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Malta dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Maltese women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Maltese girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Malta, Europe.

Girls in Malta:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Malta:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Malta:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Malta:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$150 - $350
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $200


The island of Malta is one that raises curiosity in the minds of many, as it is famous all over the world for various things. The most popular image of this island is its contribution to movie production as it has an enabling environment for standard movies.

The geographical size of this island might be small, but it is a definition of small, but powerful. There is always a constant flow of tourists to this island as something is captivating that they wish to explore.

It might come off as a wonder why people will want to visit this place as it is congested already. It will be useful to keep in mind that you will not feel choked in a place where the people are helpful and friendly.

Asides having an enabling environment for the production of movies, Malta is also a historical country as there are lots of knowledge you can gain at this place. The capital of Malta is Valletta, and it is a UNESCO cultural site.

As a person who is planning to visit this place, you should be aware of Gozo and Comino, which are two other islands that are closely interrelated with Malta.

Due to the attention which people pay to this country, you will find different races of women while you are there. This comes as a plus to male tourists who want to start a relationship with a Maltese woman.

The women of this place have a receptive nature, but they tend to be shy. It takes a certain level of familiarity before she can loosen up and relate freely with you.

They are used to people visiting their country, which builds their friendliness over time, as they strive to make foreigners as comfortable as possible. Still, it does not mean that you can woo them easily as they have standards set and adhere to them.

Dating Culture

The issue of dating on this island is a confusing one, as there can be no generalization. There has been an evolution over time, so people have different views regarding dating, and act as it pleases them. However, you should know that there are no rules or regulations that work against dating.

Some people here have an open mind towards dating, while others do not. It is safe to say that half of the residents are conservative, while half have a liberal mindset. Back in the days, Malta was a conservative nation, so dating was rare. With time, due to the various changes in the world, people have started adapting, and relationships are occurring.

The dating culture in this place might differ from what you are used to in your society, as many do it conservatively. Are you confused? You cannot compare the openness of coupes in extremely liberal societies to the way couples act in Malta.

Yes, people are free to date. But there is a particular perception when it comes to openness, such as public display of affection. You might be able to get away with the holding of hands, but you will get scornful looks if you decide to engage in acts like kissing in public.

It will be right for you to remember that the majority of people on this island are religious, and it is against their religious views for people who are not married to engage in such acts. They see dating as a way of getting to know each other, not participating in ‘immoral acts.’

You do not need to hide your relationship, but you need to be low-key if you want to kiss or engage in other public acts with your partner.

The women of this island are lovely, and you can approach them in public areas. However, you should not come off strongly on them as they will withdraw into their inner walls.


The first thing you should know about Maltese women is that they are shy. They might come off as friendly and receptive, which is usual if you are an acquaintance to them. However, once you decide to engage in romantic conversations, their shy nature will come out.

Due to this, you should tread carefully with these women. You need to dedicate your time to creating a friendship if you want a relationship with any of them. Amazingly, these women are easy to converse. So, you should have a step-by-step process that you should follow on your quest to finding a relationship.

You are sure that these women will always give you a listening ear, but you have to be delicate with them. If you notice that they are not forthcoming towards your advances, it will be wise of you to stop. One of the worst things you can do while in Malta, is to try and pressurize any woman to act against their will. If you do this, you will be labeled as someone whom no one should mingle with or associate.

These women are beautiful and have a good level of education. Although you cannot classify them as the prettiest in the world or the most educated, their level is still of quality, and you will be proud to be in a relationship with any of the women.

They are not total freaks when it comes to fashion, but they always maintain a good sense of dressing as they ensure they will always be outstanding.

The women of this island do not mind being in a relationship with a foreigner, but they are always shy to make the first move. It will be good of you to monitor her body movements during conversations. This way, you can tell if she is into you or not.

You are going to encounter different personalities of women while you are in Malta, but one significant assurance is that they will ensure that you are always comfortable.

Maltese Girls (age 18 - 29)

The young women of Malta are people who will catch your interest when visiting this island. It will be enthralling to watch your people who are making decisions for themselves for the first time and trying to create their legacy.

