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Guide for dating in Salvador helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Brazilian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Brazilian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Salvador. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Salvador, Brazil.

Hot girls of Salvador at the Zen club

Girls in Salvador:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 2.5 / 5

Dating in Salvador:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Salvador:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Salvador:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $600
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $400


Salvador is one of the most populated cities in Brazil. It is one of the oldest cities, full of life and smell of old architecture. Salvador was established by initial Portugal settlers, and you can see the influence of Portuguese culture here.

The best thing about Salvador is the incredible women you will meet here. They are hot, sexy and have high moral ground. These women have a fit yet curvy body which is sure to draw some attention. Brazilian women are known for their straightforward behavior.

Brazilian women are not only hot, but they are also open and sensitive. They like interacting with foreigners and would like to show you around. Dating Brazilian women is so much fun. They are full of energy and always up for an adventure.

Brazilian women are also extremely modern, which allows them to accept all cultures and ethnicities. If you are in Salvador on vacation, do not hold back. Go, ask out a Brazilian woman and let the fun begin.

Dating Culture

Dating is quite prominent in Salvador. This is because Brazilian women love meeting new people. They are easy to talk to and mingle with anyone and everyone.

A major chunk of the Brazilian population uses dating apps. Tinder is the most popular app; you can find it on every other phone. Other dating apps like Bumble and Happn are also very popular. Most Brazilian women prefer online dating. This is because it allows them to make a connection and know the person before actually meeting them. You get an opportunity to determine if that person is of your type or not. If not, they just move on. While dating a Brazilian woman in Salvador, it is ideal if you know a little Portuguese. It goes a long way since most of their ancestors were Portuguese.

Brazil is known for its pompous carnivals. There is nothing quite like it- full of colors, entertainment and fun. Carnivals are also a great place to meet new people or have a date. There is nothing that excites a Brazilian woman like a carnival.

Brazilian women are extremely open and have lower physical boundaries in comparison to many women. It does not mean that they are cheap or anything. They are just friendly and are not afraid to show it. So next time you are on a date, and she gets a little comfortable with you, do not presume that she is into you. Look for some solid clues. Blind dating is not prominent in Brazilian culture.

On the first date, it is not expected of you to pay for dinner. Most Brazilian women are modern and do not think about petty things like paying the bill. Most of the times, the woman would suggest that you both split the bill. Who knows she might agree to pay the bill herself.

Sex often follows the first date, but there is no such rule. It is no secret that Brazilian women have a strong sexual appetite. And if the date goes well, you are likely to end up in a motel room knocking each other’s socks off.

When it comes to a second date, there is no certainty. It might be that your woman had a nice time with you, but that does not mean that she would certainly like to go out with you. So try not to pressure her. It is possible that when asked for a second date, she might give you a vague response instead of saying 'No'. So it is best if you learn their body language. Brazilian women are soft at heart and do not wish to hurt anyone. At the same time, they want to keep their options open, which is why they always give a vague response instead of a direct 'No'.

If you are dating a Brazilian woman, you might as well find her a good nickname. Because she already has something in store for you. Brazilian women love nicknames, and there is no definite time as to when this would start. It can start early in your dating phase or late in your relationship. But it is going to happen, and you need to be prepared with a good name as well.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

Dating in Salvador can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Salvador and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

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Brazilian women in Salvador are famous for their diversity. It is not possible to determine the true ethnicity of a Brazilian woman. Most of the women residing in Salvador have descended from Europeans, Africans and South Americans. Brazilian women are a mix of genes from all these places.

You are likely to come across blonds and brunettes. They are present in almost equal proportion. Brazilian women are known for their perfect tan. Most women have a distinct olive glow which makes them stand out in a crowd.

You cannot talk about Brazilian women and miss out their incredibly toned bodies. Most women actively workout to attain the evergreen bikini bod. These women know that they are pretty and make little attempts to hide it. They have an appealing accent which has been a fetish for many. Brazilian women are open-minded and a great companion. In the beginning, they might appear a little closed off to foreigners. But it soon washes off.

