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Incheon dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date South Korean women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot South Korean girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Incheon, South Korea.

Girls in Incheon:

  • Looks of girls: 5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 5 / 5

Dating in Incheon:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 5 / 5

Sex in Incheon:

  • Women's sexual activity: 2 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2 / 5

More about Incheon:

  • Nightlife in general: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$130 - $180
  • Accommodation: US$60 - $90


Incheon is a major port city in South Korea and is the third-largest urban city as well. It homes a community that majorly consists of young men, women, and girls. This is why life in Incheon is fast-paced, active, and a happening one. The locals are very welcoming and friendly people.

When it comes to dating the local Korean girls in Incheon, they are very open and liberal-minded. They are the perfect specimen of Korean beauty with a petite body, pale skin, and dark tresses. Unlike the other Korean cities, the girls in Incheon are not that conservative and love to date men that attract their attention.

Dating Culture

Unlike other Korean and Asian cities, the culture is much more open and liberal as the community majorly consists of young men and women who little to none don’t want to live their lives following the old traditions. You will find that both men and women enjoy equal rights and are quite active when it comes to dating.


Incheon women are the real beauties of the city. They are the perfect specimen of Korean beauty. They possess thin and small body frames with little to no curves. They have oval-shaped faces, dark tresses, and pale skin. They have very prominent facial features that make them look adorable and young.

South Korean Girls (age 18 - 29)

These young girls are the life of the parties. They are very active and if you are looking to get laid then these girls are the ones to look for. These young girls are less conservative and prefer to live life on their terms. They are more of the immature side and can be easily impressed with a few charms.

South Korean Women (age 30 - 45)

These young women are the mature women of the city and are usually found in offices and homes. Although, most of them are married and have a husband, the unmarried, divorcees, and widows often look for a man who can show them the real meaning of love.

You can easily find these young Korean women hanging out at bars, pubs, and clubs at night looking for a man that can show them some good time.

South Korean Ladies (age 45+)

The majority of the local community in Incheon consists of young men, women, and girls. The older women or ladies are very few and are all married ones. Approaching or trying to hook up with these ladies is off limits and if you indulge in such activities then you might find yourself in a lot of trouble.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

These young girls are probably the best ones to meet for dating or hooking up. Incheon welcomes a huge number of tourists from both inside and outside the country. These young foreign girls are less conservative and much easier to hook up with.


If you are looking to get laid with these local Korean girls in Incheon then you will have to work hard and keep a lot of patience as these girls are not that easy to get in your bed.

You will have to go on a lot of dates before you can even kiss her. If you just want to get laid then you should try your luck in the bars, pubs, and clubs at night as a lot of girls at such places tend to be easier to get laid with.

Sex Culture

Although the culture in Incheon is much more open and liberal than most of the Korean and Asian cities, the local women and girls still believe in saving themselves for the right man than just hooking up or having sex with every man they date.

They don’t follow many traditions but can be very conservative and reserved when it comes to sex and intimacy.

One-Night Stands

Incheon has one of the best nightlife in South Korea but when it comes to sex and one night stands, the local women and girls prefer to be conservative about it. If you want to get laid with a Korean beauty then you should visit the various bars, pubs, and clubs at night where the girls tend to get drunk and can be easily impressed.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Incheon is the third-largest urban city in South Korea and is a great place to explore its beauty and also date the many local girls. Unlike other Korean cities, the atmosphere in this city is much more open and liberal. The city mostly homes young people which is why life here is very active and happening.

There are no restrictions when it comes to dating and both men and women enjoying dating but not on a casual basis. The chances of meeting local girls for dating are high in both day and night but if you want to get laid then the nighttime should be the right time for you.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Incheon has one of the most active and happening nightlife in South Korea. The local community majorly includes young men and women who prefer to live their lives on their terms. There are no restrictions relating to alcohol or dating or sex but a lot of young girls are more on the conservative side as they prefer to save themselves for the right man.

The chances of meeting and hooking up are quite high if you visit these places close to midnight as a lot of girls tend to get drunk and can easily be impressed and will be more than eager to go to your hotel room.

  • The Cinder Bar

They offer you drinks and good food at cheaper rates, highly recommended for dining at least once when you visit here.

  • O’Malley’s Irish Pub

It's a lively place with a mixture of great food, drinks, memorable nightlife, and natural beauty. And they have the best staff service and takes care of your comfort solely.

