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Myanmar dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Burmese women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Myanma girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Myanmar, Asia.

Girls in Myanmar:

  • Looks of girls: 3 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Myanmar:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 2.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2.5 / 5

Sex in Myanmar:

  • Women's sexual activity: 2.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2 / 5

More about Myanmar:

  • Nightlife in general: 2 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 1.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $200


Myanmar, otherwise known as Burma is situated in Southeast Asia surrounded by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos, Thailand and the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean. For a long time, the country was known as an unstable country characterized by its struggle for independence and later its civil wars and successive bloody coups. This came to a stop in 2011 when the former military ruling junta was dissolved and a civilian government put in place. Naypyidaw is the official capital while Yangon is the largest city. Burmese is the official national language although different regions have their own main language. Myanmar has a population of approximately 55 million made up of 120 recognized ethnic groups.

With such a diverse population, dating Burmese girls can be quite interesting and unique. The great diversity of ethnicities and backgrounds in the city gives you a wide variety to choose from. While many girls are conservative, we have those girls who are slowly embracing modernity and are always ready to help you have a good time. The local girls in Myanmar belong to three main groups; the indigenous Burmese girls, the Indian-Burmese and the Chinese-Burmese with the latter two being descendants of early immigrants from the two countries.

Dating Culture

An interesting fact about life in Myanmar is the dating culture. For most locals, dating means marriage. There's no such thing as going on dates for fun, cohabiting or dating just to get to know each other. Relationships are taken very seriously and the pressure on both sides is intense. Dating is usually kept within ethnic groups, and dating foreigners is frowned upon. There are Indian-Burmese, Chinese-Burmese and indigenous Burmese, and each group holds tightly to their customs and traditions: marrying outside of one’s group is rare and heavily discouraged.


Burmese women have traditionally had more freedom than other women in Southeast Asia. They retain name after marriage, do not need to wear wedding rings and have property rights and freedom of movement. Military rule has greatly undermined the status of women, especially at the higher levels of government and commerce. These women ended up playing a significant role in the political opposition to the regime.

At one point in its history, Myanmar was a matriarchal society in which women had the right to inherit property. They inherited property from their parents. As a result of this, some of them ended up gaining influence to a point of being appointed into chieftainship by the kings. In some regions, where leadership positions are hereditary, some women ended up inheriting these positions from their fathers. The effect of this traditional setup is still being felt in some parts of the country.

According to the Myanmar government: "The Status of women in the Union of Myanmar is unique. Traditionally, women have enjoyed equal rights with men in all crucial areas such as education, health, employment, social and political activities. As women represent more than half the population of the nation, the active participation of the womenfolk is vital in the State's endeavors to build a developed nation. Therefore, the national policies and programs for the advancement of women both in urban and rural areas, especially in the border areas have been given priority to enable the State to utilize the full strength of women.

However, although women constitute 52% of the population of Myanmar, they occupy 10% of all political positions. In the labor market, about 61% of employable women are at work as compared to 87% for the men.

Burmese Girls (age 18 - 29)

Many young Burmese girls are married off before the age of 18 years. From a very young age, Myanmar girls start picturing their perfect families. They have very traditional views on family and want to meet their husband and spend the rest of their life with him, not date around for years. As a result, when they finally meet their ideal match, they treat him with all the respect and care they are capable of.

A typical Burmese woman is not very tall or rail thin, but she is remarkably athletic. Burmese girls look fit and strong, and the best thing about their bodies is that they can easily retain their looks for years and even decades, no matter how many children they have. The appearance of Myanmar ladies is not very diverse. Their facial features are so striking that they can look effortlessly stunning with minimal makeup, although they certainly know how to highlight their best features with the use of makeup.

As inferred above most young girls in Myanmar get into relationships with the expectation of getting married. This, coupled with the strong Buddhist traditions have made many young girls stay away from casual dates. Once you start dating these young girls, the topic of marriage is bound to come up soon as the girls are careful not to have the reputation of casual daters. This is not to mean that there is no casual dating in Myanmar. Many young girls have found a way to engage in multiple dates without making it seem obvious.

Even though marriage and family is one of the top priorities for a typical Myanmar bride, it is far from the only thing on her mind. In Myanmar, intelligence and education are highly valued in society and parents often invest a lot of effort into giving their daughters proper education.

