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Guide for dating in Dar es Salaam helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Tanzanian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Tanzanian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Dar es Salaam. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

A group of hot girls at the Samaki Samaki club in Dar Es Salaam

Girls in Dar es Salaam:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Dar es Salaam:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Dar es Salaam:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Dar es Salaam:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $740
  • Accommodation: US$60 - $540


Foreign people go in and out of Dar es Salaam every year. They might be tourists, researchers, sportsmen, international students, and so on. Due to the high population of foreigners, there’s cultural diversity in the city. You can even date and get laid with a Tanzanian girl in Dar es Salaam. It all depends on you and how far you are willing to go. If you and your Tanzanian girl are so compatible, your relationship can even end up in marriage. Tanzanian women can be so confusing at first. A lot of them are shy, so they might not respond to you well on your first date. As you make them comfortable around you with subsequent dates, you will see how wild and playful they are. As you go further, you will learn all you need to know about Tanzanian girls in Dar es Salaam.

Dating Culture

Before dating any girl in Dar es Salaam, you’ve to make up your mind that you’re not going to cheat on her. Loyalty is much valued in the whole of Tanzanian, and their citizens hate people who cheat in relationships. There is also a need to know why you want to date a girl. If you’re able to find out, it will help you determine your approach. People go into relationships, mainly because of two reasons. It can either be lust or love.

You have to know Tanzanian women also have preferences, and both of you have to be on the same terms in your relationship. If you’re just looking for sex, some Tanzanian girls can offer you without starting a relationship. As Tanzanian girls are so open to new things, some of them like lying with Foreign men.

The important thing is that lust shouldn’t push you into starting a relationship with a woman looking for love. In Tanzania dating culture, age also determines a lot. Their women don’t like relationships with people who are too older or younger than them. They prefer dating men of the same age bracket.

Online Dating

Dating in Dar es Salaam can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Dar es Salaam and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Women in Dar es Salaam are so cute and lovely. You will be attracted to a lot of them quickly. Culture and religion are a huge part of Tanzanian women's lives. They try to include their religious beliefs in everything they do. As the world is advancing every day, Tanzanian women are not left behind. Since a lot of them are educated, they try to keep up on the latest updates on the developing world. Family is also an important part of them.

They cherish their family and retain strong bonds with their siblings later on in life. Women in Dar es Salaam take good care of themselves very well. They maintain good personal hygiene and also teach their younger ones how to do that as well. That is why their old women still appear young and very neat. When it also comes to fashion, they are not left behind. Unlike women who spend to keep up on the latest fashion trends, they are more about styles. They focus more on having sets of stylish clothes that fits each one of them.

Tanzanian Girls (age 18 - 29)

These are the most beautiful out of all the age brackets. As girls within the age brackets are still very young, they are bold and open to new things. Tanzanian girls within the age are either in school or pursuing a career elsewhere. Unlike in the past, almost all of them are educated now. Tanzanian parents in Dar es Salaam sponsor their children’s education till they graduate from higher institutions.

Even with the way they are busy in school, they still find time to have fun. They go to nightclubs or other places to chill on weekends. Tanzanian girls are so curious, and they like meeting foreigners. If you play your cards right, you will even lie with some of them. They are so open about sex. If you lay with a Tanzanian girl, you’re going to enjoy it. They’ve so much energy and can last for many rounds.

You will lie with a few of them who are your friends. However, if you want to get laid anytime you like, you’re going to need a Tanzanian girlfriend. You’ve to be smart and hilarious to get any one of them. Since they are very young, they have a lot of guys asking them out daily. So if you don’t take your girl seriously, you might just lose your relationship in no time.

Tanzanian Women (age 30 - 45)

Tanzanian women within the age of 30 – 45 are likely to be married. Others who are not yet married are considered to be late for marriage. There are also cases where women can be alone because of divorce or the death of their husbands. As stated earlier, they are very neat and have good hygiene. So you might not easily identify an older woman in the city.

If you go into a relationship with Tanzanian women, you won’t be stressed financially. That is because women around that age are financially stable and have good sources of income. Leadership positions are only given to married women in the city. They believe that only responsible women can build and sustain lovely homes. Just know anyhow you find Tanzanian women is how they truly are. They prefer their natural look to anything else. So they don’t fancy the use of cosmetics or other beauty enhancing products. Some of them still have a high sex urge, while others don’t.