  • The Jetlagged Lizard

It is one of the famous places of all time. It has friendly staff and an awesome atmosphere. It's famous for its food and drinks.

  • Club Chroma

It is one of the highly crowded places which have beautifully carved interior, friendly staff and also serves fantastic cocktails. Most of them who visit here are foreigners.

  • Hongdae Club Aura

If you are looking for cheap drinks, nice ambiance and lively atmosphere, this is the right place for you. They have a good DJ with cheap cocktails and drinks.

  • Kakao Club

It looks like a traditional club which is very famous for its killer cocktails. Most of the people find this place very friendly, and people like to interact quite well with each other.

  • HipHop Club Cream

This place is undoubtedly a remarkable place known for its eclectic selection of cocktails. They have incredible food and drinks with such a lively atmosphere in the midnight.

  • Club Gabbia

It is one of the most visited bars as they offer the cheapest drinks compared to their rivals. It has an amazing dance show and soulful music to make your night memorable.

  • Soap Seoul

They are famous for their exotic food and awesome DJ nights. Bartenders are super friendly and serve delicious cocktails.

  • Club MADE

It is one of the highly crowded places which have beautifully carved interior, friendly staff and also serves fantastic cocktails.

Shopping Malls

Korean girls in Incheon are very conscious of their bodies and image and tend to keep themselves up to date with the latest fashion. This is why, you will often find these local girls in the shopping malls, streets, and other such places. The chances will be in your favor if you dress well and groom yourself.

  • Hyundai Premium Outlets Songdo
  • NC Cube Canal Walk
  • Sinpo International Market
  • Hongdae Shopping Street


The young girls and women in Incheon are either students or employees. This is why they tend to be busy during the week in the day time. This is why, during the weekends, you will find a lot of them relaxing and visiting the local places in the city.

  • Central Park Songdo
  • G Tower
  • Jajangmyeon Museum
  • Sorae Pogu Traditional Fish Market
  • Korean Traditional Culture Experience Center
  • Incheon City Museum
  • Haneul Park

Universities and Colleges

A lot of young Korean girls can be found in the city and most of them are students that study in the local colleges and universities. These girls are much easier to approach and date as they can speak English and are also attracted to foreign men.

  • JEI University
  • Bucheon University
  • The University of Utah Asia Campus
  • Kimpo University
  • Inha University Yonghyeon Campus
  • Incheon National University Songdo Campus


Unlike other Korean cities, the local girls in Incheon are very open-minded. They are conservative but only when it comes to intimacy. They love to date and are very easy to approach. These local Korean girls are fun-loving and use every opportunity to make the best of their life.

Like all Korean girls, these girls tend to get curious about the foreign man which makes it a lot easier to approach them as they are already attracted. They are not restricted to date or are conservative about it. While dating a local Korean girl you will have to follow the basic rules of dating such as behaving gentlemanly, respecting her, show small gestures, never force her, etc. These little things mean a lot to these girls and that's all that matters to them.

Holiday Romance

If you are looking for a romantic getaway with your partner then you should visit Incheon. It is a major port city and has beautiful natural and scenic places to visit. You will be able to spend a lot of quality time with your partner and even get to know each other at a deeper level. You are guaranteed to have an amazing time in this Korean city.

  • Incheon Grand Park

This beautiful park is one of the best places to visit if you are looking for the whole package experience. It is a huge park that offers a lot of recreational activities such as hiking, hill sledding, boating, etc. You can also visit the amazing children zoo located inside the park.

  • Eurwangni Beach

This is one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in South Korea. It is very famous among both locals and tourists. This is the reason it can be a bit crowded during the summers. You can go on banana boat rides or jet skis that are amazing and fun to use. This beach is also an astronomical observation spot. You will be able to have breathtaking sunset views as well as starry night sky views.

  • Wolmido Island

This amazing Island is a great way to spend a day with your partner and have loads of fun. It takes about half an hour's drive to reach this Island. It houses an amusement park that is its main attraction. It offers some of the most unique rides that will make your toes curl. You can also visit the traditional park which is devoid of such western things and you can explore the many gardens, ponds and beautiful buildings.

  • Chinatown

It is a must-visit place when in Incheon. You can explore both the amazing culture and mouthwatering food that the local cafes and restaurants offer. Exploring the culture and food of a city is probably the best way to have a good time with your partner.

  • Songwol-dong / Fairyland

This place is no less than a magical land. It can be said as the Disneyland of South Korea but it doesn’t include the huge castles, princesses, rides, etc. Rather, it is a place for those people who love everything about Disney. You can watch different Disney movies and even explore the beautiful bright colored, cobbled houses that will make you feel like you have stepped into a Disney movie.

