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Guide for dating in Tokyo helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Japanese women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Japanese girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Tokyo. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Tokyo, Japan.

Girls in Tokyo:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Tokyo:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Tokyo:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Tokyo:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $600
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $450


Tokyo city is the capital of Japan and the most populous conurbation in the world. Tokyo is amongst Japan's forty-seven prefectures that consist of twenty-three wards of central city and towns, multiple cities, and suburb towards the west of the City center. The Ogasawara Islands and Izu are an essential part of the capital of Tokyo. Tokyo was formerly known as Edo before 1986. The city has been a significant sufferer due to massive bombing in World War II. Several large parts of the capital Tokyo was devastated due to the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 and the air raids in 1945. Tokyo has innumerable choices of dining, culture, shopping, and entertainment to visitors. Tokyo also offers short train rides in the suburbs and green spaces in its city center.

You can have an exciting and fun dating experience in Tokyo. You can explore the history of the city in various historic temples, gardens, museums, and the Asakusa district. The pace and sheer size of the town will allow you to explore endless possibilities. Your dating choice may also select the kind of girl you take out for a date. Here you'll find out several adorable and pleasing Japanese girls. Japanese women are just perfect for long term relationships as well as for casual hook-ups. The Japanese women are extraordinarily beautiful from looks, heart, and their attitude as well. The girls are subtle, god-mannered, and they also concentrate on keeping their partner happy, which shows a positive trait for dating the Japanese girls. The women can take care of you and themselves at the same time.

The Japanese girls usually prefer men who’re loyal and honest and will easily forgive you when you open up your secrets beforehand. It is also better for you to discuss with your date what they’re actually up for- a casual hook up or a serious relationship. Women are very much focused on their education and career and are not the same as before, submissive and closed-off. But at the same time, they also look forward and are very keen to seek a date in their life. So it'll be easier for men to know them accurately. You'll have a remarkable impression of dating the Japanese girls in Tokyo.

Dating Culture

The women in Japan are very open towards meeting new people and also have a great interest in dating them. They truly enjoy the excitement of dating and try out several new methods to carry out their love, while few of them are too focused on building up their education and career and live a prosperous life.

If you've been living in Japan for a while, then you have the chance to meet that 'special' one. Dating an individual from a different culture is challenging and amazing at the same time. Japanese women usually don’t express or share their words and emotions directly. You should observe their facial expressions to understand what they're feeling or trying to speak, though it is difficult for men to do so. However, after you get to know each other after regular interactions and conversations, it’ll be easy for you to understand the body and facial expressions of your partner. Japanese women do not usually tend to argue directly with their partners. As of when there are any such disagreements, these women become more quiet and subdued. In general, Japanese individuals respect his/ her partner and listen to their partner while they speak without any interruption.

It is essential to choose your spoken language in case the couples don't share the standard native language. It is important to decide with your better-half and usually relies on the level of your spoken word and Japanese. You should also grasp that it is not easy for you to understand or speak your everyday language fluently and will take time to get through the common attributes in any of the words. You should have open communication and patience while you try out to learn and speak your second language. Your partner usually won't do any public display of affection like touching, holding hands, the verbal utterance of love and kissing while you're in public, with friends or your family in Japan. This sign doesn't mean that your partner doesn't love you anymore, but is a sign of respect of not showing expressions of love physically or verbally in public or if any old citizen is nearby. After you return to your home or any private location, you'll again see the other side of your partner, and the person might be very caring and loving in his/her actions and words. At the same time, if you move out of Japan with your partner, they freely show their love and affection in public.

The Japanese are usually very reserved, and till the time they are in the territory of Japan, they tend to follow the cultural mannerism which they’ve learned throughout these years. You strictly need to understand the difference between private and public and location as well. You both can have miscommunications because of several factors like the distinct dating factors of two different countries, cultural norms, language, etc. The secret to maintaining a successful relationship with a Japanese partner is by being a good listener. You should have an open mind and, at the same time, try to understand your partner's viewpoint. If you're still unknown to their culture, directly ask them what they're after and why. You should also keep in mind the essential and unique Japanese Dates like:

  • 14th February- Valentines' Day the day when women give chocolates to men, a bit different from the western culture;
  • March 14 celebrated as 'White Day' when men give chocolate to women';
  • 24th December- an exceptional day for Japanese couples.

Apart from these, you must also keep in mind your partner's birthday, your anniversary date, etc.

