Guide for dating in Malawi helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Malawian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Malawian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Malawi. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Malawi, Africa.

The traditional women of Malawi

Girls in Malawi:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in Malawi:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2.5 / 5

Sex in Malawi:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Malawi:

  • Nightlife in general: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$10 - $400
  • Accommodation: US$7 - $300


Truth be told, there are various differences that are visible among countries throughout the world. Be it regarding their way of life, their history, or their economic status, not each shows the same face. Thus, when you visit these spots, you would notice a lot of things that you may not feel used to, especially if you are from another society.

In Africa itself, there are many countries that equally show both the more modern and downright old-fashioned infrastructure men can live in. Indeed, Malawi is one such place that comes to mind, which has contradictory elements within its borders. Owing to this, the living style and opportunities in this land also differ from place to place.

When you feel like traveling to Malawi, it is important for you to understand the scope of the land and its various cultures. After all, there are many ethnic groups settled throughout the land and they all have their own beliefs. Therefore, in the light of dating, you would have to consider such differences when approaching the Malawian women.

Yes, as stated above, not each of them is the exact same or lead similar lives. The northern parts of Malawi are comparatively more well-off and developed than the more southern region. Consequently, the women there are more educated and independent while the southern ones rely heavily on old-fashioned rules.

Moreover, many people find the simplistic and underdeveloped village of Africa interesting and travel to Malawi to see that. All in all, you would find many different types of women to interact with, but do not mistake one with the other. What might impress a local might not work with a tourist and so on. Thus, if you want to date a woman after entering Malawi, you need to know a lot more than the map section to succeed.

Dating Culture

In view of the culture of South Africa in general and Malawi in particular, you would notice this affecting the dating lifestyle. Since women do not have a dominant role in society, they do not have much control in their love lives either. Some do manage to date, but mostly it is after a Malawian man asks them with the promise of marriage.

Thus, in general, commitment is the mainstay of relationships in Malawi, and people pursue romance for that. However, many people do not date at all, and directly set a date for engagement. Everything is chosen on the basis of a better future partner, and oftentimes, it is the family that does that. Therefore, the aspect of casual dating is basically non-existent in most parts of Malawi, at least consensually.

In the more modernized cities of this country though, women do date those they find interesting. But they too have a more long-term hope regarding their romantic alliances and are not necessarily comfortable with frivolous relationships. If dating in any part of Malawi is what you are aiming for, you have to respect the wishes of the women. Also, note that the Malawian women in the villages are not comfortable knowing men outside of their tribe.

So, you would have a pretty difficult time convincing them of your sincerity or even for a date. The culture in the society is very patriarchal and the Malawian men are very protective of their heritage. Thus, do not disrespect their women as that would affect you badly. The same goes for those living in the more affluent cities as well, with the men holding a more dominant role. Nevertheless, these women do enjoy their freedom more than the tribal ladies, and dating in the cities is not too hard.

Similarly, some areas are more filled with tourists and resorts, and the dating atmosphere there is easier. They like enjoying the air of this African land and considering romancing as a fun activity on the side. Overall, looking at the dating culture in Malawi from an expanded perspective, you would see that it is not simple. Yet, it is not impossible either if you know how to talk to these women properly.

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Online Dating

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In order to do that, the first thing that you should concentrate on is these women in general. To be specific, who the Malawian women are and what their history is. Without a doubt, you would learn a lot about them and that would ultimately help you in knowing how to communicate better. Speaking of this, do pay attention to learning the local language of the country, which differs regionally. While English is considered the official one, many people do not follow that in practice.

After all, most of the women you would meet belong to the more backward locales and societies. Not to mention, the Malawian ladies do not receive much education, if at all, due to societal pressures.

Indeed, the place of a woman according to Malawian culture is behind their husband, which is why they learn the household work first. There are some liberal families though who do give education to their female children, and they grow up to have a good career.

Yet, most of the rural lands do not follow this measure and focus on their familial duties. Moreover, these ladies are quick on their feet and have strong mentalities of their own. However, they do honor their own culture, which is why most Malawian ladies give in to their familial wishes. They concentrate on learning their wifely duties and focus on raising their children later in life.

