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Karachi dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Pakistani women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Pakistani girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Karachi, Pakistan.

Local models of Karachi

Girls in Karachi:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in Karachi:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Karachi:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2.5 / 5

More about Karachi:

  • Nightlife in general: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $70
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $30


Some of you might be familiar with Karachi, while others may not. If you do not know, Karachi is the capital of the province of Sindh, which is in Pakistan.

Pakistan is located in South Asia and has four provinces. Out of all its provinces, Sindh plays host to the largest city in the country - Karachi. With its reputation as the biggest city in the county, Karachi is the business and industrial hub of the country where most economic activities take place. It is safe to say that this is one of the most developed cities in the country.

As a tourist, Karachi will be the first recommended city if you wish to visit Pakistan. There is always an inflow of people to this city from al around the world. Tourists are usually curious about the women of an area when they are visiting. With Pakistan being the fifth most populous country in the world, you should know that there are women in abundance spanning across all its cities.

The women in Karachi are warm, meek, and welcoming. They always have smiles on their faces which will make you feel comfortable in their presence. Being around them will not make you nervous and it won't be a very stressful task to approach them provided you do that in a socially acceptable manner. If you plan on being in a relationship with these women, you are on the right track as they are amongst the best you can date in the world.

Dating Culture

The first thing that comes to the minds of many male tourists when they are in Karachi is how to get into a relationship with a woman they might like in the city. It will be wrong to blame them as women here are unique and charming by nature.

Before jumping into the idea of a relationship, you should know the ethics of the city when it comes to dating. This might come as a bummer to you but unfortunately, there is no free dating culture in Karachi and Pakistan as a whole. Dating a woman before marriage is frowned upon, and only platonic relationships are allowed.

A typical local girl in Karachi is raised to look forward to being in her husband’s house. For this reason, early marriage is common in the country. As a tourist, you can walk up to a lady in a public area. However, you should be cautious to keep an image that signifies you are keeping it clean.

The only form of dating that can occur in this city and country is done in secrecy. In modern times, many of the young people have taken to social media and online dating platforms to engage in relationships.

The culture of the land might frown upon dating, but a huge number of people are dating in secrecy. Girls here just avoid any of their family members knowing about them dating but they are quite open about their partner with their friends. If you are considering dating any of the women, you should be ready for hiding games that will be void of any public display of affection.


Not only are the women of this city beautiful, but their smile seems to be their extra charm. You might not want to classify them as the most beautiful in the world, but you cannot deny that something about them is captivating. From your first meeting with any of these women, you will feel warmly welcomed by that. One thing that draws men more to them is their meek spirit.

Regardless of their social standing and everything else Pakistani girls from Karachi try to make their partners feel comfortable and loved when they are around each other. A good number of these women are well educated. In Karachi, you will find a mix of women. There are some who are brought up with the idea that marriage is the highest achievement they can gain in life. Others, who belong to more progressive and liberal families are more focused on their careers and they are more likely to be open about casual relationships and random hook-ups.

Many of these women are victims of an arranged marriage, which is an age-long culture that still takes place. However, some families now allow their daughters to make decisions.

Not many of them are open to causal relationships due to their religion and training on the face of it, but what truly deters them from being in a relationship openly is the judgmental society that exists in the country. Many of them have marriage on their minds when you approach them. It will be easier to appeal to these women if you are a Muslim as Islam is the dominant religion in this city.

These women are homemakers and know how to please a man. Thus, they are the perfect definition of ‘wife material'.

Pakistani Girls (age 18 - 29)

Many people are attracted to younger women as they can be classified as ‘fresh blood’. These women live up to expectations as they are usually more energetic and daring. If you want an adventurous partner or companion while you are in this city, you know the category to target.

These women are under restrictions as most of them stay with their parents and families. For this reason, many of them look for opportunities to be far away from home. There are others who have come to Karachi from their hometowns to study or work. These young girls usually stay in hostels or alone and are much easier to approach.

