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Guide for dating in Daejeon helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date South Korean women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local South Korean girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Daejeon. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Daejeon, South Korea.

A group of hot girls at the octagon club in Daejeon

Girls in Daejeon:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Daejeon:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Daejeon:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2.5 / 5

More about Daejeon:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$10 - $600
  • Accommodation: US$7 - $400


With so many people living all over the world, the histories that are visible are plentiful and dramatic. In fact, if you open the archival books or even have common knowledge, you would hear of many lands ravaged with war and politics. In this regard, these regions have their own history and culture, and not each of them is the same.

As it happens, one such land that you may have heard of is Korea, which is further divided into two halves since the war in 1945. While it holds the same name, when it comes to the lifestyle, both are vastly different from the other. To put it simply, if you want to experience something lighter and more fun-filled, you would have an easier time of it in South Korea.

Indeed, this high-standard country is calm and glamorous, providing entertainment and happiness to its citizens. Moreover, the sectors of business, entertainment, and industry are all highly developed in this society and still flourishing. One such area that you would definitely enjoy going to is Daejeon, which is a modern society full of opportunities. Thus, the citizens of this center lead mostly high-profile lives and have glowing education and business acumen. The Korean ladies are educated and successful, while also holding true to their heritage and traditions. Without a doubt, when you meet them, you would surely find a suitable partner in them, both materialistically and personally.

Of course, while that is the case for the majority, many of the Korean women living on Daejeon lead a dull lifestyle. However, when it comes to love, all of them have certain similar notes and thought processes, with subtle differences in them. If you want to pursue dating in this society, it is best that you regard the said anomalies first.

Dating Culture

Indeed, some places are remarkably different in their own ways and that leads to the people forming their private viewpoints. While yes, most people are not the same as the others, society does influence their thought processes in a manner. Therefore, when you visit the city of Daejeon, you would notice that to some degree in the dating culture as well.

To clarify, dating comes easily to the Korean girls and they are very confident about their self-worth and lifestyle too. And because of that, they are tough to approach but they turn out as really great girlfriends later. These women like to know their partners and are very caring towards their desires and needs.

However, that is mostly the case for you if you are of Asian descent, irrespective of how long you stay in Daejeon. These women have strong beliefs and do not stray from it much, which means they are not too trusting either. Especially if you belong to a more Western country, the Korean women already have up a mind regarding you.

Indeed, you should remember that the Koreans are comparatively cautious, and thus, they would take time to regard you as trustworthy. Honesty is a huge deal in the dating culture of Daejeon, and you should maintain it from the get-go. Not to mention, despite the equal footing most Korean ladies stay on in this society, you would have to play a more traditional 'woo'-er role.

Paying during dates is generally handled by the male, while some of the female Koreans pay for the soju afterward. As far as their needs are concerned, most of the Korean women in Daejeon want a life partner or even a committed romantic interest. Certainly, casual dating does not hold a lot to popularity, but a few Koreans and foreign nationals consider it adequate.

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Online Dating

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Webcam Dating

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South Korea is extremely affluent in matters of money and class, and you would notice that in Daejeon too. After all, being a business hub with major accomplishments, the society in this city is rich and proud. Thus, the Korean girls you would meet in this port are mostly self-sufficient (the older ones) and have good monetary funds (the younger ones).

Even the women who are not too rich try to maintain a high standard of living. Thus, the girls that you would meet are all very well put-together and maintain their figures well. Also, appearance-wise you would notice the classic Asian features of fair skin, cute faces, and silky hair on most of these ladies.

In fact, their chase for beauty and perfection is so heavy that sometimes they do so by doctoring their appearance too. A lot of this is based on the strict customs of the society, with the older generations expecting perfection in everything. So, the ladies you would meet are skilled in household activities while also excelling in their careers and studies.

Not to mention, in the culture of Daejeon, the ultimate power lies in the families and most girls rely on their elders. They are strict and traditional-minded, and they ingrain the importance of finding a good-looking and rich partner for marriage. Indeed, this is one reason why dating is not too taboo for Korean families; although casual dating is.

