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Santa Marta dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Colombian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Colombian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Girls in Santa Marta:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Santa Marta:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.5 / 5

Sex in Santa Marta:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Santa Marta:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $600
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $400


Santa Marta is officially known as Distrito Turístico, Cultural e Histórico de Santa Marta, which means Touristic, Cultural and Historic District of Santa Marta in English. It is the fourth-largest urban city in Colombia and has a lot of features which attracts tourists.

Each year, this city experiences an increase in the number of tourists that visits, and it helps in boosting its revenue. One attractive feature of this place amongst its numerous is the women of the city as Santa Marta has some of the most beautiful women in South America.

These women are bold and confident and do not have an issue in flaunting their bodies from time to time. They are also hardworking people, so they are not out for your money or gold-diggers as some people may assume.

Dating Culture

The physical features of these women are outstanding, especially their breasts and asses. They always command attention when they are in an area, and men cannot help but drool over them.

Even if you did not go to Santa Marta with the aim of dating any woman, you would want to do so once you behold them.

You should know that Santa Marta is a free city that encourages interaction between genders, so dating is a norm in the city. Santa Marta women are flirty, which makes the dating process more straightforward.

People enter into relationships openly without any need to hide it in Santa Marta since there are no rules stopping anyone from dating. It is not out of place for you to approach an attractive woman in public places.

Causal dating and engaging in acts of public affection is also a norm in this city.


Santa Marta women are fun to be with always as there is never a dull time around them. It is safe to say that these women are always hyper and energetic, so you know that they would always radiate positive vibes.

However, it is best if you do not think that these women only know how to play as they are also smart. They believe that they can rock the best of both worlds, and know how to combine playtime and work time effectively.

These women hate to be dependent on any man, so they are always working hard. Their confidence is always topnotch as they know that they can rival with women in other societies both in terms of physical and mental features.

Hanging out with any of these women is always refreshing as they have an open mindset and promises you an amazing moment.

Colombian Girls (age 18 - 29)

The women who fall under this age range in Santa Marta are people that you can see almost everywhere in the city. In some other societies, the women may love to remain within the confines of their homes. However, it is not so with the women of this age range in Santa Marta as they love to go out and explore.

You will always see these women in areas that promise fun wearing a charming smile, and they are never shy to approach a man they desire. The fantastic thing about these women is that they know how to hold a conversation, so you would feel like she should never stop talking.

Many of these women are not aiming for a serious relationship since they still want to explore and enjoy life. They would prefer to enter into something short-term.

Colombian Women (age 30 - 45)

As Santa Marta women get older, some of them will start getting ready for marriage, so they start drifting away from casual dating and desire a serious relationship. However, this does not stop their reputation for being fun-loving and open-minded.

Although some of them may desire a serious relationship, they do not force it with any man. They believe that any adult man would share his intentions when he is ready, so they go with the flow.

These women are industrious as they do not believe in depending on a man. Besides, they always desire many things and love when they can afford whatever they want.

Interestingly, you will gain a lot of knowledge when you discuss with any of them as they have an idea about many things. These women have a curious mind, so they always research things.

Colombian Ladies (age 45+)

This set of women represents the oldest women you will see in Santa Marta. They might be the oldest, but it does not mean that they are not attractive. Some people compliment these women by saying that they age backwards because they are still beautiful, and many of their features are in place.

These women are always happy around tourists because it is an opportunity for them to discuss the city. Since tourism is one of the economy boosters of Santa Marta, these women are always ready to help you explore the city.

Surprisingly, some of them are still single at this age. One thing you should know about Santa Marta women is that they are not desperate for marriage. They are not against the idea, but they do not force matters.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Due to the reputation of Santa Marta as a fun-loving place, there is always a steady inflow of tourists. Thus, the city is crawling with foreign women, which almost rivals the number of local women.

Depending on your preference, it may be that you would prefer to pursue a relationship with a foreign woman. After all, they are not bad-looking, and you both share a common ground. Sometimes, foreigners love to stick with each other, so you would desire to interact with foreign women and establish a connection.

Foreign women are also usually free as they adapt to the environment and take up the open-minded nature. You will see them in areas of fun and also on online dating sites which are popular in the city. Any woman you desire to date in Santa Marta is a perfect choice.


Santa Marta women are beautiful and carefree. They do not believe that they should stress about anything in life as they like to go with the flow of life. To them, things would happen at the appropriate time.

With this mindset, you should know that these women are not conservative, especially when it comes to sex. These women are in tune with their features, so many people say that they have a high sex appeal.

