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San Pedro Sula dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Honduran women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Honduran girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Girls in San Pedro Sula:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in San Pedro Sula:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in San Pedro Sula:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about San Pedro Sula:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $750
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $530


Honduran girls are known to be beautiful and accommodating. In a short time, you will be attracted to a lot of them. You shouldn’t start a relationship immediately you enter San Pedro Sula. You need time to study the culture and traditions of the people living there.

When it is time for you to start a relationship, you won’t find it difficult to get a partner. Since Honduran girls love to meet foreigners, you just have to play your cards right. Honduran girls love confident men. So you should show confidence in everything. It can be in how you talk or walk. As we go further, you will learn more about dating Honduran girls in San Pedro Sula.

Dating Culture

There is no uniform dating culture in San Pedro Sula. You and your partner should focus on what will work for you. When you see a girl you like, you should approach her and start a conversation. The best way to start a conversation is by giving compliments. Honduran girls love compliments a lot. It makes them feel good about themselves.

Your compliment should always be genuine. If you’re lying, a Honduran girl will see through you. When you meet a girl for the first time, your aim should be to get her number. If you’re able to get it, you can proceed to ask her out on a date.


As stated earlier, Honduran women are beautiful and attractive. As you meet tall women, you will meet short ones. Some of them are fat, while others are slim. A lot of slim Honduran women are models. You will find them in international modeling magazines. Some of them also attend fashion shows. Honduran women in San Pedro Sula contribute a lot to the economy. So they are well respected. As we go further, you will learn about Honduran women in different age brackets.

Honduran Girls (age 18 - 29)

Honduran girls within ages 18 to 29 are the youngest and most beautiful in San Pedro Sula. You will find them in schools or skill acquisition centers. They try to pursue their careers at an early age. If you want a serious relationship, you shouldn’t date any of those girls. They dot last in relationships. To gain experience, they change partners frequently. Young Honduran girls are dependent on their parents. They also demand from their partners. If you want to date anyone of them, you should be ready to spend. They are also good in bed.

Honduran Women (age 30 - 45)

The majority of Honduran women around the age of 30 to 45 are married. The single women are searching for partners. They don’t date for fun anymore. They only want someone that can start and raise a family with them. Unlike young girls, Honduran women don’t care about fashion. They focus more on style. Fat women wear tight clothes while slim women wear big clothes.

Honduran women in San Pedro Sula care about their looks. To appear beautiful, they make use of cosmetic products. Even though there are world-class doctors in the city, cosmetic surgery is not popular there. Honduran women have high self-esteem. So they prefer to look natural.

Honduran Ladies (age 45+)

The majority of Honduran ladies above 45 years are married and living with their husbands. The single ladies in San Pedro Sula are either divorced or widowed. Even at that age, some of them still seek relationships.

Some single ladies want men who can act as companions. Some of them also want young men that can satisfy them in bed. Before you start a relationship with one, you should be ready to tolerate somethings. At that age, your potential partner would have given birth. So you’ve to learn to relate with her children.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

A lot of foreigners go in and out of San Pedro Sula every time of the year. Those foreigners go there for different reasons. There are world-class schools in the city. So international students from neighboring places go there to study. There are also world-class research laboratories there. So foreign scientists go there to perform major researches.

Honduras hosts a lot of international sports competitions yearly. Some of those competitions are held at San Pedro Sula. So athletes and fans from different countries go there to participate. If you want to communicate with foreign girls easily, you should learn the English language. It is a universal language. So the majority of foreigners use it to communicate.


If you know your way around San Pedro Sula, you won’t find it difficult to get laid. Young Honduran girls are open to learning new things about sex. Some of them even visit pornography sites. They do that to learn new styles to satisfy their partner. If you’re in a relationship, you’re going to lie with your partner. You’ve to be patient at times. Some Honduran girls don’t lie with their partners in the early stages of a relationship. They do that to know if he truly loves them.

Sex Culture

Honduran parents play a big role in the sex life of their daughters. They make sure their daughters don’t engage in sex until they graduate from higher institutions. Some of them even raise their daughters to remain virgins until marriage.

Honduran people respect women who marry as virgins. They believe that is the best gift a new wife can give to her husband. Sex education is taught in all Honduran schools. From the dangers of premarital sex to signs of puberty, they teach young girls everything they need to know about sex.

One-Night Stands

The one-night stand has started to become popular in San Pedro Sula recently. Some Honduran girls are now open to engaging in one-night stands. Even with the recent popularity, a lot of Honduran women still don’t have an idea of what it means.

