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Guide for dating in Edmonton helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Canadian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Canadian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Edmonton. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Hot girls of Edmonton at the Prive lounge

Girls in Edmonton:

  • Looks of girls: 4.8 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.2 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 5 / 5

Dating in Edmonton:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.9 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.8 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Edmonton:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.75 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.65 / 5

More about Edmonton:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.8 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$120 - $700
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $600


Edmonton is the fifth-largest municipality in Canada and it's the second-largest city in Alberta. As of 2016, over 900,000 people were recorded to be living in this city and this actually evinces the great number of single girls available to mingle with in Edmonton. Guys who want to date single local girls in Edmonton definitely have a lot to rejoice over because foremost, Edmonton local girls know how to have fun, secondly, they're strong and hardworking, and to cap it all, they're very good-looking. However, guys who want to date local girls in Edmonton do clearly have a couple of needful things to know about the local girls in Edmonton and this is quite pertinent and germane to the growth and success of being in a relationship with a local girl in Edmonton.

If you want to enjoy dating local girls in Edmonton, it might be quite important that you let go of all your irregularities, and the fact that Edmonton girls do know how to embrace diversity is a plus, but you'll also have to keep an open mindset. The local girls in this city can be very friendly and you should actually have no problem in getting hooked up with a local girl in this city because they're often easy to approach and they demonstrate a willingness to try out new things; which include getting to date interesting guys and looking at it, dating a local girl in Edmonton can be quite pleasing and you do have a lot of reasons why you should consider dating a girl from Edmonton.

Edmonton girls do have a lot of charms that make them attractive and one of the interesting things about them is that they know how to make the most of their surroundings irrespective of the kind of environment they find themselves for they're both a city and town girl at heart. Edmonton girls love road trips and if you're interested in dating a local girl in Edmonton, this is one of the relevant things you must put into cognizance because the local girls in this city are always down for road trips. Dating a local girl in Edmonton can usher in an exciting adventure for you, especially if you're the type who loves food a lot. Edmonton girls are versed with all the foodie spots in the city and with spots like BRU Coffee + Beerhouse, LEVA, El Cortez, Malt & Mortar, Corso 32, MEAT, The Common, and Baijiu, your taste buds will never stop thanking you for your decision to date a local girl in Edmonton.

Edmonton girls are very pretty and stunning when you see them in a Canadian tuxedo or in flannel, especially one that is from Aritzia. More so, Edmonton girls are proud of where they're from. While they do embrace their city's culture and the country's culture in general, they're also open to embracing other cultures, and this is why your cultural background cannot be what will impede you from dating Edmonton girls but rather be a spice. Edmonton girls are used to the snow and even though it tends to snow from March to around May, you and your Edmonton lover cannot be stopped from your date plans by the snow.

Edmonton girls know how to party and this is one of their exciting features. Edmonton girls are all about the good vibes and it's a pure vibe you'll get when you're hanging with them whether on a Friday night at The Bower or Hip-Hop Karaoke at 9910. Just as the girls know how to party, they also know how to work hard a lot. Even though they know how to splurge too, they don't play when it comes to stacking up their dough, and they work their 9-5, and then their 5-9 judiciously. High-maintenance is out of the question when you're dating local girls in Edmonton because the girls in this city have a laid-back vibe that authenticates their low maintenance. Another thing you should know about Edmonton local girls is that most of them love hockey and going to watch Oilers game is something you should look forward to when you're dating some of them.

A large number of the local girls in Edmonton love drinking beer and if you're someone who enjoys beer, you'll be good together. Beyond their love for beer, Edmonton girls love the outdoors. It doesn't matter if it's snowy or sunny, Edmonton local girls love spending a lot of time outdoors irrespective of what it looks like outside and if you want to date a girl from Edmonton, you'd better be ready to spend a lot of time outside too. The local girls in Edmonton live a healthy lifestyle for if they're not taking up the stairs by the Glenora Club or running in the River Valley, they're probably at the gym or doing yoga. Owing to the fitness lifestyle of the local girls, they look very beautiful without makeup and with makeup, their beauty still remains impeccable.

