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Maputo dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Mozambican women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Mozambican girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Maputo, Mozambique.

Girls in Maputo:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Maputo:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Maputo:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2.5 / 5

More about Maputo:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $730
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $530


Dating a Mozambican girl in Maputo all depends on you and how far you are willing to learn. Even if you’re a good player in your home country, you can’t be so sure in Maputo. Cultural diversity is a huge factor here, and your old methods might not just work. That is why you have to study everything written below carefully. You will understand how their girls think and will be able to decide what approach to use. Even though the same thing doesn’t work for all girls in the same city, you will be able to craft a suitable approach for the girl you want. You will also learn about the different age groups and how to approach them for conversations. The way you approach a 20-year-old Mozambican girl is going to be different from how you approach a 30-year-old Mozambican woman.

Dating Culture

You will find a lot of people in romantic relationships in this city. Dating is seen as a normal thing among young adults. In fact, every parent believes that is the right thing to do before considering marriage. Dating allows you to know your partner well before deciding if you can marry her or not. The same thing cannot be said for teenagers or children dating. As people rarely date without having sex nowadays, Mozambican parents bring up their children to stay away from romantic relationships. Although you will still find some of them in sexual relations, they are really condemned.

As Maputo is a highly disciplined place, certain things lovers do in other cities cannot be done there. For instance, the public show of romance is not popular. Even if you are so excited to meet your partner, hug or light kiss should be the highest thing you do. As a foreigner, you will find it easy to get girls to date you. Since Mozambican girls in Maputo love meeting foreigners and new people, you just have to play your cards right. Mozambican girls love compliments a lot; it makes them feel good.

To compliment your crush well, you have to make it real. That is, compliment her genuinely, so she can feel that you are real. If your compliments are not genuine, she will likely know, and it will turn her off. To get a Mozambican girl more interested in you, find out about things she likes. Once you know them, try to use them in your favor. For instance, if she says she likes swimming, you can offer to take her to the best swimming pool in Maputo. These little things matter a lot when trying to date a Maputo girl.


Mozambican women in Maputo are generally beautiful and well endowed. No matter how strange your taste is, you will see someone that matches the same thing. When it comes to these girls, what you see is what you get. That is, the way you see them is the way they really are. They don’t really use beauty enhancements in this part of the world. A lot of them have big breasts, big buttocks, and beautiful faces. As you see busty girls, you will also come across slim ones.

If you prefer girls with slim model looks, you will get to meet a lot of them in Maputo. As a result of the huge development in recent years, a lot of their girls are now educated. Unlike before, education is now seen as an important thing for the girls as well. So you will come across a lot of beautiful and intelligent girls. As a foreigner, it is normal to be confused about how to get a girl in Maputo.

It is probably your first time in this beautiful city, so you might find getting a girl a little bit challenging. You just have to be yourself and identify the age groups you should choose from. As a 20-year old foreigner, you shouldn’t be going after a 35-year-old woman. She won’t likely give you space to talk and interact with her. Therefore, you have to study the different age groups, how to interact with them, and how to land them on dates.

Mozambican Girls (age 18 - 29)

Girls in this age range are still much beautiful, and they have a lot of guys chasing after them every day. They are so energetic, and they give great sex to the ones they love. As a foreigner, you’re going to spend a lot on dates and other things to attract one. If you’re not going to be committed, you shouldn’t try dating one.

The less attention you give them, the more they lose interest in you and speak to the next guy. Girls above 18 years or in the early 20s are the worst to have a relationship with. Most of these girls are still very much confused, and they switch partners anyhow. If you are a passionate lover, you shouldn’t move near them. You might just join the list of the guys they used on their journey to self-discovery.

The same thing cannot be said about girls in their middle or late twenties. As they become older, they start searching for future partners. A lot of them have experienced heartbreaks and disappointments, so true love is what they really want at this age. They are not all about expensive dates anymore. As a foreigner, you will find it easy to get one if you are going to be serious and committed.

Mozambican Women (age 30 - 45)

A lot of Mozambican women around this age bracket are already married. The other women who are not married are desperately searching for good partners. You shouldn’t waste your time trying to get married women. Even Mozambican women who are dating don't cheat on their partners; you might just get friend-zoned if you’re too clingy. They are very loyal, and they don’t really cheat in relationships. When it comes to sex, a lot of them are still very good in bed.