Myanma Women (age 30 - 45)

With a majority of the population being Buddhists, the religion has had a large influence on how the Burmese socialize. At this age, it is expected that the women have gotten married. Besides influencing her attitude to her husband and making her the most loyal wife on the planet, religion also makes the moral values of Myanmar women exceptional. There is a good chance that your Burmese bride will be religious, but that only means good things for your relationship. These are some of the purest and most wholesome women you have ever met and you are guaranteed to feel secure and loved in your marriage to a Burmese woman. Myanmar is a primarily Buddhist country, and for most people there, religion is not just a minor part of their personalities — it’s a moral code that gives them direction in life and tells them how to behave.

This, together with the training, makes the women make very good mothers and wives. These women believe that this is the only way that they can show their love to their husbands. Even though some of these women are learned and some even have good jobs, they will always run home to take care of their families. In your marriage to a Myanmar woman, there won’t be a day when you feel dull thanks to the amazing character of your wife.

Burmese Ladies (age 45+)

Some of the older women inherited property and assets from their families and so they may be well off within their households. For most Burmese women, a family without children is not a complete family.

At this stage, most women are married with children and even grandchildren. At first, the bodies of these women are still in good shape with curves at the right places. However, as they grow older, the body begins losing its attractive shape and wrinkles start to appear. Initially, these blemishes are concealed by the expensive makeup and jewelry that the women can afford. This only lasts for a while as soon the women accept the grace of age.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Although Myanmar possesses great tourist potential and attractions in many fields, much of the industry remains to be developed. Many years of instability kept many foreigners away from the country. For a long time, the country was ruled by military juntas. However, after the junta transferred power to the civilian government, the tourism sector saw an increase in tourism arrivals and 2012, tourist arrivals surpassed the one million mark for the first time. In 2013, the Tourism Master Plan was created, targeting 7.5 million arrivals by 2020. Because of the traditional nature of the local women, the foreign women offer the greatest opportunity for a hook up as they are more open-minded and readier to go for dates


Religion, military repression and conservative culture have all combined to make sex with Burmese girls relatively tough. From a young age, women are taught to stay away from men. As they grow older, society forces them to hold on until they are married. As a result of this upbringing, very few Burmese women engage in sex outside marriage. Fear of reprisals from family and religious leaders keep many girls away from men.

Technological advancements and more open society have made it possible for many young Burmese to access the internet through mobile phones and computers. These devices are used to access dating sites and social media. These two are being increasingly used by young men and women to set up sex dates.

Sex Culture

As mentioned above, the sex culture in Myanmar is largely conservative. Unless one is looking to have sex with foreign girls, it is largely difficult to have sex with local girls. One can however use social media and dating apps to hook up with good girls.

One-Night Stands

Since many girls are afraid of being seen dating many girls at the same time, they have turned to social media and online platforms to hook up.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

For a long time, movement and life in Myanmar have been greatly affected by various conflicts. Successive coups and military takeovers affected social life. This instability also resulted in the dilapidation of infrastructure as the country lacked structures to manage and conserve places of attraction. This changed in 2011 after a democratically elected government replaced long-serving military regimes. In an attempt to revive the fortunes of the country and integrate back to the international community, the government promoted and encouraged the development of social and cultural institutions. As a result, Myanmar is slowly reaching new heights.

There are many places of interest in the country in which you can meet single girls both for a one-night stand and for a long-term relationship.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Unlike its neighbors, Thailand and India, the country of Burma is quite different when it comes to offering popular experiences to its travelers, especially the things to do at night. While you may not come across the classic go-go bars and crazy beach parties there, the Myanmar nightlife is still worth experiencing. Even though Naypyidaw is the capital city, Yangon is the largest city and the center of the party. Whereas other cities.

• Pioneer Pioneer is the oldest night club in Yangon, and still one of the most popular, being a common thronging location for locals, foreigners and crony brats. There is only one dance floor, though it's huge, and tables and chairs for seating. It is open from 9 pm to 3 am and the entrance fee is K10,000.

