Guide for dating in Vilnius helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Lithuanian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Lithuanian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Vilnius. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Party at the Kablys club in Vilnius

Girls in Vilnius:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in Vilnius:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2.5 / 5

Sex in Vilnius:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Vilnius:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$200 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $250


Vilnius is the capital and largest city of Lithuania. It lies on the bank of the Neris River and has approximately 560,000 inhabitants. Inhabited since the Middle Ages, Vilnius has always been a multinational city with Polish, German, Jewish, Russian and Belarusian people making up a substantial share of its population. According to the last census of 2011, the population included 63.2% Lithuanians, 16.5% Poles, 12% Russians, 3.5% Belarusians, and 1.0% Ukrainians. Vilnius is known for its baroque architecture, seen especially in its medieval Old Town. But the buildings lining this district’s partially cobblestoned streets reflect diverse styles and eras. When looking for tips for dating a Lithuanian woman, the important thing is to consider what she enjoys doing. Don’t just make up her mind for her and decide where you are going. Ask her what she likes to do. Many younger Lithuanian women enjoy getting dressed up and going out to fancy bars and clubs while there will be those that prefer going for something nice to eat in a restaurant. Let her choose what she wants to do. Lithuanian women, while independent, still like to have a nice guy by their side.

Dating Culture

In Lithuania, dating is less accentuated than in some Western societies, as the number of lifetime partners (including sexual partners) is much lower among the Lithuanians. However, with no "arranged marriages", Lithuania has more dating than most Eastern societies. The majority of Lithuanian couples and families are formed through a rather slow relationship transformation from that of classmates, co-workers, and friends or otherwise into that of a boyfriend and girlfriend. However, there is also an active "dating scene" where casual relations are practiced.

Traditionally, nightclubs were the most popular place to purposefully seek a person to date, especially for one night stands and short-term affairs. However, the majority of families in Lithuania are made by people who met their spouses somewhere in their lives, e.g. school, university or workplace.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

Dating in Vilnius can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Vilnius and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

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Lithuanian women are tall and generally slender with very long hair and that stereotypical "Russian looking" face. Lithuanians can have mixes of looks with their Polish, Belarusian and Baltic cousins. So you'll see a nice blend of Slavic meets Baltic. Dark hair and light eyes are very common. Some girls even have an olive skin tone to them. They are slim and in shape. The McDonalds' overload doesn't seem to be having as much effect here as in other parts of Eastern Europe.

Lithuanian women are smart and generally extraverted. It’s a small country with a unique language and strong social cohesion. Religion and family are important. The notch hungry player starving for +9 9s may be asking for too much on a trip to Lithuania. The girls are friendly, and also savvy. They know you’re a foreigner, they know what you’re looking for. The question is: do your goals match hers?

You'll find more western-oriented Lithuanians during nightlife where fast sex may be possible. Clubs will see lots of groups partying together, so it may not be the best bet for getting good approaches in, but you never know. There are lots of bars, and also lots of hipster bars. If you're in town for a short time, one of the western-minded fast-sex hipster girls would be your best bet. Quality is very much hit or miss in these places.

Lithuanian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Girls right here have remarkable components of look: they are slim as well as tall, their hair is typically blonde and their eyes are blue, grey or environment-friendly. It is worth noting that you will hardly enjoy the assortment in terms of females’ appearance in Lithuania however if you possess a certain sort of girl you enjoy as well as it' s Nordic-type gals, this country is the best place for you.

Ladies in Lithuania know just how to look beautiful. Their appearances are usually informal but sophisticated that permits all of them to stress their look. When it involves jewelry and make-up, women listed below carry out not make use of a lot of it. They favor organic elegance over lots of cosmetics, therefore you hardly ever find a Lithuanian woman along with bright make-up or even a great deal of rings on her fingers.

Most girls and also young women in this nation are well-read and also entirely current with what’ s taking place in the remainder of the world. Kind and loving, they are open to other lifestyles and know exactly how to express heat and also authentic enthusiasm in other individuals.