Dating Culture

Just like most modern cities around the world, casual dating is quite common in Edmonton. The local girls in this city are quite open to new and interesting things and because of their friendly attitude and propensity of embracing other cultures, they tend to vibe to whatever comes with the hope of enjoying whatever each moment brings. Edmonton is a fun city and you'll definitely have a fun time dating in this city because the city's dating culture is not stringent or conservative as it may be in other parts of the world. Online dating is also very common in Edmonton. In this beautiful city where a couple of things are fast-paced, a lot of people here are goal-driven, and they're pretty much occupied with their own lives, vices, passions, jobs, and interests - corroborating the high relevance of online dating sites in meeting other singles.

Online Dating

Dating in Edmonton can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Edmonton and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Dating a woman from Edmonton can be a wonderful experience and just like most other women you'll meet in Alberta, Edmonton women have a few relatable traits you'll find charming and peculiar. Edmonton women, without doubts, are some of the finest Canadian women you'll find around and they do how to work hard and play hard as well. Dating a local woman in Edmonton can be quite interesting and this is because the women are fun people to be with, and you'll probably never have a boring time when you're dating an Edmonton woman.

Edmonton women may not have all the perfect recipes you may consider to be essential for a perfect lover but with their beautiful imperfections, you'll find a lot of interesting things that make dating them really worthwhile, and guys who want to date local women in Edmonton do have a couple of things to know about the local women in Edmonton, and this will as well go a long way in highlighting some of the things you should expect while in a romantic relationship with a local woman in Edmonton.

Edmonton women are a set of people to be with and if you're in a romantic relationship with a lady from Edmonton, you should ready yourself for frequent "weekend getaways." And, these lovely trips are basically a trip to the mountains, of which you stand to enjoy a fun time being out, and spots like Jasper, Lake Louise, and Banff are usually the top picks. Just as you ready yourself to go on frequent "weekend getaways," you should also prepare yourself for snowboarding season when you're dating a local woman in Edmonton.

However, there's a high chance of slumping into a long-distance relationship if you desire to date a local woman in Edmonton, and this could probably happen if the person you meet works in the oilfield but then, Skype and FaceTime will be there for you two to convey your love often, and it could actually be lovely if you don't mind doing that. But, dating a woman in Edmonton who's working in the oilfield also has its pros and cons for you might have to brace up yourself for either low maintenance or high maintenance - it all depends on the budget anyways.

As you plan to date someone from Edmonton, it's important for you to know that you're likely to meet and date women who are sports lovers in this city. As it is, the consequence of undervaluing this is that you'll have to pick your battles wisely because there's a heated rivalry between the teams here and your choice of team can affect your chance of being with an Edmonton lady. And, if you two are rooting for the same team, it's just a matter of time before you start wearing the same jerseys to go watch a game together.

The local women in Edmonton love having fun and there's a high probability that one of your date nights will include hitting up one of the finest hotels in town where you can take bubble bath photos in the tub and have a good fun together. A large number of the local women in Edmonton love dancing and if you're up for some dancing, you shouldn't find it weird to bust off some steps with your Edmonton lover. Edmonton women love food a lot and you will get to experience a wonderful dining experience if you're dating an Edmonton woman. With plenty of restaurants in the city, going on romantic dinners is something that can probably occur often, and you stand to enjoy the city's beautiful steak.

Just as the local women in Edmonton love food, they also love drinking a lot. In fact, you may look forward to drinking wheat ale with your Edmonton lover on a patio. Most of the women in Edmonton value family a lot and there's that tendency that you may get to see the family of your Edmonton lover sooner than you expected. And when you see them, you might get to take a trip with them to one nice, cozy spot where you can hang out. Dating a woman from Edmonton can actually be a thrilling and exciting adventure looking at the personable personality of the women in the city and their fun-loving character that makes them interesting people to vibe with.

Canadian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Having understood most of the things you should know about the local girls in Edmonton, there are four common stereotypes of these girls you're likely to find around the city. The first is the show stopper. You'll find it quite easy to identify her because she loves letting her hair flow naturally without the need for wind, and her strappy heels, and comfortable tight dress cannot stop her from being the real boss she is. The second is the turn-up queen. You'll find her at the bar where she has a drink in her hand, shaking her booty, and owning her spot on the dance floor. This girl is quite young but if you want to date her, just know that you can't tame her.

