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Guide for dating in Burundi helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Burundian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Burundian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Burundi. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Burundi, Africa.

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Girls in Burundi:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in Burundi:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2.5 / 5

Sex in Burundi:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Burundi:

  • Nightlife in general: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$20 - $60
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $100


The Republic of Burundi, generally known as Burundi is an East African country with non-coastal terrain, bordered by Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The country is not big on technological advancement; neither does it have any international recognition, or clout, but it stands as one of the most culturally important countries in Africa.

This country formerly known as Ruanda-Urundi in the early '90s, has a total population of about 11.2 million people, with Gitega, the country's capital having almost 730,000 of the total population. Although Gitega is Burundi's capital, it is not the largest. Bujumbura holds that record, with a total population of about 500,000 thousand people too.

Gitega, formerly Kitega, is located in the centre of the country, and it is the country's commercial centre. Bujumbura was the former capital of the country, but it was changed to Gitega in 2007, as part of a movement observed in other countries like Ivory Coast and Tanzania. Bujumbura remains the chief seaport of the country, as well as many other activities.

There are diverse ethnicities in the country, and they include Hutu, which takes a large percentage of the whole, followed by Tutsi, Twa, and so on. The country also has a small percentage of Europeans and Asians living within its borders. As one would expect, there are various languages in the county, and they include Kirundi, French, Swahili, and English.

There are also various religious bodies in the country, and they are Catholic, which takes more than half of the total, followed by Protestant, Muslim, and some other unspecified religions. The country is a diverse state, and you will meet different kinds of people here.

The country is a poor and underdeveloped one, but they are making efforts to become a recognized body in the world. The country has had its share of civil war and natural disasters like soil erosion, that have contributed to its debilitating state, but the government is making efforts, and it seems like they'll make it.

The women in Burundi are some of the most typical African women you will meet- traditional, bold, black, proud, and smart. They are one of the most beautiful women in Africa, and you may find yourself falling in love at first sight. This article speaks more about their nature and how to get down with them.

Dating Culture

Dating in Burundi is controlled by the historical culture of the folks and the influence of neighboring countries. According to the law, having romantic relationships in the country is not a crime; neither is it forbidden. Although the religious bodies kick against romantic relationships outside marriage, no state laws are preventing two consensual adults from having romantic relationships, whether long-term or short-term.

The nature of dating in Burundi depends on the location, but generally, it is allowed, and women are can engage in relationships, with the freedom to do as they like. As a tourist, you should expect that the women will be more interested in you, because they have hopes of one day leaving the country, to experience a better life. Depending on the woman you meet, you may engage in serious or casual flings in Burundi. The women are ready to be yours, as long as you can offer a good time too.

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Online Dating

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Black don't crack, and black is beauty- two slogans that perfectly describe Burundian women. Their ways of life are simple, but you should be ready to experience a thrilling time with them. These women have been subjected to male domination since time immemorial, but they are finally standing up for themselves, creating opportunities, and taking responsibility too.

Burundian women have been subjected to rape, kidnapping, sex trafficking, and other heinous crimes to humanity, but the government, as well as non-governmental associations over the world, are coming to their rescue, and in years to come, they'll be fully in control of their lives.

Despite the hurtful things that happen to some of them, these women are still beautiful. Their dark glowing skin and short-medium long hair define them as the typical African woman. Their physical features aren't the only things that define them, but they still constitute their personality either way. They have medium to large boobs, with amazing butt cheeks- that's probably why tourists can't get their eyes off them.

They are smart, intelligent, and very caring. About only half the population of women in Burundi are literate, but this doesn't mean you can't enjoy a good time with them. These women speak at least two languages fluently, either of which could be Kirundi, French, English or Swahili, so brush up on your French in case you meet a hot Burundian woman who doesn't speak or understand English properly. These women love to learn about foreign cultures and technology, so be ready to do a lot of talking with them.

They can be very passionate about love, but to get these women to love you, you have to be ready to give them a good time. Money is a deciding factor when it comes to getting down or dating these women. They will most likely not go out with a broke guy, unless under unusual circumstances, so to start a smooth relationship with these women, it is best to create the best conditions for them.

