Guide for dating in Batam helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Indonesian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Indonesian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Batam. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Batam, Indonesia.

Hot girls of Batam at the no name club

Girls in Batam:

  • Looks of girls: 3 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5/ 5

Dating in Batam:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2.5 / 5

Sex in Batam:

  • Women's sexual activity: 2 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2 / 5

More about Batam:

  • Nightlife in general: 2.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2/ 5
  • Budget per day: US$200 - $300
  • Accommodation: US$150 - $200


Batam is the largest city in the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia. It is the closest part of the country to Singapore with a population of more than a million people. It is the main urban and industrial zone among the Islands called Barelang. It is divided into 12 districts and the majority of its residents are immigrants.

The major ethnic groups on the Island are Javanese, Malays, Batak, Minangkabau, and Chinese. Islam is the religion that is majorly practiced, followed by Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. The official language is Indonesian. The use of English and Mandarin is increasing due to the influence of immigrants and expatriates from Singapore.

Tourism is a growing industry on the Island. It is a beautiful Island where foreigners with a desire for love and romance may have their desires met. However, you would need to find out what your chances are with the girls who live on the Island.

It is important you understand the cultural beliefs and traditional values of the local people especially as it relates to dating, love, and romance. By getting insights about the people’s way of life, you can determine if the odds are in your favor or not.

You would also learn the way relationships with a beautiful woman from the Island would be like, and if this is a venture you really want to engage in. As a city with more Muslims, the practices of the people while dating are expected to be different from other liberal and less restricted countries.

Dating Culture

The dating culture on the Island of Batam is one that is hugely influenced by the predominant religion, Islam. This has affected the perception and behavior of the people as it concerns love, romance, relationships, and even marriage.

On the island of Batam, women are expected to live a life of virtue by preserving themselves until marriage. Sex before marriage is considered a taboo, so be clear on what to expect from your date. The local woman from the Island of Batam would only want to sleep with someone she is officially married to. The women from the Island are also encouraged to marry early, so this becomes the major focus for them.

These women are expected to be very conservative in their approach to life. Hence, you would most likely never see her taking the initiative. This is a position reserved for the man alone. He is expected to start up and maintain conversations between both parties.

The woman is expected to be passive and not express her feelings until she can confirm what the man feels for her. She prefers a very slow pace of establishing intimacy with her date. It is believed that dating has not started till the man verbally says, ‘I love you’. It is seen as the magic word that activates the official relationship.

Gender roles are also strongly encouraged by the local people. Hence, as a male tourist, you should be ready to foot the bills when out on a date. It also should not come as a surprise to you if your lady relies on you for financial support and sees you as a provider.

Public display of affection while dating and even when married is heavily frowned upon. Acts of intimacy such as kissing, pecking, and hugging should not be done in the glaring eye of the public. They are reserved for the inner chambers.

The consent of your date’s family is very important while dating. Any disapproval can abruptly end everything you share, as your date is greatly swayed by her parent’s views. Meeting with the family is an important event, not just a casual occasion. You should also seek to impress them whenever you meet.

Cohabitation is frowned upon. Premarital sex is heavily discouraged. Public display of affections is not accepted by the public, and same-sex relationships are considered as a taboo. The major activities that go on while dating include texting, eating out, hanging out, buying, and exchange of gifts.

Online Dating

Dating in Batam can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Batam and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


The women in Indonesia are strong, beautiful, charming, and graceful women. They are taught to be polite and carry themselves with elegance. As gender roles are emphasized among the people, you would expect the women to just stay home and attend to domestic matters, while the men fend the family.

This was the practice years back. However, with modernization and improvement in technology and education, these women now choose to get themselves into professional settings and nation-building. So you feel the strength as they juggle their professional lives, with the demands from the home front.

The appearance of the Indonesian woman varies, due to the presence of different ethnic groups as earlier mentioned. However, most of them still have predominant Asian features, as they are of mixed Asian heritage. Most of them have round faces with fat cheeks, full small lips, and almond eyes. With a mix of black hair, petite slender frames, long limbs, small hips, and perky breasts, these women fall nothing short of attractive.

The women of Indonesia are well educated, even though many do not speak English fluently. They are very accommodating and receptive to foreigners However, they are not likely to oblige your request for companionship and romance, just because you as a foreigner asked for it.

Among the ladies, you would find the very conservative ones who may likely be wearing a hijab. They would be in the majority. There are also the more liberal ladies among them, who may be practitioners of other religions. Regardless, these ladies are more into lasting relationships that would lead to marriage commitment, than flings and casual sex.

