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Irkutsk dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Russian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Russian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Irkutsk, Russia.

Girls in Irkutsk:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.0 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.0 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.0 / 5

Dating in Irkutsk:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Irkutsk:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4.0 / 5

More about Irkutsk:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.0 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.0 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4.0 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $200


There is little doubt that Russian girls, in general, are considered to be extremely beautiful with gorgeous and stunning figures. In this article, we will move towards the Siberian area of Russia. It is a lovely place though the winters here are extremely tough. It could be even unbearable for many. However, on the positive side, this is a city that is extremely popular for its incredible scenic beauty and other attractions. If you are one of the thousands of male foreign tourists who are visiting this city, you will have many chances to love this city. The scenic beauty, the girls and women of this city, is one of the biggest reasons why Irkutsk continues to be a highly famous city.

The city has a population of around 618,000 as per the 2010 census. It is one of the largest cities as far as the Siberian Federal District is concerned. It is famous for the trans-Siberian Railway. Additionally, it is an important industrial and commercial hub along the Trans Siberian Railway route. It has some of the most attractive tourist destinations and therefore attracts thousands of people not only from the Russian Federation but also from other countries of the world.

The women in this city are known for their gorgeous look, their open and transparent disposition, and other such attributes. Further, many of them are working to earn their incomes or running their businesses. It makes many of them financially stable in more ways than one.

Many of them would like to make use of their financial stability and independence to live their own lives. They are also extremely good looking, sexy and hot and this makes them highly popular not only with the local men but also from other men who visit this city. They have an open mind when it comes to dating, and therefore, if you are a man planning to hook up with these gorgeous girls and women, you do stand a bright chance.

But some local cultures, practices, and traditions are followed by the girls and women in general. The mature women above the age of thirty tend to be more orthodox and conservative in their approach. You must bear this in mind while you are planning your moves to get hooked to these beautiful damsels.

Women love respect, and men should be aware of this. If men can keep this basic lesson in mind, it would not be long before they can befriend, get intimate, and perhaps even have sex with these wonderful women of Irkutsk.

It is time-consuming and, as a man must learn to understand the virtues of being patient and persevering. The good old dating practice of man-meets-woman still is very much in practice. Hence, you must find out ways and means where you could break the ice and then take things forward. Knowing the local Russian language would undoubtedly be a great advantage. It is because most men and women in Irkutsk and perhaps across Russia are not well versed in the English language.

Dating Culture

Before getting close to a woman in this city, please have some understanding of the culture and practices. The same also applies to women in this city. They have their own culture and traditions and are proud of them. Therefore, as a man from a foreign country, you may have to unlearn a few things as far as dating practices and methods are concerned.

The dating culture of these women, in general, is quite open and transparent. They are not averse to mixing and getting close to men in general and foreign men in particular. However, you may not get the same kind of immediate response that you may expect from a woman in the big cities of the USA or Europe. These women are a bit hesitant when it comes to opening up at the first meeting. However, once you can break the ice and win their trust and confidence, getting regular dates with them should not be an issue.

While they require sex for sure, they also would love to be cared for and respected. The women hate being used as a commodity. Therefore, as a man, you should understand this basic lesson before starting to get friendly with these beautiful and gorgeous women of this city of Irkutsk. The internet also has changed things quite a bit. The concept of dating has moved online, and many young girls and even mature women are using various online dating sites to find the right mate. Learn to make use of these sites. It can help you to get closer to these wonderful women.

The casual flings and other such things that happen in the west may not be that easy here in Irkutsk because society has not yet reached that far. But at the same time, we need to bear in mind that attitude and viewpoints towards dating in general and sex, in particular, is going through quite a bit of change. It is happening because younger women are getting to know more about the world through the internet and other forms of communication. It will not be long before these beautiful women and girls of Irkutsk become big competitors as far as dating culture is concerned. Yes, it is quite evident that they are capable of giving the girls and women in other parts of the world a run for their money because of their looks.


When we look at the sex ratio of women in the age group of 15 to 60, there are a few exciting things that come to our mind. Women are more in numbers compared to men. In other words, for every 100 men, there are 106 women. Therefore, women outnumber men in this city. The city follows the same pattern as it is across the entire country of Russia. It is good news for men because it would not be a big struggle to get a woman of one’s preferences.