Many of the womenfolk are prejudiced regarding certain parts of their lives, but others understand and break that circle. They want to do better in life and have an honest and influential career and do manage to do so. Additionally, some of the women look to get married to a foreigner in order to leave their current lifestyle. Physically, the Malawian ladies have an athletic structure, with ebony skin tone, full lips, and big eyes.

Many of these women do manual labor, especially in rural areas, and thus, they have a strong muscular body structure. Of course, while some people may find that unattractive; in Malawi, broader women are considered most awe-worthy. After all, it shows their strength and even their familial value, both of which are attractive features in terms of Malawian marriage.

Malawian Girls (age 18 - 29)

In the matter of dating, you would have a much better chance with the younger girls living in Malawi. After all, they are ready to start a new phase of their lives and are more open to their curiosities. Moreover, they like meeting people and have a more open reaction to their interest in them. However, while that is more common in this society, it is important to mention that this depends on their regional and tribal affiliations.

Many of the Malawian families who live in the village areas have certain limitations in place for their children, especially women. Accordingly, they treat the younger Malawian girls as a side-note, focusing mainly on their male children. Owing to this, many of these ladies do not even receive much education, with parents attributing it as an unnecessary expense. However, organizations like AGE are instrumental in giving educational benefits and funds to some young girls.

Also, they do get training early on regarding things that they would experience and have to handle as a wife. In fact, when they reach puberty, more of the older generations teach their Malawian girls about sexuality and child-bearing duties. Of course, these are not the only type of younger female Malawians that you would meet; many do pursue careers. In the bigger city regions, women have a better view of relationships and dating and engage in such.

Also, some younger Malawian girls from ethnic groups do like the romantic aspect and are open to experimentation. However, most of them are not open to such and feel cautious about it as well. Thus, if you want to create something special with these girls, you need to behave nicely and slowly get to know them better. When they trust you and understand you do not have harmful intentions, they might see you in a positive light.

Malawian Women (age 30 - 45)

To put it simply, Malawi as a region is not highly developed, and thus, the locals too have a more conservative mindset. As a result, the culture itself follows more along with the age-old sexist beliefs of men leading the women. Because of that, marriages are highly regarded in this culture as the ultimate goal for a female. To be fair, this norm is mostly visible in the southern areas in Malawi, where most of the tribal groups live.

People like the Chewa, Ngoni, Lomwe, Yao, among many more focus their female women towards their household roles. Moreover, they also train them from a young age in the agricultural work-life, and many of the middle-aged women still do that. Owing to this, most of the Malawian ladies you would meet are not single anymore during this age. If that is more your taste, you would have trouble finding someone who would give up their duties for fun.

Yes, there are some exceptions, but that is not visible in the rural parts of Malawi. The most luck you would have in finding like-minded females are in the northern cities in Malawi. Divorce is not out of the question in this society, and such women may want to try again. However, the situation after divorce is not too good for many ladies, especially those from more conservative households. Overall, you would have an easy time getting together with the middle-aged Malawians if you know where you should look.

Malawian Ladies (age 45+)

To be fair, no matter where you go, finding a partner in the 45-and-up years' age bracket is a shot or a miss. Really, it depends on where you are finding them at, and what the general dating atmosphere of that region is. Some have a more modern mindset and the older women feel most promiscuous during their older age. However, in the question of Malawi, the culture of dating in this age period is not the most prominent.

In essence, the older women with more experience prefer to impart that to their younger children, as a guide. They also like spending time with their grandchildren, while also supporting their own family well.

The Malawian ladies are devoted to their husbands and focus their happiness towards highlighting theirs. Be that as it may, these women do not lose their authoritarian position, ruling over their household well. Particularly, they have the seniority vote and have a lot of say over the decisions of the family.

Given all of this, these women do not find the time, nor do they generally want to date other men. Also, the ethnic Malawian women have a prejudiced mind and focus their energy on their own thoughts and beliefs more. All in all, they genuinely do not want to meet a man and remarry, although some women might have a different opinion on this.

With this in mind, you should not force your interest or sexual energy on these women, unless they seem receptive. You should understand that the social structure is not too open-minded, and thus, try to honor their privacy. Indeed, focus more on thoughtful conversations than the joyride, and you would fair well with these women.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

In the first place, Africa is easily one of the most interesting places to visit, especially for a look at the natural world. Everyone knows that the wildlife in this country is wild and gorgeous, with so many different species living within the borders. Not to mention, you would probably see some of the best natural landscapes and green forests in the various regions of the continent. And all of that is entirely devoid of human touch and modernization, which ultimately attracts so many tourists.