Indonesian Girls (age 18 - 29)

For the girls within this age bracket, their focus would be on their education, jobs, and the desire to get married. Ladies from this part of the world marry quickly, as encouraged. Once they enter their twenties, it becomes a major part of their list of priorities. Family members, especially parents would play their part to keep them in remembrance.

Ladies within this category still have firm muscles and fit bodies. This is thanks to youthfulness. They are full of zest, energy, and passion. These are more spontaneous and adventurous if it is within safe quarters of societal norms. They are the ones who are still likely to believe in fairy tale stories.

These ladies should be more interested in dating. However, they would not date for fun or just the adventure. Premarital sex is a taboo. So, you may have to exclude it from the activities you are permitted to engage in while dating. However, there are exceptions to this case. There may be some ladies who do this discreetly, they are in the minority and they understand the risks they face from family and society if caught.

Dating a girl within the category would require you to be as romantic as you can. You should be good at texting and calling games. These actions matter to these ladies and can be seen as proof of your affections. Going out on actual dates is also inclusive. Buying gifts such as flowers and chocolates should be part of your dating activities.

Indonesian Women (age 30 - 45)

The women within this age bracket are expected to be married and focused on their families and professions. However, due to abuse and women’s quest for gender equality, there is a significant rate of divorces.

Two major factors that characterize any woman in this category are maturity and stability. They are not likely to be confused about what they want or who they want to be with. They would know from the onset if there are positive or negative consequences that would arise from dating you.

They may not have the energy of the younger ladies, but what they do have over them is experience. They are experienced in dealing with men and would know the right things to do please a man and make him happy.

If you choose to date a lady within this age bracket, you should expect some consistency. On your part, you should know for sure what you want from your relationship. It would not be right to assume that these ladies are beyond or have to be excluded from the list of women you can date.

She would need your support and companionship while she gives the same. These women would not necessarily depend on your to sort their bills as they should be working or have a steady flow of income.

Indonesian Ladies (age 45+)

The local women who are 45 years old and above, would most likely be married. It is expected you get connected to the widows among them, the rest may not be obliged to heed you or grant your request.

Some of these ladies may indeed succeed in keeping themselves fit, but the majority would not have the same banging and sexy bodies as the younger ones. You would need to be prepared for this. You should ensure you compliment her looks and never make her feel insecure about herself.

Do not, however, underestimate the pleasure that can come from dating women of this category. This is not about sexual intimacy but to the mental and emotional depth and substance. You can expect her to be loyal to you, as she has gone beyond the age that only seeks adventurous. Now, she just wants a man that is hers and she can rely on to always have her back. You have to be a good listener and communicator.

If you meet a woman within this category and you know she still has interests in marrying, and that is something you can envisage doing, you shouldn’t proceed. This is necessary to prevent any form of emotional trauma on the woman’s part.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

With the growing tourism on the Island, you can expect to see many foreign ladies. As the industrial hub of the country, the Island of Batam is home to many foreigners who have come in as tourists, expatriates, or investors.

The foreign girls within the region can be found pursuing degrees, working as professionals or consultants, making researches, enjoying a vacation, or engaging in some form of adventure. Dealing with the foreign ladies on the Island is quite different from dealing with the local girls.

You should expect the foreign ladies' perspective on life not to be too different from yours, especially if you come from the same region or parts of the world. They are more liberal than the locals, so you expect them to accept a lot of requests which the locals may refuse.

They are fun lovers and many on the Island in search of thrills. They are more open to casual and temporary forms of dating with no strings attached. This is because they may be on a short stay and would not want any form of major commitment with a total stranger they met on the island.

However, this is not to rule out the possibility of finding love and starting a relationship with a foreigner. Cupid shoots his bows in unprecedented directions at times. If this happens, you would just have to work through the cultural and religious differences that may exist between you two.


Premarital sex is considered a taboo on the Island. The young ladies are taught virtue and modesty and encouraged to preserve their virginity until marriage. This is something they would passionately adhere to, to preserve their family name and avoid damaging its reputation.

Hence, if you are a visitor to the Island to get many victories by the number of a local girl you wish to get laid, you would leave defeated. They are more interested in men with more genuine intentions such as having steady and committed relationships. These are the men they would listen to and consider. These are the men they would likely tell their friends and family about.

