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Mumbai dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Indian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Indian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Mumbai, India.

Girls in Mumbai:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Mumbai:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.5 / 5

Sex in Mumbai:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Mumbai:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 2.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$10 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$7 - $400


The local girls of the city of Mumbai are good-looking, they are smart, they are independent, and are open-minded. Dating the local women shall not be an issue if you share similar ideologies. The city has a 24x7 lively spirit and is often compared to some of the biggest cities in the West, which never sleep. As a tourist, you might have to do some homework before you visit the town and actively pursue the local hotties. More so, these local women come from diverse backgrounds with varying personalities, so you shall be compelled to often adjust your tone and approach according to the woman you are approaching. On the whole, no matter what your choice is, you shall have plenty of game in the city of Mumbai, irrespective of your goal, whether it be hookups or serious relationships, you shall find it all here, just put your best foot forward and work your charm on the local girls.

Dating Culture

The dating culture in the city of Mumbai is one of the best you shall find in the entire country of India. Often you shall come across women who are liberal and open. While the city as a whole might have a conservative approach towards relationships and sex, things are changing more rapidly than ever. You may not be able to display your love and affection in public places unabashedly, but you will be able to make conversation and approach women, albeit subtly and mildly of course.


The women who hail from the city of Mumbai are beautiful, while they certainly are not the best looking women in the entire country, they surely score highly for taking efforts to dress up well and look as appealing and attractive as possible. Out of a population of 20 million people in the city, 8.5-9 million are women! This stat itself shall give you an idea of the wide variety of women you shall encounter here. The demographics are far too elaborate and complex for any tourist to fathom within a week of staying, thereby we shall help you understand the women in a much simpler way so that your escapades can be as efficient and effective as possible.

The city of Mumbai has a cosmopolitan population; therefore, there are no stereotypes about the type of women you shall find here. If one hand to paint broad strokes, you could generalise a large share of the local women who hail from the state in which the city is located, the state of Maharashtra. Most of the women are known for their wheatish complexion, something which can be described as the complexion of the average Indian woman, neither as fair-skinned as the women you'd find in the Nothern parts of the country nor as dusky as the women you'd find down South in India. Furthermore, almost all of these women have brunette hair of medium to long length. They are known to be of average height and have a decent figure. The dressing styles of these women depend upon their profession, their age, their economic background and their social status.

Given in the sections below we shall segregate the women on the basis of their age and give you some insight into their behaviour, their likes and dislikes, their lifestyle, and most importantly some tips and tricks to help you get laid with them or be successful in starting a new romance. So read the below-given sections carefully and note down anything you find particularly interesting and useful while pursuing women in the city of Mumbai.

Indian Girls (age 18 - 29)

To begin with, let us understand the hottest age bracket of women here, or perhaps anywhere across the world, the girls who are between the ages of 18 to 29!

Firstly, these young hotties are a handful, while they might come from various backgrounds and might have contrasting personalities altogether, what unites them is their tech-savviness, their socialising skills, and their bold demeanour. As a tourist, you shall have very little time to understand them fully and make moves. Rather, you shall have to make a few assumptions, observe them carefully, deduce a few things, and then make moves based on all of the above.

These young girls are in the prime of their youth, they are the poster girls for all the beautiful women in the city. Their demographic includes young girls who are in universities, those who are working individuals, and even some young women who are looking to get married or are already married. However, we shall keep our focus on the young unmarried women who lie in the above-mentioned age group.

We shall begin by considering the physical aspects and attributes of these young girls. The Mumbai babes are known to be in good shape, many of them hail from wealthy backgrounds and are health freaks who shall seldom drift away from their diet. The city is the most glamourous in the entire nation, being a hub for the national movie industry and fashion, thereby further making women conscious about their looks, ensuring that they are always fit and presentable. The culture of the city does also rub off on the dressing styles and tastes of women. With the majority of the young girls being exposed to the latest trends, they can be seen sporting the latest collections and accessories.

