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Guide for dating in Jordan helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Jordanian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Jordanian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Jordan. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Jordan, Asia.

You will come across plenty of hot girls at the nightclubs of jordan

Girls in Jordan:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4/ 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Jordan:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Jordan:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Jordan:

  • Nightlife in general: 2.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4/ 5
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $400


Jordan has a reputation for being the freest Arabic nation. Although Islam is the most significant religion in the country, there is the freedom for people to practice any religion they desire. Thus, you will see a variety of religions in the country.

Jordan is a country in West Asia and has Amman as its capital city. Although it is small, it has a large population. It gets a high inflow of foreigners due to its tourism sector. There are many significant sites to behold in this country.

There are many beautiful women in Jordan, and it adds to the highlight of any male foreigners’ stay. However, it would help if you keep in mind that these women are not easy to get as they would not quickly jump into your bed. They love it when men work hard to get them.

Dating Culture

Although the people of Jordan have a more liberal mindset than other Arabic nations, you need to be cautious in the things you do. If you care to date any woman, you do not need to be abrasive about it.

Jordan women do not freak out about foreign men, so you cannot expect them to be all over you. These women believe in self-worth and carry themselves in a high state. Before they can date you, your personality has to be outstanding.

You can date in this country, but it has to be a mutual agreement between both parties. If a lady rejects you, do not force anything.

Engaging in public display affection is not acceptable in Jordan as it is offensive to some people. In whatever you do, you must put the feelings of others into consideration.

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Online Dating

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Webcam Dating

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The best way to describe Jordan women is to say that they are simple but elegant. These women do not like to show themselves, but you should never underestimate them.

Jordan women are well-educated, and some go as far as travelling out of the country to school. They believe that education can elevate them to better positions. These women do not believe in staying home all day, as they wish to be financially independent and work hard.

They do not open up freely to strangers romantically, but they are always friendly. In a bid to guard their emotions, you might go on several dates before she accepting a relationship offer.

Jordan women take respect seriously, so you need to be respectful to everyone you come across. They believe that your personality should always be outstanding.

Jordanian Girls (age 18 - 29)

The young women of Jordan love to have fun, and they do not believe that they must be with any man before they can do this. It is impressive how they always ensure to create a fun environment.

It would be wrong for you to think that it is easy to date get any of them or feel that they are cheap because of their age. These women place a high value on themselves and ensure to command respect. They are beautiful and elegant, but would not flaunt it in the faces of people. If you wish to date nay of them, you should go smoothly and be a great conversationalist. Some of them may be willing to date casually, while others want a relationship leading to marriage. Always pay attention so that you can know what they want.

Jordanian Women (age 30 - 45)

The women of this age range in Jordan have an exquisite nature as they always carry themselves with an air of grace. Something in their nature is admirable, and it always lures people.

These women are well-spoken and intelligent. They are versatile and know how to hold an excellent conversation. These women are not always social and outgoing, but you are in for a treat when they warm up to you.

Many of them ensure to go far with their education, but they would be on the look-out for marriage at this age. You should know that these women are not desperate about it, so they would not throw themselves at men.

These women will vibe with you if they see that you are respectful and have goals. They always ensure love when their man has a broad perceptive.

Jordanian Ladies (age 45+)

The oldest women of Jordan do not act any differently from other women. You will have a pleasant conversation whenever you talk to them. However, it would be best if you respect their religious and cultural beliefs.

You will notice that women of the Islam faith in this country do not marry those of other religions. Some people say that Jordan women are traditional, and you will notice this with the older women. They help foreigners to learn more about the cultures so that they will not step out of line.

It may be hard for you to find a single woman amongst them as many of them love getting married before this age. If you see any single woman, it would not be easy to get her as she has higher standards than other women.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Jordan is a famous country, and one of those places that foreigners love to visit. Thus, you will find foreign women when you are in the country.

These foreign women may come as a relief as they are more flexible than the local women. Foreign women are usually not as traditional, and it is easier to get them in a relationship.

These women are usually looking for fun, and they are open to a relationship with a fellow foreigner. They do not set high standards as they want to enjoy the best out of the holiday.

It also comes in-handy that you both might be clueless about the traditions of the country, so it is logical to stick together.

Some of these foreign women might leave the responsibilities of their holiday for the man to handle.


Sometimes, it is hard to determine if the people of Jordan are conservative towards sex or not. One thing that stands out is that people do not like to disclose their sexual affairs as you cannot determine who it would offend.

Due to religious, cultural, and personal views, people keep their sexual activities to themselves in Jordan. It takes a lot to get a Jordan woman into your bed, so you should not try to woo her with money. Be yourself and go with the flow of life. If she likes you and wants to fuck you, it would happen.

Due to how secretive these people can be about their sexual activities, it is hard to determine how they will perform on bed. However, you should try your luck and see the outcome of the experience.

