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Mombasa dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Kenyan women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Kenyan girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Mombasa, Kenya.

Girls in Mombasa:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Mombasa:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2.5 / 5

Sex in Mombasa:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Mombasa:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$10 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$5 - $500


The coastal city of Mombasa is the second-largest city in Kenya. The girls in Mombasa are very beautiful and light-skinned in complexion. The girls are easy and social and are ready to interact with. It should be easy for anyone to date a girl from Mombasa provided that you are ready to learn and share ideologies. The citizens of Kenya often have a saying that getting into Mombasa is easy but getting out is hard. This is because of the robust highlife that does not know day or night. Before you visit the city, you need to ask and understand the scene and you will be able to appreciate the beauty that the city has to offer.

The girls here come from different parts of the country so it will help if you can know about different cultures in the country. This knowledge will help you to adjust as you make your approach to the woman of your choice. No matter your choice of girls, Mombasa has a large pool to choose from and as long as you bring your game forward, you are ready to get the girl of your dreams.

Dating Culture

The dating culture in Mombasa is one of the most liberal you will come across in the whole country. Kenya is popular among tourists and Mombasa is the most popular holiday destination in Kenya. This influence has seen the dating culture in Mombasa become quite liberal. Kenyan girls who come here from other parts of the country tend to lose their conservative way of life and adopt the culture of the girls in Mombasa. Whereas you may not go all out in you liberal views, holding hands in public is not uncommon in the streets of Mombasa and the presence of beaches means that


Mombasa is the second biggest city in Kenya both in infrastructure and population. The women in Kenya are some of the most beautiful in the country. The availability of affordable cosmetics and beauty products has made Mombasa women very attractive. With a population that can go up to 2 million at times, almost half being women, you have a big pool to fish from. In addition to the women who reside in Mombasa, a big number goes to the coast for holidays such as the end-year festivities and Easter in addition to wedding anniversaries and even birthdays. The visitors do not only come from other parts of Kenya but some from Kenya's lacklocked neighbors, Uganda and Rwanda. This means that not only is the number of women big but you are also assured of a large variety.

The women that you will find in Mombasa can be put into a few groups. The first group of women in Mombasa is the women who have been born and brought up in Mombasa. These women mainly come from families whose ancestral home is the area around the city. They usually have a light skin complexion and many have a big bum. Due to the influence of Islam that can be traced back to many centuries back, some of these women come from Muslim families though some of them leave the religion and become Christians as others do not practice any religion. The main language spoken by these women is Kiswahili. As part of their upbringing, these women are taught how to satisfy their men in the house. If you are looking for someone who will take care of you well, these are the women to look for.

Another type of woman in Mombasa is the woman from the upcountry who comes to Mombasa for work. As the second-largest city in the country, Mombasa offers a lot of opportunities for employment in various industries. These include the port, the local government and the tourism sector. Many young women who may be unable to find employment in the capital, Nairobi, troop to the coastal city. These women are more educated than the latter and have a different upbringing depending on where they come from. These women can be identified by their leaner bodies and formal dress-code, unlike the native coastal girls who dress down.

We also have in Mombasa, women who have come for a short time just to have fun. Towards the end of every year, many women and their families from all over the country travel to the coast to celebrate the festive season and the New Year. This pattern also happens during the long Easter weekend. The introduction of an affordable express train service between Mombasa and the capital has seen the number of people visiting the coast has significantly. This type of woman is in the city to have fun and so if you are looking for someone who is here for a few days of fun, this is the woman for you.

The last group, though not as many as the above groups are girls who have come to the numerous institutions of higher learning at the coast. Mombasa hosts the main campuses of two public universities and campuses of several other universities. This is in addition to many other colleges. We also have students from other parts of the country who come to Mombasa for industrial attachment in the many industries and organizations here. The students are also easy to have sex with as most of them are not looking for serious relationships at the moment but just someone who can support them financially.

While each of the above categories has its traits, we can also look at the women in Mombasa based on their age.

Kenyan Girls (age 18 - 29)

This is the age of transition where girls leave teenage and get into adulthood. It is this transition and relatively young adult age that make girls here to be most beautiful. It is at this stage that the hormones responsible are released and have their effect felt on the body and such features as the breasts, bum and hips become prominent.