Indeed, you would get to come across many of them and have a fun time roaming around the beautiful terrains together. In Malawi, tourism is a great opportunity, and there is much that you can enjoy with their company. These women belong to different nations and cultures, no less, and are very excited to see the local life of Malawi. Moreover, they want to have a fun time too, and interact with as many people as they come across.

Certainly, while the Malawian women are nice to people, they would not interact as openly as the foreigners would. Therefore, you would have a much nicer time with foreign tourists in this country than the local ones. While the country has a charm of its very own, the people themselves have their own set of rules. Owing to this, they would not give in to casual relationships, while the tourists might find it as an interesting memory to make.

As for communication and compatibility, you would gel better with foreigners than most of the rural women. Sure, English is the supposed official language of the land, but the natives speak in their own tongues. This would cause issues on communication, which is not a problem you would face with most foreigners. Objectively speaking, you would have a good time with them in Malawi, if you approach these women, for sure.


As a matter of fact, sex is a very important component of a relationship between two individuals when they are attracted to each other. Indeed, it is very normal for you to crave that when you meet the various girls on reaching Malawi. They are tall, exotic, and beautiful and those of highly attractive qualities that many people enjoy.

In this regard, you may find some relief because the Malawian girls are actually very sexually knowledgeable. In fact, for many, such practices start really early on, which makes them more open to trying again. However, who you manage to convince determines your sexual future in this country, and that is not easy.

For one thing, the Malawian women do not trust the foreign men and see them in a negative light. Although, the women living in the bigger cities are more okay with such practices and often go forward with it. Either way, you have to respect their decisions regarding their sex life, and not force your interest.

Sex Culture

In most societies, sex is a visible component and some have it in high quantity, while some others show it on a lower scale. However, in Malawi, this is visible in quite a high quantity, although not all of it is consensual. To put it simply, girls in Malawi start having such acts pretty early, and oftentimes do not have much say in the matter.

Even today, some parts of Malawi, mainly where the tribal communities function, the aspect of 'initiation' is prevalent. In other words, this marks them stepping into womanhood, with the older generations giving them full permission to have sex. Really, many families want this fervently for their daughters, mostly because of financial constraints and early marriages.

Some older Malawian women who are more educated also engage in premarital sex. Thereafter, you would have the chance to join in such activities with these interesting and exotic women too. Additionally, the foreign ladies living in this society also try different sexual practices, thus becoming an intricate component of the Malawian sex culture.

One-Night Stands

Sex in the country of Malawi is not the same for different groups of people, but the most accepted one occurs after marriage. However, the aspect of 'hyena men' is prevalent in many villages of this country, which is a version of one-night stands. However, this is more of a communal practice than a mutually decided system, wherein it differs from the conventional meaning. As for the regular version, it is available for you to engage in, yet not too much with the Malawians.

After all, many of them follow their own community rules and generally do not interact with men in a romantic sense. In fact, marriage is the more accepted norm, and thus, dating of a casual nature is almost not visible. However, sexual intimacy is a huge part of their relationships, and many Malawian women nowadays try it out. Of course, this is not as open regarding one-night stands, but that is not completely invisible either.

Mostly though, if you want to engage in such practices when you step into Malawi, the foreigners are more willing. Indeed, while the number of them is not too high, they are more liberal-minded and engage in such practices occasionally. Although that is true, you need to tell the woman you meet that you have no intention of progressing such intimacy. Therefore, they would like your honesty and can make informed choices regarding how to go forward with your connection.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

In the concern of meeting beautiful Malawian women, you first need to know where they go to the most. After all, these ladies are very active and have much to accomplish throughout their day. Thus, if you know where to approach them, you can interact with these women easily and without hurting any regional sentimentality.

However, in the scope of dating, it is important to mention that your best chances are in the city areas, like Lilongwe. Many of the educated and confident Malawian ladies stay in these regions, and so do the tourists. Therefore, wherever you end up going to, you would have a good chance of capturing their attention.