Sex Culture

If you can remember, Jordan is the freest Arabic country. However, people still act cautiously. There are no laws restricting people from having sex in this country, but you do not need to flaunt your activities in the faces of others. It is not easy to pinpoint the exact perception of these people towards sex.

Many of them have a liberal mindset, but some do not have. Many factors contribute to those who do not have a liberal mindset, but you must learn to respect their views.

If you notice that someone does not share the same views with you, you should quit such a conversation so that you do not overstep your boundaries. Talking about sex is not a taboo, but not everyone would be open to such a discussion.

One-Night Stands

Sleeping around before marriage happens in Jordan, but women do not go about announcing it. Some people in this country believe that a woman needs to be sexually pure before marriage, so they might give a stink eye if they see a woman who sleeps around. Also, transactional sex is against the rules of Jordan.

If you wish to have a one-night stand with any of the women, it should be a private conversation. You can tell from her body language if she would accept or not. Some of them might accept, while others would refuse.

You should not try to force any woman to act out of her will as consent is preached in this Jordan. You should be tactful when having sexual conversations with anyone in Jordan.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

When tourists are in a country with many beautiful women, there is the urge to know these women on a personal level, especially if they are single. If you feel this urge, it is normal, and you should know that you are not the only one.

However, the issue that many tourists face is that they do not know the places that would aid them in meeting these people. There is the fact that you need to be cautious in the country, so it is best that you only visit the places.

Any place classified as the best is one with a high inflow of persons at all times. Every country has such places, and we would help you highlight some of them.

Visiting such places should be a sort of tour.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The bars, pubs, and nightclubs are famous places in any country where you can meet women. It is a relaxing place for everyone, so it is not a surprise that you would find women there.

You will get to experience fun at these places, and there are many other things you can do.

The bars, pubs, and nightclubs in Jordan are:

  • Dubliners: The atmosphere of this bar is always soothing, which gives you a reason to always return. It serves a variety of food and drinks, and the services are always exceptional. You will see women there in abundance.
  • Ghoroub Sunset Bar & Lounge: The beautiful view at this place always attracts people, so there is a high inflow of persons. If you are a shisha lover, this is the perfect place for you as they have provisions for it.
  • Amigo Pub: The fun at this place is always top-notch as there is provision for karaoke, and they also have a pool. Women love to be in a place where they can rest their minds, so this is a perfect spot to find them. The rock music at this place will leave you with smiles.
  • Sekrab: If you are looking for a place to enjoy tasty cocktails and shisha, you should visit Sekrab. You will see different women at this place, so you have many choice options. You would have a delightful time at this place.
  • Snug Pub: This pub has many mouthwatering options that attract people. It is one of the favourite places for people in Jordan to hang out, so it would help you in your quest. Have an open mind when visiting this place.
  • Library Lounge & Cigar Bar: The atmosphere of this place will blow your mind as it is relaxing, and you may never feel like leaving. It has friendly staff, which prompts people always to pay a return visit.
  • Chestnut Restaurant & Pub: People say that burgers bring happiness, so why not enjoy a burger from this place while you have access to an array of women? You will enjoy yourself at this place.
  • Radiance Club Amman: Asides the numerous women that you will at this club, one of the highlights you will enjoy is the DJ. The tunes that they churn out at this club will make you move your body.
  • The Flip Club Jordan: Not only would you see women at this club, but you would see women who have an interest in engaging in a one-night stand. Visiting this club is always a win for foreign men.
  • Cantaloupe Gastro Pub: At this bar, you will enjoy the sunset while having access to an array of women. It is one of the perfect places in Jordan to relax and have a wonderful evening.
Party at the Radiance club in Jordan

Shopping Malls

We know that tourists love to shop when they are in a new country, but did you know that you can meet women while shopping?

If you want to shop and get things, don’t you think that foreign women would also conceive the same idea? Thus, you would see foreign women at the shopping mall.

Asides foreign women, local women, would also be at these places as you will see these women purchasing different items or in charges of some stores. It is not hard to see women at the shopping mall as it gives you access to an array of them.

These women are usually receptive and would give you a listening ear, offering assistance if you need help. You should find a way to strike up a conversation that would lead to a sit-out.

Some of the shopping malls in Jordan are:

  • City Mall
  • Taj LifeStyle Center
  • Abdali Mall
  • Mecca Mall
  • The Galleria Mall
  • The Boulevard
  • Avenue Mall
  • Yaser Mall
  • Amman Mall
  • Dragon Mall


People would not visit Jordan or pay much attention to the country if it does not have interesting sites. In a way, this country is significant to both Christians and Muslims.

There is a steady inflow of foreigners into this country, so you should know that there are many places to explore.

Exploring outdoor areas usually helps in meeting women. It could be that these women are also visiting these places, or are the tour guides in charge. Whatever way it might be, it is a plus for you.

