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Orlando dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Floridian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Floridian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Orlando, Florida, United States of America.

Hot girls of orlando at the Vyce lounge

Girls in Orlando:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.9 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.8 / 5

Dating in Orlando:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.7 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.8 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.7 / 5

Sex in Orlando:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.75 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.8 / 5

More about Orlando:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.6 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$170 - $1,500
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $1,000


Orlando girls are indeed one of a kind. Growing up in a beautiful state with a lot of outdoor opportunities like Florida, they have a few attributes you'll find peculiar to Floridian girls. However, they have their own peculiar traits that may not be known to those who have not experience a close relationship with them.

Dating a girl from Orlando is a great thing to do because the girls have a couple of nice attributes but still, one can't erase the fact that there are a few things to be cognizant of. One of the interesting things about Orlando girls is that you can easily breed loyalty in them. If you hang out with them and they enjoyed the time they spent with you, they'll be the one suggesting another meet up. This also happens when in a romantic relationship with them. Though there are a lot of girls who are only interested in partying and having fun with you and they tend to make themselves available to you anytime you need them, since they already love the vibe you give.

A lot of people tend to believe that the local girls in Orlando are somewhat unfriendly to tourists but this is not the truth actually. Looking at it, the local girls are just a big fan of the city. They love the cultural attractions, thriving arts scenes, the entertainment, the great food, and other factors that qualify Orlando as a beautiful place to be. And as a tourist visiting the city, you may be a bit of a novice to all of these and this is why the girls may find you a bit effeminate. Thus, you can actually make a good impression with your sound knowledge of this and not acting like the regular tourists out there. Whether you're a tourist or not, you're bound to find your ride or die in Orlando because the city offers lots of dating opportunities to men who seek either a short-term or long-term partner.

Another thing you should know about Orlando girls is that most of them are regarded to be poor drivers and this is not their fault actually. The ton of traffic in the city resulting from the theme parks and, car-centric culture contribute to some of Orlando's problems. Traffic in and around Orlando is often maddening and you'll see more reason why your Orlandoan sweetheart would be discouraged to go on a romantic road trip with you, especially when you plan to commute during rush hour.

The exquisite torture inflicted on the local girls by the city's traffic is especial and you might get a taste of it when your Orlando girl starts giving you an unexplainable attitude. So, it's better you understand that her emotions are all high then so, it may be nice that you don't do or say things that could tamper what's between you two. Very important.

It can also be interesting to reiterate that the locals in the city have the reputation of sucking at driving. The city is reputed to be one of the top cities in the United States of America with a high car-crash mortality rate. So, even as you try to be careful with your words and actions while you're going out with your local Orlandoan while she's on the wheel, you may want to be extra careful. Make sure you keep your eye on the speed limit because your life is very important.

In addition, you'll meet a lot of girls who are tech-savvy in Orlando. Apart from being tech-savvy, they're young techies and they are always with the latest tablets and laptops. If you want to date these girls, your knowledge of technology or ability to afford the latest tech can come very handy and she'll find you irresistibly attractive.

Orlando is one of the cities that support the LGBT community and, the chances are there that you might end up dating a transgender. So, if you're a guy who loves to get freaky, there are lots of potentials for you in Orlando but if you're straight, it's advisable to watch out and know what you want, except you're freaky too, which is actually not a crime.

You're also likely to meet and date girls in Orlando who are sports lovers. These girls may be into basketball or soccer but one thing is that, you can't avoid going out with them to go watch a game. And on the field, you'll see the way they'll be yelling or crying at the referees for being unfair. Orlando girls have a different vibe totally on their own and if you want to roll with them, you must be ready to blend in with the flow or at least, don't feel intimidated by their outgoing personality.

You may as well meet and date vegans in this city. The city of Orlando is repleted with cohesive, passionate, and active vegetarians and vegan community. There is a handful of veg-friendly restaurants in the city and if you fall into the hands of a vegan, you can take her to one of the nice restaurants to grab something yummy. You can check out Winter Park's Ethos Vegan Kitchen or Dandelion Communitea Cafe. They're must-eat stops for Vegans.