Most of these women are sexy, they make decent use of cosmetic products and present the best version of themselves to the world. The women have narrow shoulders, they have firm tight breasts which are of medium size, the women have a curvaceous hip, and a derriere that is worth checking out, especially in tight jeans and skirts.

Right from a young age itself most of these women start getting financially independent, so many might be penny-wise and shrewd with their finances, while some who hail from wealthy backgrounds are spendthrifts. The choice of brands, dining habits, and the overall lifestyles are symbolic shows of wealth. But irrespective of the economics, most of them do their best to wear trendy clothing from big fashion labels and they are bold enough to wear shorts, skirts, little black dresses, and tank-tops in an otherwise conservative Indian city.

Those tourists who are looking for something casual should target this demographic of women as it is easy to take them to bed. All you have to do is pursue them a little aggressively, with your rugged charm and good looks, because let's face it, at this age everyone is materialistic and those sharp jawlines, or those rock-solid abs, or perhaps an obnoxious show of wealth or immense social media popularity is what shall get you laid.

Indian Women (age 30 - 45)

The women who are between the ages of 30 and 45 in the city of Mumbai are the most versatile of the lot. These women are an incredible option for tourists of all kinds, those looking for hookups and even those who are looking for relationships. The biggest reasons behind these women being so flexible is their maturity, their experience, and their independence.

The women who are between the ages of 30 and 45 usually belong to the working class, these women are busy with their day to day life, rushing to work, meeting targets, fulfilling goals, handling interpersonal relationships, doing chores, and perhaps handling families all by themselves. Some of these women are married and you could try on them, but the success rate wouldn't be too high as most local Mumbai girls are loyal and faithful, also considering these would be the early few years of their marriage as well.

At this age, the local women are known to wear all kinds of clothes, provided that they are branded and of good quality. The women dress up well and use premium products to groom, including cosmetics and other essentials. This can be directly linked to their financial independence as most of them earn for themselves.

Furthermore, Mumbai is known as "The City of Dreams", many women come here to fulfil their dreams and ambitions, it is in this process that by the time they reach their 30s, they are often financially and socially independent to rent their own apartment, so if you land a local hottie you might be invited to spend the night at her home, sans the infamous restrictions you'd encounter with younger girls, who aren't too independent, neither are they too financially stable.

Indian Ladies (age 45+)

The final categorisation of women on the basis of their age is the demographic of women above 45. Many of the women in the city come from conservative backgrounds and more often than not, these women are known to be averse to having any kind of relationship with young tourists. These women are very cautious about the way they conduct themselves in public places and keep their interactions with unknown people of the opposite sex in check. This is primarily done to avoid any sort of gossip or assumptions from the highly judgemental people around.

However, those tourists who prefer women in this age bracket need not worry in any way whatsoever. The city is home to a sizeable population of 45+ women who come from wealthy backgrounds, these women especially are known for their open-minded approach towards sex and relationships. While they might not be too vocal about it, if you manage to be part of their inner circle, you could be regularly having sex with some of the hottest cougars in town. This could either be them cheating on their husbands or some of the women are unmarried, divorced, or even widowed.

The biggest advantage of being romantically involved with women from this age bracket is that most of them are known to be very independent and stable in life. They are often well invested, own several properties, or have a stable source of income at a minimum.

But in order to find such women and to mingle with them, you shall have to hit the right places at the right time. Keep in mind, impressing such women is not an easy task by any means and you shall have to be a quick thinker and improvise at regular intervals.

These women are quite attractive, in fact, you could consider many of them to be very sexual raw and aggressive. They might not be in the best shape, neither shall they have that flawless glow, but some of the women who can afford corrective surgeries and upkeep shall flaunt a tight figure like any young girl.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

The city of Mumbai is a truly global one. Often referred to as the financial capital of the country of India. The city is home to a large number of ex-pats and students from foreign destinations. Furthermore, several MNCs have set up base in the city, adding to the large influx tourists visiting for both work and pleasure.

