Guide for dating in Hue helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Vietnamese women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Vietnamese girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Hue. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Hue, Vietnam.

The hot girls of Hue at the DMZ Bar

Girls in Hue:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Hue:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.5 / 5

Sex in Hue:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Hue:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$39 - $450
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $300


Being dubbed as the city of romance has done wonders for Hue. It is located in central Vietnam and is one of the most popular tourist sites. The city is imbued with rich culture and heritage that has amassed over the centuries. Several bloody wars have played a great role in shaping the Vietnamese women. This is clearly reflected in their personality. However, at the core, these women are simple and prefer honest men.

The Vietnamese culture is dissimilar to the rest of the Western world. The rules here are different. Dating a Vietnamese woman is not as easy as you might think. You must be aware of the cultural and social norms before delving any deeper. These women are absolutely gorgeous, but they are very hard-working. They are polite and kind but do not accept cheating readily. These women are forged in the war and are thus resilient.

Most Vietnamese women want serious and long-term relationships that result in marriage. But, you can easily find some that are interested in casual flings. The women here expect the men to take lead while dating. Society is still patriarchal, and while it is undergoing modernization, it is still a few years till it attains a complete liberal mindset.

On your trip to Hue, you can encounter the traditional Vietnamese girls that may not be comfortable with your approach. In that case, it is better to take a step back and avoid any legal trouble.

Dating Culture

The dating culture in Hue is remarkably different from the rest of the world. The majority of the women here are shy and polite. They are hard-working and tend to be financially independent. Due to the patriarchal society that still prevails, these women are used to the men dictating every aspect of their life. In the case of dating, it is the cultural norm for the man to ask out the woman for a date. If the woman initiates, she is considered to be of ambiguous character.

Vietnamese women find it difficult to trust men, especially foreigners. You have to convince her of your interest before she agrees to go on a date with you. After you have convinced her for a date, you can take her for dinner or a quiet place to talk. The men are expected to pay after the meal, as is the cultural norm. This does not make the girl superficial or greedy.

Family and culture are of extreme importance to these women. You can impress her by wanting to know about them. Vietnamese women prefer men who are chivalrous and let them speak. The dominating men in their lives leave little space for them to voice out their opinions. These women prefer men that are soft-spoken but do not curb away their freedom. PDA is frowned upon and is not practiced greatly. It is normal to communicate multiple times throughout the day and not be perceived as needy or clingy.

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Online Dating

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The women in Hue can simply be termed as beautiful. They have a pale complexion, which they pride in immensely. Coupled with black raven hair and short stature, they look nothing short of beauty models trotting around. These women take care of their feminine features even though they work religiously. The women here are shy, polite, and believe in showing courtesy.

Modernization is still embracing Hue, and this is clearly projected in the young generation of the city. They are open to other cultures and are much more accepting than women in other age brackets. No matter how carrier-oriented these women are, they are also extremely devoted to family. Building and maintaining a healthy family is the primary concern of most Vietnamese women.

These women are also very caring and love to take care of their partners. They love passionately and are great in the culinary art as well. Initially, they can come off as frosty. But if you can convince her of your love, you will be lucky to have her. These women look tender and naïve but are absolutely passionate when it comes to sexual intimacy.

When dating a local Vietnamese woman, it is better not to practice any PDA. The society has not advanced to that level yet and may cause problems for both of you. You can find ample women of different age brackets in the city.

Vietnamese Girls (age 18 - 29)

Vietnamese girls in this age bracket are fun, bold, and adventurous. They are accepting of other cultures and have an open mind. These girls do not want to be bound by the shackles of patriarchy. These are the girls you can easily date or hookup with on your trip. They are not particularly against casual flings and are most likely to make your trip memorable. The Vietnamese girls are stunners, and you are most likely to be bewitched. Owing to the mixed ethnicities and heritages, these women have very distinct looks that are enough to allure you. Despite being absolutely gorgeous, these women tend to be shy and polite. Often their politeness is perceived as submissiveness. This is simply stereotyping as these women do present their viewpoint but in a chivalrous way. They are not hot-headed and like to talk out things.

