Guide for dating in Columbus helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Ohioan women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Ohioan girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Columbus. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Columbus, Ohio, United States of America.

Hot girls of Columbus at the Xperience lounge

Girls in Columbus:

  • Looks of girls: 4.4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.9 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.8 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.8 / 5

Dating in Columbus:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.85 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.7 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.95 / 5

Sex in Columbus:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4.3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Columbus:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.25 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.7 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$80 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $450


Columbus is the 14th-most populous city in the United States of America. It is the most populous city in Ohio and it's as well the state capital. After Chicago, Illinois, it is regarded to be the second-most populous city in the Midwest; its population of almost 900,000 residents clearly justifies this. Columbus is inarguably a large and beautiful city but one thing is, the girls in the city have a bigger heart and they're more beautiful. With the population, there are enough single girls to mingle with in Columbus but it's up to you to seize the city's many offers, socialize, and hook up with beautiful Columbus girls.

There's a great chance of finding your special someone here in Columbus; whether you don't even know what to expect when you eventually meet that special person, haven't been on a date for a long time, or new to Columbus. Dating Ohioan Girls in Columbus will usher you a fun-filled experience but even so, there's a need to equip yourself with some things about Columbus girls so as to understand the nature of girls in Columbus. Columbus girls are laid-back and down-to-earth and, you'll really enjoy these attitudes of theirs. And, if you eventually go on a first date with a girl from Columbus, it's probably going to be bar hopping in the Short North. Have it in mind that your first date with a Columbus girl will definitely be a blast, especially if it's at Short North where there's a vast line-up of awesome, unique spots to grab a bite and get some nice drinks. There's always something for everyone in this area and if you do not like the atmosphere of a spot you're in, you can easily hop on over to a different one.

Your second date will probably be craft beer tasting. And just like the previous first one, it's going to be more intriguing. If it happens that you're dating a Columbus girl who loves drinking beer and you're a beer lover too, you'll find fantastic varieties and countless places to try local brews. In fact, the delightful variety of flavors and colors will help you two in breaking the ice and have more to talk about and you'll surely find plenty of beers to enjoy together.

A large number of the local girls in Columbus love music a lot and the chances are high that at a particular point in time, you can't escape indulging in the local music scene if you're dating a local girl from Columbus. Your Columbus darling is likely to be a great fan of live music and her craving for some very nice tunes will push you two out of your comfortable sofa to hit up a venue that offers an interesting live music. But the good news is, your evening can never get bored as there's no shortage of great live music here. You'll find whatever you like here be it classical, folk, bluegrass, or jazz.

If you're dating a local girl from Columbus, you'll definitely have to love her favorite teams. Sports are likely to be a passion of your Columbus sweetheart and one thing is, the locals in Columbus really care about their sports and teams. The locals know the history, songs, colors, and they support their teams with a lot of passion through good and bad seasons. Fortunately, the local Columbus girls also exude this level of passion in their romantic relationship when they're in love with someone. You can be rest assured that your Columbus lady will love you passionately during your wins and losses. You would have already seen the signs during your first date of bar hopping to your second date of craft beer tasting and you can judge that you're signing up for a fun and passionate lover.

Locals in Columbus are compassionate and giving and as you and your Columbus darling go on frequent dates, it's very possible that you and her will participate in several charity or community events. Truth be told, the local girls in Columbus have a large heart for if they're not organizing community gatherings or participating in some sort of volunteering, they'd definitely be making plans to attend charity events. Some of the local girls in Columbus love to invest in improving their surroundings and if you're dating a Columbus girl who shares this mentality as well, you'll definitely want to join in because she'll invite you to a charity event.