You can’t approach any random Honduran girl and ask her for a one-night stand. She might see it as harassment. That is why you have to visit clubs. You will meet girls that offer one-night stands there. To be easily identified, they wear short and skimpy dresses that barely cover their private parts. When you see one you like, just approach her and start a conversation. As you interact, you can start to make advances. If she agrees, you can just leave for a room.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Honduran girls are often busy on weekdays. So you can’t approach them anywhere. Even when you see one you like, you can’t be so sure that she is single. That is why you have to figure out the right places to meet single girls. Those places include shopping malls, nightclubs, bars, and the likes. The atmosphere there makes it easy to meet and mingle with new girls. As we go further, you will learn more about those places

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Nightlife has improved in San Pedro Sula recently. There are now clubs and bars in almost every street in the city. So you can just visit the one near you. Before you decide on the right club for you, you’ve to visit a lot and compare them.

There are clubs where entry fees are paid. Upon payment, customers will be given tickets to accessing such clubs. Anyone without a ticket will be denied entry. Dress codes are also given in some clubs. Anyone that dresses differently will be denied from entering such clubs. Popular nightclubs and bars in San Pedro Sula are listed below

* Atucun Bar – If you want to meet local Honduran girls, you should visit Atucun Bar. They serve local Honduran drinks. Their DJ also specializes in local music. They are open from Wednesday to Saturday. Various local musicians perform there on weekends. You might even be lucky enough to watch your favorite musician perform live.

* Casino Copan – It is located inside a hotel named Copanti. Since you can easily book a room during a party, you can go there for one-night stands. Apart from drinking and clubbing, you can also play games there. Games such as Roulette and blackjack are available.

* Karaoke Club – It is one of the most popular clubs in San Pedro Sula. A lot of musicians perform there every night. If you’re an upcoming musician, you can even get a chance to show your talent. The majority of the people you will meet there are Honduran locals. You can also go there if you’re not a Karaoke fan. You will surely have fun.

* Klein Bohemia – If you’ve not watched a band perform live, you can get your first chance here. The majority of the people that go there are young. So you can easily approach and interact with anyone you like.

* Luca Luca – The chairs here are widely spaced from each other. So you can discuss without anyone stalking you. You can even celebrate your birthday and other things there. You just have to book a space. If you want to meet cute girls, you should go there on weekends. That is when they are free to party.

* The Cube – There is a huge dancefloor here. So you can approach any girl and ask her to dance with you. They also have a lot of DJs. Each DJ specializes in a different genre of music. So you can go where your type of music is played. You will meet girls that have similar interests as you.

* La Cava – Almost everything is available here. As they offer expensive drinks, cheap drinks are also available. So you can go there no matter how much you have with you. They sell local and foreign drinks. So foreigners like to go there. If you want to meet cute foreign girls, you should go there.

* Kawama – It is popular because of its great staff. Their staff is trained to understand all kinds of languages. No matter what language you speak, someone will attend to you, and you will get served.

* Hibou – It is the definition of a modern club. They renovate Hibou frequently. From furniture to DJ equipment, almost everything used there is the latest. Whenever you’re going there, you should dress well. The majority of the girls you will meet there are classy. So you’ve to play your cards right.

* B412 – It is one of the best dance clubs in San Pedro Sula and the whole of Honduras. It is open for 24 hours every day. So you can go there anytime you want. Since it is situated on top of a tall building, you will get a nice view of the city. You can even use your phone to take some dope pictures there.

Shopping Malls

They don’t only sell goods in modern malls. Services are offered there. There are malls with restaurants, bars, and swimming pools. Some malls even have cinemas inside. So you can watch the latest Netflix movies there. Even though goods are cheap in markets, Honduran girls purchase at malls. They prefer malls because of the conducive environment.

If you have good conversation skills, you will find it easy to approach girls in malls. You can even approach a girl where she is selecting items to purchase. If your conversation flows well, you can take her for lunch that same day. Since you’re taking her to a restaurant inside the same mall, she will follow you. Some modern shopping malls in San Pedro Sula are listed below

* Mall Galerias del Valle

* Multiplaza San Pedro Sula

* GLODISA Diunsa Super Store Blvd salida a la Lima

* Plaza San Jorge

* Plaza Las Palmas

* Plaza Universitaria UNAH-VS

* Plaza City Light

* Plaza San Juan


There are a lot of fantastic outdoor locations at San Pedro Sula. Since the majority of those places are tourist attractions, you will find it easy to meet girls there. Outdoor locations at San Pedro Sula include wildlife parks, zoos, museums, and the likes. You have to be careful in those places. Some women go there with their partners. If you approach such women, their partners can react badly.