Thus, when you start dating these women, you should know that they are most probably thinking of you as marriage potential. Most of the foreigners living in Daejeon are okay with the casual dating structure, with some Koreans agreeing as well. But the count for the latter is very low, owing to the fixed mindset of the people.

South Korean Girls (age 18 - 29)

In the society of Korea, education is something that most of the families consider to be of utmost importance and value. Due to this, the younger ladies you would meet in Daejeon mostly focus on their educational qualifications. Not only do they do so, but they also pursue good and note-worthy professions to make their family proud.

Of course, the young minds also want to rebel from their regular pathways the most during the ages of 19-25. Consequently, the young ladies of this age try to enjoy their lives too, on their own terms, and do so through dating. Many of them like to date foreigners too, because they are curious and also as a way of escape.

Yet, that does not mean that they would openly trust you or get together with you when you ask them out. Most of them have preconceived notions about foreigners, especially European ones, assuming they are looking for an easy time only. Owing to this, they would show a level of wariness and occasionally checking your online activity too.

You may find this annoying and oftentimes disrespectful, but do try to understand that it is not their intention to degrade you. After all, they want to protect their heart, and thus, you should let her satisfy her curiosities about you.

Also, stay honest from the beginning about everything and that would slowly help you win their respect. This is visible among the ladies in the later twenties as well, as they start thinking more along the lines of commitment.

South Korean Women (age 30 - 45)

In Daejeon, much like any other South Korean region, the word 'marriage' holds a lot of power. Consequently, they find this promise extremely important, and girls learn quickly at their young age what is expected of them. Thus, they get married in their twenties, and in recent times during their thirties, while focusing on both their careers and homes.

Some choose to focus entirely on the latter, but mostly if they lead comfortable lifestyles or their husbands do. Moreover, they center their attention on rearing good heirs and giving them discipline and love. Truly, with so many commitments that they choose to partake, these ladies do not find the time for much else.

If you desire the middle-aged Korean women in Daejeon, you would face many difficulties convincing them to agree. Not only would you find most not single anymore, but also they do not engage in adultery and disloyalty. Therefore, you have zero-to-no chance of dating a married woman, even after their divorce. However, that is not entirely true; some divorcees do try to enter the dating field again but keep it under wraps. Aside from them, there are some single women around these ages and they might agree for such chances. So, if you find someone in their middle ages you like and they feel the same way, you may have success.

South Korean Ladies (age 45+)

Korean women mainly look at things in a modern way but still have a firm footing in their old-fashioned roots. Hence, they do give their marriages fair and undivided attention and grow older balancing their duties. However, such life factors are hard and many of them cannot give an equal amount of attention to their own lives.

If a woman in her late forties and more loses her husband to divorce or death, they choose to stay single. And if they have children from that marriage, they mainly concentrate on giving them a good lifestyle. As a result, dating is the furthest thing from their mind, and many women are done with such situations entirely.

However, do not give up hope if your taste is more inclined toward mature women. Some of them decide to pursue dating again for sustenance or to maintain their class and lifestyle. Also, there are other older women who wait for their children to have suitable lives before thinking about romance again.

Either way, do remember that for these women, such dating generally is a way to find someone of life-partner value. While there are a few who think of it as a fun activity to pass the time, this percentage is very rare. Thus, when you do manage to gain the attention of a mature Korean lady, you should prepare yourself for what her intentions are.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Without a doubt, the country of South Korea and it's many cities are absolutely beautiful and some of them are exceptionally prosperous too. With so much focus on the South Korean trading situation and prominent educational opportunities, there is much that attracts people to Daejeon. Not to mention, this is not only limited to national attention; international people, too, travel to this metropolis.

Thus, if you are looking to satisfy your other tastes in women, you would observe many options among foreigners. Women from the United States, Europe, and many other countries travel to Daejeon either to set a base or for touring purposes. So, whether you want something serious or not-so-serious, you can engage in both with these women, and comparatively easier.