Tanzanian Ladies (age 45+)

If you’re looking for a Tanzanian woman to date, it is not advisable to date women of this age. The single ones have been through a lot. It might be a divorce or any other thing. Just be sure of the fact that they’ve children already. As they are natives and will still likely have that old mentality, you won’t find it easy as a tourist.

They don’t believe foreigners, and they try to avoid starting relationships with them. Unlike the young ones, they are very conservative about sex. Tanzanian women don’t partake in discussions about sex. There is a popular belief that everything about sex should be done on the bed.

However, you will still find a lot of them searching for sex partners. In that kind of relationship, no feelings must be attached. Tanzanian women who have a high sex urge still engage in such, and they don’t mind having sex with foreigners. Some Tanzanian women in Dar es Salaam even seek sex partners outside of their relationship. For instance, a woman might decide to search for another sex partner if her husband isn’t interested in sleeping with her anymore.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Foreign people visit Dar es Salaam every time of the year. As there are a lot of tourist attractions, tourists go there to explore and learn new things about Tanzanian culture. Recently, the Tanzanian government organized scholarships for international students to study in Dar es Salaam and other cities in the country. All you just have to do is to take their exam and pass it. The move has attracted international students to Dar es Salaam.

During sports competitions, foreigners also go to Dar es Salaam to participate or to support their teams. Scientists in different fields of research also go to Dar es Salaam for research purposes. It might be because of some equipment they don’t have. It might also be because they want to carry out the research together.

Rich people tour the world when they are on vacation. They do that to enjoy themselves well before returning to their work and normal lives. Some of them choose to enjoy their vacation in the city. To meet foreign girls in the city, you’ve to know where they visit frequently. As you go further, you will be more enlightened about where to get them.


Tanzanian women have different views of sex. The young ones don’t mind having many sex partners. Young Tanzanian girls are very curious, and they are eager to be experienced. Old Tanzanian women don’t see sex that way. They only lay with you if you’re in a committed relationship.

Tanzanian parents do everything to make sure their daughters are not exposed to sex at an early age. The reason is that people who have had sex find it difficult to avoid later on. Even if they are not in relationships, they go elsewhere to get laid. Mature Tanzanian girls are so good on bed. If you want to lie with any one of them, you’ve to win her. Unlike the young ones, they value sex a lot. So they only give it to people they love.

If you’re not in a committed relationship with one, you might find it difficult to get laid. You’ve to take things slow and be patient. They don’t trust foreigners easily, so you’re going to wait for a while. By the time your Tanzanian girl trusts you completely, just know she is going to give you mind-blowing sex.

Sex Culture

Since Tanzanian girls are attracted to foreigners, they don’t mind sleeping with them. Some of them even lay with foreigners than with natives. So if you don’t know much about the city, just know you won’t return the same way. You just have to be smart and know how to take chances. Even as different Tanzanian girls reject your advances, some will accept it joyfully.

It is left to you to figure out the kind of girls that like you. You also need to know where to get them. If you’re still finding it difficult to get a girl, you can decide to use dating applications. The most popular is Tinder. On Tinder, you can be matched with cute Tanzanian girls that match your profile. You can start your conversation on the application. As you know each other better, you should decide to see in person.

Some laws guide sexual activities in Dar es Salaam and the whole of Tanzania. Sleeping with underage girls is not allowed. No one is expected to take advantage of the innocence of young Tanzania girls. Rape is also a serious offense in the city. They ensure all rapists face the wrath of the law.

One-Night Stands

If you’re not going to stay long in Dar es Salaam, then one-night stand is the best choice for you. To get a one-night stand, you’ve to know the right places to visit. It is wrong to request a one-night stand from a random Tanzanian girl. She might even become angry and report it as sexual harassment. Tanzanian girls who offer one-night stands are mostly found in clubs and other nightlife places.

When you see one, get her a drink and start a conversation. Remember that she’s also like all other ladies, so you need to treat her well. You can proceed to seduce her with your words and play your cards right till you get her on bed. When both of you are ready for action, take things easy. Tanzanian girls are very good on bed, so be rest assured you’re going to have a nice time with her.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

There are a lot of single girls in Dar es Salaam. The only challenge is to know where to get them. Meeting girls in the day time is not popular in the city. The reason is that most Tanzanian girls are always busy with work. So they have little or no time for such things. You just need to know the nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants close to you. The nightlife in Dar es Salaam is very great. Therefore, you will get to meet single Tanzanian girls in the night.