There are exceptions though. Ladies who would choose to rebel against the status quo. These would not mind engaging in sexual intimacy with anyone who can reward them financially. They are often referred to as gold diggers. However, they are very rare as these ladies are raised to attach value to their families and to have a deep respect for their parents. Some local girls have turned into sex workers to improve their financial status.

If you are looking to get laid quickly upon visiting the city, the last category would be your best option. There is also the option of considering the foreign girls who are not so conservative about matters relating to sex.

Sex Culture

As it is expected with a society limited by religious beliefs, especially the Islamic tenets, sex is not a word that is publicly discussed. Sex education is generally not taught in schools, and if done is stigmatized as an unhealthy activity leading to many negative consequences. This is done to suppress sexuality among young people, and it can be said to be very effective.

The government of the country would go as far as attempting to make premarital sex illegal, a step which was largely criticized. Young people are advised to get married, rather than engaging in casual sexual activities. The young men can marry once they get to the age of 19, and the young women 16. So the case is a 16-year-old married woman is expected to enjoy a sexual relationship with her spouse while it is forbidden for her counterpart who is unmarried.

Extramarital relationships are also not permitted. The judgment and penalties are also given more to the women than the men. Most times, the men go scot-free while the woman carries the shame and blame. The penalties often involve public humiliations that leave these women stigmatized.

Prostitution, on the other hand, is not specifically addressed in the law. It is very common and well-tolerated among the people. It is present in varying forms by different ages and gender. You would find these activities ongoing in brothel complexes or lokalisasi. It is quite contradictory the management of these brothels is done under the regulations of the local government.

The Island is just about 30 km south of Singapore. The sex industry within it attends to the needs of clients from Malaysia and Singapore. So, as a tourist looking to get laid quickly, you know where to turn. The local girls have little or nothing to offer you in that regard. Just to buttress, premarital sex, same-sex relationships, and public display of affections are not permitted on the island of Batam.

One-Night Stands

The experience of one night stands on the Island of Batam will not be given to you by a local girl. These women are neither interested nor permitted to engage in such actions. Failure in their part to adhere to the expectations of society would attract serious consequences. The adventure or thrill is not worth the risks. For one night stands, you should approach the beautiful foreign ladies on the Island. They are more likely to give in to your request. These are not restricted by the prevailing laws or norms and have the liberty to enjoy sexual intimacy as they choose, without being stigmatized or penalized.

If you want your chances to increase, you should take a visit to the bars and hotels at night where you would find ladies who are more likely to give you company in that regard

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

To meet a beautiful single girl on the Island, you would have to be very smart and strategic about it. Remember, these people are very conservative and frown heavily on certain public displays. If you show yourself to e after these girls in a lewd manner, you would attract a level of antagonism from the local people.

The best step is to plan your movements during the day or night so your paths cross with the lady you desire. You can meet single ladies at their places of work. You can also meet some of them who are students if you visit any of the universities and colleges.

Single ladies on the Island can also be found in malls, markets, complexes where they go shopping for domestic and exotic items. Beaches, restaurants, cafes, and parks are also favorite spots for these ladies. Art centers, religious institutions, and carnivals are perfect spots to introduce yourself to the love of your life.

At night, you can meet these single ladies at clubs, disco houses, massage rooms, karaoke houses, pubs, lounges, and hotels. The nightlife on the Island is thrilling and there are so many places to visit to feel the aura of the city at night.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The Island of Batam is a city that is full of life and vibrancy, nightlife inclusive. It is usually flooded by visitors from Singapore as the distance is just a boat away

The major venues for night entertainment within the Island can be found within the Nagoya Entertainment District, also called NED and the Waterfront Marina.

Some cool places to hang out at night include:

No Name Bar, Nagoya: This is a great place to meet the lady of your dreams. You get to enjoy performances from local artists and bands every weekend.

  • Ice Pub Bar: With a combination of indoor sports and live music, this place stands out as a favorite spot for foreigners.
  • Double Two Pub: This is another cool place to meet a single lady on the Island. You would enjoy the performance of the DJ and the exciting ambiance.
  • Red Rose Bar: You can meet the woman of your dreams at this spot. They also offer sports viewing and good music.
  • Pacific Discotheque: This is one o the most popular disco venues in Batam. You would enjoy good karaoke performance, massages and a platform to mingle with beautiful ladies on the Island.
  • Titanium Club: This is one of the most exotic clubs on the Island. You enjoy amazing music, food, drinks, and cool ambiance. You may meet your preferred lady here.
Party at the Pacific club in Batam

Shopping Malls

There are several malls on the Island where you can meet a beauty from that region. You can also purchase a host of items such as furniture and clothing. There also spots where you can get entertainment for you and your date. You can get enjoy the cinemas, the arcades, and the games.