Some women's just after casual hookups and prefer to keep their relationship secret from society. You can go out with girls to know more about them, their likes and dislikes, try to understand what they prefer, and they'd share with you. Likewise, you should also share your viewpoints, and don’t hesitate as these girls love honest men. Japanese people don’t seem to have much interest over the foreigners, as they've trust issues and also because these foreigners don't visit there for a limited time. Thus you should speak about your goals and what your partner wants for mutual sympathy.

Online Dating

Dating in Tokyo can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Tokyo and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Japanese women are known for their beauty and pretty face. Of course, there you'll find some exceptional around, but there are several beauties all over Tokyo. The women generally have soft features like less spoken cheekbones, fair skin, and round faces. You’ll also find a few charms with green and blue eyes. Japanese women are so adorable and good-looking that they add to their charisma. The women are known to maintain and groom themselves very well as well as their long soft, shiny dark hair.

Like all other places around the world, there are also women with average looks. Honestly speaking, Tokyo is known to be the abode of the prettiest girls all over Asia. If you’ve any such interest over Asian girls, then Tokyo can be heaven to find out your dream girl as most women have a curvaceous figure, big boobs, and fair skin. Japan is undoubtedly a treat.

Japanese women in Tokyo are fun to hang out and fall in love with them. The women are hostile and have educational qualifications and are sure enough about what they exactly want in their life. You can be sure to spend a fantastic time with them and be fully spellbound at the end of the day. Maximum Japanese women are known to be aggressively enterprising and won’t compromise to reach their future objectives. For most women, it means to build a successful career while others are to look after their groom.

Most Japanese women are friendly, very eager, and open to begin their conversation when you catch them at the correct hour. Tokyo is a bustling city, so it can be a bit tough for you to approach women easily. Some women may even directly reject you after a few seconds of conversation. It is suitable for you won't have to spend much time impressing her or know whether she is actually up for you or not and thus waste your time. Often, few of the visitors find such an attitude a bit rude. But there's no need to get offended since there are plenty of options you'll approach in the city. You'll find out both kinds of women who're just after a casual hookup or even a serious relationship.

Japanese Girls (age 18 - 29)

Japanese girls of age group 18 to 29 are usually very open towards love prospects and also get themselves engaged in temporary hookups. Also, some girls wish to focus on studies, complete their higher education, and build a successful career life. Some girls go to universities and colleges who want to find out an eligible man and thereby get reliant on them to settle in being in the future. Not all girls have the same desire, and their wish entirely depends on their personalities. Most of the young ladies want to build their careers and prosper in life, which is their primary focus.

You can find several girls in this age group in almost all parts of the city. You'll also get to see girls around party scenes, bars, and pubs in Tokyo who’re after casual relationships. Girls of this age group are continuously developing their behavior, personality, and mannerisms. This age is the period when they get to know what they want in their life that affects their attitude towards life. Moreover, the Japanese girls age 18 to 29, love to meet and greet new people and go out for dates.

Japanese Women (age 30 - 45)

Most Japanese women of age group 30 to 45 have a secure career life apart from their love life. Marriage is a vital factor in Japanese culture. In the present generation, marriage isn't the endgame in every woman's life. Some women seem to manage their family, husband, children as well as their job life at the same time elegantly. Many single women of this age group love going to clubs and pubs along with their friend after finishing off their work so that you can meet women there as well.

The Japanese Women are flirty, smart, and attractive, and you'll surely enjoy having a conversation with them. Most of the single women of this age group are looking out for something valuable. You need to keep in mind to discuss beforehand with your partner on what you want in your life.

Most women in Tokyo by the age of 30 are seeking for their potential partner or are already married. However, few women enjoy the dating culture of Tokyo a lot and are known to focus on their date. If you've any thought of dating a woman of this age group, you have a wide range to choose the most desirable women for you.

Japanese Ladies (age 45+)

Tokyo works on the establishment of a flourishing economy, and several mature, wealthy, and older women primarily focus on their careers. Such women are often after a hookup with foreign visitors or young students. Caucasian men are the center point of attraction for Japanese women when it comes to Latinos, bonds, etc. The Japanese culture is very advanced and is visible through several exposures of living.