Lithuanian Women (age 30 - 45)

Mothers as well as grannies in Lithuania pay a considerable amount of attention to elevating their children, consequently a large number of Lithuanian females act adequately and also know how to offer themselves according to the condition. They know exactly how to function in a brand new business of folks and also just how to create an excellent impression, therefore you are going to not be sorry for having such a buddy while meeting with good friends or even associates.

Because the girls of this nation take excellent care about their look, they will substantially value a guy that knows exactly how to look his best. It is additionally a noticeable benefit if the fella appreciates the charm as well as the intellect of his day, and comments on it.

Lithuanian Ladies (age 45+)

In Lithuania, women have developed a mix of values that would impress almost all men. On the one hand, local ladies strive for career success, high salaries, and equal salaries as other European women do. On the other hand, they love to feel their men taking care of them, paying the bill in a restaurant and putting off their coat. Moreover, they want to start a family and raise kids with their husbands.

Such a duality of values and life goals can be explained by the history of the state. Desire to create a family and care about it is coming from the Soviet past, while they strive for better jobs and rewards is due to the move to the European Union.

All in all, if you’d like to have a woman who is not only keeping the house and cares about kids but also has a favorite job, you will find her in Lithuania.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

In Vilnius, many foreign girls are tourists Vilnius offers different museums of art, nature, architecture, history, science, theatre, music and cinema, literature, as well as memorial museums. All these attract many foreign girls. Another group of foreign girls in the city are immigrants, especially from neighboring countries. Poles in Lithuania are the largest minority, concentrated in the southeast -Vilnius region. Russians in Lithuania are the second-largest minority, concentrated mostly in two cities. They constitute sizable minorities in Vilnius.


In Lithuania the woman is mainly seen as an object of male desire, it is not acceptable for her to talk about her sexuality explicitly. In Lithuania, the discussion of female sexuality is seen as a male prerogative.

Sex Culture

It is shown that young adult Lithuanians tend to view romantic love as an initial and temporary “dreaming” stage in a love relation. This stage is differentiated from ordinary life and is very “poetic” but ends either in separation or in a transformation into “real” or “true” love. Romantic love, as a temporary and poetic form of love, is typically practiced during the period when males and females are pursuing career goals. Thus, young adult Lithuanians may adopt values of sexual-romantic permissiveness during this time.

One-Night Stands

Many Lithuanians hook up and have sex only to go their separate ways in the morning. This has been also greatly influenced by the great number of foreigners who come into the country for different reasons. These foreign women are seldom looking for long term relationships but will be content with one-night stands.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Lithuania's capital has an Old Town of rare authenticity: marvelously intact, its pebbly streets are lined with weather-worn period buildings that hide cafes, boutiques and dainty guesthouses. Vilnius does not hide its battle scars. The city was once nicknamed the 'Jerusalem of the north' but its Jewish community was largely destroyed in

Though a capital city, Vilnius feels much like an overgrown village. It's carpeted with green spaces, which cover around 40% of its area and studded with venerable Catholic and Orthodox Church spires. But this is no Eastern European antique: artists, punks and a self-declared micro-nation keep Vilnius cutting-edge.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Vilnius has an extremely lively nightlife, which consists of the best music, cocktails, and people in Lithuania and probably in the entire Baltic States:

