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Guide for dating in Samarkand helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Uzbekistani women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Uzbek girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Samarkand. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

Uzbek women are beautiful but very conservative

Girls in Samarkand:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.0 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Samarkand:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 2.0 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2.5 / 5

Sex in Samarkand:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.0 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2.5 / 5

More about Samarkand:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.0 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$150 - $550
  • Accommodation: US$100 - $300


Samarkand is a beautiful city in the state of Uzbekistan. It is one of the most ancient cities in Central Asia. There are pieces of evidence of human activities in this place since the Paleolithic age. This city is famous for its ancient mausoleums, shrines, and scriptures. Samarkand is the second-largest city of Uzbekistan in terms of population after the capital city, Tashkent. The population of this city is around 1 million. The origin of the word is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Markand’ which means battlefield. It is also a home to Bibi-Khanym Mosque which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main religion practiced here is Islam where 90% of the people followed this religion.

This place is also referred to as a crossroads of cultures because this is a place where you can find linkage to various cultures. After all, it is one of the ancient civilizations in the world. The people here are very kind and modern. The condition of women here is also good when compared to other cities in Uzbekistan. Almost 90% of the women are educated here and they are open-minded and liberal to the western culture. Uzbeks are also fond of drinking despite drinking is prohibited by religion.

Dating Culture

Samarkand is a beautiful city in Uzbekistan and is also one of the modernized & multi-cultured cities in the country. This city is home to generous and kind people. They are educated and free from the stereotypes prevailing in the rest of the country. The country is sexist and patriarchal, but most of the people residing in this city show an equal attitude towards both the genders. They are open-minded and rational. The dating in this city is still in the nascent stage, but you can see the perspective of people towards casual dating is slightly liberalized and they are open for dating other men or women of their choice.

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Online Dating

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Samarkand's citizens are educated and open-minded as already stated, thus, the status of women in this city is above when compared to the rest of the country. The education in Uzbekistan is very good and women also play an important role in uplifting the social status of the society. The city is rich in values and culture. After independence in 1991, the status of women is changed drastically in Uzbekistan. In general, women are allowed to keep and own property after marriage which can't be witnessed before independence.

The age of marriage is also low in Uzbekistan and in Samarkand, the girls are being married at the age of 15-17. The locals also don’t object to this custom because it is in their traditional values. Overall, the status of women is not so good in this country when compared to other western countries. Here, women also can't choose their husband and all the marriages are arranged by their family. It is mostly seen that they gave their daughters to their relatives to save cost i.e. bride price.

In general, young girls are conservative and religiously bound because they live with their families. If you want to date some local girl try to hit on middle-aged women, those who are single or divorced. There is a culture socially acceptable till now i.e. polygamy where a man gets married more than one woman. Although polygamy is illegal in Uzbekistan and registration of marriages become compulsory. The second marriage cannot be registered and thus, the second wife has no status in eyes of law and they cannot contest suit of property and maintenance.

Women's rights are changing but not very fast. The women in Samarkand have a pure heart and a simple soul. They are very kind, generous, and religious. In cities, women are not that conservative and can be seen wearing short skirts, t-shirts, and loose tops. Otherwise, it is advisable to take long skirts and a full-sleeves shirt and high-neck t-shirts with you while visiting this country. Women are less literate than men so they are not so independent and successful.

The main reason is that because of the patriarchal society, only rich can afford the education of women. Women in this city are very beautiful and cute. You will witness their beauty in daylight because hardly very few women are allowed for late-night parties and clubbing.

Uzbekistani Girls (age 18 - 29)

Uzbekistan women are generally beautiful because they have mixed genes of Russian, European, and Asian. The girls of this age are the most attractive in all age groups. This age group is young, energetic, and enthusiastic in every work they do. These young girls are pretty conservative because they are brought up with their family so the traditional values are intact with them. But, as the age grows and they study and grow, they start changing their views and traditions. Their familiarity with the external atmosphere and communicating with other peers will make them open-minded and liberals eventually.

