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Guide for dating in South Sudan helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date South Sudanese women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local South Sudanese girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in South Sudan. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in South Sudan, Africa.

A view of Juba, the capital of South Sudan

Girls in South Sudan:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in South Sudan:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2.5 / 5

Sex in South Sudan:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about South Sudan:

  • Nightlife in general: 2.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $80
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $140


South Sudan is a very lovely place; it is popularly known as the youngest country in the world. It also has a couple of tourist attractions. It is known to house beautiful black ladies with scenic beauty. It is a place tourists visit from all over the world. Besides the unique culture and beauty of nature, you will also meet gorgeous South Sudanese women.

South Sudanese ladies are so gorgeous; they have beautiful dark skin and a unique stature. They have an attractive set of eyeballs and a charming walking posture, which does not go unnoticed at all. They have the seductive bodies of an African queen with long gorgeous hair. Why wouldn't anyone love hanging out with them?

These women have a curvy body that makes every piece of clothing they wear look fabulous on them, and their hips are not something you can overlook. The best thing about these women is that they are very lovely and friendly. Although they might not be too free with strangers at first, once they see that you mean no harm, they will relate well with you. 

The population in South Sudan is small. A lot of people come to South Sudan to enjoy nature views available. During your trip to the country, you are bound to bump into a few South Sudanese women. You need to be very mindful of the way you approach these ladies. South Sudanese ladies get married at a very early age. You don't want to throw advances to another person's wife, except if she is also interested in having a casual fling with you.  

Dating Culture

Dating in South Sudan is determined mainly by culture, religion, and the influence of neighboring countries. Regarding the law, having romantic relationships in the country is not a crime; neither is it forbidden. Although religious bodies preach against romantic relationships outside marriage, no specific laws are preventing two adults from having a consensual romantic relationship, either long-term or short-term.   The nature of dating in South Sudan depends on the location, but generally, it is allowed, and women can engage in relationships, with the freedom to do as they like. As a tourist, you should expect that the women will be more interested in you, because they have hopes of one day leaving the country, to experience a better life. Depending on the woman you meet, you may engage in serious or casual flings in South Sudan. The women are ready to be yours if you can offer a good time too and opportunities.   

Online Dating

Dating in South Sudan can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in South Sudan and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Black does not crack, and black is beautiful are two slogans that perfectly describe South Sudanese women. Their way of life is a simple one, but you should get ready to experience an interesting time with them. These ladies have been exposed to male mastery since days of yore, yet they are at last defending themselves, making openings and assuming liability as well.

South Sudanese ladies have been exposed to assault, rape, abducting, sex dealing, and different offensive violations to humankind, however the legislature, just as a non-administrative relationship over the world, are acting the hero, and in years to come, they might completely be in charge of their lives. Regardless of the destructive things that transpire, these ladies are as still wonderful. Their gleaming black skin and long hair characterize them as the run of the African mill lady.

Their physical highlights aren't the main things that characterize them, yet it comprises their character in any case. They have medium to large boobs, with astounding butt cheeks - that is most likely why sightseers can't get their eyes off them.

Just a small portion of the number of ladies in South Sudan are educated, yet this doesn't mean you can't appreciate a decent time with them. These ladies love to find out about remote societies and innovation, so be prepared to do a ton of chatting with them. South Sudan is a multilingual country, with over 60 indigenous languages spoken.

The official language of the country is English which was introduced in the region during the colonial era. A lot of these ladies communicate in at any rate two dialects easily both of which could be Dinka, Nuer, Bari, Zande, or English. So if you can speak and understand English, you wouldn't have a problem navigating your way around here. They will neither date nor go out with a broke person, except if under unusual conditions, so to begin a smooth relationship with these ladies, it is ideal for making the best conditions for them.   Try not to be tricked by their delicate nature and apparent honest looks, a portion of these ladies, particularly the youthful ones are wild partiers. They love to turn up the Western style, and you can't stand to miss this piece of them. Alcohol has historically been consumed in South Sudan in cultural and religious ceremonies and also as a conduit for religious and political expression mainly for men.

Local alcoholic drinks called Soko, Aragi, and Mawer, distilled from dates and yeast, are widely produced and consumed. In the capital - Juba and most parts of the country, alcohol is freely available on the market and drinking hours are not defined. South Sudanese ladies are an extraordinary variety, and you should anticipate encountering love and enjoyment with them.  