The city is usually bustling with young people as they have the characteristics of being involved with a lot of things due to their curiosity. It is also safe to call them rebels as they fight to break away from the norm and do things in a more liberal way.

The majority of girls using dating platforms in Pakistan belong to this age bracket and in Karachi you will find young girls in abundance at these platforms. They wish to explore life and see what the dating scene is like, even if their family is against it.

These young women date men based on class and social rankings. If they are taking a risk to be you with, they ensure that you are worth it. They have a specialty of judging the wealth of a man from his appearance.

It will be expensive to date these women as they have expectations which you need to oblige. You are sure that they will not give you second thoughts if you come off like someone from a humble background. To appeal to these women, you should be charming and handsome with a fat pocket.

Final advice to score young girls from this age bracket is to approach them more through online dating apps and social media platforms than approaching them in person. They open up more when there is no one else watching them.

Pakistani Women (age 30 - 45)

To approach or to be with any of these women, you need to come off as a serious-minded person. It will be right for you to keep in mind that the single women of this range are looking for marriage as societal pressure and judgement is high at this point.

The percentage of single women you will find of this age range is low. If a woman is single at this age, her family starts making plans to marry her off. For those who have the liberty to choose, some also use the societal class as a parastatal for choosing.

Many of these women are independent working women and they are experienced at handling men that are interested in them. They know how to draw a man in and give him total happiness. However, they are not open to casual dating. They believe that they are older and should be wiser. To them, they have passed the age of frolicking around and playing hidden games.

It is in your best interest for you to only approach them with intents of a serious relationship. As is common knowledge, nobody likes timewasters. The women of Karachi might be sweet, but you will release another undesirable side of them if you start playing games.

Although some of them might choose based on class, they are not after your money. These women are people who are ready to contribute equally in a relationship. However, the class is needed for the sake of affluence. You should not outright tell them about your intentions of getting laid. Rather, build a smooth rapport with them first, and then see how things go.

Pakistani Ladies (age 45+)

Without mincing words, it is near impossible for you to find a single woman of this age range in Karachi. If you can remember, early marriage is a common practice, so it is expected that women are married before entering this age range.

It is also right for you to know that divorce is unacceptable and a taboo in this society. So, the chance of seeing a single woman in this age range is slim. The only opportunity for this to happen is if the woman is a widow.

You should not be deceived to think that you have a chance with any of these women, as they are not interested in playing games or being in any form of relationship with a foreigner. As people who have been married before, they respect their union.

These women prefer being friends with you and helping you to understand the culture of the city. The chances of them rejecting your proposal are high, so you should save yourself of the stress. Even becoming friends with them won't be an easy task as they seldom socialise with strangers. They will respond to your approach only if you are a friend of a friend or have some sort of connection to their social circle.

If and when you do become their friend and they are comfortable around you, they make the perfect guides. You should approach them with a clear mind and an aim for friendship only and focus your relationship quest on the younger women.

It might come off as unexpected, but these women are as beautiful as the younger women. It is no surprise that men cannot fight the attraction they feel towards them. The best advice we can give to any male tourist who is going to Karachi is to throw away the thoughts of having a relationship with their older women.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

As there is a steady inflow of tourists into Karachi, you have the assurance that you will probably encounter a fair number of foreign women. If you are a non-Muslim tourist, it will be best to pursue a relationship with a foreign woman. This is because it will be easier getting them to accept your proposal than a local woman in Karachi.

Since foreign women come from diverse ethnicities, you know that you will meet many who do not have a conservative mindset. This comes as a plus to you as you do not need to bother about hiding your relationship.

Although there are no official rules and regulations by the government against dating in the present day, the families act as enforcers against dating. This will not occur with a foreign woman as you will be free to stay together and go out together anytime that you both like to.

Foreign women are freer and you have a better chance of them responding positively to your approach, especially if you are a fellow foreigner. These women are open to any form of relationship you could want, so you can be confident when approaching these women.