A lot of girls in Orlando love clubbing. If you hit up downtown Orlando's Central Business District when it's late at night, you'll find the population of the girls you'll meet at the nightclubs quite overwhelming. And, if you eventually end up dating a girl whose life majorly revolves around clubbing, just know you're in for clubbing every night. Orlando girls have their own unique ways and they may prefer to remain like that. However, most of the girls in the city may turn out to be high maintenance because of their flair for partying, shopping, and all.

Dating Culture

Orlando is regarded to be one of the best cities for singles in Florida. Looking at the numerous dating opportunities the city offers, it isn't hard to justify the positive outlook of getting to find your special lady here. Dating is not frowned on in this beautiful city of Orlando and as a matter of fact, it enjoys a lot of attention, considering the good number of singles living in this city. And, being an environment that thrives with a lot of smart and educated individuals, people are allowed to show public display of affection without being criticized. And of course, this should be done in an acceptable moderate way.

Casual dating is also common in the city. You'll find girls who will be eager and more interested in going out with you to the club and many other places just to kill time and get laid without any emotional attachment. And, as a liberal environment, you're free to walk up to anyone that catches your attention to express your feelings if you're confident enough to do that but, it's important that you do that cautiously so that your intentions won't be misinterpreted for something else. Orlando girls are indeed sweet and they'll always be down for you once they enjoy your company but, good looks and money are very essential.

Due to the fact that there are numerous choices of food in the city, buttressed with the fact that everyone has their choice of food intake, you'll find different options of restaurants in the city that are concentrated on serving people with a particular taste. From Vietnamese cuisine to Tofu-eating Veggie lovers, there are lots of great restaurants serving authentic foods in the city and virtually every local in the city has their respective spot. Thus, if you're dating a local girl in Orlando, her preference of food may also affect yours but this, of course, shouldn't stop you from being who you are. If you can't try out new things at least, be a good company.


Women in Orlando are unique beings. Just like the girls in the city, they too have similarly related attitudes and they're actually personable and lovely. Orlando women are beautiful in and out but it's worthy to be abreast of a couple of things about the women if you want to enjoy being in a relationship with them.

As a tourist visiting the city, it's impossible for you not to find the theme parks in the city attractive and stunning. There's this famous Walt Disney World attraction too and this is where a lot of tourists flock to catch a nice time. Nevertheless, if you're dating a woman from Orlando, you must be ready to look beyond the major theme parks in the city. Orlando women are fun-loving and adventurous and they'll take you to other places apart from the usuals for the city is home to tons of professional sports teams, performance centers and theaters, art galleries, museums, and many other permanent attractions where you can enjoy spending quality time together.

Language factor can also help you in your quest of meeting, hooking up, and dating a woman in Orlando. It's not actually debatable that Orlando thrives with a great population of Hispanics as it has a great influx of people from the Caribbean, Europe, Central and South America calling it home and as a result, you'll meet quite a good a number of girls who speak Spanish fluently and if you know a few basics, this might give you edge over others and concurrently increase your dating pool as well.

Though Orlando may flourish with a good population of Hispanics, you'll still meet Caucasians, Blacks, Native Americans, Asians, and Native Hawaiians. Howbeit, don't join hands with those who have stereotyped Orlando women to hate tourists - it's a pure fallacy. One cannot even dispute the fact that the world-class destination Orlando is today, it's the tourists that paved the way for that. And as a result, the local women are cognizant of this and they appreciate the tourists for their invaluable contributions.

Dating a woman from Orlando could be very fun, except for the fact that the local women in the city are considered to be bad drivers. This reputation truly precedes them but they would always argue this fact and blame it on the nonstop annoying traffic, swelling number of both tourists and residents, and the city's evolving, changing direction, and expanding infrastructure.

Orlando girls are interesting people, you'll enjoy every bit of time you spend with them. And, one thing you should be prepared for while in a relationship with them is to have a lot of fun and a lot of it consistently. The bustling business district of Downtown Orlando is where you and your Orlando sweetheart may be spending a lot of time out together as this district is home to dozens of sports arenas, artistic centers, mixed-use high-rises, restaurants, and local bars.