Since they have a bikini bod, they would stop at nothing to show it off. Most Brazilian women opt for a G-string bikini whenever they get a chance. It goes perfectly with their body and highlights their best features.

The most characteristic features of Brazilian women are their breasts and tushy. Most Brazilian women get a boob job at least once in life. Plastic surgery is so common in Salvador, at least boob job, that you would stand out if you didn’t get one done. But that is not the case with their amazing, round and soft ass. It is simply perfect. God’s gift to mankind!

They love going out. Most Brazilian women love the beach and adventure sports like paragliding. Besides, that Brazilian women love to dance. They are more likely to spend their nights in a dance club.

Brazilian women love male attention. If you just compliment them, they would interact with you, maybe share a beer. Brazilian women love it when a man speaks Portuguese. Most women in Salvador do not speak fluent English, and this can prove to be a big barrier. This is all the more reason why women appreciate if you learn Portuguese for her.

Gender roles are prominent in Brazil, and it can be seen in the behaviour of women in Salvador. Most of these women are overtly feminine and tend to stick to their role in society, which is why most of these women are simple caregivers. In Brazilian culture, it is the man who takes the first step. Even on dates, it is the man who initiates things. Women play a more submissive role.

Another passion besides Carnival is tattoos. Brazilian women love tattoos—some like small while others like an elaborate illustration. You are likely to run into a lot of Tattoo parlors in Salvador.

Brazilian women in Salvador do not hold a grudge. Arguments might happen, but once it is over, it is over! It is unlike Brazilian women to arrive on time. Sometimes they are the last to arrive at a party. It is common in Brazil to not show up on time. So if you are on a date and you have to wait a few minutes, just know that Brazilian women are like that. It also means that they won’t be mad if you show up late.

The Brazilian concept of a party is something different. Their parties start around midnight and go on until sunrise. So do not make the mistake of showing up early. Show up around mid-night and party like there is no tomorrow. Brazilian women have a unique dressing sense. They always dress comfortable, for instance, leggings. You should not be surprised when you see Brazilian women wearing leggings as pants. It is common in Salvador, and women love it. It is light, and it is comfortable, so why use something else? It does not matter where they are, or where they are going; leggings are their best friend.

Brazilian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Brazilian women of this age are likely to be dependent on their parents. They are young, adventurous and free. They do not want to be tied down. Most of these women don't even have a job since they have incredible support from their parents.

They love shopping and giving themselves a makeover from time to time. Makeup is their best friend. So if you want her to like you, you might need to get her a few things she likes.

Having a relationship with women of this age group is likely to be expensive since they are dependent on you. Women of this age are pro-dating. They want to know the person with whom they are having relations. These women are sexually active. They are not really experienced but want to learn more. It is tough for men to meet their sexual energy. They do not miss a chance to jump into bed.

They love travelling and outdoor activities. Most of these women are not looking for something serious. They are into hook-ups and casual relationships. But the moment you start getting serious, they might bailout.

Brazilian Women (age 30 - 45)

Brazilian women of this age are likely to be looking for a male companion. They may appear closed off to foreigner since they are looking for marriage and not a pastime. They live a simple life and have a simple job. Most unmarried women of this age are likely to be living with their parents.

These women are sexually active and know their way around things. They are usually dominant in bed and will take you to the stars. They dress seductively to attract attention. Most of these women have no tolerance for casual dating. They want something serious; they want to settle down and start a family.

They have an undying love for shopping- makeup, clothes and jewellery. You might need to pay extra attention to her when she dresses up for you. If you fail to compliment, you might have to sleep alone that night.

Brazilian Ladies (age 45+)

There are minimum chances that you would meet a single woman of this age. These Brazilian women are usually married and with kids. They have a happy life and do not want anything more.