Markedly, the Korean ladies have a lot of trust issues, especially when it comes to Western men. If you are one, you would have a lot of trouble convincing them that you are not a playboy and your interests are sincere. However, if you do not have the time for it, nor are you particularly interested to prove anything, the foreigners are better choices.

Meanwhile, the foreigners who are tourists are also more likely to go for the casual type of sexual relations. After all, they want to make memorable moments, and having a sultry experience with a total stranger is not too terrible. If they feel the attraction for you, they might consider such options more seriously.

On the other hand, the Korean ladies would disregard sex in the first stages of a relationship completely. They would test your allegiance and intentions, and withholding sex, in the beginning, is fairly common. Of course, not many of them do so with ill intentions in mind; many are just shy about such acts. However, if finding physical intimacy is what you desire but not love, you can find so better with foreign women than the locals.


Without a doubt, love and lust may have different meanings but the aspect of sex is very important to both scenarios. Thus, when you start dating in the city of Daejeon, it is obvious that you would consider this aspect too. However, when it comes to doing so with the Korean girls, you would not find a quick fix.

Truly, most Korean maidens are very strict about their pleasure and think of it as something to cherish. Not to mention, even if they do agree for trying it out, many of the younger girls stay in their parents' homes. This means that they do not get the chance to stay out for long, especially if their family is old-fashioned.

However, that does not imply that you have absolutely no chances with them; on the contrary, many Korean women do have pre-marital sex. They prefer to know a person well before they consider sleeping with them though. Thus, if you want such experiences with a Korean lady, you would have to prove your intentions first.

Sex Culture

As far as the sexual culture in Daejeon is concerned, it is mainly very rigid, and so are most of the ladies. However, this is applicable mostly on a surface level; people do engage in such activities regularly. Nevertheless, family honor is a very important but sometimes fragile thing, and the Korean women are serious about it.

Therefore, they prefer not to engage in such activities with men easily, especially with a foreigner. Speaking of the latter, they do enjoy a healthy and satisfactory sex life in Daejeon, either with other tourists or some locals. So, you can engage in physical intimacy with these women instead, and you would have a good experience altogether.

One-Night Stands

To be fair, the culture of South Korea, and North Korea too, is very traditionalist, with few changes in current times. While the women do enjoy an independent lifestyle, their dating scope is still conservative, with little attention to casual dating. Of course, that also means that most Korean ladies in Daejeon go for one-night stands even less.

There are a few exceptions though; mainly, women who want to try something new or those who have a more Westernized mindset. For example, some Korean ladies who have stayed in Western places for a while may understand and even accept the same dating style back home. However, that is a select few and do not involve the majority of women in Daejeon. The foreign tourists, on the other hand, might have a different philosophy to this.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

As a matter of fact, there are various places in this world, and each has its own greatest features. Some are culturally brilliant and natural, while others are more sleeping with the touch of men and industrialization. Certainly, in the affluent country of South Korea, many cities including Daejeon hold the attraction of the latter more prominently.

By all means, this city is touted as the Asian Silicon Valley, due to its big business headquarters and job opportunities. In fact, with so much money spilling into this society, the infrastructure, too, is highly advanced and clean-cut. With the flashing lights all around and things like a sky road connecting buildings, you would have much to see at this place.

In particular, the women going to Daejeon agree to this as well and enjoy watching and experiencing the sights around. Not to mention, the local ladies, too, find a fascination in these places and visit regularly. When you go to the various activities and locations that are synonymous with this society, you would get to meet these women there.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Indeed, you would see many of the Korean women enjoying a beer and soju in the night scene at Daejeon. In fact, many of the foreign public, too, consider these places exciting; and you would get to see why. Here are some places that would introduce you to a fun time in Daejeon while also finding an interesting company.