You won't find many choices of dating women age 45 and above as they're more focused on leading a prosperous family and career life. Almost all women are married by this age and avoid dating, leaving their family and career behind. But don't worry; there are few exceptions as well. Many women of this age group have a great desire to go out for dates but don't have that courage to express their feeling or desire. Online dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Omaia, etc. are suggested to find out their partner and spend time chatting online.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

English is not much spoken in Japan, so it can be tough for men who desire to date a foreigner rather than the local girls of Tokyo. So when you start a conversation with them, start slowly. Japan is a flourishing country, and Tokyo is its capital city, is an integral part of Japan. Several women, men, and even young teenagers travel to Tokyo for education and career prospective. The education standard is beaming in Tokyo because of their high standards that become the other reason for people to visit in the city.

You can approach tourist ex-pats if you don't have a that significant interest in the local girls of Tokyo. Such relations may work out because of your similar set of thoughts as of your foreign mate that is different from the Japanese culture. Language can be a significant barrier to communicate with Japanese girls. You'll have a fantastic time while having a conversation with your foreign date when they speak the same language as yours. The local girls in Tokyo are clear of the fact that their relationship won't last long with foreigners as the foreigners visit there for less time, and most of them are just after casual sex. Thus you've to leave them back finally, and also most relationships don't come up with termination. Usually, the tourists won't cause many problems in your life since they're not up for a severe or long-term relationship.


Tokyo city of Japan is very well known for its exciting nightlife, red-light districts, and several Gaijin (foreigner) unfriendly venues. It is widespread for foreigners to refuse from doorkeepers. This refusal isn't funny for the foreigner who visits here in the city but seems demotivating and embarrassing. These obstacles are the main reason to know every detail about Tokyo beforehand.

If you’ve plans to visit Tokyo just for sex with the local Japanese girls, you won’t get offended. The prostitution scene in Tokyo is very well established all over the city with a wide assortment of sex venues. Tokyo is the perfect place to get all kinds of crazy and passionate experiences, aside from you being a solo traveler up for some adult fun or in a relationship but want to spice up your sex life. From parlors, innocent maids to sex toys are all that makes Tokyo an ideal place for people and travelers who visit Tokyo for the best sex experience. But sex for foreigners who visit Tokyo for the first time can be delicate are foreign travelers are not allowed in all parts of the city. Foreigners can’t get to any place for sex except the one who accepts Gaijin.

Tokyo has many red-light districts which lead you to a broad diversity of crowd:

  • Kichijoji, Shibuya and Harajuku for younger crowd.
  • Ebisu, Nakameguro, Toyama, Daikanyama, and Omotesando are for a more fashionable and exclusive crowd.
  • Roppongi, Ginza, Omotesando and Toyama for mature and professionals.

You should be very cautious while you're in the red-light districts since the places are mostly under mafia, who's known to be very manipulative.

Most women in the city of Tokyo don't have any interest in meeting and date foreigners (Gaijin). There are several Gaijin hunters as well who want to get laid with the foreigners. So, foreigners should target those girls who have a fetish for foreign guys by visiting the right place. The nature of the Japanese girls in Tokyo city is to be submissive ahead sex that means the girls can be flaky at the time and need convincing to get laid. But don't worry at all as there are chances for you to find your date as girls here feel very lonely in the vast, busy city and crave to have a good time with guys they meet.

The local girls in Tokyo are very open-minded and promiscuous about sex. You'll get to see several girls who've already slept with men by their 20's and girls who're having sex with different men every other day. The point is you've no idea about whom you'll hook up with when you're in the hunt for the hot chicks. You'll find kind of girls, a virgin who never had sex before and the other natural, sexy babe for action. So, you'll have to figure out those babes who want sex to avoid wasting your precious time on one who's not interested in sex. Don’t fall in the trap of the local girls after their innocent looks. They may appear shy, but you'll get to know her in real when you finally end-up alone in your personal space. You must not get afraid to confess to her that you just want to fuck her as she's already aware of your approach towards her.

Sex Culture

Tokyo summons scenes of unknown pleasure and bright lights for the uninitiated. Its self-indulgent paradise extracted from the retro pioneering sci-fi novels where everything goes for guys at least. The sex culture in Tokyo is very active and robust, and you'll have an excellent time here in Tokyo. There are many points to keep in mind to understand the Japanese sex culture.

