. Most of these women are maybe horny and look for a man to give them a good time in bed. If you give it to them, both of you can become friends with benefits.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Many people hold the opinion that Muscat is a boring city for guys that like sex. The truth is that ninety-nine percent of guys like sex. And they are many guys in the City of Muscat. They are happy and fulfilled because they have figured ways to get what they want. You have to make good use of the options in your hand. You have to be at locations where your chances of picking up a girl Will be very high.

You have to be clear about the kind of girl you want and be clear about where you can find them. Some locations are not suitable for picking some particular kind of girls.

If you are a foreigner, Muscat girls may not want to give you their numbers in an open place like Mall but may decide to provide you with her contact in a secluded area a Beach if you do it discreetly. You can quickly meet a foreigner in Bars and Nightclubs and obtain their connection and after that book a date with them. Local girls can be found on the local street markets, especially during weekends. You can also encounter these beautiful girls in local parks, theater, etc. Let's take a look at some of the locations you can increase your chances of finding a date.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

* Leftbank

This is one of the best hangout spots in Muscat. You can visit this Club for a chance to meet and hookup with a sexy foreigner. There is a fantastic selection of excellent beer and Cocktail in this venue. Good quality food, taper style food is served here. You can enjoy the feel of natural environment in this venue. You can also swim as they have swimming pool in their premises. The atmosphere is unique. You have to be at this venue in order to have a taste of good cuisine along with beautiful foreigner ladies. Enough fun and pleasures await you in this venue.

* Private Gastro Lounge

There is a great atmosphere generated in this venue. There are lots of musical beats and vibes. Different artists are invited to give a live performance. You can also play pub games with beautiful females present here. They also have quiz nights and other great nights in this lounge. It is a friendly environment for you to arrange for dates and hookups. Visit here to have a great time in the confinement of this beautiful environment.

* Zar El - Laymoun

Do you want to be served with some mixed Grill, cucumber salad, Grilled potato, Grilled Haloumi, beef, or beef skewer? Then you have to visit this Lebanese restaurant. You can look for a date here. You can also bring your partner here to be served with amazing cuisines. Other delicious meals you can eat in this venue include toasted bread, grilled eggplant, boiled chickpeas, pomegranate molasses, garlic yogurt, sandwich chicken, shawarma, and other tasty desserts. You will surely have a great time in this cozy and romantic atmosphere.

* Karleen Café. Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos

This venue attracts a sizeable pocket of the crowd at night. You can enjoy various charcoal-grilled dishes here. The food that is served here is delicious. The interior is stunning with an overlay of botanical greenery, giving it a particularly pleasing appearance. In this cozy environment, any lyrics that you sing to a foreigner can easily stick in her brain for a long time. So you can make good use of this beautiful environment and play your game well.

* Al Qurum Resort

Live band and best musical DJs are invited to create a pumping atmosphere in this resort. Delicious food and cocktail are served in this venue. The interior is stylish and beautiful. The food is affordable, and the customer service is excellent. There are special nights in this venue like the mixed-race night, African night, Karaoke night, Arabic night, and so on. You will surely have a good time finding a beautiful and sexy girl to have fun with, at this venue.

* Lavida, Muscat There is an excellent ambiance at this venue. The interior is gorgeous. The atmosphere is perfect for partying. Best DJs are invited to serve up some cool tunes in this place. It is a lovely local hangout. The live music performance produces some unique vibes that keeps everyone on their feet. Contemporary continental cuisines are also available and served. If you are a fan of seafood, you can eat a delicious one here. The atmosphere here describes an ultimate nightlife destination.

* Maya – Firangi Indian Lounge

If you want to hook up and have a pleasant time with one of those goddess Indian beauties, then this is an excellent location for you. Unique dishes and South Indian menus are served in here. There are kick-ass hot girls in this lounge along with great menu and drinks to keep you satisfied. There are regular events on this venue and days of individual nights. There are so many creative events. This place is very unique and is perhaps filled with a fantastic crowd. You can check it out. You are sure to have a great night.