Most of these girls are career-oriented and prefer to establish their careers while dating. While many of these women long for serious relationships, you can also find some that are interested in brief affairs. Whatever it is that you want, it is better, to be honest about your intentions as these women trust men less to begin with. Keep in mind that it might be increasingly difficult to convince her if you have actually fallen in love with her.

Young girls of Hue partying at the DMZ Bar

Vietnamese Women (age 30 - 45)

Vietnamese women in this age bracket are mostly married and have a family. A woman will rarely stray away from her family and indulge in an extra-marital affair. It is not wise to seek married women as the men can display bouts of passiveness. Instead, you can look out for single or divorced women if you like dating mature women. Divorced women are also few as a family is quite important to these women.

The single Vietnamese women in this age bracket are fearless and financially independent. They have broken through the norms and live life on their own terms. Despite the age, beauty is something that these women have in abundance, and it is clearly reflected when you encounter them. They are less demure and are most likely not to be impressed if you exhibit your dominating personality. Keep in mind that these women have most probably dated plenty of the local men that are dominating and oppressive. If you want to impress them, be polite, and ask her opinions. Give her space and let her make the important decisions. Treat her like an equal, and you may finally experience the passion of these gorgeous beauties.

Vietnamese Ladies (age 45+)

Dating Vietnamese ladies in this age bracket can be quite difficult. Most of the Vietnamese women are married and have settled down with kids. It is rare to find Vietnamese women that are not married at this age. But, exceptions can always be found. With relative effort, you can find some such ladies who are single.

You can meet these women at the more sophisticated clubs or bars and approach them. These women look gorgeous, no matter the age. You will be blown away by her beauty as well as her personality. She will most likely not appreciate your macho personality. Instead, try to be charming and polite. This works perfectly, and you can woo her with ease. But, these women are hardened by society and can be difficult to impress. You may have to spend more time and money to impress them.

Some of these women can desire for serious relationships, and if that is not your agenda, then be honest about it. You can find some that want casual hookups as you do. You just have to navigate the dating culture fluidly and differentiate between the types as soon as possible. Remember, on your trip to Hue, you are there to have fun, and it can only be pleasurable if the other person is equally invested in it.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Owing to the recent bout of modernization that has engulfed the city of Hue, it is becoming an increasingly popular destination for the tourists. The rich culture blended with the humble and welcoming nature of the locals has increased the influx of tourists. On your trip to Hue, you can encounter many such tourists. Many of these tourists are girls that are fiercely independent and are out to explore the world. It is easier to bond with these women due to the absence of language and cultural barriers. You can easily impress them and make your trip more exciting.

Hue offers numerous student programs that enable foreigners to come to the city to study. The girls are often attracted by the peaceful day environment and the glamorous nightlife of Hue. These women are open to fun and adventure. It is quite easy to charm them and have a wild adventure on your trip. Moreover, these girls are open-minded and are not bound by societal rules like the local women.

Hue has recently been recognized as a hotspot for ex-pats. This is mostly due to the constant improvements in the trade and business, the low living costs, and the scenic beauty all around. While you are visiting Hue, you can encounter these ex-pats in various bars and nightclubs that are scattered in the city.

Foreign girls playing at the Century Pub in Hue


The sexual revolution is still undergoing in the city of Hue. Still gripped in the claws of patriarchy, these Vietnamese women are struggling to break free of the hold. This has led to a spike in the number of women venturing out to fulfill their sexual desires. In a society where simple forms of PDA like hugging and kissing are frowned upon, it takes a lot of courage for these women to pursue what they want in terms of sexual satisfaction.

It will take a long time before society as a whole has a new liberating mindset. As such, several traditional Vietnamese women are not interested in casual hookups or one-night stands. They are conservative and believe in being in long-term committed relationships. If you are interested in having fun in Hue, it is better to air out your intentions and be honest. This way, you are less likely to encounter trouble and any miscommunication.