Visiting places of interest gives you access to an array of women as you will meet both local and foreign women.

If you do not know the places you should visit when you are in Jordan, take a look at the list below:

  • Mount Nebo
  • Al-siq
  • Roman Theater
  • Ma’in Hot Springs
  • Ajloun Castle
  • The Royal Automobile
  • Jordan Archaeological
  • The Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ
  • The Jordan Museum
  • Rainbow Street

Universities and Colleges

If you are wondering why these places are amongst the best places to meet single women in Jordan, it is because the women of Jordan place a high value on education and pursue it to the core.

These women ensure to invest themselves in education at an early age, so you will see many of them in universities and colleges.

Luckily, Jordan has many educational facilities that help women in their educational dreams. However, some of them go the extra mile to school outside the country.

The same way some of them leave the country is the same way foreigners also come to Jordan for educational purposes. Thus, you will see both foreign and local women whenever you visit any of these institutions.

Below are some of the universities and colleges in Jordan:

  • Zarqa University
  • The University of Jordan
  • Jadara University
  • University of Petra
  • Middle East University
  • Philadelphia University
  • Ajloun National University
  • Irbid National University
  • Yarmouk University
  • German Jordanian University


Jordan women are amazing people, but they are not like any other woman you might have dated. These women usually set high standards for men, and some people say that it drives them away. However, some men are intrigued and would ensure to win her heart.

These women are simple people who love when a man has a big man. Although they might have a liberal mindset, sometimes they would not move in with a man before marriage.

If you are with any of these women, you should expect nothing short of a pleasant experience as they are well-mannered and have ethics on how to take care of a man.

Holiday Romance

A holiday romance is a situation where you would be in a relationship with a woman, but it would only be for your stay in the country.

Although Jordan women love to be cautious, it is interesting that they consider entering such relationships. To them, it is a way of experiencing something different while protecting their hearts. They understand that the deal is short-term, so they ensure not to put in commitment.

You can also have a holiday romance with a foreign woman, as many of them are open to this option. It would not be hard to find a willing woman for such in Jordan.

Tips for Successful Relationship

If you want to have a successful relationship with any woman in Jordan, you should be respectful. These women hold tight to their religious and cultural views, and you must never talk down on them.

It will also help if you are versatile and knowledgeable. Jordan women consider a compatible partner as someone intelligent since they are well-educated. They cannot imagine their partner not having an idea of whatever conversation they decide to engage. Empathy is also a deal-breaker for these women as they love men who are kind and compassionate. Jordan women are easy to scale a relationship with if you follow these tips.


Experiencing love is one of the beautiful feelings that people want to go through, so you should not hold back when you are in Jordan.

Due to the classy attitude of the women, men always find them attractive. It is a significant plus when you have a woman who is an all-rounder in mental and physical attributes.

One of the worst things to do is to feel that falling in love makes you weak. You will notice that being in love with a Jordan woman would boost your confidence as she is someone that you can show off at any time.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

One thing that you should know about Jordan women is that some find it hard to express their emotions. It is tough for many of them to engage in a public display of affection.

However, one of their signature strengths is that they are loyal. A Jordan woman who reciprocates the same feelings you have would never cheat on you. Instead, she will be focused on your welfare and development.

If you notice that a Jordan woman does things to ensure you are comfortable, know that she is the one.


The marriage process in Jordan aims not to be stressful, as it operates on your religious beliefs.

Unlike some other societies where it is compulsory to do a civil marriage irrespective of whatever other forms of marriage you wish, it is not mandatory in Jordan. There are no civil marriages in Jordan.


A wedding in Jordan is dependent on the religion of the couple. If you are a Muslim, it would be done in a sharia court. If you are a Christian, it would be done in the church.

However, one crucial document is the marriage certificate. The religious leader would issue this. If you decide to input any further activities, it is the choice of the couple.

Family Life

If you want to have a successful family life in Jordan, you must respect everyone, irrespective of their age and size. You must never be condensing to anybody.

The man is typically the head of the house, but there is respect for all genders.


Regions of Jordan
Northern Jordan
King's Highway
Eastern Desert
Southern Desert


  • Amman — capital of the kingdom
  • Ajlun — a hill town in the north of Jordan, noted for its impressive ruins of the 12th century castle which known nowadays as Ajlun Castle.
  • Aqaba — located on the Gulf of Aqaba / Eilat, with links to the Sinai and the Red Sea
  • Irbid — second largest metropolitan area in the north of the kingdom
  • Jerash — one of the largest Roman ruins in the Middle East
  • Kerak — site of a once-mighty Crusader castle
  • Madaba — known for its mosaic map of Jerusalem
  • Salt — ancient town which was once the capital of Jordan
  • Zarqa — third largest metropolitan area of the kingdom
  • Petra

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