Like all other countries, sex education in the city of Tokyo is lacking and does not mention at all the psychological and physiological aspects of desirability and sexuality. The BDSM scene is prevalent overseas and is now very popular in the whole of Japan. Nightlife is the best scene to own people’s sexuality and wildest desires. There are various women up for casual sex and hookups. You'll indeed have to show your harm to impress her. You should be coquettish and amiable with a small dose of seething at the same time to get a chance with the hot babes. It'll be wrong to conclude that they're up to you as they smiled back to you on your approach as smiling again is the ubiquitous nature of all girls around the world. You've to check out their body gestures to understand whether they are subtle with your approach and flirting. You can even ask them directly for a date in case you don’t understand their body language.

For foreigners, it is better to know that not all bars permit entry of foreigners. Foreign men need to visit places which have gaijin friendly environment and seek the eligible girls out there. Nightclubs are the perfect place for hookups, and they give you relief from the busy life of Tokyo. The clubs are impressive with several dance floors, flowing alcohol, and thumping EDM anthems till early morning. Some innumerable Japanese girls roam about in the city at night, so there are plenty of options for hookups in Tokyo. You've to book hotels based on the class of the girl. Some are okay with cheap accommodation, such as hostels.

You can also try out ‘cold approach’ which is viable in Tokyo. There are several hot and beautiful chicks around in malls, restaurants, and other sports, which simply needs you to approach the girls to generate a conversation. This approach is very tactic since most Japanese girls are fond of the attempt tried out by men. The girls who're not interested in your strategy will directly speak their denial to you. You should keep in mind that their culture is at a breakneck pace. So you've to walk and spend time with them rather than ceasing her in the streets of Tokyo. You’ve to keep the conversation amiable and light. The Japanese culture is not that sexually aligned as the western culture, so you need to use some tactics to impress the local girls of Tokyo. Sexual and innuendos references are very ordinary in most of the countries, but it comes as 'over the top' and exceedingly crude in the Tokyo city. You have to bring up more general conversation as it is the best way to approach Japanese girls. You must save your physical interactions and sex in your private place. The Japanese girls usually feel uncomfortable from public display of affection and thus may leave you behind without a date at the day end. If you get to the height of physical interactions, keep it minimum and save the moment for her or your private place. In conclusion, Japanese girls are a mixture of pleasing and naughty companies, and you'll surely have a fantastic time with them.

One-Night Stands

One-night stands are very much widespread in Tokyo city, and you can try out your luck here. There are continuous development and modernization in the culture of Japan. Few of the local girls here are shy after the modernization of Tokyo city and usually, keep themselves away from bars and nightclubs. Many girls are very updated with the modernization of the city and embrace the diverse culture of Japan.

The underlying problem that you'll face in Japan is the language barrier. Most girls here are not that good in English, so it may take time to understand and have a conversation with you. The culture of Japan is not after a public display of affection through sexual intimacy is not considered a sin in the city. So if you’ve somewhat managed to impress, flirt, or even seduce a girl, a local girl of Tokyo, don't expect of her to show or confess physical gestures from her side in public. Instead, take your date to a private place and then get indulged in your wildest fantasies with each other.

You should not force you girl to say yes to your ideas of fun and sex. You should always give respect to her decision, and if she isn't interested in giving her time or just going away is she is not at all affected on you. You'll quickly find out several willing girls in Tokyo who have a great desire for nightstands and getting laid with men. You should also keep in head that you'll enjoy your partner's company only when she is equally interested and passionate as you are. Japanese girls love to get approached by men and are also very keen to have one-night stands to fulfill all their wild dreams.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Tokyo is a vast city, and finding out specific spots sometimes can be overwhelming. If you're staying in a busy district, the most straightforward answer is generally the greatest one. It is best to start with girls in the area where you’re living, or you are familiar with the locals. You can even start a conversation with girls from the airport itself as you'll get to see several hot, beautiful and lavish girls there at the airport.

You can also hit a chance in the day time by visiting various malls, parks, museums, etc. to find some decent girls. Malls can be a fantastic place as well to look out for girls mainly since most people you approach are all on some sort of mission to finish off their task. Thus, the shopping malls offer a hasty leave from the daily busyness of life. Girls are seen as more willing to speak and have a conversation without the fear that you make consume time away from the vital endeavor.

The nightlife is brilliant in Tokyo, and the Japanese culture revolves around it. Thus nighttime is the best hour to search out for a date or casual hookup when you visit bars, clubs, and pubs to get beautiful and hot babes.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Tokyo city comes to life during the night hours with innumerable attractions, working for population, and sparkling lights, and the city never seems to sleep. The nightclubs and bars are always full, and you'll get to experience a scene of every taste and music genres. Tokyo has a unique experience of alcohol with cocktails and beers, which are not that readily available in all other regions. Thus starting your night at the lounge or chilled bar can be the perfect idea to spend your night time.

