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Windhoek dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Namibian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Namibian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Windhoek, Namibia.

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Girls in Windhoek:

  • Looks of girls: 3 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 2.5/ 5

Dating in Windhoek:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2.5/ 5

Sex in Windhoek:

  • Women's sexual activity: 2.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2 / 5

More about Windhoek:

  • Nightlife in general: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5/ 5
  • Moving around the city: 3/ 5
  • Budget per day: US$200 - $350
  • Accommodation: US$130 - $250


Windhoek is the social, economic, political, and cultural center of Namibia. It is the capital and largest city in the country, hosting the headquarters of almost every national, educational, and cultural institution. It is the first point of entry for anyone visiting the city by air.

The city is divided into different suburbs and townships, with a population of more than 300,000 people. It is a major provider of non-agricultural employment. It is the art center of the country and home to several galleries and museums. Located within are several architectural buildings.

English is the official language of the country and widely spoken in the city. German is also another foreign language spoken by the people. Other indigenous languages are used for communication as well, especially Afrikaans.

As the capital city of the country, it would be an attraction to foreigners and tourists alike. As a foreigner living in the city or visiting with the dream of meeting the love of your life, and probably settling down, this piece provides you with sufficient information to help you on your course.

Dating Culture

The dating culture in the city is vibrant and exciting. However, there is a conservative approach the society has towards life issues, including dating, love, and romance. The women are expected to maintain a passive position while waiting for the man to take the initiative. If she feels attracted to the man, she can communicate her feelings through non-verbal methods.

Casual dating is something that is frowned upon by the local people. If a woman gets into any kind of dating, it is expected to lead to marriage. The local girls are taught to value the institution of marriage and to greatly desire it. Many of them are given into marriage very early. It seems that it is a position they prepare for them from the very start of their lives.

Hence, if you are to approach a lady from this city, ensure your objective is to establish a committed relationship with her that should lead to walking down the aisle. If you are in search of hookups, casual flings, or short forms of romance, the local Namibian girl may not be interested. She might as well consider you a pervert for even suggesting such. However, this is not true for every single one of the girls. You can always have an open and honest discussion with them in order to ensure you both are on the same page.

For all the 13 major tribes in the country, the family plays a major role. This role includes approval and consenting on whom their daughter decides to date. You would have to meet the family, especially her parents so they can weigh in on your intentions. For the local people, any man that is hesitant to enter into the girl’s home is not honorable and has ulterior motives.

Even though the older generation does not approve of premarital sex or casual sex, the younger generation is embracing the western culture and does not mind these things. They are curious about sex and they want to explore their sexuality.

As for gender roles, it is a patriarchal society and men and women are not at equal footing. These women grow up to having a sort of inferiority complex and powerlessness around the men, leading to high rates of gender-based violence. The women are expected to adhere to the beauty standards set by men: simple physical appearance, restricting ambition, restraining the expression of emotion, and being solid partners for the men.

Public display of emotions among lovers or spouses is discouraged, although it is occasionally witnessed in the city. Live in relationships are gaining popularity in the city. That is two people living together, but not officially married. Factors that contribute to this include high expenses to conduct marriages, modernization, a desire for ‘trial marriage’, shared cost of rent, etc. Same-sex relationships are not legalized.


If you are a lover of dark-skinned girls, ranging from chocolate to caramel, then the women of Namibia would be just the right choice for you. These women are beautiful in their own right. Unlike those in the rural areas, the women you find in the city are more stylish and well kept. With round and diamond-faced shaped faces, deep-set eyes that seem to stare right into your soul and smiles that can brighten your world, they would certainly get your heart beating. Most of the younger ladies have slender body frames while the more mature women are fatter in size.

The Namibian woman is strong and resilient. This is not unexpected having grown in a society discriminates against the female gender. The constitution guarantees equal rights between both genders. However, there is a great disparity between what the law says and what the society implements. Women have fewer job opportunities, and there are still significant cases of domestic violence and rape against women.

The rate of female literacy according to statistics is above average. However, due to discrimination, most of the women cannot find high-paying jobs. When they do, some of them abandon their careers to take care of their families and handle domestic matters. The man remains the head of the home, responsible for making important decisions while the woman handles the household work which includes cooking, washing, and cleaning.

These women are generally conservative in their approach to life. They are respectful, polite, and very accommodating, especially foreigners. They can be said to be shy. However, this is what society demands from them when in public. They can be great company when in the midst of those they trust.

