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Guide for dating in Kampala helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Ugandan women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Ugandan girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Kampala. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Kampala, Uganda.

Hot Girls in Kampala

Girls in Kampala:

  • Looks of girls: 2.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 2.5 / 5

Dating in Kampala:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Kampala:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4.5 / 5

More about Kampala:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$5 - $100
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $300


Uganda is an interesting country! Interesting in a humorous manner. In other countries of the world, people work so hard in other to become rich and famous. But that is not the case in Uganda! The only thing they care about is having all the fun they could with the little they have. Kampala - the capital of this beautiful country practices the dating culture in the sweetest and best form possible. Dating is part of the joy, and people are very comfortable with it.

In fact, it is a place where the locals are very open to new concepts such as one night stands. The girls appear very bold and sexy out there. They believe in partying hard all night, having a lot of drinks, dancing to the craziest South African beats, and having some hard and good sex. The people are not offended by hot conversations regarding sex. They welcome youngsters and support them with their beliefs. So if you detest crazy dance moves around you, then Kampala is not for you!

Dating Culture

The dating culture is very rich in Kampala. They are free and open to everything related to dating. It is one of the few places in the world where not only the youngsters but older people are also comfortable with modern dating culture. People of Kampala see dating as a healthy practice. They see it as a practice whereby two people meet, share their feelings, and have fun while loving each other. These people are comfortable with enjoying their time with their dates, even in public. They are very open in debates on topics like sex and relationships. In short, these people are crazy over having fun and dating is a part of it. They have heartily embraced the westerners' ways of love expressions.

Online Dating

Dating in Kampala can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Kampala and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


The women in Kampala are one of the sexiest looking women in the world. Due to the environmental conditions out there in South Africa, most of them are brown and Dusky in complexion. This elegant brown color makes them look very attractive. When we talk of body shape, you wouldn't be able to take your eyes off of their body curves. A lot of these girls have a perfectly developed body with amazing breasts, firm shoulders, and the sexiest of curves. These girls, when dressed in their modern dresses, are the complete epitome of beauty.

When we talk about mentality, girls of Kampala conceive things in different ways. Depending on their age group and their ways of interpreting things, you can find different types of women in the city. Some of them are just too open and love interactions; these girls are the ones who love getting laid. They welcome one night stands and short term relationships. On the other hand, you can also find women that are more mature and sensitive. You can't say that they are not fun-loving, but they tend to be more conservative in their approach. An average Kampala girl is pretty open about casual relationships.

Ugandan Girls (age 18 - 29)

Most of these girls are students. They love having fun; they love having parties; they love having sex. These girls are often seen wearing trendy and fashionable clothes out there on the streets of Kampala with their group of friends. They are cute, and like keeping things simple. They often don’t prefer a complicated and serious relationship. These girls are the outgoing ones and they like to spend active lives. They are young and full of energy; furthermore, they like trying new things. This curiosity and youthful exuberance makes them do the craziest of things. They are not the ones who get offended by immature talks; rather, they enjoy it.

Talking on the physical aspects, most of these girls are young, with their bodies not fully developed. But the brilliant makeup on the dusky complexion with those revealing modern dresses makes them irresistible. Normally in the other parts of the world, girls of this age group are not that good in bed, but in Kampala, the case seems to be different. They would give you a really good time in bed.

They are easy to talk to and interact with. You can find hundreds of such girls in the night clubs and bars every night. These girls would help you explore and enjoy the city to its best. They enjoy exploring and hanging out with tourists, so they are easier to approach.

Ugandan Women (age 30 - 45)

They make up a large proportion of women in the society. These girls are fairly independent because they have decent jobs. Many of them are breadwinners in their families. It is not that they don't like having fun. What makes these girls different is maturity. They are not among those crazy girls that will get drunk and be lying on your bed the next morning. You can find these women mainly during weekends at the night clubs as they are usually busy during weekdays. They also enjoy partying and dancing. The girls in this age group are very careful about the kind of person they enter into a relationship with.

When we talk about relationships, it is not that they don't like being in a relationship with a tourist. All they need is a guy whom they can trust and have a good time with. The process of getting laid with these girls is tougher compared to the previous group. They are the best women in Kampala to share things; they interpret and understand what will make you feel better than any other girl in the city.