* Caramel Restaurant and Lounge (American Restaurant)

Visit this location for a chance to meet American beautiful ladies and mom. This location is particularly attractive and romantic. It is highly suitable for a candlelight dinner. Salad, Sushi, and other delicious desserts are served here. You can also please your taste bud with delightful wine amidst the background of beautiful music. You will surely find an American beauty who will be ready for a hookup up with you.

* Royal Opera House

This location is tastefully decorated. It is the home of all forms of gala concerts. The entertainment provided in this venue is first class. There are mind-blowing orchestra performances delivered on this venue. The atmosphere created by the orchestral performances is unique. You need to be here to have a nice time. It is also an excellent location for you to pick up girls.

* Laval

There is a beautiful atmosphere in this location. DJs are always on hand to serve up beautiful music. There are special lady's night every Tuesday from 7 pm – 11 pm. Ladies have a chance to buy one and get one for free, which means that you can have a sizable amount of ladies crowding this venue on Tuesday night. So what are you waiting for? You can go up there and choose a sexy lady to spend your time with.

* Rock Bottom

In this night club, beautiful music is served along with the presence of hot chicks. The interior design is classic and enthralling. The ambiance is excellent. A regular cocktail is served here. You will have a great time at this venue.

Shopping Malls

This is a promising location to find a beautiful lady in Muscat. Most of the ladies you will find here are independent and productive. They can take care of themselves. You have to be friendly to them. Offer them some helping hand. Maybe an opportunity for you to start a conversation will present itself. You can then ask her for her number and then call her later in the day to ignite a friendship that may lead you both into some other things pending on your needs.

Many girls who are Omani natives may not open up to give you their numbers in this location for obvious reasons. But a few of them might slip it to you discreetly if you maturely approach them. You can then call them when they are likely to be in their private rooms.

You have to be well dressed and presentable every time you use a shopping mall as a location to track down girls. This is because most of the girls you will meet here are relatively independent and classy. You have to appear classy in order to have any chance with them. If you are handsome and charming, you will increase your chances of picking up a girl through a shopping mall. You can see beautiful girls in Muscat in any of these shopping Malls

* Oman Avenue Mal

* City Center Mall, Muscat

* Panorama Mall

* Qurm City Center Mall

* Muscat Grand Mall

* Salman Stores

* Sultan Center, Oman

* Paris Gallery, Oman


Many women in Muscat are very cheerful and merry whenever they are engaging in any form of outdoor activity. They are smartly dressed on this occasion, and you can quickly gauge their real beauty. They will be more welcoming to you. And there are numerous opportunities you can use to engage in some forms of sweet conversations.

If you fall in love with a girl you met while engaging in outdoor activities, then that relationship may genuinely last for a long time. This is because you met her in a location of shared interest. If you met her when you went biking, then it means that she likes biking just like you. That singular area of shared interest may make your conversation to be lively and exciting. And you both may sooner fall in love with each other.

Muscat is a beautiful city where glistening domes and relics sing anthems of their religion and glitter of pools, and Crystal complexes bear the banner of their urbanization. And whenever urbanization and religion walk like twins, then there must be a big tale that tourism has to tell. That is why Muscat bubbles with several outdoor tourist attractions. There are pasture Beaches, gorgeous Canyons, and spectacular Oasis.

In Muscat, you can decide to go on Hiking Trails, on a Speed Boat Tour, a shark diving, kayaking and canoeing, and so many fun activities. But know that you will not be alone in any of these activities. There will be one or two gorgeous princesses that will be by your side to share in the excitement with you.

Universities and Colleges

Universities and Colleges is another golden opportunity for you to meet a beautiful girl you may fancy to date. This is because there are so many beautiful damsels at the University. Many Universities in Muscat have restricted access. This means that you may have to obtain special permission from the girl you want to visit before you can be allowed inside. But there are many universities and colleges where free access is granted to foreigners and visitors alike.

Muscat girls are sincere and dedicated to their studies. Many of them will want to give you their attention in school because they are not in the company of their family and relatives. You can get to know her better in school and be her best friend. She may allow you to visit her in her school because it is more confidential than her home. But you have to do it in a coded way.