Namibian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Girls within the bracket are the younger and more active generation. They are either focused on their studies or house chores. These ladies are taught from their teens to take care of the home and handle domestic chores. This is done to prepare them ultimately for marriage. Girls are encouraged to marry early, although this is rapidly changing.

Many young ladies are not so keen on marriage anymore and would resort to staying single or cohabiting. Some even have children outside wedlock. There was a time this was like a taboo but with growing trends and influence from foreign cultures, society is slowly beginning to accept this as a norm.

Among those who are married is a percentage who considers this step as a way of fulfilling family obligations. The objective of getting married is not tied to their emotions but the need for protection and provision from a male partner. These ladies are made to marry men that are much older than them because these men are wealthy. They may even become second or third wives. However, this situation does not bother the girls as long as they get to have access to the man’s money.

Those who are not married, do not have good jobs or rich sponsors, also consider dating much older men who would be responsible for them financially. The relationship is transactional; sexual intimacy for financial help. Some of these ladies go-ahead to have multiple men within this category, just to ensure their financial needs are completely met.

However, some frown on casual forms of relationship and dating, having multiple lovers or exchanging sex for money. About 95% of the population is made of Christians. As such, there is still this restraint by the religious beliefs they hold. These are waiting for the right man to come by, and are willing to remain celibate while they do so.

If you are interested in the last category of girls, you should ensure that your motives are clear and your intentions are right. If you win her heart, and you two date, remember that the focus is to get married. Her family would be fully involved, so its best you stir clear away if you do not intend to stay in a stable relationship.

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Namibian Women (age 30 - 45)

Namibian women within this category would most likely be fatter and not as adventurous and thrilled as the younger ladies. Most of them would be focused on their families if married.

If not, they would likely be single parents or with cohabiting partners. There would also be those who are single and practicing celibacy while waiting for the right partners. Those how have jobs would also have their minds on their occupations.

If your interest is dating a woman in this category, you should go for the single ladies. It is important to note that she may have a child or children, and you have to be willing to accept her kids if you intend dating her. Another set of women eligible for you to date is the divorcees among them. The rate of divorce though low in the city is on the rise. This is due to alcohol abuse, infidelity and extramarital affairs, modernization, and increased rate of female literacy.

An extramarital relationship is forbidden for the women and you would hardly find anyone willing to risk her reputation, family honor, and her position by her husband, for a relationship with you. Family is a priority to these women, and their children occupy the top of the list.

If you get to date any unmarried woman within this age bracket, be very clear about your intentions with her. She would be more willing to get into a committed relationship that has the possibility of leading to marriage, with a foreigner than she would be with any of the local men. If your intentions are not geared in that direction, you should be on the same page rather than wasting her time.

Namibian Ladies (age 45+)

It would be quite strange to see ladies within this age bracket who would be interested in relationships, dating, or romantic moments. Most of these women have their hearts, minds, and eyes on their families. They would also be more concerned with other members of the extended families, not just the immediate.

Women within this category are seen to have had their fill of romantic and sexual intimacy. Even if they still have the interest, they would prefer being very discreet about it, to avoid being criticized. However, this only applies to women who are either not married or are widows. The result would be a complete negative for the married ones.

Infidelity is highly frowned upon if committed by the Namibian woman. No excuse is sufficient for it. The belief is once a man has paid her bride price and met all the requirements by her family; she belongs to the man. Hence, while the man can go scot-free with extramarital affairs, the married woman cannot.

If you strongly desire to date a Namibian woman with is age bracket, then your best bet would be with a Divorcee or Widow. The rate of divorce though low is on the increase and women are seeking to be liberated from the control of the men due to cases of infidelity, alcoholism, and domestic violence. Widows also go through a hard grieving process that some of them become traumatized and depressed after.

Dating a woman within this age bracket would require you to be mature, understanding, and support. You should consider that their focus and priorities would be quite different from younger women. You should also not expect them to be as sexually desirous or adventurous as the latter.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

While in Windhoek, you would come across many foreign ladies because it is not just the capital city but the administrative, economic, and cultural center. It is also the first place you experience while coming by air. Therefore, it is home to many foreigners, expatriates, and tourists.

Dating or starting a relationship with any of the foreign girls would be unlike from the local girls, due to differences in societal expectations, family, and socialization. The foreign lady may not as shy and reserved as the local girl. She may be more expressive and assertive. It is more likely she would be more outgoing and fun-loving.

