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Guide for dating in Okinawa helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Japanese women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Japanese girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Okinawa. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Okinawa, Japan.

Hot girls of Okinawa at the Trump club

Girls in Okinawa:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Okinawa:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Okinawa:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Okinawa:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $30


Okinawa, Japan is an island in the Pacific Ocean. The prefecture is composed of roughly the southwestern two-thirds of the Ryukyu Islands, that archipelago forming the division between the East China Sea to the northwest and the Philippines Sea to the southeast. Okinawa Island is the largest in the Ryukyus, being about 112 km and 11 km wide and having an area of 1,199 square km.

Dating in the city of Okinawa can be a good opportunity for most of the tourists who are visiting the country of Japan. The local women are traditional Japanese beauties who serve to be an interesting prospect to date.In Japanese, the word “Okinawa” means “rope in the open sea” which is an apt-definition for the long stretch of islands that make up the Okinawa prefecture. The prefecture is made up of a chain of islands that lies to the south-west of Kyushu.

There are 49 inhabited islands and 111 uninhabited islands that make up the prefecture. There’s a lot to see, do, and explore during your time here. More details about the prefecture, the culture, nightlife, girls, and more are provided under the different sections in this guide. These ladies are famous over the globe for their benevolent character and created mien. As a vacationer, you can move toward them legitimately to date, however, recall, your methodology must be conscious.

Japanese women are usually smitten by foreigner men but it is not the case with every woman. You will have to work hard to impress a local girl and language will be one of the biggest barriers.

Be that as it may, you should be familiar with the neighborhood before you approach the nearby Japanese young ladies. This is shrouded in the segment underneath, so continue perusing to know more.

Dating Culture

The dating culture of the city of Okinawa is known to be very formal and it is pretty much the same across the country of Japan. Dating is considered to be a great way for two individuals to express their love for one another. There is no stigma surrounding dating but the women might face several obstacles while dating. For instance, a local girl dating a white man or a foreigner man might be frowned upon. Also, there is a huge list of things that one must do and must not do in public places while dating. Much of this has to be adhered to.

There are a lot of things you need to take care of when it comes to hooking up with girls here. Most of the girls here are usually pretty shy when you approach them. Approaching the girls too directly is not the best idea here as it can easily backfire.

When it comes to hooking up with the girls here, it is very important to be presentable, properly groomed, and well-dressed to get the best results here. A lot of the girls here will judge you based on your appearance and image which plays an important role in determining how attractive you are here.

Also, having a curiosity for the local language and culture is a good idea when it comes to hooking up with the girls here. Most of the girls here and the general population, in general, are very proud of their culture and you’re more likely to get better results if you provide the girl with something she can talk about all day!

As a vacationer, the dating society will prescribe you to move toward the nearby young ladies with a conventional methodology, you have to get familiar with the neighborhood welcoming traditions, at that point ask a young lady out, if she says indeed, at that point you should proceed to take her out for a date where you deal with totally everything, directly from the wanting to the bill, at that point, you drop her back home securely by the specified time.

In the Japanese dating society, the vast majority of the ladies are open to dating western men and as it were, they are satisfying a long-lasting dream which is gotten from Western mainstream society and Disney works of art.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

Dating in Okinawa can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Okinawa and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

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Japan has a unique culture that's unlike anywhere in the world. Most of the girls across the entire country will usually seem like they’re from the same category. They’ll usually share the same personality types, looks, preferences, etc. The local girls in Okinawa are typical Japanese girls and there are some truly stunning girls to be found here. After spending some time here, you will realize that even though most of the girls are similar in terms of mannerisms and values, they have uniquely different personalities and looks.

Overall, most of the local girls you’ll encounter here will be beautiful with petite bodies and submissive personalities. The ladies who hail from the city of Okinawa are quintessential Japanese marvels. They have a very distinct fashion sense and the street style trend in Japan is very advanced and taken very seriously. You will see these girls experimenting with different looks and and different style of clothes. This means that you will have to up your fashion game if you want to attract single ladies from Japan especially the younger ones.

In any case, the greater part of these neighborhood ladies are staggering, they have physical highlights that are extremely normal for the district. Without a doubt, their little eyes and their height may prompt correlations with different wonders of Asia however these ladies are substantially rich and magnificent. The Japanese ladies that you will discover in the city of Okinawa are unquestionably no Tokyo marvel yet they also share the equivalent luxurious dark hair, they have oval faces, they additionally sport a wide brow. These ladies likewise have meager inadequate eyebrows and eyes that are little yet wonderful, these eyes are regularly of darker shades. The ladies have little and level noses beneath which you will discover slim pink lips.