Those aged 24 years and younger can be quite jumpy as they are still excited about their newfound freedom. This is especially for those who had a strict upbringing. Some of them have just come to the city to join universities and colleges. These are the girls who you will find in the different clubs in the city moving around in groups looking for men who can entertain them. These young girls are the easiest to understand as most of them are not interested in long-term relationships. They are only keen on having a good time at the moment and if you position yourself well, you may hit a jackpot.

Since a majority of those in colleges and universities, as well as those starting in their careers, do not live with their parents, they will be easy prey for you to have even for a one-night stand. As they leave their parents' homes, many of those in school put up in residential hostels either within or near their institutions of learning as these are cheaper than getting a normal rental house. Those with relatives in the city may be lucky and have them host them. A few of them still live with their families if they hail from the vicinity.

For those who are starting in their working life, many opt to get their place as the cost of housing in Mombasa is significantly lower than in other cities in the country. If a girl is not able to afford her place, many prefer to cohabit with her friend and share the cost of rent as well as other household expenses before one is financially stable enough to get a place of their own.

In terms of dressing, this group dresses to flaunt their important features. Because of the hot climate, the girls wear shorts and short dresses that expose their light-colored thighs. They prefer low-cut sleeveless blouses and spaghetti tops. One feature that you will notice about the women from the coastal communities is that they have a big derriere. While some will dress in loose-fitting skirts, this feature will still be prominent. This is one way, though not necessarily proven, for you to tell if a woman is a native or one who came from upcountry.

Whereas these women may not be as financially stable as their older counterparts, life at the coast for ladies can be a bit affordable. These girls will use imported makeup cosmetics and other beauty products and end up looking quite attractive. At times you will be unsure of the social status of a woman as the women here all look gorgeous.

Whenever these women go out, they will be found in groups of two or more. They will not afford the more expensive places or eve expensive drinks on their own. Therein lies your chance to step up and offer to improve their nightlife. You will need to source for a wingman, this is someone who accompanies to a club to help you isolate the girl you want by talking to her friend and leave you with a clear line of action.

Kenyan Women (age 30 - 45)

Whether you are looking for a brief hook up or a one-night fling, these women will give you what you want. Most of the women at this age are settled in their career whether in employment or business. They are also mature and independent and so they will come into your life with fewer complications than their younger counterparts.

Because women at this age are either married or about to get married or in relationships, you may have to look for a single one if you need someone for a longer relationship. However, if you just want a one-night fling or casual dating, any woman will do. Although it is still practiced, adultery is a serious mistake in the country and even if it is not prohibited in law, the residents are highly offended by it. The religious nature of the locals, especially Muslims highly discourages it. Therefore, if you are looking to get into a relationship with a married woman, you will need to be as discreet as possible.

These women have grown more and so they are less inclined to dress liberally. This is not to mean that they do not dress well. These women can afford more expensive clothes and some move from shopping on the streets to the fashion store. The dress-code here is tight tops and loose trousers for most. Those who work in offices have a dress-code of formal suits either skirt or trousers. Some, especially those of the Islam faith, wear buibui. These are pieces of clothes used as a shawl by Muslim women. Depending on marital status, the dress can cover the whole face leaving only the eyes visible while some leave the whole face exposed. At this time, the women’s body is fully developed and whatever they put on, their bum will be prominent.

Just as their dressing improves, their general lifestyle is greatly enhanced. These women are independent enough to rent a place of their own as most do not fancy the idea of staying at their parents’ home at this point. The ones doing slightly better and can afford to buy a car. Due to the general long distance from Mombasa to most parts of the country, they will not use the car to travel to their family home but only to and from work and errands within the city.

As mentioned earlier, the independence of these women makes it easier to hook up with them. They are less demanding as they can provide materially for themselves meaning that anyone that you hook up with will be looking for a relationship or a fling without any strings attached. You only need to bring your best game and you will enjoy your time with this girl.

Kenyan Ladies (age 45+)

If you are looking for a hookup with benefits for you, this is the woman you want to get into bed with. At this point, this woman has a lot of experience in life which will be of help to both of you as she is clear on what she wants.

The woman that you marry at this stage may be married or even divorced. For the married, she will be out there looking for a good time and someone to satisfy her sexual needs as her husband may not be doing it right. She will be very discreet in her approach as she will be greatly scared of being caught in the act. For the one who is divorced, you can be sure that she may come to you because she has been deprived of pleasure for a long time. This is where you as a man will need to up your game and give her what she has been missing.