Don't be fooled by their gentle nature and seemingly innocent looks, some of these women, especially the young ones, are party animals. They love to turn up the Western style, and you cannot afford to miss this part of them. They love dancing and twerking to amazing international and indigenous music at parties, and the sight of them at such points is nothing but bliss.

They sway their waists and bodies to the sound of the music like there's no tomorrow. At parties, they love to drink, dance, and live in the moment; probably get down with tourists that come around too if they feel like. Burundian women are a special breed, and you should look forward to experiencing romance with them.

Burundian Girls (age 18 - 29)

As you can expect, the young women at this age are full of energy and excitement. They are not cheap, but they get ecstatic about hanging out with a tourist to enjoy a good life and learn more about the outside world. In the past, you would meet most of them at local markets, on a small farm, or learning a minor trade, but things are definitely changing now.

These women are currently taking control of their destinies by engaging in complex and more advanced aspects of life. You will find them in every aspect of life in Burundi, including football, which is generally regarded as a male sport. Many of them are still in Universities or building a career for themselves, but they love to have a little fun on the side.

They are young and have tons of options in local and foreign men, so you have to be at your best to keep them. Most times, it's better not to try to keep them because they tend to go out with other men. It doesn't matter if you're perfect, because they'll still see other men either way, so just enjoy your time with them, and look for other options too.

Their young bodies are very enticing, and it would be hard to take your eyes off them. They have a high sex appeal, especially when they dress up and use makeup. Their bulging round assess in jean pants are a lot to handle, and it's normal to lose yourself in thought while looking at them. They dress to kill and impress because they have the social status to maintain, and men to attract.

They know how attractive they are, so they tend to show a little pride and play hard to get, but with some consistency, and of course, money, you will get them to do your bidding. These women are everywhere- mosques, churches, markets, restaurants, gyms, shopping malls, bars, nightclubs- name it. They shouldn't be hard to find or identify, especially because of the way they flaunt their magnificent bodies.

Burundian Women (age 30 - 45)

These women are mostly businesswomen, with families and careers to look after. They may not be as frivolous as the younger generation, but they sure know how to have fun. Most of them are married, and with marriage in these areas come utmost loyalty to partners, and the family as a whole. Your chances of getting down with a Burundian woman in this age range are very slim, but it's not a total impossibility.

Some of these women have marriage problems, and they want to relieve themselves by having short relationship stints, with other men, foreign and local alike. Luckily, you may be walking on the right street, at the right time, or in the right bar at the right time to step up to them, and try to soothe their aching souls. This may take place in the form of a quickie, or consistent romance; either way, you get laid.

You should, however, understand that not all these women are unhappy in their marriages, so try to be subtle when approaching. It goes without saying, but don't approach these women with their partners, or husbands. The ramifications of doing that will be immeasurable.

You will also meet single women at this age. They are usually career women who are too busy or incapable of maintaining a stable relationship. Some of them may be ready to get settled, and won't consider any casual flings, while others will still be open to the prospect of casual flings.

These women may not be swayed by wealth, but it is also a deciding factor for getting down with them. They may have a high social status that will not give them the freedom, or chance to be with someone that's not at their level. They are mature too, so any childish or immature behavior won't sit right with them. You have to bring your ace of cards, and A-game with these women because it won't be as easy as the younger group to get down with them.

These women also love to dress up, but in a classy way. Even in traditional wear, they still look stunning and outstanding. In the big cities, these women are usually tech-savvy, and they know the latest trends in the international circle.

Burundian Ladies (age 45+)

These are the oldest group of women in Burundi, and quite frankly, there's nothing much to look forward to with these women. They're usually stiff, and rigid women that don't interest themselves in anything frivolous or fun like going out with foreign men.

Of course, there are some with different orientations, willing to have some fun in their aging life, but their numbers are so small that you may not come across any at all. These women are usually busy with maintaining simple lives, businesses, and their children. You will not find them at bars or nightclubs, but you may find them at marketplaces, shopping malls, and restaurants, but they may not bother to answer your questions or calls.

