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Daegu dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date South Korean women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot South Korean girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Daegu, South Korea.

Girls in Daegu:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Daegu:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Daegu:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4.5 / 5

More about Daegu:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$150 - $250
  • Accommodation: US$75 - $120


In order of hierarchy, Daegu is the fourth largest city in the country of South Korea and is under the Yeongnam region. It was once the economic drive of the country and is now the electronics hub of South Korea.

With its reputation as the electronics hub of the country, you are sure that the city’s popularity is high as it has also played host to some world events, including the FIFA World Cup of 2002.

Taking a trip to Daegu will not be a bad idea as it has some historical points that are of interest.

As a tourist in this city, you should relax our mind when it comes to hostility as these people, especially their women, are open and receptive to strangers. The women take an interest in foreign men and get excited as these men bring a change to what they are used to in men. Although these women are receptive, it is not easy getting them to accept date offers.

These women are people who will want to act up a bit to prove that they are not easy to get. It will take you up to 3 dates to get a favourable answer from them.

You might be lucky to get a woman who will offer to split the bills with you, but a good percentage of the women believe in men footing the bills.

In a way, you can say that it will be expensive to date them as there are a lot of couples things which you must do while you are in a relationship.

Dating Culture

The dating culture is somewhat similar to other parts of the world, as there are no rules or regulations attached to how dating should be. Dating is open to all who wish to engage in it, so you have the liberty to be in a relationship with a lady of choice.

Dating is not frowned upon, but there are some restrictions when it comes to the show of public display of affection.

In Daegu, you should minimize how you show affection in public. You can hold hands with your partners and sneak in a few touches, but you should have makeout sessions in public.

The government has no rules against this, but you should not engage in it except you wish for an attack from the older generation of the city.

Dating is not a taboo, so you do not have to hide your relationship status. It is also normal to approach any lady you desire in public areas. These ladies will not only give you a listening ear, but you also will not have any interruption or a demeaning look from anyone.

The people of this city take dating seriously, so you should ensure that you are ready to commit before getting into a relationship. If you do not wish to be in a serious relationship, you can subscribe to casual dating as there are ladies who are interested in that area.


You might have understood how dating works in Daegu, but you need to understand the women in the city. Before harbouring the thoughts of dating any of them, you should know how they act and behave so that you can determine compatibility.

The culture of the city entails the women to be conservative, so half of these women are traditional while half do not conform to the culture.

For those who are conservative, it reflects in all areas of their lives, including their behaviour and dressing. This set of women are usually shy to talk to men, so having a conversation with them will not flow smoothly as their shyness affects how they will interact with you. Also, their fashion sense is not up-to-date as they dress to cover themselves and all their goodies.

The women who are not conservative are the best set of women to meet in the city. These women are usually energetic and know how to keep a conversation going. They also flash essential areas of their bodies that will leave a man excited.

Although there is no specific dressing culture in South Korea, they find it unethical for a woman to flash the upper areas of her body, but do not have any issue with length. This has not stopped people from showing their boobs and shoulders if they desire.

The women of this city are adorable and gorgeous and will be your spec!

South Korean Girls (age 18 - 29)

As young people who are just entering adulthood, you are sure that this set of women have a lot of energy and are ready to explore what life has to offer. These women are an interesting set as they are always on broad smiles and know how to tease a man effectively.

The women in this age range are usually students, while some have just started their careers. With this, you know the university and other learning institutions will be the best places to meet these women.

While they take their education seriously, these women also know how to have fun to the fullest. As a stranger in this city, you should hook up with this set of women as they will assist you in exploring all the fun areas that Daegu has to offer.

These women are more daring and do not mind getting into trouble to satisfy their curiosity. They are more excited when it comes to tourists, so you know that this is the age range that will welcome you more.

They can be found in all areas of the city as they dominate the populations of the bars, pubs, and night clubs.

Half of them might not be interested in a serious relationship as they are not ready to commit. For casual relationships and one-night stands, these women are your best bet.

You will have a thrilling time with any of them.

South Korean Women (age 30 - 45)

At this age, the women are already conceiving the thoughts of marriage, if they are not married already. If you decide to approach any of these women, you should be ready to commit as they are aiming to have a serious relationship. However, there is a small percentage that will still be open to casual dating and one-night stands.

