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Guide for dating in Manama helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Bahraini women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Bahraini girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Manama. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Manama, Bahrain.

A group of hot foreingers at JJ's Irish Pub and Restaurant, Manama

Girls in Manama:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Manama:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2 / 5

Sex in Manama:

  • Women's sexual activity: 2 / 5
  • One-night stands: 1.5 / 5

More about Manama:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$80 - $600
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $400


Manama is the capital of Bahrain and dating local girls in Manama is considered to be quite a difficult task. It is no secret that the country is infamous worldwide for being a nation with a hardcore Islamic population. The citizens are very religious and while that may not be the problem, the problem lies in the very fact that they are extremely rigid about archaic traditions and cultures. Often many of the locals give undue importance to local religious leaders and spiritual leaders who are known to mislead masses in the name of religion for their own benefit and personal motives.

We have always maintained that when it comes to matters of the heart, any religion should not play a decisive role. Love is a universal language and when two individuals wish to be together, their religion should support them and encourage them to live happily and peacefully. Sadly, this is not the case in almost every religion and the people of the city of Manama also witness this. Many of the local girls are afraid of being in relationships. Dating is often viewed as a taboo as it involves relations with a man who isn't related to you or the bond between the two of you isn't yet approved by adults and religion.

As a tourist, certainly, dating the local girls of Manama is unlikely, but if you are in town and wish to be with someone who has stolen your heart. We recommend that you take this up as a challenge and work towards changing her rigid mindset, once you are able to logically convince her of your viewpoint, you might be able to take things further. In order to do this, it is vital that you understand the local dating culture, more about which is given in the section below.

Dating Culture

The dating culture in Manama is virtually non-existent! Yes, much of this might come as a shock to you as we promised you a deeper insight into the dating culture in the previous section. But when viewed rationally, you would realise that the dating culture of the city is limited to just a few local women who are bold enough to defy the local cultural and religious norms.

As a concept, dating is not viewed suitable, the local girls are very particular about this and they consciously limit their interaction with men. Whether it is a friend in college, a co-worker, or even a member of your extended family, the local women are expected to maintain decorum while interacting. They simply avoid getting too close to men, they actively avoid physical contact, their reactions to humour at social gatherings are also controlled, and neither do they get over-friendly while greeting. They simply greet from afar, with a handshake being the best possible scenario.

Culturally too, this is the norm and anything too friendly shall be immediately noticed in public and it can bring them disrepute. Hence, in Manama, the concept of informal dating arises. Whenever two individuals like each other and share feelings of attraction they make more eye-contact, they talk more often, the tone is more polite and loving, but they never declare their feelings to each other. They even maintain a certain distance socially. As mentioned above, if the girl is bold enough, only then shall she be willing to get physically intimate. For this to happen too, you will need to assure her of total commitment on your end, a good amount of privacy, and complete secrecy.

Online Dating

Dating in Manama can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Manama and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


The local women who hail from Manama are known to be average looking. They are definitely not the prettiest looking women, even by standards of the Arabic world. However, some of these women have peculiar traits an characteristics that make them immensely desirable. As a tourist, you will find typical Arab babes in the city. Right from their physical features to their personality traits, all have an unremarkable similarity to women from the entire region. It is widely believed that this may have something to do with the same core upbringing which is influenced by religion mainly. Yes, without coming across as racist, it is religion that governs their day to day life, right from the choices that they make to the clothes that they wear. Hence, we will understand these local women a little better by first discussing their appearance and physical features, then when will move on to their behavioural traits and overall personality.

The Bahraini girls that you will find in Manama are decent looking. Some of them are undoubtedly stunning beauties who look like Middle Eastern angels. While there are some who just have features that make them unappealing in every possible way. While body-shaming is not the way to go, each one of us probably has a basic human instinct of being associated with something that is pleasing to look at. Frankly speaking, after spending so much money travelling to this conservative land in the Middle East, the least you can expect is the company of a beautiful woman.

