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Ibadan dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Nigerian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Nigerian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Girls in Ibadan:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Ibadan:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Ibadan:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Ibadan:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$5 - $50
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $60


Sitting on the top of seven different hills is the city known as Ibadan. It is the capital of the Oyo State Empire in Nigeria and the state's most populous city. The origin of the great city is shrouded in mystery, and most of the historical records are oral.

The city is an important cultural and commercial center, and it is home to over 3 million industrious people. The women of this city, typically part of a significant tribe known as Yoruba, are epitomes of grace and beauty. Although slightly concealed in some more than others, their local accents are one of many distinguishing features of these women.

These women are gifted singers, and they can sing their way into your hearts as quickly as a hot knife goes through butter. They are a mix of different exciting attributes. It doesn’t take rocket science to know that you now want to learn more about these beautiful creatures and how it feels to be in a relationship with them.

The older generation of these women may come off as stern and rigid. It is all just a faux to show initial fierceness, which is a significant feature of some of these women. They are known for their strong will and sharp-mouth. They are one of the most straightforward people you will ever meet. They love being direct about their lives and the lives of others, often making comments which may sound offensive.

The younger ladies are famous for their beauty. In this generation, tribal marks are not as rampant as they used to be, but the women still possess natural beauty. Being direct is the best way to catch the attention of these women. They hate lazy men, and dilly-dallying is not in their nature. They are a fascinating bunch, and you are in for a thrilling ride.

Dating Culture

The dating culture in this great historical city has changed over time. In the olden days, dating wasn't really a thing, courtship was, and it usually led to marriage. Currently, the city is filled with young, vibrant women who are free to engage in mature relationships with whom they deem fit.

The dating culture in this city is unlike that observed in some other cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, and so on. In those cities, dating is made to be a poverty alleviation scheme. Women will only go out with you because of what you can offer them, without having anything tangible to put on the table in return except, of course, sex. Most of the women from Ibadan are different from this bunch. They are diligent and independent women who will work tirelessly to earn a living to not rely on any man.

They are, however, not attracted to lazy, dependent men. They love it when their man hustles and shows the potential to be able to head the family in the future.

Dating is not a strange occurrence in this city, especially in the women of the younger age class. There are no rules or laws forbidding dating in Ibadan, so there is the freedom to engage in various relationships, whether long-term or short-term. Dating is common in the city, and it is not a taboo, although some religious bodies in the city kick against such relationships.

Sometimes, these women may be superstitious about stuff. It's just as a result of the cultural history of the Yorubas, which they are a part of. Like the women in every city in the country, the women in Ibadan are usually cautious with foreigners, locally called "Oyinbo" or "Chinko".

As a tourist, approaching these women may seem to them as very suspicious. There are a lot of rumors and stories about foreign men attempting to kidnap and use the women in the city for rituals or simply traffic them abroad to serve as sex slaves, so they are usually strict when a tourist approaches them.


The striking beauty and charisma of the women in this city are what intrigues the men the most. Some of their physical features include natural dark/brown skin and dark hair. They may decide to change by using accessories such as wigs and human hair. They have full lips, dark brown eyes, and alluring "figure 8" shapes. They are also known for their sweet, vibrant voices, and their elegant, rhythmic dancing steps.

These women are also intelligent and ridiculously skilled in arts and crafts. Their crafts include wood carving, leather, and weaving of fabrics. In the modern world, they are savvy individuals that can run corporate companies, create business plans, and execute them successfully. The uniqueness of these women has been addressed in songs by the old and new school musicians in the country.

These women are aware of the powers and abilities they possess, and this makes them confident. Do not think you can intimidate a woman from Ibadan because it will end in tears and disgrace for you. They are not typical players when it comes to relationships but always remember that they have a load of options they can choose from, so switching up may occur from time to time.

These women may date for fun or for love. It depends on the type of woman you meet. You can easily reach an agreement on having a short, fun-filled relationship with them, no hassle. Showing off some wealth may help sweep them off their feet to do your bidding, but it is not what breaks the ice with these women. They really fall hard when they see honesty, truth, and passion in your eyes when you talk to them. That's what really breaks down their barriers.

You may find these women in groups at markets and shopping malls. They look after one another like they are family- it is what their Yoruba culture preaches. They are not usually shy about sex, especially if they feel comfortable with you. The majority of them are open to various sexcapades, and they can get really feisty about it.