You have a better chance of creating and enjoying romantic relationships with the women of the lesser age group than these women. Trying to find and get any one of them to go out with is a futile effort. Spend that energy on finding young ladies in the city, and it'll be energy well spent.

These women still love to dress classy and use cosmetics to mask their aging faces. They still retain their beauties until they get really old.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Burundi, as an African nation with roots in cultural heritage, plant, and wildlife, as well as the beautiful natural environment, is a major center of tourism. Despite the seemingly dangerous outlook of the country, many European women still visit the country in search of something different than what they are used to- Nature. Every year, women troop in from Europe and other continents of the world, including Africa, to enjoy the scenic beauty in the country.

Foreign women also come to get laid with the sexually and physically strong men of the country. Although this may reduce the chances of getting laid with a foreign woman, it doesn't really matter, because it still happens either way. Foreign women go out with foreign men here all the time, so it's nothing new here.


For an energetic and sexually appealing group of women, you can expect that sex with them is going to be a fantastic encounter. The slightly older women especially have a vibe that they bring to the bed. They know exactly what they want, and how they want it.

They may be willing to try out what you have up your sleeve, but you can bet that you have to go their way first. The young women have sensually appealing bodies that make the sex experience with them even better. Their small, young bodies give them an advantage over the older women, and they provide a thrilling sexual experience.

Burundian women don't just go down with any man. They will only have sex with men they like, and men that can give them a good time. Because of slut-shaming, these women prefer to keep their sex lives under wraps, so to get them to go down with you, you cannot be a loudmouth about sex with them. Slut-shaming affects their mental state, and they feel awful about it, so it's better to respect that about them.

The risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases is high in Burundi, especially in the big cities, so it's best to keep safe and use protection when getting down with these women. It doesn't mean that these women are walking virus reservoirs, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Sex Culture

Years of hideous sex crimes have rendered the culture of sex distorted in society. The sex culture in Burundi is one that cannot be indeed explained. There are, however, no laws forbidding sexual relationships between two consenting adults, so you don't have to be scared of being arrested or prosecuted for having sex with a consenting Burundian woman.

The society has various views about sex here, and it varies based on the city, and location in the country. In big cities like Gitega, Bujumbura, Ruyigi, and Muyinga, sex is less of a big deal, and women here are free to engage in sexual relations.

In more rural areas, however, the culture of sex is not one that should be discussed or seen in women, except with their culturally recognized husbands. Sex education and western civilization are making the religious bodies and customs lose their grip on the dynamics of sex in the country, but it's still a far cry from the Western-style.

One-Night Stands

Quickies and sex in bizarre places are common practices here in Burundi. It doesn't happen everywhere, and not all the women are up for it, but the chances of it happening are pretty high. This mostly happens at late-night bars, and restaurants, or nightclubs. You may be lucky enough to find accommodation close to where you pick up the lady, and well, get down with them. These women don't really like to talk about one-night stands, but you will still find ladies that throw the "What are we now?" question after the first sex. You may decide to continue with the sexual relationship or end it; it's your choice.

Just like it has been said before, money and wealth, turn these women on. So, an aura of wealth in very vital in getting any of these women to get down with you. You cannot be crude or rough, although weirdly, being rough may turn these women on. Your chances of turning a Burundian woman enough to get down with you on the first night increase when you are courteous, classy, and confident.

Usually, men have to approach first, but in some instances, the women may be the ones to initiate the act. Some of them may seem rigid and unwilling at first, but after a few drinks and flirty talks, they become more open to reasoning.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Burundian women are everywhere and anywhere in the country. There's no shortage of them in the country, and you will find them everywhere, even in the most unlikely of places. There's no need to dig deep or go into the crevices of Burundi to find these women, and you'll see them on the streets making the most of their alluring bodies by walking sensually and going about their regular businesses.

Daytime is a period to find many women in Burundi, but you may not come across the hot, sexy women you want. Many women come out during the day, but most of them won't be interested in hanging out or getting down, because of their busy schedules or stress minds at the moment.