You also need to know that Maputo women who have stopped giving birth might not really be interested in having sex anymore. Therefore, you might not see a woman easily if dating is all you want. Even if you want to date, you must do it with a focus on marriage. You will also come across a lot of single mothers. That is young women who gave birth out of wedlock. Some of them are lucky enough to marry the father of their children still, while others are not.

Dating a Mozambican woman as a foreigner is not going to be easy at all. She won’t find it easy to trust a foreigner. Therefore, you are going to be patient enough for her to build trust in you. As Mozambican women grow older, they try to maintain their bodies and retain their beauty. They do this by taking proper care of themselves and using the right products.

One great thing about Mozambique women around this age is that they are self-reliant. So you don’t have to worry much about your financial burden. They are ready to support their husbands as much as possible. Therefore, you will be able to focus on other areas of your life. Another major thing you need to know is that Mozambican women won’t even consider going into a relationship if it isn’t going to end in marriage.

Mozambican Ladies (age 45+)

45+ years women are the last category of females in Maputo. Most of the women around this age are independent and have achieved a lot. That is why the young generations are always told to follow their footsteps. The majority of these women are living with their husbands. You will also find some staying alone. It might be because of the loss of a partner or divorce. In marriage, where there are always issues, it might result in a divorce. In Maputo, their assets will be shared between both of them.

If you find any of these women single, you should take the chance. It is important to note this mainly applies to old tourists. You won’t want to be in a relationship with a woman old enough to be your mother. If your main reason for seeking a relationship is sex, then you should consider women in the other age groups. Women around this age don’t really have sexual activities anymore. The few of them who are still seeking for relationships just want companionship.

A typical Mozambican lady will search for someone that can always be there for her. She won’t even mind if he is a tourist. She just doesn’t want to feel lonely after a very busy day at work. As a foreigner, you will be willing to tolerate a few things when going into a relationship with any of these women. She will likely have children, and you need to learn to deal with them. Good chemistry between you and her children is very important for your relationship.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

There are a lot of foreigners that go in and out of this city every year. Some of them even spend a lot of time there and relocate. You will meet people from different cities and countries. If you want to date any of these foreigners, communication is key. They prefer talking to people who understand them easily. It is very likely any foreign girl you meet in Maputo will speak either English, Spanish or French. These three languages are universal, so you should be fluent in at least one of them.

As you go about your daily activities, you will meet and get the chance to interact with foreign girls. As a foreigner, the best way to meet foreign girls is in schools. Mozambican government gives scholarships to a lot of international students yearly. That has made international students gain massive interest in Maputo schools. Schools are only open to students, so only foreigners who are students can take this chance.

Other places where you will see foreign girls are tourist attractions. Since tourists are in Maputo because they want to explore, you will see them frequently in Tourist attractions. You might even be lucky enough to come across a girl from your home country. This kind of girls will be the easiest to get. Since both of you will understand each other well, you can help each other in a lot of things. As time goes, you can ask her out and take things to another level.


Mozambican girls in Maputo have a very conservative approach towards sex. Your Mozambican partner won’t discuss sex with you. Anytime you bring up a conversation about sex, she will likely ignore you or change the topic. The general belief there is that everything about sex should be in the bedroom. As sex is seen as an important part of relationships, they don’t give it anyhow.

They know a lot of guys enter relationships because of sex, so they will do a lot to delay you. In fact, you might not get laid with your partner in the first few weeks of your relationship. She will do that to test your love and patience. If she knows you’re a foreigner, she might even delay it more. Maputo girls are so good on bed, and they really last long.

If you want to get laid fast, you should consider entering into a relationship with girls in the mid or late twenties. They are seen as adults, and they are allowed to make their own decisions. Getting laid with girls around 18 or early twenties might turn out to be very difficult for you. Mozambican young girls are brought up to abstain from sex till they graduate from their various institutions. Although a lot of Mozambican girls do abstain, you will see find some of them in sexual relations.

Sex Culture

Sex culture in Maputo is passed from parents to their kids. Parents bring up their daughters to stay away from sexual activities until they are very matured. They do this to preserve their daughters for really good husbands. Schools also teach the kids a lot about sex culture in Maputo. In fact, sex education is made compulsory for all schools in Maputo. In this topic, students will be taught about sexually transmitted diseases and their effects.

They will also be exposed to early signs of puberty. A few years back, young people used to be scared when they start seeing certain things change in their bodies. As they are now being taught beforehand, they are not scared anymore. Girls who are in their mid to late twenties are not taught about sex anymore. Since most of them are independent and living alone, they make their own decisions. Sleeping around is much criticized in Maputo.