Of course, one thing you should concentrate on is the place itself, and also what you are doing there. For example, if you are at a beach, smile at them, and tell them how soothing and stunning the place is. If they are willing for a conversation, they can continue with you on such tangents and that would help you in capturing their heart.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

If you are interested in seeing the night-scene of Malawi and have a glass of drink with friends, you would find many bar areas. Definitely, you can give these places a visit and enjoy the atmosphere of the various cities. Of course, several of the ladies living in the vicinity visit such places, and you can go up to them.

  • Cockpit Lounge (Lilongwe)- Enjoy the cool aura of this drinking spot, and possibly meet your next Miss Right amidst the hypnotic blue lights.
  • Al Pacino’s Bar (Blantyre)- Much like the actor it is named after, this bar is classy and authentic, and provides an unforgettable experience. Of course, the taste of the women and the drinks at this spot are high-quality and fun too.
  • Harry’s Bar (Lilongwe)- You can definitely enjoy your favorite glasses of cocktails at this spot, alongside gorgeous young women.
  • Vision Gaming (Lilongwe)- With a soft calming atmosphere, many seatings, and good liquor, this spot is the whole trifecta of quality-bar-experience.
  • Discorium (Lilongwe)- Dance to the beat and drink at the bar area; really, there is nothing that you would not enjoy at this location.
  • Fun Top Fun Malawi (Lilongwe)- Sit with your friends and drink cool beer at this quaint homely bar.
  • Diplomats (Lilongwe)- Cool drinks and interesting ladies are aplenty at this popular bar area.
  • HS Winehouse (Blantyre)- Taste the aromatic wine flavors alongside beautiful ladies at this popular wine bar in Malawi.
  • Sky Lounge (Blantyre)- Enjoy browsing a nice drinks menu while grooving to cool songs at this bar-cum-club destination.
  • Okabvango Sports Bar (Lilongwe)- The women visiting Malawi like to drink, and you would like to do so with them at this sports bar.

Shopping Malls

When you enter an exotic region you have never gone to, you want to buy things that you can take back home. Indeed these would signify the best memories of your trip, and thus, shopping destinations are important for tourists. And many of them are young vivacious women, which is especially convenient for you.

After all, with so many of them visiting these areas, that gives you more opportunities to talk to some ladies. In turn, if they feel interested in you, they would extend your conversation, all at a natural pace. Therefore, the shopping malls are as good a location as any in matters of finding love. Most of the people in Malawi go to these areas for their shopping interests, and you can too.

  • Crossroads Shopping Complex (Lilongwe)
  • Mzuzu Mall (Mzuzu)
  • Golden Peacock Shopping Centre (Lilongwe)
  • Gateway Mall (Lilongwe)
  • Pacific Parade (Lilongwe)


Malawi may not hold a lot of attention to most people when they are thinking of a holiday, but the potential is prominent. To be honest, it is an absolutely beautiful region that is full of natural landscapes and water bodies. Certainly, it does not disappoint those who do visit the region, especially if they want a calm and exotic experience.

Thus, when you, too, visit this country, you would notice a large influx of people going to see the wonders of this land. And of course, some of them are gorgeous women who enjoy the relaxing ambiance and want to experience more. Aside from that, you can also see many local Malawian women at these spots and then strike up a conversation with them.

Most, however, are not fluent in English but they still enjoy interacting with people. And if you know the local languages of Malawi, even better! You can catch up on various topics and also enjoy the atmosphere all around sitting beside the lady you fancy.

When you visit this city, you must go to the following locations, and more.

  • Chintheche Beach (Chintheche)
  • Lake Malawi (between Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Malawi)
  • Makuzi Beach (Chintheche)
  • Nyika National Park (Nyika Plateau, North Malawi)
  • Kande Horse (Kande)
  • Kasungu National Park (Central Malawi)
  • Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve (close to Nkhotakota)

Universities and Colleges

To put it simply, many of the Malawian women do not end up completing their higher education. But, some do attend such places and foreign students, too, find these areas exceptionally important. There are many good university options throughout the country that are slowly but surely changing the educational map of Malawi.

In fact, the University of Malawi itself has four different colleges under its belt, focusing on different training fields like medicine or general studies. Overall, many ladies in this society do want to pursue a good future career and apply to such institutions. Even if the total quantity is low, you would still get to meet many smart and developing women in these areas.