Usually, if the police see people of the opposite sex together, they will accost them and threat them with informing their families. However, this is eliminated when you are with a foreign woman. Since you will both be foreigners, no one would do anything as stupid as that.

There are usually no restrictions when it comes to two foreigners being in a relationship. This is a relief to you, and you should utilise it by exploring the city with your partner, trying out the exquisite local cuisine etc.


Karachi, for the most part is a conservative city, so you should not expect the women to be open about sex. These women, especially those who do not have the exposure to western culture shy away from anything that is sexually in nature. From their upbringing, they are taught to keep themselves pure for their husbands. They believe that the greatest gift a woman can give her husband is her virginity.

The women of Karachi are not easy to get into your beds. A majority of them view any premarital affair as a sin, so it will be tough getting them to accept any sexual offer.

Out of the population of the women, there are only a few who have a liberal mindset. Even with that mindset, they need to be careful about their activities as it will not sit right with their families. In Karachi, the family plays a significant role in the life of any individual.

If you get a woman from the city to agree having sex, you should not have high expectations. The reason for this is because they are novices to the world of sex. However, they are willing to learn. You need to be patient with her and guide her in the world of exploration.

You should not expect the woman to jump into satisfying your fantasies, and you should not put pressure on her. Sex with a woman who responds positively to your approach is a gradual process.

Sex Culture

The perception of sex amongst the masses of Karachi can result in not getting laid throughout your stay. From the way they perceive sex and the stress you might go through to make a woman you like agree to having sex with you, many tourists try to keep their sexual urges at bay until they are out of the city and Pakistan as a whole.

Sex before marriage is a sin according to the culture of these people. So, even having discussions on this topic is seen as a taboo. Many families rebuke their children when they see them having such conversations. Some societies believe that it is better people are knowledgeable about sex. However, the people of Karachi do not believe in such. Instead, they feel that having conversations about sex will expose the individual to corrupt practices. They live by the saying, ‘what you do not know, will not kill you.’

However, things have and are continuously changing for the better and a lot of people from the younger generations are becoming fond of the idea that sex is a natural thing and are becoming more open about casual relationships.

Ladies who engage in premarital sexual relationships do this without the knowledge of anyone. If people know that a lady sleeps around, they will slut-shame her and the consequences from her family will be dire. Some families are extreme in cautioning their children against sex.

Sex before marriage is not a normal thing in this city yet a fair number of people are doing it. However, many of the women in the city abstain from it on the account of being virgins for their future husbands. It would be wise for you to refrain from engaging any of the locals in a sexual conversation so that they will not have a wrong perception about you.

One-Night Stands

One-night stands are to have an enjoyable time with the women of the city without fear of being attached to a specific woman. A one-night stand is the only way to enjoy being with different women in the city.

Some people make it a mission to visit new cities so that they can have sex with the different types of women in the city. So far, this action might work out fine in some societies. However, if this is your plan when coming to Karachi, you will not have a smooth ride.

It would be best if you always keep in mind that Karachi is a city in a conservative country, so the way things work here is different from how things will work in other societies. In this place, sex is generally a taboo. This makes it difficult for you to find women willing to have one-night stands with strangers.

However, there are always tweaks in every obstacle, and you can overcome one if you are determined. Despite sex being a sin according to their religion, you can still find some women who are willing to have one-night stand with a foreigner who is willing to show them a good time.

You can find such willing women on online dating platforms. With the knowledge that they cannot come out with their desires in the open, they resort to satisfy their sexual urges by finding men through online dating sites.

You can also have a one-night stand with foreign women in Karachi. These women do not need to abide by the cultural regulations of the city, so they are free-birds. You can be successful at having a one-night stand if you are smart enough.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

You cannot think of women in any city if you do not know the best places to meet and connect with the women. You might have the mindset that women are everywhere, so it will be easy to get one. Such thinking is what will make your trip a dull one with little to no success at dating local women. It will be right for you to know that although every area is a potential place to meet a woman, some places are more enabling than others.