As a tourist, this age-group will be considered as a golden shot for you because these girls are looking for someone to start their relationship because now, they are away from their family and therefore need someone to take care of and support them. As the age of marriage is very low in Uzbekistan, they are looking for someone who will be suitable for family as all the marriages are done with the consent of family members. These girls are the most humble and genuine in nature and can't cheat you over someone.

The girls are a real beauty and they look so stunning in their cultural dress. Most of the girls are very sharp looks and beautiful color of their eyes. Because of the prevailing climatic conditions, they have a very toned body and bright skin. It has a great impact on the physical features of a woman. They wear their national attire even on weekdays & you can found multiple dresses in young girls' wardrobe. They wore it with pride. Their look in festive attire is so stunning that anyone can fall in love with them.

Coming to the relationship with these young girls, if you are looking for some casual, short & romantic relationship with these girls, then there are very-very few chances that the girl will accept such relationships. There is some sort of thinking prevailing in the college-going girls which reflects western culture. In big cities like Tashkent, Samarkand, you can find independent girls who are ready to date and have casual short relationships with tourists and strangers. If you find such girls who are ready to have sexual relations with you before marriage, then consider yourself the luckiest person in the world. It is not easy to get sex with these young girls who think that having sex before marriage is against their culture and values.

Similarly, one night stand with these local girls in Samarkand is impossible unless you find such girls in bars, pubs, and nightclubs. You can see some crowd of these young energetic girls dancing in these pubs. These girls are easy to get laid because since already they are not following conservative norms and also they can be seen drinking which is also against their religion. These girls can give you some real sex and in no time they will seduce you and will boost you with some great amount of energy.

Uzbek Women (age 30 - 45)

This age group is more modernized and independent than all other age groups. The women in this age group are mostly married and successfully managing their household chores or work-life with their love life. The women in Samarkand are mostly employed because the expenses in this city are hard to meet and thus, women also contribute to the income-building process. The most amazing thing with this group is that almost all the women of this age are kind and generous to strangers and tourists.

If you find unmarried women at this age, they probably are looking for good gentlemen with a decent salary that can lead them to a lavish lifestyle. The Samarkand is famous for beautiful girls apart from mausoleums. The women of this age are matured and developed thinking which is more western and less-conservative. The young unmarried girls of this age are ready to date tourists and strangers. They are very kind and because of their independence, they also engage in short-term love affairs and unknown hookups to relieve themselves and satisfy their physical needs.

These women that are unmarried till this age have not attached to their religion in a strict sense, therefore, they can be seen partying late at night, drinking in the bars, and clubbing the whole night with their friends. They are easy to approach for one-night stands. Because of polygamy practiced in the country in some parts, the women often felt cheated and they also find someone stranger to satisfy her sexual desires. The rate of divorce is also increasing because of this reason. At their appearance, there are traditional lines of the Asian peoples. But in nature, lifestyle Uzbekistan women are no different from European women and American women.

In Samarkand, it is very difficult to find any unmarried women above the age of 30. Almost all the women in this age group are either wives or mothers. It is hard to get any women for casual dating in this age-group. It is advisable to not fall in the trap of prostitutes and fraud women that you meet in local bars and pubs. Though prostitution is illegal in Uzbekistan you can find some female prostitutes play games with innocent tourists to fraud them by luring sexually These women are excellent in communication and don't shy while talking to strangers. They are confident and leading towards a successful life in Samarkand.

Uzbekistani Ladies (age 45+)

This age group is enjoying family life and is highly excellent in managing family affairs. Samarkand is the only city in Uzbekistan where the citizens came to enjoy their retiring life. The women who are divorced or single moms at this age tend to be hornier and are more relaxed in having some fun with foreigners. These women have a well-maintained body because as they are growing in age they have to go to gymnasiums and training centers to tone their bodies and make them attractive.

Despite their age, they are very good at maintaining sexual relations and one-night stands. They are also financially independent and they can easily be approached. In this age, their husband becomes rather more aged than them because the women here are married when they are so young. They are not satisfied with their husband because the males are not so sexually active than females. These aged females look for young and strong boys to fulfill their sexual desires and needs. This type of woman is hard to find because you can’t gather their intentions by merely meeting and looking at them.