Universities and Colleges

You will meet a lot of girls in San Pedro Sula schools. So you will have a lot of options. If your crush is not giving you face, just move on to the next girl. Some girls are ready to love you for who you are. You just have to locate them. Even as you enjoy dating, you should focus on your studies. The main reason you’re in school is to study. So make sure you get good grades. No one wants to date the dull students in a class. Schools that admit international students in San Pedro Sula are listed below

* Technological University of Honduras

* University of San Pedro Sula

* Christian University of Honduras


There are no guidelines on how relationships should be in San Pedro Sula. It depends on you and your partner. Both of you should have the same goal. If you’re dating for marriage, your partner should be doing the same thing.

The time you’re going to use also matters. If you’re going to stay for a short time, you shouldn’t start a serious relationship. No one wants to get heartbroken after a short time. You can just go for a one-night stand anytime you want to get laid. On the other hand, you can start a serious relationship if you’re going to stay long in the city.

Holiday Romance

A lot of rich foreigners visit San Pedro Sula on vacation. When they get there, some of them seek for holiday romance partners. In that kind of relationship, you and your holiday romance partner are going to live together till you leave the city.

Apart from sex, you’re going to enjoy other things in the relationship. You will learn more about Honduran culture and traditions. Your holiday romance partner can even teach you a few words in their language. With the knowledge of those words, you will be able to purchase things by yourself.

Tips for Successful Relationship

If you want a successful relationship in San Pedro Sula, you’re going to put in the required efforts. If only one person is serious, your relationship will be one-sided. So one partner will be left unhappy. Trust is important in every relationship. If you can’t trust your partner because of what she did in the past, it is better to end the relationship.

No relationship can grow without communication. No matter how busy you are, you should create time to interact with your partner. Even if you’re having issues, you should be ready to discuss and settle things.


True love exists in San Pedro Sula. You just have to be patient. Some Honduran women believe that foreigners are wealthy people. So they try to start a relationship with them. When such women find richer men, they don’t waste time dumping their current partners. That is why you’ve to be careful.

When you meet the right girl, you will know. Honduran women in love are so caring and cheerful. They can do anything to keep their partners. To keep your partner in love, you have to give her the same level of energy she gives you.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

If you want a successful relationship or marriage, you have to make sure you’re in love with the right person. If there is an issue you find difficult to settle with your partner, it is better to end your relationship. A failed relationship is always better than a failed marriage. No matter how good people portray divorce, it is not a nice thing to experience.

All Honduran girls in San Pedro Sula can be classified into two. The two classes are materialistic girls and non-materialistic girls. Materialistic girls love fashion a lot. To compete with themselves, they wear the latest clothes in town. If you date one, you will be the one financing her lifestyle. Such women can make it difficult for men to progress. On the other hand, non-materialistic girls are not obsessed with fashion. They give their partner the support he needs to achieve his dreams


It is the dream of every Honduran woman to get married to a rich and responsible man. The first step to getting married in San Pedro Sula is the proposal. Proposals are done with the use of rings. If your partner accepts your proposal, you can start to make plans for your wedding.


You and your partner will be declared as a couple on your wedding day. The first step is to choose a wedding date. You and your partner should choose a date that important family members will be available.

If you want to do a successful wedding in San Pedro Sula, you need a wedding budget. The budget is a list of all expenses you have to make for your wedding. Your wedding budget depends on your finances. If you are average financially, you can do a moderate wedding. On the other hand, you can do an elaborate wedding if you’re financially buoyant.

Family Life

Immediately after the wedding, you and your wife will go on a honeymoon. To have freedom and privacy, you can do your honeymoon in a place far from home. After the honeymoon, you will return to San Pedro Sula and face reality. As the husband, you have to provide everything your family needs. That is why it is advisable to have a good source of income before considering marriage.

Every family needs a good car and apartment. As your wife gives birth to more children, you might even need to move to a bigger apartment. As stated earlier, you need a good car to move easily within San Pedro Sula. You can use it to take your children to school and your wife to work.

Education is important for every child. So make sure you take your children to good schools. To make your children become responsible people in the future, you should teach them good morals. If you do everything discussed above, you and your family will live comfortably in the city.

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