If you find a single woman of this age, it is likely that she would be looking for someone stable with whom she can start a family. These women are sexually active and like to spend their nights with men who have comparable stamina.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Salvador is a beautiful place, and people from all around the world come here to see the true beauty of Brazil. Most of these women are wither Asian or Americans. They are usually strong business women who want some peace on their vacation. They come to Salvador with the intention to unwind. Their focus is on parties, drinks and men. Foreign women in Brazil are likely to stand out, as they do not possess a sexy ass like a native Brazilian. But they are friendly like Brazilian girls and more receptive towards foreign men.

Younger women also visit Salvador; they too are on vacation. But they tend to travel in groups. They love to party and want to make the best of their vacation. These women love getting a natural tan. They are more likely to mingle with foreign men. They might even show you around. Most foreign women feel a beauty complex against Brazilian women. Which is well justified, nothing can beat a Brazilian ass.


Sex with a Brazilian woman is a dream come true. Not only are the incredibly gorgeous, but they are also pure at heart. Most Brazilian women will out in extra efforts to make things special for their partner. If she likes you, you are in for a jolly good ride.

Brazilian women are incredibly flexible and love longer sessions. They like building significant tension before taking you to bed. She is love likely to be dominant in bed, but that does not mean you cannot take the lead. Most Brazilian women love it when you try something new in the bedroom. It is likely that she has already done that, but there is no harm in making an attempt.

Brazilian women usually start slow, set the mood and then go all in. Lovemaking is not a chore, and it is something that needs to be cherished. They might agree for a quickie, but it is highly unlikely that she would like it. Brazilian women are naturally loud. They do not want to hide their true feelings during sex. You can anticipate her sexual satisfaction by how loud she is. She might even compel you to scream once in a while.

Sex Culture

Brazilian women in Salvador start dating at a very young age. They are most likely to go on group dates which later turn into private dates. Men and women have healthy interactions from a very young age. Have close relations is very common. Holding hands kissing, making out is not something that is frowned upon.

Most women lose their virginity at a very young age. They have magnificent sexual energy and look for someone who can match up to them. But that does not mean that they would sleep with anyone. It is a common misconception that Brazilian women are easy. If anything, they are classy. Before things lead to bed, they want to make sure that they know you a little.

So start simple, approach her at a bar or any public place. Be a gentleman and don’t just throw the idea of hook-up at her. If you come off too strong, she is likely to walk away. Give her a chance to know you. Brazilian women are naturally attracted to men who have similar interests. So talk about something that you like. Engage her in a conversation and see where it goes. If she likes you, she might formally ask you out on a date. Or better, ask you to spend the night with her.

Brazilian women do have a type, and if you do not fit in, she will never take you home. She might spend time with you, have a beer, dance to some tunes, but taking you to her bed is a long shot.

Brazilian women are incredibly flirtatious, and the same reflects in their approach to sex. They will find new ways to spice up things. They do not shy away from kinky sex play and make attempts to dress up good for their partner. And lovemaking only gets better with time.

One-Night Stands

The hook-up culture is quite prominent in Salvador. Brazilian women love male attention, and things can quickly escalate to sex. But before she says yes to spending the night with you, she would make attempts to at least know you.

Brazilian women love men who know how to take charge of the situation. They are attracted to strong but gentle personalities. So make sure that you talk to her in a polite manner. Buy her some beer or shake a leg with her. Women love men who can dance, and this will increase your probability of getting laid.

Brazilian women have standards. They might make out with you in public, but when it comes to sex, she expected to be treated with respect. A Brazilian woman in Salvador would never agree to have sex in a public place. No dark alleys and dumpsters. She needs a proper bed.

Keeping in mind the sexual promiscuity of a Brazilian woman, there are many active motels in Salvador. They have extra soft beds with a lot of pillows. They are extremely affordable with a mirrored ceiling. Isn't that exciting?

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Brazilian women in Salvador love to party. You can go to a bar or a beach and easily approach Brazilian women. Beach parties are their favourite place to hang out. You will see many young Brazilian women in their G-string bikinis. Gym is another place that Brazilian women love hanging out.