When you meet the lady your heart desires, you set up a conversation with her. You can start with complimenting her but desist from using sexual remarks. Be a perfect gentleman and play your cards well. You must also avoid all forms of affectionate touching, especially in public.

Top Shopping Malls you can visit on the Island include:

  • MegaMall
  • Nagoya Hill Mall
  • BCS Mall
  • Kepri Mall
  • Harbour Bay Shopping Mall
  • Grand Batam
  • Park Avenue
  • Outdoor
  • Mall Botania 2
  • Mall Top 100 Tembesi
  • Hypermart Batam Nagoya
  • DC Mall
  • One Batam Mall
  • Batam Souvenir Mall


Meeting and getting acquainted with single ladies outdoor should be done with discretion and tact. You can approach the lady you are attracted to but do not stand too close. Do not give off a vibe that you are aiming at sexual intimacy. You would repel her if you do. If you must give compliments, ensure you do not come off as bawdy.

You can start by giving your name, and then you proceed to get hers. You can spark off a conversation discussing neutral general topics. Ask about the weather. Find out what ethnic group she belongs to and what she does for a living. Do not be in a hurry to ask her out.

Listed below are superb places where you can meet the woman of your dreams. You can also hang out on dates at these venues.

  • Ocarina Park
  • Melur Beach
  • Nicer Beach
  • Nongsa Beach
  • Waterfront City
  • Barelang Islands
  • Batam Golf
  • Abang Island
  • Turi Beach
  • Setokok Beach
  • Ramoh Island
  • Turi Beach
  • Palm Springs Golf Resort
  • Sukajiadi Golf Club
  • Bintam Island
  • Xoleil Spa Village

Universities and Colleges

Your girl may be found within the walls of any these tertiary institutions within the Island:

  • University of Putera Batam
  • University of the Riau Islands
  • Batam University
  • International University Batam

You may not be given free passage into the campuses and hostels being a visitor, you can find the best spot to meet up with these ladies. The women you find in these places would be elegant, chic, and flashy as they are young and within a unique social environment.

You can get a cool spot around the area to take your lady to converse. Ensure your discussion is bothering on safe lines. Be confident. Do not be intimidated by these gorgeous women. Speak smartly as you dealing with an educated lady.

Ensure you dress properly to fit within the environment. Ensure your hair and beards are well groomed so you do not look out of place among the students.


What better place to begin a lasting relationship than the Island? If you desire a stable relationship, then the ladies of Batam may heed you. However, if you desire short forms of romance or casual flings, you would need to adjust your focus.

The foreign girls would be better approached on the subject of casual flings. There is a greater possibility of them having the same mindset as yours and being thrilled rather than repelled at the thought.

The local girls are only interested in stable relationships that should lead to marriages. Premarital sexual relationship is frowned upon, so there is little or nothing they can offer you as partners on casual flings.

If you play your cards right, you can establish a relationship with one of these ladies with different tribes, looks, and ages. These women are a polite, graceful, and complete delight. Starting a relationship with one of them is a great decision. You would, however, be certain that this is the right step for you to take.

Holiday Romance

Holiday Romance is the type of relationship where you two are fully consenting to enjoy a short time of romance, with no strings attached. If you find a girl willing to be your partner on this adventure, you would have to ensure she enjoys every bit of her time with you. You can visit the many tourist attractions, see landmarks and monuments, experience good meals at restaurants, and engage in fulfilling sex.

This is certainly not something the local girl of the Island of Batam would be interested in. This is because these girls avoid premarital sex. After all, they do not want to bring shame to their families. The fact that there are no emotional strings attached is another part of the venture that would make the woman of Batam reject your proposal.

She needs not just love, but consistency and stability on her relationships. This short escapade that would end with two of you being strangers again, better served to the foreign ladies. These ladies would not mind, especially those on a short stay, and is desperate for some adventure.

Tips for Successful Relationship

For a successful relationship with the Island girl, you would need to consider the aspect of religion. If you both share the same religion which is Islam, that would be great. However, she is a Muslim and you are not, there is a need to weigh in on this difference. You would also have to consider the position of her family and parents especially.

To have a successful relationship with someone from a different nationality, tribe, and religion, respect is a priority. You two may not every single issue through the same eye. However, respect ensures you work around it without conflicts.