Nigerian Girls (age 18 - 29)

The young ladies and women within this age group are the students and young career/trade-inclined women. They are usually serious about their studies, but that doesn't hinder them from having some fun in their relationships. These women love to attend nightclubs, bars, and parties, popularly known as "Owambe".

They are a very jovial bunch, so they're usually the life of the party. In relationships with these women, you can expect to be loved as you've never been before. They believe in the power of love, and no matter how many times they get their hearts broken, they always give love a chance.

There is absolutely no way you can create or maintain a relationship with these women without having connections in their inner circle. To successfully unlock the full relationship potential of these women, you have to be friends with at least one of her close friends.

They love surprise birthday parties, dates, and of course food orders because these women tend to be foodies most times. As stated before, these women may be feisty when it comes to sex, and their young ages give them the advantage of agility. You're in for an unforgettable ride if you can lock down any of these women.

Nigerian Women (age 30 - 45)

Ibadan women at this age are usually government workers, employees of private organizations, or trade women. They are even more straightforward than the women in the other age groups so, you have to be sharp and smart when dealing with this set of women. Extra-marital affairs often occur in the women of this age group.

Probably as a result of their insatiable thirst for sexual pleasure, they go out to find "young bloods" that can give them what they want. They are even more interested in the tourists so as to have a new experience from what they have been used to; however, relationships like these are low-key.

The single women in this group are usually open to serious relationships, usually as a result of family pressure. They are done playing around with men, and they wish to settle down. If settling down is not your wish, you may not likely get what you want from them.

They are a lovely set of women, but they love to keep a straight face to look mature and prevent all sorts of childish advances. The straight, mean faces they put up are meant to act as a filter so that the men that approach them are actually confident and emotionally mature.

Nigerian Ladies (age 45+)

This group describes the oldest generation of women in Ibadan. As a result of their experience, they have a lot of wisdom, so trying to fool them won't be effective. Nobody loves "Owambe" like these women, but they usually attend such parties without meeting or hooking up with anybody. However, the highest percentage of sugar mommies can be found within this group.

They love to have men who are mainly available to satisfy their unusual sexual cravings at this age. They are less likely to be interested in long-term relationships, so they may be open to transient relationships with a tourist.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Foreign women seldom visit the city of Ibadan, so they are hardly seen there. Few of them that do visit are only in the town for business or tourism for a book they're writing. Don't place your hopes high on hooking up with foreign women in the city, because if they do show up, it's not hookups or relationships. Your best option to get laid is to focus on the local women in the city.


Sex with these women comes with a tinge of kinky, a prowess that only these women possess. The young women boast of their sexual experiences amid their friends. They usually, however, sleep only with men they love or have a unique attraction to.

They are not oblivious of the sexual power they hold over men, and they tend to exploit their abilities to the maximum. As much as these women are open to having sex, they are not cheap, and they will never give you any reason to think so. You may have to dedicate time and spend some money to get in bed with them.

Being wealthy is a significant bonus in getting young local women to like you. They will always be proud to introduce you to their friends. You fit the social status they hope to one day attain and you can provide maximum satisfaction and enjoyment for them. Sex with them can get really feisty and wild. You are definitely in for a ride of a lifetime when you get down with a woman from Ibadan.

Sex Culture

The perspective about sex is subjective to the various family backgrounds in the city. However, in young adults, sex is a regular occurrence. The only laws that restrict sexual relations are the laws of religious bodies. Find solace in the fact that there are no constitutional laws pre-marital or extra-marital sexual escapades.

The younger generation of women is becoming more open and psyched about sex. Even older women are starting to find some sexual pleasure outside the scope of what they know. Finding girls below the age of 18, having consensual sex is predominant in the city. Because of the slut-shaming that may come along with having sexual relations that are public knowledge, these women tend to want little attention drawn to their sex lives. They detest being referred to as sluts, or as they say in this city, "Olosho."

One-Night Stands

The city of Ibadan is a free city filled with free women with a propensity to try out crazy stuff like having a one-night stand with total strangers. It happens occasionally, and you can easily get laid on the first time of meeting a woman here. A lot of women are uninterested in physical and emotional stress when it comes to sustaining a close relationship. They have sexual relations with men as they go.

