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Guide for dating in Sihanoukville helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Cambodian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Cambodian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Sihanoukville. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

Beautiful girls at the Skyline club in Sihanoukville

Girls in Sihanoukville:

  • Looks of girls: 3 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in Sihanoukville:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Sihanoukville:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Sihanoukville:

  • Nightlife in general: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $300


Going to a new place is fun and stress-free, and for some, exactly the escape they needed. No matter what it is for, people like going to other places and in certain cases, settling there. And what more can give you that feeling of contentment than amidst beautiful scenery, with a gorgeous girl for company?

Indeed, when you are traveling to the country of Cambodia, you can find this in the city of Sihanoukville. Although not highly popular amongst tourists, there is a different charm to it that attracts those who visit. And one component for this, besides the scenic beaches, is the local women of Sihanoukville itself.

To put it simply, these women are petite and gorgeous, with Asian features and a touch of Indian physicality. They have a rich history and influence of the Khmer dynasty in the culture, and that is visible throughout generations. However, the locals today don’t enjoy a lot of privileges, and thus they start working directly after they graduate school or college.

Furthermore, they enjoy the nightlife in this place. Not only are these women mostly Cambodian, but women from other nationalities also call this place home. However, they mainly converse in their local language which is Khmer and you need to familiarize yourself with that to communicate. Of course, these local women are extremely fun to hang out with and you would surely enjoy your time together.

Truly, dating these women will make life feel more exciting and fulfilling. If you want to know what life is like with them, this article provides all the answers. Therefore, sit back and learn everything you need to know about dating, family life, and everything in between- in Sihanoukville.

Dating Culture

As fun as dating normally is in western countries and other cities around the world, Sihanoukville is different. Of course, there is no doubt that most of the young girls enjoy nightlife and clubbing, while some are reserved. Thus, this seeps into the dating spectrum too and when you visit Sihanoukville, you should keep it in mind.

The city is very remote and highly inexpensive, which is at times good and sometimes bad. However, when you visit Sihanoukville you should understand and try to adjust to the culture there. Indeed, the local women at this place are mostly religious and conservative, but some are only looking for a fun-time.

In order to enjoy yourself in this city and check out the dating scene, you should figure out your motivations first. Are you looking for a casual situation or a long-term partnership? With these local Khmer women, you have a chance to excel in both. However, you should keep in mind that the ‘night culture’ at this place is very prevalent. The local girls are mostly looking for a fun time and for short-time travelers, this is the best outcome. Indeed, prostitution is also a big factor in the lifestyle and culture of this place, and it is very noticeable.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

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Webcam Dating

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To put it simply, the women in Sihanoukville are pretty and would give you a good time. They are mostly timid and very polite and have a mellow personality. Anger is not a trait in these local women generally, and they are very friendly. In fact, you would barely meet anyone who is extremely rude and egotistical when it comes to women in Sihanoukville.

These women and girls are okay with no-strings-attached arrangements and do not shy away from sex. Of course, if you are looking for a fun and exciting time only, these are perfect for you.

However, they are not the only type of women in Sihanoukville, and some are very family-oriented. Furthermore, the people here are religious and some families focus on traditional and conservative customs in their upbringing. Thus, they are very reserved about dating life and you need to put in some effort to make them comfortable.

Although, it is something to note here that these girls are extremely independent and start working very early in their lives. With the economy being so dire and opportunities less, the girls start earning for their family and themselves. Also, they mostly do so away from home and live life on their own terms.

Physically, they look Asian with round faces, wide noses and thin lips. Furthermore, they are thin and small in stature, and generally not very voluptuous. Also, they focus a lot of attention on grooming and put makeup on their faces, sometimes generously. They want to look good and they use makeup and other grooming measures to do so.

Of course, with their Asian and Indian features, they look very similar to Thai women, Laotian women, Vietnamese women, etc. However, the darker skin tone and rounder eyes they got from their Indian ancestry set them apart. Indeed, with these local Sihanoukville girls beside you, you would not feel disappointed or put off.

Cambodian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Usually dressed in casual tees and shorts, Cambodian girls look casual and fun to hang out with, and they are. They like to spend time at the beaches and have a fresh relaxing time, and go have fun in the bars. Moreover, most of these girls are not highly educated and are focused on their work-life and enjoying youth as well. Indeed, you can date these girls easily and they are not very high-maintenance and complicated to adjust with. They want to have a fun and casual relationship and are fine with sexual contact without commitment. In fact, it is quite well-known that most girls in Sihanoukville are very accepting of sexual solicitation with travelers.