In fact, an average Mozambican girl is not expected to have lost body count before marriage. Such women are often slut shammed and referred to as prostitutes. It is between couples that sex is really important. Young couples don’t only need sex for pleasure; they also need it for procreation. That is giving birth to younger ones. In fact, a lot of couples stop having sex after giving birth to their last child. Even as a foreigner, family control is a very important thing to consider when having sex.

One-Night Stands

A one-night stand is a sexual activity between two people with no commitment or ties. As a tourist who is not willing to stay long, a one-night stand is the best way for you to have sex. You won’t have to worry much about anyone when you get back to your home country.

You can’t get a one-night stand with any girl out there; you have to find and figure out where and how to get these girls. Two popular ways of getting them are through dating applications or nightclubs. Dating applications give you the opportunity to chat with a lot of girls. As a foreigner, all you have to do is register and start searching.

Once you see a girl you like, negotiate, and arrange how she is going to meet you. The most popular dating application in Maputo is tinder. You can get it on any mobile device. If you’re using android, you can get it on your play store. On the other hand, you can get on the apple store if you are using an iPhone. Tinder can also be accessed through your computer in case your phone spoils.

You can also get a one-night stand in clubs. Some Mozambican girls in Maputo are so open to sex. They don’t mind having sex with you if they like you. You will find a lot of girls like this in clubs. You just have to work on your confidence and approach the one you like. If both of you talk well and she likes you, she can decide to lay with you that night.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

If you are serious about dating a Mozambican girl, you need to know the right places to meet them. You can’t just meet a girl anywhere and start a conversation; she will turn you down. Some places provide a perfect atmosphere for conversations. Your Mozambican girl will give you space and listen to you well in such places. If you read everything discussed below, you will know when to visit these places. You will also know the right one for you.

The kind of girl you like will determine the place you go to. For instance, if you want a quiet girl, then you shouldn’t be going to clubs. You can go to a better relaxation center to get that kind of girl. Foreigners have different choices when it comes to girls. Some prefer girls that like the same set of things as them.

If you are in that category, then you just have to figure out where they do such things. For instance, if you love watching anime, you can just search and go to anime clubs. You are going to meet a lot of anime lovers there. As you already have something in common, it will be easier for you to start a conversation.

On the other hand, some guys prefer to date girls they are very different to. That is, girls with different hobbies, interests, styles of music, and so on. People in this category believe opposite attracts, and that is what their relationship life is built on. Therefore, you need to study everything discussed below to know places to get your type of girl.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Nightlife is very active in Maputo, and there’s always a huge turn up in almost all their clubs. If you are the life of the party, you will enjoy your best life there. You will get to meet foreigners who have the same interest as you. You can even gain one or two things from them. Since they are in the same game as you, they can teach you a few things they’ve learned about getting girls. No matter what part of Maputo you’re in, you will still see a nightclub close to you.

So you don’t have to stress yourself on transportation. All you just have to do is walk down there and return to your apartment when the party is over. The best time to go is on weekends. People in Maputo are always busy on weekdays, so turn up used to be very low. On weekends, turn up is usually very much. A lot of single girls are usually very there. You just need to know a few things to identify a single Mozambican girl in the club.

Single girls come in groups. You will notice everyone in their clique are girls. If you want to talk to one, just ask her to come to drink with you. This approach is really effective because she is going to leave her friends to discuss with you. Most Mozambican girls are very shy, so they’re not going to like it when you’re discussing with them in front of their friends. Best nightclubs and bars to go in Maputo are listed below

* Africa bar – Local girls party there every day of the week. Turn up is usually very much on weekends. So it is best to go there on weekends. Make sure you go on time because they don’t allow more people to enter after 10 pm. There are dance sessions where you can showcase your dancing skills and win a lot of girls. As most people go there well dressed, you have to style up yourself too.

* Coconuts live – Young people are the ones that visit this club the most. The club is very big and has three different sections. The VIP section contains mainly wealthy boys and girls. If you’re going to get a girl there, you should be ready to spend a lot. You don’t have to go there early. The real party starts very late in the night, and that’s when people come in

* Mundos – This place is mainly known for selling a variety of drinks. Almost all drinks in Maputo are available there. You can just go in anytime, drink, and chat with any girl near you. In fact, if you spot a girl alone, you can offer her a glass of drink and start talking.

* Rua de Bagamoyo – It contains up to 5 bars and a strip club. Activities here are very different from regular clubs. You are only advised to go there if you’re looking for hookups. Prostitutes are always at work there every night.