The third is the selfie queen. Date this girl if you know you can cope with her incessant selfies and if you won't be pissed seeing her walking to the wall mirror for a photo shoot every time after adjusting her outfit, applying another layer of lipstick, and fixing her hair, you'll probably travel far in your relationship. The fourth is the super chill girl. This girl is always down for meeting new people and having intellectual conversations and you might possibly struggle with being insecure if you date her because she's fond of making new friends where there are beer bottles and chill music, especially at bars like Billiards and Black Dog Freehouse.

Canadian Women (age 30 - 45)

There are three common stereotypes of these women you're likely to meet in Edmonton, especially at some of the bars in the city. The first is the sideliner. You'll probably meet her at a cozy bar where she's catching up on missed Snapchat stories and scrolling through her Instagram as she sits in the corner drinking water or Red Bull. She was probably dragged by her girlfriends to go out and she's quite approachable and would be glad if you keep her company. The second is the rookie. She's actually not a regular lady who loves drinking and dating her could actually be fun because she does make up for all of that with other fun activities that interest her. The third is the wing woman. She came around to the bar just to help her friend who's going through a tough break up to let loose of all steam and chill out.

Canadian Ladies (age 45+)

Dating cougars and older ladies in Edmonton can be quite interesting and one of the things you'll find exciting about these Edmonton older ladies is their sweet behavior. Guys who want to approach these Edmonton mature ladies must be very good-looking and smart because most of the older ladies in Edmonton are more attracted to cute guys who are smart and due to their outdoorsy behavior, you'll always find them outside where they're either shopping or whiling away some quality time over some chilled bottles.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Edmonton is famous for many things. To start with, it hosts the largest living history museum in Canada, it's home to the world's largest mall from 1981 until 2004; West Edmonton Mall, which is also the largest mall in North America, and its nickname as "Canada's Festival City" is reflected in the year-round slate of festivals it hosts. Edmonton is a cultural, governmental, and educational center, and all its wonderful beauties and attractions of different kinds draw in people from different parts of the world. With the growing increase of foreigners visiting the city on an annual basis, there's a large diversity of foreign girls you'll come across in Edmonton, and these girls do have their respective values and priorities which determine the kind of guy they would love to hook up with and the kind of attitude they show when in a romantic relationship with someone.


Finding hookup and getting laid in Edmonton can be quite challenging, especially if you do not have good social skills, and do not demonstrate a willingness to go out and meet new people. However, getting laid with Canadian girls in Edmonton is actually not a nerve-wracking task because the basic things it necessitates is for you to go out to meet new people, socialize, and mingle. While you can check out some spots during the day to meet beautiful Edmonton girls, you can also patronize some of the city's bars that receive huge traffic when it's dark if you're looking for who to have sex with in Edmonton because most of the bars in the city offer opportunities to get casual sex and flings in Edmonton. You can also use online dating sites to get laid in Edmonton since there are lots of horny single Edmonton girls available online.

Sex Culture

As a city that's multicultural, you'll find a lot of women in this city who are pretty liberal and more open when it comes to sex.

One-Night Stands

Getting a one-night stand in Edmonton is pretty easy for sociable guys who know how to game at bars or use online dating sites to their advantage.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Edmonton is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta and it's North America's northernmost metropolitan area. Boasting a population of over 900,000 residents, it's the fifth-largest municipality in Canada and the second-largest city in Alberta. Edmonton is a beautiful big city with a lot of potentials, and it offers a lot of opportunities and possibilities for people to mingle and socialize.

Meeting single girls in Edmonton is not pretty difficult because of the plenty of venues in the city that offer an atmosphere that is good for mingling and socializing. Edmonton has an active social scene and Edmontonians are renowned for their warm and cordial spirit. It's almost impossible to remain single in this city for long except if you don't want to go out, and if you're ready to explore, there are a whole lot of places you can check out to meet and hook up with single girls in Edmonton.

The Whyte Avenue singles nightlife area is one of the best places to meet single girls in Edmonton. If you're planning your visit to Edmonton and you want to hook up with some of the hottest girls in Edmonton, this area is a good place to be because of its eclectic night traffic. As it's a quality place to pick up single Edmonton girls at nighttime, it has many bars and clubs nearby, and it's centrally located.

Jasper Avenue is another option to consider for guys who plan to do a lot of partying but do not want to consider the Whyte Avenue area, and it also offers the possibility to get a one-night stand with Edmonton girls who love to party.