The best educational institutions in the cities of Malawi are mentioned below.

  • Millennium University (Blantyre)
  • Catholic University of Malawi (Nguludi)
  • Mzuzu University (Mzuzu)
  • Chancellor College (Lilongwe, Blantyre, Zomba)
  • Kamuzu College of Nursing (Lilongwe)
  • Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Lilongwe)


Relationships in Malawi are often very obviously stated but do show some differences depending on the people involved. To be specific, the place of a man and that of a woman are simple according to the more rural citizens. Indeed, women are seen as child-bearers and household workers and do not have more independence.

Owing to this, Malawian men and women do not have opportunities for interaction, especially in their earlier years. They are strictly meant for procreation but do not have emotional connections that bind them in love. Thus, in these village areas, the relationships you would notice are very one-dimensional and practical. However, a sense of loyalty does occur for most of these couples and that can bring about love later.

Meanwhile, relationships are not as single-tone anymore, with many Malawians focusing on knowing their partner before marriage. Thus, the aspect of dating is carried out by some people, and you can enjoy so too. The best companions, though, are the foreign nationals of this region, mostly because those relationships are more complex.

Holiday Romance

Love in the cities of Malawi is a nice thing to find but it takes time to do so. And this is mostly because the maximum of the native Malawian citizens belongs to a more backward society. They have certain thoughts and views of intimacy, and most women do not agree with dating. Then, that can negatively impact your entire vacation spirit and leave you feeling alone.

Nevertheless, the foreigners who stay in this country, especially the tourists, are perfect partners when you, too, are on a holiday. They understand that you are not going to stay for long and are just looking for a temporary alliance. Not to mention, you want a person to see the beautiful areas with, and that is something the foreigners would agree on.

While this sort of romance is achievable with the foreign ladies mainly, there are some Malawian women who might give it a try. However, if that is more your taste, you should understand that simply asking anyone out is not the right methodology here. Indeed, regardless of who you are attracted to when on a holiday, you need to make an impression first to win anything.

Especially true for the Malawian women who are not too trusting of most men, thinking they are aggressive. If you show them a nicer and sweeter side, many of the younger ladies would feel better in your company. And that can grow into a romantic connection. Yet, do not play with their hearts; if you have no intention of a long-lasting relationship, do not ask them out.

Tips for Successful Relationship

As sad as that is to admit, most humans are not patient creatures when it comes to emotions. Especially in current years, people focus more on the 'right now' than letting things age like a bottle of wine. Owing to this, relationships are getting shorter and people are getting lonelier, which does not bode well for their future.

Thus, when you find someone special, it becomes extremely important to hold on to them. And the best way to do so is by focusing on your relationship from the ground up. If you work on your connection, no mere issue can easily break you up, nor would you want to. In order to get such a well-developed and mature bond, here are the main things that would allow that.

  • Embrace positive thinking - To put it simply, this is a more internal effort than an external one. Indeed, a healthy connection will never come to pass if you yourself are the negative one. As tough as that sounds, if you think you are not good enough or have already started preparing for an eventual break-up, chances are that you would. Thus, the first thing you should look into is yourself and slay your innermost demons. Understand and accept that you deserve love, and that you are flawed but exceptional. Without a doubt, this positive attitude would help you get stronger emotionally, and your partner would notice that. Of course, this is not exclusive to you alone; both of you need to do some serious reflection and then move on to the rest.
  • Meet their needs - In a relationship, both you and your partner would have some expectations coming in. It is obvious and natural, and that is important for the other to realize. Maybe she wants commitment down the line or maybe she just wants a kindred soul for now. Additionally, there are many more things that they are possibly looking for in their love life. Thus, in order to grow well together, understand what these are, and work toward giving it to them. This would allow her to like you better and that would positively affect your bond with her. Also, if you know and accept what the other requires and give that to them, you are essentially solving many problems that can come up later. Therefore, it's a win-win throughout the way.
  • Lift each other up - In life, it is not always easy to stay happy and satisfied with everything that is happening. Indeed, there are a lot of elements at work in your life, and oftentimes you would feel low and unable to carry on. Consequently, having a good partner can help in this regard in a wonderful way. You should do that for your partner as well, and become the shield they need to fight better. Moreover, you may not always know what is troubling them. In these situations, just sit with them and listen or give a comforting hug. It may not seem too big a gesture, but for the other person, it is very helpful and liberating.
  • Build trust - Without a doubt, trust is the main thing that is necessary between two people in love. After all, without it, you are essentially two people together but with a foot out of the door at all times. This is not a good thing for your relationship, and you should work on it at the earliest. Talk to them and try to decide who they are as an individual. Listen and talk about each other's history and upbringing, things that make you angry or happy, your goals and ambitions, and so much more. All in all, a clearer picture of them would appear to you, and you can work better toward building a strong link.
  • Know that differences are not wrong - When you date a girl who is not from your hometown or home country, you would see huge dissimilarities. Everything, from the way that they talk to the things they believe, you would not completely understand them. But therein lies the problem that you need to work on with your Malawian girlfriend. You should realize that they are inherently different from you, but love them regardless of all that. No person in this world is the same as another, and that is irrespective of age, race, or land. Thus, focus on loving these differences and accepting them wholeheartedly. Of course, this too is a two-way road for you and your partner.