South Sudanese Girls (age 18 - 29)

We begin with the hottest age group of women in the country, or perhaps anywhere around the world, the girls aged between 18 and 29! As you would expect, the young women at this age are full of energy and excitement. They are not cheap, but they get ecstatic about hanging out with a tourist to have a good time and learn more about the outside world.

In the past, you would meet most of them at local markets, on a small farm, or learning a minor trade, but things are gradually changing now. These women are currently taking control of their destinies by engaging in complex and more advanced aspects of life, although the education level is still very low.

Some of them are still in universities or building a career in trade for themselves, but they love to have a little fun on the side. They are young and have tons of options in local and foreign men, so you have to be at your best to keep them. Most times they are clingy, they get attached to tourists they come in contact with because a lot of them are looking for opportunities to leave the country.

Their young bodies are very enticing, and it would be hard to take your eyes off them. They have a high sex appeal, when they dress up and use makeup or when they do not. Their bulging round ass and hips in jean pants are a lot to handle, and it's normal to lose yourself in thought while looking at them.

They dress to impress because they have men to attract. They are attractive, but are mostly easy to get. Women from this age bracket tend to drop their guards around tourists, so you wouldn’t need to put in a lot of effort to get them.

These women are everywhere- mosques, churches, markets, restaurants, gyms, shopping malls, bars, nightclubs- name it. They are not hard to locate or identify, especially because of the way they flaunt their magnificent bodies. These girls do not hide their intentions so well; they make it known and obvious.

South Sudanese Women (age 30 - 45)

Most of these people live as farmers and pastoralists without electricity, roads, banks, telephone networks, and the other trappings of modern society. Women in South Sudan are more likely to die in childbirth than complete school. Out of a population of eight million, there are no more than a couple of thousand girls completing secondary education. Around 90 percent of South Sudan’s women are illiterate, compared with 75 percent of men.   These women are mostly businesswomen, with families to look after. They may not be as frivolous as the younger generation, but they sure know how to have fun. A lot of them are married, and with marriage in these areas come utmost loyalty to partners, and the family as a whole. Your chances of hooking up with a South Sudanese woman from this age bracket are very slim, but it's not impossible. A lot of these women have a problem with their marriage, and they want to relieve themselves by having short relationship stints with other men, foreign and local alike.

Some of them have financial issues in their families and are looking for ways to get quick cash. Luckily, you may be walking on the right street, at the right time, or in the right bar at the right time to meet any of them. Although you might not get an opportunity to hang out with them, considering they are mostly married, but would most likely get a quickie or constant romance: Either way you still get sex.

Considering that most of these ladies are married, you don’t want to approach them in the presence of their spouse or in the presence of any male that you suspect might be their spouse. The effect of doing that is disastrous from previous experience. You should also understand that not all these women are unhappy in their marriages, so try to be meek when approaching them. 

You will also meet single women from this age bracket. They are usually women who either got divorced or decided to stay single for reasons best known to them. South Sudanese ladies do not get to be career people because most of them do not always get to go to school, the most you can get from them is for them to be businesswomen.

Some of the ladies in this age bracket may be ready to get settled, and won't consider any casual flings, while others will still be open to the prospect of casual flings. These women may or may not be swayed by wealth, but it is also a deciding factor for hooking up with them.

They are mature, so any childish or immature behavior won't sit right with them. You have to put your best foot forward and an A-game with these women because hooking up with them won't be as easy as with the younger girls.

Some of these women love to dress up, but in a classy way. Even in traditional wear, they still look stunning and outstanding. Although some of the married ones do not always get the luxury of dressing, you would surely notice the beauty in them. South Sudan is greatly underdeveloped, so it makes it difficult for most of the ladies to go with the latest trends. 

Local mature women at the Club the Buddies, Juba, South Sudan


South Sudanese Ladies (age 45+)

These are the most seasoned group of ladies in South Sudan and without a doubt, there's not a lot to anticipate with these ladies. They're normally hardened and inflexible ladies who don't indulge in anything unimportant or fun, like going out with tourists. There are not many with different orientations, ready to have some good times in their old age.