Dating a local girl from Columbus will also offer you an awesome opportunity to try the city's great coffee houses; not just by yourself but, with your special lady. There are lots of cool coffee shops in Columbus where you and your sweetheart can hang out to chill together if you want to take a little break from cocktails and beers and, coffee houses can also be great spots for your date. If your Columbus girl did something for you that makes you so happy and you want to reward her or show appreciation, take her out for a dinner at any of the city's romantic restaurants or take her to grab a taste of Jeni's splendid ice creams - these are some of the good gifts for her that she would definitely appreciate; especially if you don't want to risk giving something too unique. You can try out Juniper, the Boat House, or Lindey's if you want to go for the romantic restaurants' option and you can as well count on the endless and wonderful flavors of Jeni's to put a smile on your girl's face.

Columbusites are pretty great and you'll really enjoy dating a girl from Columbus because it's going to be lots of fun and she'll probably be respectful and caring. If you have the opportunity to date a local girl from Columbus, do well to enjoy your time together because you're in really great hands.

Dating Culture

Thriving with a good population of people, Columbus is one of the large cities in the United States of America where it's impossible to ignore the cultural diversity in the city which, of course, has its influences in the dating culture. Columbusites generally are wonderful people and because they've got a beautiful soul and a fun-loving spirit, they tend to define their own dating habits. While some girls will be comfortable in subscribing to casual dating, there are others who love to see the sparks, flames, and signs before they venture into a relationship. With girls like these, there would be a couple of dates to ignite the mutual feelings and it's after this that the guy can possibly get a green light to get laid.

The presence of Ohio State University which is one of the largest college campuses in the country also notes its sway in the city's dating scene. As it's repleted with a lot of young, liberal college girls from different parts of the world, it's quite easy to find girls who want to "live in the moment" and there's as well a great chance to find the love of your life; for those who seek beyond casual encounters.

Sugar Dating

Sugar dating is one of the best ways to find a date in 2023. Men who are willing to buy gifts for sugar babies, will get physical or emotional pleasure for a return. Take a look of the wide selection of girls from SecretBenefits.

Online Dating

Dating in Columbus can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Columbus and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

Feeling lonely in Columbus? Arrange a virtual date with your favorite webcam girl right now! We have thousands of hot girls online waiting for you. Visit!


There's no discredit about the fact that Columbus women are one-of-a-kind. Born and brought up in The Biggest Small Town in America, Columbus women exude traits you'll find peculiar to the locals in the city. Just like the girls, dating a woman from Columbus also promises a good time, especially for those who know a couple of things about Columbus women. Women in Columbus love to live their life to the fullest. While some of them are used to their cornfield roots, some are busy living their life on the go and they're no strangers to big crowds and bright lights.

One of the interesting things you should know about Columbus women is that they are die-hard football fans and if you really want to date a local woman from Columbus, you would have to create time to be with her at a Buckeyes game. On Saturdays, when it's football seasons, you might want to vibe along with your Columbus sweetheart and join her as she sings “Hang on Sloopy”, dance, and get decked to the hilt in her outfits.

A large number of local women in Columbus love live music. If you're dating a woman from Columbus, you'll definitely be hitting some of Columbus’s many mini-venues to catch up on interesting music or go to concerts where nationally touring big-stage mega-star are performing. The locals in the city are attuned and the music scene in the city is thriving and alive.

It might also interest you to know that Columbus is a city where a lot of people who are not actually from Columbus label themselves to be Columbusites. Thus, it's quite possible that you'll date a woman who actually stays in the near-by suburb but prefer to identify herself as someone from Columbus. The city of Columbus is like a shining star and a lot of people get drawn to it so, if you're actually particular about hooking up with a local woman from Columbus, you might want to be conscious of the little extra details so as to be able to discern accurately.

Irrespective of that, people in Columbus are known for their cooperative attitude and the stereotypical Columbusite embodies the classic ‘everyman’. Pay a visit to ComFest or just take a short walk around the Short North and you'll see this for yourself. With a Columbus woman by your side, you can be rest assured that she's going to cooperate fully with you and because of her "big happy family" mentality, she could make you relate with people around her and probably introduce you to her loved ones. Columbus Is infested with a lot of hipsters and this is why your chances of dating a hipster in this city are as well high.