The city of Mumbai is also home to the wealthiest people of the country of India and perhaps the wealthiest of the continent of Asia as well. As a result of this, you shall see many hot foreign girls in the city, mingling with the top brass of society.

Also, the city is a hub for most of the major global sporting events and music concerts that are held in the country of India. Hence, in Mumbai, you shall find scores of sexy young females who are pursuing their passion and showcasing their talents.

Being a tourist yourself, you shall have an easy time interacting with these foreign girls, who actively avoid local men belonging to lower-middle-class backgrounds and below as they can tend to be a little creepy and often cannot fathom the huge culture gap which is quite frankly a rude shock to orthodox locals.

To interact with foreign girls try hitting some of the best nightclubs in town, head to some of the popular cafes and pretty much any restaurant or hang out spot located in the Southern part of the city.


The people of India are known to be very conservative, especially when it comes to sex. While more about this is given in the section below, we shall focus on a brief overview of having sex with local girls in the city of Mumbai.

The city is undoubtedly the most intellectually liberal in the entire country. Consider yourself lucky as it won't be too hard to get laid in Mumbai. However, this in no way implies that women are easy to score. You shall have to beat around the bush, you shall have to be slightly subtle in your approach, they shall tease you, they shall test your patience, but in the end, the sex is worth it!

Sex Culture

Though India has been referred to as the land of the Kamasutra, the Indians are shy people. They often try and ignore sex in discussions, the parents themselves never talk about sex in any way whatsoever with their children. Indian school curriculum too never deals with safe sex practices in detail. If one had to summarise, he could say that sex was a taboo topic in the entire nation.

In many households, even in the city of Mumbai, sex is yet a sin and women are supposed to be virgins until they are married. However, most of the young girls, are well educated and don't treat sex as a taboo. But the whole social stigma around it does ensure that they tread lightly and dodge a few challenges before hopping into bed with a complete stranger.

One-Night Stands

If any tourist was coming to the country of India to enjoy a few one-night stands, there are only two places that would cater to his needs. The first being the state of Goa and the second being the city of Mumbai.

The liberal mindset of the citizens has been repeatedly mentioned in the sections above. The younger generation isn't orthodox and many who are wealthy and well-educated are known to openly discuss their sexual needs and desires. Even educating their children about practices of safe sex.

An increasingly large number of young girls are curious about having sex with young men from foreign nations. Half of the game at nightclubs in Mumbai are dominated by foreign men who are living or visiting the city. All you have to do is be dressed well, make the right social connections, and hit the best places to party to interact with some of the hottest babes in town.

After a few drinks and incessant partying, women are open to hooking up, especially with tourists. You could take her to your hotel room or she might take the initiative and take you home. Just go with the flow, carry some rubber, and you shall score with ease. Just remember to start off subtly and gradually turn into the bold and fierce beast.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

As a tourist one can in some ways think of the city of Mumbai as NYC of India. The city is lively and the citizens embrace the hustle and bustle thrown at them. Right from starting the day early and ending it late at night, to partying through the weekend, or working 6 days a week and travelling through the crowded means of public transport, the residents endure it all.

Especially in a city that is so diverse, one can certainly step out and approach women at a host of places. However, there are a few considerations to be made, some assumptions, and timing is key.

Like any other major city across the globe, there are a host of places that can serve as an excellent playing field, right from the magnificent shopping malls to the hottest nightclubs in town. You could get creative and hit on women at supermarkets or send across a drink at a fine-dine restaurant. You could even approach women outside universities and cafes or try your luck at the lobbies of the 5-star hotels. Given in the sections below, we shall elaborate on some of these options.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The city of Mumbai is home to some of the best nightclubs in the entire country. Also home to the glamourous fashion industry of the country and the globally popular movie industry known as Bollywood, you shall come across some of the most popular names in town at the best nightclubs around, so things could get as lit as expensive as they shall be. Nonetheless, it is all worth the experience as you shall get a bonafide chance to hook up with some of the hottest women in town. Given below is a list of bars, pubs and nightclubs that you must visit when in town:


Any list involving the nightclubs of the city of Mumbai shall have Tryst right at the top. A popular nightclub with amazing decor involving a brilliant light and sound show with one million LEDs that change their colours are the highlight.