Most of the local women are known to have gorgeous hair, they have long straight hair. They are natural brunettes with shades ranging from the deepest of blacks to the lightest of browns. While many of the women do not prefer using radically bright hair colours, they stick to highlights, streaks and light shades of brown. The local women have beautiful skin which is radiant and often perfectly tanned. Their natural skin tone is slightly pale, but the region they live in, is sunny all throughout the year and hence they have that perfect tan despite wearing covered clothing for the most part of the day. The local women have eyebrows which are thin and often joint in the middle, if they go to the salon, they can get them done up truly beautifully!

One of the biggest highlights of these Bahraini women is their eyes. They have the most gorgeous eyes. Again a prominent trait seen across all the women in the region, they have big dove-like eyes that are of mesmerising darker shades, their long curled eyelashes are also natural and can only be desired by women from across the globe. However, many of the women do not have beautiful noses, some have gorgeous long and thin noses while some women have stout noses that are simply unattractive on an otherwise good looking face. All of the Bahraini women in Manama are known to have lovely thick lips which are enchanting for any man to kiss.

These local ladies are known to have a long facial structure with a decent jawline and high cheekbones. On the whole, these women may not have the slimmest facial structures, often having some weight which is seen through chubbier cheeks. But their pretty smiles and subtle blush is what makes any man fall for them instantly!

Below the neck, these Bahraini women have a lot to show for as well. Most of these women are known to be voluptuous beauties who have rather large and soft breasts which have perky brown nipples on them. These hotties have a wide waistline and large round buttocks that are addictive to slap. Most of these women are known to have thick arms and legs and they have all the curves in the right places.

As a tourist, you will truly enjoy their bodies if you manage to get laid with them. They are true exotic beauties, unlike anything you've experienced before. However, most of these local women are dressed in conservative clothing revealing nothing but their faces to the general people, at times if they are wearing burquas with a veil, nothing but their eyes are seen. At such times it is immensely difficult to gauge their beauties and approach them. You will have to put to task your judgement of gauging women from their figure itself. However, think of this as a challenge or even a gift, that you get to unwrap and reveal what is on the inside.

The women may or may not be too fond of grooming up. Some women stick to the bare minimum while some are happy to deck themselves up even while going for some grocery shopping. These women are known to use good skincare products and cosmetics, their spending habits and brands are often determined by their liking for it and their financial backgrounds.

Most of the local Bahraini women in Manama are known to be decently educated. Some of them are even focused and looking to work professionally as they can contribute to the familial income and hope for a better lifestyle. While some women overcome all odds to make this happen, some choose to settle for an average life adhering to restrictions and religious guidelines. Irrespective of their qualifications, most of these local women are known to be fluent in English, they may not be able to quote Shakespeare but they certainly can have a good conversation with you. These women are quite helpful and polite as well. However, their shy nature and societal restrictions might make them seem a little aloof and snobbish, but in reality, they are simply avoiding trouble. More details about the local women are given in the sections below, these are age-specific so read on to find out more.

Bahraini Girls (age 18 - 29)

The local girls who are between the ages of 18 and 29 are the most desirable hotties. In this part of the world, young girls are the ones who are given the most preference. According to Islam, a man can have four wives and it is this practice of polygamy that drives many men to have multiple wives at a time. Many of the men who have multiple wives choose to marry young girls, sometimes girls who are even half their age. While the young girls may not accept it, their families have a mutual agreement.

As a tourist, you are definitely going to catch the attention of many of these young girls. They will definitely be attracted to you but they may not express it. The reason behind this is quite simple, they have been raised in an extremely conservative and shy environment where they do not have much experience in communicating with men, let alone a foreigner. Secondly, these young girls lack self-esteem and self-confidence. Hence, you are expected to do all the heavy lifting and initiate a conversation with these young girls.

There are not many tips to keep in mind while doing this, just remember to be subtle, try and establish a friendly relationship, maintain your distance, do not get too personal, and don't be bold. At all times, you must avoid conversations about sex and relationships, start by keeping things platonic. This shall help them connect better with you, without really being nervous or freaking out. Always remember that as a tourist you have the upper hand over the local men, she is likely to choose you too, just be patient.

You must keep in mind their sexy young developing bodies, every time you are bound to quit pursuing them. These young girls have perky little breasts that are growing bigger each day, they have unstable hormones, and this also makes them very horny. But since they are unaware of sex and are curious to a great extent, we recommend that you strike when the opportunity presents itself and be the first one to give them sexual satisfaction.