Apart from dating hipsters, there's another probability that your Columbus sweetheart may love biking as well. Columbus is a bike-friendly environment and if you also love biking, this can even facilitate the whole process of getting to meet and date a local woman in Columbus since you too will have something in common that will make you connect easily. And because Columbus is surrounded by farmland, it's possible that your date may be into farming or know a thing or two about farm products.

Lastly, Columbus local women love dining and this is one of the ways you can get through to their hearts easily. If you're dating a local woman from Columbus, make sure you explore the quality establishments in the city together and have a great time together. Dating a woman from Columbus proves enjoyable because as soon as you two get to connect, you'll find things falling into place gradually but of course, there would be a time to compromise and a time to make some adjustments. No-one is perfect and this alone suggests that you shouldn't crave for perfection because you can't even get it, actually.

Most of the women in Columbus are Whites and a good number are Blacks with only a few being Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans.

Women of Columbus come in all shapes and sizes. Pictured at the Buckeye crazy club

Ohioan Girls (age 18 - 29)

Young, intelligent, and vibrant, you'll barely regret dating these girls because of their wonderful traits. Although a lot of them are not high maintenance, there are some who crave a flashy life and as a result, they prefer to hook up with guys that have enough cash to take care of them and buy them some of the pricey things they crave for. Nevertheless, there are two common stereotypes of girls in this age category.

The first is the Vinyl Hipster and the other is the Yoga Hipster. Vinyl Hipster has her favorite kind of music and she would not consider your music taste a good one if your choice of music doesn't tally with hers. The second is the Yoga Hipster. You'll probably meet her when she just left the gym and she's always on yoga pants whenever you meet her. You can also run into her at the grocery store or meet her at places like Olde Towne Tavern or Kroger.

Hot young girls of Columbus at the Dahlia Nightclub

Ohioan Women (age 30 - 45)

These women have a great personality and they're lovely to be with. Guys who are smart and good-looking will enjoy hooking up with these ladies but there are four common stereotypes of these women you're likely to meet and hook up with. The first is the Foodie. The overwhelming amount of hobby stores, brunch cafes, and micro-brew and the overabundance of international food pop-ups in Columbus is a turn on for this woman and she could be found at spots like Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, Brown Bag Deli, or The Crest. The second is the Patio Puppy lover. She's always with her animal companion, she's often calm, and she's a benign sort of a beatnik.

The third is the Writer/Blogger. She appears to be a vast reader and you need to be cool and intelligent if you want to date this woman. She would probably own many books but read little and you can easily spot her at the coffee shop, The Book Loft, or at Two Dollar Radio. The fourth is the Nerdy lady. She's often overly excited about her very esoteric interests and she fancies making pop culture references that no one else gets or cares about. You can only enjoy dating her if you have something in common and if you are around her, make sure you bring up something she'd really be into. If you'd love to meet and date this woman, you can check out Big Fun, Laughing Ogre, Old North Arcade, or Gateway Film Center.

Ohioan Ladies (age 45+)

Finding and hooking up with Columbus older ladies can be a bit difficult, especially if you don't know where to go. Nevertheless, Columbus has always been a great cougar hunting ground because it's filled with plenty of sights and things to do. The city's rich history and the adventurous traits of the ladies do lure them out and this is why you'll always find them.

You can check out shopping centers such as Easton Town Center or any of the yoga studios in the city. If you'd love to meet health-conscious older women, you may take a quick trip to the local organic stores and approach as many as you can. Columbus mature ladies are fun-loving and you'll enjoy dating them for their lovely attributes. Some recommended places where you can meet and hook up with Columbus cougars and mature ladies in Columbus are:

  • The Walrus
  • Hofbrauhaus Columbus
  • Eldorado’s Food & Spirits
  • The Wine Bistro
  • Winking Lizard
  • Rumba Cafe
  • Press Grille
  • M at Miranova 
  • Average Joe’s Pub & Grill
  • Gallerie Bar

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

There's a high rate of foreign girls and because of the diversity of these girls, it's a bit difficult to generally streamline their interests in a man. While some may be interested in good looks, some may crave for a financially stable partner who can finance their expenses or someone fun they can roll with.