The who's who of the city are known to descend upon here for a night of intense partying. With that being said, it doesn't come cheap and deep pockets shall surely help as you get VIP service at Tryst. With VIP packages including private bouncers and personal butlers shall set you back by 2000 USD at minimum.

Kitty Su:

The lounge is immensely popular amongst movie stars and socialites. The entry here is expensive too and for most occasions, you shall need the correct contacts for seamless entry. If you decide to visit Kitty Su, make sure that you are loaded with cash because even a simple beer shall cost 10 USD or more for a pint. However, the ambience is amazing and you shall surely have a good chance of getting laid with the hottest babes in town.


This nightclub is located in one of the most prominent locations in the city of Mumbai. Hosting big-shots on most nights, you shall find the scene to be pretty damn lit here! The interiors are extremely classy and you shall find a beautiful blend of international and Indian tracks being churned out by the DJ. Visiting Matahaari shall give you the feel of a truly Indian party experience.

China House Lounge

Situated in the premises of the luxurious Grand Hyatt Hotel in the city of Mumbai, you are bound to find some of the classiest crowds to party here. With everything on the menu being crazy expensive, opulent interiors, and premium party experiences, you shall get your money's worth. The additional benefits are that this stays open till the wee hours of the morning and if you manage to pick up a chick you can directly take her into a hotel room a few floors above in the same building.


Frequently listed amongst the best nightclubs and lounges in the country, Aer has carved a niche for itself. As a tourist you can visit Aer and find some of the sexiest women in the city. Mind you, these women are not your average college hotties but truly classy women who have exquisite taste. Dress up well, practice a few charming lines, know your drinks, and be a little poetic to pick up women here.


Those tourists who prefer intense partying and only EDM shall prefer paying a visit to Trilogy. Open until 3 AM, it is a great place to party for youngsters. The club has several special performances and is situated within a hotel that has a magnificent view of the sea.

Shopping Malls

The shopping malls of the city of Mumbai are incredibly modern and arguably some of the best in the entire country. Surely enough, being a densely populated city, even the largest of malls often feel cramped up for space, but they do offer you various avenues to meet local women and interact with them.

The biggest advantages of the shopping malls in the city of Mumbai are that they offer you a one-stop solution for flirting with women. There are a host of options for you to take things further. For example, you could start flirting at the supermarket or at the bowling alley, then you could ask her for a cup of coffee and go grab one at the coffee shop, if you are a step bolder, you could even ask her for a meal and immediately head to the indoor fine dining options. These shopping malls also have a multi-screen theatre and some even have popular nightclubs and pubs where the two of you could head for a drink. Often offering lots of parking space and good connectivity to public transportation, the shopping malls have turned into great places to meet single girls in the city of Mumbai. Depending upon your location in the city, here are some options for you to consider:

  • Phoenix MarketCity
  • R City Mall
  • Palladium
  • Viviana Mall
  • Infiniti Mall
  • Inorbit Mall
  • High Street Phoenix


The city of Mumbai is infamous for being overcrowded. The city has an immensely large population crammed into a relatively small area. As a result of this, the outdoors might not exactly be the best place to meet single girls in the city.

The city has a rich heritage and some truly iconic destinations, you could explore the famed Gateway of India, which is a monument right opposite the famous Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Here you could meet a pretty woman and take her to coffee in the aforementioned hotel with a sprawling view of the sea and unmatched hospitality to go with it.

Also, you could visit the iconic Marine Drive which as the name suggests is a long stretch of road with a view of the endless sea. Alongside this, there is a line of restaurants and cafes to explore and meet single women.

Beyond this, there are a few touristy destinations and beaches which you could possibly explore to flirt with local beauties.