Uzbekistan women are loyal and they cannot easily make extra-marital relations with anyone unless they develop trust and confidence in her. They will approach these men and strangers in crowded places either in the daytime or night-time. To get laid with these women, you have to take patience for some days and several dates & meets. After gaining their trust, you will enjoy the experience of their sexual life and witness the most amazing moves in bed with them. You will get astonished when you know that they are the biggest sex-freaks in all age groups. It is advisable to not force any of the women to develop sexual relations with you as it may hurt their religious sentiment and they might sue you for sexual harassment.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Samarkand is one of the populous cities in Uzbekistan. It is famously a tourist place and people come here to witness the beauty of the ancient sculptures and mausoleums. There are various other places around the city which attracts millions of tourists. Mostly tourists come from the capital city Tashkent to witness this quiet and beautiful city. Many foreign girls visit this place with their other friends and are looking for a good holiday romance with other foreigners or tourists.

These foreigners are mostly from other Asian countries and European countries and the girls are very beautiful that can attract any woman. These girls are open-minded and very much familiar with the European culture, so they are easy to approach. There are various circumstances where you find foreign girls ready to get laid with you in some romantic places in the city.

The place is also an education hub for many int'l students. Various local students from villages also came here to pursue their higher education and live a rich city life. You can see a bunch of foreign students in the leading and reputed institutions which are discussed later in the article. These foreign students are young, beautiful, and have marvelous body features that will drool over you. They are not financially independent and need money to visit the city and roam the country. There are easily approachable when you show them your money and can also go for a holiday romance tour with you as your partner. They are open-minded and can give you enough sex at an early date that you cannot expect with local girls.

Samarkand is also a place where ex-pats visit to take a break from their busy and boring working schedule. They mostly visit this city from Tashkent because Tashkent is the main commercial hub of the country. They are also in search of a partner that will support them and end their loneliness.


It is already stated that it is very hard to find such girls who are ready to give you sex from the first date. These girls usually date other boys to get married to them. There is no such culture of casual dates and short-term relationship that exists only for sex and physical pleasures. The prevailing norms in Uzbek society are not accepting sex as a normal thing. It is considered a taboo here till today and it is also considered as a sin to have sex before marriage.

You can get sex only with the middle-aged women who are not married because the young girls are very conservative as they are not independent and still live with their conservative family. Early age marriage and polygamy are also prevalent in society but you can see very educated people in Samarkand who understand all these norms are outdated, against normal human rights, and illegal. Modernized and rich family kids don't believe in all these illogical norms and might be ready to sex with you if you impress them.

If you manage to impress a local Samarkand girl to take up to your bed, you will remember that night your whole life. They are so good in bed that they can make you cum multiple times in a night and they still have the stamina to go for another round.

Sex Culture

Sex culture is not so developed in Uzbekistan, it is almost absent in the rural areas and still in its nascent stage in urban areas. The modernized cities are quite developing as per the western culture but the typical norms still prevail in the mentality of the age-old people. Sex before marriage is seen as a crime or sin here. In the city like Samarkand, people are educated but they are conservative about their religion. You can experience that people are not open to talking about sex in public. It is even not praised worthy to show some affection to your partner in public.

You can forget to dream about getting one night stands and casual hookups with local women here, if you have to get sex here, there are other ways to attract modern girls like approaching them in high-class pubs, bars, etc. Sex culture is not so good for the tourists here because women here are not ready to have sex unless they are long in a relationship and about to marry each other.

One-Night Stands

The best places to experience the one-night stands are in the nightlife of the city. You can meet very beautiful and sexy girls partying in the nightclubs, bars, pubs, and other restaurants that are ready to have great sex with you. These girls include foreign travelers, tourists, and students from rural areas. They are free and independent here so they love to enjoy their life in every way possible. Young girls are very horny and are in search of someone that can satisfy their sexual needs.