On physical aspects, you won't get anything better than them. They have a perfectly developed body. They are usually tall, sexy with big firm boobs, tight buttocks, and sexy curves. They are the best kissers; you won't ever regret having sex with such girls. The mild makeup and the brown complexion are a killer combination. It is just unfair to describe their beauty in words. If you can get one of these girls in your bed, then you are pretty lucky. There might be some girls from this age group who are interested in other aspects of you, such as money and physical looks. Such girls are also very good in bed, but they are not suitable for a long term relationship.

Ugandan Ladies (age 45+)

In other parts of the world, this age group is considered to be a little less active and limited in relationships. But my friend, you are in a city, which is all about craziness. Even women in this age group like to party hard. The ones that will welcome the idea of a relationship are the unmarried, the widowed, or divorced. These women are loyal to their husbands, and unless they are single, they won’t accommodate the idea of a relationship with another man.

These women are pretty hard to predict as many of them don't mind having one night stands, and on the other hand, many of them are looking for a life partner. These women are the most experienced ones and have the deepest knowledge of the cultural heritage of the city. Such women are the best in solving problems and providing excellent advice. So dating them is fun.

Physically they tend to be not as attractive as the other groups. They don’t have that great body shape. But on a positive note, they have a lot of experience and so can still satisfy you better than other girls in the city. These women are not a bad choice to date. Some of these can actually be pretty good looking, these include women who work on their bodies and have stayed healthy and fit despite their age.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

You can find many foreigners in Kampala. You can easily distinguish the foreign girls out there as they look different among the locals. People visit this place to witness the rich culture of Uganda. They visit Kampala to spend a wonderful vacation with the fun-loving people of Kampala. You can also see some of the girls out there in the city that came for other purposes, such as studying or business. But the most common reason tourists visit is to dance and have fun with the wonderful Ugandan people.

Now, if we talk of dating these foreign ladies, you might find it easy to do so. Many girls who have visited Kampala expect to have a happy time on their vacation. Just like you, they are also on the same track. It depends on their country of origin and their physical appearance, and how good they are with a relationship because Kampala has many tourists from different parts of the globe.

Holiday romance is a concept which most of these girls prefer. They like to have a relationship that will end with time. During this period, they will have a lot of fun with you. Exploring places, eating, drinking, partying, and having sex.

Foreigner girls having fun in Kampala


Sex is something that is considered normal in Kampala. The girls are very frank and open-minded with such conversations. Depending upon their needs and approach to such relationships, different girls out there react to such conversations differently, but very few of them are offended. They are accustomed to treating sex as a source of pleasure.

Women of Kampala are very appealing if we talk of sex, and hence people often get laid a lot in the city. As mentioned before, the younger girls really enjoy random sex and fun. Some times these girls engage in such relationships as a means to improve their lifestyle.

Sex Culture

The culture regarding sex is good, and people have a modern approach towards sex culture. They don't get offended by seeing couples making out in public. People are welcoming and see it as normal. They are not like the other parts of the world where sex still is considered taboo and restricted in certain locations. People like to try new things out here and are comfortable with accepting the modern way of life.

Even when we talk of the old generations of Kampala, they mostly accept the modern ways of relationships. Even though they aren’t comfortable with these new concepts, you won’t find them interfering. The people of Kampala appreciate everything that gives them a moment of happiness and a moment of fun. However, this concept is mainly limited to the city, and still, there are a lot of places in Uganda where people are still backward in their behaviours.

One-Night Stands

The place is all about partying hard and having fun and so has a great nightlife. It feels that the city is livelier at midnight than in the morning. On a typical night during weekends, you can see loads of these hot and sexy chicks on the streets of Kampala enjoying one party or the other. They like drinking and dancing a lot. After an evening of drinking and dancing, if you build up a good rapport with one of the girls, there is a high chance of her accompanying you for a one-night stand.

One night stand is a concept which is welcomed in Kampala as it is a sure-shot way of getting satisfied without engaging in a long and hectic relationship. The basic motto with everything they do is about having fun, and physically one night stands are the best way to enjoy a night to its fullest.