Many of the young girls in this age bracket are completing college or are working. Some of them are being groomed for marriage and some are already married. So pick your girl wisely, avoid stepping on toes and hurting anyone's sentiments.

If you manage to get a partner of this age bracket, make sure that you aren't seen together in crowded areas and get physical only in extremely secure locations. Remember that she does not have too much freedom, so let her be back home at the hour she is expected, and as she lacks financial independence, so be prepared to pay those bills.

Beautiful young girls at the JJ's Irish Pub and Restaurant, Manama

Bahraini Women (age 30 - 45)

The local women who are between the age of 30 and 45 are not the preferred choice of women for tourists who are visiting Manama. Often married by this age, most of the local women are conservative and have an orthodox mindset. These women are generally not too friendly to foreigners who are hitting on them or making some sort of advances. However, these women are much more mature than the younger generation. These women have possibly worked in a professional environment and have interacted with people from different countries. Some of them even have friends living abroad and they have a slightly more global outlook towards daily life incidents. But these women also tend to be staunch believers in the nation's culture and traditions while being extremely religious too.

If we take out of the equation the married women, we shall be left with a very small choice of single women as it is unusual for them to be single at their age. Hence, you shall be able to choose your partner with greater certainty without being too confused.

Almost all of the women in this age bracket are working professionals while some are helping out their families with household work. Those who are working professionals have greater freedom and can often stay out for longer durations than other women under the pretext of work. These women also earn significantly well and contribute to the familial income. This does also make them financially independent and as a tourist, you won't have to always dig into your pocket if you date one of these women.

Approaching these women is also going to be difficult, but if these girls are part of your workplace or live in the society, you can get a hold of their mobile number and initiate conversation. This avoids the initial awkwardness and it also helps them communicate without being too shy or conscious.

These women are generally emotionally mature and looking for stable relationships. They have the qualities of a good homemaker and even if you are in a relationship, they shall take excellent care of you.

Having some experience in bed shall also make things better as their bodies are in their best shape and they know exactly what they are doing in bed.

Bahraini Ladies (age 45+)

The local ladies who are above the age of 45 are probably the ones you shouldn't even focus on when you are visiting Manama as a tourist. The local women get married at an early age, the cycle of life also begins pretty early, hence, they have children by the time they are in their late 20s and grandchildren are born by the time they are in their late 40s or early 50s. In such a scenario, they have worked extremely hard over the years to raise a family. They have tried their best to maintain their social relations and reputation. At this stage even when they are approached by a tourist, they shall not interact much and pass you on towards another person, perhaps someone who can help you better with your query. Any sort of romantic approach towards these women shall possibly not even be tolerated.

These women are perhaps not in the best shape of their life. They have slogged for years and have often neglected themselves. Not that many of them have the privilege to eat right and hit the gym. Also, if they have a family trait of obesity, you shall seem many fat women above the age of 45, walking the streets of Manama. As a tourist, you shall have to be immensely desperate to nail one of these ladies.

At this stage of their lives, these women are expected to be homemakers. They are supposed to be ideal role models who are setting examples for the younger generations while training young girls to be the perfect daughter, wife, sister, mother, just as they have been over the years.

Any kind of time spent on the ladies in this age bracket shall truly be a colossal waste of time and can even land you in trouble. Hence, we urge you to look elsewhere.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

The foreign girls in the city of Manama are here to save the day! Yes, undoubtedly, as a reader you might be quite disheartened reading about the lack of opportunities with the young local women. Making you reconsider your trip to Manama perhaps. However, do not make this mistake. The city does offer you plenty of new places to explore, cuisine to taste, and it gives you a sizeable population of foreigner girls to try your luck with.

Being at the centre of the country's political activities, you shall see that several high profile dignitaries, expats, and diplomats make their way to Manama. You can surely try your luck with some of these women as they may be in town for a slightly longer than usual duration and are probably as annoyed as you are with the conservative and orthodox culture. Often looking for some fun, they turn to tourists visiting the country. At the very least they might strike a friendship with you and if you can steer things in the right direction you could even get laid with them.