Hooking up and getting laid with girls in Columbus is not a difficult task but it can prove difficult if you're unable to meet single ladies who are seeking the same type of encounter that you seek. To hook up and get laid with single girls in Columbus, being outgoing, naturally sociable, and going out frequently can be a great start. And in your quest of getting hooked up in Columbus, always be clear about what you want.

But, don't forget that getting laid with girls in Columbus necessitates that you meet someone who also desires what you want as this will help to make the whole process easier and less stressful. Sexual chemistry can also play a great role and your likes and dislikes also have their influences. You'll find a lot of girls in Columbus looking for who to have sex with and one of the secrets of hooking up in Columbus is to always go for the shy or introverted ones and not the outgoing ones.

Sex Culture

Columbus boasts of over four bars per every thousand people and being the largest city in America’s seventh-largest state, its reputation goes way beyond being just a “college town” but a prime spot where casual sex is common. On the list of "The 15 Easiest US Cities to Get Laid" compiled by, Columbus ranked as the no 14, ranking even higher than Los Angeles in California. The rate of flings and casual sex can be attributed to the plentiful horny college kids and the sexual liberalness of the girls in the city.

One-Night Stands

Getting a one-night stand in Columbus is not in any way herculean. With college horny girls rife in the city coupled with the countless nightlife venues in the city, you'll surely find Columbus girls to get a one-night stand with.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Meeting people in a city can, at times, be tough, even with all the technology that tends to connect everyone. However, the fact still remains that meeting single girls in Columbus is not actually impossible, all it requires is a little guidance, good initiative, and some focus. Columbus is repleted with a lot of nice places to visit and a lot of things to do. More so, it's a friendly and a college-oriented city, which means that there would be lots of beautiful young, single girls to hook up with. Even so, the city doesn't have a shortage of adult women as there are numerous places where you can get hooked up over a worthy cause, through a jog, a good concert, or a favorite beverage. Meeting single girls in Columbus cannot be a difficult thing to do because there are enough places where you can make new friends, socialize, have fun, and network with the right people. Columbus is where all the action lies; with its intriguing cultural and social scene blended with the booming population, it's undeniable to attest that the city is definitely one of America's most happening cities. So, if you're in this capital of Ohio State and you're looking for where you can meet single girls, here are some great ideas for you:

  • Bars and Clubs: One cannot contend with the fact that the clubs and bars are great locations to meet and hook up with single women. People who desire to escape from clubs with loud music where they won't be able to hold a simple conversation with a lady tend to prefer to game at bars and, one martini bar in the Arena District that offers a very good atmosphere to meet and hook up with beautiful single Columbus women is the Martini Italian Bistro. Another spot worthy to check out is this piano bar in German Village; Club Diversity.
    • Singles Bars: There's nothing wrong with you doing some bar hopping in the Short North/Arena district. In fact, it's a great decision. You'll get to meet a lot of single girls through this and if you do not like the atmosphere of one bar, you can just move on to another venue with a more promising result. Some laid-back bars you can try out in meeting single ladies in Columbus are:
      • 16 Bit Bar & Arcade: There are old skool arcade games and good drinks offered at this fun bar and there are usually lots of cute girls unwinding here regularly.
      • House Beer: The beers and other drinks here are great and the friendly atmosphere makes it easy to meet and connect with the young professional singles here.
      • Bar Louie: It's quite easy to strike up conversations with people here and you can enjoy the drinks and happy hour offered.
    • Nightclubs: If bumping into single Columbus girls is what you desire, you should definitely find the best nightclubs in the city to get your game going. Your choice of a nightclub to visit to meet hot single girls in Columbus can be influenced by the kind of crowd you are after and the kind of music you like.
      • Bullwinkles: Almost everyone here is eager to hook up, the dance floor is packed, and the drinks are cheap. If you prefer picking up young single girls in Columbus, this is a great spot for you.
      • Puckers: A very great spot to pick up black single girls in Columbus and it's famous for its happy hour drinks and good food.
      • Spain Night Club: Come here to mingle, dance, and drink. The atmosphere here is great and this Latino club only opens on weekends but still, it's usually crowded.
  • Athletics and Sports: Remember when it was mentioned that women in Columbus are diehard fans of football? Good, that's not all, they're also health-conscious. And, this points to the fact that exercising can be a great way to meet single women in Columbus. If you love running, you can try out;
    • The Columbus Road Runners: It organizes sponsor races and training runs which offer a great potential of meeting beautiful single women in Columbus. And if you love skiing, you may check out;
    • The Columbus Ski Club: Skiing is a great activity that can help you meet beautiful single women in Columbus and if you'd love to hit the slopes in winter, you can take advantage of this club that offers the best of alpine skiing opportunities in and around the city. Skiing is popular in the Midwest and you can always enjoy the company of fellow skiers or take skiing classes for beginners if you're not skilled.
  • Community festivals: Although festivals don't occur all the time, they are proven occasions that offer good opportunities to meet and hook up with beautiful women. There’s surely a bunch of strangers crowded together whether you're at Gallery Hop or Comfest.
  • Ride the COTA: One of the super underrated ways of meeting single girls in Columbus is through public transportation. You'll meet a variety of different people and your options of available girls will be quite plentiful. Apart from the fact that there is often a chance to pick someone nice to have an interesting short conversation with, it also offers a fun experience. If you decide to engage someone here, first make sure you choose someone your mind feels connected or drawn to and secondly, be meticulous.
  • The Ohio State University (OSU): Originally known as the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College, this public research university situated in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the best places to meet single girls in Columbus. Having grown to be the third-largest university campus in the United States of America, it's indubitably a great place where you can meet, mingle, and socialize with pretty young girls. Its massive campus and huge student population make it a verifiable place to meet cute single girls in Columbus and guys who prefer to hook up with young girls will find this campus a great option. Students of this university love to frequent some of the cafes and shops in this campus area which is quite good for those who don't want to game directly on campus. More so, you can also hang around at the parks if you just want to chill at a spot and approach a girl you spot later on.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

You're really in luck if you're heading to Columbus soon and you happen to be a hip hop music lover and a party goer. You'll surely get a night to remember in Columbus because the city has a bustling nightlife scene. There's definitely a bar or a club for you in Columbus whether you seek a posh nightclub that offers the best tracks to dance to or a great spot to enjoy quality music, bar snacks, and a good glass of cocktail.