However, their numbers are little to such an extent that you may not come in contact with any of them throughout your stay. These ladies are generally occupied with keeping up straightforward lives, organizations, and sustaining their children. You won't see them at bars or dance clubs, yet you may see them at commercial centers, shopping centers, and worship centers.

In most cases, they would not try to address your inquiries or calls. You have a better chance of creating and enjoying romantic relationships with the women of the lesser age group than these women. Attempting to discover and get any of them to go out with is a useless effort. Spend that energy on finding young ladies in the city, and it'll energy well spent.   These ladies do not care about their looks anymore; they are more concentrated on their family, especially their children. Despite everything, these women tend to hold on to their beauty until they get extremely old.  

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

South Sudan is a place that has been witnessing unrest for the past few years as they've been affected by the civil war in the country. Also, as an African country with roots in cultural heritage, plants and wildlife, as well as the beautiful natural environment, it is a center of tourism. Despite the dangerous condition in the country, many European women still visit the country in search of something different than what they are used to Nature.

Every year, women travel in from Europe and other continents of the world, including Africa, to enjoy the scenic beauty in the country. Although the percentage of foreign women that come in is very small. Foreign women also come into the country to enjoy themselves sexually as it is mostly believed among Europeans that African men are always physically present during sex, and that is something a lot of them crave for.

Although this may reduce the chances of getting laid with a foreign woman, it doesn't matter, because it still happens either way. Foreign women go out with foreign men here all the time, so it's nothing unusual.    


There are no laws that forbid sexual relationships between two consenting adults, so you don't have to be scared of being arrested or prosecuted for having sex with a consenting South Sudanese woman. Although there are religious restrictions for most of these ladies on sex, once these ladies give consent to sex, you have nothing to worry about. 

Different societies have various views about sex here, and it varies based on the city that you are staying in. In big cities like Juba and Winejok (Aweil East), sex is less of a big deal, and women here are free to engage in sexual relations. In rural areas, sex is not discussed publicly or women do not sleep around with men, except with their culturally recognised husbands. This is also because a lot of the ladies in rural areas get married quickly.   Sex education and western civilization would have loosened the grip religious bodies and customs have on the dynamics of sex in the country. Unfortunately, a lot of these ladies are not as educated as they get married very early.  

Sex Culture

For a vigorous and explicitly engaging gathering of ladies, you can expect that sex with them will be a phenomenal experience. The marginally more established ladies particularly have a vibe that they bring to the bed. They know precisely what they need and how they need it.

They might be happy to evaluate what you have at your disposal, yet you can wager that you need to go their direction first. The young ladies have erotically engaging bodies that make sex with them fun and superior. Their little, youthful bodies give them a bit of leeway over the more established ladies, and they give an exciting sexual encounter.   South Sudanese ladies don't simply hookup with any man. They will just engage in sexual relations with men they like, and men that can give them a decent time. In light of being slut-shammed, these ladies like to keep their sexual experiences secret, so to get them to have sex with you, you will have to ensure them to keep the secrecy if they wish.   Women are disproportionally affected by HIV in South Sudan: of the 180 000 adults living with HIV, 100 000 (55.56%) were women. The danger of HIV and other explicitly transmitted infections is so high in South Sudan both in the rural and urban areas, so it's ideal to be careful and use protection when getting down with these ladies. It doesn't imply that these ladies are strolling infection repositories, yet it's smarter to be safe than sorry.    

One-Night Stands

One-night stands and sex in bizarre places are not a common practice here in South Sudan. It doesn't happen that often, and not all the women are up for it, the chances of it happening are pretty low. You can come across women open to the idea of a one-night stand at late-night bars, and restaurants, or nightclubs. You may be lucky enough to find accommodation close to where you pick up the lady, and well, have sex. These women don't like to talk about one-night stands, but you will still find ladies that throw the "What are we now?" question after the first sex. You may decide to continue with the sexual relationship or end it; it's your choice.    Just like it has been said before, money and wealth, turn these women on. So, an aura of wealth in very vital in getting any of these women to hookup and have sex with you. You cannot be crude or rough, although weirdly, being rough may turn these women on. Your chances of turning a Southern Sudan woman enough to have sex with you on the first-night increase when you are courteous, classy, and confident.