If you're visiting the city during the summer, you'll definitely have a great time meeting and hooking up with single Edmonton girls because you'll find a lot of festivals going on. On the particular Fringe Fest which holds in August, you'll find a lot of pretty single girls in Edmonton looking for who to get laid with and if it's convenient for you, you may plan your trip around these festivals.

If it interests you to meet college girls in Edmonton, the University of Alberta and its surrounding areas offer you the opportunities to connect with young, pretty girls. You can just check out the cafes or parks close to the school and approach any of the girls you find around.

One cannot talk about the best places to meet single girls in Edmonton without including West Edmonton Mall. This mall provides everyone with a wide range of activities and as a result, a lot of people troop here not just to shop but to have a great time. Regarded to be the largest shopping mall in North America, you can come here and head to the Rec Room for amazing amusement activities, enjoy hockey and thrilling non-ice events, skate, stroll around the Mayfield Toyota Ice Palace, and get to meet a lot of single ladies in the process.

If you feel you cannot cope with the crowd at West Edmonton Mall, you can check out Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market where you can get to meet single Edmonton women that are fit and health-conscious. You'll find an influx of beautiful ladies here on Saturday checking the impressive assortment of locally-grown specialty foods of this market that is situated five minutes away from The Hexagon.

Gyms are also great places where you can meet single women in Edmonton and a very nice one you can check out is

  • SVPT Fitness & Athletics. Here, you'll get to meet both younger and mature women in Edmonton and there's an abundance of innovative and top-of-the-line training equipment you'll find at this gym. You can as well enjoy a fit lifestyle whether you're a beginner or a professional athlete for there are talented personal trainers at your disposal here.

Other places you can check out to meet single girls in Edmonton are;

  • Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA)
  • The Muttart Conservatory
  • Rundle Park
  • TELUS World of Science
  • Aviation Museum
  • Kingsway Mall
  • Southgate Centre
  • Royal Alberta Museum
  • William Hawrelak Park
  • Jackie Parker
  • South Edmonton Common
  • Fort Edmonton Park
Art Gallery of Alberta

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The nightlife in Edmonton is quite attractive, exhilarating, and electrifying and the city is astonishingly furnished with some of the most exciting after dark locations you can hit up for a thrilling night out experience.

  • The Black Dog Freehouse: Drinkers take advantage of the rooftop patio during the summer months when it's very popular, and the traditional ‘dive bar’ reputation of this venue blending with its offered variety of drinks specials make it attract a wide range of people. This down-to-earth pub also offers live music, movie screenings in its cozy basement area, and a range of DJ events.
  • Woodwork: Notably one of the best bars in the whole of Edmonton, this bar has an impressive offering of gins and whiskeys, and it does have a particular penchant for barrel-aged spirits. As the evening goes on, there are some great drinks served here, and there's a tasty food menu. Feel free to ask the servers for their personal recommendations because the cocktail menu here is inventive and changes periodically.
  • The Pint: Sports fans who seek a place where they can catch the big game do find this bar to be a go-to spot. This busy pub has two locations in the city, and to groove to a mixture of top 40 hits and ’90s classics, you can hit the dancefloor or grab a drink at its compact outdoor patio. Served in a glass boot, make sure you check out its signature caesers.
  • Blues on Whyte: Every weekend here is fun because you'll find people who come here to relax with a drink and there are music lovers around to vibe with. Reputed to be one of the major venues for live blues, jazz, and soul music in Edmonton, there are different acts playing every night at this venue that's tucked away in the Commercial Hotel.
  • Craft Beer Market: Renowned to be an easy spot to grab a bite to eat or enjoy an after-work drink, this spot is a great place to pick up women in Edmonton. This popular casual restaurant and bar in Edmonton officially carries the largest selection of draft beer in the whole of the country as it boasts a collection of over 1000 microbrews. Beer lovers love the atmosphere here and you would too.
  • The Common: This bar has a great reputation for music and it's a quality place for drinks and dancing. The crowd here is often eclectic and this great late-night spot is also open for both lunch and dinner. Specializing in delicious cocktails, this gastro-lounge is one of the more upmarket bars in Edmonton and it does guarantee a good time with its fun and lively atmosphere.
  • Druid: During the week, there's a variety of bingo and comedy events hosted here and there's a very versatile space here "encouraged" by the spacious interior. This bar is clearly your best bet if you crave to have a classic Irish Pub experience as it offers a decent range of standard bar snacks to munch on and drinks specials that are of impressively good value.
  • Knoxville’s: Having a fun night out here is clearly guaranteed and it's not debatable. However, it's advised to avoid coming here if you are up for a more mature crowd but you'll definitely love it here if you're a fan of a rowdy night of country music. There are classic hits that can propel you to bust off some moves and you can as well grab a drink at the bar.
  • Privé Ultralounge: This is one of the hottest nightclubs in the city, it showcases a mosaic of world-class entertainment, and it provides all facets of exclusive exemplary service. Offering its patrons a new vibe to catch every weekend, it has a variety of entertainment. And with its bottle service and high-energy dance floor, it draws a glammed-up crowd. This trendy nightspot also has beautiful costumed dance entertainment, provides more video and electronic technology per square footage, and it's one of the most exquisite venues in downtown.
  • Mercer Tavern: This bar attracts a slightly more professional clientèle and thus, it's a great place to socialize, mingle, and pick up single professional women in Edmonton. It's a rustic bar that is set in the historic part of Edmonton's Warehouse District and it's renowned for it's accommodating, quick, and friendly staff that are capable of attending to larger groups.
Party at the Common Club in Edmonton