They have a deep appreciation for their body and would do everything to look their best. If you are a gym buff too, you can easily approach her at a gym. She might even be genuinely interested in you, keeping in mind similar interests.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Bars and nightclubs in Salvador are a unique attraction. The party people come alive to music when the rest of the city is asleep. You can dance until dawn and never be bored by the enthralling club culture of Salvador. People here, especially the ladies, love to party with their friends during the weekends.

The local bars and pubs are an absolute favourite for many. It is a perfect place to socialize and meet some new people as well. You never know, who you may bump into while simply dancing and partying. Here are a few bars and nightclubs you can hit on a Saturday night in Salvador, Brazil.

  • Pink Elephant: The Pink Elephant Bar and Club located in the heart of the city. It is a popular chain of nightclubs that has its branches all over Brazil. The dance floor is relatively small but is a great place to have fun with your friends. Pink Elephant clubs are a favourite amongst the ladies. Women hang out here almost all the time with their girls, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights. You can dance and treat yourself to some amazing drink mixes. The Open Bar is a special feature of this place. It feels widely OPEN because of all its varied options to choose from. The ladies who hang out here are pretty approachable and friendly. If you are good with small talk and first impressions, you may even meet someone exceptional here.
  • Red Burger N Bar: With an intriguing name and great popularity, this bar has made its way to the top favourite of many Brazilians. More specifically, the ladies love this place because of its well-lit ambience and friendly environment. At Red Burger N Bar, you are sure to experience an amazing night because of their quality service. Their choices of hamburgers go beyond just an ordinary menu. They serve a variety of drinks as well from chilled beer to delicious milkshakes. Their primary goal is to keep their customers happy and relaxed. This is also one of the main features of Red that attracts the ladies. You may even get the opportunity to strike a conversation with a pretty young Brazilian woman here.
  • Zen Salvador: The Zen House is the best bar and nightclub to hit during the weekends in Salvador. It is quiet before the night comes but filled with lively music and heavy dancing until the dark dissolves into dawn. From 8:00 in the evening, the club is packed with people until late at night. It can accommodate a fairly large crowd with three floors and aims to provide everyone with quality service. The cocktails here are amazing. You can enjoy a great drink and treat yourself to the Snack bar on the terrace rooftop. It also has four deluxe VIP Lounges to kick back and relax from all the dancing. Ladies love partying and simply hanging out here so you can take your chances at making some conversation with someone interesting.
  • Cravinho: O Cravinho is a highly recommended and reviewed bar on popular websites like TripAdvisor. It is so popular amongst both locals and tourists with a rating of 4.9/5. Women love to talk and chill over a few drinks here – especially during the weekends. The food here is great as well, so you may enjoy your evening here fully relaxed and satisfied. The majority of the crowd is female here so you can try and approach a few women you think may be interested in you. Who wouldn't t want an opportunity like that? You never know if you run into someone with strikingly similar interests as you.
  • Bar Circo Salvador: Bar Circo is one of the most luxurious places to enjoy the nightlife of the city. It is heavily popular amongst both locals and travellers. The place is relatively small but very lively. It has a live DJ that plays amazing tracks to keep you rolling all night long. Circo is open to its guests from 7:00 pm to 5:00 am from Tuesday to Saturday. The cocktail mixes here are simply great. You may want to take some time to select what you would be wearing to attend this club. The entry rules are pretty tough, but once you get in, you are sure to have one hell of a night. The ladies here are usually young and very attractive, so you may also get lucky to talk to a few. You never know what one night at a bar may have in store for you.
  • Groove Bar: This bar and dance club in Salvador is an extraordinary little place. Groove is a popular favourite amongst the locals because of its authentic look and feel. From the lights to live music and booze, everything is top-notch at the Groove Bar. It serves its guests from late evenings to early mornings all week! Many young and attractive Brazilian women consider this a common favourite to chill. Dancing is in their veins and this place is perfect for a casual party spirit during the weekends. Chances are you may meet someone very intriguing.