We also have those women who have not been married by this time and they do not have the intention of getting married but just want to have a good time once in a while. This one will be more readily available for you as she has no fear of seeming to be cheating on her spouse.

Such women are relatively well off than their younger counterparts as she has been in her career for a considerably longer time. She may have acquired property and assets so she will not require any support from you as you hook up. However, the rules of the game apply here as well. Ladies like being appreciated and simple gifts can go a long way in endearing you to a woman. You may be surprised at how much a single bar of chocolate may go to endearing you to this woman.

With their age, these women will be conservative in their dressing. Many of them will be found wearing loosely fitting blouses, dresses and trousers. Many prefer tying a scarf over their head to cover their hair from the effects of the coastal humidity. However, they will adorn expensive jewelry and perfumes as they can afford all this.

Whereas many of them just want to have a good time without any long-term commitments, some of these women prefer having a stable, albeit discreet, relationship with just one man. They will go a long way to ensure that you are comfortable as long as you provide her with good sex and tender loving care.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

As has been mentioned earlier, Kenya is one of the most visited countries in the world. Every year more than a million tourists flock into the country to visit various places of interest. More than half of this number ends up visiting Mombasa to enjoy the warm weather that is found next to the ocean. A large part of this group is made up of foreign girls who flock the town looking to have a good time. The end of the year is the tie when most foreign girls come to the coast. This is because many Europeans and Americans flee the cold winter season and come to the warmer climate in Kenya.

In addition to the tourists who come to Kenya every year, the country hosts many international organizations. This has seen many countries deploy their citizens here to represent their interests. This also adds to the many foreign girls who visit the country. Mombasa is the most preferred destination for many people living in the country and during work breaks and holidays, these girls find their way down to the coast.

Another factor that has seen many foreign girls visit the country and end up in Mombasa is the fact Kenya is one of the most stable and developed countries in Africa. With many countries experiencing political and economic disruptions through coups, revolutions and civil disorder, Kenya has continued to host many women from African countries who come seeking a better life. While some of these women settle in Mombasa quickly and engage in employment, some go to the coast hoping to hook up with the many tourists who visit the coast. As a tourist, you will have a selection of girls from many African countries to choose from.

The foreign girls in Kenya fall into the following categories. The first ones are the expatriates who come into the countries to work. These work for the many foreign companies found in Mombasa. The second category is technical workers who come to work in factories and the oil industry. The third group is students who come to study in Kenyan universities. These mainly come from neighboring less developed countries.


Even though as a country Kenya is conservative in matters of sex, sex with Kenyan girls in Mombasa is relatively easier. A large part of this has been influenced by the large presence of foreigners in the country. This has led to an erosion of the previously conservativeness of the Kenyan girls at the coast.

It is easier to have sex with Kenyan girls in Mombasa than it is anywhere else in the country. Like has been said, Mombasa is Kenya’s second-largest town and the main tourist attraction. Domestic tourism is increasing in the country resulting in many Kenyan girls visiting Mombasa throughout the year to relax away from work. While the idea of having sex with these girls may not be obvious and visible, once you know how to approach a girl and make her comfortable, getting into bed with her will not be that complicated.

Sex Culture

For a long time, the topic of sex in the country was rarely spoken of especially in public throughout Kenya. While it was quietly acknowledged that sex was part of life, many people opted not to talk about it. This has greatly changed over the last few decades as there has been more discussion in matters of sex even in public spaces.

Although the overt outlook towards sex many people have continued to act in a seemingly conservative manner, the culture is greatly changing. While it is expected that one will remain a virgin until they are married, the reality is very different. Casual sex has become a new norm both for the unmarried and the married. This has also changed in terms of age. In the past, many kept their virginity until they were of age and mature. In the present times, many young girls who are under the legal minimum age of 18are engaging in sex and are becoming increasingly aware of their sexuality.

One-Night Stands

Mombasa is visited by many girls every year who visit the city to have a good time. If you are looking for a place in Kenya to have a one-night stand, Mombasa offers one of the best opportunities for this. This is due to the many locals and foreign tourists in the city.

The younger generation of girls who have been brought up in the age of technology is the best shot at you getting a quick one night. Improved access to information through the internet and mobile phones has removed the inhibition that affected the older generation who were brought in more strict family settings.

As a tourist, you stand the best chance of having a one-night stand with the local girls as any girls believe that the tourists and well off.