However, sexual preferences, needs, and requirements do change with time and age. Therefore, we thought it would be a great idea to classify these wonderful and gorgeous women and girls of Irkutsk in different age brackets. It will help get to know more about their attitudes towards relationships with men, their sexual preferences, and various other attributes. It will help the men to choose the right women based on their specific needs and after taking it to account as to what precisely the women in the city are also on the lookout for. To sum up, there is little doubt that on the whole, the women of this city across all ages love positive relationships with men. Many women are also sexually active and would not mind having more than one male sexual partner.

Russian Girls (age 18 - 29)

There is no denying the fact that Russian girls are one of the most beautiful women in the world. Therefore, it is quite apparent that the girls of Irkutsk belonging to the age group 18 to 29 are hot and sexy. Apart from being gorgeous in their looks, they are also curious and interested when it comes to experiencing the more beautiful aspects of sex. Many of these young girls in the age groups of 18 to 21 may be studying in colleges and high schools. Quite a of them are known to start their income earning at an early age. Therefore a combination of financial independence, young age, and hormonal changes makes them extremely hot. They are quite open about their need for male partners. They also do not mind having more than one sex partner as they are keen on exploring the more decorative elements of sex.

The young girls belonging to this age group are known for their beautiful looks and fantastic figure. They are reasonably tall with an average height of around 5 feet 3 inches, and they have the best of body structure. The breasts are sized adequately and are taut and firm. Most of them have broad shoulders, and you can find a beautiful combination of brunettes and blonde Russian women of this age. Most of them are figure and fitness conscious. Therefore you can expect them to be fair. Most men would not even hesitate for a second to have a second look at them.

They have very positive attitudes about life and are also fashion conscious. They spend a significant part of their incomes on perfumes, modern outfits, shoes, warm clothing, and other such things. Since Irkutsk is pretty cold during the winter and for a significant part of the year, they need to protect their bodies. However, while doing so, they choose the best possible attires that combine warmth with good looks.

On the whole, it should not be a tough task getting close to the women of this age group. They are open-minded, well-mannered, and would not mind dating provided they are in company with the men of their liking. Since many of them are financially independent, they would like respect and affection. If you can do this, as a male foreign tourist, it will not be long before you can go to bed with some of the good-looking women in the world. They are outstanding in the bed, and it is all about touching the right emotional cord. If you can do it, you can be sure that they will burst out in a flurry of passion and offer you the best in terms of sex, a companionship that may provide you with complete and total physical and emotional satisfaction.

Russian Women (age 30 - 45)

Maturity brings with it many physical, biological, emotional, and behavioral changes. It happens to men and women across the world. Therefore, you can be sure that the same also applies to women from Irkutsk belonging to the age group 30 to 45. Most of the women in this age group are entirely independent. Many of them may also have accumulated a decent amount of wealth. Therefore you can expect them to be mature in their approach towards their lives. They are also supposed to be quite sophisticated in their attitudes towards sex and their relationships. Many of them would undoubtedly have become husbands and mothers. But their marriages may have gone haywire, and they could be facing loneliness and frustration. It is increasing quite significantly, and there are studies to prove this.

It is therefore quite possible that these women would be on the lookout for the right relationships with men who are also mature, kind-hearted and of course very good in the bed. Many of these women could have been denied quality sex for years at length. It may have built quite a bit of frustration in them. Therefore, you can expect these women to get close to men who are ready to understand their feelings. However, it would be wrong to presume that these women are thirsty for sex alone. They are looking for emotional fulfillment, and therefore as a man, you must be able to fulfill this to the complete satisfaction of these gorgeous women of middle age from Irkutsk.

We also would like to inform our readers that most of them are extremely good looking. What makes them even more attractive is how they take care of their bodies. Most of them are by birth extremely beautiful. Like the average Russian women, they have a reasonably decent height. They are not overweight or under-weight, and they have the best physical attributes. The women in the age group of 30 to 45 have shapely bodies. The younger girls in their zeal not to add weight often become quite skinny. It is not the case with these middle-aged women belonging to the age group 30 to 45. They have ripe and fantastically shaped breasts apart from having tantalizingly attractive waistlines, hips, and thighs apart from a skin tone that is glowing and attractive.