Truly, the sex business is quite booming and if you go for it, these local girls are great companions. If you are looking for commitment, though, most of these girls are not ready for it. Certainly, they want to focus on living their life and earning money, and you would enjoy your time with them.

However, some of these women do focus on the marital future and are looking for a long-term partner. Whether you want so or not, it is best that you stay clear about your intentions from the beginning. Indeed, finding and choosing a like-minded person is the most important factor in dating, and makes your life happier.

Cambodian Women (age 30 - 45)

Around this age, Cambodian are into a commitment mindset and are looking for love and family. Of course, in this city, they want to continue working and earning money but want someone to go home to. Indeed, Cambodian women are very family-oriented and want a loving spouse.

If you are looking for something serious and long-term, these women in Sihanoukville would agree with you. Not only are they fun to hang out with, but also very mature in conversations. However, most of the Cambodian women in this age bracket are already married and with kids, but some aren’t.

Furthermore, middle-aged Cambodian women are very beautiful and many of them have maintained their fit physique. These women are well-mannered and respectful, and your dating life with them will stay peaceful and ripe. However, they do not go out for parties and bars in general, so online dating is the best option here.

Cambodian Ladies (age 45+)

Asian culture, in general, is very traditional and focuses on family values than modern lifestyles. Furthermore, Sihanoukville is not a very rich country, thus the locals cannot focus on luxury a lot. Keeping this in mind, it is obvious that most of the women above 45 are not looking for a casual relationship.

In fact, they are already married for long time at this phase of their lives, for the most part. They have loving families and children, and at older ages have grandchildren. Therefore, it is quite obvious that they are not looking for a new romance at this age. Irrespective of their relationship statuses, they are content with their lives and do not want to focus on something new.

Indeed, if you are looking to date someone in this age group, a Cambodian woman in Sihanoukville is not the one. However, rarely, some are but it is not always possible to find and connect to them easily.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

With its cheaper economy and easier legal system, Sihanoukville attracts a lot of foreigners on its shores. Speaking of shores the beautiful beaches are another reason for people going to Sihanoukville, despite the dismal living conditions. Thus, you will find a lot of foreign girls in Sihanoukville when you go for a visit there. There are a lot of backpackers visiting the city.

Of course, these young women are fun to hang out with and easy to talk to. After all, most people in Sihanoukville do not understand English well, and these foreigners are a welcome distraction. Furthermore, some of these girls are from your country, and thus are a little reminder of home.

However, dating foreign girls is fun and they know the best places like the locals. But most importantly, the cultural gap that would appear between you and a local Sihanoukville girl is not available here. You can easily get along with them and enjoy your experience together.


To put it simply, sex with a Cambodian girl of Sihanoukville is something you would enjoy. They are fun, experimental and extremely used to men showing sexual interest in them. After all, sex is very normal and plentiful in certain parts of the city. However, not all the women and girls local to Sihanoukville enjoy casual sex, as their families are conservative. Most of the time, you need to contact the family members and court their daughters through them. Although that is the case in most Cambodian cities, sex is a major part of the society of Sihanoukville.

Indeed, there are many places here for you to enjoy, and in many such places, prostitution is available. If you are looking for casual sex and are not opposed to purchasing it, this is an available option. Furthermore, they also make you feel good, which doubles the pleasure of their company.

Sex Culture

To be clear, the sex culture in Sihanoukville is thriving well and does have a lot of attraction. Indeed, the local young women are extremely comfortable with their sexuality, especially at their young age. Of course, a large part of the citizenship of this city does not go out for fun and focus on their family and work.

Like any other country, indeed, Sihanoukville has a mixture of traditional and contemporary in its culture and people's lifestyles. Consequently, a huge influence of this is visible within the sex culture of the city as well. The various beaches, bars, and casinos only add to this appeal, and some bars make their business out of it.

For example, there are many nightclubs and bars that are open for you to enjoy in, and some exceptionally well. There are massage parlors and 'chicken farms' as well where you can pay for sexual services and relax. Furthermore, for those interested, lady-boys go to certain bars in Sihanoukville and you can enjoy their company.

One-Night Stands

With such a casual and normal mentality with sex, it is obvious that one-night stands are plentiful. If you are looking for someone to spend time with and then forget about the next day, this is amazing. Truly, things don’t get complicated and most of the girls in Sihanoukville understand and accept.