The young generation that is the college students are easily attracted to such stuff. You can easily pick up a sexy girl by visiting a club or a bar. If she feels comfortable with you, you both can party and end up on a bed for one night. The people of the city are used to such relations; hence they don't judge others on having one-night stands

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Kampala is a place where you can find girls everywhere, but it would be nice and comfortable to ask them out on a date in some limited places. The best places where you can find girls are nightclubs, bars, and pubs. There are a lot of clubs in the city. Different clubs provide different styles and themed parties. Some are expensive and limited, while others are free for everyone. The girls of Kampala, regardless of their age group or their way of thinking, enjoy coming to such places. They love the environment, the vibe, and the people around them. Dancing is one of their favorite hobbies.

You have the possibility of finding these girls in places such as parks and malls. The shopping malls are one of the favorite destinations of both the locals and the foreign girls. You even have chances of meeting a hot girl in places such as colleges and universities. You can also find appealing and attractive women in places such as cafes and restaurants. And furthermore, many foreign girls like to visit different famous and historical tourist spots of Kampala so you can approach them at such places too.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Here are some of the nightclubs and pubs where you can find girls to Club

  • Club Ambiance Kampala- It is one of the best night clubs of Kampala. The Club has certain entry restrictions like they charge some money to enter the Club and sometimes dress code also is a factor, but moreover, it is reasonable, and you can enjoy a lot in the Club. It is open to everything and is very popular. There are also theme nights and live shows in which big stars of the town perform out there. Many universities are very close to the Club; hence it gets a good number of those college girls. They are there to drink and dance to the beats of the DJ. You can easily approach girls out here in this Club.
  • Guvnor- the place is famous for its fancy interior. You will find girls in groups often out here just having some of the exclusive cocktails they make and dancing in the dazzling neon lights. The environment is great, and you will enjoy this place a lot. The amazing fact of the place is that they are a very big and busy club but are very affordable. The Club provides you many comforting facilities with an amazing dancing floor.
  • Nyondo Club- the Club is one of the best in Kampala. Though they are not a renowned club, they still attract a lot of crowds. You can see hundreds of young and hot hicks dancing around on weekends. The place offers a great food menu with some amazing drinks. The music played here is mainly the regional one, so it’s great to experience such an environment. On a special note, the Club remains open 24 hours.
  • Illusion- located in the Acacia Mall, the Club is a cozy place to hang out. The Club is limited to people. You can have many private parties in the Club. The girls out there are mainly the ones with high standards, and they are hard to maintain. They will date you, but you need to keep the standards high. Cool and trendy clothes and lots of money spent on them is all that they need. Moreover, the interiors of the Club look very pleasing.
  • Club Obligato - this Club is not like other modern Clubs. They still have the same old fashioned style. The bar is not that impressive and is restricted to classical drinks. A beer or cocktail whiskey is what usually preferred. The Club holds ranks high on the list as it attracts a lot of women who still like the old Kampala style. These women are generally the working one and visit the Club to have a refreshing time. You can approach such women and ask them out on dates. The Club has live performances every Saturday.
  • PTC 24/7 Club- another club famous with its hard-partying styles. Girls go crazy over the stylish place. The view of the Club is excellent, and the interiors really look very pleasing. The Club has a lot of foreign visitors, and hence it is a great place to interact with them. Drinks are the specialty; the bar is really very good and moreover affordable. College students love to spend their night out at this place dancing all night.
  • The Establishment Club- this is a themed club. The Club looks really amazing with the dark blue and red lights in the interiors. It is one of the clubs in Kampala who are serving some of the most amazing traditional cocktails. The specialty of the day is a must-try. Due to its unique look and amazing drinks, it attracts a lot of girls in there. You can hang out and have one of them as your date by approaching them.
  • Sky Lounge- it has a rooftop bar with a dancing stage set up there. The Club is very close to Makerere University hence attract lots of cute and hot girls from there. The Club has different themes every day and often is crowded with girls. The rooftop setup gives you an amazing look. Music is mainly a mix of local and international hits. However, the Thursdays are exclusive to Ugandan music. You will find stylish people out there, and so they give you a wonderful time to hang out.
  • Light In Club- the Club is good with its food, so if you are a foodie and you want to try some amazing Ugandan food, try visiting the place. The girls out here are more dependent on the kind of party going in. it hosts different parties and functions. However, most of the time, you will see those hot Ugandan girls in the sexiest dresses. The bar is good, so you can enjoy the drinks. The Club is not very old hence you will have the latest and the modern facilities in the Club.
  • Bubbles O'Learys- Irish Pub - the Pub has a unique interior design. You will enjoy the place if you want some peaceful music with a perfect cocktail. The place is very friendly, the staffs are good, and the drinks are made to perfection. Normally you won't find party freak girls out here. The women are limited to the more mature one and are a good catch for a date.
Party at the Illusion Club, Kampala