One thing which should always be on your mind about these women as the majority of them still leave with their parents. Thus, it might prove difficult getting through to them.

Many of them are not able to explore or carry out activities which they love due to the fear of family. It can be said that they are still living a caged life as everything is on the directive of the family.

For this reason, many of the young women wish to scape to the universities when they are of age. At the institutions of learning, they are far away from their family and prying eyes. Thus, they can act and dress as they wish.

This set of women are usually interested and curious about foreigners. Although the shy nature is still in them, they are more outgoing than any other set of women you will find in this city.

Many of them are interested in dating but do not know how to flirt or react when sexual conversations come up. For this reason, and due to fear of their families also, many of them indulge in online dating. Online dating platforms are popular on this island.

Through these sites, they have the assurance that their identity is hidden, so the flirty side of them comes out. They know how to converse sexually through the phone than in person.

It is also not surprising that some of these women are willing to engage in sexual acts, as young people are curious about things that you shield from them. However, they do this low-key as they know that they will not like the repercussion they will get from their parents or other family members.

You can get these women on online dating sites or at the university. Choose whichever is preferable for you.

Maltese Women (age 30 - 45)

The next set of local women you will encounter on this island is within this age range. It is safe to say that this set of women are more exposed and knowledgeable. Due to this, they do not get overly excited when they see foreigners as they are used to the constant inflow of tourists to their island.

Many of the women of this range are married, or there is pressure on them to get married. Thus, many of them do not fancy casual relationships and are instead aiming for a serious relationship.

Another reason why these women do not want a causal relationship is because of their religious views. For people who are brought up as Catholics, they are taught that frolicking around is a sin, so it is better to be in a relationship that leads to marriage.

Before you approach any of these women, you should know what you have in mind as they do not condone time-wasters. Although they might be shy, they love it when a man is sincere and goes straight to the point. You should not approach any of these women if you are seeking a casual or short-term relationship to save yourself time and energy.

You should already know that these women are knowledgeable. So, you will be wise to refrain from engaging them in arguments that you have no idea. They love to have a good conversation with someone who is intelligent and can provide facts.

One thing you should always keep in mind about everybody in Malta is that you should not engage them in any argument about their politics. If you do this, you are automatically an enemy to them.

The women of this age range are the perfect people to date if you want to settle down and get married. They know how to treat a man right, and will always be there for you.

Maltese Ladies (age 45+)

The women under this age range are the oldest set of women you will meet while you are in Malta. They make an interesting set as there is always almost something new to learn about them each day.

You should always keep it in mind that the people of this island do not like stress. It is common for them to be extremely hardworking while they were younger. However, they ensure to retire and reap the fruits of their hard work as they get older. For this reason, you will find the women of this age range at the beaches or other lounging areas.

You might not exactly find a single woman in this age range as many of them get married when they are younger, and divorce is a taboo in their country. The only possible way you can find a single woman is if she had never been married or in sporadic cases, she separated from her husband.

Do not expect such women to rush into a relationship with you, as they have the mindset that if they have suffered so far without a partner, they can continue. Many of the single women of this age range are not seeking to be in a relationship. Instead, they fancy having a young man whom they can always use to satisfy their sexual urges. Of course, this is not right with the views shared in the city. Thus, such is always low-key.

These women join the younger women to comprise the population of the women you will find on online dating sites while you are in Malta. This is the only way they can conceal their identity as it will be wrong if the younger women discover that one of the older ones are not acting according to what they preach.

If you fancy women of this age range, you know where to find them.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

From everything that has been written earlier, you already have the knowledge that Malta is a country which crawls with a lot of tourists. For this reason, there is a sure possibility of meeting foreign women while you are on the island.

These foreign women come from many countries for diverse reasons, so you will get an avenue to minge and learn new cultures that you might have never dreamt of knowing.

The interesting thing about the foreign women you will find at Malta is that they are not shy. Any man will be happy at this as it means they are freer than the local women of the island.

The foreign women are also not held or need to abide by the views of the local people, and no one will hold a knife to their necks as they are not from the country. For this reason, they can engage in a public display of affection and other sexual activities freely.