For a city like Karachi, where women are uptight, you need to be tactical and connect with these women only at strategic places. Stopping these women on the road might not work out well for you as they will become shy and go into their self-created shells. It would be best if you meet them in places where they are not scared to be free.

The places which will be classified as the best areas to meet a woman are void of judgmental stares. At such places, these women let loose and have a total change in character. Here, they do not have any fear, and they bring out their wild sides.

It is only when a woman is free that she can think clearly to analyse your approach. One of the worst things that can happen to a man is having to go through stress when talking to a woman. For this not to happen, you should make plans to socialise with them at the places which we will highlight below.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

As a tourist, you will look forward to experiencing nightlife in the new city and hanging out in the bars and pubs to observe the locals. You will want to experience a change in the environment and compare these places with those in your city.

It might come as sad news to you, but it is essential for you to know that consuming alcohol is not legal in Karachi. It is prohibited for places to sell alcoholic beverages. As a tourist, you also cannot bring in such drinks as there is a ban on the export and import of alcohol in Pakistan.

With this, you know the nightlife will not be as amazing as one would expect as alcohol is always that extra spice that turns things up!

However, there are some bars located in 5-star hotels which are primarily for tourists. These are the one of the places where you can get alcohol in the city as the government authorises it. There is also a high chance that you might run into a woman who is a foreigner at one of these bars. Other than that, there are some licensed wine shops in some areas from where you can buy locally produced liquor.

Apart from the alcohol aspect, you can hang out at some bars and clubs and have a fantastic time. It might be different, but remember that variety is the spice of life.

Here are some bars, pubs, and clubs in Karachi:

  • Karaoke Studio Port Grand: Despite Karachi being a conservative city, the residents crave to have fun from time to time, and this is where a karaoke bar comes to play. You get to interact and mingle with many people at this place as there is always high traffic of persons here. Women most especially love karaoke, which makes it an enabling ground for your quest.
  • XD cafe – Official: At this café, you are going to see people in abundance. Due to the coziness of this place, it is a den for people to hangout in groups. There are all possibilities of you losing track of time in this place as its serenity is perfect for relaxation. The women are also in abundance at this place.
  • Jack & Charlie: There might be a ban on alcohol, but there is no ban on grilling! You should be open-minded to know that fun is not dependent on one factor. Here, you will enjoy the best of grilled food that Karachi has to offer. Also, there is shisha at this place, which makes people get loose. The women are always in a happy mood, which makes it perfect for your quest.
  • Salateen Nights: This is a restaurant that is open all night from 6 pm. They have an excellent variety of food which keeps the customers hooked and always ensures that they return. People come here to relax from the stress of the day, and you will see the women in abundance. There is always a pleasant smile on their faces, which is welcoming.
  • Cosmopolitan: You will find this restaurant in Dolmen Mall. Here, you can have all kinds of meals. It is an upper-class restaurant, so the people you will meet here always have an air of grace. The setting of this place is also spectacular and will keep you enthralled.
  • Pavilion End Club: There are many activities you can engage in while you are at this place. It is not the typical club you will imagine as this is a place for fun and amusement. You will find swimming pools and other things that will ensure you have a swell time. You can never have a dull moment while you are at this place.
  • Pool Side Bar B Q: This is a barbeque bar that is located in an outdoor area, which is beside a pool. From all angles, this place is an enabling environment for mingling and happiness, as people always troop to this place to enjoy the best barbeque in the city. You will always see an abundance of women at this place.
  • Sakura: This is a Japanese restaurant which is located in Pearl Continental hotel in Karachi, which is one of the best places for any tourist to lodge. They are poised at ensuring that customers get maximum satisfaction. They have a fantastic array of cuisines, and in no time, this will be your favorite place to eat in the city. Their excellent food always attracts people to this place. This place would definitely be a burden on your pocket though.
  • Irish Night: From the name, you can tell that this place has an Irish setting. Besides, it is also built outdoors, which provides more relaxation for all its customers. You cannot deny the uniqueness of their food, and it is a hangout spot for many people in the city. You can mingle with many women at this place.
  • Ramada La Terrase Restaurant: You are going to have an excellent experience at this place. What makes this place outstanding is the fact that it has vegetarian options. Thus, everyone is welcome here. There is always a steady inflow of persons to this place, so it is a perfect place for your quest.
People enjoying food and shisha at Irish Night, Karachi

Shopping Malls

The people of Karachi love to shop, so the shopping malls in the city are always busy. Thus, these malls are one of the best places where you can meet single women in the city.