It is easy to get them into bed as they do not need a man to overly impress them. What these women desire is for a man to come clean with his desires, and they would be in your bed if they like you.

People say that these women are freaky in bed, so you are sure to have a swell sexual experience with them.

Sex Culture

Santa Marta people know that sexual urges are inevitable, so they do not think that there is a need to pretend. To them, they would rather be real and come straightforward with their sexual desires than to pretend and hide around to have sex. Thus, these people are always ready to explore their sexual desires and have sex without any judgment.

It is not wrong for you to say that these women are sexually liberated. They are also open to sexual conversations because it is not a taboo in the city. You can engage any of them in such topics, and they would not react sensitively because it is something that interests them.

People, especially girls who sleep around in this city are not slut-shamed. Also, you do not need to be tactical if you want to discuss sex.

One-Night Stands

Since the people of Santa Marta are not conservative towards sex, you would see them engaging in a one-night stand regularly. You can say that a one-night stand is a way people sleep around. It is not a big deal to Santa Marta people.

If you are the type who would like to sleep around when you are in Santa Marta, you are in luck since it is a norm in the city. Many of the women are willing to engage in this as they want to relieve their sexual urges without stress.

You should know that Santa Marta women are not shy, so they can approach you with this option. You can also present it to them without any fear of them reacting negatively as they are open-minded.

It is also best that you remember to use online dating sites to get women when you are in Santa Marta.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The reason why people rush to visit Santa Marta is because of the fun stories they hear and would want to partake in it also.

However, when foreign men are in this city, they are unable to resist the beauty of the women and would want to connect with as many women as possible.

The best part about Santa Marta is that both daytime game and the night time game works perfectly in this city. The bars, pubs, and nightclubs come alive at night, so you know that you would see women in abundance at those places which would help with your quest.

Also, since Santa Marta is a bubbly and lively city, there are always activities happening during the day, which also gives you access to numerous women.

Places, where you can meet single women in Santa Marta, are many, so you should try and visit as much as possible.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Without a doubt, these are places where you can meet women without any stress. However, you would see more bars and pubs in this city than nightclubs.

Here are some of the bars, pubs, and nightclubs in Santa Marta:

• La Azotea Disco Bar Santa Marta: It is a bar on a rooftop terrace that gives you an excellent view of the city and serves tasty cocktails. It also has provision for a DJ that plays upbeat music to ensure that the place is lively always.

• Club Veracruz: It is one of the best hangout spots for people in the city as you would see families and more relaxing at this place. It gives access to numerous women due to its busy nature, so it is a perfect place for your quest.

• Charlie's Bar: There are varieties of drinks at this place that would leave you in awe. One thing that people love about this place is the consciousness that the staff put into the mixing of the drinks. Its ambience is also always perfect for relaxation.

• Crab's Bar: Are you a love of rock or blues music? Irrespective of your taste, this bar has a provision of the songs. It is a place of happiness as people are usually on broad smiles as they enjoy excellent drinks. Approaching women at this place is always comfortable.

• Barbas Disco Bar: You will get a refreshing feeling when a bar is on the rooftop, and this is what you would get at this bar. Ensure that your dancing shoes are with you when you visit as you cannot help but move your body to the flow of the music.

• Marley Bar Reggae Rock 80's: You will have a perfect relaxing view at this place as it is near a park. It also has music provision, and the people are always friendly. Sometimes, you would leave like not leaving when you visit this place. They also have one of the best cocktails you can get in the city.

• MiCheladaBar: If you are a beer lover, you should find your way to this bar when you are in Santa Marta as they have fantastic options. Also, their cocktails are not a disappointment. There is always an inflow of people to this place, so you would see women in abundance.

• Hemingway: There are a variety of food options at this place which makes it one of the favourite places of the locals. It is one of the best recommendations you would get, and it also gives you access to numerous women.

• Lulo Café Bar: People say that smoothies give comfort, and you should visit this place and check if the claims are valid. The smoothies served at this place are refreshing, and other options would also make your visit exciting.

• El Rego Gastro Bar: You know that people would always troop to a place that has many options, so this place is one that is best for your quest as it gives you access to numerous women. You should ensure to visit it when you are in Santa Marta.

Shopping Malls

Santa Marta women love to shop, so the shopping mall serves as one of the best places where you can meet single women in the city.

It is outstanding as these women are always either shopping for groceries or beauty products. It is also wrong to forget that some of these women may be shop owners or attendants. Thus, you will see them at any time you desire.