* Sinatra – If you’re a foreigner who loves Brazilian food and music, you shouldld come here once in a while. You won’t only enjoy their food; you will also meet girls with the same taste at you. Some of these girls are Mozambicans, while others are foreigners.

* Chez Rango – Jazz music is always played here. If that is your favorite genre, then you should find time to visit the club. There is no gate fee for entrance. All you just have to do is purchase a drink and start partying.

* Milano Grill House – different foods and drinks are sold here. If you prefer African foods, you will get to eat your favorite African dishes there. As it is a restaurant, it is closed late in the evening. There are no midnight club activities there.

* Taverna – This restaurant specializes in selling Portuguese foods. Most of the girls you will see there are natives of Portugal in Maputo. If you’re attracted to Portuguese girls, then you should check it out. You’re going to meet them every time you go. Just be confident and go for the one you want.

* Costa do sol – Fresh seafood is sold here. Mozambican girls in Maputo go there to purchase mostly in the night. You can either order from their mobile app or go there to purchase directly. Since you’re willing to meet cute native girls, it is better to purchase from there directly.

* Café Camissa- This is an eatery where several Mozambican dishes are served. Almost all basic Mozambican foods are sold here. It is one of the best eateries in the whole of Maputo. Even as it is natives that go there mostly, you will still see foreigners too. You can just go there when you’re less busy. Purchase your favorite Mozambican food and wait for the perfect moment to approach any of the girls you have been sighting. It might be when she is alone or when she is about to leave. Just make sure you always look nice and play your cards right.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls in Maputo have gone through massive development in recent years. These shopping malls no longer specialize in selling goods only; they now render a lot of services too. There are shopping malls with swimming pools, restaurants, bars, cinemas, and even night clubs. One advantage of Shopping malls over other places is that you can go anytime. People purchase things every time of the day, so you can get to meet girls any time you like.

No matter what time your schedule says you are free, you will still meet new people. As a foreigner, you can just walk into any shopping mall close to you. Approach a Mozambican girl and start a conversation. The flow of your conversation matters a lot. If she is having a nice time with you, you will be able to tell from her facial expression. You can even proceed to have lunch with her if she’s not hurrying.

Some girls only come to purchase a few things and leave. You will put in an extra effort if you want to get any of these girls. The best thing you can do is to offer to pay for what your Mozambican girl buys. She will be really excited to meet and talk to you. It is important to know the right time and condition to use these different approaches.

If you are a tourist who is not really financially buoyant, you shouldn’t stress yourself by paying for what a girl purchased. Dating such a girl might not be really easy for you in the future. She will see you as a very rich guy and put a lot of financial stress on you. Modern shopping malls you should check are listed below

* Zimpeto shopping mall

* Baia mall

* Premier shopping mall

* Mares shopping

* Centro de formacao CFTI

* Optitalia

* Recanto dos Lazeres – Jardim Centenario

* Dumba Nengue do Bagamoyo


Outdoors are open places where you are not alone. It is always advised to meet a new person outdoors. As a foreigner, you shouldn’t trust new people. Therefore, you should avoid giving them space to be very close to you. Not everyone comes with good intentions, so you have to be very smart in Maputo. Although Mozambican girls in Maputo don’t like meeting outdoors, you have to search for quiet outdoor locations.

Maputo is full of industries, so a lot of outdoor places are too noisy. Since Mozambican girls are also very shy, they don’t like meeting people in public. Therefore, you should look for special outdoor places meant for relaxation. As a foreigner, you are going to know a lot of tourist attractions to meet these girls. It can be beaches, waterfalls or other beautiful places.

Just go there when you’re less busy and meet new girls. Make sure the Mozambican girl you want to approach is alone. Then you can just walk up to her and introduce yourself. Try and say things that will make her laugh. Always remember that your mission is to build chemistry enough for you to land her on a date. So focus on impressing her with your choice of words.

Mozambican girls in Maputo are really attracted to confident men. They see it as a masculine trait that signifies strength, power, and control. Since you know these things, then you’ve to use it to improve on yourself. Display confidence while talking, walking, and when doing other things. Therefore, outdoor locations are really special to meet new girls and for first dates.

Universities and Colleges

Out of all places where foreigners can meet new girls, schools are the best. Schools comprise of a lot of girls, including native and foreign girls. In fact, only a mature guy can balance his dating life with education in Maputo. Social life is school is really good, and you’re surely going to meet cute new girls every day. As an international student, it is advisable to stick to one Mozambican girl while in school. It will help you avoid issues and face your studies better.