However, you would not expect to as submissive and respectful as the local girl who believes in gender roles and inequality. She may be the kind of lady who foots the bills on a date, unlike the local girl who expects the man to bear all financial responsibilities.

Dating or finding love with a foreign girl in the city is very possible, especially if you two connect on many levels. It is even possible to meet a lady from your part of the world. Winning her heart may not be a herculean task if you are confident, look stylish, speak smartly, and have a pleasant aura.


Sex with local Namibia girls is a bit tricky or complicated. This is because there are different categories of girls with a unique approach to such matters. All of them are residing in the city and you cannot tell by looking at their facial features which group they belong to.

There is a group of local girls who have been taught the value of modesty and chastity. These hold on to preserving their dignity right from puberty while waiting to be married. If you approach these set of girls, be sure you have the right proposal because their only interest is a stable and committed relationship. Being attracted to you as a tourist does not mean they would be willing to hop into bed with you.

The next group is made of local girls who have not been very faithful to preserving themselves until marriage. A contributing factor may be ignorance on the subject of sex leading to experimentation during their teens. These girls are not necessarily interested in casual forms of dating or flings. However, if they are in a relationship or dating, they would not be against it. Since the culture teaches the women to be passive, you should not expect the ladies within this group to be as adventurous during sex or to take the initiative.

The next group is made of girls are those who see sex as a transactional process. These have left behind all the training on morals and virtues they have received. They live intending to defeat poverty and make a better life. Hence, they are ready to consent to sexual intimacy with any man who has the intention and capacity to do so. They are on the lookout for such mean, and would not mind flirting with you once they sight you. As a tourist, you are top on their list. They would not mind casual flings and short forms of sexual pleasure. During sex, they would go the extra mile to impress in the hope that it affects the financial reward they are expecting.

Another set of local girls who are ready to engage in hookups, casual flings, and short romantic moments are the sex workers. You would find them hanging in different bars, street sides, restaurants, clubs, and hotels at night. Prostitution is legal and heavily practiced in the city.

Sex Culture

The subject ‘sex’ is a taboo in most households. If you dare to mention it or even attempt to discuss it, you would be met with a stern warning. Besides this, you would be regarded as vulgar, just for mentioning the word. Many parents cannot imagine their children engaging in sex, even though it is occurring among them.

The young ones are denied sex education. However, this would not stop the effect of hormones on the functionality of their bodies as they approach puberty. Due to ignorance and curiosity, many of them engage in sexual experimentation and unsafe sex, which would lead to premarital pregnancies.

Those who preserve their dignity would do so out of fear; fear of societal reactions, early pregnancies, and STDs. Another reason is an attempt to protect their family reputation in the eye of the public. Parents whose children are caught in the cat or whose daughter has an early pregnancy often face shame and stigmatization. They are said not to have done a good job in raising their children.

Most of the ladies would want to wait until they are officially married or within the boundaries of their relationship. This is excluding those who do so as a means of making money. There is a high disparity income among the people and many still live in poverty. The rate of poverty would deny them education. This would, in turn, render them incapable of getting a good job. Some of them would not find a marital partner as the local people highly value education.

Extramarital relationships are not permitted among women. The men may have the freedom, and society would look elsewhere even when they are caught. On the other hand, women are disgraced, penalized, and stigmatized.

One-Night Stands

Your chance of one night stands with a local girl from the city is very low. These girls are not interested in such forms of sexual pleasure. They would rather keep themselves until they are ready to get married.

The only possibility of one night stands is with the category of girls who use sexual intimacy as a form of business. It is a 'give and take' situation. Among this category are the sex workers.

One night stands can also be possible with the foreign ladies in the city who would be interested in such means of adventure. If you visit clubs, bars, and restaurants at night, you can get yourself acquainted with such girls and have yourself a company for the night.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

To meet the single ladies in the city, you cannot possibly walk right into their homes. You would have to wait for a good time while they are outdoor to interact with them and introduce yourself.

You would find a lot of beautiful single ladies outdoor, especially if you visit certain places. These places include the universities and colleges, the markets and shopping malls, museums and art galleries, parks and gardens, historical sites and landmarks, religious institutions, wildlife conservation centers. At night, places you can meet single ladies include the many bars, night clubs, restaurants, pubs, lounges, cafes, and hotels.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Windhoek has an exciting nightlife scene. There are many bars, clubs to visit. In most of these places, you would find expatriates, tourists, and other foreigners. Having a local guide to show you around can also be very helpful. Within these hotspots, you would find beautiful and friendly single ladies ready to mingle.