Usually, men have to approach first, but in some instances, the women may be the ones to initiate the act. Some of them may seem rigid and unwilling at first, but after a few drinks and flirtation, they become more open to reasoning.     

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The ladies take about 42% of the total population of this country, so it is expected to sight them easily. You will find them everywhere, even in the most unlikely of places. There's no need to dig deep or go into the slums or private places of South Sudan to find these women.

You'll see them on the streets, making the most of their alluring bodies by walking sensually and going about their regular businesses. You can see them at social gatherings like sporting events, religious events, socio-cultural ones such as weddings, and political events.   During the daytime, you would find many women in South Sudan, but you may not come across the hot, sexy women you want. Most of these women come out during the day, but a lot of them won't be interested in hanging out or sex, because of their busy schedules. The best time to get these ladies is at night when you are somewhat sure that they want the same thing as you.

You will meet fewer women here, but most of them will be willing to have sex with you. It is obvious that most people take the weekend as a relaxation period, there is no exception to these ladies. They take the nighttime, especially weekend nights as periods to relax and have more fun, so they are open to almost anything during that period.

The vibe of this country gets a lot more interesting during the nighttime, but only in the right places. You do not expect to see the kind of ladies you want in places like churches or religious gatherings. But you never can tell, you might be lucky to get one at these places.  

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

These are the most obvious places to hang out, have fun, and meet women who have also come to do the same. You will meet the craziest and sensual women here, erotically dancing their way into the night. Nightclubs and bars also set the perfect conditions for these women to come out of their shells, and truly flaunt their bodies.

Unlike the daytime where women tend to cover up their bodies, at night, the darkness is the only cover these women need for their bodies, so they come out in clothes that don't seem like clothes at all.  Nightclubs and Bars are perfect to meet women, and there are a couple of them in town. They are:  

  • The Mask Bar and Biistro (Arye Alley, Juba): This place is the busiest open bar in Juba, it is an awesome place with great music. When it comes to partying, this club never disappoints. This nightclub is one of very few in the country, so many people troop to their entrances every night. Different DJs perform here all the time, and they create a unique nightlife experience here. Their drinks are top-notch, and the overall encounter here is pleasant. It is an excellent place to meet local women here, and watch them dance to the sound of thrilling music. 


  • Princess’s Palace (Juba): The name of this spot has nothing to do with its location or the people that attend it, or else it'd be located in England, not Juba. The place is popular for its unique treats and nightlife music. It is a very nice club to enjoy yourself and meet women from different places. The soothing music here sets the mood for intimate talks with women too. Parties and mini-events like birthdays take place here, so there will be many local women coming here to have fun. 


  • Notos Lounge Bar and Grill (Juba): Notos Lounge is one of the top-rated bars in the area, they offer a range of services which include tasty Indian and European food, a lounge where people can relax, and soothing live or DJ music. Notos is quite expensive because of the kind of service they render. You will find many local women here, so be ready to sweep them all off their feet with your presence. The spot is the top of night entertainment in South Sudan, with great music, and state-of-the-art equipment that makes them stand out among others. A lot of people would regard it as the best restaurant in Juba (South Sudan). 


  • Rockcity Bar and Club (Juba): This spot is in the county’s capital, Juba that houses both local and foreign women in the area. They host shows on a few occasions, concerts, and live events that attract many people at night. The main thing you can expect from Rockcity is related to its peaks, from drinking to whatever you can think of. They offer good drinks, great music, and a comfortable atmosphere. You are expected to have one of the best experiences here.


  • Kodok town Bar (Kodok): This spot is located in one of the towns in South Sudan, Kodok. There is a high tendency that you will enjoy your time here. Their tasty cuisines and range of food menus make them unique. They also run late-night food packages here, so you can expect to find many local and foreign women coming around for a late-night snack. 


  • Juba Bridge Hotel Restaurant (Juba): They offer a variety of cuisines like African, International, and Ethiopian. This is a restaurant that is slightly above average, though. It is a little bar with outdoor sitting that creates an atmosphere of peace and calmness. The meals they offer are mostly lunch and dinner. It is a place where people visit to relax, have a drink or two, and talk about sports with other men. Women also come around from time to time to chill and hang out.