Similarly, the city is also home to some of the biggest industries in the entire region. Being one of the major financial hubs of the entire Middle East, Manama hosts a large number of foreigners who come in for business. A number of these women might even be posted here for a long duration of time and they would definitely want to avoid having any sexual or emotional relationships with local men as they are uncouth and unpredictable.

Lastly, being the capital city, Manama is home to some of the most premier institutes and colleges in the country. These attract a large number of foreign students who enrol for various courses being offered at the institutions. Many of these young students are horny and looking for sex. They shall often find a lot more in common with you and thereby prefer hanging out with you. This could lead to anything between a one-night stand and a relationship, so go try your luck!


Those tourists who are headed to Manama and are planning to have sex with the local girls must try and keep their expectations in check. Such is the situation in the city that many of the local women abstain from sexual activities of any kind until they are married.

Hence, all your approaches would be rejected and you might be left disappointed. Almost all of the girls in town will be willing to be your friend and even possibly date you but hardly any of them would accept your proposal of having sex.

That being said, it is not impossible to have sex with the local girls in Manama. You have to begin by picking the right kind of girl, perhaps someone who has a liberal approach towards sex and relationships. Also, before approaching these girls, try and understand the local sex culture, this will help you plan your lines well in advance. This shall only help you in convincing her easily. Given in the section below is more about the local sex culture, read on to find out more.

Sex Culture

The local sex culture is known to be very dull. Most of the local girls are sexually very inactive and they all share a common stigma. The reason behind this is religion and upbringing. Most of these Bahraini women of the city of Manama have been brainwashed into believing sex is a taboo and that if they indulge in it before being married they shall be punished by God.

This itself is sufficient to deter them from sex altogether and the further culture of slut-shaming women and embarrassing them publicly or even punishing them for various sexual activities and adultery drive home the point.

Things are slowly changing with the arrival of the internet, mobile phones, and social media. These are tools to empower the local girls and educated them about practices of safe sex, techniques to be used in bed and even access to some kinds of pornography. With the right kind of guidance from perhaps a few expats in town and international friends, they can start a sexual revolution in the city.

One-Night Stands

Having one-night stands in Manama is nearly impossible. Surely enough this is a shock but this too comes with its own set of ifs and buts. The above statement is true if you take into consideration almost 98% of the local girls who were born and brought up in Manama and have no external influence.

Most of these women believe that sex is a taboo and a sin. While there are some who might be open to exploring sex before marriage, they certainly will not be okay with having one-night stands. Heck! Some of them may not even have sex with their boyfriends.

Thus, most of the tourists will have to hookup with foreign girls in town if they want to enjoy a one-night stand. This is probably the easiest thing to do once you walk out of a nightclub as most of the local girls won't even be there.

So, don't waste your time pursuing local girls for one-night stands as that wish would almost never be fulfilled.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Manama is highly developed and is home to some of the most visited tourist attractions of the entire country. With a population of a few hundred thousand women, there are plenty of places in the city that you can visit to meet single girls and flirt with them. Hence, in the sections below we shall classify the places and list them accordingly, these include bars, pubs, nightclubs, shopping malls, outdoor venues, universities and colleges.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The city does have a good nightlife scene, however, this is one place where you may not find too many Bahraini women as they are conservative and religious. Many believe drinking and partying with men at odd hours is an unforgivable sin. So they avoid these bars, pubs, and nightclubs. On the other hand, the women who visit these places are likely to be liberal and open-minded, they aren't orthodox and they shall certainly respond positively to your advances. So consider this to be a blessing in disguise as you shall find women to hook up with and not waste much time behind shy and coy women. Some of these places are as listed below:

Party at the Apollo Club Bahrain, Manama

Shopping Malls

The local women are known to be fond of shopping and as a tourist, you can visit these local shopping malls to interact with single girls. They find these much safer and convenient, thereby giving you the perfect venue and opportunity. Given below is a list of the best shopping malls you can visit:

  • Al Raya Mall
  • The Avenues
  • Al Hayat Shopping Centre
  • Moda Mall
  • Dana Mall
  • Bahrain City Centre
Bahrain City Centre Shopping Mall, Manama