Due to open minds and the liberal thoughts that have invaded some of these Vietnamese women, they are no longer afraid to seek sexual satisfaction. They are not willing to wait for marriage to have sex. While the elders may not approve, most of these women want to live together and indulge in pre-marital sex.

Sex Culture

Although the sex culture of Hue has changed drastically since the last few years, it still has a long way to go. It is quite difficult for Vietnamese women to break free from the age-old norms and culture. But, these women are determined to have the life they envision. This has made them bold and adventurous. On your trip to Hue, you will be surprised to find that many local girls are interested in hooking up with a foreigner. For them, it is the thrill and the desire to act upon their fantasies that motivates them.

However, just like any other culture, you will also encounter traditional women. They expect committed relationships and only have sex when they are perfectly sure about their partners. Many even have sex after marriage as they believe in maintaining their purity before marriage.

Although the clash of views and the tight grip of patriarchy have slowed the sexual revolution, it is still underway. More and more women are embracing their true desires and are becoming unafraid to go for what they want.

These women many look short and naive, but given the chance, they are exceptional lovers and will make your night the best you have had in a while. These women are affectionate and passionate, which is clearly reflected when they are sexually intimate with their partners.

One-Night Stands

Though becoming increasingly popular, one-night stands are still not prevalent in the society of Hue. Sex before marriage and PDA are shunned. This has caused a dent in the sexual liberalization of the Vietnamese women. But, now, due to the flow of modernization and openness to other cultures, these women are successfully breaking chains and exploring themselves.

You can encounter these bold women at the various nightclubs and bars. They are not afraid to seize the opportunity and have some fun. These women are fun, passionate, and turn out to be excellent lovers. Along with the stunning beauty they have, their soft personality allures men across the globe. Given a chance, these women can infuse immense passionate urges within you.

When you meet these women, be charming and respectful. These women prefer honesty and clarity. Be transparent about your intentions, and you will be surprised by the approach of some of these Vietnamese women.

But, keep in mind not to confuse her polite behavior for submissiveness. Do not force her if she is not comfortable. If she is not interested, then just back off. You can find plenty of other girls that are equally interested. Just remember that the night can be fun only if the other person is equally passionate and invested in it.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Hue has retained its cultural significance and has made huge developments in its economy in the past few years. There are no shortages in places to meet Vietnamese women. The nightlife in Hue is not scandalous or outrageous. It is rather warm and inviting. There are fewer raves and more pubs where you can converse while listening to good music. Still, there are various such establishments where you can encounter these single and young women.

Hue has several tourist sites that attract foreigners in massive numbers. You can impress these women by visiting these sites and asking for help. It is better not to try the Vietnamese language as it is hard, and you can easily make a fool out of yourself. Instead, you can opt for showing interest. This will definitely aid you in charming women. You can also seek out women during the daytime by visiting the most popular shopping malls that the city has.

The city has no shortage of colleges and universities. These women are educated and are much more open-minded than others. You have more chances of wooing them. Nevertheless, these Vietnamese women prefer men that respect them and treat them as equals in a relationship. You can easily navigate and woo the Vietnamese women if you aware are of their culture and have knowledge about all the prime hotspots for singles in the city. Read the section below to know more.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The massive transformation in the nightlife of Hue is breathtaking. Once known only for its historical sites and culture, Hue now has a decent nightlife that is flourishing owing to the exuberant youth. The young generation prefers to let off steam after a day of hard work. As such, bars, pubs, and nightclubs are popping up around the city. The noise, fun, and adventure that the nightlife of Hue offer is amazing. You can meet several single women at these establishments.

It is easier to approach women when they are relaxed and out to have some fun. To easily spot girls and charm them, you must be aware of the most popular hotspots that the singles visit frequently. Some popular establishments are given below to aid you in having loads of fun on your trip.