The nighttime, however, offers sure opportunities. You will meet fewer women here, but most of them will be willing to get down with you. It probably has something to do with the dark skies, crescent moon, little stars, and cool breeze at night that makes these women more approachable. These women take the nighttime, especially weekend nights as periods to relax and have more fun, so they are open to almost anything during that period.

Nighttime in Burundi is quite interesting, but only in the right places. Churches also hold vigils, but you may not exactly find the group of women you're looking for, so looking in the right places is important.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

These are the most obvious places to hang out, have fun, and meet women who have also come to do the same. Burundi lights up at night, and the women, like werewolves, come out to play, not in fields or to eat people alive, but to turn up at the hottest parties in town.

You will meet the craziest and sensual women here, erotically dancing their way into the night. Nightclubs and bars also set the perfect conditions for these women to come out of their shells, and truly flaunt their bodies. Unlike the daytime where women tend to cover up their bodies, at night, the darkness is the only cover these women need for their bodies, so they come out in clothes that don't seem like clothes at all.

Quick warning, though, there aren't many nightclubs in Burundi, but you will find a couple of them and bars in town. They include:

  • Toxic Bar (Bujumbura): This place promises no poisonous snakes, or toxic substances in your cocktails, so dead your fears about the name. This nightclub is one of very few in the country, so many people troop to their entrances every night. Local DJs perform here all the time, and they set the tone for a beautiful nightlife experience here. Their drinks are top-notch, and the overall encounter here is pleasant. It is an excellent place to meet local women here, and watch them dance to the sound of thrilling music.
  • Manhattan Snack Bar (Bujumbura): The name of this spot has nothing to do with its location or else, it'd be in New York City, not Bujumbura. The place is famous for its tasty treats and nightlife music. The outdoor sitting feature of the bar makes it suitable for relaxing and chilling in the cold breeze of the night. The soothing music here sets the mood for intimate talks with women too. Parties and mini-events like birthdays take place here, so there will definitely be many local women coming here to have fun.
  • Arena Restaurant Lounge Bar (Bujumbura): Arenas are usually places where fun and entertainment takes place, and this spot in Burundi does not fall short. They offer a range of services which include tasty delicacies and cocktails, a lounge where people can relax, and soothing live or DJ music. You will find many local women here, so be ready to sweep them all off their feet with your presence. The spot is the apex of night entertainment in Burundi, with great music, and state-of-the-art equipment that makes them stand out among others.
  • Peace and Love Bar (Bujumbura): This spot is a trendy one in Bujumbura that beckons on to both local and foreign women in the area. They host shows, concerts, and live events that attract a substantial number of people at night. They offer good drinks, great music, and an atmosphere to let loose and be free. You will experience one of the best nightlife here.
  • PIT FIT (Gitega): This spot in the country's capital is one you will enjoy. Their tasty cuisines and range of food menus make them unique. They also run late-night food packages here, so you can expect to find many local and foreign women coming around for a late-night snack.
  • Bar Modele chez Gerard (Bujumbura): This classy late-night bar attracts all and sundry to its bosom every night. It is a little bar with outdoor sitting that creates an atmosphere of peace and calm. It is a place where people visit to relax, have a drink or two, and talk about sports with other men. Women also come around from time to time to chill and hang out.
  • Bar Chez Watos (Bujumbura): This is another outdoor bar in Burundi where you will meet local women. The setting isn't fancy nor professional, but it does the trick in providing amazing nightlife experience and bringing tourists in contact with sensual local women in the area. They mainly play local music, but sometimes diversify to international songs. This spot resonates with an aura of harmony and love, and it's a great place to start something with any of the women that come around.
  • Bunga Bunga Bar (Bujumbura): This bar is for the locals, and you will hardly meet any foreign women here. They organize little dance-offs where women come around to dance in traditional styles for entertainment. The local music is good, and the indigenous food they serve here is nothing but mind-blowing.
  • Arche des cigales (Bujumbura): Perfect for a night out, especially with hopes of meeting a young, hot Burundian woman. This nightclub provides amazing nightlife with great music, fantastic lights, and a bar that never seems to run out of booze. You will find local and foreign women here, so don't feel limited.
  • Snack Bar Chez Pasteur (Bujumbura): This is a simple, fast food restaurant in Burundi that caters for the hungry needs of its customers, even late at night. The spot offers dine-ins, and people do come around to relax and have a meal.
  • Rakka Nightclub (Bujumbura): This performance and event night club is highly rated as one of the best by tourists. As you can expect from the most incredible nightclubs, the DJ never sleeps or misses here, and the atmosphere is usually electric. Women are at liberty to lose themselves on the dance floor, and men may join in the fun, or just stare in amazement.
  • Kiriri Bar (Bujumbura): This spot has a uniqueness in the interior design. It is simple yet sophisticated in a right way, and it makes customers feel safe and at home. People come here to have drinks and relax, with some good music playing in the background. Sometimes, men watch football here too. This bar is a place that attracts both local and foreign women, and there's never a shortage of them here.
Party at the Arena club in Burundi