Although they do not frequent nightlife areas, these women still know how to have fun when they wish. They do not let their age affect their groove, and it will sometimes be confusing to differentiate them from younger women.

These women are usually people who are independent and have gone far in their careers. Due to this, they do not have adequate time on their hands to spare. This also affects their dressing as they cover up to suit their official lifestyle.

The good thing about this category of women is that they are confident and know how to leave a mark. Their dressing might come off as conservative, but you are sure that all their features will be outstanding. They have a speciality of dressing to kill despite being covered.

The feminine aspects of these women are still in place, and they have the power of getting any man they desire.

Their experience in life also makes them more mature in how they handle things.

South Korean Ladies (age 45+)

There is the expectation that the women in this age range should be married, and this no difference in Daegu. However, there are still possibilities of seeing single women of this age. The single women are women who have deliberately decided not to get married or women who are either divorced or widowed.

One thing which all these women have in common is that they are highly intellectual and more mature. After all, they have spent more time in the world than other groups of women, so they have gained experience that assists them in handling situations.

For the women who deliberately decide not to get married, they are people who are looking for fun and do not want to be tied down. Marriage is not for everyone, and this is the category they fall. These women do not mind being in a causal relationship or having a one-night stand. However, the approach you will use for them should be different from what you will use n younger women.

The women who fall under the divorced or widowed category are usually on the lookout for a more serious relationship. They do not entertain thoughts of a one-night stand or casual relationship.

Despite all odds, it is still an exciting experience when you are in a relationship with an older woman. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

You should know that the Daegu is a top city of interest in South Korea, so there is a steady inflow of tourists into the city, which includes men and women.

There is not much you should expect from foreign women as they will share some characteristics with you. Half of them are in the city for business transactions, while half are there to relax and have fun.

Their personalities cannot be generalized as it depends on the individual you meet. In trying to get a general overview, you will see that these women are in two categories.

Some women have a naturally free spirit. These women are outgoing and will have no issues with mingling. You will find this set of women in nightlife areas, usually down to have a nice time.

The naturally free-spirited women extend their freeness to their dressing, and they also have no issue in random hookups. They are in town to have fun, and they ensure that nothing stops them.

For the women who might not be naturally free, they take on the shy nature and are usually defensive. It will not be easy getting these women to accept date offers as they are distrustful of men and want to keep to themselves. You need to tread carefully with these women.

Beauty in all shapes and sizes is what you should expect from the foreign women you will see in Daegu.


You should know that you need to be delicate when dealing with women as it concerns sex. As a guy, you should never fail with sweet words as they help to soften a woman’s heart.

In Daegu, the ease at which you can have sex with a woman depends on her personality. If she is not conservative, it is easy to get her in your bed. However, if she is traditional, it will not be easy, and it will be best to cancel such thoughts.

The women who are more conservative in this city are the ones who are overly religious, or those who have do not have exposure.

As for the women who are not conservative, they will not give you stress in any way. The women of this city have juicy bodies, waiting for you to take control. Sex with them is usually epic, as they are always ready to try out new things in bed.

These women will not want a situation where it seems that they cannot deliver in sex or do not know how to satisfy a man sexually. For this reason, they are always ready to find ways to spice up their sexual life.

Flirting comes as second nature to them, so establishing a connection will not be hard if you are someone who knows how to flirt.

Sex Culture

Sex all over the world is usually perceived with mixed feelings as some feel it is wrong to have sex before marriage, while others are indifferent about it. Daegu is no different.

There is no general perception of sex in this city as people have individual ways of acknowledging it. There are families where it is a taboo for any of their children to engage in sex before marriage. You should tread carefully with such families.

Luckily, some people are sexually liberated, which gives a sense of ease whenever a sexual situation comes up.

No, sex is not a taboo topic in Daegu. However, it would be best to be mindful of the people you engage in such a conversation. From the body language of people, you can tell those who have an open mind towards sex and those who do not.

It would always help to remember that the women of this city have a flirty nature. So, if you do not notice this in the woman you are conversing with, you should not engage her in a sexual conversation.

You can converse with them about sex at any point without them finding it offensive for those who are sexually liberated.

People sleep around in this city, so sex before marriage is frequent. However, they keep it low-key as they do not want to risk the wrong people hang knowledge of it. If information gets into the wrong hands, there is the possibility of slut-shaming occurring.

