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Guide for dating in Eritrea helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Eritrean women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Eritrean girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Eritrea. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Eritrea, Africa.

Girls in Eritrea:

  • Looks of girls: 3 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3/ 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3/ 5

Dating in Eritrea:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity:3 / 5

Sex in Eritrea:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2.5 / 5

More about Eritrea:

  • Nightlife in general: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$250 - $300
  • Accommodation: US$150 - $180


Officially referred to as the State of Eritrea, this is a country in North-east Africa, precisely on the Horn of Africa. Eritrea means red and it got its name from the Red Sea. It is bordered by Sudan to the west, Ethiopia to the south, and some portion of the nation stretching into the Red sea.

The nation has a total surface area of about 121,000 sq. km. and a population of about 5 million people. Eritrea is a country with a rich history and an old civilization dating back to several thousand years ago.

The capital city of Eritrea is known as Asmara, regarded as one of the safest cities in Africa but as an expatriate you should ensure to take precautions and obey the rules set up by the government of the nation. The officially recognized currency in the nation is the Eritrean Nakfa, 1 USD = 15 ERN.

Although there is no official religion in Eritrea, there are two major religions in the nation (Christianity and Islam). Research shows that 63% of the total population are Christians, 36% are Muslims and the 1% belong to other religious groups.

However, the diversity in religion does not pose a threat to you as a resident of the nation. Eritrea was one of the first settlements for Muslims in Africa, this was as a result of the migration of Muslims suffering persecution in Mecca.

The major languages spoken in Eritrea are Tigrinya, Tigre, Kunama, Bilen, Nara, Afar, Beja, and Saho. Other foreign languages used in the nation are Italian, English, and Arabic. If you are interested in dating local girls in the nations, you should ensure to study the basic culture of the people. The girls can be easily attracted to men who are not ignorant of their cultural values and practices.

Dating Culture

In some parts of the nation, especially the cities, there seems to be a communication gap between the parents and their children. The parents are not so open to the children especially on matters that concern dating and other forms of sensual relationship/sex education.

In the nation, public display of affection is quite acceptable and allowed by the people, but you must be cautious about the extent to which you show affection in the public to avoid attracting gossip and side talks from a significant minority who are either Core Muslims or Christians.

Lesbians, transgender, gays, and bisexual acts in the nation are highly prohibited. The punishment for such an act is 3 years imprisonment and they are often stigmatized in society. Cohabitation is quite rare in Eritrea, a national survey shows that just 2.5% of persons between the ages of 15 and 24 engage in premarital cohabitation. Premarital sex is generally frowned at in the societies that make up Eritrea. This is due to the fear of unwanted pregnancy and the risks of contracting STDs.

In Eritrea, dating can be adventurous and exciting, especially when it is between two adults (25+). You can spend quality time with your partner at various clubs, hotels, bars, and restaurants. The concept of online dating is not new to people. Men and women of various age grades from 18 years and above engage in online dating.

According to Eritrean law, 18 years is the acceptable age for marriage. So, you must ensure that the person you intend to get married to is up to the age of 18. The rate of child marriage in the nation is on the high side. According to UNICEF, 13% of women get married at the age of 15, while 41% get married before the age of 20. This act of child marriage however is not recognized by law.

If you are interested in dating a woman from Eritrea, you should be ready to make the first move. Do not have the impression that she would approach you if she is interested in you, she may give some signs, you should be able to know that and make a move. You could be lucky to find a pretty Eritrean woman just for you.

Online Dating

Dating in Eritrea can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Eritrea and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Eritrean women are beautiful, slender, and mostly dark in complexion. They are known for being some of the most attractive women in Africa as a whole. These women engage in various activities as it relates to their generation and age group.

Zuria is a dress worn by the local women of Tigrinya in Eritrea, they are sourced from white zebras. Agriculture is a common means of livelihood in the nation. The women engage fully in agriculture to sustain their husbands and children and also earn a living. They also engage in the milking of goats and cows to raise money for the upkeep of their families.

Their contribution to the economy has led to a rise in local production and income filling the spaces left by the men who were lost in the war.

In Eritrea, marriage is considered a yardstick for success as a woman, especially in rural areas. The younger ones (teenagers) are very conservative when it comes to relationship matters, while the more mature adults are liberal with their relationship life and would not be restricted by religious or cultural factors.