The place you should go to also depends on the kind of girl you’re willing to meet. Tanzanian girls you meet in clubs and pubs will likely be the party type. You should visit other places if you want to meet gentle girls. Age also plays a huge role in deciding where to meet single Tanzanian girls. Most of the girls you meet in the club are in their early 20s. So if you’re searching for older women, you should go to other places. As you go further, you will be exposed to the right places to meet and mingle with single Tanzanian ladies.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

There are nightclubs and bars in almost all the major streets. So you don’t need transport costs to reach a club. These nightclubs operate every day of the week. If you want to enjoy their services maximally, it is best to go during weekends. That is when nightclubs are always full.

Cute Tanzanian girls will always be there every weekend you go. It is left to you to build your confidence and talk to one. As nightclubs are different from each other, they use different policies. There are nightclubs where entrance fees are required to enter. Most of the 5-star nightclubs charge for entrance fees. Some nightclubs also give dress code to their customers.

Everyone is expected to obey the dress code. Security men might stop you from entering if you wear something completely different. The atmosphere in nightclubs and pubs makes it easy for you to approach cute girls. So make sure you take your chances anytime you visit one. Some of the popular nightclubs in Dar es Salaam are listed below.

* High Spirit Lounge Bar – If you’re looking for where to chill after a busy day, then you should try High Spirit Lounge Bar. As you grab a drink, you will enjoy great music. There is also a dance floor where people showcase their dance skills. There are nice beers to choose from, and Mediterranean cuisine is served.

* Elements – If you’re a Lebanese or Indian in Dar es Salaam, Elements is where you will enjoy yourself the most. On weekends, it is usually full, and they use to lock the entrance. Therefore, you need to go early to gain entry.

* SamakiSamaki – In the day, it is used as a restaurant. As evening approaches, they transform into a bar. That is the routine there every day. You will get to meet a lot of local Tanzanian girls there. Their DJ plays trendy music so that you can be updated with the current music in town.

* O’Donovan’s Reggae Bar – As the name implies, Reggae music is played there non-stop. They don’t only have drinks; they also sell food. So you can even go there and order for your favorite Tanzanian meal. Girls patronize O’Donovan’s Reggae Bar very well. So you will get to meet local and foreign girls every time.

* Level 8 – It was built near an ocean. If you want to know how an ocean looks in the night, you will have that great view there. They offer basic Tanzanian meals and chops. If you want to go on the first date with your girl, Level 8 is perfect for you.

* Ambiance Bar & Night Club – It is not opened during day time. They only work at night in Ambiance Bar. It is very big, and you can even discuss with your girl outdoors. Unlike other night bars and clubs, they sell a lot of different foods.

* Jozi Lounge – It is one of the new night clubs in the city. From their DJs machines to light, everything used there is the latest. People go there to celebrate in groups. For instance, you can decide to celebrate your birthday there. They also offer a variety of beers, wine, and lots more.

* Triniti Guesthouse, bar, and Restaurant – Triniti is the favorite club of foreigners in Dar es Salaam. If you go there regularly, you will meet foreign and native girls. With the structure of Triniti, you will be able to interact with girls privately. The place was built to be simple, so people who love private dates go there regularly.

* Coral Beach Club – It is located in front of the Indian ocean bay, so it will be easy for you to know the exact place. When it comes to food and drinks, they offer more than all the other clubs in Dar es Salaam. Some of the food and drinks they offer are beers, wines, cocktails, and spirits.

* Zens Bar and Restaurant – Delicious meal and nice drinks are offered there. As it is one of the best restaurants in Tanzania, you will meet cute girls there. You just have to look good and be confident. Their staffs are friendly, so you’re going to enjoy the best service there.

Party at the Element club in Dar Es Salam

Shopping Malls

Classy Tanzanian women prefer to purchase in shopping malls than in markets. Even though items sold in shopping malls are costlier, they prefer it because of the huge comfort they get. Unlike the old shopping malls, modern shopping malls offer a lot of new things. You don’t only purchase there anymore; they now have services they offer.

Modern Tanzanian shopping malls consist of swimming pools, cinemas, restaurants, pubs, bars, and so on. Therefore, you can have a nice time there. As you meet a Tanzanian girl in the mall, you can start a conversation with her. If things flow well between both of you, you can even take her for lunch. She won’t find it stressful since both of you are still in the mall.

