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Guide for dating in Romania helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Romanian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Romanian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Romania. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Romania, Europe.

A group of hot Romanians partying at the Beats of Angels club in Bucharest

Girls in Romania:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Romania:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Romania:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Romania:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $70
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $100


Romania is a Balkan country located in the southeastern part of Europe. The country is referred to as Balkan because it is one of 13 countries located in the Balkan Peninsula, bordered by three different seas, namely the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Black seas at the South, West, and East, respectively.

There are a couple of amazing places to visit and go sight-seeing in the country such as the Carpathian mountains, the Black Sea, Salt mines, and a few other mind-blowing locations. Romania is one of those safe, low-key countries where you can visit to have a personal time-out; it is also perfect for family vacations too.

The country is home to some famous medieval sites such as the Bran Castle, popularly called Dracula's Castle, medieval towns, and famous Catholic churches such as St. Joseph's Cathedral (Bucharest) and St. Michael (Cluj-Napoca). These churches have a beautiful gothic ambiance that is said to be the presence of God.

As you can probably guess, most of the people in the country practice Christianity, however, there is no official religion in Romania. It is a secular state, and the country officially recognizes about 18 religions.

Bucharest, which serves as Romania's capital, is known as the "Paris of the east" as a result of its grand, French-like architecture. The city is home to the world's heaviest building- the Palace of the Parliament, also known for its exquisite, vintage beauty. It is one of the most visited cities in the country, and rightfully so.

Romania is filled with gentle and relaxed folks that live simple lives and tolerate one another perfectly. It is a place that tells a story of the past while maintaining the feel of the present. There a peaceful ambiance that comes with breathing in the fresh, crisp air in the country, providing the perfect conditions for self-rumination and discovery.

Romanian women are a perfect complement to the delicate but divine finesse of the country. Their beauty can be described as angelic in every way. Without a doubt, nature definitely added beauty steroids to their genes. Their beauty has been attributed to the mixed genes from Italians, Hungarians, and the British. Still, nothing is capable of explaining the dazzling faces and bodies of these women. Their personalities are simply the best. They are goddesses on earth, and you're a god in your own right if you can lock down any of these women.

Dating Culture

People are free to date in Romania, and there are no restrictions on dating or having sexual relationships here. The dating culture here is typical of European countries, and you may find women younger than 18 engaging in high school romance.

Relationships don't necessarily have to end up in marriage, but it is not uncommon. Romanian women are like the hottest and most beautiful in the world, so, understandably, men want to be with them for life. As a tourist, you should expect a lot of casual dating with these women. They don't like getting too emotionally attached to men who will be out of sight in some days or weeks.

Dating in Romania is a chilling adventure, especially if the lady really likes you. You may even find yourself in a romantic relationship without even making an attempt to initiate one just yet because women here are ready to initiate the whole dating process.

Online Dating

Dating in Romania can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Romania and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Romanian women are unbelievably gorgeous. These women have sexy slender bodies, almond-shaped eyes, slim but curvy waists and long legs that make them tall. They are natural beauty models, and most times don't require cosmetics to look stunning. They, however, may apply cosmetics to amp their looks when going out for events.

Their flexible, soft, and tender bodies make them perfect ballet dancers. A typical Romanian woman has a darker skin tone than other European women, but that only makes her unique. They are fun-seeking, smart, and elegant women that will make you think they are the work of some artificial intelligence.

Don't be fooled by these women's exquisite and fragile looks; they know how to turn up at parties and go crazy on dance floors. Their long, elegant bodies make it seem like the stars are raining whenever they are swaying to the sound of music. Romanian women kiss their male friends on the cheeks, all the time, without any strings attached, so don't take kisses on the cheeks as a sign of interest in you.

As modern women, they are independent, hardworking, and will only choose to date responsible and worthy men. The concept of misguided feminism is non-existent in them. They are aware of their roles in the community, and they never shy away from them.

They are very passionate about love, and you can expect the same energy when it comes to sex. When a Romanian woman likes you, she lets you know without playing games. Relationships are very straightforward with them, and they can be committed too. Some of these women love the idea of family, and they’d love to raise one too.

To get in bed with a Romanian woman, you have to cherish the concept of family, because they do. Their families are essential to them, and you may have to meet them a few times. Never reject from a Romanian family, remember this, and it'll save your relationship.

The mixture of French and Slavic accents, which make up the Romanian accent, is sensational. In women, it only makes them more sexually appealing. Listening to a Romanian woman is enough to turn any man on. They speak a range of foreign languages in Romania, including English, so dead your fears about communication with these women. You'd even be more surprised when you realize that they speak pure, flawless English, with a tint of accent.