  • Loftas: Loftas is one of the biggest night clubs in Vilnius, located in an old industrial building, which is now a place where people go crazy during the weekends. The owner of the place is famous in the Lithuanian music world, so he has a lot of contacts and always makes sure to invite the best DJs and musicians from all over the world.
  • Opium: If you are a fan of electronic music, Opium is the best choice in Vilnius. Owners constantly prove that they can find ways to top themselves every time just when it seems like Opium could not get any better. One of the best high-end sound systems in Vilnius and perfect taste in electronic music make this place a brightly shining gem in Vilnius’ nightlife scene.
  • Tamsta Club: Some of the best live music concerts happen in Tamsta Club, so you must keep an eye on their schedule if you are planning to party in Vilnius. The style of music changes every night, as the owners try to invite the best live bands of every genre from all over the world to ensure diversity while keeping high standards at the same time.
  • Soho Club: Soho Club is the most popular gay club in Vilnius with deep traditions and a huge LGBT community. It has friendly staff, good music, and a cozy atmosphere, so everyone who loves good LGBT parties should visit Soho while partying in Vilnius.
  • Bix: People who enjoy heavier music, including rock and metal, should make a stop at Bix, the best rock music club in Vilnius. If that is not enough, Bix offers the cheapest food in town with friendly waitresses and skilled bartenders. All you need to do is order some food on the top floor, have a drink with your friends on the ground floor, and hit the dance floor, which is located in the basement.
  • Culture Bar Kablys: Culture Bar Kablys is the largest nightclub in Lithuania, offering the best parties and the craziest cultural events. Locals know that they can show up at Kablys any time of the week, including Mondays, and find a party going on because this place never sleeps. There is also a big skate park located inside of the building.
  • Salento: Salento might not be the most popular club among the locals, but it is the favorite place of Vilnius’ exchange students, so the party never stops in Salento. The staff is very professional and friendly, and the prices are not high, so it is a perfect place for younger people who love to go crazy on a dance floor to the most popular dance music in the world.
  • Pabo Latino: With three halls and two bars of sheer class, Pabo Latino pumps out music that's either live or courtesy of some excellent DJs, while its massive cocktail menu is full of refreshing delights. The club of choice for 20- and 30-something professionals, its keeps a tough-but-fair door policy so that what you get inside is a well-behaved bunch of smart, good-looking people out for a fun evening in pleasant and sometimes wild surroundings.
  • Pantera: Enjoy cool cocktails and hot clubbing at this thumpingly popular venue on the edge of the Old Town, where the crowd who make past the hardworking face control are young, fashionable and supremely attractive, while the place itself is much the same.
  • Baras Kablys: This venue can offer almost everything: from cultural events like slam poetry readings to coolest parties and concerts in town. Furthermore, they have a hostel upstairs, a cafe to have a bite while partying and a skatepark in the same building. It's the place where you can come even on Monday and join a great party.

Shopping Malls

Some of the malls in Vilnius include:

  • Oza
  • Akropolis
  • Europa
  • G9
  • Outlet Park
  • Estacion
  • PC Mandarinas
  • CUP


Founded in 1579 during the Catholic Counter-Reformation, Vilnius University was run by Jesuits for two centuries. During the 19th century, it became one of Europe's greatest centers of learning, and the university survived shutdown by Tsar Nicholas I, rebranding under Soviet rule and closure by the Nazis. Its spectacular architectural ensemble includes a 64m bell tower, baroque church, courtyard and fresco-laden hall, all of which are open to visitors.

This former headquarters of the KGB (and before them the Gestapo, Polish occupiers and Tsarist judiciary) houses a museum dedicated to thousands of members of the Lithuanian resistance who were murdered, imprisoned or deported by the Soviet Union from World War II until the 1960s. Backlit photographs, wooden annexes and a disorienting layout sharpen the impact of past horrors outlined in graphic detail. Most unsettling is the descent to the prison cells, and one especially padded to muffle sounds coming from within.

Katedros aikštė buzzes with local life. In the 19th century markets and fairs were held here and a moat ran around what is now the square’s perimeter so that ships could sail to the cathedral door. Within the moat were walls and towers, the only remaining part of which is the 57m-tall belfry near the cathedral’s western end.

One of the main branches of the Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum, the Tolerance Centre is simultaneously a museum of Jewish history and culture and a performance space. Its multimedia exposition about the Holocaust is movingly framed from the perspective of a child, and stories of survival and defiance are grippingly told.

Climb the creaky stairs into the free-standing belfry of Vilnius Cathedral, once part of the city's 13th-century defenses. Towering 57m high, it's one of the city's oldest brick buildings as well as Vilnius' most recognizable landmark. Bells dating back to the 15th century dangle in the small exhibition space, but the primary reasons to navigate the narrow ladders and stairwells are the priceless views across the city. At 5 pm, listen to the bells ring for several minutes.

Sts Johns' Church: The full name is 'Church of St Johns, St John the Baptist and St John the Apostle and Evangelist', but 'Sts Johns' (plural) will do nicely. Founded in 1387, it predates the 16th-century university within which it is situated, although the present late-baroque structure was built following an 18th-century fire. Its freestanding campanile is the tallest structure in Old Town and contains a Foucault's Pendulum demonstrating the rotation of the earth. Views from the top are splendid.