You might be wondering how this is possible. You should remember that the country has no laws against a public display of affection or sexual acts. Instead, people live on religious and cultural views. Due to this, no action can be carried out against foreigners who act against their opinions.

It is also possible for you to meet foreign women who are prettier than the local women of the island. So, the attraction for a female tourist is something that can occur without any hesitation.

If you are seeking to explore the island with a fellow newbie, you should shoot your shot at foreign women, especially as there is a high possibility of them accepting.

Many of the foreign women are open to casual relationships and short-term dating. So, they can be your focus as it will save you efforts from some of the local women seeking a serious relationship.

If you want to be in a relationship with a woman whom you can engage in a public display of affection, without having to always be cautious, you should consider the foreign women.


Sex is a popular notion worldwide which has received different perceptions. In some societies, people view sex as a regular act which anyone can engage in at any time they desire. In other nations, they see sex as a sacred act that should be only for married couples.

As a tourist in any country, your wish will be to experience liberalism when it comes to how they view sex as you will want to have a lovely time with the ladies. After all, it is hard to keep your sexual urges calm, and you need to satisfy it in one way or the other.

You would already be wondering about the category which Malta falls under, and unfortunately, they are part of those who see sex as a scared affair. It is a taboo on this island for people who are not married to engage in sexual relationships.

Due to this perception, the women of the island are conservative when it comes to sex. In as much as they are open-minded when it comes to dating, this does not translate into a willingness for sexual activities. You will only find a bare minimum of the women who are ready to go against this perception, usually the younger women of the island.

You need to be cautious and tactical with these women when it comes to sexual affairs, as there is always the looming fear over their heads. Due to this fear, it is not easy to get them into your beds. You should not be in a rush with these women. After all, they say that the good things of life take time to manifest.

For the women who are courageous to sneak around for sexual activities, it will delight you to know that their curious nature lets them try new things about sex. These women do not want anyone to see them as a novice, so they always ensure to take their game a notch higher.

If you are willing to sneak around with her, sex with any of these women is usually grand.

Sex Culture

There has been a constant agitation by some people for others in Malta to accept and normalize people engaging in pre-marital sexual affairs wholeheartedly. However, this has been a major fail, as many do not want to compromise their religious beliefs.

You will get castigating looks, especially from the older locals of the island, if you decide to talk about sex or other pre-marital sexual affairs. They believe that only those who are legally married should talk about wanting sexual satisfaction. If you desire such, you should make plans to get married.

This is quite a bummer for many tourists who come to this island, intending to frolic about with women of the island. Well, this should not discourage you totally, as you will find some who are willing.

The residents of this place are totally against sex, so it will be wise for you to keep in mind that it is a taboo topic. Unlike other societies where people can freely have sexual discussions on sex, this cannot happen in Malta.

You might be wondering how people get to determine their sexual compatibility or gain knowledge. The people believe that couples can learn together, while you will surely be compatible if you were made from each other. This sounds archaic, but it is what has worked for them so far.

People who engage in pre-marital sexual affairs do not do so publicly due to the fear of slut-shaming. The reprimanding process from the older ones on people they feel are participating in ‘immoral acts’ is disheartening. Many of the women try to avoid this by totally abstaining from sex. However, those who cannot abstain go low-key with their affairs.

Pre-marital sex is not a norm in this country, so you should cancel that mindset when you are visiting Malta. If you ever wish to engage anyone in a sexual conversation, you should be tactical about it.

One-Night Stands

The perfect cruise to an enjoyable action is to have a one-night stand with different women; this is the plan of many male tourists. If this is your plan as well, the first advice we are giving is to protect yourself. It will be sad for you to contact any sexually transmitted disease in the name of enjoining or having fun.

Moving forward, we understand that there are men who prefer to engage in one-night stands as they do not want to get attached to any specific woman. They might also go for the one-night stand option when they are in a dilemma of choosing a particular woman.

When a man likes various women, instead of settling for one, he decides to explore his options by going for all. You might get praise from your fellow men for this act, but you should always keep in mind that it will not work out smoothly in all countries.