  • Skully’s Music-Diner: This club started out as a bar and grill on Ohio State’s campus and it's a night club at night but during the day, it's a casual restaurant. All-day breakfast items, salads, famous Skully Burger, and more are what you'll find on the menu of this well-established club. Happy hour deals are from 4 pm to 7 pm so, you can come here during this timeframe if you’re looking for happy hour deals. There are several shows and bands hosted here because the space is quite huge.
  • Dahila Nightclub: You'll find well-renowned DJs hosted at this club which is very popular in the city. Situated in Arena District, Dahila Nightclub is a worthy location to get intoxicated by the energy and let loose and dance the night away. With its lightings, sound quality, and VIP services, it offers a Vegas-like clubbing and also offers packages for bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, corporate events, and more. To avoid disappointment, make sure you purchase tickets online and check out their website for upcoming DJ performances.
  • Avalon: This club is one of the places where you can party and relax. It has two different rooms where one is a club area where you can go to get your dance on and the other is a bar with a lounge area where you can chill and mingle with a couple of friends over food and drinks. Sumptuous food such as tacos, pizza, and sliders are some of what you'll find served here. There are as well food promotions, happy hour, and live music hosted here.
  • Buckeye Crazy Restaurant & Sports Bar: If you desire a spot where you can enjoy a good glass of beer and chicken wings over the weekend or unwind after work, this is the perfect spot for you. The DJs here play a good variety of music, the staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is great and lively. Fries and Baked potatoes, mac and cheese, gourmet sandwiches, and signature buckeye burger are some of what is included on the restaurant's quality menu.
  • Axis Nightclub: Internationally famous DJs such as DJ Rob Engel on Fridays are hosted here and it's the largest LGBT nightclub in Columbus with drag entertainment. Spanning across two floors, it's as well home to the former Entertainer of the Year Nina West and Virginia West. The drinks, performers, and great music here will get you wowed. There are events on the second floor and a Lux VIP lounge available for parties.
  • Xperience Lounge: It's a bar that features the best in R&B music and school Hip Hop to groove to. It's situated in Shoppes at Airpointe and it also has a full menu of food such as turkey ribs, XL sandwiches and burgers, chicken and waffles, and pasta. You can also enjoy side dishes like fried mushrooms, baked beans, cheese, and macaroni here if you feel slightly peckish.
  • Rehab Tavern: With its rustic design that gives a cozy and laid-back feel and its old-school-inspired style and artwork decoration, this venue offers a great ambiance and it's best known for serving the best paninis in the area. You can as well lounge in while sipping on one of their signature cocktails at the patio outdoors. There are comedy nights, trivia games, and live music sessions hosted at this venue. This dive bar also has sports screening and a pool table and you can come here to smash a good time without breaking the bank.
  • Fourth Street Bar & Grill: It serves a wide variety of dishes such as appetizers, soups, sandwiches, burgers, quesadillas, and wings and, it's situated within Ohio’s state campus. You'll get half off your appetizers and drinks if you dine in between 2 pm to 7 pm from Monday to Friday which is their happy hour period. You'll find the details of what their menu consists of if you check out their website and you can as well indulge in the beer classes.
  • Prime Ultra Lounge: This venue is a very great spot to hang out with your friends and make new friends and acquaintances. The pool table and the several TV screens make this bar a fun place to chill out and if you want to bust out your dance moves after a few drinks, you'll find an area for that. There are some live shows hosted at this venue and there's a great mix of R&B and hip hop music playing here. You'll find a great selection of wings and drinks here as well.
  • Pure Ultra Lounge: It serves USD 0.25 wings and two for one beer and it's highly rated for its ultra-cheap happy hour deals. The lively and upbeat atmosphere at this bar is induced by the good hip hop music playing here but make sure to come quickly because this spot can get filled up swiftly being one of the most popular bars in the area.
Party at the Dahlia Nightclub in Columbus

Shopping Malls

Columbus has become fashion’s best-kept secret and it's rising as a fashion mecca. Behind just New York and Los Angeles, it's reputed to have the third-highest concentration of fashion designers as it is headquarters to retail giants such as Abercrombie & Fitch, DSW, Express, and L Brands. Some of the best malls and shopping centers in Columbus are:

  • Easton Town Center
  • Polaris
  • The Mall at Tuttle Crossing
  • Short North
  • Lane Avenue Shopping Center 
  • Lennox Town Center
  • Giant Eagle Market District
Outside the Easton Town Center


Columbus offers more than wining and dining at a local restaurant as you'll find lots of great spots to visit. With lots of adventurous activities to do from hiking and paddling the waterway to ziplining, you will have vast options of places to choose from if you desire to be outdoors. You may enjoy a bike route through town, take a hike, or even stroll beautiful gardens as you get to connect with nature. Some of the outdoor activities to do in Columbus are:

  • Smell the Roses in Whetstone Park
  • Find a Spot at Mirror Lake
  • Enjoy the Franklin Park Conservatory
  • Take a Trail to Creekside at Gahanna
  • Enjoy the Trees at Topiary Park
  • Bike or Walk the Scioto Mile
  • Walk through Walhalla Ravine
  • Take the Long Walk at OSU
  • Adventure in the Treetops
  • Paddle the Waterways
    • Olentangy Paddle
  • Enjoy a Bit of Columbus History
    • Kelton House and Gardens
  • Explore the Indian Caverns
    • The Olentangy Indian Caverns
  • Enjoy the Animals
    • The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
    • The Wilds

Other worthy places to visit are:

  • Downtown Columbus
  • Center of Science and Industry (COSI)
  • Columbus Museum of Art
  • Topiary Park
  • Ohio Theater
  • Schiller Park
  • Huntington Park
  • Park of Roses
  • Alum Creek State Park
  • Zoombezi Bay Waterpark

Universities and Colleges

Columbus State Community college and Ohio State University are the two public colleges that call Columbus home. Ohio State University is one of the country's largest college campuses and it is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best public universities in the United States of America.

Other private institutions in Columbus include:

  • Capital University Law School
  • The Columbus College of Art and Design
  • Fortis College
  • DeVry University
  • Ohio Business College
  • Miami-Jacobs Career College
  • Ohio Institute of Health Careers
  • Bradford School
  • Franklin University
  • Bexley Hall Episcopal Seminary
  • Mount Carmel College of Nursing
  • Ohio Dominican University
  • Pontifical College Josephinum
  • Trinity Lutheran Seminary


Going into a relationship with a girl from Columbus promises a good time but of course, there would be trying times and it's the commitment of you two to make things work out that would determine the longitude of your relationship.

Holiday Romance

Going on a holiday romance with the local girls is very feasible.

Tips for Successful Relationship

For a relationship to stay viable and strong, it needs constant maintenance. Relationships can be compared to a garden and before a garden can grow into its full potential, it needs good attention. To strengthen and build a successful relationship, it warrants to practice positive strategies and they don't have to be necessarily dramatic and big. Most of the time, it's quite easier to form a strong and stronger bond through the little things that count.

Here are four simple tips that can help you build a successful relationship in Columbus:

  • Show affection often; you can do this by incorporating small moments of physical touch or telling your partner how much you love her.
  • Cook for each other; Cooking a meal shows your willingness to put in the effort to please them
  • Send or leave cards for each other; everything is modernized but know that emails and text messages are less emotional and personal than a handwritten note.
  • Make time for one another; you can strengthen your relationship by spending time together and you can achieve this by:
  • Engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking or canoeing
  • Spending an evening together watching a movie or playing a game
  • Meeting up for lunch
  • Taking a morning walk together with the family dogs


All thanks to the array of businesses and sprawling Ohio State University that keep Columbus teeming with culture, museums, theater, music, and art. Columbus is as well home to a bustling and energetic workforce and due to its young and energetic atmosphere, it's almost impossible not to find love in this city. Columbus is one of the best places to live in Ohio. Its plentiful bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks offer a chance to meet, mingle with beautiful singles, and as well find a better half.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

If the feeling is mutual and you two are putting equated efforts to make it all work out, she might be the one.


A marriage license is needed to facilitate your marriage in Columbus and this can be obtained from the Franklin County Probate Court.


Columbus is a great destination to hold your wedding and you'll find tons of stunning venues where your auspicious ceremony can take place.

Family Life

Living in Columbus offers residents an urban-suburban mix feel and you've really got a great place to raise a family if you decide to stay here considering the laid-back way of life, the excellent schools, and the reasonable cost of living. Columbus is inarguably a great place to raise kids and this is justifiable with its variety of parks and green spaces, tons of family-friendly attractions, and over 26 highly-ranked school districts.

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