The Amsterdam Pop Club of Salvador is one of the most casual and fun places for nightlife. It is great for medium to big groups who wish to party, dance and drink during the weekends. This nightclub is known for its well-lit ambience and friendly environment. The lights are dim to drink, and the music is loud to dance. The Amsterdam Pop Club is also a perfect place to socialize and maybe even meet some young Brazilian ladies. It has an amazing open bar, so maybe you could make small talk over a glass of chilled beer.

  • Lebowski Pub: This bar is another common favourite on the list of best places for nightlife in Salvador. It has a well lit and designed ambience that is attractive to many women. The Lebowski pub is known especially for its amazing variety of cocktails. The ladies love it here because of the amazing mix of drinks in a casual environment. The place has a cozy seating arrangement to sit and have a pleasant conversation as well. You can socialize with the ladies here over a drink and some snacks. You never know if you may meet someone who you can make great memories with.
  • Tropical Club Salvador: The tropical Club in Salvador is yet another popular club in the city to meet people. The food here is great, and the bar has a whole range of amazing drinks. The atmosphere is cozy and is the perfect choice of place if you want to chill out during your weekend. It has a well lit and designed ambience that is attractive to many women. You may want to try your luck at talking to a few ladies here over some chilled beer and delicious light snacks.
  • Lebowski Pub: This bar is another common favourite on the list of best places for nightlife in Salvador. The Lebowski pub is known especially for its amazing variety of cocktails. The ladies love it here because of the amazing mix of drinks in a casual environment. The place has a cozy seating arrangement to sit and have a pleasant conversation as well. You can socialize with the ladies here over a drink and some snacks. You never know if you may meet someone who you can make great memories with.
Party at the Circo Bar in Salvador

Shopping Malls

Brazilian women love to shop. From shoes to clothes and accessories, they spend a lot of time planning their entire outfit. Shopping malls are the best place to meet women. Just approach them casually and talk to them. Suggest a few outfits or just compliment her.

Here are some places you can visit:

  • Salvador Shopping
  • Shopping Barra
  • Salvador Norte Shopping
  • Shopping de Bahia
  • Shopping Bela Vista


If you want to learn about ancient Portuguese settlers and their culture Salvador is the best place. You can start with Pelourinho. It is a bay city which is the premium example of early European architecture. Here you will come across some beautiful streets, squares and churches. You will find some adventurous, sporty women in this neighborhood.

They love going places and are always up for an adventure. Baía de Todos os Santos, or the bay of all saints is the beautiful coastline of Salvador. Women come here to bask in the sun, charter a boat and have a day full of fun. This place is frequented by women who come from a rich background.

Other places include- Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos, Cathedral Basilica of Salvador, Nosso Senhor do Bonfim Church and Elevador Lacerda.

Universities and Colleges

Brazilian women are not too big on education. But if you want to meet some smart and young Brazilian women, you should visit universities and colleges. They also have a bunch of exchange students.

Approach a student and talk about her classes. She would love to discuss things with you. Let her take the lead and see where it goes:

  • University of El Salvador
  • José Matías Delgado University
  • José Simeón Cañas Central American University
  • Universidad Albert Einstein
  • Universidad Autónoma de Santa Ana


Relationships in Brazil are simple. Most Brazilian women are very welcoming and would give you a special place in their home and heart. Dating is one thing, but when things come to a relationship, it is time to get serious. Brazilian women are very particular about whom they let in their personal space. They want the perfect man, and if she does not see it, she might walk away.

Brazilian women get extremely jealous if they start a real relationship with you. They would be jealous of your female friends and would hate it when they got clingy. Moving in is not a big deal. In fact, she would take up the role of a homemaker in the blink of an eye. They will keep the house clean and cook your favourite meals.

Brazilian women give their undivided attention to the man they are in a relationship with. From caring for your needs to turning your dates magical, these women know how to make you feel special. They might come off as too romantic, but that is because they are full of love.

Holiday Romance

Salvador is visited by women from all around the world. Most of these women are on vacation and want to enjoy the sandy beaches under the bright sun. These women would love to indulge in some holiday romance as well. They are usually middle-aged women who want a break from their job. They love hanging out at the beach or some high-end club. Most of these women are sexually charged, looking for a release. They would easily settle for a hook-up or a casual relationship. It is unlikely for these women to maintain any kind of relationship with you once they move back home.

