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French Guiana dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date French Guianese women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot French Guianese girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in French Guiana, South America.

Girls in French Guiana:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in French Guiana:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.5 / 5

Sex in French Guiana:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about French Guiana:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$113 - $439
  • Accommodation: US$95 - $225


Although located in South America, the French Guiana is an overseas department and region of France. Before France took control over the country, it was inhabited by the Native Americans who were called the Lokono. Immigrants from numerous ethnicities ranging from European, African, and Asian countries, have settled here. This has resulted in a rich diversification of races that can be found here.

The population density in this exotic land is quite low. Apart from the beauty of the tropical land and the rich wildlife, the women found here are simply exotic. French Guianese women are simply stunning. They have tanned skin, dark hair, and dark eyes that are enough to hypnotize you. These women favor sustaining their natural beauty rather than relying on beauty products to prim themselves.

The culture of this country is heavily influenced by the French. This is reflected in the society where women enjoy far more freedom than the neighboring countries. These women are cheerful, fun-loving, and are not particularly shy.

These women are, however, extremely family-oriented and devote themselves to maintaining the reputation of the family. While there are no such dating rules here that you need to be aware of, it is better to follow the traditional route. This implies that you need to take the first step to ask the girl out. It is not entirely absurd if the girl asks you out. But, to impress her more, you must be the one to take the step.

Dating Culture

The dating culture in French Guiana is different from the rest of the world. Even though there are no particular traditions that you need to oblige, it is always better to opt for the more conventional route. This means that you have to possess the courage to ask the girl out. But asking her out is not enough. You must convince her, even her friends, if needed. If she agrees, then you must plan for a very interesting date.

These women are fun-loving and cheerful. You are more likely to impress her if you can take her somewhere you can talk but have some fun too. Let her know that you are not brooding or boring. Also, be a perfect gentleman and take out her chair while dining. You must also be ready to pay the bill. However, it is quite possible for the girl to object and want to share the bill. In that case, oblige, and do not argue.

You can further impress the girl by giving her simple gifts. Make sure that the gift is not too extravagant. Enquire about her favorites and then offer her the flowers she likes. This will ensure the girl that you have a genuine interest in her. If you can convince a French Guianese woman to be with you, you can expect to be loved fiercely. These women also have a mesmerizing passionate side. Once she is comfortable enough, you will be speechless by her display of passion.


The women in French Guiana can only be labeled as exotic beauties. The tropical climate and mixed ethnicities have contributed to the stunning mocha skin tone and soulful dark eyes of these gorgeous women. These women have a natural inclination to take care of their feminine beauty and make sure that their beauty is sustained. However, they tend to stay away from any makeup products. But, it will be wrong to assume that they do not know how to use it to perfect their looks.

Apart from their stunning external features, these women have a kind personality. They are polite, friendly, and extremely hospitable. They are also known to be friendly towards strangers. This is mainly due to the strong principles that are ingrained in them from childhood. Needless to say, these women are extremely family-oriented.

While the family has special importance in their life, this does not deter them from establishing their careers. In fact, these women are so passionate about what they do that they excel at balancing both their homes and work elegantly. These women also possess a liberal mindset and are not opposed to embracing other cultures.

This has aided the women to be bold and fun-loving. Another intriguing aspect is that most of these women are excellent dancers. Dancing is an integral part of their culture, and thus it is quite normal for them to know or practice some kind of a dance form.

French Guianese Girls (age 18 - 29)

French Guianese girls under this age bracket are mostly fun and cheerful. These girls also might be your best chance of wooing someone since women tend to marry at quite a young age. You can find these girls in the most popular bars, pubs, or even the shopping malls. They might be with friends. You can either approach them when they are alone or if you have confidence, you can approach them when they are surrounded by friends.

If you are in a nightclub, you can buy her a drink and make casual conversation before attempting to flirt. But, if you are in a shopping mall or any place at daylight, you need to be a little cautious. Being polite and respectful is the way that is going to impress these girls. You must also exhibit your desire to have fun and make new memories. These girls are undeniably beautiful and will take your breath away with their fashion sense.

Their open mindset and liberal thoughts will be quite refreshing for you. The young generation clearly exhibits the influence of typical French culture. The girls here are incredibly passionate. When they love, they give their everything into it. And if you can convince her to be with you for the night, expect nothing short of re-igniting the flames of passion that you didn't even know you had.