It is important to note that friends and family are important in dating a Romanian woman. Meet her friends, and have introduce hers to yours. Set up in-house parties where your friends, and hers can come together and relate. This process is very important in making your relationship a blissful one.

Dating or getting married to a Romanian woman is a full-blown blessing. You should count yourself lucky to date anyone of them.

Romanian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Being a young, mature woman in this country has its perks. It gives a sense of freedom, and opportunities to have all the fun the country and tourists have to offer. These particular women are intrigued by tourists, and unlike other women, they don't hide it. A young lady may approach you while walking down the streets, compliment your dressing, and ask to know more about you.

Relationships with these women are chilling, because of the happiness and sensational feeling that comes with it. They want to try and learn new things, and this doesn't exclude sex. Their fragile, soft bodies make sex with them a thing to die for, and you may never want to part with the feeling. A good percentage of them are up for marriages, especially when they meet worthy men. It's not all about casual relationships with them, and commitments exist with them.

They are modern women with knowledge about the international scene; you can never catch them slacking in all the fashion trends and music. Despite their already resonating beauty, these women still love to apply cosmetics and other accessories to amp their looks. They are funny, sarcastic women with a great sense of humor. Their education does not impale their desires to have fun and create relationships. They are smart women that can multitask, and from talking to any one of them, you will surely be intrigued by their savvy.

Young girls of Romania at the 4rooms club

Romanian Women (age 30 - 45)

Their young faces and slim, exercised bodies may not give off their real ages. Tourists mistake women as old as 38 in this country for 25-year-olds. Their bodies are astonishing, and the only way you may find out about their ages is when they tell. Many of them are married at this age, but it is regular to meet divorced and widowed women.

Older Romanian women travel out of the country in search of foreign men to satisfy, but you can go there to them and relieve them of the stress, financially and sexually. Their still-agile bodies bring them to par with the young generation, and they offer more in terms of experience and the willingness to try new stuff. Many Romanian women at this age are independent and wealthy. You will have a swell time with them, no doubt.

These women frequently use online dating apps, so in case you want to rid yourself of approaching them physically, you may as well do it virtually.

Romanian Ladies (age 45+)

Even at this age, you will still find many of them in the modeling business. Romanian women age like the sun, shining brighter with no signs of diminishing anytime soon. Many of them are family and career women, but this doesn't stop them from having sexual relations with men, including tourists. These women prioritize their children and family above any other relationship, so don't make them pick between you and their families- they won't choose you. You can always find these women at nightclubs and bars, partying alongside the young women in the city.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Romania attracts some of the most sensual women to its atmosphere every year, so you will definitely come across foreign women. Foreign women notice the air of freedom that fills up the country, and in no time, they start to fit right in. The country does not discriminate against foreign women being free in the city, so they can enjoy life to the fullest; no holds barred.

Although some of the foreign women are not comparable to Romanian women in terms of beauty and flair, creating relationships with them may not be such a bad idea. You will come across many foreign women on the streets and in the parks. Foreign women in Romania are part of the full package, and you should enjoy it all.


The sensual nature of these women will make any man want to get down with them, and it's only reasonable to want to. If their faces, bodies, and personalities blow your mind, you can be ready to experience it once again when it comes to sex. Their slender, flexible bodies make sex feel like paradise with them.

There are hardly any amateurs among them when it comes to sex, because even those who are new to having sex are so good at it. It's just one of the many gifts they have. Romanian women love to try out new stuff during sex, nothing scares them when it comes to this.

Romanian women tend to friend-zone a lot of men, which usually comes with no sex, so if a Romanian woman finally gets down with you, it means she really likes you. Jackpot! You cannot refer to them as sluts because they only get down with men they want and feel comfortable with, not every man that comes their way.

Romanian women only get down with men they think are worthy. Their men have to be charming, good looking, and financially stable. It's understandable because not every man deserves a taste of that quality coochie. These women are not easy, and they will not be treated as such. They are aware of their incredible looks, and they will not demean their worth by sleeping with just any man.

Sex Culture

The free sex culture in Romania is typical of other European countries, and that is quite surprising for such a religious place. No laws are preventing sexual intimacy in the country, so people have sex in the country all the time- no hassle. Slut-shaming is not a thing here. The people are enlightened enough to believe that women have every right to treat their bodies the way they want to.