Another thing you'll enjoy about dating a woman in Orlando is that you'll have a lot of time to spend on the beach together. Beaches are very close to Orlando, you'll find a handful in about an hour drive to the Gulf of Mexico to the west or to the Atlantic Ocean to the east. There are as well a couple of artificial beaches in the city at some spots such as the Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove.

Women in Orlando are very fashionable in their own way, even though they've been stereotyped for their poor taste in clothes for wearing sleazy club attire and flip-flops at every occasion. Howbeit, you must understand that women in Orlando have their own unique ways and while you may meet a very few people who may actually not be fashionable, there are tons of women in the city who aren't shy about wearing the latest fashions around town as they are frequent patrons of some of the hundreds of stores carrying designer clothes.

Speaking of loyalty, the women could be very loyal but for maintenance, some could be high and some could be low. Orlando is repleted with numerous attractions and all these have a way of creating little holes that can unconsciously become bigger. So, if you're dating a woman who always wants to be here, there, wine and dine from time to time without considering the financial implications or without any contribution from her own end, your credit card may sustain an injury. Hopefully, you will live another day to tell the gist.

Floridian Girls (age 18 - 29)

These girls are rife everywhere in the city. Very beautiful and charming, you can barely get your eyes off them because of their stunning good looks. While a large number of these girls may be regular club-goers, some may be low-key, laid-back girls who just want to hang out with someone they connect with. You'll enjoy dating these girls because they're lively and they'll bring out that "life" in you but, you must be down for regular hangouts, shopping, and all.

Some of these girls may be gold diggers too so, you must watch out and be conscious of their actions and mode of interaction. And, you can meet these girls almost anywhere you go to in this city. You can find them in the surrounding areas or shops around the universities or check out some of Orlando's finest malls. And if it's getting dark, you already know where to go find them.

Floridian Women (age 30 - 45)

Due to the great diversity of women in Orlando, one cannot exactly pinpoint and generally streamline the attitude of these women. However, one thing these women are known for is their friendly charm. They're very accommodating, lovely, and fun to be with. Due to their adventurous personality, you'll have a lot of spots to explore together and the good thing about them is that a large number of them are not really high maintenance. Some may even be ready to stake some cash from their own purse to relieve you from the huge expenses.

Due to their smartness and independent minds, they have an irresistible charm that you can't help but get drawn too. You can find these women almost anywhere you go to but make sure you check out grocery stores, and supermarkets. The downtown area particularly is often bustling with a large number of them. These women are actually approachable and if you have a "beautiful soul" with a delectable personality, you'll have no difficulty in getting these women engaged in a conversation, which may result in exchanging numbers and fixing a date.

Floridian Ladies (age 45+)

You might not have heard but, Orlando has the reputation of being one of the cougars' hotspots in the whole of the United States of America. With the city's vibrant nightlife and hugeness, it's not so difficult to meet these women. These older ladies are often interested in young guys with a very good look. And, older guys who are ready to pamper them and make them feel like a young lady are also welcome. During the day, you can meet them at some of the chic malls in the city and when it's dark, you'll find them at cougars bars like:

  • Blue Martini
  • Rocco's Tacos & Tequila Bar
  • The Wine Room 
  • Dexter's
  • Prato
  • The Velvet Bar 
  • Hillstone Restaurant
  • Bar Louie

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Orlando is one of the top destinations for tourists in the United States and this is because of its beautiful theme parks and many other attractions. These tourists are not difficult to meet and approach. You'll find them at any of the tourist attractions in the city and you can easily converse with them because they're often open to meeting new people. Because these girls are visiting the city to have fun and enjoy their time in the city, they would be down for anything that promises fun, even if it includes getting laid with acquaintances.

A lot of reputed higher institutions of learning call Orlando home and this has consequentially brought about an increase in the number of college girls in the city. The largest university campus in the United States of America which is the University of Central Florida is in Orlando and this as well affirms the numerous options of college girls that will be available to pick up from. The college girls in Orlando are not difficult to relate with but you must be very handsome, know how to dress well, and of course, have a couple of cash to spend.