French Guianese Women (age 30 - 45)

If you desire to date French Guianese women under the above-mentioned age bracket, then you are most likely to be disappointed. Women here tend to marry early, and as such, women in this age bracket are mostly married and even have kids. These women are extremely faithful and are not likely to pursue anything with anyone. But, with some efforts and use of dating apps, it is possible to locate the single ones.

You can find these stunning women in the bars, clubs, or even the pubs. To impress them, you must be dressed impeccably and have an air of confidence. You also must be polite and chivalrous. Nothing impresses these women more than talking about family. Share interesting snippets about your family if you want to develop an emotional bond.

These women look radiant, and despite the lack of makeup, are true beauties. They are a great cook too. You might just be able to get the chance to taste the delicious meals if you impress her enough. These women are financially independent and are naturally impressed by men that can hold intellectual conversations and give them the respect they clearly deserve.

They are quite passionate and when charmed thoroughly, can share their passionate side with you and make your trip all the more memorable.

French Guianese Ladies (age 45+)

You will find that the French Guianese ladies in this age bracket are married and live happily with their family. Once these ladies enter a committed relationship or marry, they are unlikely to do anything to risk it. These women are very loyal. This reduces your chances of dating ladies of this age bracket in French Guiana.

But, you can still find some single, divorced, or widowed ladies here. No matter the age of these ladies, they look absolutely beautiful. This is mainly because they practice healthy eating habits and take care of their skin using home remedies. They limit the use of make-ups too. However, it is their remarkable personality that lures most men. They are friendly and hospitable, even towards strangers.

Most of these ladies have already established their careers and thus do not seek financial stability from the men they date. They mostly desire respect and compatibility with the men. You must be confident and engage her in an interesting conversation. The more you can connect with her, on an emotional level, the higher are the chances of her giving the relationship with you a try.

Religion is a very important aspect here, and most of the women are quite religious. These women are also good cooks and know perfectly how to run a household and office at the same time. Passion seems to be an interesting trait of these ladies. When impressed, you can get the chance to witness a rather passionate side of these ladies for yourself.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

The rich wilderness and the picturesque beauty of French Guiana compel tourists from across the world to visit the place. Even though tourism is much less compared to the other neighboring countries, still there are plenty of visitors that you can come across. You can chance upon these tourists when you are visiting the various popular attraction sites.

You will be surprised to know that sometimes, it is much easier to strike a bond when you can both share the nostalgia of staying away from home. Plus, the absence of language and cultural barriers also helps in wooing women to a great degree. These women understand that some relationships aren’t meant to last and are fine with the concept of having some fun and making new memories.

Though the ex-pat community may not be large in French Guiana, you can still come across several of them in the most happening places across the country. These women are quite wild and open-minded. They like to have fun and are not reluctant to embark on new adventures.

On your trip here, you will also come across foreign students that have availed of the various student programs and come here to study. The natural beauty and the overall lovely ambiance have eventually made them fall in love with the place. You can try to interact with them. They are not as shy as the locals and are quite impressed with tourists that can share intriguing experiences.


Though a region of France, French Guiana has a lot to accomplish when it comes to sexual liberalization. While France may have accepted and embraced sex as a natural activity, it will take French Guiana more than a few years to come to the same status. This has partly to do with the proximity to other cultures, countries, and the extreme prevalence of religion.

Most of the locals here, including men and women, are quite religious. This has an impact on their personal lives as well. While the young generation is forthcoming when it comes to sexual activities, the elders are not quite so. This has restricted the society form truly attaining the liberal mindset. But, the progressive and open-minded mindset of the young generation has aided the women to become bold.

They no longer cower before the rigid views of society. But, rather venture out and seek men who can fulfill their sexual desires. It cannot be denied that while some women are interested in pursuing their sexual desires, some are not. These traditional women believe in having sexual relationships only in a committed relationship. On your trip here, your main concern must be to differentiate between the women and then make your move.

Sex Culture

The sex culture in French Guiana is not as open as the country that has control here, France. While the French culture may have deeply influenced society, but it is not enough to be truly progressive. But, with the sexual revolution underway and the determination of the young generation to gain their sexual freedom, things are looking quite positive.

The local women here are quite religious. This is no way an indication that these women practice abstinence or are not interested in sexual activities. However, it is vital to remember that it is quite natural for these women to avoid the wrath and taunts of society regarding sex as much as possible. As such, these women indulge in sexual activities but try their best to keep it discreet. It can either be fear of society or the lack of sure confidence to stand up against them.