  • Kerbino's Flame Grill (Juba): This place cuisines are Bar, Café, Grill, Pub, Steakhouse, and Pizza. They offer drinks, lunch, breakfast, and dinner; in short, they offer the three-square meals in a day. The setting is fancy and professional, and it does the trick in providing amazing nightlife experience and bringing tourists in contact with sensual local women in the area. They mainly play all kinds of music, local music, and international songs. This spot resonates with an aura of harmony and love, and it's a great place to start something with any of the women that come around.


  • Club The Buddies (Juba): This club is for anyone that has an interest in partying. Although it is largely dominated by locals, and you will hardly meet any foreign women here. They organize karaoke night, give discounts on drinks, and offer free wi-fi. The local music is good, and the indigenous food they serve here is nothing but mind-blowing.


  • Logali House: Logali House was the former Governor’s residence that was restored as a small, comfortable, and intimate hotel. Logali House has a restaurant that is both casual and comfortable. It is the ideal location for both lunch and dinner meetings. Their chefs draw on the culinary styles of Africa, Asia. America and Europe. You would most likely not meet locals in this place, but you are sure to meet foreign women.


  • Amarula Lodge Restaurant (Wau): This is a lodge and a fast-food restaurant in Wao, South Sudan. They accommodate and cater for the hungry needs of its customers, even late at night. They offer dine-in, and people do come around to relax and have a meal from the lodge. The waiters are very professional in dispensing their jobs.  


  • Bobby’s Bar and Grill (Gogrial): This spot has a uniqueness in the interior design. It is simple yet sophisticated in a right way, and it makes customers feel safe and at home. It has an open space outside its building specifically for drinking. People come here to have drinks and relax, with some good music playing in the background. This bar is a place that attracts both local and foreign women, and there's never a shortage of them here. 


Shopping Malls

Women mostly do shopping for family items such as groceries, and personal stuff like bags, shoes, and makeup. They are always walking and trooping into shopping malls to get one thing or the other. There's no better place for a woman in Southern Sudan be than a shopping mall, with enough cravings to buy everything they see.

You will come across a lot of women at shopping malls, and they won't be rude to you, so relax any fears you've got. Just approach them like a true gentleman, and try starting a decent conversation with them. In no time, you will get them to like you, and your journey in a relationship with a South Sudanese woman will start swiftly. Some of the shopping Malls in South Sudan are:

  • City Mall (Juba)
  • New Times Shopping Plaza (Juba)
  • Wau Shopping Mall (Wau)
  • Afri Shopping Centre (Juba)
  • Juba Mall (Juba)



Africa is generally regarded as a tourist hub, and South Sudan is no exception. This is because of its vast potential in lands, plants and wildlife. Many women from all over the globe come around to witness her rich cultural heritage, but apparently, that's not the only thing they come for. Some of these European women come to South Sudan to have pleasurable sex, and you can just tap into that desire too.

The only way you're meeting these women is by visiting the outdoor places in South Sudan like Boma National Park (eastern South Sudan), Southern National Park (South Sudan), Sudd Swamp (Mongalla), Bandingilo National Park(Equatoria South Sudan), and the Nimule National Park (Nimule). There are other beautiful places to visit her , such as

Tours in places like this with nature tend to create a fantastic feeling, and before you know it, you're going home with a pretty lady of your choice, either local or foreign.

Universities and Colleges

There are many average-classed universities in South Sudan, and the ones they have do just well enough to impart knowledge into their students. These higher institutions of learning serve as a store containing many intelligent and savvy women from different parts of the world.

The women in these Universities are mainly young women who make education their priority, but they love to have some fun on the side. Some of these Universities and Colleges in South Sudan include: 

  • University of Juba (Juba)
  • Rumbek University (Rumbek)
  • Upper Nile University (Malakal)
  • Akobo Heritage and Memorial University (Akobo)
  • St. Mary’s University (Juba)
  • Catholic University (Juba)



These ladies just love to have a ton of fun and appreciate a decent life, and as a man coming into their lives, you bring to the table that. A great deal of these ladies has the goal that any man coming into their lives must be prepared to provide food for their costs. They make it seem as though it's an exit from neediness for them.    When these ladies consent to date you, they normally love to flaunt their men to loved ones, particularly when they like you. So you ought to get ready to meet the relatives of any South Sudanese woman you meet.