Sex happens anywhere and everywhere in the country, but having public sex may attract some public scrutiny, and rightly so too. You can always choose hotels, and other secluded places to have sex. In Romania, most of the adults today had sex less than the age of 18, some with high school sweethearts, and some during high school parties and hangouts.

One-Night Stands

As a tourist, you will most likely have a one-night stand in this country, especially if you visit the right spots at night. Many Romanian women see sex as a drug to overcome stress and worry, and luckily, you may just be right at the corner- right place- right time.

Sometimes, you may need to approach and start a conversation. If she really likes you but realizes that you're a foreigner, she might decide to get down with you that first night. Afterward, she might exchange numbers with you, but if you don't get a call from her after 3 days, she will not be interested in creating a relationship with you.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The possibility of meeting only men in a particular place in Romania is almost non-existent. Women are in every nook and cranny of the country. They are in every sector and business place. You will find the in organizations, stadiums, bars, restaurants- EVERYWHERE. It would be a cold day in hell before you look around and not find women in the country. They are ubiquitous!

You will meet more women than men here because statistically, there are more women than women in Romania. There are, however, places where you will meet the hottest and sexiest in Romania. Not to say that there aren't sexy women in other cities, but you will reach more hot women in Romania's capital city of Bucharest.

During the day, it's normal for men to approach ladies- heck, Romanian women walk up to foreign men all the time in this country. You can have no issues contacting them during the day; in fact, it's kind of cute. As a tourist, you already attract the attraction of these women. You can build on that and approach any of the beautiful women you meet.

Approaching Romanian women at night is seen as a very hot and bold move, and it may just be all that you require to sweep them off their feet. The nightlife in this country is calm in very few places, but in places like Bucharest, it's like a whole new realm. New York is the city that never sleeps, but Bucharest probably comes second.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Once the sun goes down, the moons and stars, followed by Romanian women come up. Nighttime is party time with these women, and they sure know how to have fun. There are tons of nightclubs in the country where these women turn up, you only need to know how to locate them.

Nightclubs play groovy international and domestic songs. Romanian women cannot resist the urge to get off their feet to dance elegantly and sensually all night long here. Bars offer unlimited alcohol, which serves as a fuel to the fun in nightclubs- and these nightclubs never run out of booze. These women show flair and elegance during the day. At night, they still retain flair and charm, but this time with a freaky tinge and craze.

Some of the best nightclubs in the country are:

  • Beat of Angels Nightclub Bucharest: You must have heard, "Never judge a book by its cover," well, this nightclub is the perfect description of that phrase. The simple exterior design sets you up for a shock when you step into the scintillating interior. The club is one of the most famous in the country, and you will not be missing out on any other nightlife experience if you're here.
  • Kristal Glam Club Bucharest: This particular spot has always been in a popular compilation of the top 100 best clubs in the world since 2005. Here, you can expect fun lights, fog, lasers, and top-notch sound- all state-of-the-art. The club invests so much in providing an excellent atmosphere for people that come around, and they never miss it. The club is home to some of the most popular DJs in the country, and the dancing never stops. You can also expect women here- hundreds of them.
  • Silver Church Bucharest: This spot right here is one of the best places to meet local women on a Friday or Saturday night. Pastors don't do the sermons here, MC's do, and when it comes to singing, you can always count on a fantastic DJ to come through. Silver Church is definitely the friendliest church in the city of Bucharest, no cap.
  • Expirat (Bucharest): This famous bar serves as a bar and nightclub. The brand is one of the oldest in the country, and it has achieved legendary status among other nightclubs. Expirat also serves as a venue for famous concerts, events, and parties- both outdoor and indoor. A bar that never runs out of drinks, good food, and fantastic music is just part of the few things you can experience here.
  • Player Club (Bucharest): This spot is highly recommended for a swell time in Romania. It is a club for all seasons. This spot is one of the clubs in the country that offers pools, giving an option for pool parties where you can have a perfect look at the women that come to party. This spot also attracts a lot of big names in the country, so you can expect to see a few celebrities now and then.
  • 4rooms Brasov: Words will hardly do justice to the nightlight experience this spot offers. Despite not being located in the capital city, this club is highly rated among other clubs and is definitely worth visiting. It doesn't say men-only at the entrance, so women visit- all the time.
  • True Club (Bucharest): This is a classic pub/nightclub with an ambiance of vibrancy and calmness in its DNA. The spot offers live music, karaoke, and exotic cocktails. It is highly rated in the country, and in Bucharest, you can expect that the hot women are sure to turn up.
  • Heaven's Hell Constanta: Heaven's Hell is an elegant nightclub/bar in Romania that offers excellent nighttime for people who visit. Live bands and DJ music entertain the audience, and the party never seems to stop. This site also hosts a couple of events and parties that attract a lot of women. Watch out for those events in particular.
  • Liquid the Club Sibiu: This place is the perfect venue for parties as a result of its glamorous interior décor and design. The beauty of the interior perfectly complements the caliber of Romanian women that come through to party. The bars are always filled with drinks, speakers are always filled with music, and the dance floors are always filled with women dancing all night long.
  • Face Club (Bucharest): This nightclub is featured in a documentary about the world's finest nightclubs. The interior and exterior décor will render you speechless, and the lights are just beautiful in their own way.
Party at the Expirat club in Romania