Most of the women who are strong and active enough would be conscripted into the military. The rate of women engaging in Secondary and tertiary education is on the rise, from 25% to 50% within a decade. The rate of female literacy has led to an agitation by some of the popular females in the country to seek equal rights for males and females in the nation.

The women of Eritrea are open to a relationship with foreigners and tourists. They engage in both short term dating and long term relationships that could lead to marriage. But, as a man willing to date a woman in Eritrea, it would be important for you to understand the basic behaviors of the women when it comes to dating.

For instance, an Eritrean woman would likely encroach in your personal space; she may visit unannounced and would want your constant care and attention. The women are also open to short romantic ventures with you as a foreigner due to their desire to explore the nation and engage in international travels. Some of the women especially the young ones suffer from sexual abuse from the male counterparts.

Eritrean Girls (age 18 - 29)

Girls within this age bracket are normally beautiful, sporty, and slender. They try as much as they can to retain their beauty until they are ready for marriage. Unlike women that belong to other age-grades, these girls will be more concerned about engaging in and concluding their education.

This doesn’t stop them from getting married if the opportunity shows up during this age bracket. Some of them would be married as a result of the early marriage practiced in some parts of the nation.

Some of the girls would naturally be conservative and reserved about issues like dating and premarital sex to avoid disappointing their parents and older persons in the nation. However, it is possible to find beautiful girls who are available for a relationship with you at this age. They can be found in higher institutions, clubs, and restaurants.

The age difference is not a barrier to dating or relationship in Eritrea as the girls sometimes go into a relationship with older men who can carter for their needs.

These women are normally open to other activities that can help them meet various men, expatriates, and tourists, daily. This can lead to relationships with those who find them attractive.

Eritrean Women (age 30 - 45)

Women within this age bracket would likely be a bit chubby, compared to the younger women. This set of women would not be found in higher institutions except those who are interested in attaining various degrees, the rest are being conscripted into the military.

The majority of the women within this age bracket will be married, dating or courting as the case may be. They are more open-minded with their relationships and would engage in an open show of affection with their partners.

This set of women can be found in their homes, market places, farming establishments, offices where they work mainly as secretaries. They are often very exposed and open to romantic and sensual talks and relationships. They love to be treated with respect when they are in a relationship; this makes them more loyal and faithful to their partners.

Divorce is not rampant in the nation. Various data have proved that only 13% of Eritrean women are divorced or separated. To be able to date a woman within this age bracket who is probably more matured both emotionally and physically, you could keep her by surprising her regularly with gifts, taking her to beautiful places, and even inviting her over for events.

Eritrean Ladies (age 45+)

These are the older women in the nation. Women within this bracket are normally married, widowed, divorced, or in very rare cases not married at all. They focus on managing their homes and taking care of their children.

Some of the older women would be retired from various organizations and focus on farm work or just spend time at home with their children and grandchildren.

This set of women would have experienced various relationships/marriages. The ones who lose their husbands or divorce often go into relationships with both younger and older men for companionship. While some of them make their relationship very private, they rest engage in an open show of love and affection with their partners. You could find very pretty cougars in the nation who are interested in a sexual relationship with you. Most of them still have a nice physique that would make you attracted to them, you could find it difficult for their real age due to their looks. You should ensure to define your relationship with women of this age bracket.

You have to be clear about your intentions when you approach this set of women either online or physically. If you wish for a short term relationship, you should ensure to know if she is also okay with it. If you are looking to marry a woman of this age bracket, you should first know through conversations if she is still interested in marrying again.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

There are over 2.9 million females in Eritrea with a very little percentage of foreign girls. These girls who migrate into the nation often do that for educational and tourist purposes. But it is very rare to find foreign girls in the nation. Some of these girls can be found in schools, some spend a long time in the cities exploring the beauty of the nation. You can find them in bars, eateries, night clubs, and other outdoor facilities.

It may be a bit difficult to find foreign women who are interested in having a long term relationship. This is as a result of their purpose of visiting the nation, some of them would rather engage in short term flings with you and avoid every form of long term dating or marriage.

However, finding a foreign girl is not ruled off, you could find foreigners who are available to date you. But the main disadvantage of dating a foreign girl is dealing with the distance when you two return to your countries.


In Eritrea, premarital sex and other forms of sensual relationship are often frowned on by the adults of the nation. This, however, does not restrict some of the girls from engaging in premarital activities. You can find local girls who are available for hookup and sex with men who approach them for such purposes. Some of the girls may not go into premarital relationships for personal reasons which are highly influenced by religious restraints.