Respect is the factor that would make you listen to your partner’s opinion, even when you believe yours may be superior. It is this respect that ensures you accord the families of your date with the highest regard.

Leadership on your part as the man is also very important is you want to succeed in your relationship. It is important to note that the women of the Island of Batam prefer to be led, and they submit to their male partners. The difference would be that you would treat her better, although she submits to you. You would not see such submission as a weakness or an opportunity to degrade her.


Finding love in the city would not a herculean task if you bring the best of your dating skills to work. Batam women make passionate and fierce lovers, especially if you have won her heart and gained her trust.

However, you must be sure love is the emotion she is feeling, not desperation or an obsession. A percentage of these ladies are in search of a man who will not only love them but will be their ticket to a new and improved life.

The sad thing about such arrangements is that that kind of emotions fade and partners start to act differently once they have received what they want. There is a high possibility that this would not be the case for you as most of the single ladies on the Island do not fall into this category. They are good-natured, loyal, and well-mannered women.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Knowing if the lady you would meet on the Island is the best choice for you would require more than butterflies in your tummy and the feeling that you are floating on cloud nine. it is important to confirm this as marriage is one of the biggest decisions anyone can make in life. A wrong choice may mean a lifetime of pain or the option of divorce.

To confirm if she is the one, you would need to check the level of her loyalty. The ladies from the Island are generally loyal. However, you would want to consider the extent to which your own woman is loyal to you. Does she want you and only you, or is her mind divided among many options?

Another major factor to consider is the level of compatibility between you two. Are you seeing life from the same view? This is very important because if you two have decided to walk down on a journey, you must be sure you are facing the same direction. You would need to check your views on raising a family and interference from extended families. You would also need to consider if your lady’s perspective on gender roles align with yours. There is also the place of religion if there are differences.

Confirming if she is the right one for you would not be successful if you do not consider the extent to which her family accepts and approves of your relationship. Family ties are very strong and this is a bond that they are careful not to break. The ladies want to go the extra mile to protect their family name and interest. Unlike in previous days when matchmaking was the norm, ladies are now allowed to choose their spouse. However, their choice of a spouse must get the consent of their parents, before you two can make it a lifetime commitment. Her love for you should also be a sign. The women from this religion are known to take their time to respond to affections from men. This is a way of increasing their value before their date. However, when they finally give their hearts to you, they are one of the most passionate and supportive lovers. They would go the extra mile to keep the love you share and to ensure you are safe and happy.


Marriage on the Island is like it is with most places where Islam is the most practiced religion. The man is the head of the home and expected to provide for his family. Men must have the financial capacity to take care of the woman in their lives. The woman, on the other hand, is the one who keeps the home and attends to domestic matters. She is expected to raise the kids, cook and serve, and attend to her man’s needs.

All marriages in the country are regulated by the law through the Ministry of Religion and intending couples are required to submit all necessary documents. Many Muslim couples prefer to conduct their wedding ceremonies at the Office of Religious Affairs while non-Muslim couples inform the Civil Registration of their intention to legalize their marriage.

Foreigners marrying local single ladies are expected to consider prenuptial agreements as a way of protecting their assets.


Getting married on the island of Batam is a great decision. There are wedding planners who can help you with organizing your special day. Some wedding venues you can use include:

  • United Grand Hall
  • Millennium Hotel
  • Grand Mercury
  • Khayangan Estate
  • Holiday Inn
  • Sheraton Grand
  • Mandarin Oriental
  • Orchid Ballroom
  • The Papandayan
  • Skye
  • Eastern Opulence
  • Tsamara Resto
  • Milleu Space

Weddings are performed by the Ministers of Religion, as long as it is a religion acknowledged by the Indonesian government. Couples must be of the same religion, or one person would be required to convert.

Family Life

Several other foreigners are living with their families on the Island. It is a safe place with no significant rate of violence. It is an industrial hub and has a large electronics sector. There are good housing estates with basic social amenities. You should prioritize security while deciding where to stay.

The road network is adequate for movement. There are good schools available for foundation, secondary, and tertiary studies. The island has great sports for kids and family entertainment. The medical sector has received great improvement, although many foreigners prefer going to Singapore to access medical services.

There are complexes and malls making shopping convenient. You can also get some of the things you need at the markets. Social life and night entertainment are also well catered for. Family is the most important institution for the people of Batam, and they maintain very close connections among themselves.



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