Most clubs have their unique dress code, where formal attire isn't allowed, following a few strict guidelines, while other clubs don't fancy such norms. You can even look out for a few special events followed in the nightclubs. In Tokyo, and the entire of Japan, wealth is the whole shooting match. It is the crucial factor based on which people view you as an individual- your desirability, intelligence, and class as the probable romantic interest. You can break out in the clubs entirely with a cotton shirt outfit paired with appropriate shoes and trousers. Anything ramshackle is probably to get you nowhere swiftly.

Tokyo is a large city full of spots to explore. This city is mainly known for its alluring nightlife. If you walk to a way to explore the nightlife of Tokyo, then it will take years to do so. There are some unique and popular spots where you must check out in your lifetime. Here is the list of some charming pubs and bars.

  • Feria: This club is famous for its unique structure. It is located in Roppongi. A club with a rooftop availability where you can even enjoy the romantic moment in Tokyo night. The club also has multiple levels, which include different sets of music and dance, including Hip Hop, EDM, and R&B.
  • Womb: A perfect place for those who love dance and music. It is located in Shibuya. The Womb is known for its EDM Haven, which is loved by tourists, locals, and famous DJs. It always seems to bring some awesome DJ night with their excellent sound quality. For this reason, there is no point of any full moment, even for a single second.
  • Genius: A sophisticated club located in Ginza. It is a club that maintains a tremendous sophistic level and etiquette. Dress appropriately in a formal manner because it keeps a dress code. The girls are the center of attraction in this place, and visiting this place will be worth it.
  • VISION: An underground club located in Shibuya is a totally a party hub. In this place, the parties even last long until the hours of the morning. The teen girls visit that place and eager to meet new people for experiencing a new life. If you are a visitor, then visiting this place will be worth it.
  • AgeHa: A place with the enormous crowd every night. AgeHa is one of the best nightclubs in Tokyo. EDM anthems on the dance floors are the center of attraction for this place. There are few bars and lounges, and along with that, you will experience a great scene of party lovers. There is no dull scene out there. This famous bar is situated in the Bay area, ShinKiba.
  • Oath: It is an underground club located in Shibuya's Trump room. This club is more famous among the young youth of Tokyo. This club hosts some of the best DJs in their nightclub, along with high-class drinks. Visiting this place will be a worthy one.
  • Arty Farty: This is an excellent place for some great drinks and situated in Shinjuku. The dance floor of this place attracts a lot of crowds and gives you the facility moving out and moving in. It means you can even hop out of the clubs and also visit the nearby bars and then get in again. The girls out there are very much pretty and will make it worthwhile for you.
  • The Room: A place which is an alternative for commercial music, which is played by the high-end Tokyo bars. It is located in Shibuya. The Room is a small basement where you can relax and listen to the tunes of soul, R&B, and Jazz. The great of the room becomes a center of attraction for the visitors. The place where you can enjoy your night with some good company.
  • A-life: This is one of the most renowned clubs in Tokyo. Three dance floors and the music will create your mood for being a party animal. A-life is a place where you can enjoy good old party fun. It is situated in Roppongi.
  • Contact: Contact club is located in Shibuya and one of most of Tokyo's favorite clubs. You can relax, chill by listening to good soft music. The sound system of the contact is highly impressive. The main room of the Contact maintains a stringent policy of no camera and no drinks, and it will a place for the fans of music.

Shopping Malls

The nightlife can be amazing, but it is not the same for all people around in Tokyo. It is likely very extravagant, and the entire gaijin friendly parts turn a few of the guys off. You can try out to pick the girl up during the day as well, but it is essential to know and speak the Japanese language to excel in the day game.