In some of the cities in Eritrea, you can find ready and available girls who would accept to go into a relationship with you not minding your age difference. Official figures show that there are over 2000 sex workers in the nation. Prostitution is legalized in the nation, but the activities of the sex workers are regulated by law.

As a tourist/expatriates, it is possible to find girls who are interested in the short term as well as long term relationships in the nation. Some of them would agree to date you for the period you have access to them. Proximity often affects relationships; most of the girls are not used to long term relationships and would end the relationship if you both are no longer residing close to each other.

Sex Culture

The parents in Eritrea do not spend enough time discussing with their children on matters that concern sex. Most girls tend to learn about sex and other sensual activities at school and in other social gatherings.

However, some religious fanatics are dedicated to teaching their children about the consequences that may arise from premarital sex. The affected young girls are then dedicated to preserving themselves and avoiding sexual intimacy before marriage.

There are also sex workers in the country. Some of them are locals who need to raise funds to survive. However, being a sex worker may attract negative conversations from some of the people, though the act is permitted by the law.

A greater percentage of married locals are faithful to their marriages and would not engage in extramarital relationships. But a few of the women in a bid to find better treatment from men would engage in extramarital affairs.

Both married women and divorced are often available for one night stands. You can find this set of women in clubs and bars where they go to unwind after a long and stressful day.

One-Night Stands

One night stand refers to sexual relationships that last for just one day. There are lots of women who would be ready to engage in one night stand with you.

In this situation, both parties would not expect any further sexual relationship with each other after one night. If for any reason, you wish to meet the other party again specifically for sex, it would be a different arrangement.

If you must engage in one night stand in Eritrea, you should ensure that there shouldn’t be any form of emotional commitment with your partner. If you are looking to find a lady to engage in one night stand with you in Eritrea then you could be in luck.

You can find girls who are interested in having a one night stand with you in the nation, these ladies can be found in nightclubs and bars during night hours. Some of the local girls may be interested in having a one night stand with you for various reasons. While some would accept because they are sexually attracted to you, the rest would accept as a result of the money they would make having sex with you.

You can also find foreign girls who are interested in having a one night stand with you. This set of girls can easily be found in night clubs and bars where they go to relax from time to time. Ensure to be cautious when dating foreign girls, your activities should be in tandem with the culture of the particular society you reside in.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Due to the significant participation of girls in the military, education, and workforce of Eritrea, it is quite difficult to find girls interested in discussing relationship matters with you during the day.

These girls would be more concerned and focused on their daily activities which include: farming, helping their parents at home, and learning in school. So, to meet these set of girls, you would most likely be their colleague at school or work to be able to see them more often.

However, you can find pretty ladies available for relationships during the day at various outdoor events and tourist attractions. This set of girls would be more interested in regular dates and outings for fun.

Meeting single girls in the nation is easier at night especially, in the cities. After a hectic day at work, most of the girls visit night clubs, pubs, and bars to unwind and relax. You could approach them in these places and engage them in interesting conversations that could lead to long-lasting relationships.

You should be ready to approach these ladies when you come in contact with them, this is because they would intentionally not make any more towards approaching you no matter how interesting and attractive they find you.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Most cities in Eritrea experience a quieter nightlife. Adults who are up to the legally accepted age often spend their nights in these nightclubs to relax and cool off after their daily activities.

You could find lots of local girls willing to dance with you and even get into a serious relationship with you; the same applies to foreign girls in the nation. However, foreigners are quite a few in the night clubs.

When you go clubbing in Eritrea, be sure to have an amazing experience. These bars and nightclubs sell a variety of drinks and food for your satisfaction. You can locate many of the bars and clubs in the Asmara. There are bars and clubs in other cities of the nation but the more standard ones are found in the capital. Some of the popular bars, night clubs, and pubs in Eritrea include:

  • Zilli Bar: The Zilly bar opens 7am every morning. It is located in Asmara, Eritrea. It is a small bar but it is very popular in the capital city. It provides amazing food for its customers and drink that suits your needs.
  • Crispi Bar: This is one of the oldest bars in the nation. It provides nice and tasty food for customers. It is located in Denden Street in Asmara. They also sell a variety of ancient and modern drinks.
  • Zara Bar: The bar is located in the capital city. It provides its customers with a variety of beer. The atmosphere is casual and cozy for the utmost relaxation.

Shopping Malls

Although the country is regarded as one of the poorest in Africa, it is known for its unending steps to economic and financial growth and development. Eritrea has no recognized shopping mall; they rather have small shops and market places.