You also have to consider a few things when deciding on girls to talk to. If you are a very shy person, you should not go into a relationship with your departmental mate. That is because you’re likely going to be seeing her every time, and it won’t be easy for you. In fact, it will become worse if both of you even break up. You clearly don’t want to be seeing your ex every day in class. Therefore, you can date a faculty mate or anyone in a different department from you.

The effort you need to meet and mingle with girls in schools is far less than everywhere else. There will be practical and group works that will bring you and other students to work and interact together. You will learn a lot about their culture and grow with them. In fact, you can even fall in love with someone that isn’t really on your mind. Money spent on dates will also reduce in schools. Since students are always restricted from going out, you are going to manage one of the restaurants in schools.

That means you are not going to spend money on taking your girl out on expensive dates. Since every student lives inside the school, you will be really close to your Mozambican girl. You can get to see each other every night and build a very tight bond. This kind of relationship has a high chance of ending up in marriage. A few schools that admit international students are listed below

* Eduardo Mondlane University

* Jean Piaget University of Mozambique

* Pedagogical University

* Polytechnic University

* Saint Thomas University of Mozambique

* Technical University of Mozambique

* Don Bosco Institute of science and management

* Institute of Art and Culture


Entering into a relationship with a Mozambican girl isn’t actually easy. Although it might look rosy in the early stages of the relationship, things are not going to continue that way. Your partner’s real character will show up with time, and you will get to see the person you are in love with. It depends on the partner you are in a relationship with.

That is why it is always better to start as friends before going into relationships. Just like everywhere in the world, girls in Maputo are different from each other. As there are good girls, there are also bad girls. Just be very careful and patient so that you will enter into a relationship with the right girl.

Holiday Romance

Rich foreigners request for holiday romance partners when they travel. Most especially when they are traveling alone, it is also very common among first-time tourists so that they can understand a few things about Maputo culture. A holiday romance partner is often a Mozambican native girl who is willing to stay with a foreigner until he leaves. She is going to help the foreigner in adapting to Maputo quickly.

They are also used for companionship and sexual pleasure. If you need someone to discuss your issues with till you leave, then you can always do so with your holiday romance partners. In fact, these girls are more interested in foreigners who are very rich. Make sure you take them to fun and exciting places during your short stay.

Instead of searching for a serious relationship, a holiday romance partner can even give you all the pleasure you want. As a tourist, you will fulfill your fantasy of sleeping with a Maputo girl. One important thing to know before seeking for holiday romance partner is you are going to spend a lot. Since you live together, you are going to purchase a lot of things. You will pay for everything you purchased throughout that period.

Tips for Successful Relationship

The success of every relationship is based on the two people involved in it. A successful relationship is a product of commitment from the two partners. If only one person is doing things right, the relationship will be one-sided, and things won’t balance. One thing you should consider before dating a native Mozambican girl is marriage. It is better not to get into a relationship with someone you can’t marry. It is more like dating for a breakup.

Therefore, you should try and leave such a relationship if you’re in it right now. Everything you invested in that relationship might turn out to be a waste in the near future. As there is cultural diversity between you and your Mozambican girl in Maputo, you must learn to live with it. You must understand the fact that you can’t change somethings about her. Therefore, you should be willing to accept her the way she is. She might have a different mentality or different opinion in major things.

What is most important is that your differences are not more than your similarities. If your differences are more, you are going to encounter a lot of issues in your relationship. You should be ready for hot and heated arguments almost all the time. On the other hand, things will be much easier if your similarities are more. It will be easy to settle and sort things out.

There are also some values that are very important for successful relationships. The two most important are honesty and transparency. Honesty means you tell the truth, and you’re real with your partner. Never lie to your partner to make her feel good. She would be really disappointed to find out you lied to her. In fact, relationships built on lies never last long.

Transparency is also one of the most important things in relationships. It means your partner should know every important thing about you. Most especially because you’re a foreigner, she would like to know a lot about you. You should explain everything to her, so she can understand and relate to you better.


Everyone can find a girlfriend or wife, but getting someone that truly loves you is the real deal. A lot of Mozambican girls in Maputo show fake love to foreigners nowadays. They know that most of them are very rich, so they try to get in a relationship with them. That has made it very difficult to know who loves one genuinely.

