Guide for dating in Hanoi helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Vietnamese women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Vietnamese girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Hanoi. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The beautiful girls of Hanoi

Girls in Hanoi:

  • Looks of girls: 3.75 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.75 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.25 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.75 / 5

Dating in Hanoi:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.75 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.75 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Hanoi:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Hanoi:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $250
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $200


Dating local girls in Hanoi will be a very unique experience for you. You will get the chance to witness their beautiful and rich culture. Hanoi women are usually very shy and reserved. The chances of dating a local girls from Hanoi are pretty great especially for white guys. You just have to look good, dress well and be charming. It will take a couple of dates before you can take her to bed though because of their shy nature. These girls are absolutely stunning and they do love it when tourists compliment them. You will have to understand their culture a little before you can begin dating them.

Dating Culture

The dating culture of girls is very passive. Hanoi girls do not prefer a casual dating time. Things like gender roles, no public display of love and affection - matter to them. Family traditions are essential for making a relationship in Hanoi. It is pretty hard to hook up with a girl from Hanoi on the first night. They usually look for serious relationships.

Online Dating

Dating in Hanoi can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Hanoi and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Women in Hanoi can be divided into two sectors based on society. The one sector where the western culture has influenced the women to be more modern, open-minded, and free in the decision-making aspects. The second sector of the women is affected by the traditional cultural mindset of the Vietnamese orthodox followings and thinking. Hanoian women are mostly very educated and knowledgeable.

Mostly, the modern sector of women has a very different and open approach towards maintaining a relationship. They are working-class women and have a straightforward approach to relationships and sex. They are a good option if you are looking to maintain a short term relationship and also if you are looking to have one-night stands.

The other sector of the Hanoian women consists of the women who do not have this extensive exposure to the western effect. Therefore, they are bound by cultural boundaries. Most of them are very shy and polite. They are not willing to talk about sexual relationships openly. They belong to the non-working class and take care of their homes. These women are willing for a long-term serious relationship without quick sexual activities. Vietnamese women are probably more interested in dating fair-skinned and tanned Western men.

Their general appearance includes small eyes, fair skin, silky black hair and a slender/petite body. They dress up in a very nice way which is subtle yet modern.

Hanoi girls are mostly very educated due to the overall literacy rate of Vietnam being very high; they are very open-minded and have a positive approach towards experiencing new adventures.

Vietnamese Girls (age 18 - 29)

This age group is the most ideal one when it comes to dating. They are young, ambitious and more open to dating compared to the older generation. These girls tend to be more modern which means they are okay with casual dating and hooking up. All individual girls respond to social life differently. The young age bracket of Vietnamese beauty is fond of technology and gadgets. They have an excellent understanding of technology and the country being on a high literacy rate, their social skills are pretty great. This means that talking too them and approaching them is far more easier compared to girls from other age brackets. Different girls want different thing but generally the younger spectrum from this age bracket is looking to explore their options and not land in a serious relationship right away.

Many Vietnamese girls are very bright and open-minded. This is the reason that they don't often worry about anything and are very decisive.The physical appearance of these young girls is very attractive. Anyone can easily fall for these hot and gorgeous young chicks. They have a medium size height and a fair skin tone with radiant eyes and long dark hair.

The young beauties are very fond of cosmetics, especially Vietnamese cosmetics, and it seems that a whitening boom has arrived in Vietnam.

File:Hot girls of Infinity Club Hanoi.jpg
The hot local girls partying it up at Infinity Club

Vietnamese Women (age 30 - 45)

The women who are between the ages of 30 and 45 in Vietnam and especially Hanoi are very versatile or flexible. Some women are single and looking for a serious relationship but some are just looking for a casual fling so they do not have to lose focus from their career. The biggest reasons behind these women being so flexible is their maturity, their experience, and their independent way of lifestyle.

Overall literacy rates across Vietnam are high, with access to education being relatively equal between males and females; therefore, most of the women under this age bracket are working women. They are independent. They earn well, and they have an excellent understanding of the situation, great thoughts, and a straightforward approach towards the people. They are a fascinating sector of women to date with and to have casual hook-ups with.

Being a working woman, they seek for short term stress bursting moments with the tourists.

Mostly, this bracket of women has a wide range of dressing options, which primarily depends on the profession they follow and their financial strength. Traditional clothing is prevalent for women who do not have a professional foundation. On the occasion of formal wear, traditional clothes are strictly followed by these mature ladies.