However, flirting during the daytime may not pay off well as most women are in a hurry and busy rushing to work or doing their chores. They also avoid interaction with strange men in public to avoid gossip from judgemental crowds. Hence, flirting in public places and public transport is a big no unless you can do it subtly.

Universities and Colleges

The city of Mumbai has a host of colleges and universities. With some of them being private and some of them being public, there is a huge diversity in the kind of young girls that you shall encounter.

As a tourist, you might want to hang around the places that are frequented by the young girls in the city, around their colleges and universities. This is much safer and practical as you wouldn't be granted access without valid reason into the campuses. Also, any sort of misadventure could land you in serious trouble with local authorities.

Some of the prominent colleges in the city of Mumbai are as follows:

  • St. Xavier's College
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
  • Jai Hind College
  • SNDT Women's University
  • Mumbai University
  • Mithibai College
  • Sophia College

It is around these colleges and universities that you can hang around, enquire about hangout spots and visit them. In Mumbai, most of the young girls chill with friends at local bars and affordable cafes in the vicinity of their universities and colleges, so do your homework well enough!


When you are in a city with a population of 20 million people approximately, you are bound to have a unique experience of relationships here.

The city is home to a very diverse population, where some women are orthodox, some are liberal, and many are in between the two. There is no set formula for having a successful relationship in this city.

As a tourist, you shall have to clearly envision your expectations from a relationship with a local girl, express yourself, understand her demands and situation and then go ahead. Much of this shall undoubtedly be a very complex process and ay tourist headed to the city for a small duration of time is strongly advised against it.

If you are headed to the city for a long period of time, only then should you choose to think of a relationship.

Holiday Romance

A holiday romance is often described as something that is chilled out and breezy. It is in the sweet spot that lies between a full-fledged romantic relationship and a hookup. It is something that lasts longer than a few weeks but not longer than a few months. This duration is particularly characterised by mild feelings for someone you just met, enjoying some quality time with them, some sex, and sharing of feelings without getting in too deep.

When you are in the city of Mumbai, you have a solid chance of enjoying such a romance. The women here are particularly curious about dating a foreigner and considering their levels of independence you two could practically begin living together.

The very idea of a holiday romance in the city of Mumbai shall be a blend of the Indian culture, traditions and the romanticism of the city by the local movie industry, Bollywood.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Those tourists who are travelling to the city of Mumbai and want to enjoy a healthy romantic relationship need to keep a few things in mind. Being in a relationship in India is very tricky as there are several boundaries and unwritten rules that need to be taken into consideration. This is no different for the city of Mumbai as you have to be considerate of the various sensitivities.

Hence, to begin with, you are recommended to be subtle while expressing your love. Being too boisterous and over the top shall often attract eyeballs and have the potential to make your lady feel awkward. Much of this also includes PDA which is a big NO unless you're in a pub or the premises of a 5-star hotel.

Secondly, you must consider the nature and upbringing of your lady. Most Indian women have been raised in conservative households. No matter how forward-thinking they are, they shall seldom try and ruffle feathers of orthodox people around them. Avoid mocking them for the same, do lend them your support and be considerate.

Thirdly, do your research well, not all cultural gaps and differences work against you, some shall help you in the long run. Indulge in some Bollywood movies while you are in the land of Bollywood, be funny, be creative, lip-sync dialogues and songs, woo her in style, just like the local King of Romance, Shah Rukh Khan, a Bollywood megastar whose movies and songs have been tearjerkers over the years.

Lastly, as a tourist, you should know, women love the city for its raw charm. In a relationship, use the city as a tool, go out for dates at some of the most iconic restaurants, or one week just ditch the fine dining for some ice-cream by the sea, go enjoy the street food on carts, take a ride in the old taxis, watch a movie in a theatre, your options are endless, just your execution can help you have a successful relationship.