These ladies don't regularly value kissing with a ton of tongue and will in general like little pecks and snacking. In any case, kissing these cuties is a flat out enjoyment. The greater part of the young ladies normally have a tubby face and they have no unmistakable facial structure. Notwithstanding, the individuals who are fixated on accomplishing the ideal look experience medical procedures to get that ideal well-honed facial structure and high cheekbones. One thing that is normal for all ladies in Japan is that they have an extremely charming grin and that makes them look adorable and delightful to men.

To look great, the greater part of the nearby young ladies center around their facial highlights, they utilize a lot of beauty care products, skincare items and indigenous treatments to dispose of imperfections and to shroud flaws. Numerous ladies are unafraid of going to authorities for restorative medical procedures to upgrade their facial highlights.

It is broadly accepted that there isn't a lot of spotlight on a lady's body in the city of Okinawa when men are deciding their excellence norms. This is somewhat obvious as the Japanese mainstream society is very separated from the real world. The ladies are frequently depicted as tall, thin, hot angels however in actuality, they are short. A few ladies who are wellness cognizant, moderate their eating regimens, starved, and exercise exorbitantly. Regularly appearing to be underweight yet they are into callings that expect them to set such measures. They sport littler bosoms, small waistlines, and charming round tushies.

The customary Japanese dress is a Kimono, yet the vast majority of the ladies don't wear one except if it is a type of exceptional conventional event. The ladies can be found in savvy easygoing and formals. The idea of outfits for workforces doesn't permit ladies in schools, universities, or those working in enterprises to brandish their apparel. Huge numbers of the ladies may be fixated on the design patterns of the west yet they are faithful to their nation and regularly wear garments and game embellishments made by nearby goliaths. These are likewise very sought after over the globe and some significant brands, for example, CDG and Uniqlo additionally have a sizeable impression.

The nation of Japan has a fantastic instruction framework, it is famous for giving youngsters book information as well as granting them fundamental abilities that assist them with enduring the everyday routine. In the city of Okinawa, you will discover 6 colleges and 16 secondary schools that work superbly of instructing the nearby ladies. This, thus, is the best structure strengthening for these ladies as they graduate and land great positions and gain fat checks that assist them with supporting their families without any help. This gives them much required money related opportunity to oblige social self-rule.

Yet, none of this comes simply as the greater part of the ladies are persevering, they frequently penance fantasies about having a family to serve the business and the country. However, they acknowledge the sexual orientation jobs that are characterized by society with all due regard. This doesn't make them persecuted however they accept that it is uniformity here and there.

As a foreigner, if you approach the young ladies in the city of Okinawa, you will see that the majority of them are mild-mannered, they are caring, they are pleasant, they are useful, and they are anything but difficult to converse with. They will most likely not be your back-slapping pals in the primary gathering or give you embraces even on the third date, yet they can be benevolent without having an excessive amount of physical contact, which may appear to be odd to individuals from the West. The vast majority of these ladies may not know English, so you are mentioned to learn fundamental Japanese on the off chance that you need to appreciate a decent dating scene in Okinawa.

More age-explicit insights concerning the neighborhood Japanese ladies dwelling in the city of Okinawa is given in the segment beneath, so continue perusing to know more.

Japanese Girls (age 18 - 29)

The local girls who are between the age of 18 and 29 are most certainly the hottest catch in the city of Okinawa. These girls are young, they are friendly.

These young Japanese babes have a young and innocent personality, this is what attracts men from all across the globe to come and enjoy sex with them. They are curious about western men and sexual encounters with them, so they shall easily get into bed with you. Ladies between this age group are usually active on all fronts, they are energetic and ready to explore different things. They have an attractive physique and they are always friendly when you get to meet them.

The greater part of the young ladies here was typically raised since the beginning to have a wonderful disposition and be courteous. A great deal of the young ladies here can appear to be somewhat timid and that is valid as the greater part of the young ladies here follow customary sex jobs and are generally extremely steady and female.

Japanese Women (age 30 - 45)

It isn't easy to get this age group of ladies, a great deal of them are still right on time into their marriage, they are only five years or more into their marriage. These ladies are for the most part business people, with families and vocations to care for. They may not be as unimportant as the more youthful age. The majority of them are hitched, and with marriage in these territories come most extreme devotion to accomplices, and the family overall. Your odds of getting down with a Japanese lady in this age run are thin, yet it is anything but an all-out difficulty.