Besides, the local women in Sihanoukville and even the expats living here know the importance of earning. And that is why they focus on that mainly, and sometimes put relationships on the back burner. They are quite okay with the sexual gratification of a casual nature and don't complain if that's what you want. Of course, it is better to clear this up beforehand with them and tell them what you are looking for. Oftentimes, some of these girls are not comfortable with a one-night-stand and you should both stay on the same page. Overall, there are loads of ways to have fun here, and these girls are open to enjoying themselves and you.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Even though this city is not very big, Sihanoukville has a lot of places where you can go to have fun. For example, there are some really beautiful beaches you can go to and spend time in, and so do the locals. Indeed, a new place or old, when you are looking to spend some private time, going to different destinations helps.

The changing sceneries and exciting adventures make your time together more fun and let the chemistry flowing. After all, that is the backdrop of the dating cycle and keeps the fun flowing. All you need to do is have a fun time together exploring the best parts of the city, and sometimes worse. Indeed, you can make memories anywhere and with the right partner, they are absolutely unforgettable.

In Sihanoukville, there are a lot of places where you can go as well. From outdoor activities to indoor fun, there are no wrong places and misguided adventures. Moreover, the local girls of Sihanoukville are extremely fun to hang out with, and they can show you around to the best places in the city. Especially if you are there for a short amount of time, mostly vacation purposes, you would have a fun tour. There are so many things to do and you can choose what you prefer according to your taste and mood.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Of course, it is no surprise that there are many popular casinos, bars, and nightclubs in Sihanoukville. After all, the nightlife in this city is extremely popular with the young crowds and you would enjoy here. Furthermore, the beautiful girls of Sihanoukville go to these bars regularly and you would spend a gala time with them. The areas around Ochheuteal Beach are the most exciting locations and most of the 'fun' are here.

Sihanoukville’s nightlife is a major part of its culture and business, owing to the bachelors and newcomers. For hippies and single men looking for fun, this city is an excellent spot and the nightclubs, their mating ground. Indeed, for young people looking to meet single girls in Sihanoukville, this is their first point. In fact, here are some places that you can try out when you visit this city.

  • Sihanoukville Square - When you go to Sihanoukville, you cannot ignore the nightclubs and bars that make up its essence. And some of the best places that you can try here are the girly bars, especially in Sihanoukville Square. To be precise, the Sihanoukville Square is not a single bar but contains many girly bars. If you want to meet a gorgeous and classy local Cambodian woman, this is the best place to visit. Indeed, so many beautiful women who visit this bar regularly and you can spend an amazing time with them. Furthermore, there are pool tables kept at this place and you can enjoy a fun game as well. If you are worried about the area, the ambiance at these bars are really great and the girls, equally so.
  • LV Disco - In the nightlife in Sihanoukville, there are many places where you can go and enjoy an interesting night. However, a fun place to meet and spend time with gorgeous Cambodian women is LV Disco. Not only is it a place where single girls hang out, but also you can enjoy great music. Indeed, the place features DJ's and live music as well, and plays songs of many types. The women who visit these places enjoy music a lot and you can bond with them over shared tastes. There are VIP booths as well if you are in the mood to splurge and impress some single ladies.
  • The Big Easy - One of the best places in Sihanoukville you can have fun in is the restaurant-pub, The Big Easy. Situated near the Serendipity Beach in Sihanoukville, it has a charm of its own that attracts people. When you go to this city, you can go to this place and spend a nice time with your companions. Indeed, the ambiance of this place is amazing and so is the delectable food. Not only do they serve tasty Asian food in The Big Easy, but also Western classics. Additionally, the bar at this place is also excellent, and you can enjoy your date there as well. If you are looking to build your romance, this is a good place to go to.
  • Jack & Daniel’s Bar - Another great place where you can spend an amazing time is Jack & Daniel's Bar in Serendipity. Indeed, it is one of the most popular places in the city and is a huge attraction for single girls. If you are looking for a fun place to go to, this place is a great option. With great ambiance and equally great service, it is a favorite and the girls enjoy it. If you want to impress the one you want, just go up to her and offer her her favorite drink. You can then strike up a conversation with them or better yet, ask her for a dance.
  • Skyline Club - Skyline club is another one of the famous nightclubs in the city. You will see plenty of hot girls in this club. A lot of locals rather than tourists so if you want to party with local girls then this is the place to be.
  • JJ's club - JJ's club is a classic backpacking club. Plenty of white girls frequent this club. It will be the perfect opportunity to hit them up.
Girls at a Halloween party at JJ's Club

Shopping Malls

Another place that is basically the congregation point for so many people in different cites is the shopping malls. And why not? From shopping stores to food areas, there is something for everyone in these malls. Thus, with so many people going to one place to spend time in, the chance of meeting someone increases. And obviously, pretty and single girls also visit these places to have fun.