  • Ibija- If you are in the mood to dance away through the night, this nightclub provides a very lively experience. Of course, many of the girls feel the exact same way, and you can possibly interact with them too.
  • ThursdayParty_DaeJeon - In the matter of the best bar areas in this city, one of the most popular ones with both locals and foreigners is this one. Thus, you would definitely get the chance to meet someone there.
  • The Ranch Pub - There are some good pubs in the region of Daejeon, and they provide a very warm and interesting atmosphere. Indeed, the Ranch Pub is one of the best out of them, and many of the ladies definitely agree!
  • Yellow Taxi - Indeed, Daejeon has some of the best bars in the region, and this is one of them. You would definitely like the simple decor as well and spend a comfortable time.
  • Santa Claus - Named after a very well-known figure, this bar is open for many locals and tourists looking for a drink. When you reach the place, you would enjoy your experience there just as much as the drinks!
  • Rooftop Lounge 1987 - For a cool bar experience enjoying the view of Daejeon, give this region a visit for sure! You would definitely not regret the opportunity as many of the ladies visit this spot too.
  • Club Heaven - If you want to dance to the best head-bobbing K-Pop numbers at a nightclub, give this one a shot. Of course, the friends you would make and the beautiful women you will meet would only add to the experience.
  • Seok-in 601 - Enjoy the pub experience in classic Korean style in this hot nightlife area inside Daejeon.
  • Mustang Pub - Another pub that would excite you with its ambiance and menu is this one. Definitely worthy of a visit.
  • Adonis Bar - Speaking of a cozy atmosphere, you would have a wonderful time when you enter this bar. Of course, the cocktails it serves are one its best attraction, the women who visit it being the second.

Shopping Malls

In the society of Daejeon, shopping is as much a luxury for many people as a necessity for many others. Therefore, these areas are very active, and especially filled with women of many nationalities. Regardless of what your interest is in, you can go up to them and start a conversation.

There are lots of different things that you would find at the shops, some regular and some completely unfamiliar. Thus, if you cannot think of anything to talk about, ask them about the items you see at these outlets.

Therefore, if they feel like talking to you, your conversation can grow along those lines. Of course, do maintain a good posture and behavior, and make them feel comfortable first. Some of the most popular ones are mentioned below.

  • Mall Galleria
  • Fashion World
  • Moda Outlet Daejeon Branch
  • Daejeon Skyroad
  • Shinsegae Style Market Daejeon Terminal
Mall Galleria


With attention to a better future for Korean citizens and administration, Daejeon is one business sector that works effectively in the background. Consequently, many of the locals and people from other countries shift to the city to pursue better working and living conditions. The history in this region is also preserved well in some parts, mixed between the modern, and that attracts many people too.

Overall, there are many reasons why you should go to Daejeon as soon as you can, and meet women in those spots as well. After all, the ladies in this region are very knowledgeable and thus, have lots of interest in these sites. When you go there you would get the opportunity to meet and even exchange a conversation with them.

Here are a few you should definitely check out.

  • Yurim Park
  • Daejeon Skyroad
  • Daejeon O-World
  • Hanbat Arboretum
  • Ppuri Park
  • Dongchundang
  • EXPO Bridge
Yurim Park

Universities and Colleges

Education in the country of South Korea is an extremely essential part of an individual's life, since childhood well into adulthood. In fact, this is so important in the society of Daejeon that many research institutions also have their base here. Thus, you can easily say that the Korean ladies and many foreign students are intricately involved in these areas.

When you visit Daejeon and want to meet a pretty young thing, you would find many roaming around their campuses. Not only do they focus on their own studies but they are also open to experiencing young love. Therefore, when you reach this city, you would find much in common with these younger women.

If you want to know where to look, here are some of the universities in this city.

  • Hannam University
  • Daejeon University
  • Hanbat National University
  • Woosong University (East Campus)
  • Pai Chai University


In the matter of relationships, the dating life you would experience in Daejeon is very different from Western countries like the United States. To be specific, the interaction is comparatively formal at first, until time makes you grow closer together. Not to mention, couples generally maintain the etiquette and decorum taught by their elders but are still affectionate.

When you are dating a Korean lady in this city, you will notice that they are very charming and sweet. Moreover, they want a partnership that would last past marriage, and slowly build such trust with their love interest.