In this age of adolescence, many hormonal changes occur in the body which stimulates sexual activity. Some girls do this to get money and target sugar daddies that can give her ample cash to give them a great bed service. They are called sugar babies and might attract you in a honey trap and extract every penny with you by the end of the night. It is advisable to take caution while visiting or dealing with such girls because normal and simple local girls are not allowed to visit these places.

One-night stands are the best part of a foreign trip where you get a chance to share the bed with an unknown local girl which will give you enough relief by doing great sex. It is hard to get such hookups in Samarkand. But, as things are changing, let us hope these things also change rapidly.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

It is ironic to say that the young girls that are single to find despite a very bleak dating culture. This is because the girls are married at an early age and therefore they are not single. Single young women are very hard to find in the city of Samarkand. There are few places where you can meet single girls that are unmarried and living their life independently without any stereotypical thinking and have a liberal attitude. The new norms which are gathering the attention of the citizens are restricted only to some cities which also include Samarkand. There are now a shift turn in the people’s thinking and girls started dating boys of their neighborhood or friends.

Some rare girls also want to date foreigners and have some sexual pleasure with them. The young girls are ready to have a casual love affair for a short period to take a break from a boring life. This also fulfills a tourist’s objective of having a short holiday romance with no strings attached. The usual places where girls visit their day-to-day activities for household chores or anything are the best places where you can find single girls. If you want to date some college going girls then you can move or roam around the colleges to approach the single girls.

If you want a hot and sexy girl to date and satisfy your sexual desires, then the best places for you to visit is the nightclubs and bars. This type of girl can be easily approached during night time at bars and pubs. They are easy to impress just offer them some good drinks from the place then they will be on to you and will surely be impressed with you if you have good skills to start communication which makes her interesting. Overall, it is very hard to find single and unmarried women in Samarkand. Just try your luck in the best pubs around the city that are described in the next section.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Bars, Pubs, & Clubs are the mirror of the nightlife of a place. If the people of a place love partying, clubbing, it is said to have an excellent nightlife. People of Samarkand are so fond of partying and drinking that you may witness almost all the bars and pubs that are already booked for the night. Uzbeks are not so lavish lifestyle therefore the people you see here in these bars and clubs are rich and very modernized and have a liberal attitude towards sex and hook-ups. As a tourist, you can get any hot girl that visits these nightclubs or bars if you show them your money and playing some good pick up tricks on them.

If you have good verbal skills to impress a lady then there are chances that you may end up your night with her in your bed. Some good & mind-blowing bars of the city are described below:

  • Green Bear Bar: It is one of the best bars in the city. Recently, it was beautifully renovated. It serves great & tasty food and cheap beer. The staff is extremely hospitable and friendly. The piano playing by the seemingly drunk pianist is a great attraction.
  • Blues Bar: This bar is highly recommended if you’re looking to temporarily escape to a Western-style bar. This place offers great music and ambiance that can soothe your mind and their mushroom pizza is the best in Uzbekistan (the secret is in the sauce). It can be a bit smoky in there but it is a Blues Bar after all.
  • Bochka: This place is the best skewers in the area. The staff is all-time available and nice. The good thing about the staff service is that they also speak English. Beer is great which is brewed in nearby brewery Praga-Samarkand where Czech brew-masters are participating in the brewing process which is a mark of good beer quality. It's also possible to take away fresh (and of course cold) beer in a plastic bottle made on the spot.
  • Beer Street Pub: This place is for youngsters and has a good cozy atmosphere which will act as a catalyst to your romantic date. The place is good with beer and snacks. Worth Visiting!
  • Lux House Samarkand: This place is good for casual drinking and it is recommended when you are with a group. The interior of the pub is pretty good and has an atmosphere that offers good vibes.
  • Ресторан Besh Chinor: It is a great place with a beautiful ambiance and nice decor. It is perhaps one of the best restaurants and food in the whole of Uzbekistan. The food is awesome and delicious. The service was excellent and the staff is very courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. Good place for partying with family and friends.
  • The Beerman: This place is famous for after-work drinks with colleagues because it offers you a breathtaking view which will refresh your mind and also boost your energy. The prices are a little expensive because of the landmark location.
  • Restaurant Samarkand: It's great. The food is delicious and clean. You can see the kitchen from the street. And that is not hidden. The price is affordable. Music is also good and popular. But if you don't like the noisy atmosphere you can go upstairs. That place is calm and cozy.
  • Club “SHARQ”: It is one of the best night clubs in Samarqand. The place has a good atmosphere and an educated crowd. They also serve in a very courteous manner and the staff also speaks English.
  • Rubai Bar: This place is not good as it also charges expensively and the staff is not at all friendly.