  • Secret Lounge Hue: Situated on the Nguyen Cong Tru Street, the Secret Lounge is an open-air bar that is designed in a traditional Vietnamese way. Pool tables, TV, and live bands lighten up the bar. The ambiance is warm, and with cheap drinks in hand, you can easily put on your charms.
  • Brown Eyes Bar: One of the most popular bars in the city. Located in 56 Chu Van An Street, it is an absolute crowd favorite due to the interesting cocktails and the diversity in the music. Gracious serving and plenty of gaming events have made this bar even more popular along with the enormous dance floor.
  • Phuong: One of the nightclubs that have embraced modernization in its architecture and style. It has a sleek dance floor along with loud and pop music. You can shake a hip to impress the ladies that visit this extremely popular nightclub.
  • DMZ Bar: DMZ Bar is one of the oldest nightclubs in the city of the Hue. It has an amazing collection of wine and cocktails. It is opened 7 days a week which makes it a great place to chill. You will see plenty of hot girls coming to this bar to enjoy the beautiful view of the perfume river and relax over drinks.
  • Le's Garden Bar: Amidst the traditional decor and the traditional vietnamese cuisine, you will find a great selection of liquor and hot girls. It is a must visit when you go to Hue.
  • Century Beer Garden and Bar: It has loud techno music playing with huge sports screens. It is frequently visited by foreign girls because it is one of those old style vietnamese beer bars.
  • Paradise Bar: This is the perfect spot for a date night. Tranquil atmosphere with great music. They also serve shisha which makes it a hot favourite amongst local girls.
  • Why Not Bar: Despite the small size of the bar, it is the ideal place to meet young girls since it is located in a hostel. The prices are great too and the whole vibe is pretty chilled out.
Party at the in Century Beer Garden and Bar Hue

Shopping Malls

You can utilize the daytime by scouring the most popular markets and the shopping malls in the city. While most of the Vietnamese women are either at work or in college, you can find several that seek relaxation in these malls and markets. You can also use this opportunity to converse with these women and pick souvenirs at the same time. Some of the most popular markets and malls are given below to aid you on your trip to Hue.

  • Trang Tien Plaza: One of the most popular and diversified shopping malls in all of Hue. It has 4 floors that house stores for shopping, gaming, and several restaurants and cafes. You can even try out the fast foods that are prevalent here.
  • Dong Ba Market: Frequently visited, this is one of the main shopping spots for Hue. You can find different stores housing various kinds of materials at an economic price.
  • Pilgrimage Hotel: Pilgrimage Hotel has gift shops that cater to the customers that are interested in the traditional handicraft of Vietnam. You can pick unique and traditional souvenirs from here.
Trang Tien Plaza


On your trip to Hue, you must explore the magnificent sites that the city has to offer. You can witness the resplendent beauty of Hue while interacting with the local girls. It is evident that if you seem interested in their culture, these girls are more likely to be impressed. Hence, take an interest and casually start a conversation with a local woman. You can visit some of the most popular tourist sites by taking a look at the section below.

  • Imperial City: An enclosure that is walled and within the citadel of Hue. It is historically significant and has many gates that are open to public visits. The Imperial city is protected on all sides by ramparts that are fortified. Within this city, was located the Purple Forbidden City.
  • Bạch Mã National Park: Located in the Annamite Mountains, this is a protected natural reserve in Hue. It has three zones, which comprise of – buffer, extremely protected core, and an administrative zone. The rich biodiversity, along with the historically significant mammal species makes it popular. It is also credited with protecting the Vietnamese endemic bird species.
  • Tomb of Khải Định: Completed in 1931, this is the mausoleum of the twelfth Nguyen Dynasty Emperor, Khải Định. The building which houses the tomb is intricately designed and has different styles of architecture blended in it. The walls are decorated with huge dragon sculptures.
A gate within the Imperial palace complex in Hue

Universities and Colleges

There are several colleges and universities in Hue, which can be related to the rising cultural shift in the city. Access to education and a well-established career have made the Vietnamese women financially independent. This also aids them in opening up their minds to other cultures. Some of the most high-quality educational institutions are listed below.