Manama is home to some of the most exotic outdoor venues and as a tourist, you can visit these and explore the city while getting the chance of interacting with local hotties:

  • Wahooo! Waterpark
  • Bahrain National Museum
  • Bab Al-Bahrain
  • Bahrain Fort
  • Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Park
  • Dolphin Resort Bahrain
Bab Al-Bahrain, Manama

Universities and Colleges

Manama is the capital of Bahrain. It is obvious that by this virtue the city is be home to some of the biggest universities in the entire nation. Hence, not only local girls but girls from neighbouring cities and even countries come and enrol themselves for the various courses on offer. So, head to areas in and around the campuses to try hitting on these young babes:

  • Arabian Gulf University
  • Ahlia University
  • Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance
  • College of Health and Sport Sciences
  • Delmon University for Science and Technology
Arabian Gulf University, Manama


Those tourists who are travelling to Manama and wish to indulge in a relationship with a local girl shall be pleased to know that it is possible. However, the task of finding a suitable girl who shall agree to be in a relationship is yet quite difficult.

Most of these local women have never experienced a relationship, they have only read about it in novels or seen about it in movies. The idea of being in an actual relationship surely makes them curious but they lack the will to actually take the risk of being in a relationship. There will be intense scrutiny and judgement from society and to avoid the embarrassment they often avoid relationships altogether.

However, things are changing with time. With more global exposure, the presence of foreigners in the city, access to internet and change in women's rights, things are seemingly moving the right direction where women are willing to take chances and enjoy their time being in a relationship with men. But to the misfortune of many travellers visiting the city, the women are yet in a stage where they consider dating a local to be better than dating a tourist as it is an easier relationship to be in and shall be judged leniently by people around them.

Holiday Romance

A holiday romance in Manama is a great idea. The city is truly scenic and there are a lot of places to explore. However, as a tourist, chances of finding this partner to explore the city with, share feelings with, and enjoy a short yet memorable romance with are very low.

Yes, tourists do catch the attention of beautiful local women. They are always ready to meet and interact with tourists, eager to know more about their country, their culture and their adventures. But the lack of confidence and communication breaks this down. In addition to this, most of the women do not even have the liberty to roam around all day across the city, running the risk of being spotted with a tourist. This could lead to gossip that can cause serious problems for them.

Hence, a nice and lovely holiday romance is rare to come across here. However, you can try and convince the odd-liberal local girls, who don't care much about the people around them. You could also aim for one of the foreigner girls in the city, such as fellow tourists. They too are in town for a short duration and wouldn't mind a friend to hang out with and explore the city during the daytime while enjoying a warm and caring relationship. Also having the perks of someone to be in bed with at night. This is an extremely convenient arrangement for the both of you and would leave you with pleasant memories too.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Those tourists who are travelling to Manama and wish to enjoy a successful relationship will have to keep in mind that it is no cakewalk. Getting into a relationship in Manama is itself very tough and maintaining a happy, positive, and successful relationship shall further be difficult!

Nonetheless, if you have managed to find your lady love and be together with her in a relationship, here are some tips that you must keep in mind to have a successful relationship:

  • Begin by showing her your dedication and commitment to the relationship: It is extremely essential that she understands you and knows that you are there for her no matter what. Many tourists who are interested in just having sex will not have enough patience and will screw up. So, show her your dedication, give her time, and let the relationship build over its own course of time.
  • Understand the difference in culture: Hailing from two different religions or two different cultures, the two of you will have contrasting traditions and faiths that you believe in. So, do not ridicule each other or mock one another if there are some rituals that are beyond your understanding. Be cordial and take it as an opportunity to learn something new. If at all you have any criticism, express it constructively, but only after understanding what it means to her and after a few months/years into the relationship.
  • Be honest with one another : Share your past, your feelings, and any secrets that could potentially ruin the relationship must be disclosed via a soft blow. This is always a pressure point in many relationships and when it comes to the surface, not only does it destroy the relationship, but it also renders it irreparable.