They also know how to maintain their facial features, and like all Russian girls, they have a combination of brunette and blonde hair. All these and much more make them attractive, and if you can win their hearts and minds, you can be sure that they will most certainly take you to cloud nine when it comes to performance in the bed. Experience speaks, and you will be able to find this quickly when they perform on the bed. On the whole, as a man, you will have some fantastic memories to take back when you have a chance to get hooked with these women from Irkutsk.

Russian Ladies (age 45+)

Yes, getting hooked to older women is a problem in most countries of the world, and the same rule applies to women belonging to the age group of +45. However, this does not mean you have lost the race, and all doors are closed. There is a reasonably long list of women of this age who are ready to walk the talk when it comes to relationships with other men. Yes, it is quite apparent that many of them may have been married for quite some years. They also may have a few children out of their wedlock. Quite a few dozen of women above the age of forty-five are extremely rich and sophisticated. They would not mind being sugar mummies. But, they do have certain conditions and you, as a man, must be able to meet these conditions.

They are very selective about the men with whom they would like to enter into a partnership. They always do not look for money, but it is quite possible that they love traveling, seeing new places, and getting to know more about the cultures of different nations and provinces. Therefore, you must be able to meet these qualities if you are keen on winning them over.

Let us spend some getting to know more about their looks and appearances. They are generally extremely good looking. Since they are financially independent (most of them), they do spend quite a bit of money on dresses, gyms, workouts, quality food, makeup kits, and other such things. They also know how to maintain their body in a slim but healthy condition. Their slimness is not about being all bones and being skinny. They have wonderfully build muscles, and the good thing is that you may not find excess inches of fat that is so common among many women of this age. They know how to keep their breasts in good condition. A few of them may also have gone in breast enhancement and shaping surgeries. They also have a waistline that may put to shame even young girls belonging to the age group 18 to 25.

You have to follow some rules books if you want to get hooked to these wonderful women. First and foremost, while they are passionate about physical relationships, they also would expect some long term commitments as far as relationships are concerned. Therefore, whether you are ready to be in partnership with them or would like to marry them, please make up our mind before approaching them. Do not try and play around with their feelings.

They are too smart, and once they understand that you are unkind to them, they know how to drop you like a hot potato. But if you can win hearts and minds, you should know how to treat them with respect. You should know how to handle them with care. You also must be able to control their uncontrollable sexual desire. You can, however, be sure that you will get the best sexual performance in the bed should you decide to take them into confidence and win them over.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Yes, Irkutsk does have many foreigners because of a few obvious reasons. The first and foremost reason is that it is a city that lies in the famous Trans Siberian Route from Moscow to Vladivostok. Hence, many tourists prefer getting down here and spend a few days before moving further towards Vladivostok or to Moscow on their return journey.

Apart from the above, you also can come across dozens of students, expats, and others who spend a few months and even years in this city. Students come here from different countries and spend around three to four years for their higher studies, and many of them are girls. They are good looking, extremely open-minded, and willing to move around freely with men.

Foreigners also visit this country in search of better jobs and careers. While most of them are from neighboring countries like China and a few other countries of the erstwhile Soviet Union, you can also find a few from western countries like the USA. Though the numbers are not as big as it is in Moscow, they do have a life of their own. If you are from any of the above countries, it is quite likely that you will be able to come across like-minded women of all ages.

Many of the women are single, while a few stay with their families. Single women are the best bet for those foreign men who are keen on getting hooked to these solitary and single women. Many of them are extremely good looking and have the best of figures and other physical characteristics and attributes.

Having a decent knowledge of English will certainly help because of many reasons. Most of these single foreign women are from countries where English is the primary language. It will help you to break the ice quite quickly, and these women will also like to get hooked to foreign men who belong to the same culture, mindset, and other such characteristics.

You can find them in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and other such places. You can easily make them out because they will be quite different from the local women. You can walk up to them and easily make friends with them. It may not be wrong to mention here that many of them are willing to be friends with men. They may have extreme physical and sexual needs because they have stayed away from their countries for an extended period. So, do not be surprised if they are full of passion and have an urge for sex. They will be hungry tigresses in the bed, and you must have it in you to satisfy them as best as you can. A few of the mature women above the age of thirty will also be willing to establish a decent relationship with foreign men provided they are also of the same wavelength.