It is much easier for you to meet and socialize with foreigners in Muscat's Colleges and Universities. They are very friendly. They will be more open to a hookup with you. Relationships with them will be exciting and fun. The following are Universities and Colleges where you can pick up girls in Muscat.

* Middle East College

* Muscat College

* German University of Technology

* Sultan Qaboos University

* Higher College of Technology

* Majan University College

* Gulf College


Based on what we know so far about Muscat and their tradition, trying to build a relationship with a Muscat girl can be challenging. But if it is impossible to fall in love with a Muscat girl because their religion says it is impossible, then there would have been no epic love story; there would have been no Hollywood and Bollywood. There would have also been no Romeo and Juliet. As far as love and falling in love are concerned, the word impossible is impossible.

So might fancy your chances of building a relationship with a Muscat girl. Muscat girls engage in secret contact with foreigners. They have to lie to date. They will lie that they are following their friends for an errand and use the opportunity to meet with their lover. The reason why this relationship succeeds is that the girl and the guy have equal determination to keep the relationship secret. This is because they are both aware of the bitter consequences that will follow if they are found out.

This will make both parties devise all the cons they can to make the relationship survive. As a foreigner who is in Muscat, building a relationship with a fellow foreigner is far more comfortable. You both are not restricted from falling in love or marrying each other. You can seek out a foreigner in any of the above locations we discussed earlier. When you finally enter in a relationship with a girl you like, try and pamper her with love.

Send her beautiful text messages to tell her how much you love her and how much she means to you. Buy her gifts and take her to choose locations and engage in outdoor activities. With time you will notice that your bond will grow more robust, and both of you will be head and neck in love with each other.

Holiday Romance

A Muscat girl that observes that you are in Muscat temporarily may be willing to engage in Holiday Romance with you. You can hook up with her for a few weeks, after which you can go back to your country. You have to make enough provisions to keep the relationship secret before she can concede to your demand. Engaging in Holiday Romance with your fellow foreigners is also fun. Both of you can agree to have sex with each other.

The relationship ends when either of you is done with her mission in Muscat. During the period of your relationship, both of you will be great friends. Spend time together. Have some beautiful moments together. Holiday Romance is gorgeous and economical. This type of a relationship needs two mature minds in other to be successful. This is necessary so that one person does not lose control of his emotions and falls in love with the other person. One of the partners or both may be in a close relationship with another person in their respective countries.

Tips for Successful Relationship

If you find yourself in love with an Omani girl in Muscat, then you must obey the rule of secrecy for the relationship to survive. Her parents must not, in any way, learn about your relationship. Any moment you both spent together must be kept a secret. You have to meet her in a location where no local citizen of Muscat must see both of you. You both must device smart means of covering your paths and refrain from engaging in any activity that will make people suspect you.

You have to map out a plan that is practical enough that may pave the way for marriage. Convince her on how you intend to make her your future wife. This may involve both of you traveling out of the country to seek pastures elsewhere. If she senses that your intentions are just to keep her for sex and then leave her and go back to your country, she will not be happy with you. If you have a clear and defined plan of how you want to make her your wife, she will be motivated to love you the more.

If you are in a relationship with a foreigner, then you have to learn to respect her culture. Both of you may come from different backgrounds and beliefs. So you must have an insight into how her culture affects her behavior so that you both end up in having a successful relationship. You have to love her always and make her feel cherished. Since she is living in a foreign land there has to be situations and occasions in which she will need your help and assistance. You have to be on hand and willing to lend her the support so that she can love you more.


You can find love in Muscat. Before a Muscat girl loves you, she has to compare you with the local men she is supposed to be throated to. Marriage to an Omani man is easy for them. But their marriage with a foreigner is close to impossible because of their religion and culture. If you get a chance, you must convince her by your actions and character that you are kinder, more understandable and will show her far greater love than any of the Omani natives.