Popular places you can visit at night include:

Shopping Malls

As the economic, commercial, and cultural center of the country, you should expect to see many shopping malls. You would find various shops selling almost everything you need for daily life. You would find many single ladies in these places, shopping for their needs.

If you come across, a girl you love, be confident to approach her and start a conversation. You can also help her with shopping and buy her simple gifts while at it.

Some shopping malls in the city include:

  • Grove Mall
  • Wernhil Park
  • Carl List
  • Maerua Mall
  • Auas Valley Mall
  • Town Square
  • Katutura Shoprite
  • Pelican Square
  • Wecke & Voigts
  • Westlane Shopping Center
  • Game
  • Black Chain
  • Khomes Grove
  • Eros Shopping Centre
  • Klein Windhoek
  • Megacentre
  • Bougain Villas Center
  • Baines Centre
  • Jet Windhoek Town
  • Namibia Craft Centre


As earlier said, there are many cool places outdoor where you can find and meet beautiful single ladies in the city. Some cool spots outdoor when you can find the love of your life in Windhoek include:

  • National Gallery of Namibia
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Elisenheim Guest Farm
  • Gibeon Meteorites
  • National Art Gallery
  • Zoo Park
  • Reiterdenkmal
  • Daan Viljoen Game Reserve
  • Tintenpalast
  • Independence Memorial Museum
  • Avis Dam Nature Reserve
  • Alte Feste
  • Parliament Gardens
  • Heroes’ Acre
  • Christuskirche
Independence Memorial Museum

Universities and Colleges

You can also meet pretty single ladies within the walls of universities and colleges. You can take them to nice spots around the school and get to know them better before asking them out. You have to be sure about who you are conversing with and look beyond her outward appearance before concluding she is the one. Some universities and colleges in the city include:

  • University of Namibia
  • Namibia University of Science and Technology
  • International University of Management
  • Institute of Information Technology
  • College of the Arts


Windhoek is a city where relationships can start, flourish, and be solidified into marriage. Once you find the right girl among the many beautiful women in the city, approach her and start a conversation. Avoid any topic on ethnic groups and just focus on her family. You can also speak about the cultural heritage of the people.

Maintain personal space and avoid public display of affection. You can complement her but restrain from using lewd or vulgar words. You may attract disaffection from the lady if you do so. Ensure you do what is necessary on your part to win the approval of her family and friends as that would mean a lot to her.

Walk confidently and speak smartly. The local people love an educated mind. However, going to the extent it becomes a show-off. Dress casually but avoid overexposure of your body parts. Always put into consideration the conservative nature of society.

You can also start a relationship with foreign girls in the city. Some of them may be interested in dating you, seeing you are a foreigner like them. It is possible to even meet a foreign lady with a similar culture as yours.

Holiday Romance

Holiday Romance, a short form of romantic engagement with no commitments can also be done within the city. There are nice hotels with different prices, such that you should be able to afford one.

You can also find a partner among the local ladies. However, you would have to sharpen your gaming skills for this as many of the local girls would turn down your offer. Theirs is a conservative society and they were taught to disregard such offers. They consider girls who engage in such as promiscuous and irresponsible, considering that the engagement has no direction.

However, be aware that it would be difficult to find a local lady who would not expect a monetary reward before or when it is over. This is the major reason why they would engage in such, not for pleasure. The need to survive and cope with the cost of living within the city has made these girls drop their moral values at home.

The foreign ladies maybe your best option for a holiday romance. Unlike the local girls, they may not be expectant of any monetary reward. This is especially for those on a short stay who would just be interested in the adventure and the thrill.

Tips for Successful Relationship

To have a successful relationship with a Namibian lady, the following tips could help:

Family: If you succeed in impressing and getting the approval of her family members, you have a 50% victory. Otherwise, the relationship may turn sore over time. To the local girls, the family is very important and if their parents refuse, it is because they have sensed something negative. They would rather obey their parents than refuse them.

Communication: This is a key factor for the success of a relationship. If both of you speak English, it would be easier to have a conversation. Your lady would love humor. Include that in your discussion. Ensure you stay on safe lines and avoid provocative topics. You two should be able to communicate effectively the way you feel about issues.

Respect: Respect and Love are two sides of a coin. No one can claim to love you if they do not respect you. This is an essential ingredient in any successful relationship. Respect for choices, opinions, ideas, families, cultural heritage, and decisions. This is something your local Namibian woman would value, considering the attitude of the local men.