For many decades, there are a few things famous about Russian Girls and women. The average Russian girls and women are extremely good looking. It is perhaps the reason many men from different countries of the world are keen on spending some time in this country. Irkutsk is one such city located quite far off from Moscow. The distance is around 5,193 kilometers. Hence, you may not find as modern as the women of Moscow. However, the local girls are as hot and good looking as those modern girls in Moscow.

If you can able to handle them carefully and touch their emotional cord, you can be sure that they will be able to become close to you not only physically but also mentally and, of course, emotionally. But the women may not be as progressive as their counterparts in Moscow and other modern cities of Russia. But these women do not mind getting in casual flings and relationships with the men of their choice. A few of them may also be willing to take things forward and build on the relationship and take it to a much higher and mature level.

You must, however, try and stay away from the sex workers who abound in cities like Irkutsk. They may be good enough for one-night stands, but if you are planning for dating them and building on a steady relationship, then you must look for the local women. You will not be disappointed because you certainly will be able to find many of them.

Sex Culture

The sex culture among the young and even the middle-aged women of Irkutsk is going through significant changes compared to what it was a few decades and years ago. The younger lots are incredibly open-minded, and they voice their approval when it comes to having sex before marriage. There are instances where these young girls would not mind having relationships with more than one man provided they are of interest and meaning to them.

The mature and middle-aged women also are beginning to exhibit an open attitude towards sex. As mentioned earlier, they are not opposed to the idea of becoming sugar mommies and enjoy sex while taking care of the financial needs of their foreign male partners. They are incredibly knowledgeable about sex. Whether it is oral sex, or offering the best of sexual foreplay, you can be sure that they will go out of their way to satisfy their man if they develop a liking for them.

One-Night Stands

Being a place of tourist attraction and an important commercial center, the concept of one-night stands has been quite strong amongst the women and girls of Irkutsk. If you keep your eyes and ears open and spend some time in the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, malls, supermarkets, or also near universities and colleges, you will not be disappointed. The young girls who are just beginning to understand the concept of sex would be willing to try it out. They are bold and would love to spend a night or two with a man of their choice so that they can satisfy their hunger for sex and also learn the first few lessons on this subject.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

There are dozens of places where you can meet these single girls and even middle-aged women in Irkutsk. There are several places of tourist interest, including parks, gardens, libraries, museums, and other such historical sites. On the other hand, the city also has a decent collection of bars, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs apart from pubs and discotheque. During evenings and even during late nights you can expect these places to be full of single girls of all ages. You can easily get hooked to one of them provided you are careful in your first few moves. As mentioned quite a few times above, these gorgeous women and girls are soft and well mannered. But at the same time, they are independent and with a lot of pride and self-respect. You must know how to treat them with respect if you want to date with them or get hooked to them.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

There are many nightclubs in this city. We are listing down a few of them for the benefit of our readers:

Shop and Pub Dekabrist

It is a decent night club and bar that serves some of the best beers. It is an excellent place to spend some quiet time, and you can understand the women you like.


The place is preferred by dozens of men, especially during weekends. It is popular because it has many girls of various ages. The music is also good, and the ambiance is decent.


Amongst other things, Akula has a bowling alley, and this could be the right place to enjoy your evening and also get friendly with many women who frequent this place.

Karaoke Incognito

It is a beautiful place for those who are keen on dating. It has a private hall for just you and her if you wish to spend some time in privacy.


This night club is often full of dozens of men and women, and you also will find many foreigners and expats. The music is lively, and the food and drinks are also decent.

Dikaya Loshad

Dikaya Loshad an average bar for those men and women who have a budget in mind.

Party Rooms

It is a place for those men and women who are not too comfortable with big crowds. Private enclosures are decent and spacious.

Sky Lounge

You have to visit this bar if you love tasty food with the best of service.


The girls and waitresses are top glass beauties, and you may end up getting hooked to one of them when you are in Kapkan

Las Vegas

If you are lonely and feeling bored as a man, you can find some great women company here in Las Vegas.

Shopping Malls

Irkutsk is also famous for some great shopping malls, and we are listing down a few of them:

  • Shanghai City Mall
  • Jam Mall
  • Yarkomall
  • Tsentralnyy Rynok
  • Modny Kvartal Mall
  • Caramel Shopping & Entertainment Center
  • Mall Lermontov
  • Komsomol
  • Mall Yubileyny
  • Mall Gorod Magazinov


There is no denying the fact that the outdoors could help in getting close to some good looking women and girls. Irkutsk also is no exception to this rule. Here are some places of tourist importance that you could think about when visiting this city. It also will have a decent congregation of nice-looking women and girls of various ages. The surroundings will offer you the right ambiance for getting close to them, developing friendships, and then breaking the ice.