A portion of these ladies have marriage issues, and they need to diminish themselves by having short relationship spells, with other men, remote and nearby similar.

You will likewise meet single ladies at this age. They are generally vocation ladies who are excessively occupied or unequipped for keeping up a steady relationship. Some of them might be prepared to get settled, and won't think about any easygoing indulgences, while others will even now be available to the possibility of easygoing excursions. These ladies may not be influenced by riches, however, it is additionally a central factor for getting down with them. They may have a high societal position that won't give them the opportunity, or opportunity to be with somebody that is not at their level. They are developed as well, so any adolescent or youthful conduct won't agree with them. The local women who are between the age of 30 and 45 are known to be a great choice of women to hook up with or to date in the city of Okinawa. These mature babes are emotionally stable and they are experienced in sex. In this section of the article, we shall discuss some advantages.

Firstly, these women have developed bodies, they are voluptuous and they know what to do in bed, they are good at both receiving and giving pleasure. They are independent and though they are strict about manners and social etiquette, most of them can be approached and convinced for sex quite easily.

Japanese Ladies (age 45+)

The local ladies who are above the age of 45 are probably the worst choice for any traveler in the entire country of Japan. Most of the women age gracefully up to a certain age, beyond which they suddenly seem old and all the flaws start creeping in. This is a major point of concern as they no longer look attractive. Many of them are married and have a family, they will seldom risk losing this just for a hookup with a Gaijin.

There are a lot of mature ladies and cougars you can meet and hook up with during your time here. Most of the mature ladies and cougars are not found in the nightclubs on the island but the smaller bars and pubs located in the region.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Because Okinawa Prefecture contains the largest U.S. military base in the Far East, there are over 50,000 foreign residents (including civilian employees of the military). Because of this, there is a considerable volume of housing for U.S. military officers and other foreigners in the area, as well as an international school, hospitals where patients can be served in foreign languages and other facilities that create a comfortable living environment for people not originally from Japan.

The city of Okinawa is a significant vacationer goal as it is home to a few significant tourist attractions of the nation of Japan. Subsequently, you will go over a significant number alluring outside young ladies around town, if they are single, they also may be searching for a reasonable organization.

The city of Okinawa is anything but a significant monetary goal, with farming and the travel industry contributing essentially. Subsequently, you will not run over numerous ladies who are ex-pats around. In conclusion, in the city of Okinawa, you have colleges that don't pull in an enormous number of understudies from remote areas. Accordingly, meeting an outside young lady living in the city as an understudy is likewise very common.


Having sex with the local girls in the city of Okinawa is not very easy. The local culture and traditions of the city are such that the girls are quite shy and reserved, they do not hop into bed easily. But be rest assured that there is no law preventing two adults from consensual sex. Many of the local girls prefer being in a relationship and knowing a man well enough before baring it all to him. As a tourist, you shall have to be extremely patient and subtle while approaching women for sex.

Before doing so we recommend that you know more about the local sex culture which is described in brief in the section below. For an energetic and sexually appealing group of women, you can expect that sex with them is going to be a fantastic encounter. The slightly older women especially have a vibe that they bring to the bed. They know exactly what they want, and how they want it. They may be willing to try out what you have up your sleeve, but you can bet that you have to go their way first. They have incredible control over their bodies, especially their hips. The young women have sensually appealing bodies that make the sex experience with them even better. Their small, young bodies give them an advantage over the older women, and they provide a thrilling sexual experience.

Japanese women don't just go down with any man. They will only have sex with men they like, men that can give them money, and men that can give them a good time.

Sex Culture

The local sex culture is very formal and tedious. Being one of the primary religious and specific communities of the whole nation of Japan, Okinawa has an altogether different sex culture in contrast with a portion of the other greater urban areas in the country. Here sex is viewed as a sacrosanct demonstration enjoyed by two people who are enamored and wish to spend their carries on with together. Sex isn't just about the lewd joys and lewdness.

The nearby schools don't grant quite a bit of sex instruction to the understudies and nobody talks about sex straightforwardly. It is unquestionably not rewarded as an untouchable, however, it is something exceptionally cozy and private.

One-Night Stands

Having a one-night stand in the city of Okinawa may quite frankly be very difficult, the local women are not the type of women who easily hop into bed with a man they just met a few hours ago. Rather, if anyone wishes to have sex with the local girls, they shall have to be someone special to them and have some sort of emotional connection.