While the chances of you having a one-night stand in Mombasa are higher than many places, you need to be careful as flirting and public displays of affection are still not acceptable in many open places apart from entertainment joints. Seeking a one-night stand requires you to be discreet as the girls would want to uphold their reputation.

Mombasa may be one of the safest places to walk around but this does not remove the need for you to take care of yourself. In your pursuit of a one-night stand, showing off may attract petty thieves and muggers.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Being a major tourist destination and the second-biggest city in the country, Mombasa has many attractions and many places that you can meet girls who are single and like you, ready to hook up. It will be helpful for you to do a check to know the best places that are visited by single girls so that you know where to concentrate your effort. From nightspots to outdoor venues, Mombasa has it all.

The place that you meet a single girl will determine the kind of girl that you will meet and therefore the approach that you will make. The place is also determined by the financial cost that you are willing to incur.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Mombasa’s nightlife is one of the most robust that you will find. Despite the Swahili influence that is dominant in many aspects of the city, its nightlife is a mixture of western, Swahili and continental experiences. Although the greater Mombasa city consists of both the island and a bit of the mainland, the action is usually more on the island where the central business district is found.

• Casablanca This is the most popular club in the city. Located off Moi Avenue in the Central Business District, Casablanca has two separate clubs in one and two large dance floors. The club is famous for its exotic shows.

• Club Hypnotica It is located at Naivas Centre along Links Road in the upmarket Nyali Area. Once, a very popular club with revelers, the club is losing its attraction due to its bad safety record. You need to take care of your belongings as you visit this club.

• Valencia Inn This is an inn that hosts a night club. It is found along Haile Selassie Avenue in the town center. It is famous with travelers as it has some of the best accommodation facilities with the central business district.

• Florida Nightclub This joint incorporates a club and a casino designed in the Las Vegas-style, complete with fluorescent palm trees and a dance floor. The club is found at Mama Ngina Drive next to the Likoni Ferry terminus.

• Pirates Beach Bar Pirates Beach Bar is situated next to the Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach. It is known for its barbecue parties and its access to the beach. The club is open every day of the week and has a couple of resident DJs.

• Gasaro Club and Lounge Gasaro is found in Mtwapa on the outskirts of the city. One of the key attractions of this club is the fact that it has a separate party joint for those looking for a venue for a private function. It attracts many celebrities from Nairobi and other parts of Kenya.

• Club Tapas This relatively new club has taken the entertainment scene at the coast by storm for its well-designed comfortable interior. The club also has as one of its resident DJs the most popular female DJ in Mombasa. The club is located at the Nyali Centre mall.

• The Lounge Previously infamous for not allowing unaccompanied women, the club has shed off this tag and has become popular for its good music. Located inside City Mall, this is one of the most popular spots in Mombasa as witnessed by its always full parking lot.

• Skyluxx Sports Pub and Grill Just as the name suggests, the club was opened in 2013 with the sports lovers in mind. The club is also popular with visiting celebrities and its resident DJs keep the crowd entertained every weekend. It is also located at City Mall • La Foliia The club is located in Mtwapa on the outskirts of the city. The club has an Italian theme and is popular with travelers due to its location along the Malindi Highway. The club has several resident DJs who ensure that the music goes all night long.

• Sheba Lounge The club, located at the top floor of City Mall, is an enclosed penthouse. The Ethiopian-themed club even has shisha that is served the Ethiopian way. Opened in 2012, Sheba has become more popular by the day, with its doors letting in hundreds of revelers every weekend out to enjoy a night out in Mombasa.

Other popular clubs worth mentioning are Prime Comfort, Moonshine, Klub Zero 4, Danka Grill & Lounge, Tapa Cielo and Mint Lounge.

As has been said before, Mombasa is a generally safe city to move around. However, as a tourist, you are better off guided by a local as you move around. The guide will be able to inform you of the safe clubs to visit and which neighborhoods are not okay to walk around at night as cases of muggings and even carjackings are often reported in deserted parts of the city.

Shopping Malls

As a major city in the country and a tourist destination, Mombasa has seen malls being developed to serve the population who prefer doing their shopping in one place. Most of these malls are found on the outskirts of the city due to the limited space within the city center.

Some of the malls in Mombasa include:

• City Mall • Nyali Center • Mombasa Mall • Ratna Square Shopping Centre • Mtwapa Mall • Techno Shopping Arcade


If you are the adventurous type who prefers outdoor activities, Mombasa has some of the best to offer.

The Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach is located off along the Malindi Highway. A visit to Mombasa would be incomplete without spending time here. The beach is open every day from 6 am to 6 pm gives you a chance to swim in the deep ocean. There are also other activities at this beach such as camel riding, water games and surfing. There is also a seating area with chairs for hire if you just want to enjoy the ocean breeze.

Just before you get to the beach along the highway is Haller Park, formerly known as Bamburi Nature Trail. This is a nature park and trail that is managed by Bamburi Cement Factory. The park was rehabilitated from an old limestone quarry and serves as a recreation spot with a variety of plant and animal species.

For those who love history, you can visit Old Town. This is an expansive collection of ancient buildings on the southeast end of the island. The area, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is the remains of the old settlement of the town with buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Located on the fringes of the Old Town overlooking the ocean is Fort Jesus. This fortress was built by the Portuguese between 1593 and 1596. It was built to act as the first line of defense by the Portuguese who by then controlled the Kenyan coast. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Centre and managed by the National Museums of Kenya.

The Mombasa marine park situated off the coast is believed to be the oldest marine park in Africa. The park lies between the Mtwapa and Tudor Creeks and its blue waters are ideal for windsurfing, water skiing, snorkeling and diving. They also provide a home to a variety of marine species including crabs, starfish, cucumbers sea urchins, corals, turtles, seagrasses and migratory birds such as crab plovers.

Another place of interest in Mombasa is the famous Mombasa Tusks that straddle Moi Avenue. The tusks were erected in honor of the then Princess Elizabeth's visit to the city in 1952. The tusks interlock to form the letter 'M' which stands for Mombasa and serve as a gateway to the heart of the city.

Mamba Village is the biggest crocodile farm in East Africa. Here, you can learn about the life of crocodiles. The center also offers other distractions such as horse-riding and features a botanical garden where one can see insect-eating plants. Once you feel hungry, there is a restaurant nearby that serves rare game meat such as zebra, ostrich and crocodile.

Universities and Colleges

All over the world, universities present some of the best opportunities to meet single girls. The freedom offered by these institutions provides a conducive hunting ground. However, remember that universities are restricted areas for outsiders so you may need to wait outside the gates or hang out where students frequent to get a shot at hitting on these students. Mombasa is home to many universities and colleges that attract students from both the country and the region.

Some of the universities and colleges found in the city include:

• Technical University of Mombasa • Pwani University • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology • Kenya Medical Training College • Shanzu Teachers’ Training College • Kenya School of Government • Bandari College • Mombasa Technical Training Institute • Vision Institute of Professionals • Kenyatta University


With the huge population in Mombasa, it is clear to see the potential that lies in the city in terms of relationships. Just like in any other setting, the initial stage of a relationship with a Kenyan girl comes with its challenges. A relationship is the coming together of two personalities and so there will always be the timidity and fear of the unknown. This will soon wear out as the two of you spend more time together. It is good that the two of you spend time together so that you can learn and understand each other better as well as address any initial challenges together.

Holiday Romance

It has been mentioned repeatedly that Mombasa is a leading tourist center. Every year many holidaymakers, both local and foreign, flock into the city to have a good time away from the vagaries of life. While many of them come with their families, others come along with the hope that along the way they will come across someone who will like them and get into a relationship with yet others are only interested in the random hookups and one-night stands.

With the many girls who visit this city every year, you have a very big opportunity for a holiday romance. At first, any girl will be apprehensive about getting into a relationship with a stranger. The key to moving from this stage to enjoying the romance is to be patient and understanding as if you appear to be in a rush you will scare a girl.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Don’t expect to be happy all the time. Be open to disappointments, too, and use them as an opportunity to know your partner better. This is particularly relevant for long-distance relationships, as lack of physical presence increases friction. A positive attitude during such difficult times leads to happier relationships.

Make sure you put in the time and effort to understand your partner. Know what the other person likes to do, and also keep in mind that preferences and priorities change. Accept your partner the way he or she is, and appreciate their actions.

While everything else may be important in a relationship, love will always help you every day even when you feel like walk away. Love for each other will carry you through the ups and downs that are brought along by any relationship.