Here are few malls listed where you can try to find out girls during the day time:

  • Futaku-Tamagawa Rise: Futaku-Tamagawa Rise is a new shopping mall that was finalized in 2015. The shopping mall is amongst the best place to do shop with distinct mid to high-finished retail stores. You'll also find out several trendy restaurants that cater to all sorts of budget. The mall has wide passageways, well-furnished levels, and splendid architecture. It is known to be the best mall in Tokyo city, so you'll worth it to visit the mall.
  • KITTE Marunouchi: KITTE Marunouchi has more of classical design and also offers unlimited fun and entertainment. The mall has several retail fun, offers thriving restaurants and state-of-art cinema. KITTE Marunouchi has been the mainstay of Tokyo culture for little time and is faithfully visited by innumerable girls.
  • Tokyo Solamachi: Every person who visits Tokyo should take a tour of the tallest building in Japan known as ‘Skytree.’ It is not only an architectural wonder but also hosts massive malls which attract lots of tourists and guest every day. You'll get to see many international as well as local girls in the location.
  • Omotesando Hills: Omotesando Hills is an appealing shopping venue if you're after a shopping mall in your neighborhood. It is the perfect spot to seek a sugar baby as they tend to go around the trendy places of the mall. The entire community is a shopping stop and is the best place to seek girls for hookups.

These malls are known to be better than all other malls and are the best destination to get sexy chicks along.


There are several alternatives for you to take your date or even get a date for serious or casual relationships around Tokyo city. For someday date idea you can visit the following renowned tourist destinations in the city:

* Sensoji Temple

  • Tokyo Tower
  • National Museum
  • Meiji-Jinju Shrine
  • Mori Digital Art Museum
  • Yayoi Kusama Museum

You can also attend several traditional tea ceremonies in Tokyo city, which can be fantastic for a date. If you desire to spend time outside, then you can go to the following places:

* Yogoi Park

  • Ueno Park
  • Shinjuku Gyoen Garden
  • Onsen Hot Springs

The Anato No Warehouse is a town in Kawasaki that has a unique architectural arcade that is worth to look over. If you further have plans to go for a lunch date with your Japanese girl, take her to enjoy Sushi at Daiwa in Tsukiji fish market place. For a further weekend getaway, visit Nagoya or try out Saitama if you've short interval plans.

Universities and Colleges

Most people strive to get admission to the best universities in Tokyo and thus get accepted to the universities at a very early age. So, there are a lot of girls imparting education from other colleges and universities, so visiting a few of the campuses of the universities can be a viable way to seek girls for hookups. Here is a list of universities where you can spot hot babes for a fantastic gate or just casual sex:

  • University of Tokyo: The University of Tokyo is the top-ranked university in Japan, and so you're likely to find a lot of girls studying in the institution. The girls were allowed to attend private and international schools where they learned English, thus making it easier to approach these girls and start a conversation. The university strictly follows the urban culture and is embedded in Tokyo itself. You'll find plenty of spaces to contact girls nearby, in malls, cafeterias and even libraries nearby.
  • Waseda University: Waseda University has more of local Japanese girls. Here the English speaking and learning abilities are very less impressive than Keio and University of Tokyo, but you’ll surely get several prospects around.
  • Keio University: Keio University is the second most popular and best university in Tokyo and the whole of Japan. The university attracts several international as well as local Japanese girls, so you can quickly get access to them are malls, libraries, stores, and restaurants nearby.

The Japanese Tertiary Education is somewhat, which has great pride. You can expect to find out many open-minded Japanese girls as are very well versed in other norms and cultures. The chances of speaking English of the local Japanese girls are not that great. It'll be best for you to take caution as there are specific rules followed and maintained by these well-established institutions, and violating them can cause huge trouble.


You will go through many open-minded and frank Japanese girls when you visit Tokyo, so don't mind having a small affair or wild night with the local girls. You can very quickly have fun and enjoy with the girls and thus have a wonderful trip. Japanese locals who are shy are excellent at the bed. No matter whether you want a real or short term relationship, you should always be honest to her and don’t speak lies around. It is irrelevant to break a girl's heart and trust to have fun.

Women in Tokyo and entire Japan are known to be very polite, shy, and self-sustaining financially. You may face problems out of two reasons- that their language barrier and timid nature. You should have a bit of an idea or learn the language of these local girls. This practice will indeed reflect your promptness and effort to be with the girl lifelong. Once you commit to the local girls of Tokyo, you'll slowly discover the apparent honesty and loyalty of these girls and their pure love and care towards you.

Holiday Romance

Tokyo is an ideal city if you are in search of a temporary girlfriend who'll help you out in all kinds of the matter when you visit Tokyo and be you, a close friend. Even if you don't have any intention of having sex with the girls, it still can be the best way to discover Tokyo and the fantastic Japanese culture.