Having a one-night stand is not restricted to a particular age group; it cuts across all the women in the city. The chance of meeting a woman interested in a one-time sexual affair is high in the Universities. These young ladies are vibrant and wild. They are willing to try out various sexual experiences with men, as long as you promise them a good time.

Take them out to fancy places, have exotic drinks, and dance to some Afrobeat or dancehall music, and you'll see that they will open themselves up to you. One-night stands are the best because there are little or no commitment issues. It is the exact type of relationship some of these women want.

Fortunately, there are many hotels and motels where you may engage in one-night stands with these women in this city. They will not hang out or get down with broke or crude men, so you have to come up to them with your A-game.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Ibadan offers a vast network of places to meet and mingle with women, so you can never run out of possible locations. Despite the local tag attributed to this city, there are a lot of exotic and exquisite places here, and there are always several women to choose from.

There's no clear distinction in the daylife and nightlife in this city, because women are always everywhere, all day, any day. The nightlife, however, should be your preferred option. This is because women encountered during this time are interested in having fun, which may include hooking up and some physical intimacy.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

For the nightlife, you guessed right- nightclubs and bars are the best places to meet women at night. The nightclubs in Ibadan usually offer ample space for dance floors, with thrilling local music and exotic alcoholic drinks on display.

The nightclubs provide the perfect conditions for these women to be wild and express themselves to the fullest. These bars hold birthday parties, where a ton of women come to enjoy free food and drinks, so you will surely come across a plethora of women. Some of the nightclubs and bars in this prestigious city include:

Hexagon Club and Lounge: Sensational music, tasty food, sensual women, awesome parties, and a bar of drinks are the features this club provides. The spot offers one of the best nightlife experiences you can ever have in the city.

Club Echo: The name is not the only thing that resounds about this club. The fantastic DJ music experience is one that you will have a hard time forgetting. The music is excellent, and the women are even better. Easily one of the best clubs in the city.

Platinum Nite Club: The name of the club would make more sense if Platinum was a magnet for women because several women turn up for parties here. This spot is located along Obafemi Awolowo Avenue. It is a regular stop for the night owls that love parties. Thrilling music, sensual aura, and a boatload of fun games make this club one of the most visited in the city.

Options 247: This is a hotel that also offers the functions of a bar/restaurant. Some nights, the venue may be converted into a dance club where vivacious women gleefully dance to DJ music blasting over the speakers.

Aqua Ebevande: Popularly known as the nightclub that introduces you to the spectacle of luxury. The popularity of this club is unmatched. The club has been mentioned a few times in the songs of the most famous musicians in the country. The club usually hosts several celebrities, and women always troop in, wanting to meet with them.

Club Derock: Although a new establishment in the city, this disco club is highly rated in the city. Over the years, it has become a significant attraction in the city, and it continually records a considerable number of foreign women.

Club GQ: This club is one of the best places to experience a wild and electrifying nightlife in the city. It is an outdoor bar with amazing lightning, great music, and a well-laid dance floor. The club is also close to some of the best hotels in the city. You can quickly drive down your woman to any of the hotels to share some of the exhilarating nightlife experiences.

Club Switch: This spot offers a new intriguing design with its open bar sitting on the roof of the building. The club has a heavenly interior décor. The club is known to be a significant hotspot for the fun-loving women in the city. In club switch, the fun never seems to come to an end.

Apollo's Lounge: One of the many exciting clubs along Ring Road in the city of Ibadan. This club offers one of the cheapest services in the city, but that doesn't reduce the quality of the services or drinks they offer. The nightclub is usually heavily protected, and women always troop in to have the best nightlife experiences.

Mauve Lounge: This nightclub is known to host live performances by A-list artists in the country. The presence of these celebrities attracts a lot of women who come to hail and jeer their performances. In the absence of artists, the DJ's are always available to fill in their shoes. It is still a fun place to be, and you'd be sorry if you didn't visit.

Club 360: This club offers the unique feature of having a pool. Pool parties are usually organized with wet women sensually dancing to great music in skimpy clothes and bikinis. It's the perfect place to meet and mingle with interesting women.