  • Yeongjongdo Railbike

Located near the airport, this place is a great place to spend some alone and romantic time with your partner. The rail rides give amazing views of the sea and river as they are built on their sides. You can enjoy this amazing ride and also get some fresh air.

  • Ganghwa Island

This place is one of the most culturally and historically significant places in South Korea. It consists of many cultural assets that date back to the prehistoric period. You can visit this amazing place and indulge in learning and broadening your minds about the history of Korea.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Dating a girl from a different country doesn't mean just difference in laws and government but also religion, language, nature, behavior, and many more things. These differences often create huge barriers and ruin your chances of having a successful relationship. It is important to overcome these barriers to impress your girl and also show her that you are in it till the end. To impress the local Korean girls in Incheon, you will have to follow the basic dating rules such as:

  • Show Romantic Gestures

When a man plans something for the girl he is dating, it shows a great deal of effort from his side and makes the girl impressed. Doing so will help you in increasing your chances of having a meaningful and worthwhile relationship with your girl.

  • Never Force Her

A relationship only works when both of the people feel comfortable with each other. This can only happen if you don't show or indulge in actions that are hasty or forceful as they will drive away the girl and ruin all your chances.

  • Spend Time Together

To have a successful relationship, you need to get to know each other at a deeper level than anyone else. This will help you in gaining her trust, loyalty, and care. Spending time will help you get to know each other as well as have fun by visiting the local cafes, parks, and so many places.

  • Learn the Local Language

The most proven way of impressing a girl who speaks another language is by learning some phrases of her local language. This shows a great deal of effort and willingness from your side and can make her fall in love with you.


Incheon is one of the most beautiful cities in Korea and the local girls are the gems of this city. These girls are no less than models and possess stunning figures. While impressing these local girls is easy, dating one can be a bit hard as they become a bit conservative and very cautious, especially with foreign men.

Falling in love with these beauties is one of the most amazing feelings as these girls are very spirited and are fun to hang around. Their shy nature and adorable expressions make them even more beautiful. While dating a local girl in Incheon, you have to be ready for a serious, committed relationship as these girls don't prefer to date casually. But if you are looking to find the right girl for you then these Korean beauties are the ones for you.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Finding if the girl you are dating is the right one for you or not can be quite a task as most of the time your feelings may sway your decisions and you are unable to make the right ones. While dating is fun, especially in a foreign land, there comes a time when you have to decide if you want to continue your relationship with the girl or not.

Although it might feel like a hard decision to make, it is quite easier of you can keep your feelings at bay and inspect your relationship, partner, and future. You should not take wrong decisions related to choosing the right person for you as it will only lead to a regretful life later on. To find if the girl you are dating is the right one for you or not, you have to ask some basic questions to yourself, such as;

  • What are your partner's plans?
  • Does she want to continue the relationship in the future?
  • Can you both adapt to each other's family, culture, and country?

Inspecting your relationship and partner based on these questions will help you get a clearer mind and not let your feelings sway your thought process.


The local communities in Incheon follow either Christianity or Buddhism religion. Some people also follow local folk religion but most marriages in Incheon of any religion have to be approved by the Marriage Registry Office. The couples get the option to marry in court or with family and friends in whichever way they prefer.

Usually, the youngsters prefer the Christian way of marriage and the brides wear beautiful white gowns that make them look like angels. The marriage is not just between a bride and a groom, but a marriage between the family of the bride and groom as well.


Wedding ceremonies are some of the most beautiful and grand celebrations in Asia. You will find that the family and friends of both bride and groom unite and congratulate the couple and wish them a happy married life. The ceremonies often include food, singing, dancing, and even alcohol.

The wedding ceremonies are usually followed by a reception program where the bride and groom meet every single guest individually and take their blessings and wishes.

Family Life

If you are thinking of settling down and starting your life with your partner in a Korean city then Incheon is a perfect choice. It is a port city which makes it much more lively and happening one in South Korea. It is the 3rd largest urban city that makes career, education, facilities, lifestyle, etc., of the best quality than the other cities and semi-urban areas.

You will have a great time exploring the beautiful places, culture, and history that will make your mind blow. The local people are very welcoming and friendly and a lot of them can speak English so you won't have any problems while communicating with them. All in all, Incheon is a great place to start life with your partner.

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