Shopping Malls

Nowadays, shopping malls are not restricted to just a place to buy stuff. They have many different facilities and are a destination for multiple other things. These malls or we may say complexes have different multiplexes too. You can watch your favorite movies and have a great time with your lady out there. These malls also have gaming zones which have some of the most exciting and thrilling games. The food court is a big addition; hence you can enjoy a nice meal also. And with all of this the basic function is still upgraded, that is the malls have big outlets of some of the most amazing fashion companies. These malls sell even the smallest items imaginable, so it is a great place to have fun.

Talking of girls, these malls attract different kinds of girls. There is not a single girl out there in Kampala who is not excited about shopping so you can find different girls having fun in there. Not only locals but the foreigners too are attracted to the malls. But be sure you are ready to spend a lot if you are asking a girl out in a mall.

Some of the best shopping malls of Kampala are-

  • The Acacia Mall
  • Freedom City Mall
  • Quality Shopping Village


Kampala is a place where you can find hundreds of women busy with their schedules on a working day. You will find some of them wearing formal dresses to their offices, the students wearing trendy fashion dresses, rushing to their lectures, and even housewives out to get groceries. You can approach these girls out there, but it is likely that they won't be as open as they would be at places such as a bar or a club.

There are many beautiful restaurants and cafes where you can meet single girls. If luck goes your way, you may grab a seat next to a hottie. There are many tourist places and famous monuments where foreigners love to visit. You can try approaching girls out there.

Even five-star hotels and public parks are a great venues to pick up girls. Many girls like to hang out in places such as amusement parks. Wonder World Amusement Park is one such park. You will find crazy young girls enjoying different rides out there. You can catch them up and have a wonderful time at the park and furthermore.

But still, it would be for the best if you approach girls in a night club, pub or a bar. The problem with asking them out on an outdoor location might make them uncomfortable because you are a stranger to her. Moreover, it is easy to notice a tourist; hence this makes your work even more difficult.

Universities and Colleges

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda. Being the capital, it is the educational hub of the country. The best universities and colleges in the country are here in this city. Many students study different courses in these colleges. Not only Ugandan students, but these universities offer degrees to many foreign students also.

The girls who are students at these institutions are mostly quite young. They are the ones who like trying new things and so are easy to pick up. To get a date with them, follow their patterns, do your homework, and make sure you understand what makes them happy or sad. College students are easy to pick up using appearances and worldly things such as precious gifts. Since you are a tourist, you won't get access to the campus easily; hence you will have to approach these girls out of the campus.

Some of the universities where you can see such girls’ are:

  • Kampala International University
  • Makerere University
  • Ndejje University
  • Cavendish University Uganda
  • Bugema University
Makerere University, Kampala


Being in a relationship in Kampala is great. The girls are very open-minded and are very good at relationships. The young blood is more excited and prefers relationships such as one night stands and holiday romance. Especially if you talk as a tourist, they will agree easily to have fun and even a relationship but only up to a limited period of time. They don't prefer having serious things with the people whom they don't know for a long period of time.

On the other hand, the next groups are in a search for life partners. They like to goof around every now and then but are mostly focused on finding soul mates. A relationship with these girls might land you in finding the love of your life. They are perfect partners, and serious relationships with these women isn't a bad idea.

Holiday Romance

Holiday romance is the preferred type of relationship in Kampala. The girls in Uganda are very friendly, and they like having fun. Holiday romance, especially with a tourist, is the best way to do so. It is a type of relationship in which two people interact and have fun up to a certain time. No promises or strings are attached; hence it is a short form of a serious relationship.