Cathedral of The Kazan Icon of the Mother of God

The sheer beauty of the winter nativity and the winter ice cravings make it a beautiful place to visit. You also will come across many foreign girls here.

Zizhnya Naberezhnaya Angary

It offers a beautiful view of the riverfront, and the walk by the riverside is simply stunning and is a great place to meet and befriend a sexy girl or woman of your choice.

Universities and Colleges

Russia in general and Irkutsk, in particular, has always given quite a bit of importance to education. The city has many universities and colleges, and this is similar to Russia. Irkutsk also has its share of quality colleges and universities, and we are listing down a few of them for the sake of our readers

  • Irkutsk State University
  • Irkutsk National Research Technical University
  • Irkutsk State Medical University
  • Baikal State University
  • Bratsk State University
  • Angarsk State Technical University
  • Biblioteka Irkutskogo University


Relationships are dependent on many factors, and the same also applies to men and women in Irkutsk. Since the city is a bit far away from the capital Moscow, you can expect that they are more bothered about a stable and healthy relationship. The mature women of this city yearn for positive and stable relationships built on mutual trust, respect, and love for one another. They prefer to remain loyal to their men as long as they feel that they are respected and cared for.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, the pressures and demands of modern-day lives are creating rifts as far as relationships between men and women in Irkutsk are concerned. Women are more educated, informed, and are not ready to give up on their rights. It often causes friction, and the instances of breakups and misunderstandings are also going up.

Many women are open to mature and passionate relationships with me and would not mind if it is against the norms of relations as they have understood. They do not mind flaunting their independence by choosing to flirt or even date men outside marriage if things do not work out well on the domestic front. It may be good news for foreign men who are on the lookout for the right women to date and get hooked. But at the same time, these women may not be suitable for a man who is perhaps looking to build a steady and long-lasting relationship.

Holiday Romance

The city of Irkutsk is famous for some of the most stunning and breathtaking places of tourist attraction. It can cater to the taste of people who have a historical bent of mind. On the other hand, it has parks, lakes, water bodies, and other beautiful places. It is perhaps one of the best cities in Russia to build on relationships between a man and a woman. You can be able to get the desired privacy to understand one another and take the relationship to the next higher level.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Approaching a woman in Irkutsk just to have sex will not work with most women and girls. There could be a few exceptions here and there. But on the whole, it would be better to learn to respect these women. It is because most of them are independent financially and would love to be treated by men with care and admiration. They would like to take one thing at a time and are not mostly in favor of rushing things through. You must try and build the right levels of confidence with them before talking about sex and physical intimacy. While hugs and handshakes are a part of the culture, avoid kissing and getting too physical before you known them properly.


Love is a four-letter word that is prevalent all over the world. Therefore it is quite apparent that Irkutsk also is no exception to the rule. The women and girls in this city are known traditionally for being kind, compassionate, and they like genuine love from men. Try being genuine in love with these beautiful women, and you will be sure that you will get much more than what you are ready to give.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Most relationships between men and women do not move very far because of different reasons. Do not ever go with the foregone conclusion that the women you are going to approach are all yours. This approach is bound to fail because you are depending on your luck rather than planning it through. Make sure that you are dating the right woman who is on the lookout for such relationships. Some tell-tale signs can easily let you know whether the women you are trying to date is the one for you.


The institution of marriage continues to be extremely strong, though the pressures of modern-day lives are putting a strain on relationships in general and marriage in particular. But there are some level headed, good looking and intelligent women who understand the responsibilities that come with marriage. Men should understand this well before getting into serious relationships because these women would do all it takes to keep their marriage working.


Weddings in this city follow the traditional route if one wishes to go by it. On the other hand, you can also go in for a court-administered wedding. However, as a foreigner, you must know the rules and regulations, and you may need a marriage counselor or a lawyer to take things forward.

Family Life

Like most women across the world, the girls of this city are devoted to their family and would like to keep it tightly knit as best as they can. It is a fact that you must bear in mind while dating these gorgeous ladies of Irkutsk.

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