On the other hand, the best way to get laid as soon as possible is to game at the best nightclubs here as much as possible. Most of the girls here are usually pretty easy and you can find some girl to take home every night of the week if you’re consistent enough. Online dating is another great way to meet a lot of girls very quickly and hook up with them here.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Okinawa prefecture is a huge area with a lot of islands and cities. You can meet ladies at bars, clubs, pubs, restaurants, shopping malls, and dating sites. If you would like to meet single ladies, these places in Okinawa are the best bet for meeting ladies.

Overall, the majority of the neighborhood ladies in Okinawa have a normal body type, with thicker arms and legs, greater bosoms, and marginally compliment bum. Most Japanese ladies don't have a great deal of body hair and man of the hour themselves well however they skip Bikini waxes out and out, so don't be amazed when you see a little fluff while engaging in sexual relations.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Approaching the local girls during the night here is much easier than approaching the girls during the day here. Most of the girls at nightclubs are in general much more used to getting approached than most girls you’ll meet during the day here. Some of the bars, clubs, and pubs where you can meet ladies at nighttime are listed below.

  • Bar Sakanashi: This fancy Naha bar is just a little off Kokusai Street and a two-minute walk from Kencho-Mae Station. Staying open quite late, Bar Sakanashi lets you enjoy your night out to the fullest. With a wonderfully diverse selection of alcohol, including delicious cocktails, you won’t run out of things to try.
  • Bar Spade: Bar Spade is quite close to Kokusai Street and in the same neighborhood as Bar Sakanashi. It has more of a gritty, down-to-earth feel than the latter and is great for a fun night out with the gang. It’s a very young and social place and even offers games like darts, billiards, Jenga and more.
  • The Dojo Bar: For fans of the martial arts, there’s no better place to head than Dojo Bar. Frequented by martial arts fans, this is not a place to start a bar brawl. The closest Yui Rail stop is Makishi Station.
  • Helios Craft Pub: If you’re into craft beer, this is the place to be. A great array of beers is complemented by great snacks like pizza and salad, making it an excellent place to settle into for the night. Located on Kokusai Street, it’s easy to find too.
  • Momogahmi: Momogahmi is a cross between an izakaya, a restaurant, and a pub. It serves beer from the Helios Craft Beer Brewery, all the local awamori you could drink and some delicious Japanese cuisine to top it all off. A long, boozy meal is the name of the game here.
  • Club Clutch: If you’re out to party, head to Clutch on Kokusai Street. Not open until 22:00, warm up in a bar and then head on over. Entry fees vary but are generally pretty reasonable.
  • Club SaicoLo: A classy joint, make sure you don your finest attire to avoid any problems on the door. Entry fees vary according to party size and gender, but you’ll usually be looking at somewhere between 1,000 and 1,500 yen.
  • Club Loveball: A popular club, Loveball is host to some of the best parties in town. Close to the bar quarter of Matsuyama and Miebashi Station, it is easy to get to and surrounded by other great options. Entry fee is usually around 2,000 yen, but for live music and more, it’s pretty reasonable.
  • Club Epica: Club Epica in Matsuyama – Naha’s party district – is a popular venue for locals and foreigners alike. Hear the latest chart hits, Hip Hop, R’n’B, K-Pop, J-Pop, and more – anything to get people dancing. As in a lot of clubs, women can expect a cheaper entry fee.
  • Club Trump: This place is one of Okinawa’s more exclusive venues. Geared more toward the local crowd than visitors, it is still a good place to check out should you want a more authentically Okinawan clubbing experience. Entry fees are high (2,000 – 3,500 yen) but may well be worth it.
  • Club Seven: Club Seven is a favorite among Okinawa’s American residents. Open until late on Fridays and Saturdays, while away the night with cheap drinks and familiar tunes. Generally, it’s also free to get in.
  • Omma Bars and Clubs: Onna is a coastal area of Okinawa well known for its beaches and fantastic ocean views. Packed with resorts and hotels, holidaymakers are well catered for with a great many bars and clubs.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are also places you can meet ladies in Okinawa. Ladies come here to get the different things that they need. You get the opportunity to talk to any lady of your choice when you see them.