Being financially independent, they have built their strong pillars of independence for themselves. They may even have a house which can be an advantage for the tourist for a visit and a good time.

Girls in this particular age section face fewer boundaries to be in a good relationship with someone. They also give a good time with fewer things to worry about, they are more versatile and have a better understanding of sex and love . The maturity of these ladies gives tourists a broader area for exploration.

Vietnamese Ladies (age 45+)

This age bracket mostly consists of the ladies with a very mature mindset; they are mostly housewives and preoccupied ladies who are not very open to the relationships being old enough for any young seeker in the city. They are very less in the number because most of them are already settled. Obviously due to their age you cannot expect them to look as good as the younger ones.

These girls interact less in the social sector, and they follow their traditions strictly. They are less active in expressing themselves sexually. However, these ladies are incredibly strong in their financial backgrounds, and ladies in Hanoi in this sector, if found, can be someone with outstanding financial strength. Ladies in Hanoi has a history of being sexually raw and open-minded. There are many unmarried, divorced women, or even ladies who despise their partners, who are looking for serious, physically raw relationships.

Hot older women at Pharoah's Bar in Hanoi

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

There are more than 320,000 foreigners living and working in Vietnam, mostly in big cities, such as Hanoi. These foreign chicks are primarily working-class middle-aged females with a lot of opportunities to try on.

The foreign ladies are not often ready for a long term relationship or a serious one because they are here for their work-related purpose, and they do not give a good thought to a long and serious relationship. These ladies are perfect for short relationships, an open-minded sexual or physical attachment.

Having a western tradition or background, the foreign girls are different from the traditional Hanoian ladies, and they depend on their nature for managing situations. They are not bounded by any conventional boundaries and are very free towards sexual relationships and having sex.

Vietnam is a reasonably cheap destination for traveling, studying, and living compared to most other countries in Asia. It is also filled with friendly people, affordable accommodation, inexpensive, healthy, and tasty food, and beautiful landscapes that make it a standout choice among Southeast Asian study abroad destinations.

They are very versatile and sexually active girls who want to explore the deeper side of the dating culture You can find these ladies at pubs, colleges, and malls. Being a foreigner, they do not interact much. But if the seeker is lucky enough to get them, it won't be much difficult to get laid and have raw moments with the western beauties at their best.

Multinational companies have begun to see Vietnam as a viable destination in recent years when expanding their research and development (R&D) activities so the chances of hook-ups with the foreigners are also increasing after each passing day.


Vietnamese girls are known for having a strong cultural background, and they follow their cultural values and rules very strictly. The Vietnamese girls are timid and not open about sex and any physical contact. They also do not prefer a short term one nightstand.

Even though the girls are very shy and you will have a tough time scoring the first night, do not lose hope. Visiting all the popular nightclubs and being on dating platforms will help you a lot in increasing your chances of a one night stand. The girls in Vietnam, especially Hanoi, are very highly educated and have stable financial background. They are very open-minded, and they read the situation well. It is not difficult to make them understand the desire and your intentions. They interact very well and are also open about sex once they find it safe with the person who gets to their inner circle. Hanoi is one of the most developed cities in Vietnam, and the city is undoubtedly the most intellectually liberal in the entire country.

You just need the right time and a perfect place. The girls mostly prefer a long and serious relationship and are honest seekers for love. Still, due to the western effect in the city of Hanoi, it is not difficult now to get laid after a short amount of time with a Hanoian beauty if you are lucky enough. You just need to find them in the right place and get inside their circle to make them comfortable enough.

Sex Culture

Despite growing concerns over increasingly relaxed sexual culture in Vietnam, population-based research that investigates the openness to premarital sex in contemporary Vietnam states its scarcity. Attitudes of Vietnamese toward premarital sex still remains to be a taboo. Virginity is very sacred in Vietnam; the family and culture make the girl understand as soon as she is mature enough to realize that she has something to protect unless she gets married.

Men are very reluctant to get married to a non-virgin female even if they take their virginity. Therefore girls get married early, and men enjoy sexual freedom. The country is very conservative regarding their sex culture and is not open-minded when it comes to a non-virgin female. This culture makes females less open about their sexual desires, and they do not engage in sexual activities before marriage. They also seek a long term and serious relationship due to this culture.

Although education and western effect has hit the country and now many of the educated and open-minded girls do not pay attention towards their virginity or any such boundaries, they are ready to explore things at their own pace. This gives seekers an excellent and lucky chance to make the most of it. Hanoi has a wide range of cosmopolitan cultural attributes, and high society educated girls are more open towards sex and relationships. However, still, they do not mingle much and get laid with the stranger unless the person makes it to their inner circle.