Romance may not come easily for most of the Malawian ladies, but it is still something they cherish. Certainly, these women learn about the world and their duties early and that affects them positively. Consequently, they know what they are supposed to do for their partners and try to keep them happy. Yet, such feelings do not come up fast, and you need to show them a caring attitude and interest first.

With time, when they realize your essence and what type of person you are, they start opening up more. These women are tough, but that strength also flows through their efforts for their partner. Many of the more modern Malawian ladies do not get engaged or married until after falling in love first.

However, this is a comparatively smaller margin, and the foreign ex-pats in the region also fall under such a demographic. Indeed, love for them is equal responsibility and emotional support, while many rural women regard it as devotion.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

When you are dating someone, everything that they do feels amazing in the beginning. You love spending time with them and talking to them well into the night, and everything feels sweet. So much so, you feel convinced that they are the ultimate one for you.

However, while this is adorable in the beginning, real-life works on a different wavelength. Thus, when you are considering asking them to marry you, you need more than a 'fun connection' to have a good life together. If you are asking what factors she should have, here are some of the most crucial ones.

  • Honesty with everyone - Without a doubt, honesty is possibly the most important aspect you need in your partner. After all, when you are planning the rest of your life together, you do not want to spend it with someone you do not trust. Most importantly, you cannot have a healthy relationship with them if they are a perpetual liar. Not only should you notice her honestly quotient with you, but also other people too.
  • You balance intellectually - People think differently and have a different mindset regarding loads of things. With this in mind, it is obvious that at one point in time, your opinions would clash with each other. Yet, this too has a positive or negative connotation, and you should try to understand the difference. If you are arguing over menial and frankly unnecessary things, it is not the greatest look. Meanwhile, if your biggest topic of argument is regarding some world topic that challenges both of you to think better, that is great. In fact, it makes you want to grow better and keeps the conversations interesting.
  • She tries harder - In a relationship, one person doing all the work is not the right situation. It really is a team effort, and that builds your feelings as well as compatibility. Yet, do notice how much she tries and how hard she works to make you happy. You should put in the effort, but when they do it with much patience and care, it's a good trait in a potential life-partner.
  • Mature about her trust in you - You know you are with the one made for you when she trusts you implicitly. Especially when the dial shifts toward the jealousy portion, this is very important. How does your partner react to other women and your interactions with them? Yes, jealousy is a normal emotion to have when in a relationship, and oftentimes very flattering too. However, you should notice the thin line between cute jealousy from the nasty hardcore jealousy. The latter is not healthy and does not bode well about your future together. Yet, if she behaves like an adult about it and understands that you are loyal to her, this sense of trust is very reasonable.
  • Tries to become better - The one who is the best for you is the one who wants to become so. Indeed, people always need to change and adapt over time, preferably for the better. If she is that kind of person for you who tries to improve their good qualities, it is a good thing. It means she would always try to positively work on your relationship and that is important in terms of marriage.


In the society of Malawi, marriage does play a huge role in the daily life of the people. In fact, in lots of places, young girls get married early and start their family. Of course, this is not a regular thing for everyone as the legal age is 18 for marriage. Mostly, things like pregnancies before a wedding or heavy financial strain lead to such marriage proposals.