In a country like Malta, where there is a negative perception about sex, you should know that such a place is not conducive for a one-night stand. Here, the women are not at liberty to follow you home at any time, as they will always watch over their backs to ensure that no one from their family will catch them.

Some of the women of the island are open to the option of a one-night stand, but it is usually a hide-and-seek game. The best places to get such women will be in areas where they are far from their families.

The nightclubs are perfect for getting a one-night stand as many people will be wasted. Thus, eliminating the issue of prying eyes.

You can also get a one-night stand from online dating sites as many women take cover on these platforms.

It might be tasking, but you can get a one-night stand on this island if you are determined.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

After getting an overview of the women on Malta Island and how best to relate with them, it is only reasonable that you will want to have an idea of the best places where you can link up with them. Yes, everywhere is a potential area. However, some places hold higher potentials than others.

Due to the conservative nature of these women when it comes to sexual conversations and how they get shy while having a normal conversation with someone of the opposite sex, it is only wise to approach them in a place where they are comfortable.

Women are freer at places that provide a cozy ambiance and leaves them with happiness. These places are enabling environments for foreigners and locals to mingle. At these places, there is the elimination of the majority of those who will be judgmental. So, you can carry out your quest without any worries.

Before divulging into the places that are the best for you to meet the single women on the island, you need to understand that these places will give you access to different women. Instead of jumping straight to indulging them in conversations, it will be wise for you to observe as no two persons are the same.

Ensure that you carefully analyze the woman of your choice, as her body language will give away the type of person she is, and how best to approach her.

It will be standard for you to see some of these women in groups at these paces, as they feel safer around people that they know. For this reason, you should be friendly with all the locals of the island, as this is a sure way to achieving your quest.

If you have been friendly with the locals, you will get an invitation to their table or to join their hangout. Thus, giving you access to women.

Ensure that you pay a visit to all the places which will be highlighted.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

For a relaxing evening, you know that the bars, pubs, and nightclubs are the perfect areas to hang out. As this is common knowledge, the people of Malta ensure to utilize this effectively.

Now, the nightlife in Malta is not overly exceptional, but you will have a fantastic time while you are there. You have the assurance that there are places in all cities across Malta, where you can relax and view the women. Not only will you see the women, but you will also have an opportunity to interact with them.

You might be wondering if you can get alcohol in this country, due to how these people hold on to religious and cultural beliefs. You should know that the nightlife will not bubble without alcohol, so you will find it there.

Women are attracted to bubbling areas that create an opportunity for fun, which is why you never miss a chance to visit these places to have an exceptional time.

These places have a high population of young women, who are the people that rebel most in the country. You have a high probability of taking a lady home from any of these places.

Being that Malta has several cities, there are a lot of bars, pubs, and nights.

However, here are some which you should check out:

• The Drayton Pub Bar (Saint Julian’s): Are you a lover of rock music? If yes, this is the perfect place for you as it is a rock music club. If you think that the best way to relax is with alcohol, you should rethink it as it seems you have never had amazing cocktails before. At this pub, there are pool tables for bar games, and much more. You get to have an enjoyable time, and you also get to mix and associate with the locals, especially the women.

• Malta Pub Crawl (Saint Julian’s): From the name, you can tell that this place is always crawling with people. There is never a dull moment at this pub crawl, and you will always be grateful that you visited it. If you have any expectations concerning nightlife, this place is sure to beat those expectations. While here, you get to dance, mingle, and enjoy quality beer.

• The Pub (Valletta): Recall that Malta is a historical city that has affiliations with movies. This bar is attributed to Oliver Reed. Located at the capital of the country, it is one of the most famous bars and serves as a hangout spot for both the locals and foreigners. It endears itself to the hearts of many as it includes different spices asides quality drinks for its customers. One of the spices is free Wi-Fi. You will meet all sorts of women at this bar.

• Marrakech Malta (Żebbuġ): There is a captivating feel about this club, especially as it is located in one of the oldest towns on the island. The ambiance of this place is hugely relaxing, and fun is always the order of the day. You will always be on all smiles whenever you are at this place, and it gives you access to the women in abundance. You should visit this club when you are in Malta.