But, the women here are slowly becoming bolder and more passionate. You can find several women here in the nightclubs and bars that are not opposed to the idea of casual fun. But, you must be completely honest with them when you are trying to seduce them for the night. You will be stunned to see that most of them are just as interested as you are. But, if the woman does not agree and feels uncomfortable, back off immediately.

One-Night Stands

On your trip to French Guiana, you will find that having one-night stands is not that difficult. Most of these women do not mind some casual affair or a new adventure. It is only when the topic of serious relationships arises, does it become difficult. But, if you are absolutely clear on your notion to just have some fun, you can easily get it, provided you have enough charms to impress the women.

You must dress fashionably and have that air of confidence that impresses most women. It is better to be polite than be perceived as arrogant. Be a perfect gentleman and flirt charmingly. Do not in any way disrespect the women. It is quite possible for some of the women to not like your notion or approach, in that case, take a step back. Do not try to convince her or press the issue.

The best way to find some hot, single women is to visit the various popular nightclubs in the major cities. The women there visit the clubs to let loose. It is the perfect opportunity for you to buy her a drink, strike up a casual conversation, and then start the flirting. You can then subsequently seduce her into spending the night with you.

These women are incredibly passionate, and when thoroughly impressed, will fulfill every sexual fantasy you have ever had. With their exotic skin tone, dark eyes, and striking figure, it is difficult not to enjoy or remember the night for a long time.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

French Guiana, the region mostly known for the exotic greenery, has several places that you can encounter the local girls. The nightlife might not be the wildest or exotic, but it has warmth and a sense of homeliness. You can meet some of the most gorgeous beauties in these establishments. It is important that you put on a trendy outfit and be confident in your actions. There is nothing that impresses women more than that cool confidence.

You can also encounter some of these women in the daytime. It can be in various shopping centers or malls. It can also be in the various tourist spots. It is easier to bond with a woman when you are genuinely interested in the things that are being said. If you can take an interest in their culture, history, and wilderness, it will be easy for you to impress them.

Apart from these, the pubs and bars that are located near the educational institutions are also great places for you to meet the local women as well as foreigners. You can interact with them there without the fear of getting in trouble with security. Being a foreigner already gives you an advantage, so make use of that charming accent and impress the ladies.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Even though the nightlife in French Guiana is limited and is not as exotic as the neighboring countries, it is wrong to assume that it is absent. The big cities have several nightclubs while the small towns and villages have several bars and pubs. Nightlife may not be wild, but it has a certain warmth to it. Local girls frequently visit these places to have some fun and de-stress themselves. You can take a look at the list of bars, pubs, and nightclubs that are given below.

  • Sunset Bistrot Bar Café (Cayenne): Mixture of a bar and café, this establishment offers the most innovative cocktails and delicious snacks. With excellent service and interesting décor, this avenue fills out greatly
  • Discotheque Le Moonlight (Cayenne): One of the more expensive nightclubs in the country. Good music, party vibes, and you can dance your night away amidst the locals
  • Cocosoda (Cayenne): With a cozy atmosphere, this beach bar is the perfect place to have a peaceful night. Panoramic view of the sea, delicious cocktails, and intimate settings make the bar even more popular
  • Feu Rouge (Kourou): This perfect blend of restaurant and bar offers delectable cuisine and interesting drinks. The warm ambiance will make you feel at home
  • Club 106 (Cayenne): One of the most historic nightclubs of the city. With diversified music, the nightclub attracts the young generation in huge numbers
  • Jungle Pub (Cayenne): One of the liveliest bars in the city. You get the chance to come across numerous locals here
  • Pirata (Cayenne): You can visit this perfect mesh of café and bar for its sumptuous food and interesting drinks. The warm setting will reel you in
  • Bar 13 (Kourou): Watching sports and having a chilled beer seems to be the specialty of this sports bar. The laid back atmosphere makes it possible to relax
  • Hitbox (Cayenne): A perfect combination of café, bar, and a gaming area. You can indulge in gaming while munching on the delicious food and wide selection of drinks

Bar Chez Julieta (Cayenne): Delicious food and an overall pleasant experience await for you in this establishment. It is also a great place to arrange a date

Shopping Malls

Even though French Guiana cannot be described as a paradise for shopaholics, there are some shopping malls that you can visit to pick up some souvenirs. Another reason for you to take a stroll there is to find an opportunity to encounter the local women. While it is evident that most of them might be busy, either at work or at home, still it is possible to find some.