Shopping Malls

People are usually fond of shopping when they visit a new place or a country. They try to purchase some famous antiques and artifacts which is a symbol for your majestic trip to Uzbekistan. Many Uzbeks young women love shopping and as all women love to dress according to the latest fashion trends, you can witness the gorgeous and beautiful ladies of the city in the famous shopping malls.

There is also plenty of opportunities for travelers and foreigner to impress some young single women for partying and clubbing. And if she is ready you can play your game in the bars by asking out or directly making out with her. Here is the list of some famous shopping malls of the city where all locals love to visit:

  • Shodiyona Shopping Center
  • Atlas Inavatsion Trend
  • Temurxon & Lego
  • Sogdiana Bazzar
  • Dinamo Samarqand Stadion
  • Korun Samarqand
  • Vokzal Bozori
  • Mega Market
  • Makon Mall
  • AFSONA Mall


There are various places to visit in the city of Samarkand. The place is famous for its mausoleums and religious shrines. There are other outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your partner while exploring the city. The tour of this city will surely make you a spiritual animal. Here are the names of some famous places that are worth visiting and tourist-attractions:

  • Registan
  • Gur-e Amir Complex
  • Bibi-Khanym Mosque
  • Shah-i-Zinda Ensemble
  • Observatory of Ulugbek Samarkand
  • Afrasiyab Settlement
  • Sherdor Madrasa
  • Tilla-Kori Madrasah
  • Afrasiyab Museum

Universities and Colleges

Education plays an important role in shaping the culture and mores in a country. Samarkand is the second-most populous city in Uzbekistan and has a world-class education system and is blessed with excellent universities and colleges. Because of education, the practice of such age-old practices is curbed and removed from society. Some various students and scholars come from different parts of the country to pursue their higher education.

As a tourist, you can also visit these places and ask out any college going girl for a date or casual hook up. Be aware before approaching these girls; first, try to initiate a friendship with her. Here is the list of some good educational institutes in Samarkand:

  • Institute of Archaeology of the Science Academy of Uzbekistan
  • Samarkand Veterinary Medicine Institute
  • Samarkand State University
  • ‘Silk Road’ International University of Tourism
  • Samarkand State Medical Institute
  • Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service
  • Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages
  • Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Construction


Uzbekistan is a Muslim dominated country and there is no practice of coming in casual relationships. The girls usually date to marry the guy because it is very hard to come in relationships of a shorter period. The girls usually are connected to their family and they will introduce the guy who they are dating to their families. The families will then decide to marry her or not as there are early age marriages of women in Samarkand and most of the marriages are made on the family's approval. The girls in Samarkand are loyal and kind to their partners. They are not gold diggers and stay loyal to their man.

Young women come in a relationship with long period goals and intending to get married to the guy they date. If you are staying in this country for a shorter period, it is advisable to disclose your intentions before starting any relationship with any woman as it is a gentleman's sign to not hurt any woman's feelings. These women care and support a lot their partner and would go any extent to support his decisions.

The main barrier in initiating a relationship with local women is that many of them don't speak English so it will lead to a communication gap and decrease your chances to make a successful relationship. Usually, the women in the city understand English but find it a little hard to speak it. You have a beautiful chance to make them speak and start a relationship with. They are friendly and polite to strangers and foreigners.

Holiday Romance

Holiday romance in this city of Uzbekistan is a wonderful idea. To enjoy the beauty of this city it is advisable to come with the love of your life. It is a good idea to find a partner here to boost your energy and offer you some romantic moments which eventually lead in a short sexual relationship. The best pickup for a holiday romance is the foreign college going girls because they know the atmosphere of this country and also understand your language.