Cinema dates can also be done in the mall. The latest Netflix movies are always available to watch in cinemas. One major advantage of shopping malls over other places is their 24-hour service. Shopping malls in Dar es Salaam are open throughout the day. So there is no time you will go that you won’t meet someone new. Cute Tanzanian girls go in and out of shopping malls every day. Some popular modern shopping malls in Dar es Salaam are listed below

* Mlimani city mall

* City Mall

* Aura Mall

* GSM Mall Msasani

* Sea Cliff village

* Dar Free Market Mall

* Shamo Tower

* Oyster Bay shopping centre


There are places to meet Tanzanian girl’s outdoors. It can be a park, garden, or just any open space. Although it is not advisable to approach any random girl in the day, you might be left with no option. For instance, you should approach a girl you like if you’re not sure of when you’re not going to see her again. Even if she doesn’t give you’re her number, you won’t blame yourself. It is not advisable to approach random girls outdoors because of several reasons.

The most important reason is that a lot of Tanzanian girls are very shy. So talking to them in public might inconvenient them a little bit. They will be uncomfortable and look sad. If you want to get them outdoors, there are specific places you have to visit. You can decide to visit their beaches or museums. These places are not tourist attractions, so you’re going to meet native girls there.

Universities and Colleges

Girls in Dar es Salaam take their education seriously. Unlike in the past, most of them now go to higher institutions. One of the main factors behind it is the influence of Tanzanian parents. Their parents make sure they finish higher institutions before doing other things. As a foreigner, you will only have the chance to get Tanzanian students if you’re an international student.

Since schools are only closed to students, other foreigners don’t have any chance of dating Tanzanian students. Just like anywhere in the world, Tanzanian students are so different from each other. As you meet nerds, you will also meet fun-loving girls. There are also departments where you won’t likely meet anyone you can date. For instance, a medical student might not have time for her social life.

So she isn’t going to even think of starting a relationship. As a foreigner, your character should also help decide how your dating life is going to be. If you’re a shy person, you shouldn’t date your departmental mate. You will feel stressed and won't enjoy the relationship in the long run. There are a lot of cute girls in institutions, but you’ve to decide to date one. Dating more than one girl can stress you and even affect your studies.

In school, you won’t spend much money on dates. Instead of taking your girl to 5-star restaurants, you will be left with no option than to visit the one in school. Just approach any girl you’re interested in and start a conversation. If she doesn’t show interest in you, just move on to the next girl. There are far too many girls in schools, so you don’t have to waste time on anyone. After all, some girls will be so excited to meet you. Institutions where you will meet cute Tanzanian girls are listed below

* University of Dar es Salaam

* University of Bagamoyo

* Muhimbili university of health and allied sciences

* Hubert Kairuki Memorial University

* Ardhi University

* International medical and technological University

* St. Joseph University in Tanzania

* United African University of Tanzania


Tanzanian women are very patient when it comes to relationships. They prefer to wait for the right one than to switch relationships frequently. Most of them have a lot of male friends. So they compare and agree to date the one they are compatible with the most. As a tourist, it might take you long to get a Tanzanian woman. When you finally get one, you’re going to enjoy your relationship.

Holiday Romance

Rich men like to visit Dar es Salaam when they are on vacation. During their period of stay, they usually request for Tanzanian girls to live with them. Girls who offer this kind of services are referred to as holiday romance partners. They are going to live like a couple without necessarily been in a relationship. The reason why most foreigners desire holiday romance is to get laid.

They want to know what sleeping with a Tanzania girl looks like before leaving. As you continue to get laid with your holiday romance partner, you might start to develop feeling for her. It is important to get rid of those feelings before it turns to something deep. You and your holiday romance partner should not be more than friends outside of the relationship.

In your holiday romance, you will have a stable sex partner throughout your stay in the city. You will even start to avoid clubs or other nightlife places. Since Tanzanian girls are attracted to foreigners, it won’t take you long to see a holiday romance partner. Apart from sex, holiday romance partners are also useful for other things.

You will learn somethings about Tanzanian culture from her. As you even live together, you can decide to learn how to prepare certain Tanzanian dishes. If you stay long with your holiday romance partner, she can teach you one or two things about their language. Generally, you won’t only get sex from a holiday romance partner; you’re going to learn other important things as well.