Unlike other parts of the world, not only the youngsters but the middle-aged girls here are also likely to agree to a holiday romance with a tourist too. You can easily find a woman out there in Kampala who is ready for a holiday romance. The interactions and open-mindedness of people out here have led to such an environment making things like holiday romance a normal act.

Tips for Successful Relationship

You must have a certain set of rules in your mind while having a relationship in Kampala. You are a tourist, and hence it becomes more important to keep these things at the back of your mind in order to have a successful and a happy relationship in a foreign country.

Firstly, keep in mind to take things as slow as possible. Even if you are in Kampala where people don’t date for a long time, but you still have to calm things down. It is good to know each other even if you both are for a one night stand.

Secondly, her security and comfort should always be the primary concern. Never ever take her to a place or do a thing that will make her rethink her decision of dating you. Even if you feel the place you visited is perfect, you should not visit it unless she approves of it.

Thirdly, try to adapt to their culture. Kampala has a rich and unique culture. Ugandan music is a very different form of music, so try to adapt to these things. This will bring you closer and bridge the yawning gap in your cultures.

Fourthly, honesty is still the best policy. You will have to work things out with her and gain her trust. It is a building block for any successful relationship. Never try to cheat on a girl you are dating here.

Lastly, Kampala is where you met and you should explore the city. Take her to the best places in Kampala to make her feel special. Make her feel that she means a lot to you and that you respect her feelings.


The capital city of Uganda is a great place to find the love of your life. You can find your soul mate, the girl with whom you will be spending the rest of your life. Love is something that doesn't see the shape, size, or complexion of the individual. It is a feeling which can develop for anyone irrespective of everything else. Love is something that you don't plan for; it is just a spontaneous flow of emotions.

Kampala is a place where the girls are really very friendly. You can easily find the love of your life here. The people of Uganda are so amazing in their behaviour that it is very easy to fall in love with them. It may happen that you start loving a Ugandan girl out of nowhere, and trust me; it is normal to do so. Love can be anywhere; it completely depends on the individual to appreciate the feeling. And if you feel attracted towards someone, don't hesitate to express your love for them. The girls out here in Kampala are great at understanding, and they respect feelings. It might happen that she feels the same for you, and then you both can take things to the next level.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

It is the question that actually matters. It decides how you are going to take your relationship forward. And trust me, the only person who really has an answer to this question is you. Just ask yourself that is she the girl with whom you want to get old? Just imagine a life where she doesn't exist and if that image of your life without her scares you, hurry and grab a ring because she is the one.


Marriage in Kampala is great and, moreover, simple. These people don’t believe in a lot of show-off and grand celebrations. They believe in making the moments special and worthy of remembrance. Once you have decided you are going to marry her, go forward and ask her to be your life partner. Since you are a tourist, you might have to go through some legal processes. Once you resolve these problems and both families are happy with your decisions, you can start planning your wedding.


So basically, there are two different cultures to traditional weddings in Kampala. You can either go by the Baganda tradition or by the Acholi Culture. The later has a wedding ceremony for two days and is considered the primitive form of it. Weddings are really special occasions for these people. You will see the friends and families dressed accordingly to their traditional wears. They have hundreds of rituals such as the bride cooking food for all and many more. The one thing that is common in both cultures is lots of dancing and music. They love to celebrate the event to the fullest. There are many different performances, and it is a major part of weddings. At last, the wedding is concluded by a big dinner party for all.

Family Life

Once you are done with your wedding and a great honeymoon, it's time to settle down. It is time you realize you have to start your family. Kampala is the biggest and busiest city in Uganda. You can get a job depending upon your skills and qualifications. Once you think that things are more stable and are running smoothly, you can start planning on having a child.

Now, a child is something that completely changes you and your life. All the events you do will be centered around this child of yours. You will have to plan about his/her education, his health, and a lot more responsibilities. However, it is the best thing that can happen to a man.

Once things are smooth with you, it's time to start socialising. However, in Kampala, you won't need much effort to do so. The people here are so welcoming and kind that they will accept you very easily. Soon you will realize how much your life has changed from a man searching for women in the city for random hook-ups to a man with lots of responsibilities and commitments on your shoulders. Family and friends complete your family life. But it never matters how much your life will change, the one thing that is going to be constant will be the love of your life.

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