You might be wondering how it will be possible to approach these women in such an open area due to the conservative nature of majority of the population?. However, there is always an excuse for tourists.

It is usual for a tourist to approach these women as you are a stranger in the city, and you will need directions. Due to the receptive spirit which they have, they will always give you a listening ear. You should be strategic while talking to them, and not go talking about a relationship or anything similar. While you are communicating with them, you should ensure that you refrain from any form of body contact.

The reason for this is because you can never tell who might be looking. If the people perceive that a friendly conversation is the only thing you are having, you will have no disturbance or interruptions.

You should invite any woman you approach to hang out at a food area in the mall. While here, try to create a friendship by telling her you will always love to hang out, as you will need a guide in the city. If she accepts your offer, you are in luck and can take it gradually from there. Some of the shopping malls in Karachi are:

  • The Forum Shopping Mall Karachi
  • Millennium Mall
  • Omega Mall North Karachi
  • Dolmen Mall
  • LuckyOne Mall
  • Ocean Mall
  • City Centre Shopping Mall
  • Atrium Mall
  • Port Grand Mall
Port Grand Mall, Karachi


Despite the conservative nature of majority of women in Karachi, there are still many factors that attract tourists to this city. It is not always about women, but these tourist attractions can also be linked to women.

If you do not realize, you can meet women while you are exploring the city. At any point of tourist attraction, you will always see many people which means you are not the only one who came to savor what the city has to offer. Interestingly, tourists are not the only people you will find at these places, as it is usually a mix of both the natives and foreigners.

There are a lot of museums in Karachi which will assist you in learning their culture. You can start from the Mohatta Palace Museum, a palace that houses a museum and is built on the seaside. You can also decide to pay a visit to Frere Hall, which has an enthralling garden and a fantastic library.

The Pakistan Maritime and Air Force Museum are also there to display artefacts that relate to these factors. If you want to take a break from all the museums, you can visit Sea View Karachi and Hilal Park, which are amazing relaxation spots in the city.

You can never run out of places to visit in Karachi, so it will be best for you to have a schedule in which you can allocate your time appropriately. Ensure that you have fun as you explore and meet the women.

Frere Hall, Karachi

Universities and Colleges

No matter how conservative the general population of this city might be, they do not have a restriction on their women attending institutions where they can further their studies. It is a thing of pride of the parents in modern-day society when the female child decides that she wants to go to the university or colleges.

Parents are sally supportive of their children, but they do not forget to sound it to the hearing of these females that they need to abide by the cultural values of the city. Now, it is left to the children to decide if they will adhere to these rules or not as the parents can practically not surveil them all the time.

Some of the women abide by the values for diverse reasons best known to them, but some do it out of fear. There is how a parent can be strict that the fear follows their children even when they are far away. However, some seize the opportunity to become wild while at the institutions of learning. After all, what their parents do not know will not kill them.

These women are always interested in having interesting affairs with foreigners, which qualifies the universities and colleges as some of the best places to meet women while you are in the city. These women are usually freer and will better interact with you than those who are still within the confines of their families. Universities and colleges in Karachi are:

  • Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Law College
  • University of Karachi
  • Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology
  • Aga Khan University Medical College
  • IBA Karachi
  • Greenwich University
  • Iqra University
  • Bahria University Medical And Dental College
  • Ziauddin University North Campus
  • United Medical And Dental College
Aga Khan University, Karachi


It is not easy to woo a local woman of Karachi and get her to be in a relationship with you. However, if this happens, you are in luck. It will be helpful for you to know that you will need to stick with the laws and culture of the land if you are in a relationship while in this city. Also, once your relationship becomes public, marriage is what they expect next.