Some of these market places are big and they sell a variety of products while the rest are small. These malls help to contribute to the economic growth of the nation. The opening and running of shops and market places in the nation are accompanied by the rise in employment in the nation.

This helps to significantly boost the economy of the town where the mall is established. Some of the major things you can buy in the shops are woodcarvings, carpets, drums, leather items, and jewelry (Gold and Silver). Shopping hours are between 8 am to 1 pm and 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm from Monday to Saturday.

  • Shuq: this is the largest market in Asmara, they sell a variety of foodstuffs. There are smaller shops around the market where they have lots of workers who sieve and prepare the grains for the shop owners.
  • Edega Lakha: this market is located behind the central mosque. You can find lots of household equipment and object you require for day to day activities. You can also find musical instruments and paintings in the market.
  • Medeber market: this is a workshop where virtually everything is recycled. Lots of bad goods can be taken to this area to be recycled and used to create other things.


Are you searching for a beautiful girl to date in Eritrea? Do you have a partner with whom you wish to visit some amazing outdoor sites? Then Eritrea is the right place for you. In some of these outdoor sites, you can find very beautiful girls who are available for a long term relationship with you.

Some of the popular tourist attractions centers in the nation include:

  • Senafe: The Senafe is inhabited by the Tigrinya and Saho people. It is made up of ruined and deserted landmass. You could climb the top of the rocks if you feel adventurous and satisfy your eyes with a beautiful view.
  • Dahlak Marine National Park: The park is surrounded by water. You can find some wildlife aquatic animals such as turtles, dolphins, and many other species of fish.

If you are a diver, this is one of the best destination for you in Eritrea. There is an ancient myth that you can find a unique marine mammal in the park, they are believed to be the origin of mermaids.

  • Qohaito:This is a very popular archeological site in Eritrea. It is located between Eritrea and Senafe. On this tourist site, you will find the ruins of the Safra’s Dam and King Saba’s palace. The site was discovered way back in the 19th century. It is a lovely site to visit with your partner.
  • The Opera House: It is seen as one of the oldest buildings in Asmara. Tourists are freely allowed to go round the house to behold its beautiful ancient atmosphere.

Universities and Colleges

A total of 65.6% of the females pass through secondary and tertiary institutions. There are a total of 7 accredited colleges in Eritrea.

These tertiary institutions can be found in different parts of the nation. As a man seeking a relationship with girls in these colleges, you should be ready to visit the bars and eateries close to the college.

Most of them are open to various kinds of relationships with you. Some of them are liberal about matters that concern their sexual life. So, feel free to approach these ladies when you come in contact with them. With a little compliment, wearing an attractive smile, you may be able to get the best college girl for you.

Some of the popular tertiary institutions in the nation include:

  • Eritrea Institute of Technology: Ranked number one among all tertiary institutions in the state, the institution offers a bachelor’s degree in science and technology.
  • Asmara College of Health: located in the city of Asmara is a non-profit public tertiary institution that focuses on health-related courses. They offer a bachelor’s degree in Health sciences.
  • Halhale College of Business and Economics: This is also a non-profit higher institution. Halhale College of Business and Economics is located in Anseba. The institution is registered and accredited by the appropriate educational bodies. They offer a bachelor’s degree in business studies and other related courses.
  • Orota School of Medicine and Dental Medicine: The institution is located in Asmara. They offer medical-related courses specifically Dentistry.
  • Hamelmalo College of Agriculture: Located in Anseba, the college offers bachelor’s degree to students who successfully go through the institution and are worthy of their results and certificate.
  • Massawa College of Marine Science and Technology: The College is located in the large town of Massawa. They offer a bachelor’s degree to graduate of the institution. It is also a non-profit higher institution.


Relationship in Eritrea is often marked with a high level of companionship and trust. For you to have a long term relationship in the nation you must ensure you are honest and faithful to your partner.

You can meet a lot of local girls/women interested in dating and relationships, especially in the cities. Most of them go into these relationships for companionship and others do to have a source of protection and aid from the men. Their relationships are defined and often last longer due to the commitment of both persons.

There is a saying Eritrea that “it is better to have a bad marriage than to divorce”. This implies that most of the ladies would rather stay in long term relationships, even if it is toxic than pathways with their partners.

It is quite rare to find foreign girls interested in having a relationship with you in Eritrea, but it occurs from time to time. Hence, it is possible you find a foreign lady to engage in a long term relationship.