• Plough & Anchor Pub (Sliema): This pub is usually open from 11 am – 1 am, steadily providing its customers with an array of the most exquisite drinks that can be found. The pub’s staff members are always delightful, which makes people always want to pay a repeat visit to this place. You will always feel comfortable while you are here, making it possible to lose track of time. It is common to see the women and locals of the city hanging out in groups here.

• Private Gentlemen's Club (Saint Julian’s): If you are looking to ‘sin’ to the fullest while you are in this city, this should be your choice club. At this place, you will meet the freakiest women who aim to stratify your urges and ensure that you have a pleasant time. Do not go to this place if you will chicken out in the long run.

• Simon's Pub (Sliema): Everything about this place is set to ensure that you will always have a relaxing tie while you are there. Their drinks are excellent, and the music is there to put you in the best mood. You can never have a dull moment while you are at this pub, and there is always a steady inflow of persons to this place. It is an enabling environment for your quest.

• Gianpula Main Room (Żebbuġ): At this place, you are sure to have the time of your life. The energy here near dies out, and it is always party time. The DJs have proven to be the best as they are always churning out tunes to ensure that you are on you are dancing from start to finish! The vibrant nature of this place attracts people to it.

• The Dubliner (Saint Julian’s): For this pub, they promise that you will feel the difference between them and others. It is an Irish pub, so you are sure that the drinks will be exceptional compared to any other. The unique taste of its drinks attracts people to this place, and they always keep coming back for more. You should not sleep on this pub while in Malta, as it avails you to many options.

• Liquid Club Malta (Iklin): There is no how you will not have a delightful time at this club. The outdoor setting also sets it apart from other clubs. The atmosphere is usually bubbling, and everyone is in a happy mood. It is an enabling environment for you to carry out your quest, as the women are relaxed and abundance. Ensure to visit this place when you are in Malta.

Shopping Malls

The next in line for the best paces here you can meet single women in Malta is at the shopping malls. In carrying out your quest, you should have the idea that busy areas are perfect locations. Thus, it qualifies the malls as one of the best.

The women of this island are used to getting compliments from tourists when they are in open areas such as the malls. If you ever decide to approach any of these women, you will not get an off look from anyone as it is a regular occurrence. Due to how the people of the island think, the male tourists prefer to approach the women in open areas, to show that they have clear intentions.

If you are smooth, you will get a blush from the woman you talk to, due to their shy nature. Being shy people, you know that they will not put in much effort to continue the conversation. The burden of continuity lies with you, so you should be adequately prepared. Always remember that they are shy, but they are not rude.

If you randomly stop any of these women for help, they are always ready to lend you a hand of assistance.

While you are at the shopping mall, you are going to meet women of all shapes and sizes, which will prove difficult for you to make a choice. You are also going to encounter both the local women and foreign women. These are all reasons why the mall qualifies as the best place for your quest.

The ideal thing to do will be to approach any of them and ask to get a little of their time for a sit out. The women will agree to your request, especially as it will be in an open area. From here, the ball is in your court to prove that you are reasonable for her to have a friendship with you.

Some of the shopping malls that span across the island are:

• Maltese Falcon (Mdina)

• Falco (Birkirkara)

• Pama Shopping Mall (Mosta)

• Daniel's Mall (Ħamrun)

• JB Stores (St.Pauls)

• The Point Shopping Mall (Sliema)

• Arkadia Commercial Centre (Victoria)

• The Plaza Shopping Centre (Sliema)

• Pjazza Tigné (Sliema)

• The Duke Shopping Mall (Victoria)


You will understand why it is a famous place for many tourists when you decide to take a trip and explore the outdoor areas of Malta. There are a lot of tourist attractions on this island that spans across its towns.

You might be wondering how these places will be useful for your quest. If this thought crosses your mind, you should pause and think of the people you will meet while you are on tour.

Whenever you decide to visit any place in Malta, you will not be the only one there. Thus, you have the opportunity of meeting different women, both tourists and locals.

You should also know that the local women of the country are the people who will mane stations at these points of tourist attractions, and be your tour guide. Once you decide to explore outdoor areas, you have unlimited access to diverse women.