Stately Vilnius Cathedral, divorced from its freestanding belfry, is a national symbol and the city's most instantly recognizable building. Known in full as the Cathedral of St Stanislav and St Vladislav, this columned neoclassical cathedral occupies a spot originally used for the worship of Perkūnas, the Lithuanian thunder god.

Flamboyant and Gothic St Anne's Church, a vision of undulating lines and red-brick arches, was built in 1500 on the site of a wooden church that burned to the ground. Today it's among Vilnius' most famous buildings; the turreted facade (marrying 33 different kinds of brick) inspires countless photo ops from the grassy plaza opposite.

Universities and Colleges

Some of the universities and colleges found in the country include:

  • Vilnius University
  • Mykolas Romeris University
  • Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
  • Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences
  • Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
  • Vilnius College
  • International School of Law and Business
  • Vilnius College of Technologies and Design


As it was said earlier, Lithuanian girls love their families and always put them in the first place. They spend a lot of time with their relatives. So it can be cold like some kind of custom. When a couple goes to guests, friends or relatives, they usually go together. That shows that their feelings are real and their relationship is serious. It also usually happens when a couple spends an evening with relatives together. They like to spend it together, as it is like a couple of goals. In a relationship, you have to respect each other. It is very important if it goes about a serious and real relationship. Also, do not forget to respect her friends and people she communicates with. She needs to understand that you believe her so she could believe you. It is a very good thing when you love someone. Like in other countries, a man is said to be a protection for the girl. You need to pay attention to know what is going on in your date`s life. Women in Lithuania like it when men take care and ask them common questions like how one’s day was and so on.

This is well-known that man should pay. Sometimes women want to look independent. They ask to pay the bill or for example, buy tickets in the cinema by themselves. Here man should say that he will pay. For dinner, tickets and so on. It is always the man`s job to cover different expenses. It cannot be called as it is a rule. It is a thing that every well-educated person knows. It can also be said about offering to carry bags or briefcases. If you see that it is heavy, offer to take it. The girl will like this action. It can also show her that you have good manners.

Holiday Romance

When you go on a solo adventure, you learn to expect the unexpected… but travelers rarely anticipate the unexpected could be a holiday or travel romance. It is easier than we think to find love while traveling; we are usually at the top of our game after all. More laid back, outside of our regular environment, far from the pressure of work and maybe the gaze of our friends and families, we break free from some of the restrictions we – consciously or not – put on ourselves at home. That’s usually how we make it possible for love to catch us off guard.

The instability inherent to travel tends to make holiday romances very special; because they are limited in time and space, they are often an accelerated version of a traditional love story. You meet, you live, you part, sometimes in a timespan of a few days. From traveling solo, you suddenly jump into a full-on adventure with somebody, spending all your time with them while knowing you might only have a couple of days to enjoy their company. The setting only amplifies both the love and the location. Add the fact that short-lived romances are usually exempt from the pressure of tomorrow, and get ready for one of the most emotional journeys of your trip.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Although actions indeed speak louder than words, words often speak more clearly than actions. Take a moment now and then to verbalize your feelings for your partner. A simple "I love you" or "You mean the world to me" can go a long way towards making your significant other feel wanted, cared for, and secure in your relationship.

  • Small acts of physical intimacy – the hand on the small of the back as you brush by in the hallway, your arm around their shoulder on the sofa, your hand on their thigh when seated side-by-side, holding hands while walking down the street – give your partner a warm feeling and convey the love and affection you feel for them. The littlest touch can be as important, or even more important, than the longest night of sexual intimacy.
  • Let your partner know regularly what it is that you like most about them – what you admire, what makes you proud, what their strengths are in your eyes. Building a romantic relationship isn't just about the initial bonding – it's about encouraging and supporting each other's growth throughout your lives. Help your partner achieve his or her potential by constantly building them up.
  • Don’t keep your likes and dislikes, dreams and fears, achievements and mistakes, or anything else to yourself. If it’s important to you, share it with your partner. More than that, be sure to share more with your partner than you do with anyone else. While there is certainly a need for some personal space in even the closest relationship, give as much of yourself and your time as you can bear to your partner.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to give material tokens of your love. Just the right book picked up at the bookstore, a special dessert, a piece of jewelry or clothing you noticed at the store – anything small or large that tells them you were thinking of them. Leave a love note for them, or send them an SMS at work to "I love you" – again, the little reminder that they're always on your mind will help your partner feel better about themselves and secure in your relationship.