The beauty of this city is to be enjoyed with your beautiful, young, energetic, and romantic partner that can give you thrills and you will be accompanied by her all along your trip. It is a must to find a partner whom you have attached very closely to ask to take a tour to this country with you. It is indeed a very special feeling to explore the city with your partner and get all the romantic things in very beautiful mausoleums in this city.

Tips for Successful Relationship

A successful relationship is like telepathy you don't have to tell anything to your partner and he/she understands everything even without telling anything. A successful relationship is something that all persons want but no one puts efforts to make it successful. In this article here are some tips to make your relationship a successful one which will turn into marriage and you can spend the rest of your life with the person you love most. These basic things to keep in mind while dating women in Samarkand.

Never disrespect their religion and family: It is the most important thing to take care of. In any circumstances, don’t talk against their religion because these women are very much attached to their religion and can’t take a second in arguing with you. They are very close to their family so also resist talking about them that is funny or witty.

No communication gap: Since language can act as a barrier between you two but don't try to make things different by not telling something or hiding something from them. Mutual respect and understanding should be your key when language is a barrier.

Little surprises: Samarkand women are so kind and simple that they never something big and huge from you. All they expect is that you can give them something handwritten notes or anything small which will make her day. in short they like to be wooed.


Samarkand is blessed with very beautiful girls that are a blend of Persian and Russian culture. They are very good at making your life a little interesting and will boost your efficiency by the care and concern she gave to their partners. The girls here are very lovable and look to spend her life with you if she started dating you. Love cannot only be expressed in having physical relations; it can also be reflected from the actions, deeds, and talks of your partner.

It is a very famous fact about the Samarkand girls is that these girls don't hesitate to talk about their partner and will love you unconditionally irrespective of your race, religion, wealth, and looks. If she started loving you, she will go any limits and end up marrying you.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

The girls here can love any boy and love him unconditionally. Irrespective of their conservative norms and stereotypical thinking if a girl started changing for you and giving up their values and started adopting your cultures and values, it can very well be inferred that she is fully in love with you. If she gives her pure soul and body to you and you know her intentions that she is into you then it is advisable to keep her for life because no other Samarkand women will start having a sexual relationship with you unless she truly loves you and trusts you blindly. It is your part to keep her happy and cherish her.

Samarkand girls are so simple and loyal that they don’t even hesitate to give up everything to save their family members or lovable ones. If she shows the same approach with you, then she is the one.


The marriage ceremony took place is purely religious and according to Islam. Almost 94% of the people here are Muslims and the marriage ceremony is performed with the consent of family members. Mostly all the marriages in Samarkand are arranged and as per the choice of the family member. There is also a practice of polygamy in some parts of Uzbekistan.

It is also noticed that people give their daughters to their far-relatives so that they can save the bride price. Such type of practice is also followed here. Marriage is the most important part of one's life therefore lavish programs are also organized by both the families and a grandeur party is thrown to friends, relatives, and lovable ones.


The wedding ceremony is according to Islamic culture and it is already stated that the young girls are being married at an early age as per their culture and traditions. The official word for the wedding ceremony here is Nikah and it is always followed by a Henna ceremony. A wedding reception is also organized usually by the bride's family. It is often practiced in Samarkand that people spend their entire savings on their marriages. These marriages are splendid, grand, and very magnificent. Expensive hotels are booked and the function is held there. It is the most joyous day for the family.

Family Life

Starting a family life in Samarkand doesn't seem to be a good idea because there are many hurdles like language problems, different cultures and religions, and other small things. The education level of the woman here is also low. There is also not a very safe atmosphere for foreigners here. Different thinking and modernized approach will not let you live here because people are still conservative about many things.

Coming to the family structure, Samarkand's citizens live in a joint family and there is no concept of nuclear families. They live with their parents, uncles, brothers under the same roof. They live happily and there are no issues if you want to start a new life at a different place with your better half.

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