Problems start creeping into relationships when one or both get bored with the routine. To invigorate your relationship, explore new places, try new activities together, laugh with each other, do something ridiculous or do just about anything together that makes both of you happy. Such actions create a sense of excitement that you and your partner will look forward to.

No human being is perfect! When your partner makes mistakes or is going through a hard time at work, show your physical and emotional support. Talk to your partner, give compliments often, listen when he or she is upset and help with work if you can. At the same time, don’t get too bossy and overbearing.


Whether it is in Mombasa or anywhere else, the feeling of being in love is something that we all look forward to at a point in our lives. From birth and throughout, we are born with an innate longing to love and to be loved. At times, falling in love may be seen from a distance. However, most times you will never know how things happen but you will find yourself being attracted and later attached to someone who a while back was a stranger. With the many activities that Mombasa has to offer, being in love here is going to be one of the best things ever.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

While it may not be humanly possible to completely know the type of girl you are getting into a relationship with, it will be helpful to look out for some pointers to help you as you decide to settle down with someone.

The girl that you seek to marry should show compassion and support towards others and their struggles, including yours. You will have down days and you will feel upset, and your partner should be able to support you and relate to you during these times. Even though she may show this support to you out of obligation, she must extend the same to those around her.

Honesty is a very important trait in a long-term relationship; if you can’t trust your partner, how can you tell them anything in confidence, or believe anything they said to you? Find someone who respects you enough to be honest with you, even when it is difficult for them.

As well as supporting your dreams and goals, the woman you marry should have her dreams and ambitions, too. She will look to her future regularly and plan how to improve her life, rather than depending on you for a good and fulfilling life.


Marriage in Kenya is defined as the union between a male and a female. Same-sex marriage is not legal in Kenya. The minimum legal age for one to get married in Kenya is 18 years for both boys and girls. However, the average age for marriages in Kenya is 30 years. This is because at the age of 18 years is when most finish high school. This is followed by 2-7 years of tertiary education. Most Kenyans prefer getting married after they have gotten and settled into a job. This means that a few more years will be spent on getting employment.

While most marriages in Kenya are monogamous, the Muslims who are a majority at the coast allow their men to marry up to 4 wives. This, however, is not common practice as economic limitations have resulted in most men opting to marry one woman.

The traditions regarding marriage in Kenya and Mombasa vary from one community to another to some extent. However, there are common features that are followed loosely by most communities. Once a man and a woman meet and agree to get married, they notify their parents and families. An initial visit is arranged woman’s home by the man accompanied by family and close friends. During this visit, the two families agree on the amount of dowry that that man's family will pay the woman's family. Upon agreeing on this, a second visit is arranged to pay the dowry. Dowry is mainly in the form of cash and livestock. During the dowry ceremony, the two families agree on a date for the wedding, if one will be held soon as some opt to hold it off due to the finances required.


Once the wedding has been agreed, the couple visits the State Law Office to have a public notice put up so that anyone with genuine reason can object. This is because marriage is recognized as a legal agreement. This notice is publicized for 21 days. Since most Kenyans are Christians, this notice is also published in the local churches of the couple. The two objections that may stop a wedding from taking place are is one was married before and has not been legally divorced or if one has not attained the minimum age.

If there is no objection to the wedding, the couple will agree on where the ceremony will take place and who will be invited. Most weddings in Kenya are held in churches or mosques or the presence of a religious leader. By law, the leader must be licensed to officiate a wedding. Some people opt to complete the process at the law office and receive their marriage certificate there. For those who do their weddings in religious settings, the certificate is signed and handed to them by the officiating clergy.

A key part of many Kenyan weddings is the reception. This is the time when the couple gets to celebrate their milestone with their family and friends. The opulence and splendor that is employed at a wedding reception are dependent on the financial ability of the families with some wealthy ones using the services of 5-star hotels and top-end service providers. The couple goes for a honeymoon period which can last for up to a month before resuming their normal lives albeit as a couple.

Family Life

Ideally, the Kenyan family is composed of a father, a mother and their children. The average Kenyan family has three children although some have more than ten. Where tradition applies, some families have more than one wife each with her children. This family keeps class ties with the extended family members and even the clan. All these come together occasionally during family ceremonies such as weddings and funerals.

The man is recognized as the head of the family and he is required to provide, protect and offer leadership to the family. The wife supports the husband in the daily running of the home and modern cases she is consulted in times of decision-making. The children are required to respect and obey their parents at all times and support them in old age.

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