Shopping Malls

Meeting women during the daytime is feasible in this city, and one of the best places to find women are the shopping malls. Shopping malls are usually busy and bustling with women who have come to satisfy their shopping wants or needs. If you play your cards really well, you will quickly establish a connection or arrange dinner dates with 2-4 beautiful women in less than an hour. The famous shopping malls where you may find beautiful single women in Ibadan are:


Jericho Mall

Cocoa Mall

Heritage Mall



The outdoors of Ibadan may seem like an unlikely place to find the best women in the city, but this is colossally wrong. There are women everywhere in Ibadan. You will find women in the streets, by the roadside, gardens, and other places. The day is usually buzzing with outdoors filled with busy women. Therefore, the best time to meet less active women is in the evening, probably at a spot where they are chilling and relaxing.

A couple of them may decide to take their dogs on a walk, which is the perfect time to make a move on them. Beware of the dogs, though. As a foreigner, the men in the city will accept you into their groups, especially if you are savvy about sports and politics. These men will be your stepping stones into getting a woman from the streets. They live with these women, and they know what they want. They may even offer to talk to any of these women on your behalf or give you their phone numbers. The local men in the city are vital in your quest to get a score with any of them.

Universities and Colleges

You will find a ridiculously high number of women in these higher institutions of learning. You should know that the stress of being a student in these schools may take a toll on your relationship with them. These women are exposed to many distractions and pass from different men in their surroundings, ranging from lecturers and other male students.

Here, you are sure to meet the freest and enlightened bunch of women in the city. You may find young women willing to dedicate to serious relationships. However, the majority of them are interested in casual hookups and flings. Choose your favorite poison.

Parties are the norm in these universities. A lot of name brand products usually hold events and get-togethers, and there is often a torrent of young, beautiful women here. Other hotspots in the universities include college buildings, lobbies, and even hostels.

Examples of the few private and public universities, and colleges where you are sure to meet single women in Ibadan are:

University of Ibadan Polytechnic Ibadan

Lead City University

Federal College of Forestry

Loyola College, Ibadan


There is no need to conceal relationships resulting from the fear of some laws in the city. You can be seen in public with your partner, no questions asked. However, young women in this city may switch up on you at any moment, so it's best to make the most of the time with them. However, during the period when they are still into you, they will move mountains to satisfy you. They love pretty hard and are full of determination to make their partners happy in any way. This may include sexual, financial, and emotional aspects.

Breaking the heart of a woman from this city can be terrible at times. These women don't know how to manage heartbreaks, and they may breakdown. They can also decide to take revenge physically or diabolically, so tread carefully. Relationships with women in this city may lead to marriage. It is up to you to decide to go with the flow or pull out of the relationship.

Holiday Romance

The women of this city are open to a romantic holiday getaway in Ibadan, as long as there are enough funds to sponsor the trip and make it an unforgettable experience. Experiencing holiday romance cuts across all age groups, as both the young and middle-aged women are interested in having casual flings, nothing serious.

Romantic holidays with a female sexual partner occur occasionally. As a tourist, you should be able to ensure a woman of her safety. After this, she will most likely agree to go on trips to various exotic places around the city.

The introduction of online dating sites to the internet has even made arranging holiday romance with the local women in the city easier. After the initial introductions, you may state what you want from the relationship. If your wants align with her wishes, simply matchup and arrange a date for you two to meet. It's that simple.

Scamming is a regular complaint on these sites. Avoid being scammed on these platforms because there are many fraudulent men and women on the app who are only there to prey on the innocence of people, especially foreign men. Just don’t send money to anyone asking and you’ll be fine.

Tips for Successful Relationship

To achieve success in a relationship, you have to understand that the seemingly small things count more than the more apparent gestures. In some cases, a little wink, a blown kiss, small gifts, calls or texts, can help foster better relationships between couples. On the other hand, the failure to consciously do these things have thrown some relationships off the rails, spelling their doom.

There are no point-blank techniques for creating a successful relationship, but there are some primary guidelines:

Give gifts: Women love it when their men show their love by getting them things that have worth. This should not only be something that occurs during birthdays or special celebrations. Make conscious attempts to give your partner surprise gifts. It is a potent relationship steroid.

Don't impose principles: A major red flag signifying doom in any relationship is when a partner is being forced to do things that are against their wishes. Any relationship experiencing this is a ticking time bomb. Learn to respect your partner's wants and understand that as adults, they can make decisions for themselves.