If you want to meet these girls, you can do so at the shopping malls. After all, the generations of today consider it the neutral place for hanging out, and that is common worldwide. However, Sihanoukville is quite a small and underdeveloped location, and thus there are not many present here.

Although, in 2019, there were talks regarding the first one-stop shopping mall launching in Sihanoukville the following year. With multiple different big chains associating with this massive 50,000 square meters project, its a great news for everyone. Indeed, you can meet many single girls at this place and spend a wonderful time exploring the ar


Of course, the major attractions for this quaint and still-growing city in Cambodia are its vibrant and relaxing beaches. Indeed, there is so much to see here and enjoy content time altogether. In the matter of meeting some gorgeous woman as well, this is a wonderful place to go to.

Truly, the single women in this city mostly spend them at these places too just enjoying themselves. If you looking to meet women and take them out on a date, these beaches are wonderful options as well. However, in order to go to these places, you need to know what are the best spots in Sihanoukville first. Granted there are many, but the following are some best places you can meet your future date in.

  • Ochhuteal Beach - When speaking of popular beaches in Sihanoukville, the place that is everyone's favorite is the Ochheuteal Beach. With clear blue waters and gorgeous white sands, there is no doubt why this place is famous. Not to mention, there are a variety of restaurants and hotels that stretch along its shores. This place is easily the most popular place to go-to for the local girls, and you should as well. Furthermore, you can eat delicious food with these single girls, sitting inside the beach huts. Indeed, it is a wonderful area to relax in and the company would add to the pleasure.
  • Serendipity Beach - Indeed, there is something serendipitous about coming across someone who really excites you, out of the blue. However, at Serendipity Beach in Sihanoukville, you know that you would meet gorgeous and exciting local girls and ex-pats. The place is a popular spot for many reasons, like many great places along its shores. If you are feeling like you want to go somewhere to eat, you can take the single girls with you. Furthermore, this place is the sister beach of Ochheuteal Beach, and you can go for a long walk along the shores.
  • Independence Beach - One of the best places you can go to in Sihanoukville is Independence Beach. Truthfully, the conditions of the city are not that great but comparatively, this beach is a breath of fresh air. After all, the best things about Sihanoukville is its white sandy beaches, and that is visible here. Furthermore, the place is a common ground for many young women in this city, and you can meet them.
Ochhuteal Beach

Universities and Colleges

Of course, there are many places in the world where you can meet and get to know young girls. One such place that is bound to have these such women are the places of education, like colleges and universities. Although that is true, most women in Sihanoukville don’t have enough money to continue their education for long. However, some tourists and locals do end up in these colleges and you can meet girls there. There are two universities in Sihanoukville. Thus, you can meet pretty local Cambodian women and even foreign girls at these places. The two places are mentioned as follows.

  • Life University - This place is surely one of the best universities in the region, and quite popular among the younger crowd. The university offers courses of different types that the students can choose from, and students can specialize in them later. Indeed, you would meet many nice and friendly people here, especially some single girls as well.
  • Khmer University of Technology and Management - When it comes to universities or colleges, education and friend circle are the two most important factors for a student. Indeed, this co-ed private institution provides different degrees and subjects, but also a life outside. Many of the cute single girls go to classes at this university, and you can strike up conversations with them.


There is no doubt that loves makes life feel better and more fun. At Sihanoukville, this is possible as well with these lovely local girls and ex-pats. Not only do you get someone to spend time with but also fall in love. Whether you are going to a city for a holiday, studies or moving permanently, having relationships will make your life feel more full-filling.

In Sihanoukville, you will meet both serious and casual type of women, and you would make happy memories overall. Although this city is not very advanced, with them beside you you would feel calmer and more content. Furthermore, these local girls are polite and sweet, and you would feel happy in their company.

Of course, they will also help you adapt to the local customs and scenarios in their culture. You would learn a lot from them, and they would make you feel at home away from home. Indeed, if romance and commitment is what you are looking for, the Asian women, in general, care deeply for it. You would have a great experience and a loving partnership with them.

Holiday Romance

Of course, romance during a holiday is also fun and extremely important for most people. Somehow, it makes your entire trip more dreamy and exciting, and you would make loads of memories as well. If you are looking for something short-term to pass the time, the girls in Sihanoukville are okay with it.