Tips for Successful Relationship

There is no sure way on how to make relationships work in the city. It all depends on you and your partner. It is important always to make your partner comfortable around you. As a man, you’ve to make her feel secured any time she is around you. When correcting your partner, always make sure you do it with love. We are all humans, so we are going to quarrel at times.

As you’re in a relationship, you’ve to be responsible for every decision you take. So be clear about your feelings when hurt, but be careful of the words you say. Choose to speak the right words and don’t use words that will hurt your girl. Don’t be too direct when requesting anything. Try and start a conversation with her first.

Anything you need should be asked when the conversation starts to flow. For instance, you shouldn’t just say it straight if you want to sleep with a Tanzanian girl. You can start by asking about her health, if she has eaten, and even discuss other things to show that you care. Women in Dar es Salaam don’t talk much. So you should know you will be the one starting the conversation always.


There is no single way to get love in Dar es Salaam. Most of the time, it is usually foreigners who pursue Tanzanian girls and ask them for relationships. Sometimes too, a Tanzanian girl will be the one making all the efforts to start a relationship. Either way, you’re going to start a new romantic relationship. If you get a Tanzanian woman to love you genuinely, then count yourself very lucky.

The reason is that Tanzanian girls don’t just date for fun. They don’t jump into relationships fast. They date with a view to marriage. Therefore, it is only left to you to try and maintain your relationship. Both of you can become wedded if things go well in the long run. With the recent cultural diversity in the city, they don’t mind starting relationship with foreigners anymore. So you and a Tanzanian native stand an equal chance in dating their girls.

The majority of Tanzanian women in Dar es Salaam are so good and trustworthy in relationships. They are intelligent and family-oriented, and they give their all in relationships. That is why it might be a little bit difficult to start a relationship with one. Once they are in love, they’re ready to do everything to secure their relationships.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

When you have genuine feelings for someone, you will surely know. It is a lot more than infatuation. You will discover you care so much about the person, and you won’t like to see her hurt. When both of you interact, the chemistry will be very great. It will just seem like you’re a perfect match because both of you will agree with almost everything you discuss. The way you feel when you were in love as a teenager, that is exactly how you’re going to feel once more. In a short time, you will discover you’re ready to do anything to keep her.


In the past, marriage in Dar es Salaam used to be based on tradition. Everyone that does marriage follow the same set of culture and tradition. Recently, everything has changed. The Europeans have greatly influenced how they do things at Dar es Salaam. People now do their marriage in different ways. Religious beliefs now determine how marriages are being carried out. In the city, a proposal is the first step to marriage.

Your partner must accept your proposal before you can continue with your marriage plans. After the proposal, you can go on to inform your parents. Your partner will inform her parents, and you will inform your parents too. They need to agree to your union before you can proceed. As a foreigner, it is normal to be rejected by your partner’s parents at first. It is left to your partner to convince her parents that you’re the right man for her. After all these things, you can proceed to plan your wedding.


A wedding is a ceremony where you are joined with your partner. It is after the wedding that you can be called a couple. The way they do Tanzanian weddings is a little bit different from the rest of the world. So there is a need for you to learn certain things beforehand. To know those things, you have to hire a wedding expert.

Wedding experts teach foreigners everything about Tanzanian weddings, from how you dance to how you compose yourself. As your wife grew up in the city, she might not need a wedding expert. She must have been to a lot of weddings, so she will know how things are done. You also need a wedding budget to plan your expenses.

Your financial level will determine how elaborate your wedding will be. If you’re average financially, you should just do your wedding moderately. You shouldn’t go broke because you’re trying to impress everyone. On the other hand, you can plan a very big wedding if you’re buoyant financially. What matters the most is to be able to feed your family after the wedding.

Family Life

Starting a family is easy in Dar es Salaam if you’re hardworking. If you want to grow your family the way you like, Dar es Salaam is the perfect city for you. There don’t set meaningless restrictions. Everyone is allowed to live his life the way he wants. You can bring up your children in any way you like. The population of the city is well balanced with its size. There are open spaces for you to relax and receive fresh air. During weekends, there are also many fun places you can go to chill with your family.

People in the city are very friendly. As a foreigner, they will even relate to you better. The atmosphere is really good and everywhere looks natural. There are a lot of plants and trees that help to aid fresh air. Accommodations are not expensive. You can get a very affordable house that will contain you and your wife. As the family members increase, you can move to a bigger apartment. Therefore, Dar es Salaam is a good city to raise your family. If you give it a try, you will realize it’s worth it.

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