Show appreciation: This is one of the little things that make or mars a relationship. Excessive familiarity may make gratitude feel unnecessary. Let them know you consider yourself lucky to have them in your life and thank them when they do a particular thing for you. Appreciating their efforts reminds them that their efforts mean something to the person they love the most. That is an essential feeling that must be present in any relationship.

Communicate with your partner: Couples have serious altercations and petty fights all the time. It is important to remember that the problem is for you to solve and not to make it drill a wedge between you two. So be mature and talk about it. Don't bottle up feelings and thoughts, because they may one day explode and ruin the whole relationship even when things are starting to get back to normal between you both.


The city of Ibadan may not be the most advanced tourism hub, but the atmosphere it resonates with is able to set the right conditions for love. There are absolutely no limits to love here. You may find love under the hot, burning sun, or in a wildin' rainstorm. The rich Yoruba heritage built on the premise of passion makes the city a natural playground for love.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Love can make even the toughest men timid and unsure about the state of their minds, so don't feel any less of yourself for feeling confused about a woman. However, one thing you can do is to boldly and genuinely tell her how you feel. The worst thing that could happen is rejection which is not the end of the world. Do you know what the best-case scenario could be? She probably also likes you, but she wasn't sure if you also felt the same. So, set a meeting, perhaps a date, and come out clean. If the feeling is mutual, then she's definitely the one for you.


Celebrating wedding ceremonies in the Christian, Muslim or Traditional ways or the combination of any two is a regular occurrence in this city. However, constitutionally valid marriages by law undergo registration at the Federal Marriage Registry located in the city.


Traditional marriage rites are essential in legally sealing a marriage in the city of Ibadan. Marriage is seen as a coronation ceremony for mature women in this city. This is because a husband is seen as a crown to all their achievements. The day of the traditional marriage is a special one, a day of fulfillment and joy for the women.

In Ibadan, marriages are never arranged or forced, it is usually a mutual agreement between two consenting individuals. The marriage process begins by informing both families of the decision. This may not come as a surprise to the members of the families because they are usually aware of the courtship or dating period between the love birds.

After informing the families, both parties start to make inquiries. They simply try to find out anything about the other family that may put them in a dilemma in the future. The scope of investigation ranges from criminal history to hereditary diseases or traits.

The discovery of no problems during the investigation period flags off the marriage process, and the marriage goes according to plan. However, if they discover any issues, they may decide to halt or forge ahead with the marriage proceedings, based on the discretion of the couple.

A meeting involving both families known as "Momi N Mo" usually occurs at the bride's family home. It requires only close relatives. Here, they discuss the next line of action in the marriage process, including the date for the introduction ceremony.

During the introduction ceremony, the bride's family provides a list of items for the groom's family to purchase ahead of the marriage ceremony. The list of things is the bride list, and in Yorubaland, they call it "Eru Iyawo." The list contains a lot of food items, clothing materials, and the bride price (Owo Ori), which the husband must provide.

In this city, purchasing the listed items is a good sign. It signifies the readiness and financial capability of the husband. After the introduction ceremony follows the traditional marriage ceremony. The couple may afterward decide to go to the church or mosque for blessings.

Two people, known as "Alaga Iduro" from the groom's family and "Alaga Ijoko" from the bride's family, are in charge of anchoring the event. The ceremony involves a lot of merriment and jokes. However, the significant moment is when the bride walks towards the bridal items to pick the most valuable item. Traditionally, the bride picks the Holy Bible or Quran, which usually have rings inside them. She then takes the bible and rings to her husband, who fixes the ring into her finger while she does the same.

The groom's family afterward hands over the dowry to the bride's family, who usually take a little out of it and return the rest. They then say they don't need the money and only want their daughter to be happy in the marriage. This signifies the end of the event, but a massive celebration at a selected location usually follows.

Family Life

Some years back, women serving as housewives were the norm. Meaning the husband goes to work, while the woman stays at home to take care of the house and tend to the children. This culture has been abolished by modernization. These days, the women in the city also take up career jobs as their husbands. Family life in Ibadan is quite simple and inexpensive when compared to living in other cities in the country. The husband is the head and breadwinner of the family while the wife supplements his efforts.

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