One-Night Stands

Even though one night stands are not the norm in this place, you can still go around all the popular nightclubs and bars or register on the online dating websites to score some.

It is not extremely easy to pick up girls in Hanoi if you wish to have sex on the very same night. Most of these women tend to be conservative and do not get physically intimate with men until after the third date. Thus, it is recommended to be careful to pick women who you believe to be wild and sexually carefree.

You should also dress very well and be in your most elegant attire in Hanoi. The girls like men who dress up nicely and put an effort in how you look.

The women step out at night, away from all their worries, looking to have some fun, and that surely includes sex. You can book a room and mention that to the girl. That will be a smart move and will make your wish for a dreamy one night stand come true. You are always advised to carry condoms for safety and for enjoying carefree sex.

The younger generation might not be so open regarding sexual desires. Still, mature females know the perfect situation and get the best out of their physical attractions; they are open-minded, and they generally make and enjoy the raw sex and physical activities. Yet it is not comfortable enough to get a dreamy one night stand at a place like Hanoi where girls are so tied to their community rules and regulations. You can always fulfill your dream with the right place and right situation and make the most of your chances.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

If you are interested in the best places to meet girls in Hanoi, Vietnam is not known to be an easy place to hook up with lots of sexy ladies unlike many other countries in this region of the world. Single guys flock in cities like Bangkok, Singapore, or Manila, which is known as a place where you can get easy sex and have the time of your life with one-night sexual activities.

For tourists in Hanoi, there are pretty much many options for getting someone exciting and lovely. There are several nightclubs and bars where you can go to pick up hot ladies for fun. Beer Corner Bar District is one of the places where you can start your night. Pretty much all of the night clubs and touristy areas of this city for singles who want to party and get laid are places where one can find ample of girls. This is a notoriously hard country to get laid in, at least when you compare it to others in the region.

Granted, a single western man probably has an easier time of hooking up here than he has in his home country. This city is not so bad though there are many clubs, cafes and shopping malls to explore the chicks and get one. This country is loaded with cafes; you will see plenty of single women drinking coffee by themselves. Smile at them and if they smile back, go over and say hello. The French Quarter is another area where there will be lots of foot traffic during the day. There are plenty of touristy things to do in that area, and if you happen to see a hot backpacker, tag along with her or her group.

Some of the best malls in the city can be great for meeting women. When it comes to day games, the easiest thing you can do is head out in the touristy areas around Hoan Kiem Lake. You will find enough girls to flatter and create an opportunity to make a good impression and possibly a few moves. It is not easy to get laid at once. You need to create a special vibe to start off a good relationship with the beautiful ladies of Hanoi. Cafes and night clubs are best for short term sexual activity if the tourist is lucky enough to make the most of his time and efforts to get laid.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Tourists attraction mainly present in the city and they are all mostly active during night time. The attractions consists of bars - the night clubs and pub bars, which are the heart and soul of the cities’ nightlife. Seekers looking for a short time or probably one night fun with the hot chicks of the cities are likely to check in these places, which are heaven for people seeking a place of worship for all the sexy ladies.

Hanoi being the capital of Vietnam, is not short of perfectly expensive places for booze and chicks. It has one of the highest numbers of clubs in the country, which increases options for fun-seeking tourists. The cities nightlife runs at full speed, and Hanoi has a rich nightlife experience mainly because highly-fashionable, financially stable, and open-minded women come to bars and clubs. Some of the best clubs are listed below –