While you approach these women, keep in mind that you are doing so in broad daylight. The girls here might let loose on the night and appear bold and wild. But, during the day, under the harsh scrutiny of society, they appear to lose some of that confidence. So, it is important that you be polite when you make a conversation. They are not likely to outright reject you or rebuff your advances. But, if they do, just back off. Do not make the situation worse for her or yourself.

You can visit some of the popular shopping malls that are listed below.

  • Centre Commercial De Montjoly II (Rémire-Montjoly): One of the most popular shopping centers in the country. This is not just a regular shopping mall. You can find several retail shops, but the most intriguing aspect is that the avenue arranges different cultural events both during the day as well as night
  • Family Plaza (Matoury): Frequented by the locals, this vast shopping mall houses more than 40 brands. You can also satisfy your hunger after shopping in some of the restaurants here. The shopping mall also includes a cinema hall and a fitness room


Daytime can be quite difficult when it comes to approaching or flirting with the local women here. Apart from the fact that they remain quite busy, they also become quite shy. You need to be very cautious while approaching them, and if they are not comfortable, you must back off. But, if the girl is receptive to your advances, be a perfect gentleman. Enquire about the rich culture of the region and try to interact with her. You can visit some of the most popular tourist spots that are listed below.

  • Guiana Amazonian Park (Remire-Montjoly): Credited as the biggest national park not only in France but also across the world, this protected forest area has a rich biodiversity. Exotic wildlife and rich flora and fauna dominate this region
  • Cayenne Cathedral (Cayenne): This cathedral is a national monument of the country of France. It is a catholic cathedral and is also the seat of the Diocese of Cayenne. The massive structure will awe you because of its architectural prowess
  • Devil’s Island (Kourou): Also known as the penal colony of Cayenne, the island earned its name from the harsh treatments that the prisoners had to suffer here. While its purpose as a prison island has been closed since 1953, the eeriness of the place remains
  • Guiana Space Centre (Kourou): Active since 1968, the Guiana Space Centre has brought much recognition to this often forgotten land. The French space agency, the European Space Agency, Azercosmos, and Arianespace organize space launches from here.

Universities and Colleges

Despite the limited number of colleges and universities, the society here has a high literacy rate. This has played a huge role in the advancement of the women of French Guiana. Some of the most notable educational institutions are listed below.

  • University of the French West Indies and Guiana
  • University of French Guiana (Cayenne)

Student programs are offered, which enables students from across the globe to come here and pursue educational qualifications. The exotic wilderness of the place is bound to allure them after some time. The laid back atmosphere and the hospitable people make the place all the more endearing.

On your trip here, you will come across several foreign students. These women are much less cautious than locals. They are not afraid of society and are eager to have some new experiences. You will find that it is interesting to interact with them.

Be charming, tell them riveting stories, and if you have an accent, don't hesitate to use it. Women are immensely attracted by men that have a foreign accent. It is better to meet these women in pubs and bars near the institutions. The security around the educational institutions is much more and could lead you to some serious trouble.


French Guianese women are unlike any women you have ever come across. They are incredibly beautiful but are not arrogant or vain about their looks. Instead, they take care of it. Also, the kind personality of these women makes falling for them much easier. They are ambitious but do not forget family along the way. In fact, family is the most important aspect of their lives.

If you desire to be in a relationship with one of these women, you need to figure which type of relationship that you want. If you want a short-term relationship, then it is comparatively easy for you. These women are not opposed to some wild affairs and are quite interested. You will also find that if you are honest, you have more chances of being with them and make new and exciting memories.

But, if you truly desire a long-term relationship, it might get difficult. First and the foremost obstacle would be to convince her that you are in for the long-haul. This is difficult as they are used to foreigners promising them and then disappearing. Keep in mind that these women might not open up their hearts easily. For that, you must impress her friends and even her family, if it is needed.

Holiday Romance

Just imagine visiting a foreign country and witnessing its magnificence, but wouldn’t it be better if you had someone to give you company for the trip? Mayhap, a perfect holiday romance? While it may seem something that only comes to fruition in movies, the idea is not completely absurd. You can have your own holiday romance if you can convince a local girl to date you. For that, you would have to be charming and much more.

You must be creative when it comes to wooing these women. Arrange for a simple but interesting dates, give her innovative compliments, present her with simple but thoughtful gifts, and, most of all, listen to what she has to say. If you can be respectful while seducing her, you are more likely to have the chance to be with her.