Those tourists who are headed to Manama and wish to fall in love or are already in town and have fallen in love, know that it is the best thing that could possibly happen to you on this trip.

Love is a very positive feeling universally and any two individuals being united in love has always been something to be taken positively. However, as far as the locals are concerned they are protective about their daughters and sisters and wouldn't want them falling in love with the wrong guy. Hence, you have to tackle the family aspect seriously as well.

Once you decide on proclaiming your love, make sure that her family is okay with the idea of the two of you together. If yes, feel free and make things public. Try and explain to her family about your noble intentions and how you may even be willing to take things further if the situation permits.

On the other hand, if they are against the concept, on the whole, avoid letting your love for each other become public knowledge. Only make things official and public when you are about to take the next step.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

As a tourist, you are obviously new to everything in Manama, unless you also hail from an Islamic city and are well-versed with all the traditions and culture. Otherwise you will be unable to understand certain traits about the local women and this would make you wonder if your lady love is indeed the one for you.

Let us begin by warning you to remain alert and attentive at all times. Your final decision about her being the one shall depend upon astute observations and clear decision making, so do not let emotions and feelings cloud it. Given below are a few points to adhere to:

  • To make sure that your lady love is the one, find out more about her past, interact with her friends and family. This shall let you know about any trauma, any behavioural changes, and any kind of irregularity. Any red-flag that has to arise will first be seen here. If it's all clear, you can consider her to be the one.
  • Try and see if she is willing to adapt to changes. Coming from a different cultural background, it may be difficult for her to accept your traditions. Hence, to make sure she is the one, keep sacrifices a two-way street.
  • Analyse your compatibility. Life after marriage shall all be about daily choices. Things that you once did separately as individuals shall now have to be done as one. If you both can't have a common opinion or reach a consensus about daily things, consider it a red flag, else you can consider her to be the one.
  • Lastly, organise your finances, secure yourself and see if she is with you for anything materialistic. Often local women want to escape the conservative society to relocate to another country and live a free life full of luxury. If you are sure about not being used as a tool for this purpose by your lady love, only then consider her to be the one.


Getting married in Manama is a great experience. In fact, it possibly the best thing that you can do as a tourist. To begin with, if you love a local girl, she will always be against the idea of relationships before marriage. This shall not allow you to be together until you can decide about taking the big step. Secondly, physical intimacy will also be impossible as most of the women won't have sex until they are married. Lastly, marriage is the only way to facilitate all of the above and have the blessings of adults and God to be together with your lady love.

Hence, consider marriage seriously as an option if you want to have a future with your lady love. Bahrain is no Europe where you can just live-in together and share intimate moments or possibly even have a baby. Here, you will need to be married to make any of the above possible.


Once you have popped the question to the woman you love and gotten a positive response, you will have to begin planning a wedding and having a wedding ceremony according to local traditions is an elaborate yet fun-filled experience. To begin with, you will have to have a formal word with the bride's family. This may include some friction at times, but if you seem worthy of your lady love and if you have a good source of income, you will be welcomed by her family and blessed with her hand in marriage.

The wedding ceremony and rituals are quite similar to what take place in other nations in the region. It will all begin with an engagement ceremony for the bride and the groom. Then there shall be a henna ceremony for the bride. After this, there shall be a formal wedding where the couple shall be united as one by a priest who will read a few verses from the holy book, The Quran. Once, the rituals are done, the couple is pronounced as one and they shall be given blessings to start their new family.

The wedding ceremony is usually carried out at one of the biggest venues, with as many people as possible, a grand stay, top-notch catering service is provided. All of this is an immensely expensive affair and you will have to shell out money. In the end, all that matters is the two of you are united as one and look forward to a bright future together.

Family Life

Family life in Manama is known to be quite decent! Once you are married, you will have to start thinking about the future if you settle in the city. This shall involve accommodation, work, and raising a family.

Hence, you will be pleased to know that the city is a very good place and you will have most of the amenities provided to you. Right from excellent safety to plenty of job opportunities and great places to work from all play their integral role. You also get good places to stay at, great transport, and the people are known to be kind and friendly, often understanding and speaking English themselves. However, education and healthcare are two areas of concern and high overall monthly costs may kill the deal!

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