• Channel V One of the best nightclubs in Yangon has also got to be one of the cheapest – you can find a very eclectic crowd at Channel V that might include perfumed foreigners, lavender shirted Bamartharios, friendly ladyboys and assortments of women of a certain age. It's a friendly, no-frills club where a wink can change your night's fortunes. It's open until 2 am. The entrance fee is K5,000 per person.

• YGN Though this exciting locale has been open just one year it successfully hosted a swinging Christmas and New Year's Eve with an impressive DJ set and festive decorations. It's a club for the younger set – attracting 18-21 range partygoers, which might be perfect, or terrible, depending on your proclivities. Customers are sometimes offered the opportunity to vote on DJ nights, which makes the YGN club, at least, a functioning democratic space. The doors close around midnight.

• Muse Club Muse Club is located in the Yangon International Hotel lot, which grants patrons access to food options, such as 365 Cafe, and other bars such as Roof Alchemy. It’s also in the same location as the Music Box and SkyBar. It's a real midtown treat that the vacuous young elite tends to avoid. Have a boogie and then review your options at Muse, which is open from 10 pm until 2 am daily.

• Level 2 Level 2 is a functional, small building that includes one level just for dancing, and a second level for the Roof Alchemy bar. The rooftop bar offers lots of interesting goodies and a clean, open-air environment that's a short staircase away from the heat of the meat. Level 2 hosts techno Saturday by DJ Leonium and DJ Ana Red. It is open on Friday and Saturday nights and special holidays. The entrance fee varies from between K8,000 to K15,000.

• Club 5 This live music bar and dank club in downtown Yangon is a little more expensive but offers a higher class of self-destruction. Club 5 is known for hosting swarms of wealthy socialites and reams of middle-aged foreigners. Club 5 is open until 1 am. Entrance fee is USD 12.

• Cele Bar After renovations to the DJ bar and club at the Inya Lake Hotel, this club comes with another name but retains everything partygoers love about remote hotels. Celebrities like to frequent this establishment and sometimes hosts an exclusive party. It has a small dance floor but boasts a beer garden. The door fee is 10 USD per person with a glass of beer. Open daily 9:30 pm until 4 am.

• Black Hat Wine Bar Perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Black Hat Wine Bar is a time portal from the present day to the ‘60s, just under a 10-minute drive away from Hotel Pullman Yangon Centrepoint. The retro-style bar is lined with black-and-white photos of Yangon and images of famous Hollywood stars that beam down at you as you sip wine and snack on appetizers.

• Mr. Guitar Located on Sayasan Street, Mr. Guitar is the go-to bar for music lovers and musicians alike, enjoying a cult status among music aficionados thanks to its owner, Nao Myo Say — a well-known local musician. Unsurprisingly, you can kick back to live music by an in-house band or hold your own in a karaoke session.

• Kosan Double Happiness Bar Located near the Chinese temple on 19th Street, this Yangon bar is easily accessible, making it popular with both locals and tourists. A stylish interior, friendly staff and great cocktails make this a nightspot you simply can't miss.

• BME BME is known for having a small dance floor. BME has got the right vibe for a night out with friends. You might even meet some new people, though no one knows what BME stands for. Ladies night is free for women and includes the chance to take home a bottle of Absolute Vodka – no regifting! Entrance fee is K15,000 per person. It's open from 10 pm to 3 am daily.

Shopping Malls

Some of the popular malls in Myanmar include:

• Junction City Mall in Yangon

• Myanmar Plaza Shopping Center in Yangon

• Junction Mall in Naypyidaw

• Capital Hypermarket in Naypyidaw

• Taw Win Centre in Yangon

• City Mall St. John in Yangon

• Ocean Supercenter in Mawlamyine

• Mandalay Yatanar Mall in Mandalay


Even with its chequered past, Myanmar is a beautiful country offering different activities for travelers ranging from exploring caves and boating on rivers to trekking up mountains.

Located in the Shan State in the Eastern part of Myanmar, Inle Lake is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. After riding the boat along Inle Lake, you can go forth and explore the area. Other things to see and do in the Inle Lake region include learning about traditional weaving at Khit Sunn Yin, admiring the beauty of Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, and playing with the jumping cats at Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery.