That is why you need to understand that physical attraction is very important in any relationship. The girl you’re dating must be attracted to you. You were attracted to her, that is why you approached her in the first place. The attraction here means you think she’s good looking and attractive. That is the foundation of love. You will have something to reflect on any time things are not going well between both of you.

She also has to see you that same way. Money isn’t everything; you can’t use it to buy love. So if showing off to girls is what you’ve been doing, you might find it more difficult to get the girls that truly love you. All you will keep getting are gold diggers who are just there for the money. Since they are not attracted to you, they won’t mind leaving once they see someone richer.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

This question arises when one is about to settle down and marry. As a foreigner, you can marry a native girl, stay, and raise your family there. You really have to be patient when it comes to marriage. It is better to be patient and marry the right person than the other way round. Since you are going to live with your partner forever, you should make sure you make the right choice. Even though people talk as if divorce is a normal thing nowadays, it is never a good thing to pass through.

It causes emotional pain to almost all people that have been through it. You must have dated your partner for long before deciding if she is the right one. If you have only known her a few weeks, you should not rush into marriage. You need time to study her well and know her true behavior. If she’s the materialistic type, you should try and end whatever relationship both of you have. These kinds of girls are more concerned about their looks than anything else.

They have very expensive tastes and want to rock the latest designers. If you’re very rich, you can manage one. If you’re not, you should avoid them because they can hinder your progress. You should go for girls that are very supportive. These girls are very patient and will believe in you and your dreams. A lot of them won’t ask you anything until they’re very sure you are buoyant financially.


When you are very sure about your current partner, then you can start thinking about marriage. First of all, you’ve to propose. A proposal in Maputo can be made anywhere convenient. You must have known your Mozambican girl enough to decide what type of proposal she will like. Some girls like proposals to be in public, so a lot of people can witness it. On the other hand, a lot of Mozambican girls prefer proposals to be done in private.

It mostly applies to girls who are very shy and a little bit insecure. You’re going to purchase a ring to use for your proposal. There are cheap and very expensive rings. Just purchase the one that you know you can afford easily. It is not the ring that matters; it is the fact that your Mozambican girl has accepted to marry you.

The next stage is to inform your parents about your marriage plans. Parents from both sides need to be aware of what is going on. Since you’re a foreigner, you might not be able to see your parents anytime soon. So you can just find another means of introducing your girl to them. It can be through a skype call or any social medium. On the other hand, you will get to meet your partner’s parents. Parents from both sides must accept your union before proceeding with your plans.


In Maputo’s culture, you have to be joined to your partner in public. The ceremony where this is done is called a wedding. A wedding day is a very important day in the life of any Mozambican girl. They like it and use it as bragging right among themselves. The way your wedding should go depends on your budget. You don’t have to collect money from people to impress. It is always better to do what you can easily afford. If you are still struggling financially, a moderate wedding ceremony is what you should do.

You can just invite your family members and a few friends to celebrate with you. You should never spend above your budget. On the other hand, you can throw a very big party if you’re capable financially. Since it is done only once, make it a very memorable day. As a foreigner, you have a lot to learn about how weddings are carried out in Maputo and the rest of Mozambique.

You should hire a wedding expert to teach you faster. A typical Mozambican wedding expert will teach you Mozambican dances, culture, and how you compose yourself during the wedding. He will also teach you a few words you will need to speak in their language. As your wife is a native, she doesn’t really need to learn anything new. She must have been to a lot of wedding ceremonies in the past.

You should try as much as possible to make your parents available for your wedding. If they aren’t able to come, you can look for people to represent them. The most important thing is they agree with your choice of partner. A court wedding should also be taken seriously. You’ve to be joined to your partner by the law. That is, you must be registered as a couple. It will even make it easy for you to get Mozambique citizenship.

Family Life

That is where the real challenge starts. You should be more concerned about your family life than any other thing in marriage. Immediately after the wedding, it is a culture in Maputo to go on a honeymoon. Most people prefer to do it in places far from their people. It will enable you to interact well without distractions. The foundation of your marriage is a very good honeymoon.

Since excitement level is still very high, you are going to enjoy each other’s company very well. After the honeymoon, you return to your normal daily activities and start living with each other. As time goes, your wife will start giving birth to children. Financial responsibilities will increase, and you will have to be hardworking to feed the family.

That is the main reason it is advised to be financially buoyant before considering marriage. In Mozambique culture, it is the father who provides and feeds the family. Your wife can just assist and support you at times. You and your Mozambican wife are also expected to bring up your children to be responsible people in society.

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