Guys who are visiting the city to get laid with girls in Orlando will have a lot of opportunities to satisfy their sexual cravings. Orlando is bustling with a lot of great spots where you can get laid and, nightclubs and bars are some of the obvious places where you can get laid.

However, theme parks and swimming pools also hold great potential for getting sex. The competition at the nightclubs and bars may be high so, it's important that you have enough cash at hand if you want to eventually get laid because you will have to keep buying drinks, trying out your luck, and drinks could be quite expensive at some places.

Looking at it, theme parks and swimming pools could be your best bets if you want to enjoy hooking up and getting laid with girls in Orlando without incurring too much costs. Most of the girls you'll meet at the swimming pool are often receptive and you'll even get to see what the girls look like better. At the poolside, you can just get some drinks and get charged to relate with some of the sexy girls you'll meet.

For you to get laid at the theme parks, the first thing you need to do is to strike up a conversation. And, you won't be spending a lot just to have the attention of a girl at these spots because you've already paid for admission. The essential thing you need to do is to offer a girl a drink in the park and every other thing will be set in motion. There are mixed drinks, wine, and beer served at all the theme parks in the city except at the Magic Kingdom.

If you're finding it difficult to get laid at these highlighted places, you can also use online dating websites where you'll meet a lot of Orlando girls who are looking for who to have sex with.

Sex Culture

When it comes to sex in Orlando, there's no form of stringent rules or laid down regulations to follow regarding who can get laid with who. People in Orlando are very liberal and with the city's high number of tourists coming in weekly, a lot of sex does happen. Orlando girls are not conservative when it comes to sex, strike their fancy and you'll get what you want. The girls just want to have fun and there's no-one watching for every other person is busy living their lives.

One-Night Stands

One-night stands are common in Orlando and Disney Springs which is formerly called Downtown Disney is one of the hotspots for getting a one-night stand in Orlando. Most of the girls here are easy to pick up because a large number of them are out-of-towners.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Single guys who want to meet and hook up with single girls in Orlando will have a little or no difficulty in doing that because there's a great population of singles in the city. With the high number of tourists, the plentiful college girls, combined with the beautiful local women in the city, you'll have a lot of options of girls to pick up from.

Amusement Parks: Amusement parks remain to be some of the surest places where you can meet tons of beautiful single girls in Orlando. Although these spots are heavily frequented by tourist girls, you'll still get to meet a lot of local girls as well. There are lots of fun things to do here and you can use any of them as a means of creating an interesting and engaging conversation with any of the girls you find charming here. However, one of the downsides of going to meet single girls at amusement parks is that the tickets are quite expensive so, they may eventually turn out not to be practical spots to meet Orlando girls.

  • SeaWorld Orlando
  • Universal's Islands of Adventure
  • Discovery Cove
  • Disney's Magic Kingdom
  • Legoland

UCF Campus: If it interests you to meet and hook up with college girls in Orlando, this spot is your best bet. The university has a lot of students; more than 50,000 and with the massive population, it can't be too bad for you not to find a girl to approach here. You may game on campus if you want to and you'll concurrently get a beautiful sight of the university's content as well. And if you don't want to game on campus, you can just stay around the streets, cafes, and parks that surround this area.

Shopping malls: It's undeniable that shopping malls have made it less stressful to meet single girls in Orlando. As they receive a lot of traffic during the day, they get packed with tons of beautiful single women who either came to hang out or buy from one of the shops here. Meeting and hooking up with girls in Orlando at the shopping malls is actually interesting because apart from the beautiful girls you'll get to meet, you'll get the chance to get yourself a few things and as well take a look at some of the pleasing attractions.

  • Orlando International Premium Outlets
  • Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets
  • The Florida Mall
  • The Mall at Millenia
  • Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores

Orlando Museum of Art: This is one of the best places to meet and hook up with both local and tourist girls in Orlando. You'll meet women of all ages here because of the programs, classes, and fun parties that are organized here. Even as you'll get to meet both older and younger women here, you'll also enjoy the art exhibitions featured here. On the first Thursday of every month, make sure you check out this museum as there are must-see events that showcase local artists, hors d'oeuvre, drinks, and DJs.