As Bagan has restricted visitors from clambering up temples in the name of safety and the preservation of temples, riding the hot-air balloon is highly recommended for seeing the sunset in Bagan. As a gauge of prices, Orient Ballooning provides the services at a rate of $399 per person.

The Goteik Viaduct has gained popularity not just among tourists but also among locals. Priced at $4, the train ticket is worth every cent for the magnificent landscapes it passes. For the best experience, start your journey in Mandalay and end at Lashio or vice versa.

Kawthaung is located in the lowermost part of Myanmar and its hidden beauties have recently been discovered by local travel bloggers. Since then, Kawthaung has become a hotspot for travelers in Myanmar as a base for island-hopping adventures. Two popular islands to visit are Cocks Comb Island, which has a lagoon in the shape of a heart, and Nyaung Oo Phee Island, which is framed by soft white sand beaches.

Mount Victoria (Nat Ma Taung) is located in the Chin State. Recently, this mountain has improved accessibility and since then, the number of travelers there has risen correspondingly. Climbing to the peak of the mountain takes about two to three hours, but the breathtaking scenery from above will prove this hike to be worth the sweat.

Myanmar has many pretty beaches, such as Chaung Thar, Ngwe Saung, and Maung Ma Kan – but none of them can rival the beauty of Ngapali. To get reach Ngapali, travelers can take a flight to Thandwe Airport. While Ngapali Beach is already a beauty to behold, it is also possible to take a short boat trip to Pearl Island and snorkel in pristine waters.

Irrawaddy River flows through the length of Myanmar and there are multiple itineraries you can choose to explore. The most popular route is between Mandalay and Bagan.

Universities and Colleges

Some of the universities and colleges found in the city include:

• Yangon University

• Yezin Agricultural University in Naypyidaw

• University of Medicine, Magway

• Technological University, Taunggyi

• University of Forestry and Environmental Science, Yezin

• Nationalities Youth Resource Development Degree College, Sagaing

• University of Technology, Yadanabon Cyber City

• Hinthada University

• Yadanabon University in Amarapura

• Thaton Institute of Agriculture in Mon State

• Government Technical Institute, Kyaukphyu


As mentioned earlier, it is a general expectation in Myanmar that a relationship will end up in marriage. As a result of this, many locals get into relationships with members of their race and ethnicity. This is usually to maintain family traditions. With this factor, dating practices are often very strict within the Burmese as couples sometimes only date if the girl sees the boy as a potential marriage partner. Under these circumstances young adults must be supervised at all times and both sets of parents must permit a couple to wed. In the old days, boys used to court girls by sending them love letters. These days boys and girls simply go out in groups to eat, shop, karaoke or go to movies.

Just like other aspects of life in the country, dating and marriage are greatly influenced by the traditions of Buddhism which is practiced by more than 85% of the population.

Holiday Romance

Holidays are some of the best days in a calendar year and this feeling only gets better if you work fulltime with no time to go out and rest. The best way to go for a holiday, especially if you are single is to, just pack and leave with an open mind. This way, you will be able to experience anything that comes along the way without being tied down by a fixed program. Another advantage of going with an open mind is that when the chance for a holiday romance comes in, you will be ready to dive in. Holidays provide us with the opportunities to meet single beautiful women, some of whom may end being your lifelong partner.

Tips for Successful Relationship

For a relationship to work, the two people involved need to combine effort towards making things work. The relationship that will last needs a strong foundation that will help it sail through the storms that are bound to come to come along the way.

When two people starting a relationship, they will do their best to please each other. This will include going for dates, spending time together and doing many acts of love. The tendency is normally for many couples to reduce or even stop doing this once they are firmly in the relationship. Once this starts, the relationship starts to seem boring to the two of you. It therefore important that the two of you in a relationship maintain the fire that existed at the beginning of the relationship.

One of the most important foundations in a relationship is communication. Communication is the only way through which either partner can communicate with the other about their desires and feelings. However long two people may stay in a relationship, it is not humanly possible for one to know their partner's every aspect without being told. Lack of communication puts a strain on a relationship as each partner is forced to second-guess what the other wants. To avoid this, the two of you need to keep channels of communication open at all times.