Love is a universal language understood by everyone. It transcends races, tribes, languages, ages, and religions. Many people live every day in search of someone to share this feeling with. It is common knowledge that this feeling makes a person feel like they are gliding in space. Just hearing the voice of your lover can brighten your day.

However, so many emotions have been confused for love, including lust. Love must be reciprocated and not used as a platform for selfish gains. It is possible to find love in Windhoek. While you are at it, ensure you are not dealing with a gold digger. Some of the local girls may confess love to you over and over again, all for the aim of getting you to be trust them and be comfortable around them. This way, they can easily get money out of you.

The foreign ladies in the country are not left out of the love circle. They are also a good option. You should let your heartbeat for the one it chooses; whether local or foreign. The most important factor is being sure she loves you and is the right one for you. A mistake in relationships can cause heartaches and traumas. There are people who throughout their lifetime never recover from such.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

The presence of gold-diggers among the local ladies makes it imperative that you ensure the woman you have chosen as a partner is the right one for you. An error in a relationship may lead to one in marriage, and that is a mistake you shouldn’t make. The following tips could help you confirm if she is the right one for you.

If she truly is the one for you, she would be sincere and transparent with you. There would be no pretense or ulterior motive, like those of the gold-diggers among them. She would communicate her feelings clearly and not give hidden messages.

If she is truly the one for you, she would love and care for you. She would not just say it in words but also express it in many ways. She would pay attention to your feelings and opinions on issues. She would be willing to go the extra mile to support your goals and dreams.

The right girl for you would respect your views and opinions. She may not accept them all as a robot would, but would at least listen and consider. She would also be willing to accept your leadership as the man in the relationship. She would appreciate your effort and would not put you under unnecessary pressure to provide.


Marriage ceremonies are very important occasions in the city, as it brings extended families and friends together. There are the traditional rites that can be done before or after the church wedding since most people living in the city are Christians. Some turn the reception that should occur after the church wedding into the traditional ceremony where you have people dancing, singing, and feasting. It is a good way to cut down on costs.

In old times, parents will match-make their children and some were forced into marriages. But now, they are allowed to choose their spouses. However, they must obtain the approval of their families, especially their parents. If one parent says otherwise, the wedding may not hold.

Polygamous marriages are not rare. However, many are choosing the monogamous type. The problem with the local men is that many of them practice excessive infidelity, even when in a monogamous marriage. This has led to divorce in some marriages and some single women get discouraged from marrying at all, upon seeing this trend.

Like in most African families, the man is the head and breadwinner. His place in the family as the head remains constant regardless of whether he is gainfully employed or not. The woman handles the chores at home while raising the children. Some women go to the extent of forfeiting their careers for the sake of their children.


Weddings are one of the most memorable days of a couple’s life; the day they begin life as husband and wife. As this day is very special, they would want it to be perfect. Weddings in Windhoek are a big deal and every member of both families is expected to help out in the way they can to ensure it comes off as a success. You have people cheering you on, including strangers.

You also have wedding organizers who can plan your day to avoid any kind of hitches. One major challenge while planning a wedding is the venue. In Windhoek, several beautiful and exotic venues can be used to add color to your day. Some of these venues are:

  • Out of Nature Country Lodge
  • Namibgren’s Guest House
  • Gecko Ridge Desert
  • Lapa Lange Game Lodge
  • Okahandja Country Hotel
  • BON Hotel
  • Ngandu at Sea
  • Bird’s Mansions Hotel
  • The Courtyard
  • Absolute Collection
  • Soft Adventure
  • Hotel Safari
  • Mission Lodge
  • Midgard Country Estate
  • Windhoek Country Club
  • Heja Game Lodge

Family Life

Although Windhoek is expensive to live in and housing is the most costly, it still is a good place to raise a family. It is a clean and safe city, with beautiful scenery. There are constant water and power supply, and you have access to basic amenities. It is also not as crowded as other cities in the country.

You have quality educational institutions that the children can attend. Many places can serve as a source of family entertainment. The city is less dangerous and the crime rate is not as high as some other major cities in the continent. There are also many opportunities to start a unique business of your choice.

The people of Namibia are friendly and accommodating. Hence, you would not face problems with racism. The road network is fairly good, and the city has a lot of places that could serve for sightseeing. You can get good and safe food in the city. The official language is also English, which makes it easy for you to communicate with the locals. There are many shopping malls and markets where you can get basic commodities .

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