After you have convinced her to be with you, be honest about your intentions. If this is something short-term, then let her know. If you want it to be something long-term, discuss it here. You will find that honesty will get you the best results here.

Tips for Successful Relationship

It takes much more than declarations of love and promises of forever to maintain a relationship. For it to sustain, you and your partner both must work for it. You must put in efforts and solve the issue that might lead to its breakage. You can take a peek at the tips listed below and make sure that nothing stands as an obstacle on the path of your happy relationship.

  • Hear her out. Whenever she presents an opinion or view, make sure that you listen to it. Do not ignore or do anything that makes her feel that her opinion has no value. She must feel valued in the relationship.
  • Respect her family. Family plays a major role in the lives of the French Guianese. When you meet her family, offer the utmost respect. Do not do anything that might jeopardize the relationship. It might get difficult if she has to choose between you and her family. The best way is to never let that situation happen.


Experiencing true love is a feeling that most desire, but only a few truly attain. You must open your heart to other people in order to experience the mesmerizing feeling of love. Even though heartbreaks are evident, the feeling which love gives is worth it. It is no surprise if you have fallen for a gorgeous French Guianese woman. These women are extraordinary and will take care of you immensely. They are family-oriented, and you never have to worry about her loyalty.

While loving them might be easy, convincing them to be with you, might not be. These women are extremely cautious, especially when it comes to entering a relationship with a foreigner. You must ensure and take all possible measures to convince her of your love. Impress her family, if that is what you must do for her to believe in your love. And, after she has given you a chance, do not take her for granted. Make her feel cherished and loved.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Before you make the decision to add the woman you love into your life and family permanently, you must be sure. Now, this is easier said than done. Love often forces us to ignore the flaws of our loved ones. While having flaws is evident, it is vital to ensure that she is with you because of the right reasons. Take a look at the pointers given below and make the decision for yourself.

  • She must be honest. Honesty is what sustains a relationship in the long run. Your partner must be able to trust you with her secrets and past. But, it is your duty to make sure that she feels comfortable enough. Urge her to be honest by being honest yourself.
  • She must not care for wealth. This might seem shallow or even petty, but you must ensure that she is not with your money. Pay close attention to her reactions when it comes to money and then make a decision.
  • Efforts must be made. She must also make some efforts to make you feel special. One-sided efforts are not enough to hold up a relationship for a long time. She must also plan surprises and declare her love for you at times.


Marriage is an important aspect of the lives of the French Guianese. Women here take marriage every seriously and do not believe in divorces. You must be very sure of your decision before you make the grand proposal. Also, it is vital that you take all factors into consideration like one of you moving to a different country and adjusting to a different culture. It is better to think about it thoroughly before making any final decision.

Moreover, you must also ask your girl her opinion about marriage. If she agrees, then only you must make the necessary arrangements. But, if she does not, you must not force her. Give her some time. Keep in mind that it is a commitment to live, and such a decision cannot be taken hastily.

When she agrees, you must go to her family and ask her hand for marriage. It does not matter whether the girl has a modern mindset or not. What is important is to gain the consent of her family. This way, you can be sure that nothing will come in the way of you getting married to her.


If you are getting married to a local girl in French Guiana, you can expect some unique wedding traditions. Or, you can also incorporate some Creole, French and Catholic traditions in your wedding. Make sure that both yours and her traditions are given equal importance.

There are plenty of venues that you can look up for your wedding. You can either choose a lovely island, or you can have the wedding in the wilderness. You can also arrange it in a resort. The most important fact that you must take care of is that your to-be-bride must be utterly happy and content.

Family Life

Family means a lot to the people of French Guiana. The importance of family is ingrained to them from a very young age. As such, they place the value of family very high in their life. They often prioritize family above all. If you have married a French Guianese woman, you can rest be assured that she will take care of you and your family as your own.

She will prioritize it over everything and manage your household efficiently. These women also have great maternal instincts, and as such, are great mothers. So, you do not have to worry about the upbringing of your children. The children are brought up with love and care. But, they are also taught the importance of family and are disciplined when they act out.

They are respectful and exhibit polite behavior in public. French Guiana is a great place for vacation and a paradise for nature lovers. But, if you want to settle down here and start a family, then you must do thorough research. The economy is not too high, and you might find it difficult to adjust to the culture here. Think extensively before you take the massive decision of moving to another country for the rest of your life.



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