Shopping Malls

Women do most of the shopping for family items such as groceries, and personal stuff like bags, shoes, and makeup. They are always walking and trooping into shopping malls as ants do around sugar. There's no better place a woman in Burundi would rather be than a shopping mall, with enough cravings to buy whole sections.

You will come across them a lot here, and they won't be rude to you, so relax any fears you've got. Just approach them like a true gentleman, and try starting a decent conversation with them. In no time, you will get them to like you, and your journey in a relationship with a Burundian woman starts; just like that.

Some of the shopping Malls in Burundi are:

  • Kazo'zah Art (Bujumbura)
  • Fruito Burundi (Bujumbura)
  • SUPER DEALS (Bujumbura)
  • Maché COTEBU (Bujumbura)
  • Maison Décor (Bujumbura)


If it wasn't mentioned in the introduction to Burundi, you could read it here again: Burundi is a tourism hub in Africa. This is because of its vast potential in lands, plants, and wildlife. Many women from all over the globe come around to witness her rich cultural heritage, but apparently, that's not the only thing they come for. It is no news that European women come to Burundi to have pleasurable sex, and you can just tap into that desire too. The only way you're meeting these women is by visiting the outdoor places in Burundi like Gitega Museum (Gitega), Rusizi National Park (Bujumbura), Lake Tanganyika (Bujumbura), Ruvubu National Park (Karuzi), and the Kigwena National Forest (Rumonge).

Tours in places of nature like Burundi tend to create a fantastic feeling, and before you know it, you're having a quickie behind a 100-year old tree in the jungle. You will also get to meet many local women when you step out and explore the great African country of Burundi.

Universities and Colleges

There aren't many world-class universities in Burundi, but the ones they have do just well enough to instill knowledge into their students. These higher institutions of learning serve as a basket containing many intelligent and savvy women from all over the world. The women in these Universities are mainly young women who make education their priorities, but they love to have some fun on the side.

Some of these Universities and Colleges in Burundi include:

  • University of Bujumbura (Bujumbura)
  • Polytechnic University of Gitega (Gitega)
  • Integrated Polytechnic University (Cibitoke)
  • Ngozi University (Ngozi)
  • Bujumbura International University (Bujumbura)
  • East Africa Star University (Bujumbura)


Romantic relationships in Burundi may seem like a poverty alleviation scheme for the women, but it really is not. These women only love to have fun and enjoy a good life, and as a man coming into their lives, you have to offer that. There's no compulsion to engage in only relationships that will likely lead to marriage, so you will surely come across many women interested in casual flings and sex escapades.

The women usually love to show off their men to family and friends, especially when they like them, so you should prepare to meet the family members of any Burundian lady you lock down. Relationships with these women is a blissful experience because they won't stress you, and begin to play the role of housewife even in casual flings. They will cook tasty dishes, and clean the home too.

Being in a relationship in Burundi with a local or a foreign woman is bliss and a blessing; something you should try out when you visit the place.