  • Huế UniversityHuế College of Foreign Languages
  • Hue Medical College
  • Huế College of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Phu Xuan University
  • Thua Thien Hue College of Education

Most of these universities and colleges offer student programs that enable foreigners to come here and study. The diversification in the student pool is a bonus as you can meet different girls from various ethnicities. Most of these girls are fluent in English and are much easier to impress. You can also encounter Vietnamese women who are not very shy and are very much interested in casual dating.

But, it is best to keep a distance from such institutions as the security is tightened and any mishap can lead you in legal trouble. Instead, you can visit the bars, clubs, or cafes around the universities to interact with these students.


It is not easy to convince a local Vietnamese woman to be in a relationship with you. These women are shy and polite but not trusting of men, especially foreigners. You will have to go above and beyond for her to give you a chance. You have to be kind and chivalrous. Don’t impose things on them but rather let them speak their minds. The patriarchal society is most likely suffocating for them. So, you need to establish an environment where she can enjoy the freedom with you.

The Vietnamese women expect you to ask her out and then plan the date as well. You can take her to a fine restaurant or a quiet place for a simple coffee. Gift her flowers and absolutely no extravagant gifts. You can use this opportunity to converse with her and establish the bond of trust. If you can convince a Vietnamese woman that you love her truly, then you are a very lucky man. These women love passionately and without bounds. They will take care of you immensely and be extremely faithful. Whatever type of relationship that you want, you must be honest about it.

Holiday Romance

It is quite natural to link holiday with romance. The cultural backdrop of Hue presents the perfect opportunity to romance the local women. But, these women are hard to impress. So, you have to put your charm on and be a perfect gentleman!

The women here are absolutely gorgeous and will definitely lure with their polite and kind personality. They are sensuous when given the chance and can be the most caring partner you have ever had. You need to be chivalrous as well as lead when required. The perfect balance will definitely impress her.

If you are keen on a short and casual affair, be honest about it to the girl you are trying to woo. You will find that several women are just as interested as you are. They can make your trip all the more fun and memorable.

But, if you have fallen for the Vietnamese woman you are romancing and want a long-term relationship, you need to voice that out too. You need to convince her that your love is not going to end with the trip. This will require effort and patience on your part. They are indeed hard to convince, but when convinced, they can be the best partners.

Tips for Successful Relationship

It is not easy to maintain a relationship, especially if different cultures and countries come into play. But, you must put in efforts to maintain the love that you have for your girl. Complications are bound to arise at times, but both of you need to work together to maintain them. You can take a peek at the tips given below to ensure that your relationship is successful.

Respect her culture. You can only ensure complete devotion form your partner if you are respectful of her culture. Most of the Vietnamese are proud of the wars they had to endure, and as such slight disrespect to their culture could cause cracks in your relationship.

Treat her as an equal. Keep in mind that the patriarchal society doesn’t give your partner much freedom. You must treat her like a partner and seek her view and approval for every major decision in your relationship.

Communicate with honesty. Mere communication is not enough if it is not honest. You must portray your feelings without hiding anything. Encourage her to share her problems with you.


Love finds you in the most unexpected places. You just have to be open to the idea. While there is no particular guarantee that you will find love on your trip to Hue, you can surely give it a try. The cultural difference doesn’t have to be a barrier, rather it can be refreshing to meet someone with different viewpoints.

You can easily fall in love with the local women here. They are absolutely gorgeous while displaying an intriguing personality. It’s hard not to fall for them. But, you must be aware that most of them do not trust foreigners. This might have to do with the fact that many of them have been deceived and can no longer place their trust easily. In that case, you have to show her your genuine efforts more.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Finding love in a foreign country is definitely hard, but it is more essential to determine if the girl you have fallen for is the one for you. It is important to make sure that you can spend your whole life with the Vietnamese women that you have fallen for. You can read the tips listed below to ensure that your girl is the one for you.

Money should never be involved. Make sure that she is not with you for your wealth. The safest way to make sure of this is to arrange simple dates. If she is still with you, then you can be sure that she is the one.