One-Night Stands

There is the knowledge that the young women of Daegu are more forthcoming towards sexual proposals, so they should be the main target when it comes to having a one-night stand.

With how the world is changing, the idea of a one-night stand is steadily gaining popularity in this city, although not everyone will be open to this idea.

Again, you can determine those who find the idea of a one-night stand likeable. From conversations you will have with any woman, you can tell if she is looking for fun or looking for a serious relationship. This is why it is essential to have a connection first with any woman before jumping to the topic of sex.

It will be offensive to propose a one-night stand to a woman seeking a serious relationship, as she will take it that you never had respect for her. For this reason, you should always observe first and never be too forward with your proposals.

You will always find girls who are willing to have a one-night stand at nightclubs or on online dating platforms. These two places save you of stress when it comes to this quest.

A nightclub is a place where people go to have fun. Nobody is there with the mindset of having a serious relationship as they know that it will be rare. So, it will help to maximize such an opportunity.

Also, from the bio of the ladies on online dating platforms, you can differentiate those who are up for a one-night stand.

The city of Daegu is an enabling ground for sexual fun if you play your cards right.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Everywhere in Daegu is a potential place to meet the women of the city. However, the question should be, are these places friendly and receptive?

Yes, everywhere can be a potential place, but not everywhere has the potential and prowess to set the mood right for a hookup. For this reason, there are specific places that qualify as the best places to meet single women in the city.

At these unique places, nobody can fault you for walking up to a lady. If you even look around, you will notice that you are not the only one involved in such an act.

You can agree that it will be wrong trying to flirt with a lady at an official organization; they will not even give you a listening ear. So, you can see the women everywhere, but not everywhere is an enabling ground.

There is a massive inflow of women at the places that qualify as the best places, so you are not limited in your choices. Also, due to how free these areas are, there is no room for hostility.

Everyone is usually in a happy mood, and bonds are created. You should ensure that you pay a visit to all the places during your stay in Daegu, or you will put a hurdle on your quest.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

When it comes to hanging out and nightlife, high commendation should be given to Daegu as they know how to have fun!

Unlike some cities where their nightlife is a dull affair, the nightlife scene in Daegu is where everyone comes alive. The bars and clubs are usually enabling grounds for interactions, and the energy is always top-notch.

It is not out of place if you decide to do a tour of all the nightlife areas of this city as your enjoyment is paramount.

The women are usually in abundance at these places, and they do not have an issue with walking up to you if they like you. Their boldness is something that makes the experience more exciting.

Because of how buzzing the nightlife of Daegu is, it is hard to choose some of the best bars and nightclubs. However, here are some of the places you must pay a visit:

• Etoh’s: Hangout in this city is usually enjoyable, especially when you are Etoh’s. It has a cozy environment and serves an excellent array of drinks. Its cocktails generally get people talking due to its divine taste. They also sere quality food at this place. Also, it has provision for bar games and music. You are sure that everything you need for a smooth interaction is at this pub.

• The Big Chill: From its name, you already know that this is a place where that encourages vibes and chills. There is usually high traffic of persons to this place, so you are sure to meet and connect with people, primarily through its bar games. It also serves excellent food and quality drinks.

• Communes: There is no wine nor beer type that you will not find at this bar. It has a fantastic interior décor to attract people and make them feel comfortable. Cocktails are also available at this bar, and you the different taste is always outstanding. For such a conducive environment, you are sure of having bar games to keep you occupied.

• Valve: The energy at this club is everything you wish for in a nightclub. The popularity level of this club is also high in the city. As a foreigner, you will find this place fascinating as there are lots of locals to mingle with, and the ladies are a sight for the eyes. The music is upbeat and captivating, making you want to dance all night.

• Club Monkey: If you are not ready to be vibrant and maximize your energy, you should not go to this club. A high percentage of the people at this club are young people, so you know what to expect. There is nothing like shy when it comes to the women you will meet at this club, and you can be sure of taking one home that night.

• Thursday Party: Sure, you are already curious about this bar from its name. You are in luck, as this is a friendly place for both the locals and foreigners in Daegu. Thursday Party has the perfect environment and drinks for you to use and explore the true meaning of fun while you are in the city. You will always have something to occupy you at this bar.