Another way in which two people can grow their relationship is when each person takes an interest in the life of the other partner. Two people in a relationship will have lives away from each other such as in their careers. Even as you pursue these interests, you need to be interested in what the other person is going through in their lives. This includes finding out how their day has been and what may have gone wrong. This will help each person to understand the other and offer support when it is needed.

The need for honesty in a relationship cannot be overemphasized. There will be times in a relationship when lying may seem to be the easiest and most comfortable way out. No matter how attractive this may seem, the joy will only be short-lived as once your partner finds you the truth, it will come to haunt you and can even break a relationship. Even if the relationship survives, it will be hard for you to regain the trust of your partner.

One way to make a relationship interesting is taking time to engage in fun activities together. Whether it is to go for a hike, a movie or a simple walk in a park, these spontaneous activities will make your dating life interesting.

Every relationship is unique, while the above apply to every relationship, you need to learn your partner will to understand anything that makes her happy and apply and desist from doing what makes her mad or sad.


Whether it is with a local girl or a foreign one, love in Myanmar is exciting. For a long time, many girls in the country avoided dating people from their ethnic groups. Over time, this is changing and many young girls are finding love outside their communities. Even with this change, most girls only get into relationships that they expect will lead to marriage. This means that they will not commit to dating just for the fun of it. However, these girls are known for their beauty and loyalty. Once you get one to love you, she will stick with you.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

In our socialization, we usually develop a mental picture of a girl that we want to have as a wife. This preference will vary depending on one’s upbringing and life journey. While each person has their own “type”, there are common characteristics that will help us to identify a good girl

The world is rapidly evolving resulting in a change in the traditional role of a man and a woman in a relationship. Even with these changes, every man wants a woman who will respect her. This respect should not be determined by one's social, academic or even financial situation. A good woman will be ready to let go of her pride, regardless of her accomplishments, and be subservient to her husband.

It is expected that when two people come into a relationship, their ambitions and life goal will bend towards each other. At some point, there may be sacrifices made by one or both partners for the sake of the relationship. As this happens, the couple needs to ensure that their individual lives do not grind to a halt for the sake of the relationship. A good woman will be able to discern when she needs to pursue her passion and ambition and when to sacrifice for the relationship.

A good woman will always help bring out the best in you and challenge you to grow. This will only happen if she takes an interest in your life. Whether it is a talent, a hobby or even a career move, a good woman will be your biggest supporter and will encourage you to a higher level at times giving her time and resources to support you. A good woman will always be there to celebrate and cry with you in your triumphs and failures respectively. In your life outside the relationship, there will be times when things will go wrong. This could be at work, in business or even in school. In all this, you need someone who will give you her shoulder to cry on. She will encourage you to keep on fighting. On the other hand, she will celebrate any small achievement that you make and will always be your number one supporter.

In a fast-moving world many things demand our attention. We move from our work to school to family and on to other things. It is always a challenge to have time for the fine things in life as we struggle to make a living. Amid all these activities, the one who is interested in you will create time to be with you.


Under the Child Marriage Restraint Act 1930 the minimum legal age of marriage is 18 years for boys and 14 years for girls. For marriage between persons professing different religions or no religion, the legal age of marriage for girls is 14 years, and 18 years for boys. Under the Christian Marriage Act, Section 60, the legal age of marriage is 13 years for girls and 16 years for boys. A bill was proposed in 2017 to amend all marriage-related laws following this new minimum age of consent.

According to official records, at least 85% of the population is Buddhist. Christians, Hindus and Muslims make up the remaining percentage. Due to this vast difference, much of life in Myanmar is influenced by Buddhism. For a long time, intermarriage between the three religions has been discouraged especially one that concerns a Buddhist. One was required to convert to Buddhism before one could get married to an adherent of Buddhism. This is slowly changing and more intermarriages are taking place.

In Myanmar society, a husband and wife can traditionally announce their marriage simply by letting people from seven houses on either side of the wedded couple’s house know about it. While some couples do start their married life like that, most people, especially the brides usually want to celebrate their wedding ceremony grandly among their community. This requires much preparation, and the groom will need to be strong if he wants to keep up with his bride, who will likely want to be involved in every little detail before the big ceremony. Parents, elders, officials, monks, astrologers and even spirits also have important roles to play in traditional Myanmar weddings.