Thus, if you are thinking about casually dating them, you would not have much luck as maximum Koreans do not follow such terms. However, the foreign nationals or tourists you would meet might feel the opposite way; therefore, keep that choice open.

Holiday Romance

When you take a KTX train from Seoul, you would reach the wealthy and prospering city of Daejeon. Not only is it known for its business opportunities, but foreigners also feel an attraction to it for its rich culture and modern lifestyle. Thus, when you visit Daejeon, you would surely see many international faces mixed among the locals.

If you are on holiday and want to try out its dating spectrum, the foreign ladies are more likely to accept. After all, the Korean people, especially the women, have many prejudices against foreigners or more specifically regarding their sincerity of commitment. Also, they have this view that most of these men only wanted sexual interaction, and thus, prefer to stay away.

In this regard, the female tourists feel more okay with having such intimacy and many of them agree. Not to mention, there are various cultural matters you cannot understand if you are staying for a vacation period. Your proficiency in the Korean language, too, is something the local women would notice. If you do not know it, the tourists would not notice this or hold it against you as much as the Korean women might.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Without a doubt, love is not the easiest road to travel on, especially with so much working against you. Yes, things do appear easy and happy at first; but like any well-oiled machine, there is a lot going underneath a relationship. If the two of you do not put in the effort to work on those particles, your connection can suffer tremendously.

In fact, if your faith in each other is not up to par, even the smallest and stupidest mistake can create tension and break you. Thus, take time and understand the following factors, and implement them in your life. Really, not every effort is difficult to make, but it does require an open and honest commitment from both sides.

  • Accept that perfection is overrated - Let's be real- if you have a Korean girlfriend, you know she would try her best to stay perfect. Indeed, with a nation that is so image-oriented, they would always try to get better and better. While that is her life and her choices, sometimes she is doing so for the pleasure of others, not herself. Yes, you should not openly tell her to stop doing so, as that would hurt and offend her self-respect. However, if you are unknowingly causing this thirst for perfection in her, try to realize that and stop it entirely. Similarly, you should understand that everyone is perfect in their own way, regardless of whether they like plastic surgery or not. Of course, this is a tricky subject to think about, considering this effort for perfection is ingrained in their culture. Thus, the best way forward is to not stop them from doing what they prefer but let her know you love her for who she is.
  • Stay honest - For Korean women, honesty is something that they hold very close to their hearts. Certainly, they want you to open up about your thoughts and wishes so that they can try to help you. Also, a part of them feels self-conscious and doubts the validity of your words and feelings for them. They do not want to get hurt and have certain prejudices regarding men and how they view Korean women too. Thus, say the truth always, whether good or bad, and let them realize your mindset and intentions. This would help strengthen your trust and also affect them to open up better.
  • Pay them attention and care - Korean ladies have certain standards and desires when it comes to dating. In fact, they like the romance of dates and they love gifts, and you should give that to them. Certainly, even if it is a materialistic way, it would show them that you adore her and actually like spending time on her. Also, they feel comfortable knowing that you know what they might like, or at least, cared to remember. Indeed, it is especially sweet, and many of them love that. Not to mention, these gifts give them a physical representation of your love, and they like having them.
  • Try to understand their culture - No matter where you are from, you would find some differences from your culture to that of your lover's. The behavior of their families, their obsession with perfection, etc., may seem unfamiliar to you, but it is normal for them. Therefore, if you want to build your relationship with your Korean partner for a long period, you need to accept these first. Try to understand their history and learn their customs and language, and these women would appreciate that.
  • Respect their thoughts and wishes - To put it simply, Korean women, especially in a business-oriented city like Daejeon, are professional and confident. They did not reach the positions they hold easily and are extremely smart and loyal. Hence, when she gets in a relationship with you, do not expect her to stop having her own desires and viewpoints.

While this society is patrilineal in nature and gives the men more power, that does not make the women any less. Therefore, do keep that in mind when you date these ladies and respect their views and decisions. Equality goes a long way in developing a relationship, and you should keep a note of that.