  • The Bank, Hanoi - The Bank Hanoi is currently the biggest nightclub in Hanoi. It boasts of three venues that play different upbeat and loud hyper tunes until late night. The nightclub is located on the sixth floor of Hanoi's Capital Building, where you can also enjoy a good view of Hoan Kiem Lake and downtown Hanoi. Attracting a well-dressed crowd of locals, the genre of music playlist comprises of hip-hop, top 40 hits, lounge, deep house, and house tunes. The drinks here are relatively inexpensive compared to most nightclubs in Hanoi. Cocktails are priced between $6.38 and $10 while Budweiser and cost of the corona are approximately $ 5.10. You can find a number of hot, young ladies who can make your dream come true if your find them at the right moment with the right moves.
  • The Infinity Club, Hanoi - Infinity Club is one of the local's favorites when it comes to the clubbing scene in Hanoi. Their alcohol is affordable. The interior is great for both dancing and hanging out with young chicks of the city. It makes a perfect moment for anyone to fall into sexual love for the seeker. The Infinity night club is in a great central location in Hanoi close to Hoan Kiem Lake. You'll find tons of young locals dancing away at Infinity Club, listening to local DJs playing their sets. It's a great place to come and immerse yourself into Hanoi's nightlife and make full use of the stage set for the tourists to get themselves laid.
  • Pharaoh Bar (Lotte Hotel, Hanoi) - Pharaoh bar is one of the most highly rated and most exotic places of Hanoi in many ways. People call it the best bar in the town. Pharoah's Bar & Upper Hanoi is situated at the 63rd and 64th floors of five-star Lotte Hotel Hanoi, where you get to enjoy wide and beautiful views of the city, electronic music, live bands, etc. Apart from all the stated features, you also get an extensive drink and food menu. Located in Ba Dinh District, this upmarket bar also shares a space with Grill 63, which serves arguably some of the best steaks in Hanoi. Interior-wise, Pharoah's Bar & Upper Hanoi has a modern and old setting, with polished wooden floors, plush seats, plenty of high tables, and chairs facing its floor-to-ceiling windows. A stairway leads to a more private space for those who prefer a quieter place for drinks and quiet time for the people who do not like loud music and enjoy peacetime with drinks. It is a high society place for girls who come from a high society background, who are generally seeking handsome tourists for relations. The average expense is $10.61 to $240.
  • Rock Store, Hanoi - Located at the center of the tourist area in Hanoi's old quarter, Rockstore's a perfect depending, vibrant venue, where most nights go on with a mix of DJs and live tunes. On arrival, it looks like an American style club and dining bar. The further you delve into its cavernous depths, the darker it gets. The clubs have a wide range of entertainment - classic rock DJs one night, Viet techno, alternative live rock another. The crowd is a mix of locals, expats, and travelers from foreign nationals. There's a good selection of beers and pub snacks too. Foreigners mostly prefer this club due to the western influence of music. Any tourist who is hoping to get a good time with any foreigner or girls from Hanoi can go here.
  • Standing Bar, Hanoi - Standing Bar is Hanoi's go-to location for beer lovers! It was made on the Japanese concept of Tachinomiya ( standing-drinking-place). Standing Bar is the perfect destination for an after-work drink and bites with friends. You can go to this place if you are looking for a few quality ales and tapas before a night-out in the town with friends, or perhaps a late-night-road and midnight snack. Tourists generally come here for some short, fast refreshments. The place is very famous amongst the students and young aged girls and even for working-class women who have less time to give due to their professional work commitments. Seekers can come to this place for some good short term refreshments, and land up into some great atmosphere. They might even get lucky with the girls who are willing to have a short time sexual relationship. This place is not much costly and relatively cheaper than other high profile clubs and bars.
  • Hero Club, Hanoi - The Hero Club is a popular night club in Hanoi for both foreigners and Vietnamese. It usually gets crowded after midnight, when most bars in the Old Quarter close down. It remains busy unless closing time at 3 AM (after that, you can try your luck in the late-night bar tom's or on the bar girls). It is one of the few clubs where you get mixed late-night foreigners and Vietnamese hotties and high profile girls. This is one of the clubs which has an open atmosphere regarding sexual activities and late-night hook-ups it is quite easy to get laid with the bar girls and the hot ladies coming to this club than the crowd in the other clubs. This club is a bit expensive than the other clubs in the town. However, it remains affordable with ($2.45 for a beer, $3.38 for Spirits, $2.11 for Laughing Gas Balloon). Many Vietnamese usually buy a bottle (starting at $42.50), among others. It is a bit expensive, but worth the price.
  • Binh Minh’s Jazz Club, Hanoi - Exuding an intimate, welcoming ambiance, Binh Minh's Jazz Club features minimal decorations. Cozy, comfortable seats, good lighting, and efficient service while the menu comprises classic cocktails, imported beers, whiskeys, and coffee, as well as a selection of western and Vietnamese delicacies. Drinks at Binh Minh's Jazz Club are costlier compared to most bars in Hanoi, starting from $3.45 onwards. However, many people agree that the prices are more than fair due to the quality of live entertainment and lack of cover charge.
  • Playboy Establishment, Hanoi - It's the first official Playboy Establishment to open in Vietnam, making it a popular spot amongst affluent travelers. Styled in a theatre setting, this venue is divided into a lounge bar, dance floor, and dining room. The drinks menu consists of imported champagnes, spirits, wines, and cocktails. Every Wednesday, ladies get to enjoy free cocktails from 20:00 until midnight.
  • Dragonfly Bar and Lounge, Hanoi - Also set within Hanoi's Old Quarter, Dragonfly Bar Lounge is a spot that attracts a mix of young Vietnamese and youthful tourists. The music here varies between hip-hop and party pop while its spacious bar allows plenty of room for mingling with fellow tourists and backpackers. There's also a shisha lounge on the upper level that's fitted with a foosball table, pool tables, and big-screen TVs airing the latest sports events. Drinks-wise, you can find the usual array of draught beers, liquors, and shots, though the large yet value-for-money cocktails are the main draw at Dragonfly Bar Lounge.
  • Sidewalk Bar, Hanoi - The Sidewalk Bar & Grill is great for groups of friends, to hang out, for aspiring artists to create, for teacher share their wisdom and for mess-free opportunities for the tourists.
Girls partying at the Infinity Club in Hanoi