• Elleji: You should know that Karaoke is something endearing in this hearts of ladies, so it is normal to find them in numbers at a Karaoke bar. Elleji bar is the perfect place to relax after the day’s activities, so it is popular amongst the locals. There is the assurance of having total fun at this bar, and its beer is also of excellent quality.

• Club Frog: It is in your best interest to get there early any day you wish to visit this place. It is trendy in the city, mainly because of its flow and rhythm. The energy here cannot be denied as it has the best DJ who is ready to churn out tunes that will have you dancing all night. You should not slack in entering the dancefloor as the women are there waiting for you.

• Percent Craft Beer: For the best beer experience in the city, this bar should be your plug. Its beer is usually distinctive from the regular beer and has a way of sticking to the hearts of the customers. Both men and women frequent this place as it is an enabling environment for interaction.

• Gypsy Rock: From the time it opens till when it comes, it is party after party as there is never a dull moment at this club. From the DJ who knows how to get people partying to the people who ensure that the energy is never low, you are sure of having a great time at Gypsy Rock. You should also not bother about the women as you will see them in abundance at this nightclub.

Shopping Malls

Nightlife is not the only time to meet women in Daegu, as the daytime game is also a thing. Luckily, some places serve as enabling grounds for daytime linkups with the women.

The shopping malls are amongst the best places to meet the single women of the city as it has an overflow of women.

An advantage of meeting women at the mall is that there is no restriction to the woman you can walk up to as it accommodates both the locals and foreigners in the city.

Since there are no rules and regulations against dating or against people of the opposite sexes being together in public places, you should have no fear of walking up to any woman of your choice.

The shopping mall comes in as a handy-location as you can migrate your conversation to the food court to make the lady comfortable. As a gentleman, you can start winning her heart by offering your assistance in carrying her shopping bags.

These women love when men come through for them, and they see it as a sweet gesture when a man offers assistance.

It is also good to connect with a lady at the mall as it is an open area, and it ensures that you as creepy since it is your first meeting.

Here are some of the shopping malls in Daegu:

• Daegu Metropolitan Shopping Mall

• Daehyun Primall

• Camp Walker PX

• NC Outlet

• Gundam Base Daegu


• Color Square

• Homeplus

• Shopping World

• Daiso


How does having fun while meeting the women of the city sound to you? Exciting right? This is why you need to explore the outdoors and all points of tourist attractions that Daegu has to offer.

By exploring these women, you get to interact with the locals who are women, and this gives you the perfect opportunity to put things in place that will ensure a successful quest.

Also, you get to learn more about the city by exploring the outdoors. The knowledge you will gain will come in handy in knowing how to relate better with the locals.

Apsan Park is an excellent place to start when exploring the outdoors. This is a place that is suitable for hiking as it is a peak area with mountains and has provision for a cable car. With the cable car, you get to have a view of the city from a high point. It will be fun doing this while interacting with the local women as you will surely see them at the park.

The Eworld amusement park is also another fantastic outdoor area that is one of the best places to meet single women in the city. After all, who does not love amusement parks? You will see any kind of woman you desire at this place, and it is left to you to make a move.

There are many outdoor areas you can take advantage of in this city. Always ensure to have fun as you go about your quest!

Universities and Colleges

Although Daegu is not the educational hub of South Korea as it focuses more on the production of electronics, this city does not joke with education and has some reputable universities and colleges.

It will interest you to know that many of the locals are educated. After all, education comes in handy in the production of electronics. With the knowledge that many of them have educational backing, you should know that there is no scarcity of women at the universities and colleges. So, these places are amongst the best places to meet the single women of the city.

This will be true as these places are dominated by the younger who wish to gain knowledge to further their career. It becomes even more exciting as you will see some foreign women at these places.

It is common knowledge that higher institutions of learning are usually fun places, but what takes the fun higher is the interaction with its women. As someone on a quest to meet and link up with women, you should pay regular visits to these leaning institutions.

As an enabling ground for this quest, you will find any kind of woman you desire at these places. You should harness this opportunity and establish connections with the women that interest you.

Some of the Universities and Colleges in Daegu are:

• Daegu National University of Education

• Kyungpook National University

• Kemiyung University

• Yeungjin College

• Korea Textile and Fashion Polytechnic

• Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology

• Yeungnam University College

• Taegu Science University

• Daegu Technical University

• Daegu Health College


You can find women who are down for any relationship you wish while in Daegu. Your preference should determine the women you will go after.