Holiday Romance

This is exactly what many Burundian women want. A short romantic affair with a foreigner, without any commitments. It is one of the best sexual relationships because you don't feel obligated not to go out with other women too. In holiday romance, you and your partner enjoy the moment without thinking about the future.

There are many places to enjoy romance in Burundi such as Hotel Club du Lac (Tanganyika), Roca Golf Hotel (Bujumbura), Kiriri Garden Hotel and Suites (Bujumbura). These places set the perfect conditions to enjoy holiday romance by providing features such as pools, spas, and 5-star bedrooms, where you can get as freaky as you want with your woman.

You can also arrange holiday romance by using online dating sites, but these only work in the technologically advanced areas of Burundi. They are the best option of getting a lady if you don't want to go through the stress of meeting and talking to one in real life. Just create a profile, and meet different women who will want to hang out, or hook up.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Almost everyone looks forward to a successful relationship, and fantasize about the prospect. But relationships aren't that easy to maintain and create, so it's not all milk, honey, and roses. Relationships shouldn't be a burden either, but certain things must be put in place to create something that will stand the test of time.

Some of the tips below describe some of the requirements for creating success in relationships.

  • Loyalty: This attribute is carved out of love for an individual. Staying loyal to someone doesn't mean you should become a cold-hearted witch, it means always choosing your partner and your relationship above any other individual that seems better. Lack of loyalty leads to cheating, and cheating is a one-way ticket to the end of any sensible relationship, so steer clear by all means.
  • Create time for your partner: Many people don't see or talk to their partners in days and see it as usual. It is, in fact, unhealthy, and the only reason why that should happen is if there's no way of communicating due to work or any other unforeseen circumstances. Spending time, whether physically or virtually is vital to every relationship, because without it, people start to look somewhere else, and the relationship crumbles
  • Trust your partner: Trust is an asset that is very difficult to hold on to, especially in this current age, but you still need it to create a relationship. You have to trust your partner that he/she will be loyal to you and that they will always choose you first. Having doubts about your partner's love just drives your relationship into a bottomless abyss.


The civil war, recession, and natural disasters in the country are more than enough reason to dampen the power of love, but that is not the case. The folks here still believe in love, and there's a happiness that resonates when there are two love birds who show passion for each other. The religious bodies may show some indifference to romantic relationships outside marriage, but even these religions preach peace and love too. Love amid all that nature is a beautiful feeling, deserving of every man, woman, and child in the world.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Being certain about a woman's love for you is one of the most relieving feelings in the world, but how do you get there? Observe her actions towards you, and don't overthink their essence. A woman that loves you will treat you with respect, even when angry. She won't be ashamed to show you off to her family and friends too. If you notice these traits and some more, then you can be sure that she's the one for you, and you should do your best to keep her.


Marriage in the country is pretty much a straightforward process, with the civil union being the legal form of marriage. The bride and groom both sign papers that seal and serve as evidence of proof of their marriage. Forced and arranged marriages still occur in Burundi, especially in rural areas, but it is better than it used to be. Polygamy isn't legal according to the law, but there are still a few men who take up more than one wife.


The traditional rituals of Burundians are considered sacred and vital to the success of marriages. The most common part of traditional weddings in Burundi is the payment of dowry. It is a show of capability of the groom to take good care of the bride. There are variations in ceremonies based on differences in ethnicities, but it's the same tone everywhere. There's a lot of celebration, drinking, singing, and dancing. The bride and groom may wear the conventional white dress and tuxedo, respectively, or slay in their traditional attires.

Family Life

The family life in the country is very basic, especially in rural areas. The husband is responsible for protecting and providing for the needs of the wife and children. The wife cooks meals and sees that the children are well taken care of while also handling her personal life and career. The 2-6 children typical of a Burundian family go to school or learn trades. The children usually stay with their parents until they become of age. It is also normal to find relatives and grandparents living as part of a family.


Map of Burundi


  • Bujumbura - the capital and largest city, situated on the north-eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika
  • Bururi - southern city
  • Cibitoke - north-western city
  • Gitega - the former colonial capital, the second-largest city, in the middle of the country
  • Muyinga - north-eastern city
  • Ngozi - northern city

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