One thing that you would notice about the Korean women is their interest and fascination for love. Indeed, they believe in this emotion and want it for themselves, which is why they are very loyal when they find it. Moreover, as per the attitudes passed down over time in Korea, the women in Daejeon value their commitment to their partner. The younger women are more open and fun during their relationship, and try to be cute for their boyfriends.

As they grow older, they still feel inclined to put on their best face, but prefer a slower pace to romance. Either way, though, these ladies take their sweet time to understand and grow a patient and loving bond. Of course, some women are more liberal than others, but most of them wait until they are sure of their feelings. Then, they give in to their desires, both emotional and physical; although many decide to wait for marriage first.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Generally, when you are asking your partner for their hand in marriage, it is a beautiful feeling. However, sometimes, people make mistakes when it comes to decisions; no matter how right it feels at the time.

Of course, that does not mean that your love story is the wrong one, although being safe is better. The promise of marriage is not to be taken lightly, and thus, you should first check if she is the right one. Here are some questions that would help you along the way.

  • She is inspiring - Everybody needs someone in their lives they can trust implicitly. They can share their innermost thoughts with them, withholding nothing, and still feeling accepted. Not to mention, that person helps them become a better human being. If your girlfriend is that person for you, you should not worry much.
  • You have similar plans for life - When you think about your future, there are some things you cannot compromise on. Thus, to ensure a proper family lifestyle in the future, ask her what her views are. Certainly, when you hear that you would know if yours align with hers or not.
  • She tries better with your loved ones - Family is extremely important in Korean culture, although many are not close. Thus, the women there know what the value of having a good bond with family and friends means. On the basis of how she treats your loved ones, especially when you are not in the vicinity, you can judge this better.
  • You can visualize a future - Last but not least, trust your own gut. Can you see yourself having a good and happy life with her? And most importantly, does the thought of that permanence not scare you at all? Depending on your answer to this, you would know if you should buy the ring already.


Yes, appearances are a big deal in the culture of Korea, and that goes in familial relations too. Thus, marriage and doing so to a person from a good family is very crucial for most parents in Daejeon. They want a good and reliable partner for their children and are heavily involved in the choices.

Moreover, you would also notice the traditions that the Koreans hold sacred in these proceedings themselves. Things like exchanging gifts and promises before the actual ceremony are followed, like 'ham' (from the groom's side) and 'yedam' (from the bride's side). Also, you can choose to celebrate dual marriage ceremonies one after the other, the modern followed with a smaller traditional one.


Since most of the population in the society of Daejeon are Christian, the ceremony itself reveals that mainly. Furthermore, most weddings are held in hotels, in pre-marked and booked halls kept for this reason. Not only do the employees help out with the planning, but also you can choose to organize an elegant reception there as well.

Of course, the style of wedding your partner would like is of the modern variety, including the garments you both would wear. As for the celebrations itself, they are organized with splendor and high-budget decorations at most weddings. After all, many of the Korean families want to glorify their class and prestige, and thus, organize awe-worthy celebrations. However, this is not the same for every household as some have a simpler taste.

Here are a few of the best wedding areas you can choose in Daejeon for your nuptials.

  • VIP Wedding Hall
  • Hotel Inerciti
  • Crystal Convention Wedding Hall
  • Rio Wedding & Party Hall
  • BMK Convention Wedding Hall

Family Life

Certainly, a family is one of the wheels of a person's lifeline and identity, and Korean women take it sincerely. Owing to this, they try their best to improve the lifestyle of their husband, and also raise good children. They are equally invested in every part of the familial responsibilities, both in the matter of household and finances. Korean parents want the best for and of their children and want to give the best circumstances in their training and eventual career graph. Although some familial relationships get tense in such situations; so, you should try to maintain a light relationship with your child.

Indeed, Korean women know this well and they try to give their children all the love they deserve. With the many requirements that are necessary for a good lifestyle for your kid, the city of Daejeon is a good area. And if you decide to settle in this society, you would definitely enjoy and prosper well in your life. Until then,’hangsang hwaiting’!

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