Nightclubs: If you're someone who loves clubbing, you'll find nightclubs in the city to be great spots where you can meet, hook up, and get laid with hot single girls in Orlando. As earlier explained, a lot of girls in Orlando love clubbing a lot and if you know club gaming well, you'll experience a little or no difficulty with getting a one-night stand. It's often easy to breed loyalty in Orlando girls, if they vibe with you and enjoyed the first time they spent with you, they would be the one suggesting that you meet again.

  • Attic Orlando: It's easy to bump into new people here. There are three different areas; main room, VIP, and bar. EDM lovers will love it here.
  • EVE Orlando: If you desire something that's a bit more upscale, come here. You can easily chat up someone here because the music volume is lower outside at the big outdoor terrace.

Singles Bars: One cannot elude the fact that singles bars offer a great chance of meeting and hooking up with beautiful single women in Orlando. You can head over to North Orange Avenue, it's one of the lively nightlife spots in the city and it is furnished with a lot of bars.

  • The Courtesy Bar: This bar is great for cocktail lovers. It's a small and intimate bar that offers an exciting atmosphere.
  • Finnhenry’s: Locals in Orlando love to visit this pub because of its good food, great drinks, and friendly atmosphere.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Just a couple of blocks away from the historic Church Street, the Downtown area near Lake Eola Park is where you'll find some of the best nightclubs in Orlando. There's a long list of nightclubs in Orlando but each of them has their major concentrations. While some focus on welcoming some of the biggest bands and DJs frequently, some emphasize on live music and others focus more on the VIP experience. With open arms, the global phenomenon that is EDM has been welcomed by most of the nightclubs in Orlando. If you hit up Orange Avenue, you'll find tons of venues that offer an enjoyable night out with their doors wide open till around 2 am. Concert venues are also great relaxation nightlife spots if you want to avoid the loud nightclubs scene and the bars in the city also have a cool atmosphere.