One thing this island is popular for is its historical buildings, which come into play in the religious setting. St. John's Co-Cathedral (Valletta) is an old building build in the 1950s, dedicated to St. John. It is a dear memory of the people of this nation. Still, on religious, historical sites, there is the Mosta Rotunda (Mosta), a Roman Catholic parish church dedicated to Mary’s assumption. If you are inquisitive about temples of worship back in the days, you should visit Ħaġar Qim (Qrendi).

Other places in the cities that leave tourists in awe asides religious, historical attractions. Popeye Village (Mellieha) is where the 1980 film set ‘Popeye’ was shot. This is a place that would endear movie lovers. It is now a theme park where you can go to have fun.

The Malta National Aquarium (St. Paul’s) is also a top site that tourists frequent while they are on the island. For those who love the thrill of life, you should visit Fort Rinella (Kalkara), playing home to one of two surviving Armstrong 100-ton guns.

The Golden Bay Beach (Mellieħa) is also a place where many go to relax. Malta is blessed with many outdoor attractions which you should ensure to visit during your vacation.

Universities and Colleges

These places are usually home away from home for the women of the island. Thus, it is a perfect location to carry out your quest. Here, the Maltese women have a more free nature and are usually not conservative.

Although education is not a top reason why people visit Malta, and you cannot describe Malta as the educational hub of the Mediterranean Islands, it has some universities and colleges that attract people from other islands. Thus, the locals will mix up with foreigners, and it will affect their ways.

Although they might have been brought up strictly, these women started to adapt to the way of life of the foreigners while at the universities and colleges. For this reason, you will see that these women will start rebelling and going against the norm.

If you can remember, there is a negative perception of sex on this island. However, the women in the institutions of learning engage in sexual activities as they are free from prying eyes.

Luckily, these extra-curricular activities do not interfere with their studies, so the parents are usually not suspicious. These women are curious about foreigners and will want to hold a conversation with you.

You can decide to embark on a tour of universities and colleges across the island to access the beautiful and diverse women that these places provide. While there, you will notice that these women will be vying for your attention. It is left for you to play your cards right, and decide on who wins your heart. If you do not feel like doing a tour of the various institutions, you can also decide to attend events of the universities and colleges. You will also be able to get access to the women this way.

Surely, you are already wondering about the universities and colleges in Malta.

Here are some of them:

• Middlesex University Malta (Pembroke)

• University of Malta (Msida)

• The Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology (Paola)

• London School of Commerce (Valletta)

• American University of Malta (Cospicua)

• Institute of Tourism Studies (Luqa)

• Saint Albert the Great College (Valletta)

• St Martin's College (Msida)

• Global College Malta (Kalkara)


If you decide to get into a relationship with any of the Maltese women, you should know that the type of relationship determines the personality she will display. One sure thing you should know is that none of these women will carry out wife duties for you if it is not a serious relationship.

If you both are in a causal relationship, she does not put in all her effort as she knows that the bond is temporary. Here, she will follow you according to your pace but will ensure that you both enjoy the best of the relationship.

For a serious relationship, there is hope that it will lead to marriage. Here, you will have a mother figure in the form of a partner. She will not be choking or overbearing, but you will get that warm and lovely sense of comfort.

Your partner will always be there to help you understand whatever you miss about the Maltese culture, and she will ensure that your time in the country is memorable.

The religious women will not have sex with you until after marriage, so thoughts of sexual activities should not be in your head.

In Malta, you do not move in with each other until you are done with the marriage process. Everything has to follow due procedure.

Holiday Romance

If you are harboring the thought of having a holiday romance relationship with a woman of Malta while you are on the island, you should know that this will not be easy.

These women are not fans of short-term committed relationships, as they know the heartbreak it can bring. Being people who do not like any situation that will stress them, they will prefer to stay single than getting into such a relationship.

No human likes being deceived, so it will be wrong of you to trick any of these women with the thoughts of a serious relationship when all you want is a holiday romance.

You might think that it will be easy to drop the cars of this proposal openly, but keep in mind that some of these women will feel insulted. They will think that you do not see them as valuable enough for a serious relationship.