A big killer of relationships is unreasonable expectations. Unless you married a robot, your partner comes pre-loaded with a whole range of human failures and foibles. These are features, not bugs! Learn to recognize and appreciate your partner’s quirks for what they are: an essential part of who they are as people. Since our weaknesses are often at the core of our deepest insecurities, make sure you don’t pick on or otherwise go out of your way to highlight your partner’s flaws.

No matter how busy both of your lives are, make sure you commit at least an evening every week or two to be alone together. Have new experiences, share your stories, and just generally enjoy each other’s company.


Recent cross-cultural studies indicate that sexual permissiveness is culturally accepted, endorsed and practiced in the Baltic States. Flaws in these studies are pointed out and a more extensive multi-method approach is used to examine Lithuanian conceptions and practices of romantic love and to propose a cultural model of romantic love. It is shown that young adult Lithuanians tend to view romantic love as an initial and temporary "dreaming" stage in a love relation. This stage is differentiated from ordinary life and is very "poetic" but ends either in separation or in a transformation into "real" or "true" love.

Romantic love, as a temporary and poetic form of love, is typically practiced during the period when males and females are pursuing career goals. Thus, young adult Lithuanians may adopt values of sexual-romantic permissiveness during this time. Once they are established on a career path they are more likely to attend to the business of marriage. "True" rather than "romantic" love then becomes the criterion for a successful marriage.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

There comes a certain point in a relationship where you need to decide whether you'll introduce your girlfriend to your friends and family. A certain level of the intermingling of your worlds is inevitable even in fairly casual relationships — it's not a huge deal for a partner you're not certain about to have met some of your friends, for example — but meeting family, and in particular your parents, is usually a sign you're looking to take things to the next level.

One obvious sign that you're onto a winner is if you find yourself constantly daydreaming about a future together with your girlfriend. If the idea of getting married, having kids, buying a house or embarking on a long-term project together fills you with joy rather than dread, you should take that as a sign that your relationship has the potential to last the ages.

It's easy to find your partner attractive when you first start dating. Hormones are flying, the relationship is full of novelty, and you've yet to discover your partner's most grating bathroom habits. But this rush of initial attraction will inevitably fade if you don't have enough basic compatibility to keep each other interested — intellectually, emotionally and sexually.

If you're going to be with your partner for a long duration, you're going to need to be able to endure life's hardships together. Life is not always smooth sailing, and neither are relationships, so being able to weather the down times with a sense of humor is a must. Of course, it's not all doom and gloom, and a sense of humor also makes life's high points even more blissful. Either way, being able to laugh together is crucially important, so if you've found someone who can make you see the lighter side of life, hold on to her.

Life gets pretty boring if you can't occasionally chew the fat until dawn with someone you care about, and who better to do that with than your live-in, long-term partner? If you and your current girlfriend can't sustain a conversation about topics deeper than today's weather for longer than 20 minutes at a time, you probably haven't found your soul mate.

Your partner should be one of your favorite people to hang out with, point-blank. Even if the relationship is past the point where you are giddy at the idea of seeing each other, you should still actively look forward to being around your partner — if she's the one, that is. If it feels like a chore to be around her or you're constantly bickering about minor, insignificant matters then that may be a sign you're better off spending your time with somebody else.


At least one of the individuals to be married must be either a Lithuanian citizen, a resident of Lithuania, or have Lithuanian ancestry. Two foreigners with no prior ties to Lithuania will likely not be able to meet the requirements to be married in Lithuania. The minimum age to marry is 18.

Individuals wishing to get married in Lithuania need to fill out the required forms and submit them along with their passport, birth certificate, and required documents (listed below) to the Civil Registry Office (Marriage Palace). The application is submitted to that registry office where one of the future spouses or their parents has declared the place of residence.