The first step in a marriage is that the prospective groom’s parents, or another well-respected elder, will visit the home of the bride to discuss the details of the wedding, such as when and where it will be held and what will occur at the ceremony. Even if both families are close to one another, it is a tradition that they must negotiate before coming to a decision.

The next important step is signing the marriage certificate at a courthouse in front of a judge. But there are other authorities to consult as well. Some parents entrust the future of the wedded couple to the care of the household spirit. They invite a spirit medium to the home of the family where the couple will be living and, by offering coconut, banana and pickled tea leaves on a tray, will urge the spirit to protect the bride or bridegroom who will be moving in as a new member of the family. Some people believe the spirit will help the couple to stay healthy and be successful in business and social affairs. Buddhist families will also invite monks to the home to offer food to them and listen to their sermons. Once the couple has offered food to monks to bless their marriage, the couples are allowed to live together


Myanmar people are traditionally superstitious about which months are best for holding weddings. Couples married during the Myanmar calendar’s months of February April, May, June, October and November are thought to have more prosperous and longer-lasting relationships. Other months are thought to be best avoided if possible. The newly-married couple then proceeds on a honeymoon and come back as husband and wife.

The Master of Ceremony, the person who consecrates the marriage, announces the beginning of the wedding ceremony. He recites a special poem directed at families of the bride and groom and showers praise on the bride and groom, wishing them a life-long union and prosperity. Then the most experienced singer from the band begins to sing a classical auspicious song, praising the occasion and the participants.

A flower-girl dips her hand into the silver bowl she's holding and gently scatter the flowers with the nuptial couple following behind. Walking on the flowers is meant as a good omen for their life-long union as husband and wife. The bride and groom enter the ceremonial hall, attended by the best man and bridesmaids, and followed by their parents. Upon reaching the stage and before seating themselves they turn towards the guests and, with hands clasped together, pay their respects with their heads bowed. The garlanding of the auspicious couple is one of the auspicious customs in Myanmar weddings. In ancient days it was the custom for the bride and groom to garland each other, but nowadays a couple with a long martial standing, and who have only been married once, bestow the garlands—and wedding rings—on the couple.

After the wedding rituals are completed the guests are treated to refreshments offered by the couple. The married couple warmly greets and thanks the guests who have attended their wedding. The guests in return bestow on the couple their best wishes for prosperity and a long and happy married life! After the wedding ceremony, when the married couple arrives home, they pay their respects to parents of both sides according to traditional Buddhist customs. In turn they are blessed by their parents.

Another part of the wedding is offering food and alms to the monks. The bride and groom work hand in hand untiringly to prepare food and other alms for the monks. Elders from both sides of the family offer sumptuous food and snacks to the monks. The bride and groom offer food, robes and other alms with the firm belief that it is the harbinger of an auspicious and happy life for the future. The couple to be married also prepare and stuff a silver bowl with cash and confetti for the ceremony. The monks grace the new home by reciting Parittas to ensure good luck and happiness. The monks deliver sermons to the gathering, blessing the newlyweds and sharing their meritorious deeds. To commemorate the successful wedding ceremony cash and confetti are strewed among the attendees. The guests happily pick up the cash to keep as an amulet, which is believed to ward off the bad and bring in good fortune.

Family Life

Family is very important in Myanmar. When asked how many people are in their family many people sometimes give a big number as uncles, great aunts, second cousins, many of whom live nearby, are often considered part of the immediate family.

A newly married couple may live with the parents of the wife for about a month but soon establish their household. The nuclear family is the primary domestic unit, but it may include extended family members such as unmarried siblings, widowed parents, or more distant unmarried or widowed relatives. The husband is nominally the head of the household, but the wife has considerable authority.

The nuclear family tends to be more common than extended families. Relationships are based more on relative age, generation, comparability and sex than by kinship. There are no kinship-based groups beyond the family. Terms of address reflect relative age, seniority and respect rather than a category of kinship. The strongest bond in a family has traditionally been between mother and daughter which remain strong throughout life.

Nuclear families tend to live in their compounds. But many household are made up of extended families or compound families. The descent is reckoned bilaterally. Traditionally, there were no family names. Property generally is divided equally among the children after the parents die. Under Myanmar law, children can inherit their parents' property irrespective of gender.



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