  • The Beacham: Occupying a converted old theatre on North Orange Avenue, this enormous club is known for welcoming live bands and DJs and, it throws a lot of huge parties often. You'll find a state-of-the-art lighting and sound system at the main room and celebrities like David Guetta, Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Flo Rider, and 50 Cent have once graced its stage. Every week, there are themed events and drinks promos running so, it's advisable to see what's going on first by checking out their website.
  • EVE: Being one of the most famous nightclubs in Orlando, this club is special for three things; the kind of crowd it attracts, its charming decor, and the stylish upstairs main club room. There are other things that add to the appeal of this club; the many VIP booths, TV screens, and LED wall. There's as well a giant glass chandelier above the dance floor. In the main EVE room, you can enjoy dance anthems and if you want to be entertained with more laidback house music, go to the stylish lounge downstairs.
  • Mango's Tropical Café Orlando: Just off International Drive, Mango’s Tropical Café comes alive every night as it enjoys the reputation of being one of the few venues that welcome youngsters every night. Classics, pop bands, reggae, elaborate stage shows, and salsa dancing are some of the live performances that are offered at this Caribbean/Latin-inspired club. Each night from 8 in the evening to 11.30 pm, you can enjoy the main dinner show.
  • Vyce Lounge: This club is a bit pricey, sleek, small, and lays claim to being the only boutique nightclub in Orlando. You're practically already on the dance floor as soon as you get into the club and the party here goes on and on with a lot of dancing. The rest of the venue is made up of two main bars and a row of small VIP booths lines. On Saturdays from 10 pm, you'll find one of its resident DJs who is also one of the big names in Orlando’s clubbing scene; Magic Mike, spinning it here.
  • Tier Nightclub: Situated around Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando near a cluster of similar venues is this stunning nightclub. When it comes to electronic dance music, it is one of Orlando's leading nightclubs. With the whole club focusing on the central DJ booth, the emphasis here is on the live DJs. There are a few VIP booths and more provided dancing space at the upstairs level and the compact dance floor at the front is also encircled by a few booths. Come here around midnight on a weekend night to get the full experience this club offers.
  • Independent Bar: Located in the Downtown district, this multi-level nightclub is one of the oldest venues in the city. It's as well one of the top nightclubs in Orlando and it has a chilled-out bar and two main club rooms - it's split over 3 floors. This club is popular for its themed 1980s night and you'll as well find the DJs spinning it all from top 40 hits to cheesy ‘90s tunes and indie to house. The playlist is eclectic and you'll require an ID to get in during its 18+ nights.
  • The Attic Orlando: Situated at the Lake Eola Park area of Downtown around the Church Street, The Attic Orlando is one of the top nightlife spots in the area. There's a main club room, VIP lounge, and a bar area here and just like most other nearby spots, the 3-in-1 concept is also featured here. Both international and local DJs are always kicking it here with back-to-back EDM anthems all through the night. The VIP vibe here is awesome, the wooden slate-covered dance floor, and the DJ booth also contribute to the industrial look.
  • Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar: A long list of rum-based cocktails and a menu of Cuban comfort food are some of what is waiting for you here. The classic Havana-inspired décor and the alluring Latin vibes of this venue combine to make it a perfect place to chill. On weekends at around 10 pm, it metamorphoses into a club and in the daytime, it becomes more of a restaurant. With the lively Latin party mix from the stable of the house DJ here, you'll enjoy dancing and nothing can stop you from grooving because the tables and chairs are all cleared out.
  • Cowboys: Offering an authentic slice of American after-dark fun is this club situated very close to Clear Lake. Apart from its reputation of being one of Orlando's oldest venues, you can come here to catch the latest NASCAR action, watch a game on his plentiful TVs, bask in its line dancing sessions, or vibe to its live country music. There's a nice mix of comfortable seating options here, the color scheme is vibrant, and the staffs here are friendly. During the week, you can take part in line-dancing lessons if you're aged 18 years and get served a proper drink, you'll need to be over 21 - your ID will be needed for those two.
  • Vixen: This is one of the best nightlife spots to pick up beautiful single girls in Orlando at nighttime. Situated at 118 South Orange Avenue, this club offers a lot of opportunities to mingle and get a one-night stand. There are always more girls than guys in this club and the competition is not as fierce as other clubs. So, if you spot a girl you like here, just take a deep breath and approach her, you won't die, seriously. However, make sure you go there with your best “Clubby” outfit and follow the dress code.
Party in Orlando at the Independent Bar

Shopping Malls

When you think of Orlando, the first things that will come to your mind are world-class attractions and theme parks. This beautiful city receives a huge number of tourists every year and it surely has more to offer than its expected usuals. There is more to do in Orlando than theme parks, give yourself a break from these hectic theme parks, and try another great downtime activity; shopping. If you want to get the best out of the malls, you can pay a visit during your arrival day so that you'll have more time later to spend on other attractions in the city. If you want to taste from Orlando's fine shopping experience, here are some of the best malls you should visit:

  • The Mall at Millenia
  • The Florida Mall
  • Orlando Premium Outlets
  • Disney Springs
  • Winter Park Avenue
  • East End Market
  • Waterford Lakes 
  • Altamonte Mall


Orlando offers no shortage of things to do when it has to do with filling your vacation itinerary. Being home to eight wildly popular theme parks, Orlando has gained popularity as the world's Theme Park Capital but beyond these famous theme parks, there's an array of fun and outdoor activities the city offers. You can enjoy animal encounters, airboat rides, ziplining, and so much more because the opportunities for outdoor fun in and around Orlando abound.