The most common types of marriages are arranged ones though, with the older male members of the family holding the deciding vote. To be specific, the uncles of the Malawian women are heavily involved in this process and they choose the groom.

However, that does not mean love marriages are completely impossible; many of the Malawian women go forward with this. Indeed, many wait till their later years to get married as well, although that is more common for the educated mass.


Weddings in any society promote the traditions of the region and are done with lots of splendor and fun. Certainly, the same is visible in the Malawian society as well, although most of the traditions are different for each ethnic group. However, in recent times, modern sentiments are included in these plans, with the majority focusing on the traditional aspect.

These include things like all the gathered guests providing monetary gifts to the wedding couples, wishing them a good life. Specifically, one thing that you would notice very prominently is the amount of responsibility the brother of the bride has. Indeed, they solve most of the issues and act as the intermediary role between the couple. All in all, the atmosphere of these celebrations is high-energy and fun, with dances, excellent food, and fun activities all thrown in.

Here are the best wedding venues you can check out in this country.

  • Kumbali Country Lodge (Lilongwe)
  • Kaya Mawa (Likoma Island)
  • Crossroads Hotel (Lilongwe)
  • La Exotica Lodge (Chintheche)
  • Ntchisi Forest Lodge (Lilongwe)
  • Sunbird Lilongwe (Lilongwe)

Family Life

Without a doubt, the ultimate role that a woman plays in a Malawian household is that of a wife and a mother. They try to keep everyone living healthily, and take care of most of the household chores. Not to mention, they focus on teaching their children the ways of life and good mannerisms, while being their confidante too.

To be fair, the lifestyle in most parts of Malawi is very simple and happy, and you would enjoy this here. Most of the people are incredibly jovial and are very helpful in many ways. Indeed, many of the places in Malawi are comparatively safe for children, and you would enjoy your days with your family well.


Malawi map.png
Northern Malawi
Central Malawi
Southern Malawi


  • Lilongwe - the political capital of country and the seat of government.
  • Blantyre - the economic capital and largest city of the country. Blantyre is a large and thriving city with an interesting downtown, decent nightlife and music, a range of hotels from the elegant to resthouses, and a vibrant street and market culture.
  • Karonga - the first and last stop from/to Tanzania at the very top of Malawi. Karonga is quickly growing spurred on by the recent development of a uranium mine. Though it is tempting to swing through quickly, Karonga is a charming town, not far from the intriguing Misuku Hills and a short distance from Lake Malawi.
  • Limbe - a largely commercial town next to Blantyre, with some of the best Indian restaurants in Malawi.
  • Mangochi, formerly known as Fort Johnston, is found at the southern end of Lake Malawi where it empties into the Shire River on its way to join the Zambezi River as it heads towards the Indian Ocean. A medium-sized town, it has all the usual conveniences for low-budget travellers, including resthouses, restaurants, and groceries. By private vehicle, a drive to Mangochi from Blanytre will take about 3 to 4 hours. Mangochi is a jumping-off point for the resorts and hostels up the coast of Lake Malawi, on the way to peninsular Cape Maclear.
  • Monkey Bay, is a popular large village as you head up the Lake Road from Mangochi toward Cape Maclear.
  • Mzuzu - the largest town in the Northern Region, and a staging-post for transport to Tanzania.
  • Nkhata Bay - a rocky bay towards the north of the lake - check into one of the lodges and you could be here for a while.
  • Nkhotakota on the shores of Lake Malawi in the Central Region, is where the explorer David Livingston sat down with the Swahili Arab slave traders to attempt to negotiate an end to the slave trade. Nkhotakota was a slave entrepôt, from which slaves were ferried across Lake Malawi to the eastern shore to resume their travel over land to what is now the Tanzanian coast. Nkhotakota is a compact and fascinating town, old in its way and true to the ethnic diversity of this region of Malawi.
  • Zomba is the old colonial capital of Malawi and is noted for its British colonial architecture, the University of Malawi, and the remarkable Zomba Plateau which rises immediately west of the city. While in Zomba, visit the extensive market, purchase fabric and handicrafts, and enjoy some of Malawi's best Indian food.

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