If you want to save yourself the hassle, online dating platforms are there to help you get a woman who will be interested in a holiday romance as many women on these platforms are not looking for a serious relationship.

Foreign women are also not left out when it comes to seeking such a relationship. Many of them will be open to such an offer as know that you both are on transit, so they know what to expect.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Thumbs up will be given to those who have been able to maintain a relationship, as the process is not easy. Many might feel that the core stress is in getting the woman to accept you. However, that is just the first and easiest step.

Having a successful relationship is dependent on the effort and energy you are ready to sacrifice into the relationship. It would help if you always keep in mind that you are not in a partnership, so the decisions you make will also affect another person.

Do not make a show of impressing a woman, then neglect her when she agrees to be in a relationship with you. If you do this, she will leave you in no time.

Here are some tips for a successful relationship with a Maltese woman:

• Be Attentive: The Maltese woman is one of the easiest to ever be in a relationship with if only you can be attentive. These women might be shy, but they ensure to communicate with their partners when they are in a relationship. They always voice out and are clear about their likes and dislikes, so it would be in your best interest to always remember them. If you can do this, you will know what to avoid and have a smooth ride in the relationship.

• Pay attention to details: This tip comes in handy when you are dealing with any woman. There are times when a woman will crave for something, and it will show in her body language. You can only pinpoint this if you are someone who pays great attention to details. You should also never underestimate the wants of a woman as little things matter.

• Do not put pressure on them: A typical Maltese woman will want to take things slowly, and it will be best to go with her pace. This way, she will gradually get comfortable with you, and you both will become a dynamic duo. However, if you decide to pressure her to do things that are not comfortable with her, she will slowly detach herself, and you will not know when you will lose her.


Love is a beautiful feeling which many people wish to experience, but sadly, not everyone will experience these during their lifetime.

When you are in love with a Malta woman, the feeling is usually blissful. Once you get the woman of your dreams, you are both against the world as no one else will matter.

Although you will be aware that people are doing a countdown to when you both will carry out the marriage rites, you know that your woman will always be there for you.

Being in love with any of these women is one of the best, as nagging will be eliminated.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

It is standard that you will not want to give your love to someone who cannot reciprocate the same way. For this reason, you are looking for means to know if she is the one for you before you decide to take a step further.

If a woman is the one for you, especially a Maltese woman, she becomes talkative around you. She might be shy, but this is when she is around others.

You will also notice that she will view you in a higher perspective as she will always want to tell you how her day went and ask for your input in certain things.

Love might be many things, but it is not complicated.


There has been a significant change between how marriage was done back in the days in Malta, and how it is done now.

Back then, the women did not have the liberty to choose whom they would marry. Instead, when their parents deem fit, they will hang a pot of sweets on their window to signify to suitors that their daughter is ready for marriage.

Thus, suitors will troop in, to dialogue with the parents, and a contract will be signed with whoever the parents choose. After this, the suitor will send the woman a fish with a gold ring in its mouth, then a celebration called lr-Rabta will take place.

On the day of this celebration, the suitor will present the woman with an engagement ring, while she will give him a lace handkerchief. This signifies that they are both taken. After this, a wedding ceremony will take place.

After the wedding ceremony, the woman will go back to her parents’ house for eight days, before going to her husband’s house.

All these are not so again, as the woman now has the right to choose her husband.

The modern-day marriage process is either a civil or religious wedding.


The wedding process in modern society is an easy one. You can either do the civil marriage or the religious wedding. It would help if you always keep in mind that the majority of the population are Catholics, so that is where the religious wedding will take place.

The civil wedding happens in the court of law, and there is no need for a crowd. It is a simple affair that legally binds the couple as husband and wife.

For the religious ceremony, it will take place in a church. The priest will seal the union, and in some cases, there will be a wedding reception.

Your choice wedding is a decision which you and your partner will take.

Family Life

You already have the knowledge that you will have an exciting time living in Malta, especially with all its historic places.

If you follow all the tips for a successful relationship, your union will be sweet ad loving.

It would help for you to always remember that the people of this island are against divorce. So, it would be best if you did not create an opportunity for such to occur.

Cheers to a lifetime of love with your partner!



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