  • Wekiva Island: Asides from being an ideal spot to relax along the river, this island also offers a wide range of outdoor activities to do. If you feel the need to unleash the outdoor beast in you, this place can contain you as it offers everything fun from beach volleyball to paddle boarding and kayaking. You can as well sip good drinks at the indoor wine bar or outdoor bar while you enjoy listening to interesting live music as well. Take a refreshing dip in the spring-fed Wekiva River, enjoy Central Florida’s best swimming hole, and exploit the mild spring weather.
  • Leu Gardens: Come catch a beautiful scenery at this place. It offers a lot of nice picture-perfect spots and multiple pathways. This lush, botanical garden is as well the gateway to the lovely little neighborhood of Audubon Park Garden District which is teeming with a brewery, bakeries, and cafes. There are lots of organized events such as concerts and outdoor movies hosted here and you can visit during normal hours.
  • Kelly Park: This park houses one of Central Florida’s best springs and it's just about 30 minutes North of Orlando. With the free-flowing waters here, this spot has become one of the favorites of the city's locals. You and your sweetheart can have a picnic here as there are picnic pavilions to make it colorful. However, it's worthy to be cognizant that this park can get filled up quickly so, you might want to visit as soon as you can before it gets rowdy.
  • Rent a Boat at Walt Disney World: There's more to Walt Disney World as it offers tons of awesome, exciting recreational options. Before checking out the famous Seven Seas Lagoon which is very close to the Magic Kingdom, you can enjoy the tranquility of Bay Lake. Or perhaps, cruise the Crescent Lake which is between Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot. You have the option of renting the group-friendly pontoon boat or the two passenger Sea Racers.
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Furnished with natural wonders and vegetation, it is one of the lushest theme parks in the world. One pro tip to enjoy visiting here is to take advantage of the Discover Disney pass of the locals. There's a cute baby hippo housed at the Pangani Exploration Trail and there are baby tigers that call the Maharajah Jungle Trek home - make sure you take a stroll through these two places.

Universities and Colleges

State universities in Orlando are:

  • Florida State University College of Medicine
  • University of Central Florida
  • Florida A&M University College of Law

State colleges in Orlando are:

  • Seminole State College of Florida
  • Valencia College

Private universities and other colleges in Orlando are:

  • University of Florida College of Pharmacy (in Apopka)
  • Strayer University, Orlando campus
  • Southern Technical College
  • Rollins College (in Winter Park)
  • Remington College of Nursing (in Lake Mary)
  • Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando campus
  • Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, Orlando Campus
  • Palm Beach Atlantic University, Orlando Campus
  • Nova Southeastern University, Orlando campus
  • McBurney College (Orlando Campus)
  • Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Orlando Campus
  • Keiser University, Orlando Campus
  • ITT Technical Institute, Lake Mary Campus
  • International Academy of Design & Technology-Orlando
  • Hindu University of America
  • Herzing College (in Winter Park)
  • Full Sail University (in Winter Park)
  • Florida Institute of Technology, Orlando campus
  • Everest University, Orlando campus
  • Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law, Barry University
  • DeVry University, Orlando campus
  • Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Orlando Campus
  • Columbia College, Orlando Campus
  • Belhaven University, Orlando Campus
  • Asbury Theological Seminary, Orlando Campus
  • Anthem College, Orlando Campus
  • Ana G. Méndez University System
  • Adventist University of Health Sciences, Main Campus


Most of the girls are fun-loving and you should prepare to go outdoors often if you want to go into a relationship with a girl in Orlando. And, money also has a great role to play as well.

Holiday Romance

There are lots of nice options of places you and your Orlando sweetheart can visit to catch a nice time together and you'll as well get to find some girls who wouldn't mind escaping with you for a holiday romance.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Honesty is the main ingredient to build a successful relationship in Orlando. Keep an open mind and keep no secrets.


If you're looking for love in Orlando, move out of your comfort zone, go out to meet people, and attend events.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

For you to know if she's the one, you'll get to connect together in a very special way. And, the feeling will be mutual.


You need to be at least 18 years old before you can get married in Orlando. And, visit the office of the Orange County clerk to procure your marriage license. The marriage license fee is $93.50.


Getting married in Orlando is both exhilarating and exhausting but the good news is that, you'll find a lot of stunning wedding venues where you can tie the knot.

Family Life

Orlando is a very nice place to raise a family and it has enjoyed being ranked amongst the top family-friendly cities in the nation.

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