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls in Hanoi are great options for when you need to escape the afternoon heat, catch the latest Hollywood films, and shop for internationally-renowned brands. While narrow shopping, outdoor markets, and handicrafts outlets are aplenty in downtown Hanoi, contemporary shopping malls are gaining massive popularity amongst affluent locals and tourists. The young girls and females often visit such places for buying clothes and cosmetics. Shopping malls can be a perfect place to find a girl with needs. List of some shopping malls are below:

  • Lotte Center, Hanoi
  • Trang Trien Plaza
  • Hang Da Galleria Shopping Mall
  • Savico Mega Mall
  • Vincom Mega Mall Royal City
Lotte Center


Hanoi has some of the most exotic locations for couples seeking a romantic escape. Hanoi is not just famous for its nightlife, pubs, bars, and cafes. The city has a breathtaking landscape which is full of parks and lakesides. The roadside eateries and public places are also filled with the blessings of nature.

The Imperial citadel of Thang Long - a world heritage site by UNESCO, is a beautiful attraction. Hoan Kim Lake and Ngoc Son are the best places to hang out throughout the day and night with your love. The place is blessed by nature and a perfect place for clicking a few romantic photos with your love. Ba Vi Nature Park is a natural reserve in Hanoi. It is famous for its three-peaked mountains, which are massive in altitudinal scales, and the top is surrounded by clouds. The Opera House in Hanoi is also a place to visit when you are with your loved one.

The Imperial citadel of Thang Long

Universities and Colleges

The country of Vietnam has a very high literacy rate of 93.7%. Most of the girls in Vietnam have access to studies and higher studies at University level, which means the education hubs are flooded with high society sexy Hanoian girls. Students studying abroad in Hanoi have a greater chance of hook-ups with these girls. Universities are also famous for international students in Hanoi. Some of the top universities under this bracket are as follows:

  • Vietnam National University
  • RMIT, Vietnam
  • British University
  • FPT University
  • Asian Institute of Technology
Vietnam National University


Hanoi is a populated city their education population, which means seekers will have a lot of opportunities trying their luck in the town with the girls. The city is filled with the educated sectors of the society, and girls living in Hanoi are mostly well educated, which means they are very open-minded regarding their sexual activities and ready to talk about their relationships and sexual activities openly.

Females in Hanoi do not generally prefer to have a weak and short-term relation when it comes to sexual activities. They rather prefer to choose their soulmates for a long term, serious relationship. Hoping for a one night stand with such cultural girls is very difficult as they don't prefer having sex after the first date. You can only get it possible when you get to the inner circle of the hotties of the city. The working class ladies are a bit open.

Traditional history and cultural backgrounds have affected the cities thinking. If you are headed to the town for a long period of time, only then should you choose to think of a relationship.

Holiday Romance

Since Hanoi is a place full of mysterious people, and you too have got your holiday wardrobe on, so you feel sassy. Holiday romances are fun, often commitment-free, and give you something a bit more memorable to remember the trip with your partner. It would make your relationship stronger and more adventurous with your partner. Holiday romance can be the first step of sexual activity with your long term partner or even for those who recently got into a new relationship. Hanoi is a very beautiful city, and the place is full of natural beauties which provides just the perfect blend to the life story of the tourist. Hanoi is the second-largest city in Vietnam and lies on the right bank of the famous Red River. There is something really magical and appealing about this city that even the Vietnamese people, who are not really into public displays of affection can be found holding hands on some of the places. Vietnam culture sees sex and relationship as a sacred thing making it difficult to have anything romantic in public, unlike the western countries.