Associations with these ladies are a delightful encounter since they won't pressure you, and they start to assume the job of housewife even in easygoing indulgences. They will cook delicious dishes and clean the home as well.  

Holiday Romance

Holiday romance is what a lot of ladies want, either local or foreign. A short romantic affair with a foreigner or local without any commitments. It is one of the best sexual relationships because you don't feel obligated not to go out with other women. In holiday romance, you and your partner enjoy the moment without thinking about the future.

There are many places to enjoy romance in South Sudan, such as Savannah Restaurant and Bar(Juba), Royal Hotel (Juba), Korok Restaurant(Juba). These places set the perfect atmosphere to enjoy holiday romance by providing features such as pools, spas, and high rated bedrooms, where you can get as freaky as you want with your woman.  

Tips for Successful Relationship

As I’ve explained earlier, a lot of these ladies like to associate with foreigners because they want to leave the country and get a better life for themselves. Building a solid relationship is what everybody craves for. But having a successful relationship seems to be difficult for most people in society.

To have a good grasp on the topic, it is paramount that one understands what exactly a successful relationship is. Some of the tips below describe some of the requirements for creating success in relationships.   

  • Build Trust: Trust is the bedrock of love that matures with time. You need to be patient to accomplish trust. The truth is that trust makes you open and not hesitant in sharing your dreams, achievement, fears, worries, etc. To help your partner understand you better. That is what trust does in building a stable, successful relationship.


  • Be Supportive: Always motivate your spouse in good and bad times. Give them strength by being supportive in their worst weakest moments and appreciate them as well in their achievement. This is one area that has been overlooked by so many individuals who have resulted in different broken relationships. Be supportive and motivate your spouse today and build a stronger, successful relationship.


  • Create time for your partner: Many people don't see or talk to their partners in days and see it as usual. It is, in fact, unhealthy, and the only reason why that should happen is if there's no way of communicating due to work or any other unforeseen circumstances. Spending time, whether physically or virtually is vital to every relationship, because without it, people start to look somewhere else, and the relationship crumbles.



The civil war in South Sudanese has caused them many disaster and cataclysmic events. This is all that could be needed motivation to pipe down the rate of love among them. However, that isn't the situation. The individuals here still have faith in love, and a bliss reverberates when two people show enthusiasm for one another. The religious bodies may demonstrate some restriction to sentimental connections outside marriage, yet even these religions lecture harmony and love as well.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

A woman who supports your personal and career goals understands that not everything in your marriage will be about her, or even about you as a couple. You both will have individual goals, and she will be by your side, cheering you in your efforts. She won't feel threatened by the time and energy you put into achieving your goals because she will have her own. Being certain about a woman's love for you is one of the most relieving feelings in the world.  


Child marriage is a very common thing in South Sudan, as most of the fathers of the ladies always try to use marriage as a way to reduce poverty in their families. They want to collect the dowry price on their children to increase the financial status of the family.

Marriage in the country is pretty much a straightforward process, with the civil union being the legal form of marriage. The bride and groom both sign papers that seal and serve as evidence of proof of their marriage. Forced and arranged marriages still occur in South Sudan, especially in rural areas. Polygamy is legal according to the law, so there are a few men who take up more than one bride.  


The traditional rituals of Southern Sudanese are considered sacred and vital to the success of marriages. The most dominant practice of traditional weddings in South Sudan is the payment of dowry. It is a way to show that the groom can take good care of the bride.

There are variations in ceremonies based on differences in ethnicities, but it's almost the same way everywhere. There's a lot of celebration, drinking, singing, and dancing. The bride and groom may wear the conventional white dress and suit respectively or slay in their traditional attires.   

Family Life

Family is the most important aspect of life in South Sudan. “Family” can refer to an expansive kinship network, including the extended family and distant relatives, as well as the relatives of spouses that are married into the family. In this way, the organizing principle of society is often based on a broad community of relationships rather than the nuclear family.

Family life in the country is very basic, especially in rural areas. The husband is responsible for protecting and providing for the needs of the wife and children. The wife cooks meals and sees that the children are well taken care of while also handling her personal life and career. 

However, the country is not an ideal place to raise a family. This is because essential facilities like education and health are substandard and infrastructure is not very good either. This means that employment opportunities in the country will be scarce as well.



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