The city of dreams is often the venue for an unimaginable romance for many. Those who come to the city with dreams and aspirations often can't even fathom the time for a romance. Finding the one you love in the city of Mumbai, is often circumstantial and unpredictable. Co-workers, neighbours, acquaintances, friends, and even travellers fall in love with one another. Each one has their own baggage, each one has their own path carved out for them, but unwittingly, they merge into one for those who fall in love.

As a tourist, you too could fall in love with someone. It isn't difficult but it is not something that shall happen consciously. A holiday romance, a few moments together and physical intimacy can all be planned, work on these, and things can go to the next step if you both can be accommodative of each other's life goals and can make adjustments for each other.

The city's unique style of love is something that numerous movies, songs, and novels have tried to depict. But capturing the true essence would perhaps be in the hands of a tourist who comes here as an outsider but finds the love of a local woman, and all of a sudden this tourist finds home in a foreign land altogether!

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Those tourists who are wondering how to actually be sure that the woman they have met and fallen in love with "Is The One", we have some advice for you!

In Mumbai, women are quite earnest and genuine, surely enough we all have our secrets, sometimes there might be a few women who are looking to get away from the city and it's hardships, wanting to set up base with you elsewhere, while some women might want to tie you down here as a trophy to showcase to her friends and family.

There is endless scope for doubt, but if you wish to make sure she is the one, woo her without anything materialistic, show her the raw and naked version of yourself, even in that situation, she is willing to embrace you, you can successfully deduce that she is the one for you.


The marriage culture in the city of Mumbai is very strong. Ideally, most of the couples enter a courtship period, get engaged, and married in quick succession. Arranged marriages are yet a prevalent concept in the city and the country as a whole!

Most of the local women shall most definitely pressurise you to get married if the two of you are in love. This will seem like a rushed step but remember there is growing pressure on her as she gets older too. You could consider marriage to be a cultural obligation for a woman in some ways.

Any marriage that is solemnised in this city shall go the distance if the two of you are on the same page. So don't hesitate in taking the big step, just buy a big rock, choose the perfect location by the sea, and propose to your lady love.


Remember, marriage might seem like a big step but it isn't, once you agree to it, you shall surely enjoy a grand wedding in the city. It shall showcase to you the warmth of the bride and her family. It shall bring to light the loving nature of the people and how they are willing to embrace even a tourist.

Even if you choose to visit the city to get married to your loved one who hails from another country altogether, it is fine, there is no love lost. You can make friends along the way and have an equally great wedding experience. Just hire a local wedding management company and they shall set it all up for you.

Grand Indian Weddings are quite popular and if possible you must have one for yourself, jump at the first chance of having it. If you have the budget, you shall be pampered with some amazing service at prominent 5-star hotels in the city. Elaborate decorations, intricate rituals, attention to detail shall be astounding.

The wedding itself could be a private ceremony or a grand one with countless buffet counters. Much like western weddings dancing and drinking play a huge part in modern Indian weddings held in the city of Mumbai. You shall see an endless number of people celebrating one of your most important days in life along with you.

Family Life

As repeatedly mentioned in the above sections, life in the city of Mumbai surely is a challenge like no other. Even if you are paid well you shall have to work hard for it, there simply is no easy money. Whether you're a pauper or a prince, you have to deal with the same traffic, the same law, and the same weather. You might have a golden spoon and easy opportunities if you are the latter, but in the end, talent shall reign supreme, albeit with a few social connections and luck.

The same applies to family life in the city, you shall have challenges and you shall have to overcome them in the same way. But with a hand to hold, lips to kiss, and an unflinching supporter by your side things shall be easier. You will have a great family life in the city of Mumbai. You might certainly be cramped for some space, but you shall have loving neighbours, friends, and family to tide you over, giving you that warm fuzzy feeling of oneness. Down the road, you may decide to have kids, and life with them shall be great too, open space might not be available easily, but quality education, a good social circle, and plenty of opportunities shall compensate sufficiently.

We could try and sell all of it to you endlessly, but in the end, it is your leap of faith in the city that shall make it or break it for you!

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