Holiday Romance

Holiday romance occurs in most parts of the nation. Practiced by tourists/expatriates in the nation, it involves having an affair with a woman for the period you visit. It could be a sensual relationship between two partners for a brief period. The best areas for Holiday romance are the cities that make up the nation; the rural areas are often not lively enough for such activities.

The concept is a bit strange to the people residing in rural areas. However, those who reside in the cities, enjoy holiday romance with foreigners/tourists. You can find available girls to make your holiday just perfect for you, by meeting your sexual needs. Few foreign women will also be interested in having a holiday romance with you.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Every relationship needs an investment of time, energy, and resources to make it work. Some out of fear of failure do not invest in their relationships. This type of mindset would certainly not make the relationship work.

If you approach her, woo her and she accepts, you should apply the following tips to keep her. You should bear in mind that your own contributions, even as the man is necessary as it takes two to tango.

  • Be family orientated: The majority of the women from the nation would rather date family-oriented men. Family is first to them, so you need to be family-orientated to date them. Respect her family and draw close to them.
  • Respect her culture: Show interest in her culture. The women of the nation are so big on their cultural norms and values. So, if you are actively interested in their culture you could get her to stick longer with you.
  • Try not to be too controlling: The ladies in Eretria are not completely controlled while at home with their parents. So, they are not too prone to being restricted by people. You should be careful to give her the right freedom in the relationship.


Love is not a vague term in the nation. When two adults are in a relationship, it is clear to see them publicly showing love and affection in various areas within the nation.

You could fall in love with both the local and foreign girls in the nation; this all depends on the kind of conversation you both engage in and your readiness to get intimate with your partner.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

It may be a bit difficult to know if she is the one for you and if she has the feeling she professes. Despite the challenges experienced in confirming, this is an important step that cannot be bypassed, especially if you intend to spend the rest of your life with this lady. Marrying the wrong person can be a cause of severe nightmare for anyone and should be avoided. Below are some tips to know if the girls you intend to date is the one for you.

  • She will discuss long term goals with you: Most women in the nation are concerned about getting married and having a family of their own. So, when a girl has feelings for you, she would not mind discussing various matters that relate to your future together.
  • She will agree to go on dates with you: To avoid being regarded as unfaithful, the women would rather go on repeated dates with one man who they care about rather than various other men who have interests in them.
  • She would invite you to see her parents: This is a very bold step and a sign to prove that she is interested in you and would be ready to go deep into a relationship with you and probably get married to you.


In Eritrea, there are two recognized types of marriages: the religious and customary marriage. The customary marriage involves every member of society and is often marked by a very big ceremony. Religious marriages are determined by the religion of the woman. Civil marriages are rarely conducted in the nation. For the Christians, they conduct their marriages in the church, while customary marriages are conducted in the local areas. You have the option of having both ceremonies or just one. However, civil marriage makes it official in the eye of the law.


Holding a wedding ceremony in Eritrea is an amazing experience. There are a couple of experienced and professional wedding planners in the nation who can add a breathtaking touch to your wedding and make it an unforgettable occasion. In Eritrea, you would invest a lot of money into the wedding ceremony. Some great venues for a Christian wedding ceremony in the nation are:

  • The Eritrean Orthodox Tawahedo Church: The church is located in the capital city “Asmara”. The church is wide enough and can contain a large number of persons for your wedding ceremony. It has a very beautiful internal and external setting to thrill your guests.
  • Eritrean Catholic Church: Also located in the capital city, the church is beautiful and big enough for your guests and to make your wedding atmosphere lovely and cozy.

The Muslims in the nation can marry at various areas agreed by both parties and this would be subject to the religious Islamic views of the persons involved.

Family Life

The act of one man marrying two wives is now prohibited in the nation. So, if a man is interested in having another wife, he must be ready to divorce his current wife. While the man provides the basic financial needs of the people, the woman focuses on providing food, managing her home, and farming to make earns meet.

There are two seaports and harbors in Eritrea, they are known as the Massawa harbor and the Asseb harbor. The nation focuses on orienting and training health workers to ensure that persons who require check-up can be properly attended to. The quality of education in the nations is a bit poor and this has resulted in the local people moving out of the country for academic reasons.

There are lots of clubs and bars to take your partner in the nation. These bars are open to persons who are eligible to gain access. Eritrea is a safe and secured nation especially for tourists; it is regarded as one of the safest among other nations in Africa.



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