Indeed, they understand the need for not committing entirely, especially if your trip is not for long. They are fun and amidst the party and nightclubs, you would have loads to do. After all, the sexual factor in this city is very prominent, and you can decide to have temporary moments as well. Whatever you decide, though, it would definitely stay on your mind even after leaving the city.

Tips for Successful Relationship

In order to have a successful relationship, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. After all, if you are not accustomed to Cambodia and its traditions, the culture shock would affect your connections. Thus, if you want to have a long-lasting and healthy relationship with the girls of Sihanoukville, these will help you.

  • You should remember that the traditions you are used to are not similar in this part of Cambodia. Thus, you should try to understand her point of view and culture, as that is a big part of her life. Similarly, you should tell about your life as well, and help her understand you better. Communication is integral to any relationship, and that only makes yours more solid and healthier.
  • Of course, language is an important thing that you should keep in mind, as it can make or break your relationship. The women in Sihanoukville do not understand English and are more familiar with their local languages. Keeping this in mind, both of you can learn each other's languages and try to communicate better. Of course, it would help you to understand and adapt to the locality better as well.
  • If you want to court a local girl of Sihanoukville, you should realize that their families would play a factor. Thus, make sure that you have a good relationship with them, and try to keep their wishes in mind. Not only would their family approve of you, but they also would respect your commitment and give you the same.


As exciting as the city of Sihanoukville is with its party scene and hard lives, finding something worthwhile is equally difficult. Indeed, many of the girls you would meet here are not looking for something serious. As beautiful as they are, relationships are not a priority in their mind, as much as money is.

However, it is not as bad as it sounds, as many of the ladies are looking for something serious as well. Meeting these women is a matter of chance, but you would and your relationship would progress naturally. After all, romance is not an easy path, and that makes it all the more exciting.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Just like any other place, it is hard to trust someone completely and then get duped. While this is not always the case, there’s always that added worry and it does affect people badly. In order to understand who’s genuine and if your love is true, here are some things you can look into.

  • Of course, while love and trust are easy to admit to, money and prestige do come into play. It is no secret that Sihanoukville has a lot of financial issues and the majority of the citizens are poor. Thus, the question does come to your mind- is she in love with you or is it a necessity? In order to understand the truth, you can reduce your expenses on her and see how she reacts. Indeed, if money is a component here, take it out of the picture, or admit to not having much. If that does not bother her, then this circumstance is not an issue in your relationship.
  • Other issues that would appear more and more in a committed relationship are fights and arguments. Of course, that is entirely natural and actually an important component of a healthy relationship. But how often do you fight and on what matters? Most importantly, what is the tone that she uses, and scarily, does she not fight at all? It is very crucial that you keep these in mind and act accordingly.
  • Furthermore, notice if she is giving you enough attention and is opening up to you. If your relationship is real and the love is real, communication is important. Not only should you focus on your goals in life but also pay attention to what you have in common. Indeed, these are extremely important.


Marriage is indeed the next step to having a good and fulfilling life together. But there are many things that come into play here, and not all of them are dependant on you. Indeed, marriage is not just the union of two lovers, but also the families of the two individuals. In order to have a successful relationship, try to get in touch with their family and vice versa.

Of course, life feels more strong together and your love will add to it. And in order to do so, you need to first make sure you know her completely and what she wants. Marriage is a huge step and you need to consider every possibility and your future. Have a long talk with her and your families as well, and discuss the important factors like children,


As far as weddings are concerned, there are some good places where you can do so. Indeed, there are many hotels and resorts in this area for tourists and foreigners, and also provide wedding venues. It is important to know, however, what you want out of a wedding and what amenities you wish for.

If your future wife wants to get married near the sea, beach weddings are possible here as well. However, the private resorts are more fun and your experience there would really excite you. They give you great service and ensure that the wedding goes without issues and luxuriously. And of course, it is your special day so you should enjoy it to the fullest! Whether you choose a traditional Cambodian wedding or a more modern touch, this is an unforgettable moment of your life.

Family Life

When speaking of love and weddings, the most important thing is what it has prepared you for. And that is a life afterward, with your beautiful wife and a family of your own. The city of Sihanoukville is not very high-profile, but it is growing and with time would become better and richer. You can grow your life together with your family in Sihanoukville happily and in good health.

Indeed, these women care a lot about you and are very focused on family life. Keeping good values and a healthy lifestyle as the main priority, these women would focus on your kids and your marriage. With them by your side, you would live a happy and exciting life, and especially so later in life too.

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