She must be honest. Honesty is a deciding factor in any relationship. She, like you, most likely has a past and secrets that accompany it. But, a relationship requires honesty, and she must be transparent with you and not hide things that can affect the relationship.

She must put in equal effort. If she is as caring as you are, then you can be sure that she is just as emotionally invested in the relationship. She must put in efforts to keep the passion alive.


The Vietnamese society, in general, is patriarchal still today. Hue is shrouded with Confucianism and Buddhism principles, where males are considered as the head of the family. The Vietnamese women are kind and polite but show distrust towards men. You will need to put in a considerable effort if you want to convince her of your love. After you have convinced her, it is important that you impress her family as well.

Family plays a very vital role in the life of Vietnamese women. They are unlikely to marry you if their family does not approve. You must offer immense respect to the elders and males of the family. The father of the girl must give his permission to marry. You need to be aware of the culturally significant things and impress them.

Vietnamese women are extremely loyal and caring. They don’t believe in divorces and will talk things instead of raising their voices. They take care of their partners, and you can expect them to manage your household with ease. Most of these women date intending to get married. Once, they give you commitment, it’s for life for them.

Marriage is a very crucial matter that needs serious deliberation. You need to think intricately before delving deeper. Marriage to these women is lifetime commitments and there are no chances of divorce if things go awry. It is advisable to think extensively before taking a decision.


Vietnamese weddings are shrouded in traditions and customs that set them apart from other cultures distinctly. These traditions are an indication of the rich cultural history of Vietnam. The Vietnamese pay respect to their enriching culture by maintaining and incorporating certain traditions and customs in their weddings. If you have luckily convinced a Vietnamese woman to marry you, then you can surely enjoy this amazing experience. Some of the most interesting rituals before and after the wedding are given below.

Cham Ngo: This is the traditional proposal ceremony. The groom’s family visits the bride’s house to seek permission for the marriage. They bring gifts like areca and betel for the bride’s family. Here, alliances are made, and the date of the marriage is fixed with the aid of a fortune teller.

Dam Hoi: This is the official engagement ceremony that is traditionally more important than the wedding itself. Gifts like wine, betel, tea, roasted pig, etc. are given in pairs but carried on trays covered by a red cloth by an odd number of unmarried people from the groom’s family. These are then, accepted by the bride’s family after unwrapping them. Then, the groom is to pray at the altar and seek the approval of the bride’s ancestors.

Wedding Tea and lighting candle: After the couple have exchanged vows and rings, both of them serve green tea or any other tea to offer respect. It is first served to the eldest members of the family. After the giving of gifts, candles of phoenix and dragon are lit to signify the union of two families.

Ao Dai: These are the traditional wedding attires of the Vietnamese. Brides usually wear red Ao Dai for the wedding. A headdress called the Khan Dong, is also worn during the wedding rituals.

Bride and groom at their wedding in Vietnam

Family Life

The Vietnamese are greatly influenced by Confucianism principles. Family is of great importance to them. The society is still patriarchal and patrilocal. It is common for three or four generations of Vietnamese to stay under a single roof.

If not together, they stay close by. Blood relations are given utmost importance, and it is considered a moral obligation to help your relatives in times of need. The family is also regarded as a unit. Hence, a shameful act by one of the family members can cause shame upon the whole family. It is also common for the family to be proud of one of the member’s accomplishments.

As the patriarchal society dictates, the males are considered to be the head of the family and all the important and significant decisions are made by them. The women, although they have authority over the children, are submissive to their husbands. They take care of the household and play a role in upbringing children with obedience and honesty.

Due to the several wars and revolutions, the gender roles have undergone a massive change. Women are now stepping out to establish a career. But, this does not deter them from having a proper family life. Divorce is uncommon and is frowned upon in society. They value family over everything. In the family, a lot of respect is given to the elders. Filial piety is inculcated in children from a very young age.

The children are raised to always respect and obey the elders. The parents are significantly involved in the life of the children and take major decisions for them. It is common for the elder son to remain with the parents and take care of them at their old age. This is also the reason why nursing homes for elders is very few in Vietnam.

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