However, it is challenging to search for a Japanese girl who knows and understands English. Most of the girls in Tokyo don’t know much about English, and also it may happen that you don't get time to learn the Japanese language because of your busy schedule and limited time of the visit to Tokyo. You can use online games, i.e., online dating apps, if you have a fetish for foreign men. The most renowned dating app for the Japanese is Japan Cupid. If you're visiting Tokyo and you don't have any idea regarding both language and the online dating site, will be just crazy as the site helps you to reach locals even before you arrive at the destination. Online dating is the best way to know each other's deepest desires beforehand so that after you meet, you have the real and absolute fun.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Love is no doubt, the essential factor of any relationship and is not just complete by itself. To become the most loving and trusted partners for the entire life, both need to give equal effort and time to the relationship. Below are some tips that are provided that you can follow to have a long-life relationship.

  • Make sure that you put enough time and effort to know more and understand your eternal love. You should welcome your partner the way he/she is.
  • Make yourself open to happiness and disappointment too. Use this as a chance to know your partner more in detail. This factor is vital, especially for people in a long-distance relationship.
  • When you speak and refer to you and your partner, use terms like ‘We,’ ‘our,’ rather than considering both of you as single entities. These simple words enhance a strong bond, and trust in a colossal way also gives both of you a feeling of belongingness.
  • When you begin feeling grateful for the things that your partner says and does, your relationship will blossom for sure.
  • You can try new places, activities together, laugh together, do anything ridiculous together to invigorate your bond, you love, your relationship.


The Japanese girls in Tokyo are timid and usually reciprocate their feelings to their partner as they follow the Japanese customs very seriously. Men should have a lot of patience to impress them and not push or force women to their decision. The local women of Tokyo highly prefer respect and dignity. If you just back-off when the woman is not feeling comfortable with you, her honor will rise for you a lot.

It is not very usual for women to express their feelings with words. The women are very faithful and won’t ever give up on you. You need not get surprised when the woman pays off the bill after you visit a restaurant. The Japanese women are shy enough but are financially self-reliant. Japanese women tend to believe in a confession of feelings called Kokuhaku, after which the woman will start taking all your gestures and moves seriously. Love is adamant about finding and even harder to maintain for life-long.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Here are some distinctive traits that you must seek from togetherness to constancy. These are the signs that'll make you sure that she is the one:

  • She's your best friend, and you always feel safe and secure around her.
  • You feel like you’re with someone close to your soul, heart when both you are together.
  • Your relationship goes very smoothly from the very beginning, and even though you face a problem, you both solve them out together.
  • She gets along well with your close friends and family.
  • You don't feel to change any of her behavior and manipulate her to be the perfect as she is.
  • The constant thought of marrying her and making her your life partner doesn't trouble your mind.
  • She is an excellent empathizer and is emotionally consistent.
  • She is always honest and loyal o you as well with others.
  • She always makes an effort to be with you and manage time for you.


Wedding ceremonies in Tokyo are religious, civil, and a combination of both at times. There is no such requirement to prepare for wedding ceremonies as official marriage is enough for the Japanese laws. The Japanese constitution doesn't allow marriages between the same sexes.

You need not be a citizen of Japan to get married here. You can get married in Japan as long you're able to get married in your own country of origin. Marriage in Japan is expeditious, and the couple can get married on the same day when they apply for the marriage license. The minimum age for men is 18, and women are 16 to get married legally.


Most of the foreigners, when they marry a Japanese individual, go for the traditional Japanese wedding that is done at a shrine. Reception is followed as of the western style. Several people, including the Japanese, opt for the all-inclusive Western-pattern wedding ceremony, evading the church and introduces officiate to finish the job.

People love to follow all the rituals and traditions for their wedding despite the modernization of the city. There are primarily four kinds of marriage in Japan- Jinzen, Butsuzen, Christian, and Shinzen. The ceremony is usually an affair of an entire day that is conducted in church or temples. Family and friends are invited for the reception and treat after all the rituals are complete.

Family Life

Family life in Tokyo is mostly nuclear. The conservative society demands all local and married women to stay at home after marriage and take care of their children. But this custom is coming down due to the strong influence of western culture. Most of the Japanese today are working lady and prefer to work even after marriage and having babies.

Children are taught that family is their utmost priority from a very early age. Education is given an equally important place while raising kids. Usually, the inheritance goes in the name of elder son as the Japanese are not after dividing their assets and property equally amongst all children. The elder son is responsible for looking after the family and his parents in their old age. The male is considered to be the breadwinners and is presumed to support the entire family.

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