Shopping Malls

Looking for the best mall to shop in Edmonton? Why not check out West Edmonton Mall which is one of the world's largest malls and the biggest in North America? or perhaps, oblige to shopping at the first mall in Canada; Westmount Centre, which is also situated right in this city. Shopping can actually be an ideal pastime in Edmonton and in a nutshell, here are some of the city's finest malls and shopping centers;

  • The City Market
  • Kingsway Mall
  • Old Strathcona
  • West Edmonton Mall
  • Jasper Avenue
  • 124 Street
  • High Street
  • Whyte Avenue
  • South Edmonton Common
  • Westmount Centre
West Edmonton Mall


Edmonton is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise as there are lots of places to visit and lots of things to do:

  • Alberta Legislature Building
  • Muttart Conservatory
  • Fort Edmonton Park
  • Art Gallery of Alberta
  • Royal Alberta Museum
  • TELUS World of Science
  • High Level Bridge Streetcar
  • Winspear Centre
  • William Hawrelak Park
  • The University of Alberta Devonian Botanic Garden
  • Mill Ravine Creek Park
  • Elk Island National Park
  • Galaxyland
  • Alberta Railway Museum (ARM)
  • World Waterpark
Muttart Conservatory

Universities and Colleges

Some of the higher institutions of learning in Edmonton are:

  • Concordia University of Edmonton
  • MacEwan University
  • King's University
  • NorQuest College
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
  • University of Alberta (U of A)
  • Campbell College
  • Newman Theological College


The local girls in Edmonton do have a couple of nice traits that make going into a relationship with them quite pleasing and enjoyable. Although everyone has their respective personality, one can still deduce that most of them are lovely and personable.

Holiday Romance

Edmonton is quite multicultural and when it comes to finding a holiday romance in this city, the probability is quite high.

Tips for Successful Relationship

No relationship is totally perfect and when it comes to building a successful relationship in this city, the basic general tips for sustaining a healthy relationship such as honesty, respect, value, expressions, and forgiveness do have a great role to play.


Edmonton brings up some good reasons to keep visiting over and over again and when it comes to finding love in this city, you definitely have a great chance at that.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Knowing if she's the one can be quite tricky but nevertheless, her attitude towards the progress of the relationship, her demeanor, and a couple of other related conspicuous shreds of evidence will really come handy in helping you to ascertain if she's the one.


Eligible couples interested in tying the knot in Edmonton are to apply for a marriage license in the city, submit necessary documents as requested, and go to a registry agent office.


Edmonton is a compelling city of old and new; its outdoor activities, natural beauty, and thriving cultural scene vote it as one of the most stunning cities in Canada and with wedding venues like Fort Edmonton Park – Blatchford Hangar, The Oasis Centre, and Studio 96 in the city, couples do have options of nice wedding venues to select from.

Family Life

Dotted with several beautifully maintained parks and public spaces, Edmonton offers a great combo of amenities of a bustling city with its quiet suburban life and it's indeed a fantastic place to raise a family plus it's quite safe.

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