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are the most casual places to meet women in Romania. As a tourist, you may start by asking the women for a particular section in the mall, and that might just be the first step into getting intimate with some of the best women in the world. For those in a hurry, you can always retrieve their contact or social media details so you can link up later. It's pretty easy here at nightclubs, and these women show no real restrictions on talking with men. It is an excellent place to scout for women in the country, and you can never miss here.

Some of the most prominent shopping malls in the country are:

  • Colosseum Retail Park (Bucharest)
  • Promenada Mall (Bucharest)
  • Bucharest Mall (Bucharest)
  • Coresi Shopping Center (Brasov)
  • Arena Mall (Bacau)
  • Jupiter City (Bradu)
  • City Park Mall (Constanta)
Promenada Mall


If you are a very fine young man with great taste in fashion, all you need to do is walk down the streets in Romania. You will definitely meet many hot women that commend how you look and want to be friends. Some of them may give you their contact details, walk away, and make sexual gestures. It's that easy. The outdoors, in broad daylight, especially, are a low-key sure place to meet various women, be it local or foreign. Some of the famous streets in Romania where you may find hot women include: Victoriei Street (Bucharest), and Lipscani (Bucharest).

Universities and Colleges

Institutions of higher learning like universities and colleges are the perfect platforms to meet mature, and interesting women in Romania. It also offers a blend of women because many of these schools offer international scholarships to bright students all over the world. You may even be lucky to meet African women known to be fierce and pleasant to make out with. These schools typically organize college parties and events- that's an excellent place to start. You may take a walk around some of these schools to appreciate the class of young ladies there before you approach any. Some of the top universities and colleges where you will find hot, sexy, and intelligent young ladies in the country are:

  • University of Bucharest (Bucharest)
  • Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca)
  • Transylvania University (Brasov)
  • Victor Babeş University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Timisoara)
  • Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (Sibiu)
University of Bucharest


Romantic relationships are easy to create in Romania, and while some end as quickly as they start, others grow into beautiful long-term relationships. There's no particular stereotype of relationships in this country; relationships may be casual or serious.

You can always engage in casual flings with the women here, but if you find a gem of a woman, you may decide that she's for keeps, and create something long-lasting. Relationships in the city are evident because you can always see lovebirds kissing and loving up in public. No one bats an eye to public displays of affection in Romania. In fact, PDA's are seen as cute, and it creates happy moments for locals around, so you don't have to hide your relationship in Romania.

Romanian women love romantic gestures, so to enjoy the full package of your relationship with any of them, be romantic. Plan surprise dinners, or parties- go on dates- buy gifts, Romanian women love presents. The preference for flowers differs in Romanian women. Still, the general consensus is that they love flowers, so get flowers for your woman. Relationships in Romania are lovely, and they, of course, come with sex.

Holiday Romance

Love and romance are the themes of Romania, and it would be a shame not to share it with anyone. Holiday romance in this country feels like a fantasy- the type you see in Disney love movies. Enjoying your time in the country with a beautiful, hot woman is one of the best experiences you can have in the country, and it comes with no commitments.

Be it a local or foreign woman, you can always have an unforgettable time that will stick to your memory like a leech. Holiday romance can, of course, be arranged in minutes using dating sites and apps. These platforms, such as Tinder or, bring you in touch with some of the most interesting women in the country. These sites may also have location-specific features, so you may just be arranging a spicy date or hookup with the hottie next door.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Many people wish for great relationships, pray for it even without having the mindset of managing it, and making conscious efforts to keep the flame alive. Relationships are difficult to maintain at times, mainly because the initial zeal and flair may start to wither and die. It is up to couples who want to make things work to jointly decide to make things work no matter what. Love is very essential to creating successful relationships. Any relationship that isn't built on the premise of love has the potential to fail in so many ways. Some of the following tips should help couples in creating successful relationships:

  • Create time for your partner: This goes both ways. There's a famous phrase that says, "Out of sight, out of mind." This is the situation of relationships in which both parties don't create enough time to see and engage with their partners. Some people don't see their partners in days and see it as usual. No, it's not, and it is only reasonable in extreme circumstances. It is vital to consciously hang out and spend time with your partners because it might just be what saves your relationship. If distance prevents physical contact, then try the virtual way. There are many mobile tech apps like Zoom and Skype, where you can easily talk and watch your partner. Make an effort!
  • Prioritize your relationship: Except the plan from the beginning was to make the relationship a casual one, relationships should be a priority- not above all, but above enough. Spheres of life, such as mental and physical health, business or career, family, or religion, may take precedence over relationships, but that should be the most. It is crucial that people feel important to their partners; it a significant catalyst to creating a successful relationship and a tip that should be taken seriously.
  • Be loyal: The quickest way to end a relationship is to cheat on your partner. Don't put your partner in a situation where a choice has to be made to continue the relationship or end it because most people choose to end such relationships. Stay faithful to your partner, dead any feelings for any other individual, and exercise the restraint to act on impulses or hormones. Loyalty is very vital. It may be the element that makes or mars relationships.


If love were a child, then Romania would be its mother because it nurtures love between people in its environs. Love in this city has no restrictions or limitations because love itself cannot be tamed. Love does not bend to rules because it is a rule on its own, probably the most significant rule of all.

The dominant religion in the country- Christianity, preaches love, and it clearly resonates all around. The people in the country become happy when they see couples experiencing their passion for each other- that is an environment where love thrives the most.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

"There's a man for every woman, and a woman for every man," a valid statement that makes it easier to understand why the most unlikely people to find love do. People engage in relationships all their lives, sometimes just for fun, but other times, searching for the one.

There are a lot of red flags that shouldn't be ignored in relationships. These flags may simply mean that you're in a relationship with the wrong person, and it's best to steer clear for sanity and mental health. Some of these flags may include incessant complaints, cheating, lack of care, and so on. When these signs are seen, it is best to quit such a relationship with the hope that the right person will come through someday; hopefully soon.


One of the elements that make up the core of Romania is family, and the obvious way of creating one is through marriage. Marriages in Romania are not rushed into or forced; they are usually consensual agreements between two individuals who are financially and mentally ready to raise a family. It is normal to find people as young as 22 years, taking the big step of getting married in Romania. The country only recognizes marriages as legal after specific requirements have been met, and documents signed.


Weddings in Romania differ from region to region, and this saying in Romania "Câte bordeie, atâtea obiceie" which means "many houses many customs" further buttresses that fact. However, some traditions apply everywhere.

A gradually declining trend still exists in some areas- the man going to the bride's father to ask for permission, blessing, and the hand of the woman in marriage. Weddings in Romania typically take place on weekends, but most weddings take place on Saturdays, mainly because people have to go to work on Mondays.

Guests and family members wear traditional costumes to make the celebration a grand one. Depending on the region, the bride and groom may stick to white bridal gowns and black suits, respectively. Still, in some cases, they may also wear traditional wears. Traditional weddings may get really rigorous with the total ceremony taking long hours, and sometimes a full day.

Other activities during a traditional Romanian wedding include midnight bridal dances, presentation of the wedding gifts, and a bizarre tradition of the groom eating part of a massive loaf of bread. The bride appears beautiful than ever with braided hair, covered with a crown of flowers and delicate ribbons.

Romanians in the elite regions make their celebrations as simple as possible, but this is not the same in the rural areas. In rural areas, all the traditions are followed to the book, and this is why these celebrations take a lot of time. Another common culture is the guests' throwing of sweets, corn, water, or nuts at the couple.

The ceremony involves a lot of eating and drinking, which is organized by both families. The food and drinks may be homemade or contracted to wedding planners and professional cooking services.

In Romania, weddings do not take place during specific periods of the year, such as Lent, Christmas fast, and other fasting periods. Weddings in Romania are usually beautiful, and they signify a new beginning in the lives of couples.

Family Life

Family is vital in Romania, because of tight blood-related ties among family members. Just like the atom is the primary part of every living matter on earth, the family is an essential character in what makes up the country. Children are brought up from their early ages in this light. It becomes a part of them that they also pass down to their own kids, and the cycle continues.

Parents take on the responsibility of caring for the children and providing for their needs. The children, in turn, have the responsibility of being respectful and appreciative. Extended families in Romania share home-cooked meals- this is believed to foster better relationships between family members.



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