But the sex is worth your efforts. These women want someone who is strong and as sexually charged as them.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Romance is the most important thing about your relationship. Brazilian women are not all about sex; they want to make you feel special. It means she will not shy away from showing how much she loves you in public. From big romantic gesture to PDA, anything is possible. It might not sit well with many men. But it is best if you let her do what she wants to and then have a rational conversation later. Give her an opportunity to speak and pay attention to what she says.

Brazilian women love a man who listens to them. But what they love more is when you express how you really feel about her. Brazilian women love being adored by their men. You don’t need to do anything big, just take out some time and let her know that she is special.

Brazilian women go with the flow. So try not to pressure her into defining the relationship. If she feels that things have changed, she will let you know. Try something new with her. Most Brazilian women are spontaneous. They want adventure in life and would love to pack their bags for a trip. She would love it more if you suggest something out of the blue.

Brazilian women do have a sexy accent, but it is highly unlikely that she is good at English. If you want your relationship to last, learn some Portuguese. Not only does it improve communication but also shows that you care about her, and women love it.

Learn to take charge. Sure Brazilian woman can handle themselves, but they love it when a man takes charge. It only shows that you care about her and want what's best for her.


Brazilian women, when in love, will try everything to make you feel cared for. They will try to make things easy for you, both at home and outside.

Brazilian women are good at winning the hearts of friends as well as family. But if she is in love with you, she makes sure that your family loves her too. She will put in extra effort into building a strong relationship with your family. Don't be surprised if your family likes her more than they like you.

Brazilian women have a positive aura. When in love, she tries to transmit it to you as well. She will assist you physically and emotionally through all your hardships. She will come up with new ideas to help you to relax. Nicknames are the surest sign that she is in love with you. It is possible that she will give you a cute nickname at the beginning of your relationship. But it might change with time. If the nickname sticks be sure that she is head over heels in love.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

It is not tough to determine if a Brazilian woman is the one you would like to spend your nights and days with. It is the caring and free nature of Brazilian women which makes then a good house maker and a life partner. She will put in a lot of effort to make things easy for you on the home front.

She will mingle with your friends and family, try to know them. Brazilian women are good at making connection, so you don't have to face any challenges at home.

Brazilian women are very particular about who they introduce to their friends. Not everyone they date gets a chance to meet their friends. If you are lucky enough to meet her posse, know that she dreams of having a life with you.


Approval from the family matters for a Brazilian woman. But it is likely that you would meet her family much earlier than expected. Brazilian women want their family to love you, so she would probably ask you to learn some Portuguese. It is likely that you would meet her family while you are dating. There is transparency in all Brazilian families. So if she is seeing someone, her family will know about it.

Try to be cool and be respectful of their family members. Try to mingle, talk, crack a few jokes. It is important that you bond with the father. They are protective of their daughters, and if anything he doesn't like you, there is no way you are getting married.

You need to submit your birth certificate, proof of citizenship, and in case you have previously married a proof of divorce. In case the ex-wife is deceased, proof of death is mandatory.


Most couples, after years of dating decide to get married. You need to have a legal ceremony in a court. After which you can have a traditional wedding, with friends and family. The traditional ceremony lasts for about an hour. Both bride and groom have a grand entrance. The is a lot of dancing and good food involved. And there is a formal dress code for every wedding. So make sure to follow it.

It is important that you give the new couple a heartfelt gift. It is usually a household item or a monetary present. Having a wedding registry is not a tradition in Brazil although some weddings are incorporating this tradition.

Family Life

Family matters to a Brazilian woman. Most Brazilian women agree to be a stay at home mom once they have kids. They want to spend most of their time with their children. Brazilian women are strong, adventurous and open-minded. The same can be seen in their children.

Brazilian women make sure that their kids grow up in a positive environment, away from hate. They are extremely body positive. And do not judge others based on race, ethnicity or sexuality.

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