If you are in a secret relationship with any of the local women, you can expect to get sexual benefits. It is not normal for couples to move in together before marriage, so you should cancel those thoughts. Women in Karachi are incredible people if you are in a relationship with any of them.

Holiday Romance

When you are visiting Karachi, you might have thoughts of being in a short-term relationship with any of the women so that you can experience companionship while you are in the city. Foreign women are better suited for such a relationship as they have an open mind and are relatively much more liberal than the local women. It will help if you stick with these women to not breach any culture of the city.

The local women prefer to be in a serious and long-term relationship, so the chances of them accepting your offer for a holiday romance is slim. You can try your luck with foreign women if they are your choice. However, we will advise that you go with foreign women.

Tips for Successful Relationship

To have a successful relationship with a woman in Karachi, you should be tolerant and accept that there are cultural differences. You should not expect to see your partner as regularly as you will see a woman if you are dating in another society. If you wholeheartedly accept their culture, your relationship will be successful.

You also need to be respectful of both your woman and her family members. Once you exhibit any characteristics that feel like you are underrating them, you are sure that the relationship will not last.

Do not cheat on your partner once you are in a relationship. If you know that you cannot keep it in your pants, you should not propose a serious relationship with any of these women as they are not tolerant of unfaithful partners.


If you see yourself falling in love with a local woman of Karachi, you should analyze yourself to be sure that marriage is on your schedule. The people of this city judge true love by marriage. As a man who is in love, you will realize that these women make perfect companions. However, this is only possible if there is a synergy between you both.

You should not worry about the people of the city as they are receptive to foreigners who are in love with their women. To gain total acceptance, you should also have a good-standing relationship with her family, or nothing will work out.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

If you analyse Karachi’s women carefully, you will know that there is a low chance of them cheating on you. When you are with your partner and are trying to figure out if she is the one, see if she accepts you wholeheartedly and treats you with love and respect.

A woman who is genuinely in love with you will not be with you because of societal class. You will also notice that she is ready to assist you in becoming comfortable in the city.

The right woman for you will feel no shame in showing you off, and she can fight with her family for them to gain her acceptance. It is a lovely experience to be in love with any of these women and if your partners checks all the things we have discussed so far and more, you can be sure that she is the right one for you.


If you are ready to get married to a woman in Karachi, there is no cutting of corners as you must seek the consent of her parents.

Usually, the parents of the boy will intercede on his behalf to the parents of the girl. They can visit with gift items like sweets for the girl and other things for family members. If the bride’s family agree and assure that they are okay with the boy, the marriage process can continue.


There are some processes which you must follow to have a proper wedding ceremony in Karachi. There is the engagement ceremony which is called Mangni. At this event, the couple will exchange rings in the presence of friends and family while they set a wedding date.

The next step in the wedding process is Mayoun, which happens weeks or days before the wedding. In this process, the bride and groom will undergo beautification at different locations. Here, all the clothing of the bride should have a touch of yellow.

The Dolkhi process is a part of the ceremony that involves playing traditional songs with a drum called Dolkhi. The bride will have an event for herself, which is Mendhi. This involves her being with her friends and drawing henna on her hands and legs.

The Barat is the step where the bride’s family welcomes the family of the groom. While going to the woman’s house, the man will ride a horse and be accompanied by friends and relatives who will be singing.

After the Barat ceremony is Ruksati, here, the bride leaves the house of her family and moves in with the groom. The final process is Valima, which is a dinner hosted by the groom’s family the next day in honour of the couple.

Family Life

In Karachi, the family is an essential factor in any relationship. For your marriage to last, you should ideally have a good relationship with your wife's extended family. This way, you will live happily with your wife without any worries. Other than that, the city provides for a very decent family life. The quality of education is really good and there are a number of amazing spots for leisure activities too.

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