Tourists visiting Hanoi for a holiday can find their love birds and have a good time in private. Hanoi has perfect and beautiful sights for you to explore during a holiday. The views prove to be excellent for lovemaking with the hotties of Vietnam.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Hanoi is a land of beautiful girls and people with strong cultural and faithful roots. If you want to have a successful relationship in the beautiful city of Hanoi, you will need to keep a few things in mind. They should always respect the boundaries and the rules of the relationship culture in Hanoi. Respecting the girls with their choice of searching for strong and true relationships is essential. For finding a soulmate, the listed rules are one of the primary must-haves.

Each girl has her own mindset and nature. Each girl thinks differently about the relationship and the type of relationship they want to have with the seeker. The seeker should understand the kind of nature the girl possesses and the ways of approaching that person. The main key to developing a better relationship is communication. When you allow yourself to listen—and ask questions about what your girl says, it not only leads to better conversations but also better communication.

Take a step back and figure out the big things about your girl that truly bother you, and approach her from a place of concern and support, instead of nitpicking as that'll get you nowhere. Stop making things complicated that aren't complicated enough, to begin with. Always appreciate the girl for the small good deeds she does. Be honest with your girl because honesty is the best idea for making a relationship in Hanoi.


Hanoi is a beautiful city. In simpler words, it is a dream destination for anyone who wants to come and fall in love with the beautiful girls of Hanoi. It is very much possible, as each one posses their qualities and understanding of situations. There are plenty of beautiful girls for someone who is looking to fall in love and start a serious relationship.

Falling in love is not a big issue when you have such a number of quality people around. Still, the seeker should understand the mindset of the girls in Hanoi who, as mentioned earlier, always seek one true love which lasts forever. They believe that physical intimacy should not be hurried into when seeking the true depth of the relationship because the girl will never find it good if the physical needs are kept forward in the first place.

The beautiful land may become the land of dreams for the seeker if he does it all right. He may find the true love of his life in the form of these loving ladies, even if he is a complete stranger once he gets inside the inner circle of the beautiful ladies. If you are looking for true love in Hanoi, you can be assured to find it only if you are gentle and patient. You never know what the next moment might hold and therefore,

How to Make Sure She Is the One

The truth is that knowing you've found the right woman to marry is not rocket science. The decision to marry my wife was the easiest decision that a seeker can make in his life in Hanoi. You have a woman by your side that makes you smile when you look at or even think about her, and therefore, it might be safe to say that you already found someone who makes you extremely happy and loved.

If you're always searching for signs on how to know if she is the one for you, here are a few tips for you. Many people are not honest because they are insecure. They also want to be portrayed as good people, so sometimes they lie. Honestly is the best policy you should always seek.

A woman who knows how to compromise and make the best out of a tough situation without blaming others is a woman you want to have by your side for the rest of your life. Women who can share their ideas and feelings with their partners can easily create trust in their relationship. A supportive and loving woman is all you need to make your love dream come true.


In Vietnamese culture, marriage is considered as a sacred ceremony for the life-long relation of the couple. Marriage is taken as one of the most important ritual ceremonies of the cultural society.

The first criterion of familial piety was to obey their parents when they decided whom they should marry. For the respectable families, social rank and reputed lineage were often placed above property consideration. Wealth often played a minor role in the choice of the future bride or son-in-law. To marry their children to a family not geographically far was also taken into account because the parents wished their daughters and sons to live nearby so that they might help them when necessary and to rely on the latter's support in their old age.


The marriage ceremony in Vietnam is the biggest ceremonial event for the families. The number of guests in attendance at these modern-day receptions is often large, usually in the hundreds; extended family members and family friends who may not have attended the events prior are typically invited. 

Traditional and modern symbols of marriage are often featured during Vietnamese marriage ceremonies as decorations on the wedding umbrellas, gift boxes, or even the decorations in the homes of both the bride and groom. These symbols are present to represent luck and happiness for the young couple, among many other things. These symbols and color choices are similar to that those of any Asian cultures.

Family Life

Hanoians always keep their families first and do everything possible to keep their family traditions and values. Their generations stay together as a joint family in most of the cases, unlike the western countries where people move out of the family at a very early age good relationship to the family and being loyal to the family is very important for the people of Vietnam especially Hanoi. Therefore, the family is the most important aspect in the lifespan of Vietnamese, especially Hanoi people and for the Hanoian girl.

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