The following documents are to be submitted:

  • Documents certifying the identity of the person
  • Certificates of birth (in some cases not required, however, it is recommended to bring it)
  • If a person who intends to contract marriage is a citizen of a foreign country, additionally a document issued by the competent authorities of his/her state certifying that there are no obstacles to his/her marriage (i.e., a certificate that a person had not contracted another, at the time still valid, marriage) must be submitted. If a citizen of a foreign state is divorced or a widower, a document issued by the competent authorities of his/her country certifying his/her divorce or the death of his ex-spouse.

Documents of a citizen of a foreign country (except for the passport) must be legalized or certified with an Apostille (except for the documents issued in Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Moldova and Ukraine) and translated into the Lithuanian language.

There is no bar to church weddings, but it is necessary to complete the civil procedure above to obtain the official marriage certificate. Church marriage with a foreigner is regulated by Church canons and should best be discussed with the Church of your choice.


About a week before the wedding a bride has a hen party or "mergvakaris" like it is known in Lithuania. A groom on the other side organizes a stag party or "bernvakaris".

There is a lovely tradition held at the hen party. A bride makes a wreath of rue ("ruta"). Rue (ruta graveolens) is a national plant of Lithuania. It is a symbol of virginity, purity and premarital life and worn at traditional Lithuanian weddings. The civil wedding ceremony is held in the Town Hall while that religious one is held in the church. Most Lithuanians are Roman Catholics.

After the ceremony, it is time to take numerous photos. According to a local tradition, a special place for taking wedding photos is a bridge. A groom often carries his bride across the bride. Together they put a lock on the bridge and throw the key into the river. Previously they wrote their names on the lock.

The bride and groom are given some work to do. For example, sometimes they are sawing a log. There they show how well they function together. Everything is done under the supervision of a matchmaker or a best man. The bride and groom will not be able to take a seat. Their chairs are already occupied by another couple. Luckily it is not the real couple. A man is dressed as a bride. The groom is a woman. The problem will be solved by the matchmaker. There is a piece of cloth on his shoulder. On this cloth, you can read the following text "the best man - the best liar". A funny dialogue is started. The matchmaker must "win" the chairs where the newlyweds should sit back. After some time he succeeds and the wedding reception can begin.

The already mentioned matchmaker is a very important guy who manages the whole party. In one tradition he even teaches the groom how to kiss the bride. An important part of the wedding reception starts after midnight. All the guests sing a traditional wedding song "We wish you happy long years". During this song parents give a specially-decorated candle to the couple. The wreath of ruta is then removed from the bride's veil. The wreath is then burned.

The bride takes off her veil and gives it to the bridesmaid. The bride then puts a white scarf on her head. The groom takes a flower that was attached to his suit and gives it to the groomsman. From that moment the groom has a cap on his head. The bride and groom then jointly cut the wedding cake.

Family Life

The basis of the Lithuanian nation is the nuclear family. The number of kids has been decreasing recently; today a family of four (two parents and two children) is the social norm. It is now acceptable for couples to forego marriage.

Lithuanian language has a multitude of words to describe obscure family relations (e.g. "kaliboba" - 4th husband, "dieveris" - husband's brother, "laigonas" - wife's brother). This signifies the importance a wider family once had but today these words are largely forgotten. Under the Soviet occupation, it was common to relocate people - therefore now relatives rarely live nearby and meet only on special occasions if at all.

Housing shortage under the Soviet occupation meant that three generations typically had to share the same apartment. This changed now and adult children usually move out (although may still be supported financially), largely breaking free from parental control.

The husband and wife usually share the income with the wife spending more. Student children are given limited allowances on family money. A family may also give money and other support to their parents and a few other relatives in dire straits. It is regarded to be dishonorable if one's parents are in poverty when that person is relatively wealthy. Moreover, it is considered equally dishonorable to put the parents into any senior facility, which are low-quality in Lithuania. However, regardless of how rich someone is, he is not expected to share very much of it with his parents: he is just expected to keep them above the poverty line and to enable them to live on their own.

Lithuanian child parenting styles and values vary greatly from family to family, and libertarian laws respect this. Any state intervention into child-rearing (which is common in the West) is generally frowned upon.

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