If you wish for a fun and either serious or causal relationship with a person who is a bit on the wild side, then you should go for the younger women of the city.

The older women are best suited for serious relationships. You should also not approach a typical traditional woman of the city for a causal relationship or one-night stand. If you are attracted to a conservative woman, you should be ready to settle down.

Holiday Romance

Hooking up with a woman for the duration of your duration in Daegu can leave one of the best feelings as you cannot compare the joy of companionship to anyone. However, not all women will fancy this idea.

If having a holiday romance is what is on your mind, then you should be honest with the lady when proposing your offer. First, get to know her; do not jump directly into the proposal.

After establishing a connection with her, you can go ahead and throw the cards at her. Do not bug her if she rejects the offer.

Online dating sites are there for you when it comes to getting women who will be interested in keeping you company during your holiday period.

Tips for Successful Relationship

You should never believe anyone who says that it easy to maintain a relationship with any woman as relationships require effort and dedication. You have no business with a relationship if you are not ready to commit to those two factors.

If you do not put in effort and dedication, your relationship will crash faster than you realize.

There are relationships out there which you admire, but you should know that a lot of background work is done to make it appealing. So, it is only right that you also make yours attractive.

Here are some tips on how to have a successful relationship with a woman in Daegu:

• Be Romantic: There is no woman whose love will not continuously grow for you if you are romantic. South Korea enables relationships as they have some festivals for couples. If you are in a relationship, you should be ready to take your woman out on date nights, and attend these festivals with her, while doing cute things that couples do.

• Communicate Effectively: The women of this city belie in communicate, and it is a perfect way to sustain your relationship. You should be ready to talk to your woman always as she will think you are not interested in her any longer if you have a communication gap.


Some people find love at first sight, while others do not. Usually, you feel a spark that makes you want to connect with someone, and the love grows from there.

What is love? Love is an exceptional feel of which you can feel the difference between a life of being in love and a life void of love.

As a foreigner, it might be dangerous to fall in love at first sight as you need to understudy the women first. However, you should open yourself to love while you are in the city. Do not shut off our feelings once you feel you are falling in love.

The women of Daegu are ready to be in a relationship with a foreigner. The ball is now in your court.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

There are reservations when it comes to falling in love, especially as a foreigner in any city. You might not be able to determine if the woman reciprocates your feelings or if she is using you.

Anyways, you should not panic as there are ways to determine if she is the right woman for you.

From observation, her body language will tell you if she is okay with how you live your life or if she is there for your money. A woman who is the right person for you will accept you and your flaws while putting in conscious efforts to assist you in effecting necessary corrections.

She will not compare you to other men, and she will be satisfied with whatever you offer her.

Love is pure. So once you notice that you are receiving the same energy you offer, then she is the one for you. You should have no further reservations!


If you ever decide to take the big step and get married in Daegu, then you should ensure that you do it right!

For starters, it should be a mutual agreement. Everyone needs to know that the union is not forced as the law requires that people enter into marriage at their freewill.

You should also not neglect the family when preparing for marriage as they play an essential role in it.

Also, if your partner is less than 20 years of age, a parent’s consent form is required for the marriage to take place.


The basics that entail a wedding in Daegu involves during a court wedding which is going to the court to get a marriage certificate. After this, the couple can decide on any religious wedding they wish.

Asides these, some traditional South Korean practices occur during the wedding process.

The night before the wedding, friends of the groom bring gift items to the house of the bride for sale. These gift items are kept in a box called Hahm. It is usually a friendly negotiation process between the family of the bride and the friends of the groom.

The next process is Jeonanrye which is the groom giving a wild goose or its representation to the mother of the bride. This is a representation of his commitment to his wife for life.

P’ye-baek is usually the final process, and it is after the union. For this process, the bride goes to the house of the groom and gives dates or its representation. They collect it and toss it back to her. The number of dates the bride catches represents the number of children the couple is going to have. This is a funny yet heartwarming process.

Family Life

You should know that divorce is not acceptable in South Korean culture, so the bride and the groom have to ensure that the marriage is successful.

Usually, the first sons do not move out of the family house as they need to continue carrying out family responsibility.

Always communicate with your partner so that you both will have a method of resolving a family crisis.

In all, you will have a beautiful family life.

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