Since there is openness in Santa Marta, you have the freedom to approach a woman in open places without any harassment.

These women are usually happy to talk with foreigners, so you are sure that they would give you a listening ear and it may proceed to something more.

If you see any woman you desire at the shopping mall, you should not hesitate to approach her.

Some of the shopping malls in the city are:

• Buenavista Mall

• Ocean Mall

• Tesoro del Mar Shopping Center

• Santa Marta Acuarium Mall

• Rex Mall

• Royal Plaza Shopping Mall

• Prado Plaza Shopping Mall

• Atlantis Shopping Center

• San Francisco Plaza Shopping Mall

• Bahia Santa Marta


Santa Marta has many places of foreign attraction, and these places would help you meet and connect with single women in the city.

One thing you should know is that these places are not restricted to any set of persons. Foreigners are always interested in visiting these places as it keeps them busy while in the city. However, the locals do not get tired of seeing these places. It might be a place they have been to so many times, but they are always proud to visit it.

Since tourism is a top-selling factor of Santa Marta, the people love to market their tourist attractions, and conversations would go smoothly when you are with these women.

Some of the outdoor areas are:

• Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino

• Simon Bolivar Park

• Rodadero sea aquarium and museum

• Parque de Los Novios

• Playa de Taganga

• Parque del Agua

• Old Museum Hospital San Juan de Dios

• Cerro Ziruma

• Casa De Madame Agustine

• Parque Boulevard Los Trupillos

Universities and Colleges

Getting a higher education is the goal of some women in this city as they always want to be at the top of their career game.

Every gender has access to universities and colleges in Colombia, so you are sure to always see women, which makes it one of the best places for your quest.

However, there is only one university in Santa Marta, so it might be an obstacle to your quest.

If you desire to visit the universities and colleges, you can visit neighbouring cities of Santa Marta.

The only university in Santa Marta is Universidad del Magdalena.


Since Santa Marta women are desirable, men wish to have a serious relationship with them. However, some of these women are reluctant about it as what they want is casual dating.

If you are lucky to find one who agrees to a serious relationship, know that she would be loving and affectionate. One weak trait of these women is loyalty. Santa Marta women are not known to be the most loyal women, but they would try their best if they love you.

These women do not mind moving in with their partner before marriage and do not see it as a big deal. They make relationship life fun and easy.

Holiday Romance

Since Santa Marta women are not pro-commitment, holiday romance is usually common in the city as it is a short-term relationship. You should know that some of these women love to be with different men, so they would jump at the chance of being in a holiday romance with a tourist.

Typically, you can find women for a holiday romance from online dating sites. Also, both foreign women and local women are usually open to this type of relationship.

Santa Marta women are usually in touch with their feminine side and love to use it in pleasing men. You would have an exciting holiday romance experience.

Tips for Successful Relationship

If you wish to have a successful relationship with any of these women, there must be mutual respect. Santa Marta women do not have the fantasy that a relationship would always be rosy, but they believe in resolving issues amicably. They believe that there should be mutual respect, and each party should give the other a listening ear. If you always shut her up, the relationship would not work out.

Although loyalty is not their most prominent trait, they ensure to stick to a man when it is a serious relationship. Thus, you should also be faithful to your woman.


Finding love is usually not easy, but it can happen in Santa Marta. People say that it is unrealistic to find love when you are on holiday, but what happens when love finds you?

Most times, people do not plan to fall in love. However, they cannot help when it happens.

Instead of stressing your head over something that you cannot control, why not act like the locals of Santa Marta? Go with the flow of life and believe that whatever will be, will be.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

It is almost inevitable not to feel an attraction for any Santa Marta woman when you are in the city. However, men like to be sure that the woman feels the same way.

You can get this by having a conversation with her and also monitoring her body language. If she pulls away from you and avoids physical touches, know that she is not the one for you.

Santa Marta women are always affectionate and like to be expressive with a man they desire.


The legal age for marriage is 18 years old in Santa Marta. However, someone of 12 years old can get married with parental consent. This shows you the level of openness in the city.

The Catholic Church conducts most of the marriages as it is the dominant religion in the city. Some people may also opt to have a court marriage.


The wedding celebration is usually done on the choice of the couple. Some may prefer for it to be flamboyant, while others would want something low-key.

Whatever style you decide, be sure that people would be there to celebrate with you.

Family Life

There is a tight-knit relationship in families in Santa Marta as they believe in togetherness.

Sometimes, families embark on picnics and other recreational activities to strengthen the bond between family members.

Never fail to spread love around you.

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