  • Aeon Naha Shopping Center
  • Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa
  • T Galleria Okinawa
  • Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom
  • Carnival Park Mihama


There are several outdoors in Okinawa for people to relax and explore. There is a chance that you would meet ladies here. Some of the outdoor areas are:

  • Lanai Café
  • Plaza House Shopping center
  • Zanpa Beach
  • Birdland Café
  • Onna Beach
  • Depot Island
  • Miyakojima
  • Okinawa Kenritsu Museum
  • Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum
  • Shuri Castle
  • Nakagusuku Castle Ruins

Universities and Colleges

The women in these Universities are mainly young women who make education their priorities, but they love to have some fun on the side. Some of these Universities and Colleges in Okinawa include.

  • Okinawa Christian University
  • Okinawa International University
  • Okinawa Prefectural College
  • The university of Okinawa


Being in a relationship in the city of Okinawa is an excellent decision that you can make being a tourist. The local women may not be comfortable with casual sexual encounters but they are suckers for a romance with a tourist from the Western world. These women serve to be perfect partners and they shall take great care of you. Such is their nature that you shall feel like a king even before being in love or being married together.

Holiday Romance

A holiday romance is known to be light and breezy, it often involves enjoying the local culture and traditions with a local girl that you like while you are on a holiday in her land. She shall serve to be a perfect friend, guide, and lover to you for the duration of your stay. The best part here is that there is seldom any emotional baggage that you shall have to deal with.

Most of the women might agree to this in the city of Okinawa, but then again there is a certain decorum that the two of you have to maintain in public spaces.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Relationships come with ups and downs. Don’t expect to be happy all the time. Be open to disappointments, too, and use them as an opportunity to know your partner better. This is particularly relevant for long-distance relationships, as lack of physical presence increases friction. A positive attitude during such difficult times leads to happier relationships.

Understand, accept, and appreciate. Make sure you put in the time and effort to understand your partner. Know what the other person likes to do, and also keep in mind that preferences and priorities change. Accept your partner the way he or she is, and appreciate their actions.


Falling in love in the city of Okinawa is a brilliant open door that most vacationers don't understand. The city itself probably won't be a customarily sentimental goal however it offers you an extremely profound vibe to associate with the neighborhood Japanese ladies on a more profound level. This will assist you in setting up an association that is progressively significant and liable to be durable.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

You need to be realistic and practical, the two of you have been brought up in widely contrasting atmospheres. Only if your partner is willing to adjust to your lifestyle and culture then can you consider her to be the-One. Compatibility is everything and if you and your partner cannot agree upon common decisions and annoy each other rather than constructively contributing to each other’s growth and development then you must assume that your partner might not be The One for you.


Marriage in Japan is a legal and social institution at the center of the household. Couples are legally married once they have made the change in status on their family registration sheets, without the need for a ceremony. Most weddings are held either according to Shinto traditions or in chapels according to Christian marriage traditions.

Traditionally, marriages were categorized into two types according to the method of finding a partner—omiai, meaning arranged or resulting from an arranged introduction, and ren'ai, in which the husband and wife met and decided to marry on their own—although the distinction has grown less meaningful over postwar decades as Western ideas of love have altered Japanese perceptions of marriage.

As a tourist, you shall have to pop the question not only to your lady love but also to meet her family and have a formal conversation with her father or any other decision making adult for her hand in marriage. Only once everyone approves can things move ahead.


Planning a wedding ceremony in the entire country of Japan shall require you to plan every detail meticulously down to the minute. Japanese wedding experience is like no other in the world. Japanese weddings can offer a combination of centuries-old Shinto or Buddhist rituals, the futuristic glamour of Tokyo’s modern hotels, or a tropical escape to one of the country’s numerous beaches and hot springs. Wedding ceremonies in Japan can be civil, religious, and are frequently a combination of both.

But a wedding ceremony isn’t required at all to be officially married. Japanese law only considers a marriage legal once it’s registered with the city or municipal office. In many cases, modern couples opt for intimate ceremonies without much setup and use funds for their future or even perhaps a better honeymoon.

Family Life

The Japanese feel a heightened sense of belonging and loyalty to their family as interdependence is emphasized in the collectivist society. Individuals are expected to serve their family’s interests before their own and show preferential treatment to fellow family members. Furthermore, families also have a collective face in Japan. An act of a single individual can impact the perception of one’s family name by others.

The typical Japanese household follows the nuclear family model; however, the extended family is usually kept nearby and is visited often. Paternal grandparents may live with their families as they grow older, but Japan’s small living spaces usually limit multigenerational household situations.

The archetypal Japanese man works 6 days a week for long hours. It was once considered inappropriate for mothers to hold jobs. While, gender equality is now embraced, with women receiving equal educational and employment opportunities, men still dominate the workforce.



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