Many of the native guys are super-rich. But the women are not that materialistic. They are craving for a man that will love and take care of them. They have seen many of their peers fall, a victim of a broken home and marriage, because they married for the wrong reasons. She will not want to have a similar Fate. So you have to give her that conviction that you will love and care for her. Then she will find it easy to fall in love with you. You have to let her know how you are willing to break boundaries and have her as your wife.

Finding love with a foreign woman in Muscat is very easy. But you have to put the necessary hard work to make that possible. You have to care for her and give her your time and attention. You have to take her to Bars and Nightclubs since many foreign ladies like clubbing and outdoor activities. You have to buy some gifts for her. You need to have some in-depth discussions with her and make her understand you care about her. After she has fallen in love with you, she will be willing to follow you back to your country or settle down with you in Muscat.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

When an Omani girl starts calling you and starts texting you, then know that she has fallen deeply in love with you. That gesture is particularly significant, burdening on the risk involved in doing so. She tries her best to suppress her emotions and not let loose of it. But when water gathers too much in the pocket of space, it has no other option than to flow. Her love for you may grow to the level where she cannot be able to control it. She will then be calling you often, texting you, and trying to be in close contact with you.

If she tells you that she wants to travel with you to your country, then you have to know that she is uncontrollably in love with you. She knows the law in her country will not permit her to marry a foreigner. She also knows that the only saving grace she has to let loose of her emotions is to beg you to take her to your country so that she can be free to express her love for you freely. If it gets to this point, then you have to do something quickly because you have made somebody's daughter madly in love with you.

If it is a foreign lady that you are dating and she starts Caring, calling, and missing you, then you have to know that she is in love. If she tells you that she wants to go back with you to your country, then realize she has fallen madly in love with you. If she talks about you to her family members and friends, then be sure that she wants to spend the rest of her life with you. Then you have to hurry up and do something because someone's daughter is seriously in love with you.


In the Constitution of Oman, it is stated that an Omani can only marry a foreigner for social and health reasons. And within that narrowness of possibilities comes another restriction to women;for an Omani woman to marry a foreigner, she must be at least 30 years and should obtain a letter of consent from her father. 'These restrictions mean that it is only under extreme circumstances that an Omani marriage to a foreigner can be sanctioned. This means that the best chance of you hosting your marriage in Muscat will be with your fellow foreigners.

A wedding in Muscat can be as expensive as you want it to be. You have to follow the marriage rules set down if you are to marry in Muscat. You have to provide evidence that you are free to marry. If you are a Christian, you have to contact an ordaining priest to assist with the proper attestations. You are expected to provide some documents signed by an apostille before your marriage ceremony can be approved.

Some of the materials you have to offer include passport copies for you and your fiancée. You have to provide proof of your marital status. You have to provide your Original Baptism certificate and divorce certificate if you are divorced. You also have to give a No Objection Certificate and Widow certificate in case either of you is a widow.


The couple has to undergo some counseling before they can move ahead with the wedding. The couple also gives one month's notice before the wedding procession. The couple is free to choose any venue of their choice for the wedding procession. You can select an exotic hotel and give your lover a befitting wedding ceremony according to your culture. You will be issued a Marriage Certificate after your wedding.

The Marriage Certificate qualifies you to obtain Residence Visa in Muscat. Once you have gotten your residence permit, you can think about getting a well-paying job in case you were just in Muscat on vacation. It is now time for you and your beautiful wife to consider making this fantastic city your home.

Family Life

Family life in Muscat is sweet. But as a foreigner, you will have to enjoy it with your foreign wife or with an Omani woman. The infrastructures, educational system, transportation, and other social amenities are world-class. You will get a well-paying job to afford yourself and your newlywed a standard life. The security personnel are very responsive and are doing a great job of ensuring peace and order in the city.

All you have to do is to cooperate with the government and stay out of trouble. As you settle down with your wife in Muscat, you may like to imitate the glowing examples of families that are living quiet a good life in Muscat. You can approach them for some success tips and advice. You will have several opportunities to continue to shower your wife with love and affection. You have to keep taking her to Bars and Nightclubs so as to spend some quality time together. Also, you have to make sure that the love you discovered in the eye of this bubbling city will continue to shine and be sustained by the vibe of this same city.

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